G.I.Joe: Renegades (2010) s01e25 Episode Script

Revelations, Part 1

1x25 - Revelations, part 1 I've imagined for a moment that we've been traveled that distances in a blink of an eye.
It is a dream that has continuously inspired human kind.
Today we'll make that dream a reality.
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the molecular assembler/scrambler sender, Also known as the mass device.
Freeze video.
Isolate receiver crystal and enhance by 260.
Initiate scan and replication.
Nearly identical to O'Hara's.
Fifth time's a charm, right? Or is it six? Remind me -- how many of your knockoff crystals have we gone through since we rebuilt this glorified fax machine? I'm here for a demonstration.
Move onto the platform.
Always a pleasure to see you, baroness.
Yeah, yeah.
How you doing? Isn't this a little premature? I mean, really.
We only powered this light show up last week.
Professor O'Hara accomplished his first successful test After only two days of trials.
That puts you five days behind schedule.
The commander is losing patience.
Inputting the frequency code.
Mass receiver is detected.
Commencing teleportation.
What happened? Stuff goes into the subspace wormhole But doesn't come out the other side.
And that would be destro's fault.
Attempting to copy a quantum crystal Based on a single video image is nigh impossible.
Actually, your costume jewelry isn't the only problem.
Picking up this anomalous signal again.
It's like there's another crystal Out there somewhere.
Accused of a crime they didn't commit, A ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle To clear their names and expose the insidious enemy That isCobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
And this is their story.
- You've detected the signal before.
- Briefly, in our initial tests, But I can assure you it's merely a signal echo of some kind.
Think I'll upload the coordinates to our spy satellite Just to be sure.
That doesn't look like an echo to me.
It never occurred to anyone that O'Hara's daughter Might have the original crystal? Wait a second.
The redhead joe is the professor's daughter? No wonder she has a hate-on for Cobra.
Might I suggest That we relieve her of the crystal, immediately? Yes, of course.
Dispatch a squadron of aerial drones now.
Huh? Safe.
Dad? What? You were calling for your father.
Guess I was dreaming.
Well, since you're up, we can chow down early.
Since when does that light up? Never has before.
You know, we've been taking bets On who gave you that thing.
My money's on an old boyfriend.
What? I went for the long shot.
It was a gift from her father.
Just another in a long line of his guilt offerings.
Dad, what are you doing? Oh! G-good news.
Your school has agreed to let you move in early.
That'll give you time to settle in before the mad rush.
But summer isn't even half over.
I know, but I have some business to take care of, And I-I don't know how long I'll be away.
Dad, you promised me! Come on, pumpkin.
I-I'm sorry.
You always say that.
I actually believed you'd stick around this time.
Shana, if it were up to me How is it not up to you? Cobra can be very demanding.
Then quit! I willVery soon.
But first I have to finish what I started.
Uh, here.
I, uh -- I have something for you.
Keep it.
Shana, please.
You see this stone? The center of it looks like a -- Like a little heart, doesn't it? Please keep it next to your heart so you'll remember how much I love you.
Jewelry won't make up for yet another broken promise.
Everything will be different by the time you come back home.
You'll see.
No, I won't Because I'm not coming back home! A week later, I was informed there was an explosion At the facility where my father worked And that he didn't survive.
Real sorry to hear that, Scarlett.
But, seriously, you never thought it might be important for us to know that your pop worked for the dark side? That has no bearing on what we're doing.
You're kidding, right? Daddy gets cooked by Cobra.
Daughter's out for revenge? This is why I didn't say anything.
If you thought my motives were personal, you'd question every decision I make.
Since when do we not question every decision you make? Easy, guys.
Scarlett, do you know what your father did for Cobra? He was a research scientist.
But he never told me what he was working on Or where they sent him.
Now can we drop it, please? Baroness: They're packing up.
Where are my drones? Four minutes out.
No incendiaries.
The crystal must not be damaged.
I just lost communication, and the satellite feed is down.
Security alert! I want real-time updates from the drone operators now.
You didn't turn your back on your father, Scarlett.
He kept you in the dark for a reason.
There's nothing you could have done.
That's what I keep telling myself.
I just don't believe it.
She's coming.
Let's get moving.
Incoming! Get in! That's right, little birdies.
It's raining drone guts.
Man, how'd they even find us? Cobra must have drones flying over every state.
Are you okay? I want to go home.
We all want to go home, Scarlett.
I mean my home -- atlanta.
Please don't ask me why.
I justNeed to.
It's from Snake Eyes.
So, the ninja lives.
No message.
Just two video files.
That -- That's my father.
When I key in the frequency code, The transmitter establishes a connection with the receiver.
Once linked, a subspace wormhole is generated, Which is basically a shortcut through space-time -- A lincoln tunnel of physics, if you will.
The peach is then broken down into elementary particles, Sent through the wormhole, And then channeled through this red crystal Which stabilizes the particles So they can be reassembled with no degradation.
Tastes like I just picked it.
And with this mass device, Borders will cease to separate the human race.
Wars over resources and territory will end.
This will be Cobra's crowning achievement And a monumental gift to humanity.
Should have realized he was out there trying to save the world.
Pretty noble work.
I'm assuming everyone noticed that crystal.
Yeah, it's Scarlett's.
I also noticed that when it goes all glowy, Cobra sends bad things our way.
Well, it's not glowing anymore.
Maybe they lost the signal.
I vote we toss that thing out the window right now.
How about we toss you out the window instead? What? A guy can't have a survival instinct? Hazard a guess on whether that's good news or bad? Gee.
I don't know.
It's so hard to tell with her.
The ninja escaped.
I trust you can give me better news.
If it's "better" that we can't track the crystal For at least five more hours, then yes.
Either that time estimate will be cut in half, or you will be.
She's just scary.
Perhaps to you.
That's my father's home lab.
He must have done this after I left.
I wasn't sure you'd come.
Our mutual friend warned me that you were very particular about the jobs you accept.
The mass device -- I created it to ease suffering in the world.
But Cobra has other ideas.
They -- they want to teleport Their weapons and armies across the globe.
I am not about to let them.
Will you help me? We have to hurry.
They'll be coming for me soon.
Snake Eyes? He knew my father.
For years I went to bed every night Wondering what happened to my father.
And I'll bet Snake Eyes has known the truth all along.
News flash -- the ninja keeps secrets.
But, still, you think He would have let this one slip out a little sooner.
Must have had a good reason.
Which he can provide at my house, Since he obviously knows where it is.
Yo, Joes.
You are busted.
Oh, baroness.
They're in Atlanta.
Unleash the hounds.
When was the last time you were here? Dad's memorial.
After that, there was just nothing to come home to.
When my father spoke to me, he said, "safe.
" You brought us here because of a dream? Maybe.
I don't know.
It's just thatThis safe and I go way back.
I'm afraid these aren't nearly as fascinating As you've imagined, pumpkin.
I don't know what I was expecting to -- Why did you never tell me you knew my father? What else do you know? What happened to him? The overload is taking too long! I'll have to rupture the core manually! It's all right.
This is my dragon.
Slaying it is my responsibility.
Look, I-I don't have any right to ask you this, But, my daughter -- she'll want answers, Putting herself in danger looking for them.
O'Hara! Open up in there! Will you watch out for her? Thank you.
So that's why snakes wears a mask.
All that time we spent together -- You should have found a way to tell me the truth.
He was my father, Snake Eyes.
I need to know why you didn't tell me.
We got incoming! Weapons up! Daddy? You're not dreaming.
I see him, too.
Are you alive? TheSafe.
ButThere was nothing in there.
Thank you.
The crystal is ours.
Now finish the Joes.
Initiate the vipers' self-destruct, then level the house.
Looks like Cobra's removing the evidence.
And something tells me the house is next.
Duke, t-rat, get out of there! Fall back to the coyote! Dr.
Mindbender, the ninja Compromised our test facility's location.
Load everything onto the maglev train and transport it to the mansion.
For you, Destro.
And now Cobra commander will finally have his mass device.
IRealize you feel responsible for what happened to him, And it's why you didn't tell me.
But nobody could make Patrick O'Hara do anything.
You couldn't make him leave the job unfinished, and Icouldn't make him be a better father.
I don't think I really understood that until now.
Thank you For helping him.
So, Scarlett, about your dad Yeah, I don't know why or even how we saw him.
The answer must be tied to the mass device.
Then that means it's time we take this fight to Cobra.
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