G.I.Joe: Renegades (2010) s01e26 Episode Script

Revelations, Part 2

1x26 - Revelations, part 2 It's the fifth bioware express we've seen.
Must be rush hour.
More like Cobra's rushing the reserves back to the nest to protect something critical, Like a mass device.
And I'm ready to party.
Lots of luck crashing the gate with that welcoming committee.
No need.
Ripcord, wait.
Hey, you're not supposed to -- You're not supposed to be sleeping on the job.
What happened to your fellow commuters? They got hosed.
Yo, Joes, let's cut the head off this snake, Once and for all.
Accused of a crime they didn't commit, A ragtag band of fugitives fights a covert battle To clear their names and expose the insidious enemy That isCobra.
Some call them outlaws.
Some call them heroes.
And this is their story.
We're in.
Searching for the mass device.
There's enough dirt here to bury Cobra forever.
Receiving crystal is fully calibrated.
Just try not to shatter it like all the others, Scotty McKnockoff.
The test, gentlemen.
Inputting frequency code.
Have a nice trip, junior.
I believe the term is epic fail.
Don't get your haggis in a bunch.
It's simply a matter of getting the crystal To vibrate at the correct frequency.
Which you have not calculated.
All reserve power is being diverted To a facility two levels below us.
I'm betting that's where we'll find our mass device.
Or we could do the smart thing for the first time in our fugitive lives and call in the calvary right vow.
This may be our one and only chance to destroy the mass device.
Duke, I'm not so sure we should destroy it.
You're not serious.
I know what I saw.
And you saw him, too.
All I know is that you badly want to believe it.
The mass device teleports objects Through a subspace wormhole, right? You saw the security video.
My father disappeared.
What if he's been stuck in a wormhole all this time? It's a pretty big what-if, Scarlett.
You grunts take the evidence.
I'll go after the mass device.
We go together.
I am gonna need a lot more bio-vipers.
The security cameras in my lab are offline.
Ugh! Initiate emergency security protocols immediately.
They're shutting us in.
Go! Go! I got this.
Come on.
Ripcord! Ripcord, come in.
I got a situation here.
No! Hey! Let me out! Help me! Errant viper retrieved.
It's worse than having kids.
You honestly believe one rogue bio-viper Took out every single one of your lab's security cameras? Make up your mind, will you? I can't play traffic cop and R&D genius at the same time.
Destro: I'll go, baroness.
Some of us take security breaches seriously.
Ripcord, come in.
Ripcord, what's your 20? - We have to find him.
- Not now.
It isn't your call.
No Joe gets left behind.
Not now! Down! Greetings, Joes.
You've arrived just in time for a complete operational diagnostic of my prototype H.
tank or, as I prefer to call our time together, target practice.
The high-speed sentry, or H.
tank, Is quite invulnerable to plasma-pulse fire.
Whoa! A little warning next time? You're welcome.
How do we pop the top on that tin can? What a waste of fine machinery.
Don't be too sad, soldier.
Okay, tank armada plus teleportation machine Equals seriously bad times ahead.
Which is why we need to find the mass device now.
Snake Eyes, take Scarlett.
Roadblock, tunnel rat, you're with me.
What is happening in my armory? Full security alert.
The joes are alive in my mansion! Commander, is Destro -- That is not your concern.
Stay with the mass device.
Step away from the console.
My father gave his life To keep the mass device out of Cobra's clutches.
Don't think I won't take yours.
It's not what's in the safe -- it is the safe.
The combination.
What are you smiling about? Wait for it.
Uh, how do we know Which one of these lawn gnomes is ripcord? Vandalism will not be tolerated, sergeant Hauser.
The name's Duke, Decobray.
And you will address me as commander -- Cobra commander.
For too long, I have entrusted The elimination of my enemies to mere underlings.
But an effective leader must set the example for his troops.
Wouldn't you agree, sergeant? Duke, now! Tunnel rat, find ripcord.
Duke! Ow.
Ripcord? Why didn't you say something? MouthStuckShut.
It's a dream come true.
Patient X, I'm pleased to find you in one piece.
Ugh! Ugh! It will make dissecting you that much easier.
Couldn't help noticing you Eyeballing my control panel, carrot top.
And I don't think it's 'cause of your fine taste in machinery.
Yeah, I'm betting it's 'cause daddy told you his frequency code.
No idea what you're talking about.
Perhaps we can jog your memory.
The mass device nes a new test subject.
I've said it before.
I'll say it again.
You're mean.
Ooh, if only I had the right frequency, You wouldn't have to watch your boyfriend Get turned inside out.
Why don't you crawl out of those die-cast overalls So we can work this out, freak to freak? Why would I want to battle you, patient x, When you represent the future of all humanity? Ripcord is the future? We're doomed.
Speak for yourself, private lee.
Once perfected, the human bio-viper hybrid Will be mankind's evolutionary successor Which makes patient x extremely useful While you are not.
No! Gentlemen, all-out blitz.
Yeah, I don't even know if this is the right code.
Well, I certainly hope it is, For chopsocky's sake.
Snake eyes! NiceThough, I have to say, I was kind of hoping for a ninja mash-up.
Dad? Shana.
When I saw you in -- in the crystal, I-I-I hoped, prayed, if I could communicate the frequency, You'd find a way to bring me back.
Very touching, professor O'Hara.
Sadly, your daughter's filial devotion Has resulted in Cobra's greatest triumph.
Pity none of you will live to see it.
The mass device is still transmitting.
An energy flux will destabilize the wormhole.
You truly believed that an organization As vast and powerful as Cobra Could be brought to its knees by a handful of ordinary joes? Didn't anyone ever tell you a snake never blinks? Good, 'cause I want you to see this.
Cobra does not go down so easily, sergeant Hauser.
So, who's the old dude? Joes, meet my father.
It's an honor, professor.
Thank you.
W-we'll have to skip the rest of the introductions.
The wormhole is expanding.
I have no idea what that means.
It means we need to leave, fast.
I got just the thing for that.
Attention, unauthorized vehicle.
Stand down or be fired upon.
Lieutenant O'Hara, sergeant Hauser, what in sam hill do you think you're doing? Turning ourselves in, general.
With the proof you requested, direct from Cobra's database.
Then you need to report for an immediate debriefing With my new information specialist.
I believe you know him as Breaker.
They want to start a war with Cobra, then Cobra will finish it.
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