Gabby Duran & The Unsittables (2019) s01e03 Episode Script

Crybaby Duran

1 Gabby: Cool.
A dog.
Not just a dog, Gabby.
My dog.
From when I was eight.
His name was Brisket, and he loved belly rubs and broccoli.
He was an original.
I sense this story isn't gonna end well.
My parents took me out to ice cream one night and told me Brisket had died.
- Oh, I'm sorry, bud - But I knew they were lying.
He couldn't be dead.
He was only 15 years old.
So I told myself, he must have been abducted by aliens.
And now that you've met some aliens, you realize they don't need your dog and your parents were right.
I realize that it's totally possible he was abducted.
And I'm gonna find him.
I'm coming for you, Brisket! Listen, Wes, you gotta pump the brakes a bit.
You're not supposed to know about any of this stuff.
I mean, look at me.
I've known about the greatest secret on Earth for weeks.
And am I going around talking about alien dog abductions? No! All these kids know about me is that I'm a cool, new, tough girl with the style that makes the kiddies go wild.
Um, about that.
(laughing) Who are they laughing at? You? Um, hurtful assumption, but fair.
Gabby, no.
There's kind of a rumor going around about you.
(theme song playing) Oh, yeah I do normal like a fish rides a bicycle Fit in like summer and an icicle Don't fight it, just be an original Ooh, ooh, ooh I roller skate outside the lines When I try to stay in, it's no surprise It's a fail, it's okay, I'm one of a kind One of a, one of a kind So anytime I feel some type of way Don't understand the human race So what, so what, so what I do my thing, I do my thing You do your thing, You do your thing When we don't fit in We stand out in the crowd and we shout it loud I do my thing, I do my thing I'm the one and only, I'm the one and only Don't try to fit in, Don't try to fit in Mm-hmm, I do my thing So what's this rumor? Probably something awesome, right? - That I can do a standing backflip? - Kind of.
People are saying that you miss your old school so much that you spent your whole first week here crying your eyes out in the girls' bathroom.
Snot dripping from your nose, into your mouth crying.
What? They said I was crying? Yeah.
Everybody's calling you "Crybaby Duran.
" - What? - Even the janitors.
- No shame in being weak.
- (Gabby scoffs) Well, joke's on the them, 'cause I don't cry, like ever.
I didn't even cry when I was born.
- I came out like - Come on, Gabby.
Everybody cries.
What's the big deal? I listened to an Adele album yesterday and bawled.
She's been through so much.
Yeah, and that's fine.
But that's not me.
I'm the tough girl.
People say that, "Gabby the tough girl.
" - Do they? - They're just a bunch of kids spreading a stupid rumor.
That's not even true! (locker door clatters) - (kids laughing) - Girl: Need a tissue, crybaby? Okay.
Good tissue burn.
- Still don't care! - Boy: Crybaby.
Principal Swift: So her parents will be expecting you after school.
- Gabby, are you listening? - Oh, yeah.
I was saying your babysitting assignment this afternoon is a telepathic alien named Sky.
An alien that can read minds.
That's dope.
Well, if "dope" means her neural pathways align with anyone she touches, allowing her to download their thoughts and feelings into her brain, then yes, she's "dope.
" (phone jingling) Uh, why is Jeremy texting me that you've locked him in the basement? No, I haven't locked him anywhere.
Jeremy is homeschooled while I'm at work.
Can you imagine what would happen if Jeremy came to school? Ah, ah - Achoo! - (squishes) (all screaming) Boy: I'm gonna throw up! What's a blob gotta do to get a "bless you" around here? Got it.
No aliens at school.
Principal Swift: Anyway, don't worry about Jeremy.
I'm sure he's completely engaged in his learning.
Floating Orb: The planet Gor-monia is classified as a gassy giant.
Gor-Mons created a pressure release matrix to ensure planetary stability.
Pop quiz.
What did the Gor-Mons create to ensure planetary stability? Uh, my butt.
- Floating Orb: Heavy sigh.
-(Jeremy blows) So, yeah.
I'm really into teen stuff.
I see that.
Meeting a real teen is so exciting.
What's up with the old guy? It's Drake.
Sir Francis Drake, famed English privateer.
Teens love Drake, right? Um, not that Drake.
So, question.
If I'm 13, and you're 13, why am I babysitting you? I haven't had a babysitter since I was nine.
I don't think my parents get what babysitters are.
Probably because the word babysitter sounds a lot like our word babasata, which means "one who teaches math.
" Hmm.
That would explain why your dad gave me this.
- (knocking) - (door opens) Salutations, Gabby.
Sky's mother and I leave now.
You have good babysitting.
(warbling) So you guys don't speak? Not really.
When you're a telepath, it's just quicker that way.
So, anyways.
I need you to tell me everything about what it's like to be a teen girl.
Yeah, well, I hate to break it to you, but being a teenager here isn't all that great.
It's not? Doesn't matter.
I want to see this mind reading in action.
(warbling) So, what was I thinking? You were wondering if eating toothpaste and swishing it around in your mouth is the same thing as brushing your teeth.
I think it might be.
Eh? But you were also thinking about something else, something that's bothering you.
What are you talking about? Nothing bothers me.
Hey, look over there! - (warbling) - Hey, that was a terrible invasion of privacy! Kids at school call you "Crybaby Duran," and you hate it.
Of course I hate it.
If kids see me as the kid who cries in the bathroom, they're not gonna realize that I'm actually the cool, hip girl they can't help but love.
(phone jingles) Bad news.
So that Crybaby Duran thing that was definitely gonna blow over? It's kind of a dance now.
All the girls gonna bounce, bounce, bounce Everybody that counts, counts, counts - Gonna jump to the roo-ooh-oof -(girls laughing) We're the young, we're the living proof And the girls come alive You see what I'm dealing with here? So what are you going to do? I don't know what I can do.
It's not like I can just go and find out who started the rumor and make them take it back.
I'm not a mind reader.
I just I don't even have to touch you to know what you're thinking.
- And yes.
I'm in! - Great.
Then tomorrow, you and I have some minds to read.
Who's ready for school? (thuds) Sorry, fake Drake.
First things first.
I love this look, but I don't think junior high is ready for it yet.
Maybe add a hat, burn the robe? I collect teen memorabilia.
Will that help? Flick, flick, flick a switch Oh, yeah.
I, I said I'm ready Dial it in, turn it up Dial it in, turn it up Glitter, glitter, watch me flicker - That'll work.
- I look like a cool teen.
I've actually never put mascara on another person before.
Now let me ask.
How poke-resistant are your eyes? Let me see you move You look like my Aunt Harriet.
- I like it! - Me, too.
But I don't do twins.
Let me see you move Bingo.
The perfect middle school look: A little big geek and a little bit chic.
I feel dope to the max! We'll work on the lingo.
(clattering) Sorry, Sir Francis Drake.
I love that guy.
Sorry I'm late.
My dad wasn't buying my usual sick routine.
I had to actually throw up.
Wesley, this is Sky.
Sky, Wesley.
Super excited to meet you.
So What am I thinking? (warbling) You're super excited to meet me.
And you miss your dog Brisket.
That dog was a brother to me.
Okay, people.
Sky told her very gullible parents she was gonna sleep all day.
Wes, that's where you come in.
You'll stay here and pretend to be her.
We're counting on you.
If Sky's dad finds out Sky's missing, we're toast.
But if my dad does catch you, and the lights on his head flash red, you should run.
Like, run.
- Okay.
No backing out now.
- Both: See ya! So this is junior high? Look! Lockers! Is that a jock? Gabby: I'll school you on school later.
Now let's find out who started this rumor before Swift spots us.
- (warbling) - Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
We don't touch other kids' faces like that in middle school.
- Or anywhere else, really.
- Oh, sorry.
What you want to do is accidentally bump into someone like this.
(warbling) Get anything? She picked her nose 20 minutes ago and is trying to figure out where to put it.
Good to know.
She sits behind me in math class.
"Crybaby Duran's House.
" That's bad, right? Yeah, it's bad.
For whoever started this rumor! Now, let's Come here.
- What? - (door slams) So, Gabby.
I trust everything went well at Sky's house yesterday? Yep, sure did.
She's definitely not here.
She's at her house, not here at school, because that would be against the rules.
She's not here.
Carry on then.
- I found a new wig! - Cool.
Sky: Aw! Floating Orb: To understand the intricacies of the pressure release matrix, - we must -(belches) Enough is enough.
You will learn.
(whirring) Sorry, Orb.
No one makes me learn.
(sloshing) (roaring) (knocking on door) Sky's dad: Sky? - (warbling) - Wesley: Wait.
I mean, may we practice speaking human? Your talking voice is odd to me.
I hear it not much, I suppose.
Very well.
I brought the man's best friend for keeping company.
(panting) - (dog whimpers) - No way.
Brisket? Okay.
There's Molly.
She's the biggest gossip in school.
I guarantee you she knows something.
Go get her.
(warbling) - So what'd you discover? - Molly heard the rumor from Ted, who likes her, but she totes has a crush on Isaac, but he likes Jenna, so she can't even.
Crazy, right? Oh, snap.
We should go find Isaac.
I think you're getting a little too into this teen drama.
I don't need to know everything that's going on with everyone in school.
I just need to know who started the Crybaby Duran rumor.
- Focus! - Focus? Focus on what? On this Jenna girl everyone's thinking about? What's so special about her? I know, right? Yeah, it wasn't a good idea bringing you here.
- I should get you home.
- What? Home? No way.
I want to find out more.
- Hey! - I love teen stuff! Woo! (dog whining) - (whines) - Speak.
(barking) Gimme five.
(whimpers) - Brisket was always too proud to fetch.
- (dog whining) - But there's only one sure way to know if you're my dog.
-(Barks) Your favorite treat.
We need broccoli.
Green beans.
So close.
(warbling) (sighs) Sky! There you are.
Gabby, I just heard the coolest thing.
Did you know there's also a rapper named Drake? - We gotta get you home.
- I told you.
I can't go home, not when there's so much teen knowledge to absorb.
(bell ringing) (warbles) - (warbling) - (Sky grunts) - (grunting continues) - Failing.
School dance.
Keep reading.
Math test.
Should I grow a mustache? Jean shorts.
Hot dog day.
Pop quiz.
Gabby: Swifty! Oh, Gabby.
What on Earth? Hairy legs.
No one likes me.
I miss you, Nana.
- I broke Sky.
- (Sky muttering) You can't make me learn.
- Floating Orb: Care to test that theory? - Nice try! Tests and theories are both learning! - (chomps) - What is going on? Oh, don't worry about them.
This happens literally every day.
Jeremy! Orb! Cease at once! Sorry.
- (warbling) - Jeremy: Whoa.
No, not cool, Jeremy.
This is why we don't bring aliens to school.
I know.
I get it.
But we have to help her.
What can we do? Our orb is programmed with medical procedures for a variety of lifeforms.
Orb, initiate synaptic clearance protocol.
- (whirring) - Floating Orb: Mind scan initiated.
- Protocol failure.
-(groans) Floating Orb: Too many synaptic pathways to clear.
- Allowance.
- This is all my fault.
- Sky: Essay.
- The bell rang, and all those kids bumped into her, and It was like there were too many thoughts and the pressure got too much.
The pressure is too much.
(Sky muttering) You need somewhere for all those thoughts to go.
Like some sort of pressure release matrix.
- (Orb beeps) - Jeremy, that's it! Orb, download Sky's thoughts and emotions into your digital matrix.
Floating Orb: Not possible.
My neural core cannot absorb human brain patterns.
We require a human host.
What? Steamed broccoli for Brisket? Yep.
Uh, let me guess.
No tip.
How about a tip - of the cap.
- (knocking on door) Oof! (knocking continues) - Sky's dad: Sky? - (in high voice): One second.
- Don't come in.
- I heard strange sounds.
- Is it danger? - Wesley: Uh, that was me.
I was practicing my male humanoid voice.
That is quite silly.
But it does not sound real.
Continue practice.
(sighs) (panting) - (dog whimpering) - Here we go.
- Come on boy.
- (whimpering) Hey, but it's your favorite.
Like this.
(sniffing) (dog whimpering) Brisket would never turn this down.
- (dog whines) - You're not Brisket, are you, boy? Plus you're a girl.
(murmuring): Teachers at school.
Essay Principal Swift: Gabby.
Are you sure you want to proceed with the thought transfer process into your brain? It may relieve the pressure on Sky, but there's no telling what might happen to you.
I got Sky into this mess.
I'm gonna get her out of it.
(Sky muttering) (warbling) Molly: I love Ted.
I've got to steal his sweater so I can smell him.
Girl: I haven't brushed my teeth in a day.
Does my breath smell? Crybaby Duran has cool sneakers.
- (echoing): Cool sneakers cool sneakers -Jock: I hate football.
I just wanna dance.
Did she really cry the whole week? Boy: How could I fail science? Girl: I have fat ankles.
Boy 2: Do people like my backpack? Girl 2: Nana's never coming back.
(echoing): Never coming back.
Coming back.
Coming back.
Coming back.
(warbling) Floating Orb: Thought transfer complete.
Hi, everyone.
What's going on? Oh, thank goodness.
Now I don't have to write a lengthy apology to Sky's parents.
How are you? (sobbing) Jessica thinks she has fat ankles.
That's why she wears tube socks.
Isaac likes Samantha, but she doesn't like him back.
And there are so many grandmas who died.
(sobbing) (sighs) I guess I really am Crybaby Duran, after all.
(blows loudly) The sad thing is all anyone was thinking about is what other people were thinking about them.
But all those people were thinking about is what other people were thinking about them.
So if you think about it, it doesn't make sense to worry about what other people think about you.
Because all those people think about is what other people think about them.
I didn't understand any of that.
But I'm glad everyone's okay.
Gabby, you deal with all those crazy thoughts and gossip and rumors every day? Pretty much.
Being a teen girl is harder than I thought.
Tell me about it.
I still didn't find out who started this whole Crybaby Duran thing, though.
That was, was me.
- What? - Why would you do that? You've been such a big help to me these last few weeks, I wanted to return the favor in kind.
By telling everyone I cried like a baby? Yes.
Well, humans seem to adore their babies, so I assumed if I told people you cried like one, everyone would think that you were dope to the max.
That's actually kind of sweet.
But please don't ever try to help me like that again.
Where have you guys been? Sky's dad has checked in on me ten times.
That guy gives you no space.
Long story.
Listen, Sky.
I'm really sorry for short-circuiting your brain today.
Are you kidding? I got to go to school, dress like a teenager, and do gossip.
Aside from almost dying, that was the greatest day of my life.
That's actually pretty typical, for when you hang out with Gabby.
You think you want to hang out again sometime? But, you know, not as a babysitter? I mean, if you want to.
We're friends.
Right? Sky, come on.
After everything we've been through? We better be.
Gabby: Sorry Sky's dog wasn't your dog.
Me, too.
I guess I just have to face the fact that Brisket's gone and he's never coming back.
Thank you.
What? Your quesadilla.
It's it's Brisket.
- (dog whining, panting) - Wesley: It's a face.
Holy Gabby, this is a sign.
Brisket's still alive.
And I'm never gonna stop looking for him.
And when I find him, I'm gonna Sorry.
I was hungry.
It's been a long day.
Mmm! Wesley: Next time on Gabby Duran and the Unsittables - I'm Jace.
- I'm Scabby.
Go nice to meet you.
Principal Swift: Gabby might be in something called love.
I hate it.
What does it mean? Principal Swift: Love is a virus that makes you go cuckoo.
- Hi, Jace! - On my planet, when we want to get rid of something, we crush it! - Gabby! - We're here to save you! (both yelling) Man: Gorgeous.

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