Gabby Duran & The Unsittables (2019) s01e09 Episode Script

The Party King and Timbuk, Too

1 Can I help you? Nope! Just waiting to throw out your banana peel! Done? Mm.
Oh, look at that.
All full! Guess I should take it out.
You know, 'cause that's my chore! Here we go.
This time I got it.
(car alarm blaring) So close! (alarm continues blaring) Gabby! (theme song playing) Oh, yeah I do normal like a fish rides a bicycle Fit in like summer and an icicle Don't fight it, just be an original Ooh, ooh, ooh I roller skate outside the lines When I try to stay in, it's no surprise It's a fail, it's okay, I'm one of a kind One of a, one of a kind So anytime I feel some type of way Don't understand the human race So what, so what, so what I do my thing, I do my thing You do your thing, You do your thing When we don't fit in We stand out in the crowd and we shout it loud I do my thing, I do my thing I'm the one and only, I'm the one and only Don't try to fit in, Don't try to fit in Mm-hmm, I do my thing Grounded? Mom, don't you think that's a little Gabby, this is not a conversation.
But, Mom (rattlesnake rattle) (gasps) The Death Eyes Mom, I understand that you're upset, but there's a technique in the conflict resolution book I'm reading that I think might help.
Let's take this to the Talking Table.
Olivia, I just (puppy whimpering) The Puppy Eyes! Okay, sure.
Why not? The Talking Table is about two things: Communication and lots of rules about who can talk and when.
Any opening remarks? Gabby? Look, you asked me to take out the trash and I did.
In a fun way.
Plus, I cleaned it up! I mean, since when did "Gabby being Gabby" become a crime around here? Mom? Rebuttal? Gabby, I gave you a simple chore to do, and you turned my car into a garbage heap.
You don't take the things I tell you to do seriously.
No, I get it, I get it.
You just don't know how to have fun.
Excuse me? That is not what this is about.
And, actually, I do know how to have fun! Do you remember that house party we threw last year? I partied with your friends for hours! I remember.
Hey, hey, hey! Hey, everyone.
Who wants to play Truth or Dare?! Whoo! I think I'm gonna leave now.
Take me with you.
Ah! Oh! This is my jam! (laughs) I turned that party out.
I wonder if I still have that shirt.
You not only ruined my party, you ruined the idea of parties.
And those "dance" moves - Hey! I'm a great - Olivia: Uh ah Gabby has the floor right now.
We have to follow the Talking Table protocol.
Look, I just think you're blowing this whole trash situation out of proportion.
Gabby, do you have any idea what would have happened to me if I threw a bag of trash all over your abuela's car? We wouldn't be at a Talking Table, I can tell you that.
Look, the grounding stands.
Talking Table adjourned.
Uh I didn't get my closing remarks! - Narrator: Fail! -Gabby: Ooh! (Laughing) That's gonna leave a mark! Narrator: Fail! Hope you guys have a good time at the Havensburg Opera.
Me, I'll be here, being grounded and watching videos of kids learning why helmets are important.
Yeah, no.
You're not that lucky.
There's no screen time while you're grounded.
And please do not get into any more trouble while we're gone.
Olivia! You ready? Well.
One of us should definitely change.
(laughs) It's not gonna be me.
(heavy sigh) Lousy no screen time Although these bedazzled bird houses are pretty nice.
(doorbell rings) I need your help.
Jeremy has been a pill today, and I have some very important Gor-Monite business to take care of.
(British accent) "I've got important Gor-Monite business! "I've also got stupid legs and sleep in my dress clothes!" See what I mean? A pill.
I'd love to help you, Swifty, but I'm grounded right now, and it's very important Oh, who am I kidding, I could use the company.
Come on in.
Thank you, Gabby.
Um your school trip is to Football: The Opera? (singing off key): Football And run Make it a touchdown Run in the field You don't like this, do you? It's fine.
Some things are for learning, not liking.
(singing continues) Hey, why don't we go do something else, just you and me? You want to leave early? Yeah, I mean, we can have a mother-daughter day! It'll be great! But what if someone notices we're gone? Or they take a second attendance? Come on.
You can stand to relax a bit.
Mom's orders.
Come on.
Football So I was just trying to have a good time, and then my mom clamps down like she's the Fun Police or something.
Tell me about it.
You know, I found out humans have something called "birthdays," and Principal said I couldn't have one! Apparently, Gor-Mons reproduce through a cytoplasmic budding process, and human birth is, like, way grosser.
Anyway, Principal says our people don't celebrate Bud Days.
Which stinks, because mine is today.
That's crazy! Every kid deserves a birthday.
It's, like, a basic human right.
Exactly! It should be a basic alien right, too! You know what, I am sick and tired of the adults in our lives telling us when and when we can't have birthdays, what does and does not constitute a responsible method of taking out the trash.
We can't let them stop us from having a good time.
So you know what I think we should do? Frame them for a crime they didn't commit so they go to jail and we get to raise ourselves.
What? No.
That would take hours of planning! I'm saying, we're gonna throw you the best birthday party ever! Even better.
This stinks.
You want in on a game of Punchy Arm with me and Timbuk? Mm, no, thanks.
I can't have your one-and-maybe-only birthday party be this sad.
Got any other alien friends we can invite? Just Timbuk.
But he's got a lot of alien followers on his Style Blog! (grunts) Uh, I don't think that's gonna get it done.
But hey, I've got plenty of babysitting clients, right? I'll just invite them.
Then we can all play Punchy Arm! No! No one wants to play Punchy Arm! What is it with you and Ow! Timbuk! What is wrong with you? (contented sigh) This is the life.
Just sitting back and relaxing, spending time with one of my favorite Honey, are you sweating? A little.
(mouthing) A lot.
I can't help it, okay? This just doesn't feel right.
Sneaking away from a school trip? What if someone see us? Should I be in disguise? Do you do fake mustaches? You need to relax.
Look, it's the weekend and this opera field trip isn't even required.
So let's just enjoy our time together.
Okay? I am! Oh, look at that.
One hand done! That's all I really need.
If we leave now, maybe we can get back before the big aria? (sighs) Shout loud Bring the crowd Bring the roof down to the ground (electronic dance music playing) Shout loud, bring the crowd Now this is what I call a birthday party! (music continues) Yo, party people.
Let's hear it for Jeremy! The king of this party! (all cheering) I hereby declare, this party is turnt! (all cheering) - (shatters) - (all gasp) (record scratches) - Who cares? - (all cheering) Shout loud, bring the crowd Bring the roof down to the ground Ah, yes.
Sweet, sweet television from my home planet.
They're so much better than the paltry garbage these humans call entertainment.
Ooh, ha-ha-ha-ha.
Veronicar crashing Skarlax's garden party? Oof, The Real Blob-Wives of Gor-Monia is as scandalous as ever.
I was right to get a babysitter for this.
(contented mumbles) I don't know now just what you do Something 'bout the way you move got me confused I just want you and the thing you do What are you doing? Ew, gross.
Give me that.
Come on! These are limited edition! (song continues) And who are they? They're followers of Timbuk's Alien Style Blog! Hey! Don't touch those! Why would you even do that? (both giggle) Give me that! Who raised you? And I was all like, "Lady, those aren't antennae!" Sorry, I need a quick word with the king.
Look, I know you're having fun, but low-key, I have to pump the brakes on this party.
What? No way! I'm super baller at partying! Have you heard my banter? - I'm crushing this! - Punchy Arm.
All: Punchy Arm! See? Why can't you be more like them? Jeremy, listen.
I'm the one in charge, and I think Yeah, you're getting all Fun Police on me right now, so I'm gonna skate.
Your king requires transport! Smell ya later, Gabby! (all cheering) Are you sure you don't want a bite of my strawberry shortcake? It's crazy good.
Sorry, Mom.
I want to small-talk about dessert, but I can't stop thinking about how they're definitely gonna find out about this when I'm nominated to the Supreme Court.
Oh, sweetie.
I I didn't mean to make you miserable.
This was supposed to be fun.
I know but can we just go home? I mean, if you'd really rather spend your day at home instead of getting ice cream, going shopping, and maybe mini-golf I really would.
Okay, then.
I'll go let Gabby know we're coming home early.
Thanks, Mom.
(cell phone buzzing) Oh, no! What are you doing? Stop sniffing my mom's potatoes! Um, hey, Mom, what's up? Opera going good? (sighs) Not so much.
We're coming home early.
What? No! I mean, you're already out, right? You should have some fun - Ice cream, shopping - Yeah.
- Maybe mini-golf? - Been there, tried that.
I'll see you soon.
"Went back to the opera.
"Maybe I can get back "before this haunts me forever.
"Olivia, your daughter, the little one.
" (sighs) All right, time to leave now.
(music stops) (all groan) Okay, everyone, we've all had our fun melting trophies and puking into the good china.
That's over now.
You don't have to go to your home planet, but you can't stay here.
Jeremy: No.
I'm the birthday boy and I'll party if I want to.
And if you can't be cool, maybe the Party King should banish you from his party kingdom! All: Yeah.
You mean my house? - Yeah.
Not gonna ha - Banish her! Wait.
You're joking, right? Hey! Guys! Wait! Jeremy! - Smell ya later, Gabby.
- Come on.
- (all cheering) - (music restarts) Wow! Okay.
Hey! Wait.
Guys! Come on, guys! Jeremy! Let me back in! All must bow before the Party King! Timbuk! You and Dennis wrestle for my amusement! No! (all gasp) But But you have to do it.
I'm the Party King! I'm the birthday boy! Look at me.
Look at me.
- (all gasp) - I'm the birthday boy now.
- (Jeremy grunts) - (all cheering) Oh, hey, hey there, Gabby.
Fancy seeing you here.
This is my house.
I think it's Timbuk's house now.
But I'm sure you can get another one.
I can't believe I got kicked out of my own party.
What? You think you kinda let the whole birthday thing go to your head? Yeah, I guess so.
No, this is my fault.
I was trying too hard to be cool with you because I wanted my mom to be cool with me, and now look what happened.
I guess it's just never a good idea to party with people you're supposed to be taking care of.
That's it! I think I know how to stop this party.
But first, we need to get back inside.
How are we gonna do that? My mom always leaves her window unlocked.
(grunts) And it's locked.
Well, Mom's not gonna love this.
You already tried yelling at them, so what now? We gonna call the police? (cell phone clatters) No way, you doof! You can't call the cops on a party full of aliens! No.
There's only one thing I can think of that can clear out this party.
I've gotta go full-Mom.
(up-tempo music playing) Who's ready to party? Ooh, Gabby, get down with your bad self! Hey, hey! We having fun yet? Look at me, guys.
I'm flossing! Who's ready to play Truth or Dare? It's a human mom! Run! (all screaming) (door closes) Wow, that went better than I Aah! Ow, what the Punchy Arm champion! I ate some hair off your mom's brush.
She should really switch conditioners, by the way.
(opera singing within) Olivia! Wait.
Let's talk.
I'm sorry I ran off.
I just didn't want to break the rules.
I get that, honey.
But all this pressure to be perfect isn't healthy.
I'm probably partially to blame for that, actually.
I know I expect a lot from you.
But you need some fun in your life.
I can't believe I'm saying this, but maybe you should embrace a little of your inner Gabby.
Gabby Duran? You have to admit, the girl knows how to have a good time.
Yeah, I guess maybe you're right.
No time like the present, right? Stick this under that table.
Are you sure? Sometimes you gotta break the rules.
(chuckles) But what if I get caught? The janitorial staff already seems pretty over-worked.
Okay, fine.
Look at me.
I'm an outlaw! (chuckles) Okay, that's enough.
I'm going to properly dispose of this now.
But still, what a rush.
Okay, that should do it.
Except what are we gonna do about that? - (car door closes) - My mom's home! You owe me.
Hey there.
Hey, Mom.
Glad to see the house is still standing.
My shirt! (chuckles awkwardly) Yeah - Mom, I really want to - Can I talk to you about some Me first.
I think I owe you an apology.
For all the stuff I said before.
I think I just didn't appreciate how hard it is to be the one making the rules.
Well, thank you.
(kisses) And you take back everything you said about my sweet dance moves? Let's not go digging up skeletons.
You know, it's funny, because I think I've actually found a new appreciation for you today, too.
Step back! Bad girl coming through.
I didn't even wait for the car to stop all the way before unbuckling.
Maybe you can calm her down.
She has been like this the whole way home.
I've done things with gum, Gabby.
Rule-breaking things you wouldn't believe.
We're both the family misfit now.
(Gabby laughs) Okay, settle down, Jesse James.
Dina: Why is my window broken?! Hey, so we didn't really get a chance to properly celebrate.
So I made you a Happy Bud Day cupcake.
Earth tradition.
You gotta blow out the candle and make a wish.
(Jeremy blows) Thanks, Gabby.
Principal Swift: Next time on Gabby Duran and the Unsittables It's Sky's first sleepover, and I really want to show her a good time.
Bring on the epic Gabby D crazy time.
If any harm should come to her - Man: Hey! - (explosion) there will be consequences.
Run! Man: Gorgeous!
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