Game Shakers (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Armed & Coded

1 [music.]
Hey, you wanna watch a video my friend sent me? It's called "Chicken Plays With Vacuum Cleaner".
Yeah, sure I'll watch a chicken play with a vacuum.
[chicken clucking.]
Aww, what a cute chicken.
Yeah, look, he's pecking the vacuum! [screaming.]
Oh, my God.
- Didn't see that comin'.
- Ugh! What kinda sick people wanna watch videos like that? I dunno man.
Send me the link? Okay.
Okay, shh! Everybody just be cool, all right? Just chill and be cool! Was I not already being cool? [laughs.]
Oh, yeah, Babe, I totally agree.
If we don't stop climate change, it could lead to more fracking.
I'm sorry, did we start a new conversation? Yeah, what's happening here? Hey there, Game Shakers! - Hey.
- Hi, Hudson.
Oh, you're here.
Oh, uh, Babe wants some grapes.
Will you get her some? Sure.
Grapes on the way! - I never said I wanted - Shh! All right, mustard, cheese, bass milk Aww, dang it!!! [Trip laughing.]
I bass-milked him! Okay, what the heck is bass milk? The worst drink ever.
Yeah! It's like milky sludge made from fish juice.
So why is he drinking it? He has to.
It's a game we're playing.
And how do you play? Easy: We hide bottles of bass milk, and if you find a bottle, you have to drink it.
Can I just forfeit? No! Now drink your bass milk like a good boy.
Ugh! Wait! No! You still gotta finish it.
I'm just takin' a break.
All right, let me see the bottle.
- No, he has to drink all th - I just wanna take one sip.
- Eww, why? - I'm curious.
Mm-hmm, go ahead.
Blah! [Trip laughing.]
Oh, that's so gross.
I feel like I just licked a dead fish! Oh, um Here - C'mon, man, let's go.
- Where? To get more bass milk, you still gotta drink half a bottle.
Aw, no.
Babe! Babe! Babe Mason Kendal just walked in our door! What? Go stall him! 'Kay-kay! Hey, Mason.
Welcome to Game Shakers.
All right.
What's wrong with Babe? She, uhhh I think a bug flew into her mouth.
- Gross.
- Mm-hmm.
Oh, look, now she's feeling better.
Oh, hey Mason.
Babe! - Better? - Worse.
Oh, God.
So Mason, uh what brings you here to Game Shakers? I wanna learn how to code.
- To code? - Yeah.
I need a tutor.
Thought you guys might know one.
Oh, sure.
There's a buncha places that teach coding.
Why don't I do some research [coughing.]
Excuse me.
What? What's up? You're gonna teach Mason to code! No, I don't have time.
I have school, and work, and I have to make a prosthetic leg for my dog Kenzie I love that boy.
Your breath smells like bass.
I'll brush my teeth.
Now, will you please agree to tutor that hot hot boy that I love so he'll get to know me better and realize he can't live without me? - Fine.
- Thanks.
Hey Mason, great news, Kenzie's gonna be your new coding tutor.
I'm ready.
Yeah, you are.
Now let me see the club go off when I step on the mic Game shakers in the spot and it's poppin' tonight You know the whole squad filthy Yeah, we paper it up So when you hear the beat bang You better drop that what We're so icy, man, I'm balling every day You can't shake my game so just get up out my way Only bosses up in here, homie, that's what's up So, DJ, bounce that bass so I can drop that what? Drop that Let the bass hit low Drop that And make the whole club go Drop that 'Cause I can't get enough when you Drop that But you better pick it up Drop that [music.]
Hey, Hudson I'm about to run outta battery.
You got a charger I can borrow? Uh, sure.
I think there's one in that blue box next to you, I hid under the pillows.
Blue box? Oh, ya mean this box, that says "Not bass milk?" Yeah, why don't you see what's in there? I don't think so! Where's Kenzie? Where's Kenzie! Kenzie? Kenzie! She and Babe'll be back in a little bit.
Why, what's up? There's a problem with Dub's trionic arm.
Look at Dub's hand! There's somethin' wrong with my grip! Watch what happens when I try to take a sip of soda! [grunting.]
Ow! Ah! [giggles.]
I can't control my squeeze muscles! I'm afraid to go to the bathroom! But aren't you getting your real arm put back on this week? Tomorrow.
The doctor's appointment's at three! Well, until three, somebody better make my trionic arm work right! And when is Kenzie comin' back? I don't know, Dad.
Ahhhh! Gimme the arm cable.
C'mon, Trip.
What are you doin', dad? I'm about to take this cable and plug it into my trionic arm, and you're gonna take it and plug it into the computer, and fix it! I don't know how to fix a trionic arm! Well, you're gonna learn fast! All right, lemme see Welp! There, you go.
You got it connected.
Fix my arm! Okay, lemme see.
Maybe I can run a system check.
Okay, I think I see the problem here.
What, what, what, what? I have no idea what I'm doin'.
Well just, just tap or click or swipe or something.
- C'mon, do whatever ya do! - Wait, I don't think Ow! It's stuck! My arm's stuck up in the air! Bunny, Ruthless! - You gotta relax! - Ahhhh! Stop it! Stop it! [shouting.]
Stop it! Let's just go back to my office.
Wait, wait, wait, wait the both of you, put your right arm up just like mine.
Why? So I won't look unusual! and see, when you use a recursive approach for node traversal, you reach the leaf nodes in half the time.
Did you understand all that? Who understands what they don't understand? Dang, you're deep.
Okay Oh, Mason I didn't know you were gonna be here.
- Yeah, you did.
- No, no.
You texted me last night and said, "Hey, Kenz, what time are you tutoring Mason" Oh, sorry, I just wanted to show you my new purse.
Well, it's hard to see when it's flyin' at me 90 miles an hour.
Hey, cool shirt.
I bought it.
Excuse me, Mason.
Babe, can I talk to you for a sec over there? Okay, what are you up to? And how are you tall? Uh, I'm making Mason love me.
By hurting me with a purse? No.
By making him think I'm cool and awesome.
And maybe by making him a little jealous.
How? Hey.
I got a delivery for uh Babe Carano.
Wh for me? Geez Louise.
This basket's amazing! - Who sent it? - Yeah, I wonder, too.
Would you mind reading the card? All right.
- "Babe, I love" - Louder.
"Babe, I love you so much.
"I just wish you'd notice me.
"'Cuz I bet you'd be the perfect girlfriend "for me, or any guy.
Love Hot Bob.
" Who's Hot Bob? Oh, he's this guy in my class who, I guess, decided to send me a basket.
Uh, Miss Carano, - we had a problem with your credit card.
- Uhhh ya mean, you had a problem with Hot Bob's credit card.
'Cuz I didn't order that basket.
Hot Bob did.
The nice boy who likes me.
But remember this morning when you Ow.
Shouldn't he be awake by now? No, the anesthesia hasn't worn off yet.
Better give him a quick 300 volts.
Yes, Doctor.
Hey, Dad! Dad! How do you feel, Double G? Like I've just been electrocuted! [laughing.]
Man, just, just update me on my situation! They removed your trionic arm and put your real arm back on! - Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
Nurse, let's sit him up and show him.
I got my old arm back.
It's about time.
Now first, we're need to remove the protective sheath.
Yeah, go ahead and remove that protective sheath.
Hey, hey, Trip, get all this on video.
Yes, sir.
Here we go.
Me and this arm had some good times.
I know, right? Hey, Mr.
Ah! What happened to it? What do you mean? What do I m You don't see a serious issue here? He's talking about the atrophy.
Oh, yes, of course.
You see, Double G, since your real arm hasn't been used in the past few months, it withered.
- Withered? - Wait, wait, wait.
You sayin' it's gonna be like this forever? No, no, no, no.
You just have to start using your arm again.
You know, give it some exercise.
Yeah, and then it will plump right back up to how it used to be.
Okay, so, I just gotta exercise it a little bit and then it'll plump right back up.
- Some curls.
- Biceps.
- Yeah, some curls.
- Yeah.
Trip, go grab me some Jonjerale outta that cooler.
Jonjerale on the way.
- Thank you.
- There you go.
- Do some curls.
- There you go.
Get some blood flowing.
D'oh! Dang it! Gotcha! [screams.]
What are you doin' in my hospital bed? Makin' Trip drink some bass milk! But I how did you get Drink it.
D'oh! Get outta my bed! Get! Go! Get! Go! What are you playing with? What is wrong with you? [shouting.]
Okay, Mason, you ready? One sec.
"What is the run-time complexity of inserting an integer into an unsorted array?" - Constant.
- Correct! Man, I love your confidence.
- Oh, hey Babe.
- Hey.
Oh, hey Mason.
Why are you stretching? Ah, don't worry about me.
You just help Mason learn stuff.
Next question "What is the name of the memory space al" [loud music plays.]
Babe! [music stops.]
Yeah, whatcha need? Can you practice your dancing somewhere else? Um no.
Well then, how am I supposed to tutor Mason? Hey.
I don't live far.
Ya wanna tutor me at my place? Well Okay, sure.
What? No! Uh, wait, wait [loud music plays.]
Wait, wait Here I come! [music.]
[school bell rings.]
[baby cries.]
Hey, little fella.
Who left you here on the floor of our schoo No! [Trip laughing.]
You just got milked! You can't get me at school.
This is my safe place! Hey, we said no rules.
Now drink it down! Excuse me, are you a student at this school? Well, actually see, the thing - Bullies! - Bullies? Drink it! Agh, this is wrong.
Yes, yes! Babe check it out! Look! I'm the high bidder! I don't know what you mean.
Remember? I told you how I'm bidding on the towel that Channing Tatum used in that movie, Magic Six-Pack! Oh.
Well, when you win it, maybe you and Mason Kendal can take your precious towel on a romantic trip to Europe.
Babe, wait.
What'd I do? Oh, Mason, it's so noisy here at Game Shakers.
Why, we'd have so much more privacy at your house.
We only left Game Shakers because you were playing your dance music so loud.
His room was quiet.
You were with him in his room? Oh, come on.
You're my friend! I would never try to snuggle your boo! - Hey.
- 'Sup? You left your socks at my place.
See ya after school.
Babe He didn't have air conditioning! My feet were sweating! Yah-huh, that's right.
Looking good.
Hey, hey, Kenzie.
Kenzie! Oh, my G Oh, my! Cute arm.
See? I told you these rotten children would laugh at my floppy arm! No, they're not.
Kenzie's just happy to see ya Dub! Right, Kenzie? Yeah, sure.
So uh Got your real arm back.
Yep, there she is.
But don't worry, it'll plump back up soon.
I just gotta exercise it.
Excuse me.
Hey, do you know where Trip put those workout weights that Dub gave him last Christmas? Dub needs to exercise his floppy arm! Uh, I think he put the weights in the closet, next to the lobby.
All right, C'mon.
C'mon! So did I do it right? Ooo, lemme see.
Uh-huh, uh-huh.
That's right, lookin' good.
Be right back.
I'll stay here.
Babe, I want you to know that I've decided to forgive you, and I think - Did you win the towel? - Huh? Your auction online.
Did you win Channing Tatum's towel? No.
At the very last minute someone outbid me so I did What is that? Oh, you mean Channing Tatum's towel? [gasps.]
Y-you? You're the one who outbid me? Mm-hmm.
Guess now I have something you wanted.
- You give me that towel! - No, I don't think I will.
I deserve this towel! I saw it on-line first! [shouting.]
Hey! Hey, hey, hey.
Look at this.
Who's that? Who's this chick? Well? I got your text.
And I came here.
Remember what you said to me when we broke up? We said a lotta things.
- She's so pretty.
- Shut up.
You said I wasn't smart enough 'cause I didn't know how to code.
I remember.
Well, I coded this.
[electronic music plays.]
- He's really learned a lot.
- I don't care.
Oh! Mason, you never said that to me before.
Still haven't.
Coded it.
Wanna go make out on the subway? For a little while.
[Babe cries.]
Aww, honey.
It's okay.
I bet he dumps her soon.
I'm sorry I got mad at you.
Here You can have Channing Tatum's towel.
Really? For real? Oh oh, my Oh, dear Lord, I think I smell his cologne.
- Hey, hey! - What's shakin', gamers? - Cannon ball! - Cannon ball comin'! Ugh, you guys are still playing that stupid bass milk game? - Unh-uh.
- This is no game.
After drinking this stuff for a while, you kinda get a taste for it.
- We're back.
- We found the weights! Hey Trip! Start me some workout music! Workout music? I got it - Oh.
Yeah, yeah! - [rock music plays.]
Make it loud! Here we go, let's get excited.
Let's get it going! Use your baby arm! Use your baby arm! [shouting.]
Drop that
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