Game Shakers (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

The Very Old Finger

1 Okay, Double G, Jonjerale for you.
Haha! Gimme that Jonjerale.
Ruthless, lime soda.
Lime-a-licious! And Bunny, here's your shrimp cocktail.
Mmmmm, I hope these shrimp like my stomach! So what's this new game idea you wanna show me? Okay.
The new game we've been workin' on is called Psycho Beach Mummies.
Psycho Beach Mummies? And now, we're gonna give you guys a little live-action demonstration.
Let's get it on.
Okay mummies! Come out! [moaning.]
Now, imagine those two mummies are on the beach, zoomin' around on hoverboards.
Hey, can I get some cocktail sauce for my shrimp? Bunny, we are here to see a game demonstration, not worry about you puttin' sauce on your shrimp! - But I just want - Eat it dry! - But - Eat the shrimp dry.
Okay, now, in this game, the mummies' goal is to grab the lifeguard and eat his brains.
And where's this lifeguard? [blows whistle.]
Lifeguard! Attention.
This is your lifeguard.
All mummies, off the beach! [moaning.]
All right, mummies! Try to get the lifeguard! Stay away, mummies! Hey, mummies! Please do not eat my large, juicy brain! - A-ha-ha! Get her brain! - Get that brain! Cut her off! Eat her brain! Let's go, mummies! Stop rooting for the mummies! Oh.
Now, when the mummies get close, you can use power-ups to stop 'em, like anti-mummy gas! Hey mummies! Kiss my gas! [laughing.]
They're choking! And there'll be other powerups, too, like Boost Juice.
Ha ha, mummies! You can't catch me now, can [screams.]
Okay, that was not supposed to happen.
Could someone please help me down? Hudson, go help Kenzie down.
On it.
Hold my bikini top.
Well that's the basic idea of the game.
Whaddaya think? I love it! Bunny, what'd you think of the game? I just don't understand why you'd serve shrimp without cocktail sauce.
Bunny! Okay, comin' up the metal stairs.
It's called a ladder.
So, uh, how do you guys like my beach mummy outfit? It's not historically accurate.
Mummies don't wear bikinis! What? Since when did you two become experts on what mummies look like? Oh, Ruthless and I went and saw that mummy exhibit at the Museum of History.
- What exhibit? - King Fuhd.
He's over three thousand years old.
That's old.
Old as Fuhd.
Hey, we should go see the mummy exhibit to get more ideas for the game.
Or we could stay here, make root beer floats and look up mummies online.
Whoa! Ah, Hudson! Uh, I feel like I've become part of the problem.
This is humiliating.
[Hudson chuckles.]
Now let me see the club go off when I step on the mic Game shakers in the spot and it's poppin' tonight You know the whole squad filthy Yeah, we paper it up So when you hear the beat bang You better drop that what We're so icy, man, I'm balling every day You can't shake my game so just get up out my way Only bosses up in here, homie, that's what's up So, DJ, bounce that bass so I can drop that what? Drop that Let the bass hit low Drop that And make the whole club go Drop that 'Cause I can't get enough when you Drop that But you better pick it up Drop that [music.]
- Yeah! - Holy Fuhd.
Now, according to history, the young Prince Fuhd became the new king of the Fuhdites, when his father, King Hummus, was trampled to death by his own camels, who then ate his royal remains.
Woo! Man, I would not wanna die bein' trampled by camels.
Why not? 'Cuz why would I? Gotta get killed by something.
You know what? Hey hey, you guys, look, there's King Fuhd.
Ooh! Whoa.
Can you believe that was a real person, who lived over 3000 years ago? I know.
He was born sometime around 1500 B.
So, before corn? B.
does not mean "before corn".
Ooh! I love corn.
Me too.
I say it's the number one yellow vegetable.
I'll tell ya what's really good: creamed corn.
Why are we talking about corn? Hey! Hey! This is a museum! Shh! Oh! Just a little spit.
No big deal.
- Man.
- Sorry.
Spittin' all in my face Hey, what are you taking pics of? King Fuhd's hand.
Look at his crispy little fingers.
They're not "crispy", they're mummified.
What does that mean? See, mummies have no moisture in their bodies, they're all dried out.
So, mummies are kinda like human beef jerky? Yeah, sure, let's go with that.
Hey, son! Hey, son! You step away from King Fuhd.
Oh, I just wanted to see what his Ah-ah-ah! I said step away from King Fuhd.
All right, we get it.
Relax, lady.
Hey! Who's got the stick? - Uhhh - That's right, I do.
Now you kids move along.
Go look at that other junk down there.
- Geez.
- All right.
Talk about old and dried up.
Stop! C'mon, let's go look at the other stuff they found in King Fuhd's tomb.
- Sure, whatever.
- Yeah, let's do that.
Wait, is that what King Fuhd looked like when he was alive? Yeah.
Whoa, he looks exactly like my dad.
- Whoa.
- That's trippy.
A 3000 year-old finger.
I wonder if Ah! Yeah, King Fuhd's right over here.
Come on, I'll show you.
Hey, guys.
Oh, Hudson, check out this picture of King Fuhd! Oh, wow, that's so cool! Let's leave right now.
- Whoa - What? Do you not see how much King Fuhd looks like my dad? Oh, yeah, wow.
Let's leave right now.
- Whoa, wait! - Hudson.
- What's your deal? - I I just feel like we've been here long enough.
Well, I wanna stay and look at more stuff.
- Yeah, so do I.
- Me, too.
Okay, you guys keep lookin' around and I'll meet you in the finger lot.
The finger lot? I mean the parking lot! Bye! Weird! Oh, look what it says "A favorite snack of the Fuhdites was corn on the cob.
" See, even back then, everybody loved corn.
How little man has changed.
All right, how about this idea for the game.
Whatcha got? Okay, when the mummies are chasing the lifeguard, maybe he can get a powerup that turns his tricycle into a camel.
Oh yeah! And then the camel can spit at the mummies! I love that, write it down.
All right, let's have bigger ideas.
What if like, the camels exploded? - [laughing.]
- Exploded Hudson? - What? What? - [screams.]
Why are you sweating? Uh, am I? Ew! Yeah, man.
You seem all freaked out.
No no no, I'm good.
H how are you kids? What's in the napkin? Uh I don't know.
It's King Fuhd's finger! - What? - You're kidding, right? No! I took Fuhd's finger! Ah! Stop the train! Stop this train! - No! - Get off of me! What's the matter with you? I don't wanna be anywhere near that mummy's finger! If it touches you, you're cursed for life! Oh, that's just a myth! Shh! Why did you take King Fuhd's finger? I didn't mean to! I just wanted to see what it felt like, and it snapped off in my hand! [police radio chatter.]
We're goin' to church.
On a Tuesday? - That's right.
- Praise the lord.
He's the reason for the season.
Trip, touching a mummy's finger won't give you a curse.
Have you ever been touched by a mummy's finger? Well, no Then you don't know, do ya? Okay, this is good news.
- What? - What is it? News? There's nothing online about the finger missing from the museum, that means nobody's noticed it's gone yet.
Hudson, take that nasty old finger up on the roof - and burn it! - 'Kay! - No! - Are you guys insane? Give me the finger! This finger is an extremely important part of world history! Don't touch it, you'll be cursed! I will not.
See, look.
Ah, she did it! Why'd ya do it? Wow I mean, wow.
What? I just can't believe we're standing here, holding a piece of a human being who walked the earth over 3000 years ago.
Think of all the places that finger's been.
I know.
This might have touched the ancient waters of the Nile River.
Or picked King Fuhd's nose.
Or tickled a dinosaur.
Or have been broken off by a modern-day idiot from New York who is now cursed! Okay, Trip, you want me to prove to you that being touched by this finger doesn't make you cursed? How are you gonna prove that? [screams.]
You've just killed me! [spits.]
You're not cursed! You don't know that! I do.
I promise you, there's no such thing as curses.
It's just a finger.
It can't hurt you.
Okay, you keep that finger away from me.
Ow ow Ow, ow I think I cracked my brain.
Here, put this on your head.
Ah thanks Owww! That was not gentle! Oh, you're such a baby.
No, I'm cursed! 'Cuz you rubbed that old nasty mummy finger on my face which is why that monitor fell on my head.
I can't believe we have King Fuhd's finger.
Oh, man, I wish I hadn't sniffed that.
Hey, where's Hudson? - I sent him to buy some glue.
- For what? So tomorrow, we can go back to the museum and re-attach King Fuhd's finger to his poor old wrinkled hand.
Walkin' in.
Oh, did you get some glue? Yep, one tube of Taxi Glue.
Aww, man, nobody uses Taxi Glue anymore.
It's old and it smells bad.
Ooh! Order some Tüber Glue.
Ooh! Right.
What's Tüber Glue? Oh, it's this awesome new glue service.
You use an app to get it.
Yeah, you just tap the app, and then some unemployed person just shows up with your glue.
Ooh, there's a glue guy only two minutes away.
Wait, we can't just walk into the museum tomorrow and start gluing that thing back onto King Fuhd's hand.
She's right.
We're gonna need a distraction.
Ooh, I know! I'll start telling King Fuhd a really good joke.
And while he's "distracted" you guys can glue the finger back on him.
We don't need to distract the dead person! [phone beeps.]
Oh, my Tüber Glue has arrived.
Tüber Glue.
Right here.
- Thanks.
- Gimme five stars.
All right! Okay-okay, we got the glue, we got the finger.
Now, all we need a good distraction at the museum.
So let's all start thinking of ideas.
- Uh.
I got it.
- What? - Double G.
- What about Double G? Uh, he's famous, and he's a lunatic.
He distracts people wherever he goes.
Oh yeah.
Nuh-uh! We're not tellin' my dad about any of this finger business.
Why not? It wasn't your fault.
Yeah, but somehow I'll get blamed and I don't wanna get in trouble with him! What's he gonna do? Put rocks in my backpack.
Rub onions on my pillow.
The man is very creative with his punishments! All right, look, all we need is for Dub to come to the museum so he can distract everybody.
We don't have to tell him why we want him there.
Ooh, what 'bout this? We sell saddles for dogs.
Right? You just put the saddle on your dog, and then little kids can ride them wherever they want to go.
What do saddles and dogs have to do with our current problem? I just thought we were lookin' for good ideas.
And there he is, class, King Fuhd, who lived over three thousand years ago.
He's most well-known as the inventor of shampoo and he was the first leader of the Fuhdites to dance while wearing short pants.
- Wow! - Wow! Where's Trip with Double G? I dunno.
He was supposed to be here ten minutes ago.
- Hey guys.
- Hey.
Uh Who's the kid? This is Chris, from Weehawken.
Listen, Chris, if they made saddles for dogs, wouldn't you wanna buy one, put it on your dog, then ride him all around town? I don't know.
See? This idea is gold.
We're not talking about dog saddles right now! Or ever.
I'm going back to my teacher.
Hey, look look.
All right.
Here we go.
Here we go, right this way.
- See, Dub's here.
- Good.
Now, as soon as everyone runs over to meet him, we can glue this finger back onto King Fuhd's hand, and then we can get outta here.
Okay, Dad, welcome to the King Fuhd exhibit.
Why'd you bring me here to this museum? I don't care nothin' about no King Fudge.
- He's not King Fudge.
- It's Fuhd! How come nobody's paying attention to Dub? I don't think people realize it's him.
Well, how could they? He's wearing that stupid hat and sunglasses.
Takin' time outta my busy day, to see some dead fudgeman.
Just wait, Dub, I think you're gonna get a big kick outta this.
King Fuhd looks a lot like you.
Look, there's no way some 3000-year-old little mummy man is as pretty as Double G.
I don't know why you all brought me Oh! Hello handsome.
This plan isn't working.
Dub's not distracting anyone.
All right children, I'm going to the restroom, and it could take a while.
So, you all wait right here.
- Okay! - Go ahead.
Hudson, get the glue ready.
Where's the finger? In my hand, but there's still too many people around.
There won't be in a second.
Hey kids, guess what? - What's up? - What's up? Who's your favorite music star? - Taylor Swift! - Katy Perry! Michael Buble! It's Double G! You guys like Double G.
- Oh yeah! - He's awesome! Okay, well Double G is right over there, wearing the hat and sunglasses.
- For real? - For real? That's him? And they say, if you touch his nose, then he'll give you a hundred bucks.
- What do we do? - I dunno! They're just kids! I guess we can yell at 'em! - Hey kids, quit that! - Stop that! Bad kids! Oh my God, that's Double G! [screaming.]
I gotta go get my camera.
Stay right there! - Come on! - Oh my G-Kids, move! Now's our chance! Go, go! - Okay, gimme the Tüber Glue! - Tüber Glue.
You okay? Move, kids! - Children! Hey! - Thank you! Oh! Get off of that man! [screaming.]
Leave his nose alone! C'mon Kenz, we don't have much time! I'm sorry! I'm not that experienced with finger gluing! All of you children, stop that! Get your kids! Okay! I'm gonna count to three.
One, two There! It's on, you did it! Good, now let's go! 'Kay! Ah geez Louise! What? What? What? What? I glued my thumb to King Fuhd's wrist! Help me! All right! Out the door.
That way.
Out! Out! Out! Let's go.
Come on! You heard the teacher! - Show's over! - Museum's closed! - Out ya go! - Bye! See ya! Please leave a donation! - Drive safe! - Thank you! Try to bend his wrist! - [screaming.]
- I'm free! It's okay, Dub.
Everything's all right now.
Yeah! [screams.]
Bunny! Ruthless! Right there! Get it! Get it! Well, I don't think anyone's gonna complain that we broke his finger off.
and although the King Fuhd mummy was violated and damaged far beyond repair, the state of New York has decided not to press charges against rap superstar, Double G, after he formally apologized to the Museum of History, and gave them a donation of twenty million dollars.
That's almost half the money I made last month.
- We're sorry.
- Sorry Dub.
- Sorry Dad.
- We feel bad.
Yeah, I just hope the next Game Shakers game makes a lotta cash.
And in other big money news, an eight-year-old boy from Weehawken became an instant millionaire himself last night, when he appeared on the popular TV show, Shark Bank, and sold them his concept for a new invention: Saddles for dogs, that kids can ride.
Aw, man! I wish I'd thought of that.

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