Game Shakers (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Buck the Magic Rat

1 There you go.
Hey, happy Saturday, Game Shakers! - Who's ready to - Sh! Shhhh! What? What are we doin'? Hudson's havin' a bad dream, so I'm gonna get him on video with this drone.
Oh yeah, that's a great use of our time.
Just watch.
No, no! What's your deal? I I was having a bad dream again.
Ugh, what? The one where you start growing a tail? No, I love that dream.
This one was about some crazy bird, flyin' right over my face.
Well it wasn't a bird! It was my new drone! Ahh, ya bent my gimble-stick! All right! Let's just get to work, okay? I don't wanna talk about what happened to me last night! All right, well I was thinkin' about a Fine, I'll tell ya! I was having a perfect Friday evening, just sitting in my house, watching Empire when suddenly, guess who bangs on our front door.
The Mormons! Was it the Mormons? I wish.
It was Animal Control.
One of my neighbors reported me for having an illegal pet! - You mean your pocket weasel? - Yeah! Little Cujo.
Apparently it's "against the law" to have pocket weasels here in New York.
So what did Animal Control do? They took Cujo away! And now they're sending him to Nebraska, to live on a weasel farm! Well, what about me? I got really used to having a sweet pet, y'know to cuddle, to talk to, and bathe with.
Boys and girls! From a universe, very very far away It's Dub Star-Whacker-Whacker-Whacker- Whacker-Whacker-Whacker! Ah-ah-ah-ah! - Hey! - Whoa! Ya, ya! Ya! Oh my God! Y'know, we just bought that lamp.
So where did you get that? Well, this is a little gift from my good friend Walton Groats.
- Walton Groats? - What? - That's insane! - That guy's a billionaire! I didn't know you knew Walton Groats! Well, I do.
We hung out with him last night, at the Nets game! And he bought me a pretzel.
And this is a new product one of his companies is makin'.
- Hey, can I see that? - Oh, hey! It's dangerous! - All right, here ya go! - Ooh! Hey, Dub, tell 'em what Walton said.
Check it out.
So it turns out Walton is a big Game Shakers fan, - What? - And we might get to work with him on a sick new game! - Ah! - That's insane! Shut up! So, how do we make this happen? Well, you just gotta pitch him a new game idea.
All right.
No prob.
When do we meet with him? - Monday afternoon.
- Monday, cool.
So we just gotta Monday? - That's 48 hours from now! - Think fast.
Hey look, somebody dropped a quarter on the floor.
Oh! Let me get that.
Hey, how do you turn this thing on Give me that.
I'm so sorry.
You keep the quarter.
Come on! - Did that hurt your butt? - Yeah, that hurt my butt! You see smoke comin' out of it, don't ya? Now let me see the club go off when I step on the mic Game shakers in the spot and it's poppin' tonight You know the whole squad filthy Yeah, we paper it up So when you hear the beat bang You better drop that what We're so icy, man, I'm balling every day You can't shake my game so just get up out my way Only bosses up in here, homie, that's what's up So, DJ, bounce that bass so I can drop that what? Drop that Let the bass hit low Drop that And make the whole club go Drop that 'Cause I can't get enough when you Drop that But you better pick it up Drop that Nothing? Nobody has a cool game idea that we can pitch to Walton Groats? I'm trying to think, but it's not easy because I miss Cujo.
You know what I miss? My Woo Woo.
Aren't ya gonna ask me what my Woo Woo was? - No.
- I'm not.
C'mon drone work.
You guys! We gotta come up with an idea for a new game.
Yeah, and fast.
'Cause we only have 44 more hours until our meeting with Walton Groats.
What's goin' on down there? I dunno.
I'll go see what's what.
Gross! Gross! Gross! That's disgusting! That is disgusting! Ewww, it wants that pizza! Somebody kill it! Somebody should kill it.
You kill it.
Here smash it with my hammer! So what's goin' on? Ah, there's a rat down there, tryin' to eat a piece of pizza, so people are gonna murder it.
What? Move! Move! Leave the rat alone! Stop it! Stop it! Eww, she touched the rat! And the pizza! That's disgusting! You're disgusting! This is an animal! With feelings and hopes and dreams! Just like you, or me, or Anthony Bourdain! Is she embarrassing to all a'you, or is it just me? Now just move! Step aside.
Back off.
What's wrong with the public? - Uh, Kenz - What? You got a subway rat on your arm.
I know he's beautiful.
Poor little guy was just trying to eat this pizza.
Yeah, baby, don't you worry.
Everything's gonna be all right.
Kenzie's gotcha.
Hudson! Hey, smile.
C'mon, smile.
Look at your cute little buck teeth.
Hey, that's perfect.
I'll name him Buck.
What do you guys think? - Yeah, great.
- That's nice.
Good name.
Hey what's Oh, look, a 50 dollar bill was just lying on the ground.
I guess it's yours.
All right then, to my pocket it goes! Here ya go, ice cream sundae with hot fudge, caramel, and whipped cream.
Wow, that looks amazing but I didn't order it.
Okay, well, shut up and eat it.
Wow, free sundae? Looks like it's your lucky day.
Maybe Buck the rat's lucky.
Are you a good luck rat? Oh, yes you are! All right guys, I think I got this thing fixed.
Cross your fingers.
Yeah! You see? You guys thought I couldn't fix it, but all it took was my expertise and a little - Trip.
- Yeah? I'm gettin' real sick a'your drone.
and so, Mr.
Groats, in the game, you, the player, try to catch as many bass as you can.
But the trick is keepin' 'em.
See, bad guys are always trying to steal - your your bass.
- Mm-hmm.
And that is why we call this new game Bass Jackers! Yeah! Who do you think he's calling? Maybe he's calling his bank, to give us lots of money to make the game.
Hey, it's me.
I'll be there soon.
Yeah, I'm with some kids, they're pitchin' me a game.
No, it's stupid.
I hate it.
I dunno they work with Double G so I'm here as a favor, but y'know, these kids are idiots.
I don't think he's calling his bank.
Yeah, yeah, have Mohamed pick me up here in, uh Hey, how much longer are you gonna be tellin' me about Barf Wackers? Uh, it's Bass Jackers.
Yeah! We just need 20 more minutes, to really explain how cool the game is.
Sure sure.
Have Mohamed pick me up here in five minutes.
Come on.
Uh, we'll be right back.
Come on.
What are we doing? We only have five minutes! Okay, what are we gonna do? Walton Groats hates our game idea.
Really hates it.
Wait how do we know that? Uh, 'cuz he said "it's stupid" and "those kids are idiots" and "I hate it.
" Well, that could mean anything.
No, it couldn't.
Wait! I'll be right back.
Where are you g ah, whatever.
Hey, I know! Go pitch him that other game that we were talkin' about last week.
Oh yeah, Thunder Butt! Boom! Okay.
I am not pitching one of the richest guys in the world a game about a giant who can control the weather with his pants! Babe, here, c'mere, c'mere.
Wh what are you doing? Why am I wearing a rat in a sack? It's a rat bjorn.
I bought it so I could keep Buck close to my heart.
Isn't that right, baby? Okay, no no, I'm taking this thing off.
Nooo! Buck is a lucky rat.
- So? - Sooo so, let's say you catch for example, 500 bass.
That gets you 5000 points, unless you're attacked by sushi pirates who steal your bass.
- The Bass Jackers.
- Exactly.
Yeah! But not only can pirates steal your bass So can bears, clowns, ninjas, Santa Claus, country music star Blake Shelton So you never know who's a bass jacker.
You never know.
Okay, this is gold.
This game's gonna be a classic.
Yeah, all we need is a buncha your money to make it! Subtle.
Ah, don't worry about the money.
Callie, call my bank, tell 'em to give Game Shakers as much money as they need to make this game, up to 25 million.
- Oh! - Yeah.
Touch her, touch her! Okay, okay, settle down, settle down.
A toast! For helping us get Walton Groats to invest a whole buncha money in our new game, Bass Jackers let's hear it for Buck, the magic rat! - Yay Buck! - Buck, Buck! Magic rat! Hey Kenzie Kenzie, go heat up some more of these meatballs.
No no, they're chicken balls.
I don't care what the balls are made of! Yeah, sure.
Watch Buck for me.
And he scores again! Aw man, now we're down by seven! - Bummer.
- Bummer! Hey, wait a second Let me have Buck for a minute.
Oh, yeah rub that lucky rat against the screen! Hey, what are you guys doing with Buck? Just rubbin' him against the TV.
All right.
Just be careful with him.
Now Johnson for three! It's good! - Yeah-heh! - All right! Go Buck! That's what I'm talking about! Hey hey hey, gimme that rat.
Wait, Dad, we need him! I'll bring him back in a minute.
Ah, yeah! All right guys, rub your lottery tickets on the rat's head, and then scratch 'em off! - All right.
- Gimme that rat head! - Hey hey, 50 bucks! - I got 75! A hundred dollars! And I don't even need it! Okay, all right, rub some more lottery tickets on his head! - All right.
- Okay.
Lucky rat! Hey, gimme that rat.
No, we're makin' money over here! You can have him back after I call Mason Kendal and make him fall in love with me! All right.
Hurry up and bring him back.
From way downtown.
It's good! Go Wildcats! That's what I'm talking about! 'Sup Mason.
This is Babe Carano.
How goes it? Oh, really? You dumped your girlfriend? Wow.
I love you, rat! Tell me you're not using Buck to get boys.
You say that like it's a bad thing.
Hey gimme that rat, we got more tickets to scratch off! - No! Buck isn't for you to - Hurry, we need the rat! The Wildcats are still down by three! Mason, lemme call you back.
Everybody be quiet! Buck isn't here just for you guys to get your good luck jollies! And I'm sure he doesn't appreciate the way you're all What's wrong? I dunno, I I think he's got a fever.
- Is he sick? - Maybe! Sick? That rat better not be sick! We got a pile of lottery tickets over there! Can you not think about yourself for five seconds? We also need that rat so I can get Mason Kendal to ask me out! You guys! I'm really worried about him! What if he's dying? All right, all right! No need to worry.
I know someone that knows everything about all animals.
- Bobby Dong? - No.
Bobby Dong's sister.
Betty Dong.
Where is the animal? He's right here.
Oh-koochi-yahom! Woom-lamma naffa! Ooo Hava-kaddah! I love avocado.
So, ma'am, can you tell us what's wrong with Buck? - Schpoggitz.
- All right.
Betty, what's goin' on, are you takin' a nap? Put the animal on my face.
- Huh? - What? If you want me to tell you what is wrong with the animal, put him on my face.
Oh my God! It's on her face! Shh.
Remove the animal from my face.
The rat is very sick.
Is it fibromyalgia? No.
The rat is home sick.
- Home sick? - Yes.
He loves this place.
Especially you.
But? But this is not his place.
His place is where you found him.
He said all that on your face? You must return him from whence he came.
It is best for him.
All right now, look, I don't mean any disrespect, Betty Dong But how we know you can read that rat's mind? I mean, for all we know, she probably think that rat Chumba-Wumba! You all need to take that rat back to the subway right now! - Right now.
- Back to the subway! Right now.
What is that? A little suitcase for Buck.
This is a little blanket.
And a piece of his favorite cheese.
And This is a little picture of me.
That's sweet.
Well I guess it's time.
Thanks for being my friend, Buck.
It's okay.
Uh, Kenz Kenz Kenz, Kenz.
It's Walton Groats.
he wants to video chat.
Hey, Mister Groats, how are ya? Yeah, I'm lookin' for the Game Shaker kids.
You one of 'em? Uh, yeah, this is Babe.
Oh yeah right.
So uh, that game, Bass Jackers? I decided I don't wanna make it.
- Wh but why not? - I dunno.
Whu, uh Let's get outta here.
Goodbye, Buck.
I'm all alone Except I don't wanna be Now you're gone Nothing feels right to me I hear voices that aren't really there It's nothing at all So try not to cry 'Cause it's not goodbye It's just a little letting go We're breaking up inside And I've got to let you know That while I'm away Your heart will be my home 'Cause it's not goodbye
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