Game Shakers (2015) s02e05 Episode Script

Baby Hater

1 - Woooooooooo!!! - Come on, spin power! - Blow, blow, blow! - Woo! Yeah! - Whoop! Whoop! - Whoo-hoo! Yeah! Come on.
Okay blow time's over.
- Yeah, keep going.
Keep rolling.
- Whoop whoop.
Wait Booo.
Fun killer.
Uh, Game Shakers is a place of business.
Or maybe you're a place of business.
It's funny 'cuz it makes no sense.
Yeah We'll see if you guys are laughing when Babe gets here and finds out you've been goofing off.
Maybe you're scared of Babe.
But we're not.
I'm not "scared" of Babe.
Yeah? Prove it.
Try the blow-y chair.
Gimme the blower.
- Yeah! - Okay then.
And I'll just start that up for ya [blowing.]
- Yeah! - Go Kenzie! Keep going.
Wooo! Faster, faster! It feels like I've been reborn! Woooooooo! Woo! Woo! Woo! [blowing stops.]
Seriously? I don't Y'know, you're supposed to set an example for those two.
B-But I was the one who Hey, if you want, I'll have a talk with Kenzie - about workplace professionalism.
- Hmm.
And by the way Babe, I don't wanna say anything, but you're late.
Guess I said somethin'.
Uh, I'm not late.
I was picking up this package for work.
Oh yeah? What's in the package? That new phone, the Tech Force Nine.
- Whoa, for real? - Seriously? Yep.
I got an email from Tech Force saying they want Game Shakers to make a game to help promote the new phone.
- No way! - That's so cool! Hudson! Hey, I heard that the Tech Force Nine is unbreakable.
I heard it's even bullet-proof.
Yep, it says here on their website: "We at Tech Force guarantee that this new smart phone is unbreakable.
"If you can break it, we'll give you $10,000.
" - Ten G's?!? - Oh! - Hand me that puppy - No, no, no.
Wait wait don Wait, don't Hudson, that's Boom.
That was Kenzie's phone.
You should get the unbreakable one.
This is the Tech Force Nine.
Whoah! Ah, geez! Here comes Double G in his helicopter again.
Aw man! He better not land on our build [crash.]
Dang it! We've told your dad fifty times, it is illegal for him to land his helicopter on our building! So why yell at me? 'Cuz you need to talk to him! Hey hey.
- Ho ho.
- Hee hee! Whoa Dub, since when are you awake before ten A.
? Step aside.
Hey boy, you brush your teeth this mornin'? Yeah Dad, I'm pretty sure I brushed my teeth.
Dry! What? Okay so you flew here, from your house, in a helicopter, to yell at Trip about brushing his teeth? Brushing teeth is important! So is getting dressed before you leave the house.
Y'know, Game Shakers is a place of business.
Ha ha, maybe you're a place of business.
It's still funny and still makes no sense.
Ha ha brush your teeth! Hey.
[blows whistle.]
- People! - Oh, here it goes.
Uh, is there a problem, officers? Yeah there's a problem.
Who parked the helicopter on the roof? Uh, a helicopter? I don't know who would park a helicop Daaahhh, ya buncha dirty snitches.
Look, Double G, just 'cuz you're a big celebrity, that doesn't mean you get to break the law.
Then what's the point of bein' a big celebrity? The laws apply to everyone.
Well maybe the helicopter "laws" need to be changed.
You wanna change the laws? Why don't you run for mayor? Ha! Yeah Dub, you should run for mayor.
That'd be hilarious! Mayor Double G.
I like the sound of that.
Oh, God.
Are you serious, Dad? Mmmhmmm.
That's right.
And Mayor Double G is gonna make New York City great again! Dub, please close your robe.
- Huh - Close your robe.
Now let me see the club go off When I step on the mic Game Shakers in the spot and it's popping tonight You know the whole squad filthy Yeah, we papered up So when you hear that beat bang You better drop dat what Drop dat Let the bass get low Drop dat And make the whole crowd go Drop dat Cuz I can't get enough when you Drop dat But you better pick it up Drop dat Mm, okay Since this new game is about an unbreakable phone - Yeah - What if like, little animated bugs popup on the screen, and like, start crawlin' all around Ooh, and then you gently capture the bugs and release them back into the wild? No.
You smash them with a real hammer.
And then we release them back into the wild? Right this way, right here.
Follow me.
Okay, stay together.
All right.
Follow me, and here we go.
All right, seriously, we gotta start locking that door.
What's he up to now? All right, people, listen up! I present to you, the next Mayor of New York City! Superstar: Double G!!! Thank you, thank you all very much.
Well, I brought you all here to Game Shakers so you can see how I use my money to help young people get a head start in life.
Now you all chatter about that for a minute.
Boom! - Uh, Double G? - Hm? Doesn't your son, Triple G, work here? Yes yes, he does.
And he's a very responsible, hard-workin' young man.
- Where's Trip? - Oh.
Trip went to go find a really tall building so he could throw a phone off the roof.
Ha ha Argh! [clears throat.]
Are there any other questions? Oh, yes that tall reporter in the back there.
Thank you! My name is Lando Calrissian, from Cloud City News! Thank you Lando, go ahead.
You're such a handsome and talented musician.
How is it, we're all lucky enough to have you run for mayor? Oh, well that is a very good question, Lando.
I guess the best way to answer that is I just love this city! [cheering.]
It loves you too! [laughs.]
- Uh, question? I have a question.
- Yes? Yeah, um, when are you gonna get outta here so Kenzie and I can do some work? [laughs.]
Hey, why don't we go finish this press conference outside? Everyone this way this way Double G! Mister Griffin?! It's Double G! Dub, this lady wants to talk to you.
Oh, no problem I would love to talk a lady who [screams.]
- Dub, relax.
- Please kiss my baby! No! Get that baby away from me! - Just kiss him! - No! Lando Calrissian! Bunny! Take that baby away! Dub, Dub, what's wrong? I'll tell you what's wrong: I hate babies! Did you hear what Dub just said? Well maybe no one got it on video.
Caught on video.
I hate babies! It makes us wonder what else Double G hates.
Christmas? Fresh fruit? America? Well, I guess Dub's gonna have to drop outta the race now.
That's good news for New York.
- Break! Break! - Break! Break! - Break! - Break! Kiiii-yaaaa! Whoah! Okay okay - Oh, look, they have chicken.
- Mm-hmm.
- [phone beeps.]
- Dang! It didn't break.
There you all are.
- Oh, hey, Dub.
- Hey, sup Dad? - No, we just got those! - [groans.]
Have you all seen the news? They're saying I have no chance of winning the race for Mayor.
And I was doin' so well! What happened? What happened? You said you hate babies in front of twenty reporters! With cameras! So? Why should the things I say and do affect how people feel about me?!? Well, everyone loves babies, so if you say you hate 'em, it's not gonna make you very popular.
C'mon, I need your advice, not your political analysis.
Well, why do you hate babies anyway? I'll tell you why I hate babies Trip! - Trip? - Me?! Mm-hmm! It happened 13 years ago.
Trip had just been born.
It was the worst night of my life.
Thanks, Dad.
I'll never forget it Never forget it.
No, never.
Never forget it.
Who's my new baby boy? You're my new baby boy That's right, and you're a special baby boy because your daddy is a superstar.
Oh, yes I am.
Oh, yes I am.
- Mister Griffin - Hmm? It's almost nine.
Visiting hours are over.
Well, uh How 'bout you just give us just another minute or two? I'm sorry, but you need to leave right now.
But but you took my money w-what ya doing? Ah, that's not how bribes work [groans.]
All right, Trip Daddy'll be back tomorrow, all right? I'll see ya tomorrow! [cries.]
Oh, wait, don't cry.
Don't cry wait a minute, you don't have to cry because he's cryin'! - C'mon, baby, it's all right! - [more babies cry.]
Oh, babies are cryin'! Nurse! Nurse! Nurse! Please! Hello? Ah! Oh, oh! Help! Let me out! Baby! Baby!! I got money.
You want some money? [screaming.]
Ah! The door's locked.
Who unlocked the door? Let's get him up.
Ah! No! - It's all over.
- You're embarrassing us.
[indistinctly speaking.]
Now y'all know why I hate babies? It wasn't my fault! It was because of that awful, terrible night.
Look Dad, maybe you should just give up on tryin' to be mayor.
No! Don't you all realize how important it is that I'm able to land my helicopter wherever I want?! And the only way that's gonna happen is if I become mayor of New York City! I don't care how big of a superstar you are, nobody's gonna vote for a babyhating mayor.
Ah, just tell me how to fix this! Easy! By showin' people that you really love babies.
Nuh-unh! I can't be cuddlin' no nasty baby without freakin' out! Hey, do you guys remember when Kenzie's mom got mauled by those rabbits? [laughs.]
Well, to help her get over her rabbit fears, her psychiatrist made her play with a fake rabbit made of rubber.
- And that worked? - Oh, yeah, totally.
So, then all we gotta do is get my dad a rubber baby So you can play with it and get over your fear.
Oh, okay, I don't know.
Hey sizzlin' hot fajita platter.
Thank you.
Oh, yes yes a'kitchy-kitchy coo a'kitchy-kitchy coo to you too who's a little rubber baby? Y'see? Babies are nothing to get all freaked out about.
Yeah, just think of 'em as tiny little, bald people that spit up a lot.
[engine running.]
What are they doing with that thing?! Not sure.
Go make sure they don't blow up the building.
On it.
Where do you put it in? You put it through the big hole at the top.
What's wrong with you? - [engine stops.]
- Wait, hey, wha Hey what are you guys planning to do with this wood chipper? We're "planning" to make ten thousand bucks.
We're gonna drop this Tech Force Nine in there, - and bust it up.
- Boom.
Okay, when are you guys gonna figure out that phone is unbreakable? Pfft.
We'll see how "unbreakable" it is in a wood chipper.
[engine starts.]
Do it! See ya! [grinding.]
What happened to the phone? I don't know! Maybe it's stuck in there! Oh! Aw man, the phone still works! Oh good.
The test baby's here.
- Hi.
Are you Mrs.
Larfin? - I am.
Oh, cool.
Follow me.
Guys, get over here and watch this! - Coming.
- [groans.]
All right Kenz, go.
Okay Dub hold the rubber baby, close your eyes, and say, "Ohhhhh, what a sweet baby you are.
" [clears throat.]
Okay then.
Ohhhhh, what a sweet baby you are.
Good, keep saying it.
Ohhhhh, what a sweet baby you are Ohhhhh, what a sweet baby you are Ohhhhh, what a sweet baby you are Okay, now say it again and slowly open your eyes.
Ohhhhh, what a sweet baby you are-aaaaaaaahhhhh!! Get it away, take it away! [gasping.]
Baby hater! Thank you! Oh What am I gonna do?! Well, when's the first debate? Tomorrow.
Tell me what to do! Okay, first stop shaking me.
And sorry Dub, but nothing's gonna help you if you can't show the people of New York that you like babies.
Babies! Aw, too bad this little guy's not real.
Hey Who cares if he's real or not? Huh? If we take this guy, wrap him in a blanket and stuff, who's gonna know it's not a real baby? Yeeaahh especially if he giggles and cries.
What are you all, ignorant? How are you gonna make a rubber baby giggle and cry? Rubbert's got no emotions! Easy we just put a speaker inside.
Oh! Why don't we just put the Tech Force Nine inside him? Why that phone? Cuz, it's got great speakers, and I can sync it to my laptop.
Yeah, that's good, that's good.
It's all up to you, son.
[heavenly music plays.]
Announcer: And tonight all of New York will be watching the debate between in combat Mayor Catherine Mersa and baby hating superstar Double G.
Ok, this is where the debate's happening.
So, where's baby Hudson? In the bathroom getting ready.
Now, let's go ahead and do a test.
Put the Tech Force Nine inside the baby.
Now, don't worry, this won't hurt a bit.
Uh, excuse me, is this where the debate's being held this evening? - Wowww! - Look at you two! I would totally believe that you two are a married couple with a cute little baby.
Okay, don't get gross.
Wow, thanks.
No, I don't mean you're gross.
I mean the idea of being married to you is gross.
All right.
Is the baby ready? I'm just about to test it.
- Let's see now crying.
- [beeps.]
- Perfect.
- I love it.
And now sweet giggles.
- [beeps.]
- [giggles.]
- Nice.
- So real.
And if we all work together, to get those three things accomplished, I feel sure that, during the summer, New York can and will smell better.
Thank you, Ms.
Our next question comes from Lando Cal - Calree.
- Calrissian! Lando Calrissian from Cloud City News.
Yes Lando? The other day, you got very upset about a baby, and said you hated it! All right Can you explain why you got upset, and said you hate babies? Oh, yes Lando, I'm glad you brought that up.
Me too! Okay, here we go.
I'm ready.
Well, y'see, I have very bad allergies.
And my doctor gave me medication, that made me feel queasy and confused.
As a matter of fact are there any babies here tonight? Any babies? Yes over here my husband and I have a baby.
Oh, well, bring that baby up here so we can all take a selfie? Oh come on, we're gonna do that right now? Yes, I mean what's the matter, Catherine? You hate babies or somethin'? Well, no, of course not.
Well bring that beautiful baby on up here! [applause.]
Come on.
Hi there.
I'm Double G.
Hi, I'm Bonnie Barrow.
My name's Clyde.
And who's this little fella? Uh Rubbert.
Oh let me see him.
Hey, Rubbert.
Okay, now! Start the cryin'! Crying.
Oh, I'm sorry he's a little fussy.
Oh, no, that's all right.
Double G can make any baby happy.
Hey, Rubbert! Hey there little Rubbert! Kootchie kootchie coo! Now make him giggle.
I know what to do.
Booda booda booda booda boo! - [baby giggles.]
- [laughs.]
Oh, you made him laugh! He loves you! Look! That baby loves Double G! I'm gonna write that down.
I think all reporters should write that down! - Uh-oh - What? It says the battery in the Tech Force Nine is over-heating.
Everyone! Feel free to take video! This baby loves his Uncle Double G.
Yes, he does.
A'kootchie coo coo Oh, ah [screams.]
Take it! Take it ow! [banging.]
[glass shattering.]
- [woman screaming.]
- [cars honking and swerving.]
[car crash.]
Next question?
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