Game Shakers (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

Byte Club

1 [music.]
So, for our Sky Whale update, I was thinking we could release a brand new level, which I'm calling Groovetopia.
Ooh, Groovetopia, that sounds like a kick.
Yeah, see, after you're in outer space, you keep going higher and higher, 'til you're in this weird, groovy, alternate reality where Hey! Anybody want some juice? - Juice? - Yeah.
But you're making a sandwich.
Yes, but after I make it, I'm gonna juice it, then drink it.
Yeah I don't think you understand the spirit of juicing.
[helicopter rotors.]
And here comes Double G in his helicopter again.
Ugh, how many times have we asked you to tell your dad that he can't land his helicopter on our roof? I told him just last night.
And what'd he say? He said, "Bah ha ha ha! I'm Double G! I land my helicopter wherever I want!" And then he stuck his finger in my yogurt.
- Why? - Just to make it dirty.
Well, why's he comin' here in his helicopter anyway? He's teachin' Bunny how to fly it.
Today they're workin' on landing.
Smooth landing, Bunny! Okay, guys, now I'm gonna extract all the healthy juice, right outta this sandwich.
- Hey, Bunny.
- Hi, Bunny.
Gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee, gotta pee - And he's gone.
- See ya.
Hey hey! You Game Shakers got a problem with your roof.
What's the problem with our roof? Bunny broke it.
Ha-ha! Ooh! Juice! A-ha-ha-ha Mmmm Bad juice! Bad juice! Ah! [retching.]
Aww! Dang it! - What? - You guys see this? - Icon's retiring! - No way! Wait, who's Icon? Uhh He's like the best gamer ever.
Hey! Do y'all have any mouth detergent? Man, I'm bummed.
You know how bad I wanted to play against that guy? Hey, no offense buddy, you're a great gamer but compared to Icon, you're lame and weak.
Y'know, saying "No offense" is not a license to offend people.
Well, how come you never challenged Icon to a match? I did! I tweeted him like a dozen times, but he never responded.
Yeah, but you don't have 41 million followers.
Hey Dub! Can I see your phone for a sec? Ah! Sure! Let me just ah.
"Hey Icon, my kid, Triple G, challenges you to any game, any time.
Hit me back if you've got the guts.
" There.
Why do you think that'll work? 'Cuz it comes from Dub's account.
The whole world's gonna see that tweet, so Icon can't ignore it.
Yeah, he will.
He's not gonna respond.
[phone beeps.]
- And he responded.
- He did? - For real? - What'd he say? He wrote: "Hey Double G.
Big fan.
I'll take your kid on.
Tell him to meet me Friday night, nine o'clock, at The Hole.
" Yes! That's awesome! I get to play against the best gamer out there! [phone beeps.]
Oh! Hey Dub, you got a text.
Oh! Just read it to me.
Okay, oh! It's from Bunny.
He says, "Hey Dub, I dropped the helicopter keys in the toilet.
" Ah! Tell him not to flush! Okay! Okay! I'll tell him not to flu [toilet flushes.]
Ah! Bunny! Now let me see the club go off when I step on the mic Game shakers in the spot and it's poppin' tonight You know the whole squad filthy Yeah, we paper it up So when you hear the beat bang You better drop that what We're so icy, man, I'm balling every day You can't shake my game so just get up out my way Only bosses up in here, homie, that's what's up So, DJ, bounce that bass so I can drop that what? Drop that Let the bass hit low Drop that And make the whole club go Drop that 'Cause I can't get enough when you Drop that But you better pick it up Drop that [music.]
This is The Hole? Rough crowd.
I don't see Icon.
Yeah, me neither.
Okay, we're gonna go grab a drink.
Hey! See if they can juice me a piece of pizza! Come on Hudson! What do you want? Hey, hey.
Hey, you guys, Icon's here.
I know! Hey dude, look, he's staring at you.
Well, what do I do? You gotta stare back.
- Yeah, stare back! - Do it! You Triple G? Maybe.
Who's askin'? She is.
My name's Roz, I'm with Soba Sportswear.
We sponsor Icon.
Cool! Hey, after Icon beats Trip, can I get a selfie with him? - What? - Dude! Hudson! Icon'll be ready in two minutes.
I hope you are.
Don't worry Trip.
You can beat Icon.
I hope so.
Awww, my hands are so cold.
I gotta warm 'em up.
Here Stick 'em down there.
No, thank you! Right now we got us a challenge match.
All right.
Legendary gamer, Icon [cheering.]
Yeah! Woo! Is goin' up against a kid named Triple G.
- Yeah, Trip! - Woooo! All right.
All right, game up! Expert level.
No cheat codes.
The first player knocked out, loses.
Challenger, choose your character.
I choose: The Red Flaming Ninja.
I choose: The Psycho Knife Beast.
Yeah! Oh.
Good luck, Icon.
[blows raspberry.]
Oooh! - Trip, you can do this.
- We believe in you.
Did you know that Icon's never lost? All right, here we go! Fight! [crowd shouting.]
Ah! No! Okay.
It's okay.
You can come back.
You can come back, Trip.
Come on! You gotta keep playing! [shouting.]
C'mon Icon, what are you doin'? You got it! Fire punch! Fire punch! Go for it! Winner! Flaming Ninja.
I'm sorry.
Hey, don't be.
Win or lose, you're always gonna be number one at Soba Sportswear.
Thank you.
Triple G how would you like to be the new face of Soba Sportswear? But but But what about Icon? You mean I-GONE? So, you want the gig? Uh, yeah, yeah, sure, okay! - All right! - Better get ready, kid.
You're gonna be playing a lotta games.
Well, that's just a sacrifice I'll have to make.
Ha! Gotcha! Gotcha! Oh my God, Trip! Congratulations! That's awesome.
Try to get us a buncha free Soba stuff.
Sorry Mister Taco, time to get juiced.
Hasta la taco, baby! [chuckles.]
And I tap, and my narwhal goes over that thing Rainbow toga blastoff! Ah! Groovetopia looks so cool.
Uh, yeah! We're gonna make mad cabbage on this game.
Mmmm! Hey, where's Trip? We need him to test this level and give us feedback.
He promised he'd be here today.
Yeah, and he promised he'd be here yesterday, and the day before that, and the day before that.
I just saw him.
- Where? - Inside my Pear Pad.
What do you mean? Check out Pop News Nation.
Let's start off talking about world-class gamer, Icon.
Bye bye, Icon.
[speaking foreign language.]
After being defeated for the first time ever, Icon got booted by Soba Sportswear.
And replaced by Game Shaker Triple G.
The new champion was back at The Hole the next night, defending his title by defeating the fifth-ranked challenger, Kill Shot Winner! Flaming Ninja.
Oh, and one of our PNN spies got video of Triple G, laughing and drinking unpasteurized juice with Jennifer Lawrence [laughing.]
Hey hey, what's up little Game Shakers? There you are.
We've been waiting four days to get your feedback on this new Sky Whale level.
Ah! I'm sorry, I'm sorry I'm done with Soba stuff for the whole rest of the day, so let's do some Game Shakin'.
- Let's do it! - Wheeee! Okay, we got the Groovetopia level working really well.
But we need you to play it and tell us whether you think it's up to code so we can release it to the All right, I need you to get those on Trip.
I need you to make him look fantastic, and don't disappoint me.
Okay, wh-what's going on? Why is the Soba lady here? Uh I'm not sure.
Hey, Roz, you said I was done with Soba stuff for today.
Oh yeah, but Soba's not done with you.
We just booked you for a press event in SoHo at six o'clock.
Uh, put some makeup on him and fix his hair.
What's wrong with his hair? I don't know you.
Get those pants off.
My pants? Yeah, we gotta put you in Soba's new Action Pants.
Wh I'm not changin' my pants in front of everybody here! C'mon man, don't be a prude.
Hold up the privacy sheet so Trip can change.
Wait! But I promised Babe and Kenzie that I'd help 'em with th Okay, just gonna All right, fine.
Okay, we're never gonna get this game finished.
Uh, Miss we really need Trip to stay here and help us with our new game because we got a lot of Hey, you want this Soba hat? Oh, yes I do! Seriously Roz, Trip works for Game Shakers.
Okay? So you can't just take him away from us whenever you want.
This contract Trip signed says I can.
Do you have a contract with Trip? Well, no, um, no not a not a contract, per say.
Uhh, Roz I don't know about these Action Pants.
C'mon, let's see 'em! I feel restricted.
They'll stretch.
Now grab your stuff, we gotta head to SoHo.
What? Yeah, I got him, I'm on my way Look, if you guys are cool stayin' late tonight, I promise I'll be back here to work by eight o'clock.
No, you won't.
You have a nine o'clock dinner with Soba's marketing director.
I promise I'll be back here to work by ten-thirty.
No, you won't.
D'oh, I'm never comin' back! So uncomfortable! [giggles.]
Per say.
Dub, he's not gonna be here.
You said this is his favorite place.
Sir! You can't stay here, we're closing.
I'm lookin' for my son.
Daddy? What? I knew you'd come for me one day.
No, no! No, he's not your daddy.
We're lookin' for a kid, about this tall, probably wearing Action Pants? [sneeze.]
- Did you hear that? - I know that sneeze.
Trip, what are you doin' down there? Uh, sorry! Trip's not here right now! Ow! Come on, Trip.
Why are you hidin' under there like a dog? Come here.
I don't want Roz to find me.
I thought you loved workin' with Soba.
Playing games, getting free stuff, hangin' with Jennifer Lawrence.
Oh my God, I love Jennifer Lawrence.
Man, don't you have somewhere you ought to be? Yes.
With my daddy.
Look, at first, I loved the idea of being sponsored by Soba and all this cool free stuff.
But they're working me to death! And I I just wanna go back to being a Game Shaker.
Hey, I feel ya dude.
But Soba's gotcha.
You signed a contract.
Squat! What? Hey Trip, remember the time I had the deal with Squat Soda? The soda that tastes like squat? Oh yeah, Squat Soda! I drink Squat Zero.
Wait Didn't Squat fire you? No, no.
I made them fire me! See, I figured they weren't payin' me enough, so I put on my Squat Soda t-shirt, went up to the top of the Empire State Building, and then I peed off the roof! [laughs.]
Oh yeah, I remember that! Me too! Uh, didn't your pee land on a bus full of German tourists? Yup! That's right! It was all over the news.
It was all over the bus.
And the next day, Squat Soda fired me! No more contract.
Right, because they didn't wanna be - associated with you anymore! - Nobody did! What but I mean you're not sayin' that I should do somethin' terrible, - just to make Soba fire me.
- Yes, I am.
I'm on board with this plan.
[audience cheering.]
How's it look? Does it look like a real person's ear? Kenzie, what do you think? Wow! Nice ear! It even feels real! Right? Where did Bobby Dong get this? I dunno, he just said "It's fresh" and I didn't want to ask any more questions.
Do it Trip! You got this! You got 'im! Take 'im out! Yeah! [cheering.]
Winner! Flaming Ninja.
Okay, Soba's very own Triple G does it again! [cheering.]
- Nobody can beat this kid! - Aw, come on now.
But it's true.
It is true.
Go go go! Talk trash! And Trip knows what to do? Yes! Just go! Hey! Hey fool! Why you been duckin' me, man? Hey, give me the mic.
Give me the mic right now.
Hey, uh whatcha' talkin' about, bruh? You got your shot.
Now gimme mine.
Ooh! Hey kid, just get outta here! Y'all see that? Soba Sportswear don't wanna sponsor a kid like me, 'cuz I'm not a puppet like Triple G! Hey! I'm not a puppet! Just ignore him.
See that? Triple G don't fight no real man.
He fights them set-ups.
Hey, woman! Since Triple-G ain't got no heart, maybe Soba Sportswear should sponsor a real man! All right man, you want me? You got me! Let's go, right here, right now! [shouting.]
Okay let the match go on for about 30 seconds, and then bite off Hudson's ear.
Which ones's the fake ear? - Left.
- Left.
Got it.
All right! Looks we got another Backyard Beat Down.
Yay Trip! Here we go! Fight! You're goin' down, son! Ooh.
Face punch! How do you like that, sucka? This blond kid seems pretty good.
Nah, Trip'll be fine.
Take your hand off my shoulder, Dave.
See? You ain't so bad, Trip! You ain't so bad! Quit trash talkin' me, man! You're soft, man.
Like a baby's neck.
Wrong ear! Wrong ear! Wrong ear! [shouting.]
Oh my God, he bit off his ear! Trip! Yeah! That's right, I bit his ear off! And I liked it! Okay, that is it! Soba Sportswear wants nothing to do with kids who bite other kids' ears! Trip, you're fired! Oh no! [chomping.]
It worked! I'm free! It worked! - Trip! - What? You bit off the wrong ear! I I what? [groaning.]
How could you bite off the wrong ear? Look, it was dark and crazy in that place! Sorry, I've never bitten off a dude's ear before! Well take some lessons, would ya? - Wh lessons? - Yeah! And maybe you should apologize to Hudson.
Ugh! Yo dawg I'm sorry.
Ah, it's okay.
[phone rings.]
It's Dub.
- [helicopter rotors.]
- Hey, what's up? Hey! Are you kids at Peter Sinai Hospital? - Yeah.
- Cool.
Bunny, set us down there on the roof.
Okay, Dub.
Don't land on the roof! This is a hospital.
They need the helipad for their own [crashing.]
Bunny! [laughing.]

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