Gamma (1975) s01e02 Episode Script

Seconda Puntata

Part two You are Jean Delafoy.
You are Jean Delafoy.
You're 30 years old.
Black eyes.
Black hair.
Height: 1.
Weight: 74kg.
You are Jean Delafoy.
Nationality French.
You are married.
You don't have children.
You are Jean Delafoy.
Your profession is racing driver.
You recovered in Prof.
Duval's clinic.
You have had brain surgery.
You had a racing accident.
Now you're fine.
Jean Delafoy is reawakening.
But he's empty.
He remembers nothing of himself or the reality that surrounds him.
His psychic isolation at this moment is so deep that the state of coma could become irreversible.
We must make him overcome this crisis and recover.
To achieve this we must reach the patient with messages.
We must reeducate him.
Bring him to rediscover himself, as if he were looking at himself in a mirror.
We know that the information we are able to send him reaches him in his profound isolation, and leaves a lasting trace in him.
In this way we reconstruct his psychology, his consciousness, his emotions, his knowledge.
We must, effectively, teach him everything.
Even his name.
-Like to a child who goes to school? Indeed, like to a newborn child, when it receives its first information.
And it will involve you.
And what exactly will our task be? Recounting his life to him, moment by moment.
Tell him it like you would tell tales to children.
You'll record everything you know.
Even the most insignificant episodes.
The most intimate All the nuances of his existence.
His tastes The weaknesses and important facts.
Everything, basically.
All the information will serve to reconstruct his personality.
Even in the smallest details.
The more information you give back, the more he'll return to being himself.
You can also record in a group.
Record together, to help him remember.
And don't be ashamed to bring up any unpleasant moments in his life.
When does it begin? The sooner you begin the better it is.
-But what treatment is this? They're only experiments! It seems to me that we should try anything possible.
Is that fair? It seems to me it's just science fiction.
First you make out that Jean is dead, and then you operate on him anyway.
They're just tests.
But Jean isn't a guinea pig.
Jean's alive, and that's enough for me.
I don't care about anything else.
That's what counts.
-Everyone, I beg you.
We don't have time.
It will be totally useless.
I'm sure of it.
Certain! -What? For Jean, it's absolutely necessary.
We can't abandon him.
I I want him well again.
I beg you! I beg you! We'll transfer the recordings of your messages on to miniaturized tapes.
And we'll rely on the computer to arrange to communicate them to the patient in the form of rapid and concentrated subliminal impulses.
First, though, your information will be examined, selected and verified, item by item, by the computer.
If the information provided to the patient were inaccurate the electronic brain would reject the tape.
It's really the magnetic stamp that validates your information.
When the tape with your information has been stamped it's inserted into that part of the computer which we can call Jean's electronic instructor.
From that moment, the messages begin to reach his brain.
With this system, we'll have an absolute guarantee that the information communicated to Jean will be what's really useful to return him to the man he was before the accident.
I am Nicole.
You are Jean.
You are my husband of two years.
You met me at a party at Brigitte's house.
Only you spoke.
You said that from that moment, I was your girl.
I let you talk.
You were already a racer, but back then you always lost.
You never courted me.
To make me angry, you said that a machine needs more attention than a woman.
You taught me how to use a stopwatch.
One day you took me to a trial, as you thought I'd understand your job better.
I only understood how risky it was.
You didn't ask me to marry you.
You set the wedding date directly.
After the wedding, you started to court me.
With the money from the first engagement, you bought me a ring.
It was already a year that we'd been married.
I want you back at home.
You never promised me you'd stop.
I want you like before.
But you promised me something else.
I want you to remember all about us.
A son.
You didn't spend much time on me.
Or at least, it seemed that way.
But you gave me lots of love.
You are Jean.
I am Philippe, your best friend.
You convinced me to take up racing.
Before that, I was just a test driver.
You told me off for not being concentrated enough on the job.
You get angry because I drink, smoke, do stupid stuff.
You'd like me to get married too.
But you say she should be a woman like Nicole and that's impossible.
You don't want me to give up racing.
You try to convince me any way you can.
Remember our challenges at night through the lanes of Paris? And when I beat you, you blamed the car.
You said you couldn't stand losing.
That old ditty, Philippe you always put it at the beginning and the end of your messages.
Why? Well we often whistled it, Jean and I.
I've never heard Jean whistle that theme.
At the boxes, Nicole.
Before getting into the car.
You know a kind of superstition.
Do you think it's appropriate even to remind Jean of that? -Yes.
Mayer says everything.
Everything that can help reconstruct his personality.
The better and the worse.
The worse? Explain yourself, Philippe.
Well Even he'll have had his defects, eh? You'd admit that racing the car on Sundays was a defect.
Dear Jean Sorry if I make mistakes, but I don't know these gadgets well.
So, Jean, I'm Nicole's mother.
Your Nicole.
You come looking for me often, even without Nicole.
You tell me I'm like your mother.
You suffered a lot because when you lost her, you were still a child.
Maybe that's why you always wished me well.
I wish you well too.
Like my own son.
I had a son too.
And I lost him, young Too young! He was called Daniel.
You didn't know Daniel well.
He was lovely.
He, too, loved cars, races.
He loved the risk.
But he loved life! He too, like you, was brave, open, loyal.
He deserved more from fate.
I'm sure that you two would have got on.
In certain things, you're very alike.
Don't you like it? Where've you been? I've been looking for you all week.
I left messages everywhere.
Great! You'll get me arrested.
You don't want your Marianne to end up in jail, eh? How would you do without me and without? Listen, Marianne! I need Me? Or You have to ask me for them.
I am asking you for them.
-Stop it, Marianne! Give me that stuff! -OK, sit down.
But first the money.
Ah, yes! Of course.
What's that? -Nothing.
-How nothing? -It's broken.
It shoots on its own.
It hasn't taken any more pictures for a long time.
-And this flash? That keeps going.
This money isn't enough.
Basically, do you want le Maréchal or not? Come on, Philippe! A bit more money for your Marianne.
There! That's fine.
Take them, they're yours.
Philippe, dear Don't make that face.
Do you understand that this is business for me? It's not as if they give me this stuff for free.
I don't take them.
Basically, it's a job like any other.
And dangerous too.
Very dangerous.
But partly, I do it for you too.
In any case I don't believe, you know, that you don't love me at all.
You, though, what would you do for me? Would Would you kill a man? There was someone who did that.
Someone killed a man for me.
-I know.
I know someone did that! Do you know who, too? -Daniel! -Calm down, Philippe.
Don't shout.
Why would he have done it? You were his girl.
-Me? You.
-No! -Yes, you were.
Daniel did it, but I'd rather kill you.
I'm serious.
-Really? How would you get these cigarettes? I can do without.
-Ah, yes? I can turn you in.
They'd never believe you! Daniel was a junkie.
You are a junkie! You dream.
Mrs Delafoy.
By now two weeks have passed.
Your husband is slowly regaining consciousness.
His psyche at this moment is like An endless black wall in which a glimmer is probably coming to life.
The presence of something.
Perhaps he's slowly resurfacing.
A little of what we've all put into his mind in these two weeks.
A few of your messages that the electronic instructor has been continuously communicating to him.
Jean still can't see well.
His eyes detect only vague and confused shapes.
This is due to the excess of visual impulses reaching his retina.
Therefore, a certain period of adaptation is required.
As if his eyes had suddenly returned to the newborn state.
Jean, I beg you.
Say something.
You haven't spoken yet.
But you understand everything very well.
Maybe you don't want to talk.
Why? Why? You see, Jean I feel it.
I'm sure that you could speak.
What have I done to you, Jean? Is it because of me that you're like this? Maybe you don't recognise me.
Or you don't love me any more.
I am Nicole.
Your Nicole! Please, Jean.
Speak! Say a word to me.
I beg you! Pa What? Keep going.
Come on, Jean! Come on! Go on, keep going! For the love of heaven, Jean, keep going! You've pronounced a syllable.
You're about to pronounce the first word.
It's a great moment.
For you.
For me.
Dear Do you see how happy I am? How stupid! I'm moved.
I've seen you come back up from the darkness as if from your mother's belly.
And now It's this that moves me.
Man child.
Speak, Jean.
Speak! Say what you wanted to say.
You can do it.
Yes, Jean.
Go on, keep going! For the love of heaven, Jean, keep going! Fear.
Fear? Of whom? Fear.
Did you already know how to talk? Yes.
Why did you wait so long? I spoke to myself.
To yourself? Why? What happened to me? You had an operation.
On the head? But now it's all over.
Why Why was I operated on? Don't think about it, dear.
It's over now.
The words The words that I say don't come to me from inside.
They're They're like What are you all up to behind my back? Do you want to know the words that I've learned? Boy.
Cigarettes Maréchal.
We might have to wait another few days.
An overprotective attitude could delay your complete recovery.
But we need to be very careful about these, your first reactions to light, to sounds, to air To the sun.
This is your first time out in the open air.
Therefore, you must tell us exactly what you feel.
Don't worry about the sense of vertigo.
That tower does it to me too.
Let's get on with it.
Now, in this encounter with the external environment, it's especially important to note if you can tell the origins of sounds.
There's a dog.
Yes, it's far away.
It's not far away.
They're barking in my head, doctor.
It's intolerable! -It's not the first time you hear this kind of sound, right? It's a terrible thing! Keep calm, Jean.
It's nothing.
Don't worry.
It's inside here, in my head, I feel it.
It's intolerable.
It's all It's all inside here.
It's too loud.
This is just an impression of yours.
-That's not true! I can't stand it.
It barks.
It barks too loudly.
Don't be afraid.
Calm yourself.
It's an important moment for you.
The sun Now it's above me.
It's breaking up.
It's coming for me! Now it's black.
-Keep calm.
The world isn't how it seems to you.
It's much nicer.
Have trust, Jean.
I assure you it's true.
Don't be afraid.
The sun is above me.
Just here, above my head.
It's falling on me! There, I see it! It's above me! It's above me! It's falling on me.
This is you when you were 7 years old.
You'd just finished school.
Don't you recognise yourself? Still, it's your father who made this film by the sea.
Every year you all went on holiday at Saint-Raphaël.
This is the beach where you played every day.
Don't be afraid if you don't remember.
There are many things you might not remember.
And that's exactly why we're going back with you into your past.
Although we also need your contribution.
Don't you recall anything? Don't resist, Jean.
Make an effort! Try to remember.
This boy is you.
He's you.
I don't recognise myself.
I see only a stranger.
I find it hard I find it hard to follow.
The only thing I see that I see clearly is my eye.
My eye.
Here! Here reflected in the lens of the glasses.
I understand you'd be concerned for Jean, despite the information we've given you.
Above all, about these absences of memory.
You think that Jean's turned into someone else? He looks at me differently.
At times, I feel an intruder.
He vaguely resembles the man Jean was.
-Time will heal.
-How much time? We knew the recovery would be slow.
Your husband, though, presents the normal reactions expected by our program.
But Jean -What is it? Don't you have any more faith in us? Anyway, he's not him any more.
He doesn't even know how to walk.
He's like a child.
True, he's still unable to walk.
The recovery is inevitably progressive in each of his organs.
For example, the eyes.
Remember the terrible pain that light and colours caused him at the start? Still, the visual nuclei and pathways, the retina and the optic tract were perfectly intact.
And the inner ear is just the same.
The structure of the labyrinth, the function of the cerebellum are slowly restoring the sense of equilibrium and posture to him.
At the start, even a simple head movement caused him pains and terrifying vertigo.
Now, he's reacquiring the use and control of his legs.
He still suffers, certainly, but much less.
In a little while he could be able to walk unaided.
And in the end, go back to racing.
Yes, my dear.
He's just like a child.
Give him the time to grow.
Push on the right.
Now, walk slowly.
That's it! Always look ahead of you.
Go on! We've almost made it.
This fear of yours could compromise the good results obtained up to now.
Jean doesn't seem the same to you now.
But it's him, I assure you.
It's him.
He's always Jean.
Then why didn't he want to talk to me? And now what do I represent to him? Professor, I'm afraid.
So, Philippe, we've got you.
You weren't expecting that, were you? Good.
Have you decided you want to talk about Daniel now? But why, Philippe? Daniel is dead.
A closed case for a long time! Have you understood, Philippe? You must forget Daniel.
Forget Daniel! Forget Daniel.
Let go of me! You're hurting me.
Let go! I've got nothing to do with Daniel.
Nothing! They gave me a kind of trial, those clowns.
Better this way.
The subject's closed now.
-Not yet! Why? What do you want? Don't look at me like that.
Speak! Why are you persecuting me? -Nobody's persecuting you.
The truth is you all have a great desire for revenge.
You and your friends and Daniel's family.
Isn't that right, maybe? What's come over you? Are you thinking about your own skin? This is the second time you threaten me.
Do you think you're scaring me? Yes.
And not just me.
Then I'll have to get police protection.
But don't be ridiculous.
You wouldn't kill me.
You'd never have the courage.
Neither you nor the others.
What others? You're thinking about your friends.
They're brave.
Grand Pierre, you mean? -Maybe.
You're the only one who knows it all.
The only witness to Daniel's crime.
Think how simple it is.
With you dead, that old story is really finished.
Grand Pierre needs me.
-Are you convinced of that? -Sure.
Like you need me, my dear Philippe.
Therefore, I think I'll stay alive for a good while yet.
At least while I deal the drugs.
And that's my best guarantee.
I know you.
I know each one of you.
And you'll never manage to go without.
It's useless.
You need it to feel happy.
Better than life itself.
You need it so you don't stop dreaming.
Nicole says she dreams every night.
I'd like to be able to do it too.
Why do I never dream? You see, Mr Delafoy You have suffered such a serious cranial trauma that we've had to carry out very complex reconstructive surgery.
It's very likely that you've temporarily injured the part of your brain that controls dreaming.
Therefore Of course.
You're a lucky man, Mr Delafoy, because you aren't disturbed by bad dreams.
And you sleep for 8 hours straight.
So don't worry.
You'll soon go back to dreaming.
Nicole says dreams are lovely.
For me, sleeping is it's like sinking into an endless blackness.
If you want, Mr Delafoy, I can make you dream every night.
We have marvellous drugs for dreaming.
You can even choose your favourite programme.
Is that what you want? I just want to be sure I haven't become an artificial man.
But do you think an artificial man would ask himself these questions? The very fact you question your identity demonstrates that your personality is intact and complete.
It's true, Mr Delafoy.
At this moment, I'm talking to you as a man, rather than a doctor.
At least for now, you must be satisfied with your most immediate current experiences.
With the things you see and feel.
Keep a tight grip on the reality that surrounds you.
This table, this lamp that window, that armchair, that chair without asking yourself unanswerable questions.
Listen to my advice.
Let yourself live, Mr Delafoy.
Be content to be alive.
Brender went round in 2:04.
Get ready, Zucker.
So? -Why did we come here? I recall having come here many times.
-And now? It seems different to me.
-Why different? I don't know.
But look! It's Jean Delafoy.
Wow! Look who it is.
You look so good! The last time I saw you, you were all broken.
You can't see a thing.
They've put you back together really well.
How are you? You're the last one I expected to see.
Everything fine? I pulled you out of the car in bits, and now you look like nothing happened.
Not even a sign! I say, but Don't you remember me? Don't you recognise me? You're J.
Delafoy, aren't you? But how? You don't recognise me? I was your mechanic.
I fixed up your car when you came to race on the track.
Like these here.
I was your mechanic.
And when you had the accident I pulled you out of the car, in the middle of the flames, on my own! Do you really not remember me? When you broke up here on the curve, here.
It was me who pulled you out.
Me at first.
I didn't hear any more about you.
But I thought of you just the same.
Paul, so? I'm coming, I'm coming.
Look, I was your mechanic.
I pulled you out of the flames, and you don't remember.
Did you really not remember your mechanic? Paul? We've already talked about him other times, with Philippe too.
Yes, I recognised him perfectly.
He worked 3 years with me.
But if I'd shown I recognised him, perhaps everything would've gone back like before.
And what's wrong with that? -I don't want to.
I feel different.
You have a bike, Dr Mayer.
-Did I tell you that? What? Don't you remember? When I get out, will you let me try it? I promised you that, and I forgot that too? No, but I'm asking now.
Don't you trust me? OK.
I'll lend you my bike when you get out of hospital.
You have to get me out of here.
Professor Duval said after 15, 20 days.
You have to stay under observation for a while.
You need to convince them it's no longer necessary for me to stay in hospital.
OK, Jean.
I'll try.
You know I'll go crazy if I stay in here longer.
You're at home, Jean.
It's our home.
This is yours.
This is yours.
Is this yours? -Yes.
And this is mine.
This was mine.
It is yours.
And is this mine? -Yes.
Is this mine? It's mine.
Mum! Why did you come out like that? Don't you feel well? Nothing.
It's nothing.
Are you sure? -Leave me alone.
What's bothering you now? Nothing.
But I can't stand this show.
Yes, I've already seen it lots of times.
But when it comes to the point when Snow White dies, I can't take it.
Maybe I'm getting old.
Anyway it's about to end.
Do you want to go back in, or shall I see you home? -No.
I'm going back to Villa Serena.
-Shall I take you in the car? No, thanks, I'll take a taxi.
You go back in, with Jean.
Are you sure everything's all right, mum? Dear What you see, children, is an insect.
More precisely, it's a bee.
As you know, bees suck pollen from flowers.
And then, they collect it to make honey.
These insects don't live alone.
They stay together.
And they form a family, that is, what's called "a swarm of bees.
" As in all communities, even that of the bees, there's a head, the queen bee, the one that determines the survival of the species.
The queen bee represents, in a certain sense, the brain of the whole bee community.
Next time we'll talk about fish and we'll see how even among fish, an organised life is present.
Now we move on to a different topic.
Let's see an arithmetic problem in which you apply the operations you've learned.
In a class there are 11 boys who wear glasses and 18 who have plastic folders.
We know that 5 of the boys who wear glasses also have plastic folders.
Now, since the pupils without glasses and without folders are 13 fewer than the others, how many boys are there in that class? What have you drawn? Will you show me? It's a circus.
Always a circus? You like the circus a lot, don't you? Me too.
Why don't you listen to the problem? I know it.
representing the number of those who have glasses and plastic folders.
And do you know how to draw? -Yes.
But I'm not as good as you.
Why don't you draw the sun above the circus? The sun isn't black.
That depends on your eyes.
Black comes from the sun too.
I'll come and get you when you've finished the lesson.
We used to talk once, right? -For hours and hours without ever getting tired or bored, because we had lots to talk about, once.
Lots of things, eh? -Yes.
We talked about everything.
Before the accident? Before the operation? -Yes.
In our discussions there's always a before and an after.
I've changed a lot, right? -But no! You're always the usual Jean.
No, we mustn't delude ourselves, Nicole.
What lives in my head is another Jean that neither you nor I know.
One who takes orders from who knows who.
What do you mean "takes orders"? -Well, I don't know.
You mustn't close yourself off.
Try! When I think it's as if my thoughts were being thought by another.
-There's no other, Jean.
You're the other! You're always and only you.
I don't know how to explain it.
There's still someone, Nicole.
I feel him.
It's a vague, distressing sensation You see, he's an absent character.
One who should be there, in my memory.
Instead he's not there.
And it confuses me.
How did your brother Daniel die? Executed.
They cut off his head.
And was he innocent? -No.
He was guilty.
Even if others, more guilty than him haven't been punished.
Was this Daniel? Why did you keep his photos if you thought he was guilty? Guilty or not I feel he's paid enough.
Let's stop talking about him! Have you taken up smoking? Have I taken up smoking? Did Daniel smoke? Maréchal? Mirror Mirror of my desires, tell me who's the fairest in the realm? Fair are you, O my Queen but there is another who is fairer, much more.
You lie, mirror! Mirror tell me the truth, mirror of my desires who is the most beautiful in the realm.
You are beautiful, my Queen but today there is another beauty under her rags still it can be divined that Snow White is more fair than you.
Philippe's here.
Warn Ross.
Hello? Ah, it's you, Brigitte.
-Hi, Nicole.
So, tell me, how's it going? You haven't been seen for a long time.
How's Jean? Is he OK? -Jean's gone out.
On his own.
Keep calm.
Surely you're not jealous? No, I'm not jealous, Brigitte.
-But then, what's up? I don't know where he's gone.
What he's doing, who he's with Don't be dramatic.
I doubt that -You know, Jean's not entirely healed.
That's something you should know.
Although Come on, you shouldn't worry.
-He shouldn't be left alone.
But why, Nicole? -Because something might happen to him.
Something serious.
-You'll see, he'll be home shortly.
Well, yes! Keep calm.
Nothing's happened to him.
-Let's hope so.
I'm tired.
I'm going to sleep.
-Good night.
Bye! -Goodnight, Milù.
-Till tomorrow.
Bye, Lulù.
See you tomorrow.
Who's there? A friend? Great! Come here.
A bottle and two friends.
who drink Ow! You're hurting me! But you're so bad! Grand Pierre, is it you? beastless End of part two.

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