Gang Related (2014) s01e01 Episode Script


Ain't nothing but a gangster party, party Ain't nothing but a gangster party, party Ain't nothing but a gangster party, party There you are.
I've been looking for you, Ryan.
Where you been? Being awesome.
- You think we should? - Hell, yeah.
And quickly, before anybody finds out.
Give me that! Get up! What are you doing here, little orphan? Huh? Peacock Hill is for Angelicos only.
Not outsiders.
I invited him.
He's my friend! It's all right, Daniel.
I'll go.
Hey that's a nice watch, homie.
- Give it to me.
- No.
Carlos! You disrespecting me, huh? Say no to me again.
Come on, Carlos! His father gave it to him! His father's dead.
I don't think his dad gives a damn who owns that watch.
And our dad owns this neighborhood.
Do you know what that means? Anything this little cholo owns is mine.
Give me the watch! Little punk.
Give me my watch back! No! No! Come on! Go! Break his arm! Carlos! No! Yo, Carlos! Cholito.
We don't do this, son.
These are our people, okay? You don't prey on them.
Come on.
It's okay, Daniel.
Go find your mother.
Hey, it's over.
Do you know who I am? Javier Acosta.
Everyone knows who you are.
May I? ÿPor favor? Hey I knew your father.
He was a good man.
And you, you got his strength.
I could use people like you.
- Watch it! - I got it! Don't lose him! You wanna take the wheel? Nah, I prefer to backseat drive.
All units, officers are in pursuit of armed 2-11 suspects.
Robbery in progress of an armored truck.
Eastbound on Wilshire Boom! There it is! - Right on time.
- You doubted me? On a daily basis.
All units be advised, officers are driving a black truck, due eastbound, passing the Harbor Freeway.
Look out! We need to get him off the main roads.
LAPD! Pull onto that side street now! What's that, a landmine? I'm not waiting to find out.
Go, go, go! LAPD! Show me your hands! Let me see your hands! Dude, that was awesome! Was it good for you? Bro, don't make it weird.
Ow! Whoo! Aw! My adoring fans.
All right, let's chalk another one up for the LAPD's finest.
People, we're leading the whole team here.
FBI ain't done zip.
That's you, Tae.
Don't even get me started on ICE.
That was my lead that got you that bust.
Oh, okay.
I'll give you half a mark.
There you go.
Ryan, Tanner.
Good work out there today.
Thanks to these two jokers, we took eight more Chino-skins off the chessboard today.
But don't worry, plenty of work left for the rest of you.
DEA got wind of a new type of cocaine coming up from Mexico.
It's called "fishscale.
" It's pharma grade and potent as hell.
We believe this shipment is headed this way to the Long Beach Lords.
Walk with me.
Up to this point, Los Angelicos has attempted to corner the market on fishscale.
And their leader, Javier Acosta, will do whatever it takes to prevent the the Lords from establishing a pipeline in L.
If this trade goes through with the Lords, we're looking at a full-scale gang war.
And we have to avoid that at all costs.
So float the word, work your sources.
Kill this deal.
For the last six months, this task force has done good work, but this one, it could make a real dent.
All right? Lopez, in my office.
What's this? Health insurance.
It's a Kimber 1911 pistol.
Action tuned, five-pound trigger pull.
That is the best service piece ever made.
Only worthy of the best cops.
I don't know what to say, Cap.
Well, don't say anything.
Just live up to it.
We did good today, partner.
We do good every day, brother.
That's right.
Hey, dude, what are you covering up? What are you talking about? There's a tattoo under that one.
I can tell by the ink.
What was it, a dolphin or a unicorn? It said "Silvia.
" That's a messed-up name for a unicorn.
She was my girl.
Did my two tours with the Army.
And, uh, you know, while you're there things changed, things happened.
She changed, I changed Usual story.
She met a guy.
Oh ouch.
To the women we love and the ones we've lost.
You calling a cab, right? Nah, I got my whip right here.
Nah, hand 'em over.
What? I'm fine.
What are you gonna do, Officer, huh? You gonna give me a field sobriety test? Yeah, I'm calling you a cab, right now.
Really? Yup, mm-hmm, that was good.
Hey, tagger.
Wait, wait, wait, what are you doing? - Come on.
Let's scare the hell out of him! - It's late.
You're hammered.
We'll call it in.
- What, you gonna call it in? - Exactly.
Come on.
Let's go take this little skunkhead down.
Come on, Tanner.
Oh, boy, here we go.
Hey, what are you doing? Tanner, come on! Yo, come here, you little punk! I got this.
You can run, but you can't hide.
You got me chasing a tagger right now? Come on Tanner Tanner? This is Henry 35.
Officers need help.
Tanner! Tanner Tanner I'm here, buddy.
I'm here.
Oh, good.
Where is he, Tanner? Talk to me! He's over there.
Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon now! Is that you, orphan? It is, huh? Little Orphan Annie.
Easy, fool.
What'd you do, Carlos? Easy.
You shot a cop! - He's my partner! - So what? You're part of the family, no? I got you, brother.
Hey, I just need you to hang in there, all right? Do something, Carlos! He's dying, man! Just hang in there.
The cavalry's coming, bud.
Tanner! Look at me, bro! Look at me! Tanner, please just stay with me Oh, no Don't move! You gotta be kidding me.
Don't move! You better get your damn head on straight.
Remember whose side you're really on, fool.
ÿY que? You really gonna act out against my father after all he's done for you? You didn't have to kill him, Carlos.
But he saw my face.
You didn't, did you, Ryan? All things considered, he got lucky.
Shot went straight through, shallow level, missed the artery, muscle's intact.
- When can I get back to work? - That's up to you.
I'll see about getting you discharged.
You got it.
What are you do ? Hey, where are you going? I can't just sit here, Cap.
- Where are my clothes? - Look at me.
Ryan, look at me! This was not your fault.
There was nothing you could've done.
I don't know about that, Cap.
Well, I do know about that.
You know how I know? Because I know you.
I brought you onto this task force because you're a great cop.
And we need you.
I know what you're going through.
I've been there.
But you're not alone.
Now today, go home, rest.
Tomorrow we're gonna find the son of a bitch that did this.
But we're gonna do it together.
ADA Chapel looking for Officer Lopez's room.
You can find him over there.
What are you doing here? It's the third officer-related shooting since you formed your new gang task force.
My boss has a few questions for Lopez.
Well, not now, he doesn't.
Yes, now! That kid just lost his partner.
He doesn't need to be answering a lot of cock and bull questions from the DA's Office and you can tell Jim I said that.
You need to let me do my job.
I will let you do your job.
Just not today, Jess, please.
You know, sometimes you can be a real prick, Dad.
I love you, too, honey.
It says we won't take more than the FDA's insured limit of, uh, $250,000 for the first three years.
Good, Daniel.
That's what they taught you in business school.
To turn money away.
This bank isn't for the one percent.
It's for the community; people who need security.
Okay? This minimizes risk, and allows them to trust us.
Sounds like a frickin' waste to me.
What good is a bank if we're not gonna be laundering our money with it? Look, everything doesn't revolve around you, Carlos, okay? Yes, it does.
Be careful how you talk to me.
I think that pretty-ass tie is choking off the blood to your brain.
You said you always wanted to do something good for the people, right? This is how we do it.
And we have to be clean.
I give you my word.
No dirty money will come through your doors.
I'm proud of you, son.
Thank you.
Thank you.
What's wrong? Hey, orphan.
Fun times the other night, huh? Ryan! Ryan! Get out Vayanse! Get out of here! I'm sorry, mijo.
I'm sorry what happened to your partner.
And I know it was a tragedy.
But it was an accident.
No! It was no accident.
I was there.
I watched him! He enjoyed every second of it.
Carlos is still my son.
I've done everything you've asked me to military, LAPD.
No questions asked.
But last night was wrong.
I didn't sign up to kill innocent people.
I know, I know.
Last night was a mistake.
Carlos came across a huge shipment of fishscale.
He didn't have time to warn you.
He messed up.
"Messed up"? My job is to protect the family.
I know that.
To provide information to you.
But if I don't know what's going on, what's the point? Between Daniel's bank and my property investments, we can get out of this life of crime.
And go clean.
Now, you know I can't do that without you.
I just need a little more time.
It's a dangerous tightrope I'm walking here, Javier.
Ryan I will never let anything happen to you.
Okay? Everything we hope for is gonna be ours.
All I've been thinking about for the last 24 hours is how not to let this happen again.
For years, we've been targeting the gangs by going after their leaders.
Well, we're gonna try something new.
We're gonna make sure they feel it from now on.
We're gonna squeeze their soldiers harder than ever.
But also we're gonna go after the things they can't replace.
Anyone who profits from their illegal enterprises.
We're gonna go for the jugular.
We're gonna make it cost more for them to fight than it does to lay down.
How do we do that? By building cases that put the people they care about behind bars and keeps the people we care about above the ground.
Yeah, but if we put pressure on civilians, there's gonna be blowback on us.
It's my op, I will take the heat.
You just get results.
That means stopping this fishscale deal and finding out who killed Tanner.
This is how we break their backs, people.
This is how we win.
All right? Let's go to work.
Thanks for meeting me, bro.
You made sure nobody followed you, right? Yeah, no one followed me.
I used to love sitting here, man.
Just stare at the view.
I thought it was so beautiful.
Now all I see is a battle map.
Norteños, Sureños.
Mission side, 19th Street.
You know, I overheard Carlos talking to one of his boys.
I know what he did, Ryan.
I'm sorry about your partner.
He was a good man.
My friend.
And I watched Carlos kill him.
And I just let him go.
What does that make me? I-I know this must be hard for you, Ryan.
But with my bank opening up, my dad's real estate investments, soon you're gonna be able to leave this double life behind you, and come work with me.
I ain't a banker, bro.
You ain't no cop, either.
Not deep down inside.
What if I'm starting to think I am? You know what you are? You're my friend.
And a good person.
And what happened to Tanner doesn't change anything.
Listen, Daniel after what Carlos did, my task force is on an operational shift new tactics.
They're no longer just headhunting your dad.
They're going after everyone in the family.
Including you.
Nah I'm-I'm clean, man.
They can't touch me.
Doesn't matter.
They're gonna try to find a way to leverage you against your dad.
CSU found four bindles of fishscale on the bodies down at the warehouse.
That means the shipment was never there.
How do you know that? Bindles are used for sample sets.
They were just there to agree to terms.
That's interesting.
A week ago, my boys down at DEA spotted a heavy narco shipment sitting south of the border.
They think maybe it slipped through.
That'll be our fishscale.
Which means we have a ticking clock.
We need to shake some trees.
Figure out when it's coming and where.
I got an OG CI in Lords turf - named J-Dub.
- We should pay him a visit.
Tae, Vee, you talk to your contacts.
We find the shooter, we find the shipment let's go! Oh Let's stay Together Loving you whether Whether Times are good or bad Or happy or sad Aw, man, yo.
Why don't they make music like that anymore, man? I don't know, man, but I thought all black people could sing.
Let me tell you something, man.
I only got two rules in this car: Don't pass gas.
And two: Don't talk about my singing, man.
All right, your ride, your rules.
Look at this.
Reminds me of where I grew up at, man.
Same crap, different toilet.
Oh, yeah, where was that? Harlem.
See that soul spot over there? They had a joint just like that in my hood called The Rib Shack.
On the afternoons, I would go to that spot, you know? Just to see this girl there, named Alisha.
Alisha, Alisha, Alisha.
Mwah! Now she had one incredible booty, man.
- And, uh - Okay, I like her already.
See? Yeah, you would love her.
But I used to go there every afternoon.
I'd order a potato salad, black-eyed peas, macaroni and cheese just to, you know, see that booty.
Mmm, I get it.
I had it bad for this chick, man, really bad, yo.
I was only 15, but You guys ever hook up? Nah, we never hooked up.
Man, I was whipping up the courage to talk to her, but, uh, one night some fools broke into the spot robbed the place and shot her in the face.
Left her for dead.
For a couple of hundred bucks.
It's a waste, kid, a waste.
Rest in peace, Alisha, man.
Yeah, you know what? Don't rest in peace, Alisha.
I hope you up in Heaven shaking that fine booty, baby! All right! Hey! Showtime.
Now, come on, J-Dub.
Don't make me harpoon your fat ass.
You know you can't make it a block without catching a heart attack, boy.
I can run, cuz.
Yeah, right, and do what? Set all the car alarms off in the neighborhood? Look at you, man! You're out of shape! Even your clothes got stretch marks.
Aw, come on, why you gotta be so mean, man? Why you gotta be so fat, man? I'm on probation, Cassius.
even see me out here with these guys, I'm going back to County.
Nobody saw you, all right? We gotta talk.
-Hey, I understand, man.
- Look at you.
You're like a bunch of chewed-up bubble gum, man.
I told you, dawg.
I don't know nothing, man.
Yo, man, that's an invasion of privacy, man! Yo, an illegal search.
I know my rights, dude! You talkin' to me, right? We're having a conversation here.
What, I'm boring you? What is he doing, man? For real.
Come on.
It's a new toy, courtesy of our friends in national security.
It's called the cloud cracker.
That's right.
Lets us see everything anyone does on their computer.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa what?! Whoa, whoa, whoa, hey! Hey, that's an invasion of privacy, man Oh, wow Really? Rub a dub dub.
Are you into this kind of role-playing stuff, man? - I know you ain't the cub, right? - Is that butter? Hey, y'all can't arrest me for that.
That ain't even mine.
Arrest you? Nah.
We on a different game now.
But what your boys gonna think when they see that? Kind of throws off your OG status, doesn't it? If anybody sees that, I'm a dead man.
You'd be signing my death warrant.
I know you, Cassius; you don't roll like that.
Two days ago, you're right.
But since one of our boys went down I'm on a whole nother speed.
Yo, what y'all want, man? Don't waste our time! We told you already.
The Fish deal.
Look, all I know is it slipped through the port and it's headed to Palmdale right now.
Where? The deal's going down in 24 hours.
I don't know where, okay? Look, I'd leave it alone, Cassius.
I'm telling you right now.
We looking for whoever killed our homies in K-town.
They out for blood, homie.
Happy hunting, Boo-Boo.
Those Lords were killed in Koreatown.
If anyone's gonna know anything, it'll be here.
Ya! Ya! Who the hell are you? We want to talk to you about that police officer that got killed the other night.
I don't think you know where you are.
I know exactly where I am.
It's a Dokkaebi initiation.
Six-sided brand represents the six founders of the gang.
You brand yourself to show your commitment.
The longer you hold it, the more honor you have.
Learn that from your little police manual? Look, cop, you're nothing to me.
I don't know you.
You're right.
You don't know me.
Where I'm from, what I've been through and what I'm capable of.
Let's talk.
I don't drink.
It's for your burn.
They say only demons aren't hurt by fire.
Well, that hurt like hell.
The trick is not to show it.
So you've got my attention.
How can I help you? A cop was killed, Su-Jin.
I don't know anything about it.
Come on, we both know I'm not gonna leave here empty-handed.
I would never give up one of my own.
Fortunately for you, the man who witnessed the shooting isn't part of my crew.
He's a punk tagger named Yong.
Where can I find him? Hostess bar.
Sixth and Lacey.
Thank you.
Hey, Demon.
Next time you've got a question, just ask for the boss.
Drinkin' like I'm from Texas I got this one.
You sure? And if you don't know I go by Titty 2 Necklace Damn right I got it You tell me.
Damn right I'm 'bout it Clique full of killers Please don't get us excited Yeah, I'm smokin' loud So lame be quiet And if you with us We gonna start a X.
Take whatever you want.
Aah Aah! A cop was shot three days ago.
I heard you recognized the shooter and ran off, so now you're gonna give me his name.
Or what? Or we go "gangnam style.
" You can't touch me, cop.
No? Let me ask you something: if a tree falls in the woods and no one's around to hear it scream like a little bitch, does it still make a sound? What? Okay W wait, I'm gonna talk.
That's sweet, but I ain't ready to listen.
He's gonna need a few minutes.
Anything on the shooter? Got the son of a bitch's name.
Carlos Acosta.
I don't know, Tio Gordo's Tamales.
Bruno's got six stores, all over L.
, man.
He says it's the next big thing.
All-natural, 100% authentic Mexican food.
Yeah? I can see the label now: "Made with loving care by the guy who shanked four peckerwoods in Chino.
" Mijo.
How you doing, mijo? Better now, man.
Look what I made: Your favorite tamales.
Oh man, I've missed these.
Mmm! - That's right.
- Come on, man.
It's the best.
Do you believe this kid? He says he's gonna make an honest man out of me.
No, no, no, no, no, I said I was gonna make you money.
I didn't say I was a miracle worker.
That's totally different.
I'm gonna get you for that, cabron.
Good to see you.
I'm so glad you came.
It's been so long.
I know.
Been, uh busy.
Listen, Ryan Silvia Sí.
Give me a kiss.
This this is what you're protecting.
This family.
Your family.
I got news.
On the shipment.
They're trading the fishscale in Palmdale.
It slipped through the port.
They're trying to figure out exactly where.
You'll need to put out a feeler.
I can use this.
I'm gonna be right back.
You gonna hang around? I better get back to work.
I apologize for the interruption.
My associates say you've been reluctant to talk to them, so I thought, "I'll come down here myself.
" Show you some respect.
I want you to look into my eyes and tell me, man to man, where is the fishscale headed? I already told them! Inglewood.
Gordo, por favor.
See, now I know you're lying to me.
You're lying to me, 'cause I know that it's going to Palmdale.
Go to hell! Por favor.
You Mexican cockroach.
Whoa Right.
Some people say my people resemble roaches.
How we reproduce, our resilience But what is true is if you step on us, break our backs, we keep crawling.
But you kill us another comes to take his place.
Quiero que sepas, ese.
So look around you, amigo.
Brown is the new black.
Where you been? I called you ten times.
I was out talking to some contacts, trying to get a lead on the shooter.
What's going on? This'll brighten your day.
Got the dude's name.
Carlos Acosta.
All right, listen up.
Our suspect is Javier Acosta's son.
He's a two-striker who is aching for a third.
I want that gun that he shot Tanner with, but we'll settle for anything as long as it's a felony.
Whatever gets this animal off the street.
Let's go.
Warrant LAPD! Freeze, Carlos! I got the back! Carlos! Carlos, stop! What the hell you doing, fool? You gotta let me go, man! It's too late.
What are we gonna find in the apartment? The gun.
Where is it? It's in the Bible.
Got nothing in the living room.
The weapon's gotta be here somewhere, man.
Anybody got anything? Zero.
Ese too stupid to dump it.
Lopez, you got anything? Nothing.
Maybe somebody warned him.
No, we jammed the lines in and out.
You said we were gonna do things differently, right? Look what I found.
May not be a murder charge, but third strike's a bitch.
Carlos wants to cut a deal.
He says he'll give up something big to drop the drug charges.
Oh, yeah? What's he offering? He didn't tell us yet.
But he says it's a game-changer.
His lawyers are on the way.
I guess we'll find out then.
Got a visitor, huh? Look who it is.
What are you planning to give them? Whatever it takes to cut a deal, homes.
I ain't going back to the joint.
You killed a cop, Carlos.
You mean, even if I give them the name of a bad pig? A cop who's working for Javier Acosta? You gonna give me up? After all I've done for your family? Maybe.
But you still got a job to do.
So do it.
My job isn't to protect cold - blooded murderers like you.
I'm done protecting you, Carlos.
You're gonna do as you're told.
We both know you won't do this.
No? No.
I'm too valuable to your father.
What, you think you're the only one my dad's got under? Hey, I'm Greg.
We're from Malcolm Getz' office.
Acosta's attorneys.
Captain Chapel.
Follow me.
You know why you're right, Carlos? My job is to protect the family.
And right now, the greatest threat to the family is you.
But we can fix this.
What if I give you something else to give to the cops? Acosta! Lopez! He gave us the fishscale deal.
Everybody, suit up.
So, what, we're gonna let this cop killer just walk? We don't have the damn gun! Without the murder weapon, we're gonna lose this guy either way.
Better to get something than nothing.
No, that's not right! Come on! He killed our partner; he shot Ryan Tanner deserves better than this.
Hey, nobody wants this guy more than me.
It's the right move.
We'll get this guy.
You have my word.
Suit up! We'll need extra bricks for these walkies.
Okay, in position, clear view.
They're making the trade.
We don't have much time.
The Lords and the Metas each have three vehicles.
About a dozen men total.
Heavily armed, full automatic weapons.
They've just exited the vehicles.
Copy that.
All right, I want two stinger squads, six men apiece.
Simultaneous breach.
I will lead Alpha through the main tunnel.
Not the front.
The Lords have been sending some of their guys through the military.
They know to heavy-stack their soft entry points.
You could be walking into a hailstorm.
All right, Alpha will breach through the side.
Move out.
Vee, we got eyes on the boss? Copy.
Got him.
Brown suede jacket, blue jeans.
On my mark.
LAPD! Put down your weapons! Drop your weapon.
I thought you should see this.
This tripwire was found by our boys at the entrance.
I don't know how you knew, vato, but we damn sure glad you did.
It's a blessing having you on the team.
ADA Chapel? Yes.
I'm Agent Paul Carter, Internal Affairs.
How can I help you? I was down at the crime scene where Detective Tanner was gunned down.
I was told you spoke to Detective Lopez.
I haven't had the opportunity yet.
Why? Did you see something down there? No.
That's the problem.
I've been to dozens of officer-involved shootings.
I-I remember going to crime scenes seeing brass casings everywhere.
It's shocking when you see so many.
Sometimes a hundred for a single incident.
And yet, Detective Lopez, he didn't even return one.
Someday you're gonna realize You been sleepwalking through it all You been sleepwalking Get back home Someday you're gonna realize You been sleepwalking through it all You been sleepwalking through it all Get back home Sleepwalking through it all Sleepwalking through it all You have one new voice message.
Ryan, I know these last two days have been hard on you.
That you're feeling lost and unsure why you're doing all of this.
But don't lose sight of what matters here: The family; us.
You did well today, mijo.
I'm proud of you.
Sleepwalking through it all Sleepwalking through it all Someday you're gonna realize
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