Gang Related (2014) s01e02 Episode Script

Sangre por Sangre

This is Lopez.
Ryan, where are you? Uh, home.
What's up? Carlos Acosta was gunned down tonight.
I guess it was only a matter of time, huh? Yeah, well.
Don't break out the champagne yet.
He's still alive.
Ryan, hold on.
I want this perimeter sealed.
Make sure you know who's coming or going.
I'm down at Our Lady of Thérèse.
Doctors are trying to save him.
Ryan, you there? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm, uh, I'm on my way.
One, two, three! Get me two bags of O-neg.
I got the I.
Put him up.
Wait a minute.
Call the chief of surgery.
For a gangbanger? This is Javier Acosta's son.
I'm not telling him I lost his kid.
Crack his chest, get the spreader.
Just take a look at it for me.
Acosta's in surgery.
The Lords shot him all to hell, but he's still hanging on.
How do we know it was the Lords? Word spread, they're bragging about it all over town.
There's gonna be a full-scale war between the Lords and Los Angelicos if we don't slam the lid on this right now.
We need to find those shooters.
This bastard killed Tanner.
We shouldn't be busting the guys who did it.
We should be pinning a medal on them.
¿Qué onda, pelón? Where is he, Gordo? Oh, my prayers have been answered.
It's the police.
The last time you made a house call, you were kicking down my door in the middle of the night.
That's right.
We were looking at you for the Sleepy Reed murder up in Oxnard.
Right, right.
That's before you made captain.
And before you could afford $500-an-hour lawyers.
I'm very sorry about your son, Javier.
But we both know that I can't allow you to do what you're planning to do.
And what is that? Go after Lavar Quintel's son.
And why would I go after the head of the Lords' boy? Blood for blood.
That's the Los Angelicos way, isn't that right? You know, the Bible calls it "an eye for an eye.
" So why is it when good white folk like you sing the Book's praises on Sunday it's okay? But when the Mexican says it, that's the devil's work? You don't have to do it, Javier.
Don't I? Is that right? Let me ask you.
If one of my men were to gun down your daughter Jessica, right? would you just turn the other cheek? Is that some kind of threat? No, no.
You don't care enough about your own daughter for it to be one.
- What did you say to me?! - Easy! Easy! Not here.
Not now.
In a house of God, you threaten a grieving father? Never cease to surprise me, Chapel.
He wants justice.
Maybe if we get those shooters off the streets, it'll satisfy him.
Javier don't want justice.
He want to punish those boys.
Yeah, but how does arresting them do that? Because once they're in jail, Javier can get to them without the chance of innocent lives being caught in the crossfire.
We have to move while there's still time.
Check your primaries, find those shooters.
Get us our leverage back.
You need to stop this.
What? You got the entire family holed up in here.
That means you're about to start a war.
Start it? It started when they came after my son.
And when someone's son is in the hospital fighting for his life, you start the conversation with, "I'm sorry for what happened.
I'm praying for your son.
" I am sorry, Javier.
I really am.
I know what happened to Carlos is devastating.
But if you go after Lavar's son, the Lords will respond and everything that we've been working towards will be destroyed.
So? What would you have me do, huh? Step back and do nothing? I'd have you think before reacting.
I'd have you think about the family.
Your wife, daughters.
I am thinking about my wife and daughters! If I don't strike back when someone goes after my family, we're sending a message to every gang in the city that Los Angelicos is weak, afraid and cannot protect themselves.
You know, I might as well hang a target on every member of this family's back.
Including yourself.
Unfortunately, Ryan, in this life, there are times when only violence keeps them safe.
This isn't one of those times.
Let me do my job, Javier.
Don't start this war.
It's already started.
It's ugly, man.
Like the O.
Corral out here.
Got six dead Lords.
And three Angelicos.
Chalk that one up.
Nobody's talking.
Gotta stop this.
Any leads on Carlos's shooters? Nah.
The hood got this one on lockdown.
Where you going? I'll catch you at the Brig, man.
Boo, will you bring me something to drink? Hey, who the hell are?! You're Cassius' partner! You're the guy who knows who shot up Carlos Acosta.
Get off the bed! Let's go! Up against the wall now! Who were the shooters? I don't know what the hell you talking about, bro.
I don't have time for this! I need the names of those triggermen now! Marlon, wait! Yo, Marlon, stop! Marlon, he's a cop! Marlon, he's a cop! Hey! Get your black ass up.
Damn, J-Dub, so you're the cub? Hey, Lopez, what the hell you doing here, man? Why you sneaking up to see my informant without telling me? Look, I know J-Dub's your C.
, but he's also a Lord, and we're running out of time.
We need the names of those shooters, and I was prepared to do things you wouldn't.
Like what? I bust ass, too.
Yeah, but you wouldn't have.
Not with him.
Look, vato, if we're gonna be partners, I need you 100% honest.
You feel me? So you got the tip on Carlos? Man, you got your chubby little fingers in everything, don't you? I got a trustworthy face.
And three trustworthy chins.
Yo, where the hell y'all taking me, man? This is our new interrogation unit.
In a shipping container? Budget cuts hit everyone, bro.
You gotta give the homeys up, J-Dub.
I can't do that, man.
I can't snitch on them.
You ain't got a choice! Javier's gonna find one of those guys eventually.
They're gonna roll right over on you.
And not the way you like it.
But I didn't pull the trigger, man! Maybe not, but you know who did, right? You think Javier Acosta's gonna forgive that? No, he's gonna shove an apple in that big ol' mouth of yours, have Tio Gordo roast you up like a fat pig.
What am I gonna do, man? Y'all gotta help me! Help us.
Give us the names of the shooters.
We'll see if we can get you into witness protection.
It's a good deal, baby.
All right, man, we good? Hold up.
One more thing.
Come on.
We got what we need.
Who tipped you off to Carlos Acosta's location? I mean, to be honest, I thought that was you, Cassius.
After I heard you busted Carlos and couldn't hold him, I figured that didn't sit too well.
I mean, he did kill one of your boys, right? - We didn't do 'em.
- Then if it wasn't you, it must've been somebody from Javier's camp who had beef with him.
What makes you say that? Why else would somebody give me all the dirty details to where Acosta's son would be? Check it out.
I got a text right there on my cell phone from a blocked number.
We find out who sent this, we'll know who wanted Carlos dead.
Uh hello? We just received a break on the Acosta shooting.
These are the four shooters: Calvin Jones, aka Scrap, Rolin Hayes, Omari Turner, aka Lil' O, Taj Depina.
All hard-core gangbangers.
So I want intel on these guys ASAP.
Everything we got, warrants, associates, location.
I recognize Hayes.
Guy's a junkie.
Busted him a few times at a crack house on Union.
We could pay him a visit.
Check it out.
The rest of you hit the streets.
Shake your C.
Remind 'em why they're called "informants.
" Let's go.
- Detective Lopez? - Yes? ADA Chapel.
This is Detective Carter, IA.
We'd like to ask you some questions about your partner Tanner in the shooting.
Damn it, Jess, what are you doing? Well, Dad, see, this is what happens when you duck interviews at the D.
's office.
We pop up at increasingly bad times.
Lopez is in the middle of an investigation.
I need him on the street, not in an interview room.
Figured you'd say that, Sam.
That's why I got this love letter from the chief's office.
Lopez doesn't talk to us, he's off the street effective immediately.
This way, Detective.
Let's go see if the zombies are awake.
Take a hike.
Tae, that's Hayes.
Pigs! Get off her! That went well.
Don't move.
What? Get it off of me! Get it off! Don't, don't, don't, don't! I don't get why we have to go over all this again.
I'm just trying to clearly understand what happened, Detective.
I've already told you.
And it's in my report.
I know.
I've heard it and I've read it.
It's just, it doesn't add up.
Why don't you tell me what you think happened? I don't know.
I wasn't there.
I just find it interesting that two members of the Gang Task Force just happened to be having a drink in a bar one block away from where a major Fishscale deal was going down.
You think we were there on purpose? How would I know that? Okay, yeah, maybe you two went to get a piece of the action.
Or maybe you went there for that, and when your partner balked, you killed him.
Is that what happened? He was my friend.
We're done here.
Just, uh, leave your badge on the table on your way out.
Excuse me? This isn't a trial.
You can leave whenever you want.
But as a law enforcement officer, the Lybarger Code is very clear: you refuse to answer my questions, you will be terminated immediately.
You're right.
You're right about all of it.
I killed my partner.
We were drinking.
He was drunk.
We should've called it in, waited for backup, but we went inside instead.
And, uh, in the haze, we got separated.
I let him down.
I let his family down.
If I had just stopped him before he went in there, he would be home right now with his wife and kids.
So, yeah Tanner is dead because of me.
And I'm gonna have to live with that for the rest of my life.
Is that what you wanted to hear? Or do we need to continue? You said you were sep No.
That'll be enough.
You buy that? I do.
Even a bad cop is good 95% of the time.
What I saw was a guy who was hurting.
Unless you can show me the other five percent, something real, then as far as the D.
's office is involved, this investigation is closed.
Look, we ran the needle.
It came back negative.
It's all your blood.
Unfortunately, we don't know what was on that needle when it went into you.
When are you gonna find out? It could take six months.
We'll monitor you every six weeks and see what develops.
Best thing to do is start you on a post-exposure cocktail.
No, no.
If I have something, I need to find out right now.
There's got to be a faster way.
I'm sorry, without knowing who's using that needle, there's nothing else I can do.
Start the meds, Agent Dotsen.
All right, back to work.
You okay? Yeah.
- You sure? - Mmhmm.
I figured you'd want to take the rest of the day off.
I don't, but you know, you can if you want to, slacker.
Thanks to Tae and Vee, Rolin Hayes gave up the location of the other three shooters, and surveillance just confirmed the intel.
The men we're looking for are all gonna be three-strikers.
This one, Taj Depina, is extra special.
He beat a female patrol officer to death.
These people are not afraid to kill cops, so we gotta be careful.
Our suspects are hiding out in three houses.
We're gonna go in at dawn and surprise 'em in their sleep.
Lopez, you'll run point.
Go time.
Go time.
Rangers lead the way.
Move out.
Alpha and Bravo in position.
Let's go.
One time! One time! One time! One time! We've been compromised.
Find cover.
All units, shots fired! Shots fired, our location! I repeat, all units, shots fired! Shots fired, our location! Welcome to the neighborhood.
Let's go.
Bravo team moving into position.
I need a sitrep, now! Alpha team good.
Closing in on target.
Bravo team, what's your status? Bravo good.
Preparing to breach.
- Good? - Yeah.
Don't! We're in position.
I got him! He's mine! Freeze! LAPD! Stop! Don't move! You have the right to remain silent, which I strongly suggest you do right now.
I got this one.
Freeze! Drop the weapon.
What happened? Well, I had him pinned down by the window, and he just jumped.
- In a second, we're gonna go inside.
- Uhhuh.
I guess he figured he'd rather see if he could fly than go back to Chino.
That didn't work out well for him.
Good job.
But we're still not out of this mess.
Now that we have the shooters, We have to convince Javier Acosta to end it.
With Carlos laying on his deathbed, man, that's gonna be a long shot.
Let me try.
His son killed my partner.
Way I see it, he owes me one.
There were four shooters.
One was killed in Parkside, the other three are in our custody.
It's over now.
It ends here.
Sangre por sangre, mijo.
It ends when I find Lavar Quintel's son.
Javier you've made your point.
The Lords are running in fear, the other gangs, they've been sent a message.
You can end this.
But not if you go after Lavar's son.
You do that there's no turning back.
These men who shot up my son I want them to suffer.
I want their mothers to sit by their beds, wondering if they will live or die.
Mi amor I know that that will not help Carlos.
And it'll just put Ryan, Daniel and the girls at risk.
So what I need, Javier, lo qué necesito, is to know that I will never have to go through this with any of them again.
_ Promise me.
Tell me you will not retaliate.
I give you my word.
Lo prometo, mi amor.
How'd it go with Javier today? It went well.
I think he's backing off.
Good, man.
Maybe we can get some downtime, you know? I got this fine honey I been marinating for months.
Tonight it's gonna crack.
Oh, yeah? What's his name? You got jokes again, right, ese? Let me tell you something: you play your cards right, I'll let you talk to her cousin.
She's fine.
That's her? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good.
Did you see that booty, though? Boy, I think she's fine, dude.
Why we stop? Spoke to our tech agent down at the Brig.
She went through J-Dub's phone.
I mean, she didn't hack the number, but she was able to triangulate where the text came from.
She said somewhere around here.
So, uh what are we looking for? Witnesses.
There's nothing here, man.
It's a waste of time.
Let's get out of here.
Surveillance camera.
¿Qué pasa, señor? Look, we don't mean to bother you, but we'd like to take a look at some footage on your surveillance camera outside.
Uh, no.
What you mean, no? You see this badge right here? Yeah, unless you have a warrant, I don't have to show you anything.
Don't make me be a hard-ass, man.
Every time my store gets robbed or something happens out there, police always come in asking for my security hard drive.
Right? They take it, they promise to bring it back They never do.
Now, $200 it costs me to replace it each time.
It's cheaper to just get robbed.
I'm gonna call that warrant in.
Oh, come on, man, you don't have to do this.
What is su problema? _ _ _ _ _ _ My guess is maybe you're paying out cash on EBT cards and food stamps? Ah No.
No? Not even taking a cut, maybe from the local bangers, letting 'em sell dope in your parking lot? No, it's not like that.
_ I don't even really care about that.
Let me see the footage.
If what I need is on it, that's all I'll take.
But if my partner has to come back here with a warrant ay! _ _ Okay.
All right.
Come on, come on Come on Come on.
How'd you get him to play ball, man? Yo hablo español.
You gotta work on your Spanish, man.
Yeah, yeah, right, right.
Let's see what we got here.
Detail's too grainy.
Can't make out who it is.
Looks like a SA Ferrari.
Even you got one of those.
Could be you in there, for all I know.
Well we tried.
All right, this is whack, man.
I want out of here.
Changed my mind.
Hey, Cassius, man, your people trippin'.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hey, what's wrong, y'all? What's up, J-Dub? Now he's having second thoughts.
I ain't having no second thoughts.
You didn't tell me the deal.
The whole deal.
Ain't no way I'm going anywhere without Marlon.
The deal is for you, your direct family or your spouse only.
A deal's a deal, J-Dub.
He's my heart, man.
I can't leave him.
I can't take him.
What if you could? I don't think I like where this is going, man.
All we need is a judge.
We could paper this up in two minutes.
Leaving everything he's ever known.
Never see his family again.
At least he won't be alone.
I will see what I can do.
No promises, though.
You got to respect the power of love.
You're welcome.
What the hell are you doing here? Keeping you from getting killed.
Yeah, well, you should leave.
I'm not here to make an arrest.
Then you'll need some backup.
Took a print off the syringe that stuck me and got a hit.
Name is Clay Jefferson.
Number 213.
Who the hell are you? Think you dropped this.
Come here! Aah! What the hell you doing to me, girl? Shut up! You stick me? Only fair I stick you back.
If I find out you killed me, I'll be back to return the favor.
Open up D block.
Opening the door to the yard.
Yo, this ain't where we supposed to be going, man! What's up with that?! Javi? Javi? Carlito? Carlito? You see? God rewarded us.
Because you didn't kill anyone.
Hello? Ms.
Dotsen? Yeah? The blood work from the guy who stuck you came back.
I'm sorry to say, but they're positive for HIV.
Now, that doesn't mean you'll contract the virus, but if you haven't started the meds, I want you to start that cocktail immediately.
All right, thank you so much.
Well? Clean.
Knew it.
Nothing to worry about.
By the power vested in me, the Internet, and the state of California, I pronounce you husband and husband.
You two be careful out there.
Thanks for everything, man.
How the hell they planning on hiding those two? I'm happy that's not in my jurisdiction.
Ryan? Who would've thought, huh? Thanks for making it happen.
Must be a relief for him.
To be married? To stop living a lie.
I'm sorry.
About your partner.
And for Carter today.
That wasn't fair.
It's okay.
No, it wasn't.
But I don't blame him.
He's not wrong about my father.
Look, I don't know what happened between you and your dad, but I trust him.
I know.
I did, too.
Look, you ever want to talk about it, call.
Good night.
I was told it was urgent.
This is dash cam footage from a cop car that was parked at a fast food restaurant four blocks from the warehouse where Tanner was killed.
The cop was inside.
The dash was just rolling.
It's a wall.
Yes, it's not the video that's interesting.
It's the audio.
Fast-forward here.
Lopez claimed it was approximately seven seconds between the two shots that were fired at Tanner and the third shot that was fired at him.
According to this, it was 58 seconds.
Now, I-I understand fog of war, things get blurred in the heat of battle, but 58 seconds? That's a far cry from seven.
What was happening between those shots? Play it again.
Ain't getting rid of me that easy.
I hear our patient's up.
Our son's gonna be okay now, right? Well, the good news is we were able to successfully remove four out of the seven bullets.
But there are fragments still inside.
They're lodged here between the L4 and the L5 vertebrae.
And they can't be removed without risking permanent paralysis.
But that's okay.
Right? I'm afraid we don't know the extent of nerve damage quite yet, Mrs.
Carlos, I'm just gonna test the reflexes on your feet.
Tell me if you feel this.
I don't feel anything.
What the hell's going on? How come I can't feel my legs? There has most likely been substantial damage to the spinal cord.
Is it permanent? It's too early to tell.
There's still swelling in the area now.
It could be temporary, but But what? Injuries such as these, the likelihood that your son will regain mobility from his waist down I'm sorry to say it's highly unlikely.
You're saying I'll never walk again.
I won't be able to tell until the swelling goes down.
Now, I'll check in with you in the morning and we can talk about our options.
Please know we did everything we could.
I want to be alone now.
We're gonna get you the best care, - with the best physical therapy - Get out! Mijo.
Please leave, Mama.
I'll go get your things.
We're gonna get through this, okay? Okay.
Move! You stupid Move! Where are you going? Tio? Find Lavar Quintel's son.
What's the plan? Sangre por sangre.

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