Gang Related (2014) s01e03 Episode Script

Pecados del Padre

Three more dead Lords.
That's 12 in the last three days.
This isn't a war, it's an extermination.
Morgue's gonna run out of vacancies if this doesn't end soon.
This is Angelicos for sure.
I recognize the knife work.
I thought you said Javier was backing off.
Guess he changed his mind.
Well, at least it was N.
I? "No Humans Involved.
" All the vics are all bangers.
No innocents.
We can take some comfort in that at least.
Oh, my God! They might disagree.
We've been on the sideline for three days.
Let's lock down these neighborhoods, put an end to this thing.
I agree with Lopez.
If I thought that would make a difference, don't you think I would? All we can do is try to contain this.
The only one who can stop this is Javier Acosta.
There are dead Lords all over the streets.
You promised me this was over.
Marciela, too? I know you're hurting, but if you don't stop hunting for Lavar Quintel's son, this was is gonna spin out of control.
Ryan, I do not want to make your job any harder than it has to be, but we have the Lords on the ropes.
And if we back out now, that would be bad business.
What do you mean, business? Don't forget what started this war.
The Metas are looking for a distributor, we have to make sure that's Los Angelicos.
- I thought you were trying to get out.
- I am.
And Fishscale is how we do it.
The money we'll generate will be a windfall like we have never seen.
We use those profits to expand our legitimate business holdings: real estate, strip malls, parking lots.
All legal and all clean.
This is our chance, Ryan.
We can't just let it slip away.
Just end it.
The violence between the Lords and Los Angelicos didn't start when Carlos Acosta got shot.
Carlos got shot because the gangs are fighting over the pipeline of Fishscale.
And that pipeline begins with the Metas cartel out of Colima, Mexico.
For the last ten years, their main guy in Los Angeles has been Miguel Salazar.
Salazar has been insulated and completely untouchable until now.
As most of you know, three DEA agents were ambushed earlier this week.
This is the third hit on the DEA in the last six months.
And it's the biggest operational loss in DEA history.
One of those agents was a good friend of mine, Tim Spellman.
We graduated from the academy together.
Now, Spellman was shot 78 times, one for each count they brought against Salazar.
One of the hardest days of my life was explaining his death to his family.
I'm sorry, man.
The Metas are targeting law enforcement north of the border, trying to soften up the guys who are hitting them.
They figure that works in Mexico, so it'll work here.
But they're wrong.
Two hours ago, the DEA got one of the shooters, and he cut a deal to give us the identity of the man who orchestrates every Metas hit on U.
This man, Diego Diaz.
He reports directly Salazar and was the coordinator of the DEA attacks.
If we can get to Diaz, we have a shot at Salazar.
But we have to move fast 'cause the Metas know we're on to Diaz, and they will try to get to him first.
I say we let 'em cap him.
I mean, this bastard deserves to sleep with the worms.
We have to think big picture.
If we can get Diaz to turn on Salazar, we can effectively destroy their whole operation up here and save countless law enforcement lives.
I know you got a personal stake in this.
You want to sit this one out? No, no, no, if it's going down, you can bet your ass I want in.
Just don't expect me to take a bullet for that guy.
Who's the woman and kid? The woman is Ana Marie, Diaz's wife, and the girl is his daughter, Natalia.
We have intel that they've been green-lit by the Metas.
His wife and kid, too? They're sending a message.
You perras just signed your death warrant.
Yours has already been signed.
_ _ _ Got that from the DEA an hour ago.
Diaz and his family are just lucky we got to their place first.
He's agreed to turn State's evidence.
Gonna testify against his Meta bosses in exchange for a new life.
You do know you weren't authorized to make that kind of decision, right? No, but you are.
You just make up your own rules as you go, don't you? This guy knows where all the bodies are buried.
With the help of his testimony, we have a chance of bringing down Miguel Salazar, one of the biggest drug suppliers on this coast.
And if I know anything about you, Jessica Mary, it's that you're a true believer and that you're in this for all the right reasons.
And this is one of 'em.
I'll call Jerry.
I'll have him convene a grand jury tomorrow.
And I suppose that's as close to a "thank you" as I'm gonna get? Yes.
Well, you're welcome anyway.
_ Hey, my name's Ryan.
What's yours? - Natalia.
- Natalia? That's a pretty name.
What's your bear's name? Gustavo.
- Gustavo.
- That's a, that's a very nice name, too.
You know, Natalia, it's okay to be scared.
Are we gonna be okay? Yeah, I know you're gonna be okay, 'cause I'm gonna protect you.
I'm gonna have to take this.
Excuse me.
Ryan, my sources on the street got word you picked up a Meta soldier named Diego Diaz.
Is this true? Yeah.
We're about to transfer him downtown to the detention center.
I may be able to end this war like you asked.
I need you make sure Diaz gets there safely.
Once he arrives, I'm gonna need that alias they're keeping him under.
I have people who can take it from there.
Look, Diaz is about to turn State's evidence on Salazar.
Once he does that Ryan, if I can deliver Diaz to Salazar, I may be able to leverage that favor to get us the Fishscale distribution.
I can't do that.
You're gonna have to find another way to end this war.
All right.
All right, mijo, you're right.
I'll find another way.
_ _ _ _ _ _ No? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You guys good? Good to go.
Deliver this guy to the courthouse, and we're done.
Let's go.
Still on this Lopez witch hunt, huh? Just because I haven't proved it yet, doesn't mean it's not true.
Look, when I'm in the mood to read fiction, I will buy a good book.
It's Lopez's sworn testimony.
There's also an audio file of the night in question.
It disproves what he said about Tanner's murder under oath.
Is that so? Lopez testified that there was seven seconds between the shots that killed Tanner and the shot that struck him in the shoulder.
According to that audio file, there were 58.
Now-Now I can see a boot losing track of 50 seconds, but not a seasoned detective who did two tours as an Army Ranger.
A-All I'm asking is you to have an open mind, Sam.
Look at the file, listen to the audio, help me get to the bottom of this.
Let's find this lost time before it comes back to haunt both of us.
Okay, Vee, we're turning south on Whittier.
Hey, Livac, stay on this road till we get to the freeway.
Looking like we got three miles of clarity, but, uh Look, we're looking clear for about three miles, but I see a Sig-Alert coming up at the 5.
_ _ _ Freeway's clear for the next four miles.
Don't change our route under any condition.
_ _ _ _ Welcome home.
What's up, brother? We're glad to have you back, Carlos.
My baby.
I'm making puerco pibil.
Your favorite.
Carlos? Did you hear what your mother said? Yeah.
Puerco pibil.
I want to show you your new place now.
Daniel made the ramp last week.
Incline's low enough you should be able to do it yourself, soon.
Flat-screen TV, the AC, lights everything's hooked up to this bad boy.
You just gotta swipe your finger.
Yeah, okay.
Place is looking good, huh? We're getting it all set up for you.
Next week, we're gonna lower all the appliances here so you can reach those.
We're gonna take the door off the shower.
You can wheel right in.
Anything you need, mijo, anything at all, you just ask, okay? How about Lavar Quintel's son? Is he still walking? It's just a matter of time, Carlitos.
Tio's taking care of it.
Call Javier.
Tell him we couldn't find Lavar's son, but we got the next best thing Lavar's baby mama.
All units, code five-Edward LAX, bomb squad en route.
This is Henry-35.
Status at LAX? Copy.
We have bomb threats at multiple terminals.
All LAX units are responding, 14-20.
Have all units code alpha at FAA facility.
It's them.
Calm down, vato.
Everything's gonna be all right.
No, it's not.
They're coming.
Who's coming? Hey, you're scaring your daughter.
That is not a bomb threat.
It's a diversion to pull police resources.
Why would you say that? Because I trained them, and that's what I'd do.
Lopez, don't listen to him.
This bastard killed six of our agents, one of 'em my best friend.
It's probably some kind of a trick.
Your job is to protect me and my family.
You want to know how to do that? Shut up and listen.
You gonna tell me how to do my job? Somebody has to! Back off, man! Cassius, back off now! This son of a bitch does not deserve to live another day, man.
It's not our call.
Back off.
Hey, look.
If he's right about this bomb threat, we could all be in danger.
Listen to me, Diego.
I need to know everything you know about this bomb threat.
I know that they know where I am.
Otherwise, they wouldn't call it in.
And I might be a monster, but I love my family and I'd anything to keep 'em safe.
So do me a favor: change the route.
Before it's too late.
Ryan, Cassius, are you okay? Do you read me? Officers down.
Need backup immediately.
Livac, you all right? Livac's dead, man.
Control, do you copy? Do you copy?! We've lost communication.
Something's wrong, uh Get the harbor watch commander on the horn.
We lost contact with our guys near East Wilmington.
Harbor Division's on tac alert.
All our units are at LAX for the code five-Edward.
I want every available agent to gear up.
We're going to get our people.
Hey, Vee.
Need you to lay down suppressive fire on my count, then follow us to that building.
Look, we gotta move.
I need you to stay between us with Natalia in the middle, okay? Keep low.
Don't stop running till we reach the building.
Here we go! Let's go, go! Everybody stay low, stay low, stay low! I don't give a rat's ass what Lavar done to you, I ain't diming on my son.
Ain't you ever known any mamas? Mamas love their babies.
Oh, is that right? By the looks of things, only thing you love, mama, is a fix.
I quit.
Haven't used in almost three months.
Don't, man.
I can't.
Now you're gonna tell me where Lavar's son is.
No, no! Wait, wait.
Wait, no, wait! I'm gonna fix you up with a train ride, bitch.
My boy ain't the son Lavar care about.
Lavar's got another son? Yeah.
Here in L.
? That's right.
Lavar was messin' with this white bitch in Toluca Lake.
Set his Oreo son up real good, man.
Darnell Grecco.
Goes to UCLA.
Darnell Grecco? Yeah.
Uh, who are you? Friend of your father, Lavar Quintel.
Get behind the desk.
Don't move.
Tae and Vee, how are you doing? We're in.
Fall back, fall back! They're coming in! We're running out of ammo, Ryan.
We gotta get out of here or we're all gonna die.
Give me a weapon.
You guys don't know what you're doing.
You're gonna get us all killed.
Shut your big mouth! Easy.
Listen we're outnumbered and outgunned.
They want Diaz, not us.
I say we give his ass up, make the world a better place.
I agree with Cassius.
Guy's a cop killer, doesn't deserve our help.
I'm the one they want.
You give me up, that will give you time to escape with Ana Maria and Natalia.
You heard the man.
He ain't worth dying for.
I say we give his ass up and get the hell out of here.
I'll do whatever you want.
You just get 'em out safe, okay? Please.
- Please.
- No.
Look, I know you want this guy to suffer, all right? But his testimony's gonna help take down the Metas.
Think about that.
Think about all the agents' lives that'll be saved.
All right? We got a job to do, partner.
And that means getting Diaz and his family - safely out of here.
- All right.
Let's do it.
_ _ _ _ A Carlos.
A Carlos.
Yeah, all that good stuff, all right? But I'm down for some food, 'cause I'm starving.
We gotta go! Stay low.
Away from the walls.
Bullets follow walls.
Down! Natalia! No.
Lopez! - Where you going? - I'm going after her.
Get Ana Maria and Diego out of here.
We'll meet on the north side of the building.
Cover me! Where do you think you're going? That's my daughter.
It's my team in here.
And they will not be compromised.
You all right? Follow us, we know the way out.
Move it! Hi.
Hey, honey, there you are.
You had us all really worried.
I want to go home.
I'm here to get you there, okay? Here's what we're gonna do.
Okay, Natalia? You and me, we're gonna play a little game first, okay? I don't want to play a game.
It's a fun game.
And, I mean, if you don't think you can beat me.
I didn't say that.
I'm gonna need your shoelace, Natalia.
Where are your shoes? I was playing another game before.
Trying to see who could be the quietest.
What are you doing? Something that's gonna get you home.
Well, I had enough of it.
Hey, remember the time when Carlos put me in the laundry basket, and then - pushed me down the stairs? - He rolled you down - Oh, he did not throw you! - No, he threw me down the stairs! No, I remember that.
He-he told you it was a sled or something? Yeah.
I never even seen snow before.
What the hell did I know? Come on, snow king.
Let's hear a speech.
"Snow king"? No.
Snow King.
Come on, speech.
Come on.
- What? No, man.
- You got to say something.
Come on, man.
All right, all right.
Guess I just want to say thank you.
Thank you for being here for me.
I know I haven't always been easy, Dad.
But it's really important for me to have my family.
Really important.
Um be right back, all right? Excuse me.
Hey, let me help you.
I don't need your help.
Damn it! Come on.
Come I got to do something.
No! Leave me alone, please.
It's gonna be okay, son.
They put a bullet in my head, they kill me once.
But they put a bullet in my back.
And now they're killing me every day.
Please, leave.
I can't live like this.
You are very much alive, son.
With a family who loves you.
Please, Pop, leave me alone.
Just I didn't do right by you when you were little.
I was in jail when you were a baby.
I never got to take care of you, you know? Let me take care of you now, please.
Okay, here we go.
You think Gustavo wants to help us get out of here? I do, too.
He's gonna be really helpful for us.
And for the last thing I'm gonna put this on you, okay? It's like a protective shield.
There you go.
And the only thing I need from you is that you hold onto me, okay? I want you to hold onto me so tight.
And don't let go for nothing.
When I put these in your ear, the game begins.
Oh-oh Okay, here we go.
All right, all right.
Oh Oh-oh Oh Para? Oh-oh Natalia! Calm her down! No, no, no, no, no! Diaz! Let him run.
He'll pull the shooters' attention from us.
Please? Look.
We came this far.
I can't let him die without testifying.
Oh-oh Oh oh Oh Oh, now that you're gone Last bullet.
The dawn Will be Oh Oh-oh Lopez.
- You okay? - Yeah, I'm fine.
Come on, got to move.
This way's clear.
Come on through.
Come on, come on.
Hold on to me.
Let's go.
Go, go, go.
Come on, I got you, come on.
Go, go! Vee! Don't-don't touch me! But you're gonna bleed out! You can't touch me.
You lied.
Please, don't.
Come on, get in, come on! Go, go, go! So you're Lavar Quintel's son, huh? I've been waiting a very long time to see you.
You like baseball, Darnell? My son, he loved baseball.
You should've seen him run those bases.
Ple please.
Let me go.
Please, don't hurt me.
Hurt you? Hurt you? You don't know what hurt is.
My son is crying because he is never gonna walk again.
Because of your father.
No, I'm just in college.
No, no.
No, I'm not I'm not like him.
Look, I hardly get to talk to him.
Plea please.
Come on, there.
Ah Natalia! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, oh, my God.
You were brave.
I did good at the game, didn't I? You won.
Thank you.
Thanks to you, the families of DEA agents who were murdered are gonna see justice served.
Remember this day.
This is what makes what we do worthwhile.
Good job.
I'll be right back.
I heard what you went through to get him here safely.
- Just doing my job.
- I'm guessing you could probably use a drink after today.
I've, uh got a ton of paperwork I've got to deal with.
Me, too.
I'll see you at 10:00 at O'Russell's.
_ Looks like you just got laid.
Just a good day at work, Tio.
That's good.
Javier upstairs? No, he's in the supply room, dealing with Lavar's son.
He found Andre? Turns out he had another kid.
Some schoolboy up at UCLA.
Hey, hey, hey.
Hey, where you going, man? I gotta stop this.
You need to let me in there, Tio.
You can't, Ryan, and you know that.
Get this kid on the bus back to Westwood.
As much as I wanted to hurt him, when I looked in his eyes, I saw Daniel.
And you.
I knew it would be wrong.
I heard you had a hell of a day, huh? Yeah.
It got pretty hairy.
So what I'm gonna have to ask you isn't gonna be easy.
The man you delivered, you know more than anybody else how important he is to the Metas.
I just requested a meeting with them.
I know I can strike a deal: control of the Fishscale distribution in exchange, Diego Diaz.
What? This is the moment, Ryan.
Everything we talked about, our path to legitimacy.
If we can pull this off, our entire family will be out, clean, in 18 months.
I risked my life today, my partners' lives, - keeping that family together.
- I know.
I wouldn't ask this of you if I didn't have to.
Just remember, this man we're talking about the things he's done, the murders he's committed.
Diego Diaz does not deserve what you did for him today.
I didn't do it for him.
I did it because putting Salazar away will save people's lives.
I did it for his wife.
And his kid.
I'll ensure that they'll be protected.
I will insist that the Metas lift the mark on his wife and his child.
And no harm will ever come to them.
They'll be safe.
I already told you, no.
Ryan all I'm asking is the alias he's being kept under.
That's all.
Javier Acosta.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Looks like - you started without me.
- Oh I hope you don't mind.
I took the liberty of ordering.
It's on the city.
The city has great taste.
I take it you took the liberty of ordering these, too? You didn't have to go to all the trouble.
I wanted to.
- Thanks.
- Why me? Your dad's the one who gave you the snitch.
Yeah, but I haven't had a dinner with him in five years.
Joseph was a good man Though he killed his wife His hungry little children He took their lives This was the act Of a desperate man With only love in his eyes No evil hands He was standing at the sky's edge And out there who knows what he's thinking? He was sliding down the razor's edge And watched his life Slowly sinking Away Hey, Pop.
Is it done? There's been a change of plan.
They were standing at the sky's edge Tonight, we're celebrating bringing Diaz in.
It couldn't have happened without you.
So to the good guys.
Whoever they may be.
They were sliding Down the razor's edge And watched their lives Slowly sinking Away Away I did all right.
Away Oh.
What's up? It's not good.
He he what? Away.
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