Gang Related (2014) s01e04 Episode Script


ICE just got facial recognition on Russian Mafia Family member, Ivan Letnov, who landed in L.
about two hours ago.
All warrants are active, which is why he hasn't stepped foot on U.
soil in nearly two years.
Which means whatever reason he's here for is important.
ICE have any idea what that might be? Best guess is an arms shipment.
A week ago, over three dozen Russian PPSh-41 submachine guns were reported stolen from the AFR's 102nd military base in Gyumri.
Those guns do not hit our streets.
Lopez, pull the warrant I want everybody in TAC gear in ten.
All right, basic setup.
The back door opens onto a large living area.
We will cover each other and cross that open space as quickly as possible.
Once we clear the ground floor, we take the upstairs rooms one at a time.
There are over 6,000 square feet to clear, so be on point, people.
There's no margin for error.
Burn it.
What's going on here? This floor plan's different.
What's with all these small rooms? I don't know.
Check 'em all.
Back room clear.
What the hell is this? Russian Mafia Edition.
Right hallway, go.
It's clear.
- What the? Lubricants? - Something's very wrong here.
What the hell is this? We need some help down here! Oh, my God.
Call the paramedics.
Call the coroner, too.
She's alive! I need some help! I need some help! What do those numbers mean? They're delivery dates and prices for the girls.
It's how the Russians run their sex trade.
Never seen this in the States before though.
Their human trafficking operation's been strictly international.
Till now.
They're expanding.
I don't get it I mean, if you're selling the skins, then why damage the merchandise? Must have been a beggun, a runner.
Make an example out of them by sawing off their legs in front of the other girls.
If those dates are right, they shipped 30 girls a week ago.
- There were only ten here.
- Vee, I want you to talk to the girls at the hospital, see what they can tell us.
Letnov has a brother, Yuri.
If anyone knows where Ivan's hiding, it'll be him.
Whip, baby, that car I'm driving Make you feel some type of way You know, those Russians like taking ice baths butt-ass naked.
I'm telling you, I am not wrestling no naked dudes, man.
Some type of way Is it 'cause my homies rich you feel some type of way? That's Letnov's brother Yuri.
All right, I'm gonna need two with me and two to cover the alley.
Let's roll.
CEO is what my title say Me and my _ Good day, gentlemen.
We're just looking for someone.
You know I can't unsee this, right? I'm gonna have nightmares about pink asses for the rest of my life.
Cassius! You good? I'm good! Boys in the alley, he's coming your way.
Hold it right there, Letnov! Yuri, stop! Freeze! Easy! Easy, Yuri! It's over, all right? We don't want you.
I want your brother Ivan.
And why would I give him up? You got nowhere else to run, man.
You two okay? Yeah, we're fine.
Just a few stitches.
And, yes, black people can swim.
When necessary.
Did you have any luck with Yuri Letnov? No.
It was a dead end.
What happened? He decided to take a dive off a five-story building rather than rat his brother out.
RMF code of honor.
How 'bout you, Vee? Girls aren't talking.
Not a word.
Too scared of RMF.
They think we can't protect them.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ The girls, they aren't Russian.
They're from Jalisco, Mexico.
A small community of German immigrants settled there decades ago.
That explains the blonde hair and blue eyes.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Déjame! No! Y'all might not hit a girl, but I will knock a bitch out.
I'd like to say thank you to everyone in the community for your trust, okay? I may be in charge of this bank, but it's not mine.
It's ours.
Together, we're gonna build a stronger community and brighter future for all of us.
Okay, I-I'm tired of waiting.
Let's open up some bank accounts.
Good luck.
Thank you, thank you.
Thanks for coming.
Thank you, guys; thank you.
I am so proud of you.
-Thank you baby.
A lot of people showed up.
- I know.
This is good.
This is It's good.
- What's the matter, babe? - Uh it's Pops.
He shouldn't be here.
Take it easy on him.
It's a big day for him, too.
But it's bad for business! So far so good.
And yourself? - Dad, what are you - I know, I know.
I shouldn't be here.
_ What's this? A dollar.
You know we have a required $100 minimum to open up an account, right? _ It's one dollar.
_ _ This is what I always wanted for you, Daniel.
You made me so very proud today.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Sí.
Thank you all for coming.
I know it's not easy with Big Brother watching over our shoulders.
Look around.
is represented here, and as you all now know, Los Angelicos controls 100% of the Fishscale business.
All of it.
You called us here to gloat? Not to gloat, Minnie.
To share.
Each of you has a network already in existence.
- Some much bigger than others.
- But each one valuable.
I'm willing to let you keep a much bigger cut of the profits than any of your current suppliers do.
So to be clear, you want us to sell Fishscale for Los Angelicos - and give you a kickback? - No.
I want you to buy from me, but to sell for yourselves, set your own prices what you do with the Fishscale after that, it's on you.
You want our networks.
That's what this is about.
This is about smart business.
Think on this it's a win-win for all of us, and there doesn't have to be any losers.
We know that you've been traveling back and forth to Jalisco.
We spoke to the girls you promised them a modeling career in the States.
We offered them a better life.
Better life? By turning innocent girls into prostitutes? If you'd ever been to Jalisco, Officer, you'd understand that is a better life.
Oh, I've been to Jalisco, and I know it well.
You're not seeing Jalisco.
When I was six, my father hired a coyote to get our family out.
in hopes of a better life.
My mother died on that trip.
So, yeah I do know what people will do to get out.
The babies.
What did you do with the babies? The babies, Elena! Huh? If another girl from Jalisco ends up dead, I will personally put you in the ground.
If another girl from Jalisco ends up dead, I'll be doing this world a favor.
Make no mistake - you are going to tell us.
- Is that a threat? _ _ Now if you don't mind, I'd like a tissue, and my lawyer.
Nothing grows in the dark, Carlos.
Jesus, go.
What are you looking at him for? Go.
Now, I know you're upset with me, son.
I had to let Lavar's son go.
It's not as simple as revenge, Carlos.
You'll see that someday.
No, truth is, even if you busted that kid up it wouldn't change a damn thing about my life.
You see, tomorrow, I'm gonna wake up and I'm still gonna be in this damn chair.
Nothing you could've done is gonna change that.
I told you we were gonna get through this, and we will.
We have found you the best spinal rehab specialist in California, and he's gonna do everything he can, so help me God, to get you out of this damn chair.
_ Yeah.
Come in.
This is Marco Pontrelli.
Army medic.
Served two tours in Afghanistan.
That's good.
You're angry.
Anger's a great motivator.
But first you're gonna need to learn how to use it.
Oh, I know how to use my anger.
You just better hope you don't see it firsthand.
- Carlos - No, it's okay, Mr.
When my doctor told me I'd probably never walk again, I felt the same way you do pissed at the world.
Been looking at your X-ray.
Bullet fragments pressed against the L-4 and the L-5, but no breaks, no severed cord.
- What does that mean? - What it means is means you could still get out of that chair.
I can't promise you're gonna walk again, Carlos, but if you listen to me, work your ass off, man up and trust me, you just might.
Tae, turn up the volume in there.
_ Nothing.
What's he doing? We got to get in there right now.
Good-bye, Elena.
Open the door! Open the door! Hands on your head! Get on your knees! Up on your knees, let's go.
Get over here! Damn it! What's this gotta do with me learning to walk again? You have to learn to use the chair before you leave it.
You have to relearn to live in your home.
Comfortably and happily.
Before I never had to think about getting into bed before.
Or the chair, right? You just, you kick off your slippers you dust off your feet and jump in.
- I ain't no slipper kind of guy.
- Fair enough.
Now when you get into bed, or the chair it's a process.
You post up first with your hands and then you make your move to the chair or the bed.
You make your move too soon, you're gonna flip the chair every time.
All right, let's go again.
- Damn it! Oh - Everything taken for granted has to be relearned.
You know how they say you got to crawl before you walk, Carlos? You have to learn to roll before you walk.
What you giving me a drink for, homie? I didn't make it to that chair.
It's not about making it to the chair, man.
It's about making the effort.
We need you to go see Anton.
I can't.
It's too dangerous, Captain.
I wouldn't ask if there was any other option.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ (lock buzzes, latch Time's up.
_ _ Where are Minnie and Wheatie? Not all of you accepted my generosity.
Only you, men with vision, did.
Who's your new comrade, - Slotko? - Ivan Letnov.
He's here from the old country.
He'll be our man on the ground overseeing our Fishscale business.
You accept our terms.
Yeah, but not the prices.
We both know that our network reaches further than any one of theirs.
Your Fishscale will be sold in New York, Russia, Miami, Chicago, Prague and you know why? Because we have base for our operation everywhere.
None of them can offer you that.
So he gets a better price? I'm out.
So am I.
Idea of being in bed with you border jumpers makes me sick anyhow.
That's unfortunate, but not unexpected.
In fact, Minnie and Wheatie felt the same way, too.
This is my final offer.
You can make more money than you ever imagined.
Or die broke.
It's your call.
Lourdes said she smelled bleach; she heard barking dogs.
Why would there be barking dogs at a hospital? Uh, may-maybe Pasha's isn't a ob-gyn.
Maybe he's a veterinarian.
It's worth a try.
Let's run it.
Pasha Trotken, veterinarian.
Nice job, Vee.
- Got a minute? - Yeah.
Señor Mendoza.
Thank you for allowing me to to come in after hours, eh? Always.
We're here to serve.
Uh, sit sit down.
How are Eunice and Gilberto? Uh, that's why I'm here.
There is, uh $42,252.
_ He's very lucky to have a grandfather like you.
I was explaining to Mr.
Mendoza that since he hasn't declared the money for tax purposes, we can't accept his deposit without filing a cash transaction report.
That's correct.
- Hey, bu-but Danny, um, I'm a gardener.
Most of my life, uh, I was paid less than five dollars an hour.
I I couldn't afford to pay taxes.
I understand.
Mendoza was hoping we might be able to make an exception with the paperwork? Señor Mendoza, I want to help.
I do, okay? But unless you're willing to declare that money, it's illegal for me to accept it.
There must be, uh, some way around it? I have to do things by the book, or all of my other clients could potentially suffer.
I'm truly sorry.
- Lo siento.
- These are surveillance photos taken from the grand opening of Daniel's bank.
Can a bank this size handle the kind of cash we're talking about? You'd be amazed what a bank this size can handle when no one's looking.
Here's our man.
Captain Chapel.
Agent Thomas Luiz, aka Billy Cabrera.
He's currently working undercover as the loan manager at Daniel Acosta's bank.
Nice to meet you, sir.
Uh, Agent Nelson and I were just discussing the enormous influx of cash that Los Angelicos can expect to receive through the sale of Fishscale.
We think Acosta's gonna try to clean it through your bank.
All due respect, sir, I don't think so.
Look, I know I've only known Daniel a short time, but everything about this guy tells me he's not the type to break the rules.
Well, he doesn't have to break 'em, he just has to bend 'em.
And you have to find a reason for him to do that.
Yes, sir.
You sure this is cool, Carlos? Don't mean to sound soft, but I worry about you.
Ain't you supposed to be, like, rehabbing? It's all good, Jesus.
All rehab and no fun makes Carlos dull, you know? Besides I ain't seen the homies in a while.
Huh? Know what I mean, brother? Good to see you, homie.
I'm talking about, we got everybody Oh.
Yeah, yeah.
Yo, who's this? That's your welcome home gift, carnal.
Put her down.
Take her for a ride, Big C.
Yeah, take me for a ride.
All right, all right, all right.
Lead the way, mama.
Tra tra tranquila Dale baby que tu eres la que más domina Impresionante demasiado elegante Vamos a hacerlo ma que brillé como un diamante Tu estas bien nice vamos a hacerlo twice You good, papi? All good.
Mmm Everything okay down there? Yeah.
Yeah, you just keep doing what you're doing, mama.
Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow, wow He he hey hey hey ven acá no pierdas el tiempo Aprovecha el momento y tranquila Déjate llevar, échate pa acá Don't worry, Carlos.
It happens to everyone.
Not to me, it doesn't.
It's gonna be our little secret, okay? Tra tra tranquila Dale baby que tu eres la que más domina Mode up, Mode up, Mode up, Mode up, Mode up You're asking for a warrant on veterinarian with no priors - and no record whatsoever? - I know it's a long shot, but he's our only lead.
Yeah, a lead from a lifer whose name no one'll give me to confirm the information.
- That's good enough for me.
- Ah, but it's not for me.
I could get a lot of heat from my boss for requesting it.
Look, just give me the name of the felon whose tip you're going off of.
If we give up the name of a CI, he'll never give us another lead.
Look, I know we're asking you to go out on a limb, but there are young girls and their babies on the line.
That's if they're - still out there.
- And if you're wrong, you're willing - to risk your job on this? - I'm going in there with or without a warrant.
I'll get you your warrant.
Go make it right.
Thanks, Jess.
Go, go, go, go! Put it down! Put the gun down! Let the woman go! Put it down! Let the woman go! Let the woman go! Weapon down! Get on the ground now! Now! You cuff him! Freeze! Keep your hands up! Do not move! Hands up.
Where is the doctor? Where is the doctor? - He went that way.
- All right.
Come with me.
Go get the doctor.
Go find Letnov.
Pasha Trotken, you're under arrest.
I'm good here.
Go find Letnov.
I need medics back here.
Roger that.
Letnov, freeze! I've got Letnov in the north hallway to the main entrance.
He's down, Lopez.
He's down, man.
Why'd you do it? Why'd you take these girls from Jalisco? You're brown.
You should know these girls better than anyone.
Your precious Mexican girls can keep getting pregnant and spit out their blond puppies better than any other breed of bitch.
They're baby-making machines.
Put the gun down, Lopez.
He ain't worth it.
Go on.
Don't do it.
You heard the man, Lopez.
Back off.
That's an order.
So, where we going? To pay the Metas.
The small bag's their rent, carnal.
I know it's not rent.
Why we giving them the big bag? It's a down payment on our family's freedom.
Carnal to get out, we have to pay our way out.
The profits we earn from gaining control of the Fishscale is how we do it.
This is our retirement plan, Gordo.
Retirement? You're not the type to take up fishing or golf.
You've been swimming in these waters for a long time.
Waters full of tiburones.
And you've always been the biggest shark.
The size of the shark doesn't matter, if they got one of your children.
I need to get out for the family.
After Carlos, I can't watch another of mine be eaten alive.
Javier this is the only place outside of Pátzcuaro that makes the carnitas tacos the way they're supposed to be.
The key is to marinate it in adovada sauce - for six days.
- Six days.
I know.
This bag is bigger, no? Sí, it is.
The quicker your return, the quicker my buyout.
Quicker buyout? You just agreed to make a two-year plan with the Metas.
We're expecting $20 million a year into my pocket from the Fishscale business.
I understand your concern, which is why I'm willing to offer compensation.
You're making me an offer? I don't think you're in any position to be offering me anything, Javier.
What if I offered $50 million, but in one year? Do you think just because your son Carlos fell and scraped his knee that you can just walk away from this deal? I'm not some loan you took out at a mom and pop bank like Daniel's.
$100 million in 18 months.
Money cleaner than a baby's ass, Javier.
Hey? In addition, you'll hand over all of Los Angelicos and non-Fishscale business.
That's, uh, identity theft, narcotics, EBT cards, as well as all the mule routes and the distribution routes.
My people will take over.
Everything you own will be mine.
You think this through, Javier.
Once you say yes, my bosses will expect you to meet every payment deadline.
No excuses for late payments.
They'll hold you and your family accountable.
Once you shake on this, the word of God will not undo it.
Oh, Lourdes.
_ _ _ _ Gracias.
Muchas gracias.
_ I just wanted to say thank you.
For what? For convincing me.
This one did make it right.
It's been a long day.
You up for a drink? Definitely.
Well, all right.
All right.
Here you go.
You know, I never dated a cop before.
Figured having a dad for one was punishment enough.
You know, all the running out on soccer games and dinners.
The missed birthdays I remember when he missed my fourth grade Easter pageant.
And let me tell you, I played a hell of an Easter Bunny.
I can see that.
Fluffy tail, buck teeth.
Had your hop down? I remember when the play ended, I ran off stage just to see what he thought.
And there was my mom, standing in the wings, with the same look of apology on her face.
I never understood what he was doing that was more important.
The job it's a constant pull of where we want to be and where we need to be.
And where do you want to be right now, Ryan? It's a little early to be crawling in the bottle, man.
Done rehabbing today.
Get the hell out of here.
Something happen you want to talk about? Why would I talk to you, ese? You ain't my friend.
And my dad pays you, so that makes you my bitch.
I have been exactly where you are.
It helps to talk about it.
- Get out.
- No.
If you're gonna get out of that chair, you're gonna have to dig deep.
That means dealing with all kinds of pain, not just physical.
You're gonna have to crawl out of that bottle and man up.
- You want me to man up? - That's right.
You're right.
That man enough for you, bitch? Sorry I'm late.
I was out.
I called you last night.
Where have you been? A woman? - I know that look.
- No.
You better tell me about her.
No, no, it's nothing.
It's just, uh just business.
That's a big smile for "just business.
" Hope I get to meet her some day.
Now, do you know who Slotko Yegenev is? Yeah.
Local head of RMF.
That's right.
He's also my newest partner in the Fishscale pipeline.
His man in L.
, Ivan Letnov, is locked up in County without bail.
Yeah, I know.
I put him there.
Heard he's pretty chewed up.
Some dogs had at him? Nothing he didn't have coming.
Nevertheless I need those charges to go away.
I can't do that, Javier.
Why is that? What he did to these girls, their babies.
No one gets to walk away from that.
Slotko and the RMF are my biggest subcontractors in distributing Fishscale.
I need him to be happy.
If Ivan doesn't get out, we are risking a significant percentage of our distribution, and my relationship with Slotko.
Your arrest is delaying my ability, our ability, to get the family out of this.
Nobody wants to see our family get out more than I do.
But if it means letting men like Ivan walk, I'm willing to wait.
I've done everything you've asked for you, our family.
I need this for me.

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