Gang Related (2014) s01e06 Episode Script

Entre Dos Tierras

_ _ I'm sorry about your brother, Gnomo.
_ I took no pleasure in doing what I had to do, eh? Jesus disobeyed el Jefe.
He knew better.
Still, thanks for making it painless, homes.
But that's not why I asked you here, carnal.
Word around here is Javier is hanging up the gloves.
That he could be out in as little as 18 months.
Things are taking shape.
It's looking good.
For those of you outside.
But for those of us inside Los Angelicos gets out, our whole system of protection disappears.
Lords, Skins, Bysas they're just waiting for the day.
Javier has made plans to ensure your protection.
Yeah? What about those up for parole? The ones getting released soon? He has plans for all of you, ése.
Least he could do is come by, tell us what that is.
We always done right by him.
He should do right by us, too.
I'll talk to him.
- Smells pretty good.
- Uh-huh.
- How can I help you? - Well, you can, uh chop up the stuff in that bag.
All right.
Let's see.
Oh! No.
- Not happening.
- You don't like cilantro? Hmm-mm.
I make the best pollo encebollado this side of the Rio Grande.
Come here, trust me.
Try this.
Oh, my God.
That's amazing.
Where did you learn to cook like this? Well, after my dad died, I had this uncle who taught me how to make some dishes so I could help out my grandma.
I didn't know that your dad died.
I was ten.
Uh I was waiting for him to pick me up one day from school, and he didn't show up.
I'm sorry.
I didn't know.
No, that's okay.
It was rough for a while, but Grandma and I were lucky.
We lived in a very tight-knit community.
What do you mean? We had these neighbors.
They looked out for us.
They looked out for me, in particular.
Do you still see them? - No.
- How come? Uh joined the Army, LAPD Just kind of, uh lost touch, I guess.
I miss them, though.
Yeah, I can imagine.
But I'm glad they were there when you needed them.
I totally understand.
You know, I know dish a lot of crap about cops but all the nights my dad was out working late, there was always somebody from his department coming and checking on us, making sure that we were okay.
Maybe that's why you became a cop.
Oh, to check in on you? - Keep stirring.
Don't let it burn.
- No.
So that you could find a family.
You know, I never realized how much the GTF would feel like home.
I really like those guys, you know? A lot.
And, uh you're not too bad yourself, sexy.
It's not gonna burn, right? No, I turned the burners off.
It's all good.
No, don't.
It can wait, it can wait.
Oh I'm starting to think your father has us under surveillance.
I wouldn't put it past him.
- What's the word? - I don't know.
Captain's keeping it close to his vest.
Hey, is that cologne? Oh! Lopez gettin' lucky! Who's the lucky lady, huh? I think I know who she is.
Wait don't tell me it's Theresa from Evidence.
Dude, that girl's serviced more cops than a donut shop.
- Ooh.
- No way.
Theresa? Ooh, damn, Tae, - I know what that means.
- You, too, huh? Good evening, ladies.
We're gonna Who's wearing cologne? Ah, Lopez.
We interrupt a date? No, sir.
Come on, tell the captain all about your new sweetie-pie? Cap, you gonna tell us what we're doing out here, or is everyone just gonna bust my balls tonight? We're moving on an auto shop at Alvarado and Westlake.
My intel tells me it might be a stash house.
We're looking for a white truck protected by four bodies.
We're two blocks out.
Get ready.
- We've been made.
- Hold on.
There it is.
That's the truck.
We got 'em.
Captain, what are you doing? Everybody hang on! Cap, watch out! Don't move! Ready? Let's go.
What do we got? We could run it by the lab, but it tastes like tacos to me.
Check the rest of the bags.
Drugs gotta be in here somewhere.
Must be a stash somewhere.
You're all wasting your time.
You're saying your intel was off? No, I'm saying the drugs aren't in the truck, they are the truck.
Check the paint.
Look at that shine.
You telling me this entire things is coated in cocaine? Virtually undetectable high-grade Fishscale cocaine, that's right.
It's a Los Angelicos truck.
Yes, it is.
Hey, check this out.
How do they even do this? The paint they used to coat the truck with was 41% cocaine base with a water-soluble polymer.
They're still separating it, but it looks like there's at least 200 kilos in there.
Looks like your intel was dead on, Cap.
Who's your CI? Well, he's solid.
That's all anybody has to know.
Tae, is the driver of that truck talking yet? Nothing.
The guys we apprehended at the shop, either.
Well, we have to find something, anything to tie these drugs to Acosta.
Your CI can't testify? Well, one criminal's word against another won't be enough to bring down the head of the Angelicos.
We have to build an airtight case with concrete evidence.
Captain's right.
That Fishscale pipeline is not gonna stop unless we get to the man in charge of the flow.
Everyone, see what you can come up with to tie Acosta to our seizure.
I'm gonna check with my CI and make sure we haven't missed anything.
Need some backup? No, I'm gonna go solo on this, Ryan.
Might be able to help.
You know I know these Latin gangs better than anyone.
Well, I appreciate that, Ryan, but this guy is off the books.
And, uh, with Carter's IA investigation still active, the last thing you need is this to blow up in your face.
I get it.
Always looking out for me, huh, Cap? That's right.
Always am.
What the hell happened out there? Why didn't you tell us they had a truck coming in? Do you know how many shipments I get in each week? You're supposed to alert me when Chapel's - onto our Fishscale.
- I didn't know.
Chapel didn't tell us.
That shop wasn't even in Angelicos territory.
There's no way I could've gotten ahead of this.
How did Chapel find out which way our trucks were headed? He has an informant.
Metas or Angelicos? Not sure yet.
Chapel's not saying.
Seems to be a lot Chapel's not saying right now.
Are you sure he still trusts you? Yes.
He trusts me.
There's just been a lot of close calls lately and he keeps seeing you slip through each one.
So how we gonna catch this snitch - if Chapel's not talking? - I'm already on it.
I'll have more news by the end of the day.
Ryan if Chapel's not trusting you anymore, we need to take care of our problem.
My team is off limits, Javier.
Your team? Mijo, what about your family? Chapel my problem, all right? Let me handle him.
I've got it! I know what I'm doing.
Let me do my job.
You have to catch that rat, Ryan.
I got another shipment coming in this week.
Heavy weight.
A thousand keys.
We can't afford to lose this one.
- Well, then turn it back.
- Look, I can't.
It's too hot right now.
The 200 keys you took? It's gonna cost us.
The only way I can pay back the Metas is if I leverage the profits from a bigger shipment.
What if something else goes wrong? The Metas will come after you.
No, they won't come after me.
They're gonna keep me alive until I've paid back the debt.
It's our family they're gonna come after, Ryan.
Marciela, Daniel.
Son I need you to make sure that shipment comes through, 'cause that's the only way we are gonna be able to protect them.
Do you understand me? What are you doing in my desk? Oh, what's up, man? I was looking for that file for the heroin bust you and Tanner did last month.
What for? I got a guy who's gonna give me some intel on the Acostas, but I gotta return the favor.
Here it is.
Whoa, whoa.
It's my file.
Means I'm coming.
You can roll.
All right.
So what, that's the second time you bailed out on Jessica? Third.
Damn, I know she's pissed off at you, man.
She's fine.
Yeah, right.
She ain't fine, man, trust me.
I know women.
If I was you, I'd put on that sweet, lover, Latino voice, you know, Julio Iglesias style.
Call her up, apologize, maybe you get some wham bam going on.
How do you know I haven't already? Look at you, man.
You all tensed up and anxious.
That firecracker has not been blowing off, ése.
So who's this guy we're trading intel with, man? - Agent Warren.
- Who this guy? Agent Warren, he's a good buddy of mine.
DEA Special Ops Division.
Special Ops? That's the agency's covert unit.
They specialize in gathering information.
Good guys.
Great at what they do, but they're methods are very unconventional.
You mean unconstitutional.
Chapel said we need to find something we can use against Acosta in court.
Look, man, so far, that has not been working for us, right? I don't know about you, man, but I'm tired of it.
What's up, Warren? What you got for me? Depends.
You got my file? I got a wiretap on a few of the Metas.
They haven't said anything to incriminate the Acostas yet, but I can tell you they got a shipment coming in.
- Where's it going to? - Not sure yet.
It's coming in tomorrow and it's a big one.
A thousand keys.
We need the names of those phones you tapped so we can follow up.
No, you don't.
Happy hunting.
That's my boy.
What's with the long face, ése? Christmas just came early, man.
Feliz Navidad.
Thousand kilos.
Except that intel you got is worth nothing unless you figure out where that shipment's going.
Well, maybe Chapel's informant could help.
Just got a tip from my CI on the thousand keys of Fishscale.
We gotta move.
The DEA says the shipment's coming tomorrow.
The DEA was wrong.
The shipment already made its way into the U.
It's being held at a stash house downtown.
- Where? - The Iglesia de Dios on Alameda.
- A church? - It's a mission.
It's the perfect cover.
The guy that runs it has a long history of drug priors before he found God.
But what if there are people there? Maybe we should wait till tonight.
Stuff will be gone by then.
- We got a two-hour window.
- How good is the intel? Rock solid.
Same guy that gave us the Fishscale truck.
Well, we get that shipment, break their backs.
And it's game, set, match.
Adios, Acosta.
I'm sure you both heard about the seizure.
Yeah, the whole damn world heard about that.
How are you going to cover the loss? That's not something I need you to be involved in.
But the question is, why the hell wasn't Ryan doing his job? Really, Carlos? What what were you doing to help? I didn't ask you here to argue! Huh?! We all need to need to take extra precautions this week.
Meaning exactly what? Meaning until I sort out this mess, you both need to lay low.
You know how many days of school I missed because of some threat to the family, or-or-or some potential gang war, or-or problems with the cops? This isn't school anymore, Dad.
I run a bank, I can't afford to hide out.
I can give you two of my best men to watch your backs.
They'll be protected.
Daniel? Fine.
But I don't want them in my bank.
They could be outside, just as long as they got eyes on the door.
Okay, it's settled then.
You still haven't said how you're gonna pay for the losses.
I might have a way to cover those funds, Dad.
I'm done talking about that.
You won't have to be concerned, son.
You told the captains about where the shipment's headed this week? It's taken care of.
I talked to Gnomo up in Chino.
He wants to know what the plans are for the Angelicos on the inside.
What did you tell him? I told him they'd be taken care of, but, uh, they want to hear it from you.
I'm trying to smoke out a rat right now.
I don't have time for that.
Pop, you don't show face yourself, Gnomo and the OG's are gonna take that as an insult for sure.
Then you make sure they don't.
Son, you go, you talk to them.
They respect you.
Hey, man, y'all got some change? Y'all got? Tae, Vee, you go around back, wait for my signal.
There's a service going on.
It's part of Acosta's cover-up.
We're moving.
Keep going.
Let's go higher.
All right, people, we go in on three.
One, two three.
Stay down! Sit down.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is a raid.
Stay in your seats.
We'll get this done with as quickly as possible.
What's the meaning of this?! - Everyone, sit down! - You got no business being in here.
We're doing the work of God.
Right now, I'm the only God you have to worry about, Parca.
That's not my name anymore.
Why don't you get out of here? Hey! Hey! - Where are the drugs? - What drugs? There are no drugs! Take this place apart! Guys, take it easy.
Get him! Sit down, everyone.
Stay calm.
A dime bag of weed? What's wrong with you, man? You could have got shot for that! Their rooms are clear, but there's a locked - storage room in the back.
- Where is the key? He's our pastor! Please! Javier Acosta one of your parishioners? Look behind there.
Bring him.
Hey, don't worry.
It's gonna be okay.
Hey, brother, please don't.
There's no drugs in here, I swear.
Come on, brother.
Let me talk to you, man.
You ain't gotta do that, ése.
Come on, man.
Where are the drugs?! I told you, no drugs.
This is for the homeless, man.
It took us six months to collect this.
They need this food.
That's all they have.
Captain, this place is clean, man.
I'm coming with you.
The hell you are.
If your CI gave you bad intel on purpose, that means he could be compromised.
You could be going right into an ambush.
All right, I could use the backup.
You said you weren't gonna bring nobody.
And you said the drugs were at the church! You and Javier set me up, Lucho.
Tried to make me look like a fool.
Javier-Javier said they were headed there, that the Metas wanted to deliver the drugs themselves, for me to stay clear.
- But we we had a deal! - Captain Captain! Los Angelicos are gonna take care of this guy.
I think Javier was trying to smoke out his rat, feeding his men fake intel, seeing who dropped the dime.
I guarantee you Javier's men are out there looking to kill you right now.
If my officer is right, Lucho and I'm sure he is you're living on borrowed time.
Enjoy that.
Good luck.
You can't just leave me here.
You got, you gotta help me.
You're no use to me anymore.
What if I know something? Usually, when something's about to go down an arrest or a bust Javier warns us.
What are you saying? Javier has a mole.
You really think Acosta could have someone Inside the department? He wouldn't be the first to try.
I don't know.
Lucho's desperate.
You think we can trust him? If he's right, we can't afford not to.
We've got 67 people working in the GTF.
They're dealing with LAPD, ICE, FBI, DEA.
That's 400 people that we talk to on a daily basis.
If any one of them is on the take, we gotta find out.
And there's the annual affirmation for the fund.
How we doing? Well, Danny, since your two mil came in, our funds have grown ten percent.
Wow, that's - that's amazing.
- I know.
At the office, they're calling you our lucky centavo.
Hey, is-is there still time to invest more? How much you thinking? Uh, double my initial investment.
Four mil? Yeah.
You got it.
Yes! You wire over the funds, we'll go from there, huh? Yep.
Hey, I'm gonna see you on the links on Sunday? Yeah, yeah, you know it.
I'll see you.
Okay, everybody, listen up.
I need your phones.
Bring them in.
What's this all about? Right here.
Bring them in.
Personal phones, too.
Are you kidding me? Guess Theresa won't be getting her booty call tonight.
What's the deal, Captain? We may have a leak.
The force has initiated a department-wide sweep to make sure none of our cell phones are tapped.
We're also bringing in tech teams to check the offices - for wires and the computers for spyware.
- Hey, Vee, you better delete all that chocolate porn you have in there.
You better delete your fantasy football team.
Your picks were embarrassing.
Until everybody's equipment's been checked, we will be on a communications lockdown.
That means no cell phones, no landlines, no Internet and no fax.
We still have fax? How are we supposed to track this shipment without our tech gear? The old-fashioned way.
In person.
And we'll start with getting a visit from your special ops contact.
You know, Lucho, this thing about informants is they're kept on a short leash.
And their protection is at the whim of the people holding them.
I already told you everything.
No, you didn't.
You told me Javier Acosta might have a mole.
You didn't say who it was.
These are pictures of the 67 people that work in my unit.
I want you to look at these carefully.
Tell me if you recognize any of the faces.
I I don't know none of them.
I don't even know if it's real.
You know, I've been in this game long enough to know that informants always save something big in case they need it.
Well, guess what? So do cops.
What's this? Read it.
"16 counts of sodomy, 23 counts of rape.
" You don't give me what I want, that's your son's new cell mate.
Please don't.
Your son's gonna be saying that a lot.
I don't know who it is.
I swear.
Daniel, this is, uh, Lisa Brody.
She's a representative from S&C TrustCo.
Our bank's institutional lender.
So, I know I don't have an appointment, but I wanted to talk to you about your financial statements.
Uh, yeah.
You-you want to step in the office? I thought the review wasn't supposed to be for another six months.
That's correct, but, you know, with the crisis and so many banks failing, we just like to check in on our smaller banks - every now and then.
- Right.
One of our account managers noticed you'd taken a strong position in the SunnyLinks hedge fund.
Well, we were hoping to hold our position at SunnyLinks as long as possible.
I mean, it's-it's great for the people in this community.
You know, we don't get opportunities like that.
But our lender's policy specifically states that 80% of your money has to be in conservative stocks.
As lenders, we have covenants for a reason.
Not just to protect us, but you as well.
We're gonna need you to move the funds back before the end of the week or we may be forced to pull our backing.
All right? Of course.
Whatever you need.
Any news on the Fishscale shipment? No.
Metas aren't talking about it.
- They're being cautious.
- What are they talking about? Well, besides the crap about fútbol, and cockfighting and Mexican wrestling, they're talking about putting soldiers in place in case, uh, things go south with the Acostas.
But they won't kill their number one distributer.
That's for sure.
They'll go after his family.
That's the Metas' playbook.
Hit the Acostas where it hurts.
Let the wolves eat the wolves.
- I'll let you know if I hear anything.
- All right, thanks, Warren.
Some of the Acostas' kids, wife, they don't deserve to get caught up in this.
The hell they don't.
Nobody in that family is innocent.
You think Daniel could open that bank without his old man's blood money? You think Marciela's been with him for 35 years without enjoying the perks of being a kingpin's wife? So, they deserve to die? It-it's not my job to worry about what happens to Javier's family.
It's job to bust his shipment.
Well, I tell you one thing, Captain.
Unless these Metas start talking about their routes again, we ain't gonna be busting nothing.
I know.
I think I got a way to make that happen.
I got some news.
They busted the church on Alameda.
Your idea to smoke out the rat by feeding our captains fake intel worked.
So, Lucho's my rat? Where is he? I want to take care of him myself.
Sorry, boss.
We searched everywhere.
It looks like the vato's gone.
You ask Ryan? He's still not answering.
But you have a visitor downstairs.
Tell him to wait.
I think you might want to see this.
You have a great selection of scotch here.
This is a nice place to unwind at the end of a hard day.
Sorry about what happened at the church, Chapel.
I hope it doesn't cause you too much embarrassment.
Yeah, I got, I got to hand it to you.
The church was a nice touch.
Thought you'd appreciate that.
Allow me to save you from further humiliation by telling you, your informant Lucho doesn't know anything more that can help you.
Well, the good news for me is he's not the only Angelico who's willing to talk.
Oh, you'd like that, wouldn't you? We both know you don't have another informant.
You do know that the people you trust the most are the ones who get you in end, don't you? Why are you here? Professional courtesy, Javier.
I thought after 20 years, the least I could do is give you the opportunity to do the right thing.
Really? What's that? Protect your family.
I'm more than capable of doing that on my own.
But you won't be.
Not after I bust the thousand keys you have coming in tomorrow morning.
That another white whale, Chapel? Not this time.
See, I know what the Metas will do to your family when you can't pay.
You turn yourself in right now, I'll put them all in Witness Protection.
You have my word on that.
The problem, Chapel, is I know what your word means.
Just like your intel.
I guess we'll just have to wait and see, won't we? You know what happened at the end of Moby Dick, right? The whale? He killed everyone.
You think he's bluffing? I don't know.
But we can't take any chances.
Send a coded message to the Metas.
We got to reroute the shipment.
I don't know what you did last night, Captain, but it worked.
Warren said the Metas are communicating again.
Good, what are they saying? They're not saying, they're singing.
Keep playing this merengue crap over and over.
It's a code.
They know we're listening.
What does that mean tiburón? It means "shark.
" Maybe it's a boat.
I mean, last time we busted their trucks, so now they're moving the shipment by sea.
There's a Tiburón Pier in Marina del Rey.
Now, hold on.
They're playing the song twice, and stopping it a different place each time.
It's a sequence, look.
First time they stop it at 33, then 44, then 3:42.
The second time it's at 1:18 and 1:54.
Maybe it's boat registration numbers.
No, that's too many numbers.
Maybe they're bringing in two boats.
A shipment that big.
Could be coordinates.
Choke my chicken, man.
What? That's our location.
Newport Shipyard.
It's a repair yard.
Very little traffic.
It's perfect.
Let's gear up.
We're expecting at least a dozen heavily ard Angelico soldiers guarding this shipment.
We need to be on our A-game, people.
They've spotted us! Be careful! Officer down! Officer down! Take them out! Get that shipment! Those are Los Angelico soldiers.
I count six! They're burning the drugs! Tae, Vee, give us some cover.
We're gonna move.
Lopez! Where the hell is Lopez? Go! Just go! _ _ _ _ - I don't see the drugs.
- Lopez, what's your 20? Lopez, repeat, what's your 20? I saw you running over here.
What happened? They were trying to sink the sub! Help me close the vents.
I'll be damned.
We got it.
Orale, carnal.
This month's package.
I thought your father was coming.
My father asked me to relay a message.
All the homeys, the OGs and the lifers, they're all gonna be taken care of.
As long as there's a single Angelico locked up in here, my father will continue to pay the fees to insure your protection.
What about those of us getting out? What about them? They can go straight like the rest of us, eh? My father's buying restaurants and apartment buildings so there will be plenty of J-O-Bs for them.
Like janitors, waiters and things like that? Hey, you got to start somewhere then work your way up.
¿No, sabes qué? I'm already up, homes.
Soon as I get out, I'm gonna go back to the hood, sling dope, make a grand a day.
I'm all for going legit, but I got three kids.
I can't live on no minimum wage.
¿Y sabes qué? Most of the homeys in here can't either.
All right, easy, Gnomo.
You'll have plenty of cash to live on.
I'll make sure you're taken care of.
Like you took care of my brother? Something you want to say, ése? You know, the least your father could have done is had the respect to come tell this to our face.
But he doesn't respect us, and he doesn't respect you, homes.
I mean, look at you, ése.
You running a clica of what? If your father believed in you, it would be you running the streets, not Tio Gordo.
And what happens when Javier gets out? Hmm? Do you really think in his new world order your daddy is gonna let you run his spreadsheets? Nah, homes, it's gonna be Daniel in charge.
So do me a favor, homes, don't tell me you're gonna be taking care of nothing.
Yeah, but check this out, Gnomo.
The family is going legit.
Whether you like it or not.
So you can either take the opportunity that we are most so kindly handing to you, or you can take a dive all on your own, ése.
That's your call.
Well, screw that, homes.
I'd rather rule in hell than serve in heaven.
And we both know you would, too.
Yeah? Whether that's true or not, the future's coming, and there ain't nothing you and me can do about it.
Hey, did you hear about Prop 36? Hmm? They're gonna be letting most of the three strikers out.
That's at least a couple of hundred of us in the next month.
Cuidado, Gnomo.
You threatening me? Nah, homes.
All I'm saying is if your father wants to go legit, let him.
But we don't have to.
All we need is a new leader to hold the keys.
And my money and theirs, our money is on you, Carlos.
This is the second major drug bust for the Gang Task Force in just under 48 hours.
The total amount of Fishscale cocaine seized, a whopping 2,600 pounds.
The street value, over $120 million.
Captain Chapel, this is such a momentous win.
How do you feel? How do I feel? I feel like I lost two good men today, but I'm proud of the GTF team.
It's them, it's their courage that makes seizures like this possible.
Hey, nice catch on that sub.
Yeah, thanks.
There's just one thing I don't get.
When that boat started to burn, you ran the other way.
Something didn't feel right.
It felt like it was a diversion or something.
I looked over and, uh, caught a glimpse of the sub.
Ran before they could scuttle it.
Cassius hit you on the two-way.
Why didn't you just radio him back? I was taking fire, hauling ass.
Didn't have any time.
Anyway, man, that was a huge bust today.
I mean, when things come together like this, it's the best feeling in the world, isn't it? Yeah, totally.
Good stuff out there, man.
Gang Task Force in just under 48 hours.
The total amount of Yeah.
I'm on my way, Tio.
Don't worry.
A whopping 2,600 pounds.
The street value - Hey, man.
Thanks for coming.
- Hey.
You kidding me? Of course I came.
What's going on, Danny? Look, you just wired over the funds.
Now you suddenly want to disinvest them? I know.
I'm sorry.
We're having our best year yet.
Look, Jason, I don't want to do this, okay? But my lender's threatening to pull the money out of the bank if I don't.
I have to take it out.
I'm sorry.
You can't.
Danny, our hedge fund has a three-month lock-in period.
So I'll pay the penalty.
- You'd take a beating.
- Well, how much is it? Look, I'm sorry, man.
I'd love to help you, but there's nothing I can do.
I'll see you this weekend.
Okay? Yeah.
No, please! No, don't! Don't! No! No! No! No!
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