Gang Related (2014) s01e07 Episode Script

Regreso Del Infierno

_ _ _ _ _ Do you understand me? Okay.
The thousand-kilo bust had a total street value of $120 million, and was believed to be destined for the notorious Los Angelicos street gang.
After testing the cocaine, officials confirm that the thousand kilos Miguel? You lost my drugs, Javier.
I'll get you the money.
Will you? $120 million in drugs is a lot to lose.
It'll take a while.
But I can put it together.
I hope you're right, Javier.
For Daniel's sake.
Do not harm my boy.
I prefer not to.
But I have to answer for this loss, too.
This is not how we do business.
Unfortunately, it's exactly how we do business.
I warned you when you made the deal, eh? You knew the stakes.
How much time do I have? They have Daniel.
Anything? Come on, I say we hit the streets.
Every Angelico in the city breaking heads - until we find him.
- "Breaking heads" isn't gonna buy us more time.
Besides, once the word gets out, they'll just move him or worse.
Ryan's right.
Kidnapping's like an industry to the Metas.
Even if we had more time, we'd never get close enough to rescue him.
All they want is the money.
If we can get them their money, - they'll let Daniel go.
- So, let's steal it.
Take down a few banks.
You take down a dozen banks, we'd still come up short.
Why don't we just take the load back from las tres letras, huh? The DEA incinerated it already.
I watched it live on the news.
Wait, the Meta leader, El Mozo.
He's still locked up somewhere in California.
If he's still locked up in Calif as, Pop, we can get to him.
No, we threaten him, we might get Daniel back, but they'll wipe Peacock Hill off the map.
And anyone with Acosta blood in their veins.
Then give me another option.
Give me another choice, Ryan.
Get the word out.
Get our people on the inside to track down El Mozo.
If we can find him, we'll trade his life for Daniel's.
I'll talk to Gnomo.
But, Carlos? Nobody makes a move without my say-so.
¿Entiendes? I hear you.
Tell me you understand.
Sí, Papa.
Te entiendo.
- Surprise! - Hey.
What are you doing here? Thought I'd come and congratulate you.
Well, come in.
You know a $120 million drug bust is pretty big.
So I thought we would celebrate.
- Ah.
- I'm gonna go get us glasses.
These guys and their theatrics.
I mean, I can't watch it.
I know why they need to do it.
But it's just such a sham to me.
- What are you talking about? - You know, the whole dog and pony show.
When they didn't even destroy the drugs.
What? The DEA uses them for a sting back east, but the public doesn't want to know that.
The public wants to think that they're gone, so They're still here? Yeah.
For now.
They get shipped out back east tomorrow afternoon for an operation.
And odds are ten to one they'll end up back on the streets.
It makes me sick.
I mean, when we're lucky enough to get the drugs, just destroy them.
They didn't burn the Fishscale.
- What are you talking about? - They didn't destroy it.
They're just moving it.
- I saw them burn it on the news.
- It was a publicity move.
The shipment got tapped for an operation on the East Coast.
Then we can hit it.
It's rolling tomorrow.
We don't have a lot of time.
Get your best men.
I'm your best man.
I lead the assault.
It's a secure transport.
These cops are high speed.
I know how to counter their tactics so no one gets hurt.
Absolutely not.
You give the details to Tio.
He'll take care of it.
Chapel's gunning for you.
A cop gets killed, gloves come off.
I won't be able to stop him.
And if any cop gets killed, I won't want to.
Ryan, you get caught? You're exposed.
You're going to jail.
Or worse.
Are you sure you can pull this off? No.
But it's our only real chance to save Daniel.
_ _ _ _ _ No, no.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Uh-huh.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ryan? - Sil.
- Where's Daniel? Javier just fed me some crap about a last-minute business trip to San Antonio? The Metas have him.
Oh, my God! No, no, no, no! No! It's okay, he's okay.
They're not gonna hurt him.
They're just holding him until they get their money back for the lost shipment.
But why him? Why Daniel? Was he involved in this somehow? No, no.
This has nothing to do with Daniel.
He's completely innocent.
Listen to me.
I know how these guys operate.
It's just business, okay? They're not gonna hurt him.
Everything's gonna be okay, all right? You guys are in early.
Tell me about it.
What's all this? We're hunting for the mole.
The one Lucho says might be working in the department.
Oh, come on, Lucho's reaching for a lifeline.
It's a rabbit trail.
That may be so, but Chapel ordered us to comb through the bureau files to see if there's any connections between L.
law enforcement officers and the Acostas.
Not including DEA, ICE and marshals.
Want to dive in? And steal your fun? Not a chance.
You know, it's not all drug busts and car chases.
Yeah, it is.
Sorry, didn't see you coming.
You know, despite our differences, Sam, we are on the same team.
Well, the last time I checked, I hunt criminals for a living.
And you hunt cops.
So we're most definitely not on the same team.
I hunt dirty cops.
Right now we have a mole in our house.
And it's our job to find it and root it out.
Which is why I authorized my people to do whatever it takes to do just that.
Not whatever it takes.
I've been through all the targeted files, hundreds of personnel from every department, every department except yours.
You think it's one of mine? I don't know.
And neither will you, unless you dig a whole lot deeper.
My people are clean.
I recruited them myself.
I personally vetted each and every one of them.
God, Sam, you recruited them because they're types who cross lines.
Paul stay away from my team.
My guys are clean.
I'll stake my career and my reputation on that.
You already have, Sam.
I thought you had the day off.
You got nothing better to do than show up here? As I recall, you were scheduled for a flex day, too.
Yeah, but I got no life.
Go on, get out of here.
That's an order.
All right.
I'm going.
You earned it, Ryan.
You're the only ones in Los Angelicos who know about Ryan.
Made your bones, earned your stripes, that's why you're here.
Now you know about the seized shipment and Daniel's kidnapping.
Ryan has a way to make it right.
DEA didn't burn the Fishscale.
They're moving it.
We're gonna steal it back.
This is a real risky operation, so any of you that don't feel up to it can bow out right now without any fear of reprisal, eh? In the past, I've given you orders as your jefe.
But today, I'm asking a favor as a friend and as a father.
I'm in, boss.
Whatever it takes to bring Daniel back.
_ That's Beto, always the first one to jump in.
Just like old times, carnal.
That goes for me, too.
Angelico blood runs deep.
You know that's right, ése.
¿Sabes qué? Let's do this.
Before we get started, just want to make a few things clear.
No cowboys on this operation.
Everyone exercises discipline.
We get in, we get out, no one gets hurt.
I'm in charge.
You follow my lead.
Anyone have a problem with that? So you have the men.
Now we need vehicles.
A one-ton truck and two semis.
Anything else? Weapons.
This is an H & K 416.
They used this bad boy to kill Bin Laden.
We're not killing anyone.
All right, let's get started.
All right.
All right, so the transport vehicle will be traveling along Spring Street.
That's a one-way street.
It's the only route out of the facility.
They're gonna have to cross this three-block radius to get to the freeway.
The best choke point is right here on Chick Hearn and Figueroa.
That's where we have to hit 'em.
They get past this phase line, we lose the target.
We lose the target, we lose Daniel.
Once we secure the Fishscale, we deliver it to the warehouse on Soto and First Street.
We got two hours to pull this off.
One minute over Daniel's dead.
Make sure our boys look after Ryan.
I'm not losing two sons today.
All right, let's sync up.
Here we go.
Five, four, three, two, go.
Target's in sight.
Wait for my command.
Move out.
This is Bravo Transport, requesting backup! Get out of the car now! Oh! Out! Out! Out! Out! On the ground right now! Now! On the ground right now.
Down, down! Right behind the truck.
Right behind the truck.
_ Oh, no.
No, no, no! No! Vámonos.
This is Bravo Transport.
The package has been compromised.
The DEA truck carrying that Fishscale that we seized just got hijacked.
And Cassius is part of that convoy.
Let's go.
Damn it, Cassius.
Beto, you okay? I'm losing a lot of blood, man.
Bullet hit an artery.
Keep pressure on the wound.
I'm trying, but it won't stop bleeding.
Tie it off.
Use your sling.
Tight as you can, and keep that leg elevated.
We're only a few miles from the warehouse.
As soon as we make this drop, we're getting you some help, brother.
We finish the job first, we take care of Daniel.
Then we worry about me.
Just keep pressure on the wound, all right? Oh.
Get ready.
We're good.
Cassius, you hurt? Those bastards gettin' away with the Fishscale, Captain.
Hey! Where you going? - We can cut 'em off on Figueroa! - What the hell are you doing? - That's not your car! - You coming or not? Cassius! That's not your car Hey, hey, hey! You coming or not? Yeah.
Air 18.
We got a, uh, Henry unit out here.
They're looking for a black older model dually was used earlier in a 2-11.
Suspects probably armed.
Use caution, but let us know if you find this thing we're looking for.
I got your vehicle.
Looks like it's northbound Hill Street, coming up on First.
- That's them.
- Make a U-turn right here.
I know a shortcut.
_ You're real tough with that gun.
_ _ _ Tómala.
_ _ _ _ _ Jefé! _ _ No.
_ _ Hang on, Beto.
We're almost at the warehouse.
Less than a mile.
You still with me? I ain't seen no dead relatives yet.
Cops! They're now coming, looks like northbound on Anderson coming up to Whittier.
Any unit, let's get a good look at this guy.
Can't get a look at the suspect's face.
Hang on.
I'm gonna try to PIT him.
Coming up right here, there's a good spot, good spot.
Try to PIT him.
No! It's my partner.
Uh, ineffective, ineffective.
Guys, you see him? Anyone get a look? No, negative, negative.
Suspect is now westbound on Whittier underneath the bridge.
All units, continue pursuit.
Suspect appears to be alone.
You think we lost 'em? I don't know.
Damn it! What? News choppers.
So far, the suspects have managed to evade police for several blocks, thwarting an attempted PIT maneuver, and our sources are telling us that authorities believe the suspect may even be listening to a police scanner in order to anticipate their tactics.
Early reports indicate that the shooting involved DEA agents, and that one suspect has been killed, and one agent has minor injuries.
Police cordoned off a five-block radius near the Garment District Only 49 minutes left on Daniel's clock.
I have a proposition.
I'm listening.
My life for Daniel's.
Doesn't work that way, Javier.
The terms have been set.
We need you alive to keep earning.
You hurt my son, our business is over, Miguel.
This doesn't end with Daniel.
You have other family members.
¿Que no? The wife, daughters, grandchildren.
No, Javier, we're far from over.
He's popped out onto Mission.
Mission Street now going northbound.
Northbound Mission.
What are you doing? We gotta lose these guys! Step on this thing! No, we get reckless, they open fire.
Drive at a reasonable speed, just have to follow us and wait.
Who's that? It's my captain.
Lopez, where are you? Halfway to Palm Springs.
Taking a drive.
Trying to relax like you said.
Someone hijacked a DEA transport.
I need you back here ASAP.
All right, I'm, uh, getting off at the next exit.
What do you know about the driver? Nothing.
Can't get a clean look at him.
But we got birds in the air.
He is not going to get away.
All right.
I'll be there as soon as I can.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ticktock, ticktock.
Daniel? You're running out of time.
Moo Can you get me a little wider here? I can see this thing? There we go.
That's perfect.
Okay, I got the pursuit coming right at me now.
I got these guys, it's gonna be What now? What are we gonna do? When you need a prayer, you call on angels.
- Ryan.
- I'm in trouble, Javier.
I can see that.
It's on every station.
I can't make it to the warehouse.
We need to find a new place to drop off the Fishscale.
What do you have in mind? I can detour and be at Whittier and Amalia in ten minutes.
We don't have any soldados in that area.
May not have soldados, we have people everywhere.
I'll have men standing by.
First, I need to get clear of these eyes in the sky.
- How? - I need someone to fire on the choppers.
I'll blow those birds out of the sky.
No, Tio, no casualties.
Near misses only.
But if you want, I can Policy requires those birds get grounded when fired on.
- Let the protocol do the work for us.
- I'm on it.
Tio, not you.
No offense, there's a reason why you use a knife.
You're a terrible shot.
Well, if I'm a terrible shot, then what are you worried about? Your aim is so bad, you might actually hit something.
He has a point.
I'll send some men to the Fourth Street bridge.
We'll get you out of there.
Hurry up, Javier.
Everybody back off.
They're laying spike strips up ahead.
This thing is coming to an end.
They're falling back.
Damn it.
Isn't that good? No.
It means they're gonna spike the road.
Air 18 to all units, be advised, suspect's vehicle is approaching the spike point.
He just dodged the spikes.
He's got to have a police scanner.
Okay, Tio, we're armed.
Ready to fire at the choppers.
All right, Jesse, do it.
And give 'em a hell of a scare, huh? Here he comes.
There they are.
Where? On the bridge.
Straight ahead.
Is that a rocket? I think that was a rocket.
What was that? All units be advised suspects are firing on us with a rocket.
Get these media ships out of here.
Get 'em high and wide.
Get 'em out of harm's way.
It worked! I love you, Tio! All right, hang on.
Now it's time to get rid of the cops.
All units, be advised, into oncoming traffic.
Use caution.
The son of a bitch can drive.
southbound on Anita.
Hang on.
We're almost there, Beto.
You got 30 seconds! Let's go! Go, go, go! We gotta get the hell out of here, Beto.
That tunnel's our way out.
I can't.
My leg.
- I'll carry you.
- Then we both get caught.
I'm not leaving you here! Let's go! - Come on with me.
Here we go.
Let's go.
- You gotta go.
- Just get out of here.
- They're gonna see us.
- We'll never make it.
- No.
They're gonna see me, not you.
Just go save yourself.
I gave you my word.
I won't shoot any cop.
Por la familia.
Just go.
Driver, get out of the vehicle! Show us your hands! Both your hands, put them up! All right, all right, all right.
Here I am, all right.
Drop the weapon! Drop your weapon! Put it down! All right, all right, all right! Son of a bitch! DEA agents, and that one suspect has been killed, and one agent has minor injuries Police cordoned off a five Hola, Javier.
As you can see, I got the drugs back.
Yes, but as you can see, you're late.
And as you know, the cartel believes in keeping its promises.
Do not hurt my son.
I got the drugs.
The payments will be made on schedule as promised.
Javier Those are the terms of the deal we shook on, Miguel.
And I'm abiding by them.
The question is: will you? _ _ _ _ Your pants! Come on.
All right.
_ _ _ Wait.
What? No, no! No, no! No! No! No! Get off me! Please, please, please, please, please! No no _ _ _ You must have an angel, Daniel.
Your father came through.
No hard feelings, huh? _ There he is.
You missed one hell of a chase.
- What happened? - I don't know how they did it, man.
But the Angelicos, they got the Fishscale.
All of it.
Lost the drugs, paid with their lives.
Yeah, well, Javier Acosta don't give a damn about no lives.
It was an inside job.
When Lucho told me that we had a mole in our department, I didn't want to believe it.
But this proves it.
What are we gonna do? We're gonna find the mole.
Tae, I want you and Vee to hustle back to the brig.
Comb through those personnel files.
Find anyone even remotely linked to Javier Acosta.
Anyone who might've grown up in the neighborhood.
Anyone he could've done time with.
Friends, family members, mistresses.
I don't care if it's from 30 years ago.
We're gonna find him.
Copy that.
Okay, Tio.
We'll be waiting here.
Daniel's safe.
He's coming home.
We did it, mijo.
That's great news, Pop.
What about El Mozo? We need to send a message.
You take one of ours, we take one of yours.
You did good today, Carlos.
Tell your men to stand down.
And return to business as usual.
"Business as usual"? They kidnapped my brother.
Your son.
Threatened his life.
You think I don't know that? You think I don't want to destroy them for what they've done? If we retaliate against the Metas now, they will come down like the wrath of God on Peacock Hill, and they will obliterate our family, our allies, our entire community.
And our dream of getting out, lifting the people of this city out of poverty, everything we have ever worked for will be destroyed overnight.
So what? We just bow down? Hmm? Let them spit in our faces? I hate it as much as you do, Carlitos.
But we have to stay the course.
In 18 months, our entire family will be free.
Serio? 18 months?! Some things are worth dying for, Pop.
We got El Mozo in our sights right now.
Put your anger to the side.
And think.
Killing El Mozo is a last resort.
And one we can still take if they force us to.
But today Ryan came through for Daniel.
And for all of us.
Our soldiers, they won't like it.
Soldiers take orders.
And I'm giving them one.
Stand down.
Did they hurt you? - No.
- Are you sure? Yeah.
It's just business, Pops.
Beto? Tio told me what you did.
That was brave, man.
Just glad to have you home, man.
Thank you, bro.
A toast.
To Beto.
To Chuy.
_ I got to get going.
Silvia's probably worried.
I'll give you a ride.
Daniel? Yeah? You all right? Yeah.
I mean, two men gave their lives to bring me home today.
I don't know how to feel about that.
Just be grateful.
I can never repay you for what you did.
Come on, man.
You would've done the same for me.
I don't think I could have.
Somewhere deep in the darkest waters Fumble around In a game of lies Always knew that I had to go here Daniel? Are you okay? Yeah.
Just tired.
It's been a long couple of days, you know? I can clean these for you.
No, it's-it's fine.
Don't even worry about it.
Where were you really? I already told you.
I was in San Antonio on a business trip.
I need you to tell me again.
I need you to look me in the eyes and say the words.
And I'll believe whatever you tell me.
But I need to hear the truth.
I was in San Antonio.
Okay? But only for a while Good night.
Good night.
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh.

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