Gang Related (2014) s01e08 Episode Script

El Zorro y el Gallinero

Previously on Gang Related I need to get out.
In 18 months, my people will take over.
Everything you own Will be mine.
Do not harm my boy.
Please, please, please.
How'd you get that name? _ Look, I don't know what happened between you and your dad, but I trust him.
I know.
I did, too.
Taj Depina's extra special.
He beat a female patrol officer to death.
What happened? I had him pinned down by the window, and He just jumped.
- What are we gonna do? - We're gonna find the mole.
Lopez claimed it was approximately seven seconds between the two shots that were fired at Tanner and the third shot that was fired at him.
According to the dash cam footage, it was 58 seconds.
Should have an umbrella, mijo.
You shouldn't be out here in the open with me.
I wouldn't miss your father's aniversario.
Doesn't seem like 19 years.
_ the longer they're gone, the farther the memories fade.
_ _ all his time in Peacock.
How come you never made a run at him? Who said I didn't? I tried many times.
I got the best of both.
You have your father's strength.
And I have his son's loyalty.
And for that I'm extremely grateful, mijo.
You think I'm strong.
Should have met my mother.
I would have loved to.
Please, please, please.
Please, no! Another nightmare? _ you haven't slept since you got back from San Antonio.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
Why don't we, uh Why don't we go to dinner tomorrow night? - Just me and you.
- Yeah? Yeah.
I'll take you to that place you like going.
- Petit Four? - Yeah, yeah.
As you may have heard, thanks to Prop 36 and AB 109, hundreds of inmates have been released from Chino.
AB 109 Was actually only intended to allow for the release of nonviolent offenders.
At least that's the way it was written.
But that's not how it's being enforced.
Some of them will make their way into drug diversion programs, but most will end up back on the streets.
And looking to reclaim their territory.
And we're left to clean up the mess.
Personally, I agree with that.
It's also the law of the land.
And there's a handful of three-strikers we need to pay special attention to.
Gnomo Pinzeta, Los Angelicos lieutenant.
One of Javier Acosta's right-hand men.
Bobby Cho.
High-ranking member of the Korean mob, Dokkaebi Pa.
Bobby did five years.
Refused to point the finger at his boss, Johnny Mook.
Alexi Malkatov.
Russian mafia family captain.
Now that Ivan Letnov is in Chino, we expect Alexi to take his place as Slotko's arms connection.
And Sonny Watts.
Was the Long Beach Lords' top crack dealer.
He skated on three drug trafficking charges, till I finally nailed him on an assault weapons rap.
All these men Have been given a second chance.
I would like to believe that they have been reformed.
They're looking to change.
But if they even consider returning to the life, we will be there to escort them back.
Thanks, everybody.
Vee, my office.
I know you've been building a case to get your brother Anton out of prison.
I also know that Alexi Malkatov - may be the missing link.
- I'm not building a case, captain.
I just want to talk to some of the players at Brighton Beach and get some facts.
Well, the RMF isn't gonna give us anything unless we have some leverage.
Did you just say "we"? If you're gonna see this thing through, you're going to need some help.
- And you're offering? - No, I'm ordering.
I know you too well, Vee.
You’ll do this by yourself, otherwise.
At least this way I can look out for you.
You do not go off book with these guys unless I'm with you.
- Understood? - Understood.
All right, good, get out of here.
For the record, I never believed what they said about you being a hard-ass.
Who's "they"? Hmm, mostly me.
I need your phone.
What's going on? It's 1:30 - in the morning.
- Where is it? On the table, why? Hey, what's going on? Jess, what's up? There's no cell reception in there.
So now I know we won't be interrupted.
What's wrong? What are you doing? Sorry.
I couldn't sleep and I didn't want to wake you up again.
Uh-huh, all good.
Don't worry about it.
It's all good.
I don't think there are any sexy, naked baby pictures of me in here.
Mm, well, I already saw you sexy and naked last night.
They look so happy.
They were.
My dad used to say, "no matter what happens during the day, never go to sleep angry at the one you love.
" They never did.
How old were you when the? Six when my mom passed, ten when my father joined her.
It's funny, when your heart breaks like that, you think it'll never heal.
Hmm! Shoot! I forgot, I have to go.
I have a date.
- Oh, yeah? - Mm-hmm.
Breakfast with dad.
First meal together in five years.
You gonna be okay? I don't even know why I said yes, but I'd kill to have a little more time with mine.
Look, I don't know what happened between you two, but life's too short.
This is gonna be a good thing, okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Give it a chance.
Can I get you something while you wait? Yeah, a, uh, a Bloody Mary, extra Mary.
That kind of morning, huh? Hi.
Thank you.
Bloody Mary, extra Mary.
Can I get you something, sir? Uh, yeah.
Coffee, black, please.
Uh, no, you know, on second thought, that, uh, that looks pretty good.
I'll have one of them.
You know, I didn't think, uh, that you'd be able to make it.
I'm sorry.
Not today.
Saving the world can wait? For an hour at least.
They can manage without me.
It's nice to see you, Jess.
I was, uh, I was hoping that Dad Oh, my God! Are you all right? Oh, my God, dad! Captain Sam Chapel where is he? I just finished with him.
Your captain was brought in with a laceration to his cheek.
It required 43 stitches, but he's looking at a relatively routine recovery.
Now, if you'll excuse me, I'll check back in a little bit.
I'm so sorry, Jess.
You okay? It was a burgundy car with a white bumper.
I don't know the make, and I couldn't identify the shooter.
Neither could my dad.
I'm not here as a cop right now.
Yeah, that's the thing, Ryan.
I need you to be a cop.
I need you to find that shooter.
We're gonna get that son of a bitch, I can promise you that.
You have any idea who might have done this? Your dad make any enemies we might not know of? I mean, that's a long list.
He made hundreds of arrests, so A lot of them just got released.
Let's start there.
Thanks, guys.
Hey, we family.
We take care of our own around here.
Look, LAPD's running the official investigation, but I'm sure they're gonna understand we're not sitting this one out.
You bet your ass.
Everybody, check your sources, meet back at the brig in an hour.
You didn't forget about our agreement, did you? You owe me a favor, and I've come to collect, Seon-u.
You have till the light turns green to make your point.
Is your task force monitoring Bobby Cho? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - Vee, any luck? - No.
Nothing on that one.
We all got back an hour ago.
Where were you? I had trouble tracking down one of my CIs.
I finally found him, but he had no intel on the Chapel shooting.
How about you guys? Anything? Chapel made a lot of enemies.
These jackets read like the O.
Hall of Fame.
Reads like damn fine police work to me.
Hey, guys, call went out over the radio.
Shots fired downtown.
- They got the suspect? - No, but they got the car.
The same one Jessica Chapel ID'd.
Late model sedan, burgundy.
White bumper.
Victim is public defender William Sharpley.
Witness says a black male just walked right up to him, called his name.
When he turned around, he opened fire.
He unloaded his entire clip point-blank.
This definitely wasn't random.
This was personal.
Nine millimeter.
The same casing they used to shoot chapel with.
Hey, these shooters are connected.
We should get a list of Sharpley's cases.
Cross-reference them with any Chapel was involved in.
Might give us a suspect.
If you're here to shake me down again, Carter, now's not the time.
We should reschedule.
I'm not here about you.
I'm here about this.
And the incident with Chapel this morning.
I thought I could offer some help.
You're helping us? We're all brothers in blue today.
I think I know who your suspect is.
Of Sam Chapel's many enemies on the AB 109 list, one name stands out.
Seven years ago, Chapel arrested this man Sonny Watts For possession of an illegally-converted automatic weapon.
It was Watts' third strike, so he went down for 30 to life as an habitual offender.
Sharpley here was Watts' lawyer.
I take it he was an unhappy client.
Sharpley did his best to get him off, just couldn't get it done.
Sharpley and Watts always maintained Vehemently so that Chapel planted the assault weapon in the back of his car.
You're a piece of work, Carter.
Our captain gets shot at, you come here pointing the finger at him? Chapel falsified evidence to send an innocent man to prison for the rest of his life.
An accusation you have no evidence for and could never prove.
Not yet.
You're not a cop.
You're a joke.
Doesn't matter what you think of me, Lopez.
What should be important to you right now is that Sonny Watts is out there somewhere.
And if I'm right, he could have a hit list 50 names long of people he thinks wrongly sent him away.
And he's going to keep killing them until you find him.
That guy's got a great punching-bag face, man.
Slow down, cowboy.
Be careful.
Talk to him like that, you will end up behind a desk pushing papers.
You believe him? Carter made his bones long before us.
Anybody who goes against him ends up losing.
Losing big.
I spoke to Watts' P.
Says Sonny hasn't checked in since his release.
But he gave us the address of his cellie who also just got paroled.
In the words of number 32, showtime.
- Jefe.
- My brothers.
Please welcome our new business partners the Metas.
_ _ _ - Salud! - Salud! Gnomo, you and your brothers have just been liberated from jail.
And soon, we all will be liberated from our chains.
Chains that society has shackled us with.
And to survive, we chose a life of crime.
But no longer.
Together, we can now choose to rise above this life and embrace a legitimate future, become a real power in this country.
These men beside us have always been our business partners, but today, they are our brothers.
We are entering a crucial time of transition.
Nestor y Santo.
Your stash houses you own in Hillside will be sold, at a great profit, to the Metas for their business interests.
Our mule routes from San Diego, run by the Veinte dos Brothers, will also be sold and handed over to the Metas.
We combine those profits with the money we're collecting from the fishscale Which will be cleaned and used to buy legitimate businesses of which we all will be shareholders, and where anyone is welcome to work, also.
_ New future, huh? I see you talking about cutting off the shackles, and all you're doing is selling us off.
_ From where I'm sitting, it doesn't look like liberation, Javier.
Looks like straight-up slavery to me, carnal.
From where you're sitting, Spooky, there's only one way you should be looking at these men, and that is with respect.
_ _ Los Angelicos gave you everything you are and everything you will be.
If being a janitor is my future, then you can have it.
Who do you think you're talking to? Tio, no! Huh? Right here.
Right now.
We have the power to choose a new future.
Check yourself, Spooky.
Do it.
_ _ Looks like things are getting serious with you and Jessica.
You're gonna let the old man know? I think I'd better hold off.
Don't want him to rip his stitches.
Looky, looky.
That's him.
That's him.
That's him.
Back up.
Back up! Back up! He's headed northeast down the alley.
Sonny Watts, stop! I got so much trouble on my mind refuse to lose here's your ticket Sonny! Stop! The crew to you to push the back to black attack, so I sat and japped, then slapped the Mac now I'm ready to mic it you know I like it, huh! Hear my favoritism roll "oh" never be a brother like me go solo.
You gotta be initiated to get a purse from me she gotta be sophisticated purchase a whip from me and never miss a single payment I'm from the city where the muslims, even christians hate it All right.
Now I could write all y'all up for obstruction of justice right now, you know that right? But, uh I ain't got my pen.
Got a pen? - Nope, no pen.
- Yeah.
I think I'm gonna let this one roll.
We're good, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Smells good, though.
For real.
In the middle of the day, huh? Trying to send us a message.
First my brother, now my cousin.
Did you authorize this? I protect Peacock Hill, not desecrate it.
I told the Metas I would handle this.
Looks like you did a pretty weak job, ése.
I gave my life for Peacock Hill.
And for all Los Angelicos.
Look at me.
There is a storm coming, Javier.
I have no fear of thunder.
No? No.
It's the lightning that kills, ¿entiendes? Orale.
Cut him down before the police come, huh? The old Javier Acosta would already have a dozen Meta bodies laying in the middle of the street, ése.
Look at him, ése.
All I'm saying is, should we be following a man who doesn't value the lives of Los Angelicos or someone else who does? _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ You have no right to kill one of my men.
I had already taken care of that problem.
No, Javier.
You did not.
So we had to.
I built this community with my own hands.
By being evenhanded, fair.
Offering our people a voice.
Violence against our own was only done with absolute necessity! The Metas do things their own way.
We ask permission of no one.
This is Peacock Hill! It's not Colima.
It might as well be Colima.
Because everything that was yours is ours now.
This is the transition period, carnal.
It's very crucial.
New management means new rules.
Need I remind you of the deal that you made, Javier? You reminded me when you strung up that boy.
And remember that the next time you raise your voice to me like this, or it'll be you and your family strung up there.
You have any idea the kind of heat you gonna bring down with displays like that in my streets? How do you expect my people to work for you now? You see, that's your problem, Javier.
You'd rather be loved than feared.
You know, back home? There's holes in the desert stacked ten deep with men who think just like you.
Our conversation is not over, Miguel.
It is.
We let a fox in the henhouse.
I can handle it.
The thing with a fox, he doesn't stop eating.
Sometimes the only way to kill him is to lock him in.
And burn the henhouse down around him.
The public defender Sharpley received three calls from a burner two hours - before he was killed.
-That girl in tech was able to ping the signal that originated from here.
Heard that's not the only thing of yours she pinged.
- Uh-oh.
- I can't deny nor confirm that.
That sounds like a confirmation to me.
I don't want no trouble.
- Look, all my tenants are good people.
- That's great.
Tell us what room Sonny Watts is in, you won't have any trouble.
I don't I don't know who Sonny Watts is.
Arrest him.
For-for what? You just became an accessory to a public defender's murder.
Room 442.
Clear! - Clear.
- Clear! Check this out! Petitions for clemency, drafts for legal briefs, copies of arrest reports.
All these documents and articles are about Chapel.
Watts has his own fan club going on here.
Looks like Watts is a jailhouse lawyer.
Serving life gave him plenty of time to poke holes in the gun case and dig up dirt on Chapel.
Hey! Go, go, go.
Stay inside.
Drop the gun! Drop the weapon! You drop the weapon! Drop the gun, let her go! I will kill this bitch! I die before I go back inside! Drop the gun! Sonny, let her go! You got a clear shot.
Drop his ass! You hear me, Tae? You drop him! Sonny, listen to me.
We just want to talk to you.
You're lying! You're Chapel's hit squad.
Let her go or you don't walk out of here alive, Sonny.
Your captain ain't a cop! He's a thug! He’s been terrorizing Park Side for years! He's been policing, there's a difference.
Shut the hell up! Since when does "policing" mean killing a man in cold blood? What the hell you talking about, Sonny? He killed my cousin Taj Depina straight up! Tossed him out a window.
No, Taj jumped.
Who told you that? Chapel? That ain't what happened! Says the convicted felon.
Shoot him! Says the video! That's right.
I got proof.
One of my boys caught it on his cell phone.
So, your captain, even though I missed him this morning, he's going down either way.
Where's the phone? Show me the video.
He's lying, man.
He ain't got no video.
It'd be online by now.
Got him, T? No, no, no! Let's everyone settle down.
Sonny, there's a way out.
But it's got to be the right way, all right? "Right way"? I already tried it the right way once.
Caught a 30-to-life on a case that was rigged.
I ain't doing it again.
I ain't going down like that.
You can't get no justice against Chapel.
It's not gonna be like that this time.
You're too close to see it.
He killed my cousin.
He set me up.
Someone's got to stop this guy.
If you want justice, you're not gonna get it this way and you know it.
Let me help you.
Look, put the gun down.
I promise you you'll walk away alive, all right? You give me your word? I swear.
No! What the hell'd you do, Vee? You're questioning me? He was lowering his weapon.
He was getting ready to shoot.
You didn't feel it.
His arm was tensing.
He was complying! I gave him my word he'd walk - out of here alive - I needed to walk out alive! Thought you had my back.
You know I do.
She did the right thing, Lopez.
It was a clean kill, man.
I'll call it in.
Shots fired.
Send the paramedics.
I got his phone.
Did-did he push him? No.
He was trying to save his life.
He tried to pull the guy in, and the guy fell.
I can't tell.
Tae? Uh, I don't know.
It's not clear enough.
- What do we do? - Tell you what we're gonna do.
We're gonna bury this thing.
This video is Carter's wet dream.
He's gonna manipulate it to look like Chapel's guilty.
Just like that time you shot that kid and then they made you look like a freaking monster.
Hey, we don't have time for this.
You really think this is gonna go any different? Lopez? Vee's right.
If we're not 100% certain what we saw was murder, Chapel's earned the benefit of the doubt.
This video never sees the light of day.
We got a code four.
You can take off the cuffs.
It's okay.
Thank you.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Guard.
Remember our first date? Backseat first date or real first date? The real first date.
It was dinner and jazz at Golden Gate Park.
You brought Sushi and beer.
And you brought a blanket.
More like a sheet from the dorm.
And Tio Gordo sent up a bunch of his molé cookies.
Yeah, which, by the way, is not great dessert with Sushi.
You tried.
You were wearing that yellow summer dress.
And I remember looking at your shoulders and just wanting to kiss them and, and Maybe we should get the check.
Maybe we should.
I'm gonna go to the restroom, and then we're gone.
You do that.
I'm gonna get the car.
Can I buy you a drink? Sorry.
I'm just leaving.
Ah, you just ruined my whole night.
I'm here with my fiancé.
He's a lucky guy.
I didn't mean to bother you.
Have a nice night.
What's going on? Daniel, it's totally fine.
Hey, I asked you, what are you doing? Nothing.
I offered to buy her a drink.
I didn't realize.
I'm sorry.
Don't you think you should apologize? What? Daniel, please! This is my fiancée.
Don't you think you should apologize? I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to offend either of you.
It's over.
Just back off.
Back off? Daniel! Daniel, stop! Daniel, stop! Get off me! _ _ _ I'll do that.
Thank you.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Yeah? Should be home.
This is my home, Ryan.
How you feeling, cap? Like Frankenstein.
A little uglier, but I'd feel a whole lot better if we could get the rest of the Prop 36 criminals off the streets - like you did Sonny Watts.
- I agree.
So, about Sonny Watts, he had this video On his cell phone.
What kind of video? It was of you and Taj Depina.
I saw the video.
If you got a question, ask me.
Did you push him? Are you sure you want me to answer that question? I do.
I was trying to arrest him.
He ran like hell to escape.
I cornered him, he lunged at me, we struggled, he pulled away, went halfway out the window.
And, uh, I grabbed him.
And then? And then I held him as long as I could, and he slipped out of my grasp.
Why'd you tell us he jumped to his death? I didn't see the point of slowing down our progress by dealing with another "use of force" investigation.
Does that answer your question? Yeah.
Just wanted to hear from you.
What did you do with that video? What do you think I did? You're my captain.
I destroyed it.
Heard you killed Sonny Watts.
He tried to kill one of my partners.
She had to take him out.
It's convenient.
He won't ever be able to tell his side of the story, huh? Excuse me? Sonny was putting together a compelling case against Chapel, now suddenly he's dead? He had a gun to her head.
She had no choice but to defend herself.
Your job was to arrest Sonny, not execute him.
My guys aren't murderers.
If you have any other questions about what happened, read the report.
Oh, I read the report.
Then you must have seen the ballistics on Sonny's gun.
Perfect match for the Chapel and Sharpley shootings.
The only thing perfect about Chapel and your task force is how you've learned to manipulate the system in your favor.
It's quite a magic trick he pulled.
He turned a mid-level drug dealer into a killer.
Sonny was no Saint.
No, but he wasn't a monster until you guys flipped that switch.
Our work speaks for itself.
You've seen the stats.
No other task force in this city even comes close.
Night, Carter.
Actually, uh, I'm not going anywhere.
’s kind of stirred up about the whole Acosta rumor.
What do you think? You think there's a mole in the force? I don't know.
Do you? It'd be a perfect cover, wouldn't it? I wouldn't put anything past Javier Acosta.
I'll see you around, detective.
Hey, Jess.
You okay? Tough day.
Want some company? Yeah, that'd be nice.
I'll, uh, be free in a few hours.
I'll come over then.
Sounds good.
See you in a bit.
Cut off your nose to spite your face slowly, send your palms away draw fire, crawl out Strange.
And seek the shade slowly, send your palms away a fine line will set you apart swallow my name, swallow it down sing me a song Shoot the breeze, shake my hand across the fire, I caught your stare Be right there, Jess.
Sing me a song.
- Silvia.
- I'm sorry.
I know you told me never to come here.
I didn't have anybody else to talk to or I didn't know where else to go.
It's okay.
What's wrong? It's Daniel.
He's Ryan, he's not the same!
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