Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e00 Episode Script

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1 When I first took a deal to become an undercover informant in a biker gang, I did it to save my own skin.
But over the next three years, putting bad guys away became my personal mission.
I saw it as a chance to make amends for my past mistakes.
But I paid a heavy price.
I'm Charles Falco and this is my story.
[dark intense music.]
Back in 2003, I thought I had it made.
Big house, three cars, beautiful wife.
I'm making 100K a month cooking and dealing crystal meth.
Don't move! Don't move! You know you're looking at a minimum 20 years.
Maybe I can help.
You ever heard of the Vagos? The biker gang, sure.
You think you could get inside? You want me to join a biker gang? You want to stay out of prison, right? You gather evidence for us and in return, we'll think about reducing your sentence.
You'll think about it? So where is this biker gang? Do I know you? I just want to buy you a beer.
Oh yeah? Want to tell me why? I want to thank a Vago.
For what? So in prison, I didn't know any of the rules.
I don't know what I did to piss this guy off, but he decides he's gonna kill me.
He's got a shiv.
Then out of nowhere comes this huge guy.
Hauls him off and just starts kicking him.
A Vago saved my life.
I promised myself when I get out of jail, I'm gonna find a Vago and I'm gonna thank him.
What's your name? It's Charlie.
And my young old lady, Red.
Being made a Hang-Around is the first step in becoming a Vago.
I'm in now, right? [Charlie.]
Suddenly, there's someone she wants me to meet.
- Falco? - [Charlie.]
How're you doing? I'm all right, you? Have a seat.
They call me Koz.
- Koz, got it.
- Yeah.
What's this? That's your probationary contract between you and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.
Now this is a lot of legal, but basically the essence of it is that you agree to become a confidential informant and I'm your handler.
We stay your charges as long as you're working for us.
So how long is this thing gonna run for? Depends on how long you last.
If I'm gonna get inside this gang and stay out of jail, Schizo's the man I need to get to.
So, Hang-Around.
We've been talking about you.
I need you to fill this out.
It's a background check.
Just to make sure you haven't forgotten to tell us something.
'Cause you see I got good news and I got bad news for you.
Good news is Kid here has agreed to sponsor you as a prospect.
See, but the bad news is Kid has agreed to sponsor you as a prospect.
As a prospect, your ass belongs to the Vagos, to this chapter.
You do everything a full patch tells you.
Full patch wants a beer, you go get him a beer.
Full patch tells you to fight.
I fight.
If I ask you to kill someone.
I kill someone.
You make it to full patch, there's only one thing that I can guarantee you you're either gonna wind up dead or in jail.
Are you good with that? Yeah, I'm good with that.
Welcome on board.
Come here.
- Lets party.
- Yeah! [dark ominous music.]
I'm one step closer to the brotherhood and one step further from prison.
Get me a beer, Prospect.
But this thing, it's just getting going.
Put the piece away, Stash.
What are you staring at? [laughing.]
Too much fun.
Listen, Falco.
Got a proposal for you.
I find it hard to find somebody I can rely on.
I was thinking maybe you and I could try something.
What do you got in mind? He wants me to sell a half a pound of crystal for him.
What's this? It's a digital recorder.
Records eight hours of audio.
So you want me to record the deal? You're gonna record every deal.
From now on every time you're with these guys, you're gonna record every conversation.
Wait, wait, wait, look, if this evidence gets played in court, they'll know that I snitched.
No, we bank it.
Nothing gets used till we pull you out.
And when's that? When we've got enough.
Hey, Prospect.
This is eight ounces.
Price is 12 G's firm.
Feel the guy out.
If he tries to pull anything, you walk with the dope.
If it goes good, you let him know there's a steady supply.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I got this.
Schizo doesn't want a prospect doing a deal this size on his own.
All right, let's roll, Prospect.
Just make sure nothing goes wrong.
This deal's worth $12,000, and Low Riders, they've been known to kill for a lot less.
Let's see the product.
[suspenseful music.]
[ominous music.]
Strip off.
Why? You heard me.
Now where would we be if we couldn't trust one another, Prospect? We ran that background check and it turns out you weren't exactly straight with us.
You got five minutes.
Sew those on your cuts.
And just like that.
The Vagos! I'm in.
Full patch.
Patch gives me a front row seat to the big things going down with the Vagos.
Listen, up in Reno I lined up a deal.
I could use your help.
I need a big profit fast so it's a big buy.
Liquid methamphetamine.
Over five grand in that one little bottle.
I got half a dozen bottles in the car.
Come on.
[dark intense music.]
[shouting angrily.]
You're dead! [tires screeching.]
[metallic crashing.]
Kid! Kid! Kid was one of the good guys.
And now that he's gone, somebody's To tell the truth, right now I don't think anybody's ready to make that step.
So in the mean time, I'm promoting Falco here.
You making Falco VP? Not VP, that's gotta be earned.
Gonna make him joint Sergeant-at-Arms with you.
You want me to work with him? Are you Vagos? I trusted Kid, so until one of you shows me who I can trust, that's the way it's gonna be.
Finally got ahold of Kid's list of guys who owe us.
You two are gonna collect.
I don't care how you do it, just get the money.
Get down! Get down! [Man.]
All right, open it up! Let's go! Let's go.
Stop him, stop him! [shouting.]
[gun fires.]
What'd you shoot him for? [Stash.]
You said to stop him.
I said stop him, I didn't say kill him.
- Well, I stopped him, didn't I? - What is wrong with you? Said no fire fights.
Shut up! You need to get a confession straight out of the killer's mouth.
I am the last guy that Stash would confess to.
That prick, he'd rather shoot me dead.
You'd rather face accessory to murder charge? Thanks for coming by.
Everything cool or what? You heard about that? Yeah, I hear parts of parts.
They don't have a freaking clue who did it.
We wore gloves, balaclava, the whole deal.
One bullet busts through the guy's chest hits his girlfriend in the arm.
Two for the price of one.
I have him, but things were about to go sideways.
Wasn't ATF.
Local cops picked Stash up on a tip.
But he's gonna think that I tipped them.
It gets worse.
They don't have enough to convict him, so if they charge him, I'm gonna have to hand over the confession you recorded.
- But that'll blow my cover.
- Yeah.
There'll be several hundred Vagos wanting you dead.
Did you hear, the fool's got nine lives.
Cops dropped all the charges.
Look, the cops don't know anything.
They don't? Why'd they pick you up? I don't know.
Maybe a rat fed them a story.
Schizo, no offense, but you patched in a cop.
Oh yeah.
Maybe it's time we take that patch back, huh? You want my patch, you come and get it.
But I will kill you before you lay a finger on it.
Tough guy.
[dark intense rock music.]
What the hell, man? Little punk.
He's done.
[sirens wailing.]
During my time with the Vagos, they got away with any number of violent assaults.
But this time, the police decided to press charges against all of us.
No one but Koz and Kiles knows that I'm an informant for the ATF.
They spring me now, my cover will be blown.
We got another problem.
Back when you were busted for meth, you gave up your partner, Bernard.
You remember that? Yeah, of course I remember Bernard.
So after his arrest, he skipped bail to Mexico.
They finally caught up with him and his trial's coming up.
We have an informant that tells us he knows you're in here.
Here? Like here? The unit I'm in.
Yeah, and he might have paid someone to put a hit on you.
What if you put me in solitary? Charlie I don't think you know what you're asking.
Solitary is not They can't get to me in solitary, right? I'll be alone.
Look, I'll be safe until the hearing.
It might take a day or two for me to put it together, but you think you can lay low till then? Thanks, man.
Don't thank me.
For all the quite in solitary, the noise never stops.
Neither do your thoughts.
Solitary's just you and your memories.
You and your guilt.
The stuff I try to think about and the stuff I try not to.
And just like that I'm getting out.
[triumphant rock music.]
Koz had met the judge and the DA to plead my case.
When the judge heard how deep I was undercover with the Vagos, he agreed to help keep my cover safe by throwing out all the charges against everyone, except Schizo.
How much longer I gotta do this because I'm telling you I'm out of time.
I know.
Just gotta hang in there till the busts go down.
Then what? What's going on with getting me into witness protection? I'm working on it.
It's a process.
A process.
- A process, huh? - Don't hit my car, Charlie.
If I don't get in, either the Vagos are gonna kill me or Bernard's guys.
I'm doing everything I can.
You gotta lay low till the raids go down.
Keep it simple.
You're almost done.
You still in touch with that partner of yours? Why you looking for Bernard? Well, we've been talking about you two to Felix.
The international president.
Why? Felix has a line and enough base to cook up a ton of crystal.
He wants to start up a lab.
So I figure you know how to cook it and your friend Bernard can help shift it.
Two days.
Give me your answer.
Oh, just so you know we already told Felix you'd do it.
So are you gonna tell me how big these raids are gonna be? Five counties, 800 law enforcement officers statewide.
800? Yeah, it's pretty much the biggest coordinated police operation in the history of the state.
Cheer up, Charlie.
You played a big part.
Charlie Falco, come shake my hand.
Pleasure to meet you.
We'll see about that.
I want you to concentrate real hard about what I'm gonna ask you.
Stash here wants you to explain something he saw.
What, you've never been pulled over in your cars before? You were nailed, man.
Till that guy walks up to the cop, starts talking to him and then all of a sudden the cop disappears.
And you and the guy start talking like you're buddies.
And then you just rode away all in the clear.
What makes you think Schizo's the only one with county cops in his pockets, huh? [Stash.]
I know what I saw.
Take it easy, man.
Go, go, go, go, go! [somber rock music.]
That's my guy.
Get in there.
You all right, what is it? All these arrests and convictions and then what? They just get new guys and it's the same problem, right? You really think that we made a difference? You made a difference, Charlie.
How come I don't feel like we won? Didn't I tell you? There's no checkmate in this game, only check.
[engine rumbling.]
It's all about the choices we make.
It's the choices that get us where we're going.
POLICE: Put your hands up! Don't move! FALCO: Me, I took a deal to stay out of jail.
- KOZ: Falco? - FALCO: Yeah.
KOZ: Koz.
How much you know about the Vagos? FALCO: Not much.
FALCO: Always looking for the easy ride.
KOZ: Well, what I need is for you to gather evidence.
FALCO: The cops called me a confidential informant.
The Vago motorcycle club I infiltrated called me a snitch.
[glass breaking.]
[indistinct yelling.]
FALCO: Who cares what they think? They're mostly in jail now.
I left California and I disappeared into witness protection.
Charlie Falco's dead.
Long live Charlie Conner.
FALCO: No one ever mentioned my new home in Virginia just happens to be ground zero for one of America's biggest biker wars.
[motorcycle approaching.]
[motorcycle approaching.]
FALCO: Virginia's home to more biker gangs than I can list, all of them fighting for a slice of the territory.
And presiding over this war is one guy.
Well, let's just say his reputation precedes him.
THE DEVIL: You called this parley.
So what d'you want? SOULS' BOSS: I thought we had a truce going, Devil.
I mean, we stay out of your territory, and you stay out of ours.
That includes Petersburg.
THE DEVIL: I got friends in Petersburg.
You saying I have to ask permission to visit? SOULS' BOSS: [laughs.]
Come on.
Just cut the bullshit.
We seen your boys muscle their way into our bars to move your dope.
We see you there again, you know how it's gonna end.
THE DEVIL: I'll tell you how it ends.
From now on, I'm gonna lift my leg and I'm gonna mark any territory I want.
And I ain't gonna let no Maggot stop me.
[indistinct yelling.]
[scuffling and punching.]
[scuffling and punching.]
[scuffling and punching.]
[biker choking.]
[engines starting.]
SNIPER: Follow him! Don't let him get away! Go! [tires squealing.]
[engines roaring.]
[biker choking.]
[tires squealing.]
[tires squealing.]
[tires squealing.]
[motorcycle crashes.]
[Souls' boss breathing heavily.]
SOULS' BOSS: Devil? C'mon, man.
Devil THE DEVIL: You got no one to blame but yourself.
[engines starting.]
SOULS' BOSS: Devil! What kind of man are you? [engines revving.]
[tires squealing.]
[tires squealing.]
THE DEVIL: Bag him up.
And mop this place down.
FALCO: Sometimes I feel like I've been to hell and back.
But there are circles of hell in America, just waiting for lost souls like me.
Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself, but you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly [radio playing news.]
[repairing sounds.]
MIKE: Conner? Charlie! FALCO: [sighs.]
Yeah? MIKE: How much longer on that fan-belt? FALCO: I'm done, but the engine's still vibrating.
MIKE: Don't worry about that.
Can pick it up in half an hour, mam.
Thank you.
FALCO: Mike, if it's the engine mounts, that's a pretty big job.
MIKE: Charlie, pull it out of the bay.
It's alright, she'll pick it up.
FALCO: Just saying it doesn't make sense.
MIKE: What doesn't make sense is the fact that I'm still paying you off the books.
You know anything about that social security number yet? FALCO: Still waiting on it.
MIKE: Yeah, well, I can't keep you going like this forever, Charlie.
[radio playing news.]
FALCO: So this is the new me Charlie Conner.
No passport, no birth certificate, no driver's license.
Trying to put the past behind me, but always looking over my shoulder.
Witness protection is supposed to be a new start.
Turns out even the little things like finding an apartment are tough when you got no ID, no bank account, no history.
[door closes.]
FALCO: I gotta make this work.
I need to make this work.
What else am I gonna do? FALCO: I fill my days with routine, but it's hardly a life.
[opens bottle.]
FALCO: It used to take something big to get under my skin.
These days, it's the little things that set me off.
[remote hits floor.]
FALCO: [screaming.]
[breathing deeply.]
[breathing deeply.]
FALCO: Where does this come from? Hating who I was? Hating who I've become? FALCO: [sighs.]
FALCO: Maybe I'd rather not know.
[door closes.]
FALCO: Sometimes the pain feels good.
[slow rock music playing.]
FALCO: I guess one day I'll connect the dots.
But part of me knows I might not like what I'll find.
[slow rock music playing.]
[slow rock music playing.]
SARAH JANE: Well, look who's back.
FALCO: Hey, yeah, I'll have the large SARAH JANE: Large Greek with chicken and fries? 'Cause you, sir, are a man of habit.
FALCO: Yeah, you know, the president has a closet filled with the exact same suit, so that he has one less decision to make on a busy day.
SARAH JANE: Is that right? So this means you and the president are both busy and decisive? Or predictable and boring? FALCO: Well, I can't speak for the president personally, but I myself am trying to quit the whole unpredictable and exciting thing.
FALCO: Feels better to be out, even though I can't be myself.
But I'm not only loner trying to get a toe hold in this state.

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