Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e01 Episode Script

Nowhere Man

1 It's all about the choices we make.
It's the choices that get us where we're going.
Put your hands up! Don't move! Me, I took a deal to stay out of jail.
- Falco? - Yeah.
How much you know about the Vagos? Not much.
Always looking for the easy ride.
Well, what I need is for you to gather evidence.
The cops called me a confidential informant.
The Vago motorcycle club I infiltrated called me a snitch.
Who cares what they think? They're mostly in jail now.
I left California and I disappeared into witness protection.
Charlie Falco's dead.
Long live Charlie Conner.
No one ever mentioned my new home in Virginia just happens to be ground zero for one of America's biggest biker wars.
Virginia's home to more biker gangs than I can list, all of them fighting for a slice of the territory.
And presiding over this war is one guy.
Well, let's just say his reputation precedes him.
You called this parley.
So what d'you want? I thought we had a truce going, Devil.
I mean, we stay out of your territory, and you stay out of ours.
That includes Petersburg.
I got friends in Petersburg.
You saying I have to ask permission to visit? Come on.
Just cut the bullshit.
We seen your boys muscle their way into our bars to move your dope.
We see you there again, you know how it's gonna end.
I'll tell you how it ends.
From now on, I'm gonna lift my leg and I'm gonna mark any territory I want.
And I ain't gonna let no Maggot stop me.
Follow him! Don't let him get away! Go! Devil? C'mon, man.
Devil You got no one to blame but yourself.
Devil! What kind of man are you? Bag him up.
And mop this place down.
Sometimes I feel like I've been to hell and back.
But there are circles of hell in America, just waiting for lost souls like me.
Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself, but you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly Conner? Charlie! Yeah? How much longer on that fan-belt? I'm done, but the engine's still vibrating.
Don't worry about that.
Can pick it up in half an hour, mam.
Thank you.
Mike, if it's the engine mounts, that's a pretty big job.
Charlie, pull it out of the bay.
It's alright, she'll pick it up.
Just saying it doesn't make sense.
What doesn't make sense is the fact that I'm still paying you off the books.
You know anything about that social security number yet? Still waiting on it.
Yeah, well, I can't keep you going like this forever, Charlie.
So this is the new me Charlie Conner.
No passport, no birth certificate, no driver's license.
Trying to put the past behind me, but always looking over my shoulder.
Witness protection is supposed to be a new start.
Turns out even the little things like finding an apartment are tough when you got no ID, no bank account, no history.
I gotta make this work.
I need to make this work.
What else am I gonna do? I fill my days with routine, but it's hardly a life.
It used to take something big to get under my skin.
These days, it's the little things that set me off.
Where does this come from? Hating who I was? Hating who I've become? Maybe I'd rather not know.
Sometimes the pain feels good.
I guess one day I'll connect the dots.
But part of me knows I might not like what I'll find.
Well, look who's back.
Hey, yeah, I'll have the large Large Greek with chicken and fries? 'Cause you, sir, are a man of habit.
Yeah, you know, the president has a closet filled with the exact same suit, so that he has one less decision to make on a busy day.
Is that right? So this means you and the president are both busy and decisive? Or predictable and boring? Well, I can't speak for the president personally, but I myself am trying to quit the whole unpredictable and exciting thing.
Feels better to be out, even though I can't be myself.
But I'm not only loner trying to get a toe hold in this state.
What's up, Dirtbag? I got a sit-down with Crowbar.
You gonna leash that thing? Baby's just lettin' you know that she don't care for your patch.
Well, I can't say I care for Baby's attitude.
We doin' this or what? Come on.
Come on.
I thought this was a deal with you and Stubby.
But I only see you.
Stubby's out bad.
From now on, you deal straight with me.
So you're the president of a chapter of one.
Doesn't that scare you, Bullet? A Mongol from California, riding all alone in a Pagan state? Well, I met a biker from up near Richmond.
Calls himself The Devil.
He tells me Virginia's an Outlaw state.
Maybe I should take my business to him.
As promised 9 mm Glock clone, untraceable.
Takes standard mag all the way up to 100 round barrel.
What's this for? Your bonus.
Well, I like your style.
If you can get me 20 more.
20 more? As a first order.
Well, well, well Our Mongol friend isn't foolin' around, is he, Dirtbag? Why so many? That's my business.
Well, if I'm gonna sell you 20 pieces, it's my business.
You starting an army or something? I'm sending 'em west to my club.
Boys can't get their own guns? It's way too hot.
ATF, FBI; every damn agency's got their eyes on us.
It's better to buy 'em here and send 'em back.
Hmph And if this works out, maybe we turn it into a regular thing.
How regular? Let's see how you do the first time.
Oh, you get the cash, I'll make the deal.
I'll get the cash, you take me to the guns, and I make the deal.
No, that kinda cuts me out, don't it? You'll get your cut.
But I make the deal.
In or out? I'll call my guy.
Hit the spot? I'd, uh I'd hate you to think I was fishing for better tips, but I know most of my regulars by name.
Oh it's, um, Charlie.
Charlie Conner.
Charlie Well, I, of course, am Sarah Jane.
It's nice to finally put a name to a tag.
Anything else I can get you? I, uh, I wouldn't know where to begin.
Hm You can start with this.
Something wrong with your phone? Donny You won't take my calls.
Where else am I supposed to talk to you? We've talked, we're done.
Maybe I'm not done.
Donny, can you please just go? I just said I'm not done here.
She asked you to go.
Who the hell are you? He's nobody, he's just customer.
Donny Buddy, you don't know who you're talking Whoa! Was that totally necessary? Hey, hey! Stop it! Stop it! I'm calling the cops! No, no! No cops! Get out! Get out! Next time mind your own business.
Yeah Next time? What is the matter with you? I ask myself that every day.
Tick, tick, tick Seconds turn into minutes, minutes into days Days into years.
When there's nothing to aim for, life's aimless.
We can choose to do what we want, but we pay our own tab.
Yeah? Charlie, it's Sherri.
You forget our appointment? Sorry.
Have you been in another fight? I just slipped on some grease at work.
If you're having problems, I need to know.
The Marshal service can't protect you.
I know, I signed a pledge.
"Stay out of trouble.
" Got it.
How's the job coming? Well, let's just say Charlie Conner's not gonna be employed much longer unless he gets a number - I know.
- to match the name.
It always takes a while.
A while? Hmph.
It's been over a year.
Look, I'll check in on that number, but if you can't keep yourself out of trouble we can't do our job and protect you.
Can you not get into a car like a normal person? What's your problem? That's it? Mexican clone.
No serials, untraceable.
We're ready for a full order.
How soon? As soon as you can get me the cash.
Well, I'll need a few days.
I'll tell him three days.
That enough time? Alright.
Hey, Bullet? Your Pagan buddy.
What about him? He wouldn't set you up, would he? Y'know, that gum's not the answer.
Excuse me? Nicotine gum.
All it does is reinforce the idea that you're trying to quit.
I am trying to quit.
Nobody likes a quitter, Meredith.
I don't see how insulting me helps.
See, what you gotta do is you gotta shift your identity.
Stop being a smoker trying to quit, and tell yourself you don't smoke.
Over and over.
C'mon, say it: "I don't smoke.
" Did I ask for your advice? "I don't smoke.
" I don't smoke.
Why don't I smoke? 'Cause I'm a nonsmoker.
Tell yourself 'til you believe it, and that's who you'll be.
Drinking again Not that it helps.
I'm like a negative space.
I'm only here because I'm not.
I need to talk to someone.
But there's only one person who understands what I'm going through.
Of course you're not there.
Nobody is anywhere.
Koz You 'member when you said there's no checkmate There's no checkmate in this game, only check.
Only check? Well, I'm down to my king, and all I can do is move one square at a time, and check.
Ow! Move forward, check, move backwards, check, move sideways, check.
Check, check, check, check, check Anyway you understand, right? Call me.
Charlie how many times is this? I know, Mike, I'm sorry.
Ah, we got a brake job waiting.
You think you can handle it? Koz? Hey, sorry I missed your call, Charlie.
You know how I love to talk chess.
What call? Yeah, that's the one.
I don't think I'd remember it either if I was in your condition.
Good time? You mean like right now, or my life in general? Oh, it's like that, huh? Listen, I'd love to hold your hand and talk about your feelings but I haven't got time right now.
Ah, whatever.
Neither do I.
Okay, let me get right to it.
Listen, you know why you're having such a hard time adjusting? You're still fighting yourself.
The question is, how long before you go back to your old ways? Come on, man, I'm not going back.
Okay, well, I'm just saying that I've seen a lot of guys in your position, Charlie, and the stats aren't pretty.
Yeah, look, if you're done tearing me down, I got a brake job to get to.
I'm not I'm not tearing you down, buddy.
I'm trying to help you.
Listen, I'm calling to offer you a job.
What job? As a paid CI.
Part time.
Buddy of mine in the agency is running an operation out of Petersburg.
I told him about you, and he's willing to talk if you are.
There'd be a bike in it for ya.
Is that a yes? Uh No, man.
I can't go backwards.
Well, you gotta do what you gotta do.
You take care, huh? Oh hey.
Hey, Sarah Jane.
Cook's just left.
We close early on weekends.
Actually, that's not why I'm here.
It's not fight-day either, if that's what you came for.
I came to apologize.
For what? For making things worse for you, if that's what I did.
No worse.
No better.
It's nothing I can't handle.
And for future reference, I don't need rescuing.
Got it.
Still I'm sorry.
Well, I better let you go.
Why, you in a hurry? Aren't you? I got time for a smoke if you do.
It's been a while since I've done this.
Must interfere with your fight training.
How long you gonna make me wear that? How long you gonna deserve it? Uh, you don't worry your boss will notice? I buy it off her.
You're new in town, right? More or less.
So where was our Charlie before here? LA, mostly.
What were you doing there? Little bit of this and that.
Rode with a biker club for a bit.
A bad boy.
So what, you came here from Southern California? On purpose? What's so wrong with here? I don't know.
Maybe I'm just biased, seeing as it's the home of my biggest mistakes.
Oh, you mean like, um, what's his name? Donny? Doesn't really matter.
I'm not planning on being here much longer anyway.
Oh, yeah? Where you going? Savannah.
Going to art school there.
Well, I applied, anyway.
Somehow I knew there was more to you.
Than what, the hash-slinger I'm disguised as? Finally, I meet a man who can see my true potential, just as I'm planning on leaving.
So how long 'til you go? Couple months, if all goes well.
A lot can happen in a couple months.
What are you doin' there? Nothin'.
We're here to see Paco.
Hey, hey, Paco! My brother! So this is Bullet.
Gonna show me the cash? Show me what I'm buying.
A Mongol from So Cal.
You're long way from home, amigo.
Well, I could say the same for you, amigo.
Hm I got lots of friends out there.
Sureño friends.
Mongol friends.
Anyone I know? No one that knows who you are.
Well, maybe you just know the wrong people.
Maybe you don't know the right ones.
Look, if you wanna know about me, talk to somebody who matters.
I'll get Miles on the phone.
You know, Miles Torres.
International President of the Mongols Motorcycle Club.
Fellas H-how did we get here? I'm not gonna shoot you with my phone, Paco.
I'm calling Miles for you.
By the way, I texted him your address on the way in, so he knows I'm here.
Forget it.
Just show me the cash.
Like I said, show me what I came for.
Yep, we are all good.
Count it if you want.
I know where to find you if it's short.
Somebody tell me we're all good here? Yeah, we good.
So we'll do this again sometime.
Hey, Mike.
I told you, I'm still waiting on it.
I know, you'll tell me.
I just wanted to know how you feel about doing some overtime.
You know bikes, right? Yeah, I know a little.
Came in at lunch.
Customer wants it back in a hurry.
I said we'd get to it soon as possible.
What's wrong with it? Pshht.
You tell me.
Could be dirt in the cylinders Could be the fuel injectors need replacing.
Go ahead, Mike, I got this.
I'll close up.
I'll see you later.
Yes, sir, bright and surly.
Alright, moment of truth, Charlie.
It's been 784 days since I rode one of these.
But you know what they say about riding bikes.
I might not be free, but I can feel free, even if only for a moment.
Falco is no snitch What's it gonna be like for me in witness protection? You'll begin a new life, with a new identity in a new location.
Falco, he's got a gun! You're dead.
Not everyone finds it easy to let go of the past Brought your cut.
Well, here's to a lucrative future.
Have a good one.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Nobody said it was time to go.
It's time to celebrate! Dirtbag, why don't you load up our new Mongol friend a bowl of smiley-smile? You see this here, Tina? The shit is gonna put the Pagans on the map in this state.
Let me ask you something, the Outlaws What about 'em? You're allies, right? We work together against the Maggots.
I heard they killed a Maggot boss awhile back.
What did you hear, exactly? Outlaws' boss, the guy who calls himself The Devil, well, he goes medieval on this Maggot and has him pulled apart like an insect.
True story? Sure.
You could call it a farewell to arms and legs.
So this Devil, he's, uh he's your ally? Well, The Devil and us, we got an understanding.
He respects our territory.
What's it to you, anyway? If we're gonna be allies, I just want to know which ones I can trust.
I don't like you.
I don't like him.
Well, shit, Dirtbag.
No one asked you to.
Nah, I'm good.
I got business.
If you want to be our ally, your business is right here.
That is a valid point.
You really gonna turn down Pagan hospitality? Being back on a bike feels good.
It reminds me who I am.
Maybe Koz is right Maybe I've been fighting myself.
It's like trying to escape gravity.
The pull is too great.
I told you, I don't smoke that shit.
Is that what you call our hospitality? Shit? You remember Desert Storm? Gulf War, '91? Well, one night those Hajjis launch a Scud attack into Saudi.
One of 'em hits the US Army base.
Kills 27 servicemen and wounds over 100 more.
What's your point? I was there.
Chemical fire from that shitstorm raked out my lungs.
I spent the next six months in Walter Reed learning how to breathe again.
So when I tell you, again, that I don't smoke that shit, you gonna keep on insulting me? 'Cause that'd be a mistake.
Respect, brother.
I did not know you served.
Now you do.
Yeah, oh yeah.
Crush him up a line.
You can snort that.
That's what I'm talkin' about! Dirtbag, crush him up another.
Already told you, I got business.
The sooner I get to it, sooner we can do this again.
Yeah, when? I'll call you.
Don't look at me like that, and load us up another bowl.
You know where you are? Yeah, sure.
Why? Watch out for the dog.
Could I get a tequila and a beer? Ah Just because you don't like him doesn't mean we can't do business.
You should've seen him with Paco.
His game is tight.
He should be riding with us.
He ain't like us.
That's for damn sure.
When's the last time you walked in and dropped a wad like this? Hey Can I get that Beef Jerky? Never let it be said that I don't share the wealth.
I think our friend is back.
What a cutie.
Oh, you're so pretty.
Hey, this your dog? Are you lost? Nope.
Then what are you doing here? Just enjoying a beverage.
Baby, get! Baby! So listen now, uh, son I think it might be best that you just, uh move on down the road.
Soon as I'm done my beverage.
Is this your beverage? Yeah.
Ah! Looks like you're finished.
Bartender, same again.
Are you gonna make me dare you to pick that up? Charlie, what is wrong with you? Here.
So how'd it happen this time? Uh Another unruly customer.
There some kind of unruly customer epidemic out there? Or you just get off on picking fights? Uh, your stalker buddy Donny, he had it coming.
What about tonight's customer? Hard to explain.
I'm sure I can grasp the basics.
You ever felt so numb that you just wanna feel I dunno something? I can't say fighting was ever my go-to cure for that feeling.
Where was this bar, exactly? Ah, just west of here.
Biker bar.
Dumbass! You could have got yourself killed.
Oh, I had it under control.
Until his friends piled on top of me So make sure that I never see you again.
You enjoyed it, didn't you? I just wanted to remember what it feels like to be alive.
And? Did it work? You feelin' alive there, Charlie? I'm feeling something.
And instead of going for medical attention like a sensible person, you come here? There something you think I can do for you, Charlie? I just want to talk.
Thanks for the ice.
And the coffee.
No, don't worry, it's on the house.
What's that? Your prescription.
See you around.
I'm here 'til I'm not.
So who do I wanna be? In the end, it's all about the choices we make, right? It's the choices that make us who we are.
Yeah Koz, is that CI job still available? 'Cause if it is I want in.

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