Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e02 Episode Script

The Devil You Know

1 KOZ: Listen, I'm calling to offer you a job.
As a paid CI, part time.
- BULLET: Know where you are? - FALCO: Yeah, sure, why? BULLET: Watch out for the dog.
(dog barks) CROWBAR: Are you lost? CROWBAR: Make sure that I never see you again.
SARAH JANE: What is wrong with you? MEREDITH: Can you not get into a car like a normal person? BULLET: I met a biker from up near Richmond.
Calls himself The Devil.
He tells me Virginia's an Outlaw state.
FALCO: Koz, is that CI job still available? - - - - - - CHARLES FALCO: Sometimes I have this dark nightmare I'm right back where I started.
Back undercover in another biker gang (gunshot) FALCO: Looking over my shoulder, waiting for the bullet that has my name on it.
Except this time it doesn't feel like a dream.
It feels real.
THE DEVIL: So you wanna be a real one-percenter? FALCO: They say better the devil you know.
But The Devil I know? I got a feeling he knows me better than I know myself.
THE DEVIL: Moment of truth, boys.
FALCO: And now he wants to show me who I really am.
(gunshot) Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself But you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly (radio playing) (drilling) (phone ringing) (phone ringing) FALCO: Koz.
KOZ: You got a pen handy, Charlie? FALCO: Uh just give me one sec.
FALCO: Hold on, okay.
KOZ: 19538 Gormley Road, Petersburg.
FALCO: Okay.
What what's there? KOZ: Your destiny.
FALCO: What? KOZ: I'm kidding.
I talked to my buddy about you.
He wants to meet.
FALCO: So I'm in? KOZ: Unless he hates you.
FALCO: Why would he hate me? KOZ: He hates everybody.
MIKE: Charlie? KOZ: Six o'clock.
Can you be there? FALCO: Petersburg? Tonight? KOZ: Don't be late.
He hates late.
MIKE: We're on the clock here, buddy.
FALCO: I'm sorry, Mike.
Call from home.
SARAH JANE: Charlie.
Still rockin' that death wish? FALCO: It's just a bicycle.
SARAH JANE: It's just your head.
Oh, well.
FALCO: Um I've been meaning to call you.
SARAH JANE: Don't apologize.
I only gave you my number in case you wanted to talk.
Things must be going good, huh? FALCO: Better.
Thanks for asking.
SARAH JANE: What? FALCO: What, what? You, um, you wanna do something sometime? SARAH JANE: I'm not going on a date with you.
FALCO: Alright, well, how about a bike ride, then? Bike rides aren't dates.
FALCO: So here I am, 19538 Gormley Road.
Just outside of Petersburg, an hour west of Virginia Beach.
This is a different kind of Virginia.
Used to be tobacco country.
These days much of it feels like a world that got left behind.
I don't even know what I'm doing here.
(knocks on door) FALCO: Getting myself in trouble, most likely.
FALCO: Hey, Koz sent me.
MEREDITH: You're Charlie Connor? - FALCO: Right.
- MEREDITH: Come in.
MEREDITH: Connor's here! I'm Meredith Jones, A.
Field Operations Management, and this is our special agent.
BULLET: Bullet.
We met before? FALCO: No, I don't think so.
MEREDITH: Come on, take a seat, Charlie.
MEREDITH: So you're in Virginia Beach? FALCO: Yeah, I took the bus over here.
MEREDITH: Well, thanks for coming to meet us.
Koz says you'd be interested in working as a confidential informant? FALCO: Yeah, Koz was my handler for three years, back when I infiltrated BULLET: Yeah, we know.
You're in witness protection, right? FALCO: Uh-huh.
BULLET: So what's up? You bored? Hoping this might be a way to get some excitement back in your life? FALCO: Yeah, well, Koz tell you that? MEREDITH: No.
Did he explain what we're doing? FALCO: He just said you got an operation going out here.
MEREDITH: Okay, well, it's an offshoot of a larger investigation into the Mongols called Operation Black Rain.
Bullet infiltrated a club in California, and now he's been transferred here.
FALCO: Okay.
So why the move? BULLET: My Mongols chapter boss, guy named Stubby, he's with the navy.
Last year he gets transferred to Norfolk.
Wants me to help him start up a new chapter.
So here we are.
FALCO: So where's Stubby now? BULLET: On an aircraft carrier for the next 18 months.
Which makes me the only Mongol in town.
FALCO: Okay, then.
So who you infiltrating? BULLET: This isn't like your little deal with the Vagos, Charlie.
We're playing for bigger stakes here.
(exhales) It just so happens that Petersburg's in the middle of a biker war over drugs and territory.
We got Outlaws and Pagans on one side, Maggots on the other.
FALCO: Whose side are the Mongols on? BULLET: Outlaws and Pagans.
At least most of the time.
The point is, as Mongols, we get to work all the clubs across the state.
FALCO: Hm So how would I fit in? MEREDITH: You'd be Bullet's prospect.
BULLET: (exhales) BULLET: You know the drill.
Make some friends, do some business, buy drugs, guns, the usual rope-a-dope deals.
The main thing is to build trust, get deeper in the game.
FALCO: How long do you expect this to run? MEREDITH: Another year or so.
BULLET: Maybe longer.
We're in this for the long haul, Charlie.
Koz and I have been inside the Mongols for a long time.
FALCO: Koz is a Mongol? BULLET: Sergeant-at-arms.
Full patch member since 2002.
FALCO: No, he he was my handler back then.
BULLET: He never mentioned his day job? FALCO: (sighs) So what do I gotta do to get the gig? BULLET: Koz vouched for you.
That's good enough for me.
MEREDITH: Given your status in Witness Protection, we can't offer you anything official.
Would just be cash payment for the hours worked.
FALCO: Uh, yeah Well, Koz said something about a bike.
FALCO: Wow, that looks like an ATF bike.
(engine starting) FALCO: Sounds like one too.
(engine revving) BULLET: You can blame the guy we confiscated it from.
BULLET: You were facing 20-odd years for cooking meth.
That right? FALCO: Uh-huh.
BULLET: I guess that's how I know you.
We did business together.
How about we call you Chef? FALCO: Chef? Sure, sounds good.
BULLET: Need a refresher in riding? FALCO: Ah MEREDITH: Well, at least he looks the part.
BULLET: Well, he'll need to do more than look it.
MIKE: Where'd you get this? FALCO: Just bought it.
MIKE: How'd you swing that? FALCO: Guy let me take it on credit.
Is it alright with you if I work on it after hours? MIKE: Oh yeah, as long as it's on your own time.
Listen, Charlie, weird thing.
When I sent in your social security info FALCO: Is there a problem? MIKE: Not at all.
It's just that the IRS called to double-check on your age because the number they issued you is brand new.
I cleared it all up, but Charlie, why'd you tell me you lost your social security card when you never even had one before? FALCO: I'm sorry, Mike.
MIKE: Why'd you lie to me? FALCO: It's embarrassing, that's why.
I only ever worked cash jobs up until now.
MIKE: What, your whole life? FALCO: Yeah.
My dad, he was in the army, and we grew up in bases in Europe.
And by the time I got back I was done high school, so I just worked jobs under the table, and, you know, I was just trying to stay ahead of the taxman.
Anyway, um, I figured I'd come out of the shadows, so I finally applied for a number.
MIKE: I got it.
FALCO: Cool, I better get back.
(phone ringing) (engine starts) FALCO: Nice.
This your house? SARAH JANE: No, I just rent a room off some friends.
How am I gonna keep up with you on that? FALCO: Well, you know, you gotta pedal real fast.
SARAH JANE: Think I'm gonna get on that thing with you? (waves lapping on shore) SARAH JANE: I'm just gonna put this out there On the surface, this must seem pretty reckless of me.
FALCO: What? (birds chirping) SARAH JANE: Riding out to the beach on the back of a Harley with an ex-biker who's just been in two fights.
FALCO: Well, you can always run away screaming.
SARAH JANE: Maybe I'm too curious.
FALCO: What about? SARAH JANE: You.
I can't tell if you're a wolf in sheep's clothing, or vice versa.
FALCO: What, a sheep in wolf's clothing? SARAH JANE: (laughs) FALCO: Well, I'm just gonna put this out there I'm gonna miss you when you move to Savannah.
SARAH JANE: Aw, really? FALCO: Yeah, at the diner.
The food's incredible, obviously, but the main draw is the first-rate service.
SARAH JANE: Nothin' else, huh? FALCO: Is there anything you're gonna miss around here? SARAH JANE: Turn your head a bit.
FALCO: (laughing) SARAH JANE: I wanna see your profile.
Now the other.
FALCO: What? I have a good side and a bad side? Two bad sides? What's so weird? SARAH JANE: Just how I keep breaking the promises I make myself.
(waves rushing) BULLET: (grunting) (motorcycle approaching) (motorcycle approaching) BULLET: See you got your cuts.
That's good.
FALCO: You gonna tell me where we're going? BULLET: We are goin' up to see The Devil.
FALCO: 'See The Devil.
' What is that? Is that ATF-speak for some hazing you're about to put me through? BULLET: No.
(zips zipper) We're going to see the regional boss of the Outlaws.
He calls himself The Devil.
FALCO: You gonna tell me why we're goin'? BULLET: It's courtesy thing.
If I'm gonna expand my chapter, he's gonna need to hear it from me before one of his crew finds out first.
Let's go.
We're due there in 20.
FALCO: How far we going? BULLET: Just north of Richmond.
FALCO: Yeah, that's more like forty.
BULLET: Try to keep up.
(engine starting) FALCO: You always ride like that? BULLET: Like what? (tattoo gun buzzing) BULLET: Here to see The Devil.
TATTOO ARTIST: Have a seat over there.
(metal music in background) (metal music in background) (metal music in background) SNIPER: You Bullet? SNIPER: Wait there.
FALCO: It's a nice clubhouse.
(footsteps) (footsteps) THE DEVIL: Wasting your time talking to him.
Foghorn don't talk.
Not since he got stabbed in the throat by a Maggot.
So you finally pay me a formal visit But not before you get all buddy with the Pagans.
BULLET: Where'd you hear that? THE DEVIL: Me n' Crowbar talk every Sunday.
BULLET: Ah Yeah, he, uh, he said you two have an understanding.
He knows it's a short road from allies to enemies, so he keeps me informed.
You're here to tell me Stubby's out.
You're chapter boss, and you got plans to expand.
BULLET: Anything Crowbar forget to mention? THE DEVIL: Never said you had a new probate.
BULLET: This is Chef.
THE DEVIL: Well, since we're makin' introductions, that's my sergeant-at-arms, Sniper, our mute friend Foghorn, and the idiot carving my table Could you just stop that?! That's Sputnik.
He was raised by wolves in Russia.
Beer us, comrade.
Not you, probate.
So you want my blessing to build up and ride out of Petersburg.
BULLET: We stay out of your way.
We side with you against the Maggots.
We can even talk every Sunday if you want.
THE DEVIL: Yeah, I like you.
You know how to run your show.
But you gotta remember who's in charge of the big picture.
What the hell you staring at? I asked you a question, probate.
What are you staring at? FALCO: You just remind me of someone.
THE DEVIL: Is that so? Come here.
THE DEVIL: I can't think of who I'd remind you of because there's only one of me.
Who am I? FALCO: The Devil.
THE DEVIL: Correct.
FALCO: Ah! THE DEVIL: And that's so you never forget.
So, I appreciate the courtesy call.
I'll give you my blessing, under one condition.
When I call, you answer.
When I say you ride with us, you ride.
When I ask your support, you give it.
THE DEVIL: Well, then, put 'er there.
THE DEVIL: Two more.
THE DEVIL: You'll be hearing from me.
Real soon.
FALCO: I can't tell.
Did that go well? BULLET: You can still talk, can't you? (engine starting) FALCO: See that? That was your fault.
SARAH JANE: Just one more second.
Actually, can you just stand there like that? I wanna get that Band-Aid just right.
That must have been one hell of a shaving cut.
Don't be so self-conscious.
FALCO: Just, no one's ever drawn me before.
SARAH JANE: Well, just be thankful you're not being quartered too.
I'm just trying to capture the real you.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? You think you're that good? Let me take a look.
SARAH JANE: No, not 'til I'm not done.
- FALCO: Just let me see it.
- SARAH JANE: No FALCO: Oh, look at that.
SARAH JANE: What's the verdict? FALCO: Ah, you know what? You're really good.
SARAH JANE: But? FALCO: Mm but you really see my nose as that big? SARAH JANE: Well, it's just how I see it.
FALCO: So you see me as Pinocchio? (phone ringing) (phone ringing) FALCO: Bullet? Now? Like right now? Okay.
SARAH JANE: Something wrong? FALCO: I'm sorry.
SARAH JANE: It's okay.
I get it.
It's a work emergency.
Unless it's a hotter date? FALCO: Hotter than you? How's that even possible? (engine starting) (laughter and chatter) FALCO: I've been summoned to Bullet's place, and by the looks of things I'm not the only one.
FALCO: Hey, Sputnik.
FALCO: The Devil's already calling on us to show our support for The Outlaws by riding with them.
(crashing) (rowdy yelling) FALCO: The Devil's supposed to be our ally.
So why don't I feel safe? THE DEVIL: How many? You sure? FALCO: Pagans here too.
Did not want to see them.
(rowdy chatter) (rowdy chatter) FALCO: Is he serious about this? BULLET: Yeah.
Look, it's a test.
Just go with it.
THE DEVIL: Alright, listen up! We got a Maggot sighting downtown, a bar called the Tavern.
(laughter) THE DEVIL: Never mind the name.
Since our Pagan friends can't seem to control the infestation, we're gonna do our new Mongol friends a solid and drive the Maggots out of town! CROWD: (cheering) Let's go get a slice of Maggot pie! CROWD: (cheering) THE DEVIL: Welcome to the party, probate! BULLET: Chef, let's go.
THE DEVIL: Let's see what you're made of! FALCO: Listen, Bullet, that Pagan boss, Crowbar BULLET: Just a sec.
Meredith I've been trying to call you.
Look, I need your eyes on a place called the Tavern.
The Outlaws are planning an ambush on a Maggot bar.
No, no, no, listen, don't call the cops, okay? We're in it.
Just get yourself there and stand by.
FALCO: Listen, man, I gotta talk to you about this guy.
BULLET: Stick close, okay? (engines starting) FALCO: The thing about bikers Territory is everything.
The Maggots claim Petersburg is theirs, but The Devil and his Outlaws, they want to change all that.
This could get ugly.
So why am I even here? CROWBAR: (howling) THE DEVIL: How's it looking? SNIPER: Not sure how many are in there.
At least two Maggots shooting pool.
THE DEVIL: Let's do a little reconnaissance.
Couple of you guys go in there slick-back.
Crowbar, how 'bout you? Alright.
And, uh you.
Mongol probate.
You go with him.
Let us know how many there are in there.
If there's just a couple, then Sniper and Bullet, you'll go in wearing your cuts.
You'll be the bait.
Chances are the Maggots will call their buddies.
And as soon as they think that they've got you outnumbered, that's when we come in, get this party started for real.
What the hell you waitin' for? Get goin'.
THE DEVIL: There he is, let's go.
THE DEVIL: It's gonna be a turkey shoot.
CROWBAR: Bullet never told me nothin' about havin' no probate.
FALCO: Yeah, well, I just got in from LA.
CROWBAR: I think I've seen you.
BULLET: Beef jerky.
My bar! You were feeding my dog.
That was you.
Huh?! CROWBAR: You wanna tell me why Bullet has you spying on me at the Nowhere? FALCO: Spying on you? Where'd you get that? CROWBAR: You walked in, not one minute after he walks out.
What's that about? What's that about? FALCO: Okay, look, I don't (sighs) I didn't I didn't talk to him that day, okay? I didn't know he I didn't even know he was there.
Do you really want to do this now? FALCO: I didn't think so.
FALCO: You gonna make me dare you to drink that? CROWBAR: Funny guy.
THE DEVIL: Bullet, go.
CROWBAR: Chef Huh, why they call you Chef? FALCO: 'Cause I used to cook meth.
CROWBAR: (laughs) Seriously? FALCO: Yeah.
Why they call you Crowbar? CROWBAR: You wanna find out? (pool game in background) BULLET: Two beers.
SNIPER: What are you starin' at, Maggots? (radio static) (radio static) MEREDITH: (sighs) (dog barking in distance) (motorcycles approaching) (engine revving) RAZOR: Get away from my door.
THE DEVIL: Your door? You boys must be lost.
This is an Outlaws bar.
In an Outlaws town.
In an Outlaws State.
Razor, right? You runnin' the show now? Remind me, what happened to your old boss? RAZOR: Outta my way, you little freak.
DEVIL: (chuckles) THE DEVIL: Let's light 'em up, boys! SNIPER: Is everybody in now? THE DEVIL: Seems we got a misunderstanding.
Can't think of any other reason why you'd be in an Outlaws bar wearing Maggot patches.
Tell you what.
Take 'em off right now, and you'll still get to walk out of here.
Guess they'll have to come off the hard way.
(indistinct yelling) (crashing) (indistinct yelling) (indistinct yelling) (indistinct yelling) (gunshot) (gunshot) RAZOR: (breathing heavily) THE DEVIL: Was I unclear? This town is under new management.
RAZOR: What are you gonna do, shoot us all? THE DEVIL: No.
Just you.
Unless you clear out in five four three two one! OUTLAWS: (cheering) OUTLAWS: (cheering) CROWBAR: Yeah! OUTLAWS: (cheering) OUTLAWS: (cheering) OUTLAWS: (cheering) THE DEVIL: See ya, boys! OUTLAWS: (cheering) OUTLAWS: (cheering) SNIPER: See ya! OUTLAW BIKER: Yeah! (indistinct voices) OUTLAW BIKER: Yeah! BULLET: (sighs) OUTLAWS: (hooting) THE DEVIL: A night's fine work.
And big ups to our new Mongol friends.
OUTLAWS: Yeah! THE DEVIL: Nice partying with you.
CROWBAR: So, uh, you and me got some business to discuss.
BULLET: Told you I'd call you when I was ready.
CROWBAR: Shh, shh, shh, not you.
BULLET: Chef? What about him? CROWBAR: Oh, I'm gonna come by real soon.
And we're gonna talk.
(engine starting) BULLET: You wanna tell me what that's about? FALCO: Yeah, I'll explain later.
THE DEVIL: Go with the boys.
I'll catch up.
Consider that a favour.
Clearin' the Maggots out of your town.
Now you owe me.
THE DEVIL: The Maggots are back for more! (tires squealing) (gunshots) (engines idling) (engines idling) THE DEVIL: So, you wanna be a real one-percenter? (engines idling) THE DEVIL: Moment of truth, boys.
THE DEVIL: Moment of truth, boys.
THE DEVIL: You wanna talk, Maggots? Is that what you want? Or you wanna get it done? Kill me now? I ain't afraid to die.
I die, I'm taking one of you with me.
You boys afraid to die? 'Cause I ain't! (siren) (engines revving) BULLET (whispered): You don't wanna do this.
It's time we got outta here.
(engines starting) (car door shuts) MEREDITH: (breathing heavily) Okay Okay, okay, okay (motorcycles approaching) THE DEVIL: Don't forget, you owe me! (motorcycle drives off) FALCO: What now? BULLET: Follow me.
(motorcycle drives off) (engines fading away) BULLET: You okay there? FALCO: Yeah.
BULLET: What was that business with Crowbar? FALCO: I went into that Pagans bar.
He was there.
It didn't go well.
BULLET: You can't keep stuff like that from me, Chef.
That could cost us.
(knock on door) MEREDITH: Bullet? (door slams) MEREDITH: What the hell was that? BULLET: (sighs) I'd call it a good start.
MEREDITH: That was grounds for multiple arrests.
BULLET: Well, they're playing for bigger stakes, and so are we.
MEREDITH: (breathing heavily) I'm guessing that was more than you bargained for.
FALCO: Yeah.
Uh I saw a lot in the Vagos, but nothing like that.
Are you guys sure we're on the right side, getting involved with the Outlaws? BULLET: There's no right side, Chef.
There's us, there's criminals, there's evidence That's it.
FALCO: Yeah, Koz used to say law enforcement was like chess.
There's no checkmate; there's only check.
BULLET: (chuckles) Trust me, there's gonna be checkmate, alright.
It's just gonna take plenty of moves to get there, and if you wanna keep playing, I'll need your help with the next one.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? What's that? BULLET: Getting you patched.
FALCO: So go ahead, patch me in.
BULLET: For that, I'm gonna have to go back to LA.
And I'll need you to come with me.
FALCO: You do know why I had to leave, right? BULLET: Club politics.
They're gonna need to vet you.
MEREDITH: Why don't you sleep on it? You don't have to answer now.
FALCO: Right.
Like I'm gonna sleep.
BULLET: Chef? You did good tonight.
(door shuts) FALCO: So what do I really want? (engine idling outside) Am I just making a deal with the devil? (engine fades away) FALCO: This feels like a dream I've had before.
And now I need to find out how it ends.
(engine fades away)
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