Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e03 Episode Script

Mongol Nation

1 That's so you'll never forget.
KOZ (on phone): I talked to my buddy about you.
He wants to meet.
FALCO: So I'm in? KOZ: Unless he hates you.
SARAH JANE: I'm not going on a date with you.
MEREDITH: I'm Meredith Jones, ATF field operations management, and this is our special agent.
BULLET: We met before? MEREDITH: Koz says you might be interested in working as a confidential informant.
BULLET: It just so happens that Petersburg's in the middle of a biker war over drugs and territory.
I'll need your help with getting you patched.
FALCO: So go ahead, patch me in.
BULLET: For that I'm gonna have to go back to LA.
And I'll need you to come with me.
MONGOL BIKERS: Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! Lucky! FALCO: Why would anyone want to become a member of the Mongols? I mean, infiltrating the Vagos was hard enough, but this club there's something else.
MONGOL PRESIDENT: Time to earn your patch, prospect.
(crowd shouting) MONGOL PRESIDENT: Get up, Lucky.
- (crowd shouting) - - (crowd shouting) - MONGOL BIKER: Come on, Lucky.
- (crowd shouting) - (crowd shouting) (crowd shouting) MONGOL PRESIDENT: Come on, Lucky.
FALCO: From the time they started up in California back in '69, the price of admission to the Mongols was paid in blood.
MONGOL BIKER: Come on, dude (crowd cheering) FALCO: Somehow that only made membership all the more valuable.
It didn't take long for them to become one of the biggest outlaw biker clubs in America.
Trouble is, the more territory you take, the more enemies you make.
(engines revving) (gunshots) (gunshots) (gunshots) (motorcycle driving off) FALCO: The fact is, when you put on a gang's patch you might as well paint a target on your back 'cause someone's always got you in their sights.
MONGOL PRESIDENT: Hey, Lucky? Be Lucky.
FALCO: And even if they miss the first time, they can always find a way to take another shot.
(explosion) Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself But you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly (motorcycle approaching) BULLET: Decision time, Chef.
FALCO: What are you doing here? BULLET: I left you two messages.
I need to know what you're thinking.
FALCO: I dunno, you really need me to go with you? BULLET: It's a national Mongols run.
If you're gonna get patched, they're gonna wanna vet you in person.
FALCO: Yeah, I know, it's just the idea of going back to LA BULLET: Don't worry.
We got your back.
FALCO: We? BULLET: Koz will be there too.
(radio plays in background) (radio plays in background) FALCO: Hey.
MIKE: You need a hand, Charlie? FALCO: No, Mike, I need a couple days off.
Next Friday and Monday.
MIKE: You know how busy we are, right? FALCO: Yeah, it's a it's a family emergency out west.
I'll make it up to you, Mike.
MIKE: You being straight with me, Charlie? I saw your biker friend there.
This have anything to do with him? FALCO: No, Mike.
My brother's sick.
MIKE: I'll tell 'em at church.
We'll pray for him while you're there.
(news playing on radio) (knock on door) MEREDITH: Bullet? (Bullet sighs) BULLET: Hey.
MEREDITH: I texted I was coming.
BULLET: I was busy.
MEREDITH: Your flights, per diem and petty cash.
I need you to sign for them.
BULLET: Got a pen? MEREDITH: How do you live like this? BULLET: I dunno.
People drop by, I gotta keep up appearances.
MEREDITH: I hope it works out.
It wasn't easy getting it approved.
BULLET: If we don't go, we'll wind up treading water.
They know that, right? MEREDITH: Hey, it's budgets.
They like to see expenses line up with the results.
BULLET: Well, you tell 'em I just gift-wrapped 'em a result.
MEREDITH: Okay, I will make sure your name's the only one on the card when I brief them today.
BULLET: You know, I didn't mean it like that.
You did good.
Hey, uh how's Charlie feeling? I was half expecting him to pull out.
(motorcycle approaching) CROWBAR: Well, what do we have here? BULLET: Meredith, this is Crowbar.
One of the guys that drops by.
MEREDITH: I'm running late.
Nice to meet you.
CROWBAR: Oh, nice to meet you.
BULLET: I'll call you later.
(car engine starts) CROWBAR: Well, well, well, Bullet likes 'em classy.
BULLET: Something I can do for you? CROWBAR: Came to give you a heads-up.
So, um, my gun guy, Paco, he's sittin' at home last night and he's just watching TV (crashing) CROWBAR: Bam, they knock down his door.
Fricken' ATF raid.
BULLET: (sighs) They arrested him? CROWBAR: Yeah.
BULLET: You know what that means.
CROWBAR: Yeah, yeah, yeah, no more guns.
Don't worry about it.
I got another guy lined up.
BULLET: Screw the other guy.
You don't get it? If they're watching Paco, they're watching you.
CROWBAR: Me? BULLET: And the first thing you do is ride over here? CROWBAR: Well, yeah.
Yeah, I ride over here, 'cause I don't trust phones.
BULLET: Are you as stupid as you look? CROWBAR: Oh, I don't need this, man.
No, no, no, you came to me.
You asked me to get you guns, I hooked you up, you were a happy camper until what, a few seconds ago, and now it's my fault? I did not come here to be disrespected! You disrespect me, you disrespect the Pagans! Oh, yeah.
And you better be a whole lot more worried about that than a few ATF agents knockin' at your door.
(motorcycle engine starts) CROWBAR: Get out of my way! SARAH JANE: Ooh, strong.
- FALCO: Watch.
SARAH JANE: Oh man, you suck at bowling! FALCO: Oh, oh, yeah.
Add it to the list, 'cause I suck at walking too.
SARAH JANE: I see that.
SARAH JANE: Hey, I thought we agreed this is a friends-only non-date.
FALCO: Alright, then, why are you kissing me? SARAH JANE: You're the one that kissed me! FALCO: I don't even like you.
SARAH JANE: Woo! Yes! (Sarah Jane giggles) FALCO: Straight home, right? FALCO: Mm-mm-mm-mm! SARAH JANE: What? What? What? FALCO: What? SARAH JANE: Do you actually live here? FALCO: As far as I know.
SARAH JANE: This place has all the personality of a motel room.
FALCO: It came like this.
SARAH JANE: What do you even do here? There's not a TV, no music, no books.
You don't have coffee, your cupboards are empty, you don't even have food in your fridge.
FALCO: I have a lot of thoughts.
SARAH JANE: Ah You are the man who wasn't there.
FALCO: You know what's great? Is waking up to someone who really gets me.
SARAH JANE: You know what you need? FALCO: Bowling lessons.
You also need to get out more.
FALCO: Mm-hm? SARAH JANE: Why don't you come over for dinner? I want you to meet my friends Casey and Martha.
FALCO: Sure, anytime.
SARAH JANE: This weekend? FALCO: Except this weekend.
SARAH JANE: Are you busy or something? FALCO: I'm away.
SARAH JANE: Away Are you gonna make me ask you where? FALCO: LA.
SARAH JANE: Back home? What's the occasion? FALCO: Family stuff.
SARAH JANE: Good or bad family stuff? FALCO: Sarah Jane, do you ever think of a question and then not ask it? SARAH JANE: Why would I do that? BULLET: Again, how do we know each other? Chef? You with me? FALCO: Yeah I got a question for you.
Let's assume we, uh, we get the green-light and you become chapter president and I get patched in.
Then what? BULLET: I'll tell you when you get patched.
And how do we know each other? FALCO: (sighs) I sold you meth back in the day.
Why can't you answer my question? BULLET: Because there won't be any "then what," if you screw up Okay? There'll be you and me at the bottom of a river somewhere.
(bikers cheering and laughing) BULLET: Last one, how do you know Ziggy? FALCO: Who's Ziggy? BULLET: Exactly.
You don't know him.
You never met him.
Got it? FALCO: Yeah.
FALCO: So this is the crazy world of the Mongols' annual bike run.
When I left California, I figured I'd never come back.
But now I'm here, and I'm about to meet the one guy I never expected to see again.
BULLET: Ziggy.
KOZ: Bullet.
BULLET: (laughs) KOZ: Good to see you, buddy.
Welcome home, brother! BULLET: Long time.
Tug, long time brother.
What's up? TUG: Same ol' shit.
So how's Stubby? BULLET: Shipped out.
TUG: Who's your new prospect? BULLET: This is Chef.
Old buddy of mine.
Tug, national Sergeant at Arms.
And the ugly one here, Ziggy, Pomona chapter Sergeant at Arms.
FALCO: It's a privilege, man.
TUG: Prospect.
You ask permission to shake a patch-holder's hand.
FALCO: My bad.
Permission to shake? KOZ: Get us beers.
TUG: Beer, prospect.
TUG: So you recruited him? BULLET: Yeah.
TUG: Stubby give him his prospect patch? BULLET: No, I did.
TUG: Stubby's chapter P.
You don't have the authority.
BULLET: Yeah, well I'll make sure I talk to Miles about that when I see him.
Is he around? KOZ: Should be soon.
What's happening out your way? Messed up any Maggots lately? BULLET: It's a damn war zone.
We gotta build there if we're gonna last.
TUG: You're patching with guys you barely know, you'll wind up with snitches.
BULLET: Do we have a problem, Tug? TUG: The problem is Miles and his bullshit expansion plan.
TUG: Prospect.
Tell me something.
You support Miles? FALCO: What's the wrong answer? TUG: Sit down.
What'd you say your name was again? FALCO: Chef.
TUG: Why Chef? FALCO: Well, 'cause I used to cook meth.
TUG: How you know Bullet? FALCO: I used to sell it to him.
TUG: When was this? BULLET: Do I look like a prospect? KOZ: Answer the question.
FALCO: Four, five years ago? KOZ: Where? FALCO: In The Valley.
TUG: Oh, yeah? I have a lab out there.
What's your cooking process? BULLET: Are you fricken' serious? TUG: It's a simple question.
FALCO: Ephedrine, Red P, lye, fire starter, you know, your basic shake n' bake.
TUG: Ah! (laughs) Garage crank.
He calls himself 'Chef.
' (laughs) FALCO: You know, nobody ever called me 'Chef' until I got a line on some pure bulk precursors: ethyl, methylamine, you know, the good stuff.
Just took it to a whole next level.
In fact, that's when I decided to leave the retail crystal to the bottom-feeders in the Valley, and I got into wholesale liquid base.
Bullet here was my biggest customer.
(Falco chuckles) Yeah, you remember that time we got pulled over by that trooper? Yeah, yeah? True story.
Bullet's fault.
He's doing like 95 as usual when we got radared.
FALCO: The cop takes one look at us and he figures we're worth searching.
Now, we've got five gallons in the back seat.
But the beauty of liquid meth is it's got this wholesome amber liquid colour.
Looks like apple juice.
FALCO: You can help yourself if you're thirsty, officer.
FALCO: So it turns out there is nothing illegal about speeding with a case of apple juice in the state of California.
Except of course, the speeding part.
TUG: You never told us about this business.
BULLET: Well, it was before my time in the club.
TUG: So why'd you quit? You get busted? FALCO: Nah.
You know, the Feds, they, uh, they clamped down on the chemicals, the heat was on, so I couldn't go back to hustling garage crank, right? So I figured I'd get out while I was ahead.
TUG: There's a black Cross-bones parked out there.
Wash it for me.
FALCO: Sure.
KOZ: Who's up for a real drink? BULLET: Let's do it.
TUG: I'm heading outside.
You can pick me up a bottle of whiskey.
Just put it on my tab.
BULLET: Tug's thing with Miles Has he got support? KOZ: With the old guard.
If it goes to a vote this weekend, either him or Miles will be out bad.
BULLET: If it's Miles, I am screwed.
KOZ: Ah a lot of weekend left.
Bottle of whiskey, three glasses.
(bikers shouting) TUG: Guess what, Prospect? (Tug laughs) (bikers cheering) TUG: Year the Mongols were formed? FALCO: Uh, 1969.
TUG: What month? FALCO: Come on, man, seriously? July.
TUG: Two more, drink 'em down.
(bikers jeering) (bikers jeering) TUG: Oh, yeah! (laughs) TUG: Here you go.
(Tug laughs) (bikers jeering) BULLET: What's goin' on? TUG: History test.
The Mongols' mother chapter is from where? FALCO: Montecito.
BIKERS: Ooh! TUG: Montebello.
FALCO: That's what I meant.
TUG: (laughs) Three more.
(bikers jeering) (bikers jeering) BULLET: 'Atta boy.
'Atta boy, come on.
TUG: Whoa-ho-ho! (bikers jeering) TUG: (laughs) Yeah! BULLET: Okay, point made, Tug.
Chef, you alright? TUG: He ain't done.
FALCO: C'mon, man.
KOZ: Prospect, a patch-holder ordered you to drink.
Now drink.
BIKERS: Drink! Drink! Drink! (chanting) (chanting) (chanting) (bikers cheering) (bikers laughing) BULLET: Okay, enough.
Chef, come on.
Chef, let's go.
TUG: He's not done.
BULLET: I say he is.
KOZ: Tug Who gives a about this prospect? Let's have a drink.
MILES: Everyone enjoying the party? BULLET: Hey, Miles.
What's up brother? (Miles chuckles) There a problem here, Tug? Besides him? TUG: Just doin' my job.
(Falco coughs) TUG: Someone has to keep this club's standards up.
MILES: This your prospect? BULLET: Tug's been on him.
Listen, I was hoping we'd get a chance to talk? MILES: Hey, relax, Bullet.
We got all weekend, brother.
(to someone else) Hey (Falco struggling) Drink up.
I want you sharp by tonight.
KOZ: How's the head, Chef? FALCO: You still in role, Ziggy? KOZ: Oh, come on.
Charlie, you're a prospect.
You know how this works.
FALCO: I don't know anything.
In fact, I didn't know you were working the Mongols for the last four years until Bullet told me.
KOZ: Well, you think I could risk telling a CI facing charges? FALCO: I thought we were friends.
BULLET: Call 911, I think you hurt his feelings.
FALCO: Is that really necessary? Come on.
KOZ: Hang on, hang on.
We are friends.
We are friends.
FALCO: Well, you didn't let me see the whole board.
So I don't really know what's coming.
You know, I still have nightmares about the Vagos.
(laughs) Sometimes I think Darko's out and he's stalking me.
What? KOZ: Darko cut a deal.
FALCO: What, he's out? You didn't warn me? KOZ: He is on the world's shortest leash, so you don't have to worry.
You're completely safe.
FALCO: Oh, I'm safe? Yeah.
I'm safe with you two, huh? What's up for tonight, you gonna hold me down while Tug makes me drink brake fluid? KOZ: No, tonight Miles is meeting all the chapter heads.
Which means you need to make your case before Tug gets to him.
And you need to make a better impression.
FALCO: Did I even meet him? KOZ: (chuckles) Shit.
(crowd shouting) (crowd shouting) MILES: I don't even know why this is a problem.
We wanna be Mongols Nation? We gotta be national, coast to coast, 50 states.
Wanna beat the Maggots? We gotta be bigger than the Maggots.
KOZ: Not everyone sees it that way.
MILES: You know Tug's problem? He's a soldier who thinks he's a leader.
Here comes a man on a mission.
BULLET: Just wanna make sure we get a chance to talk.
MILES: Yeah Have a seat.
(Bullet exhales) BULLET: Miles, I wanted you to meet Chef.
He wasn't at his best last night.
But he's a solid prospect.
I'm also looking at some solid hang-arounds, but I got a problem.
TUG: Bullet.
My guy's been on the door all night.
It's time that your prospect here took over.
MILES: You got a problem, let's hear it.
(Bullet sighs) MILES: Sergeant-at-arms can hear it too.
I'm stalling without Stubby.
TUG: Without Stubby, your prospect ain't even a real prospect.
BULLET: You make my point for me.
I need you to make me chapter P so I can build up our club.
TUG: You're asking our international president to screw over your chapter president? BULLET: No.
I'm asking for my own chapter.
And when Stubby gets back, he gets half my new recruits.
And then once you've gotten Virginia that's two chapters instead of one.
TUG: Full of guys nobody knows.
BULLET: Full of Mongol brothers.
FALCO: Oh, come on, seriously? Sorry guys.
Private party.
HECTOR: You know who I am? FALCO: No, they didn't give me a guest list.
HECTOR: That's your problem, Holmes.
I'm expected.
FALCO: Yeah, I don't think so.
HECTOR: Hey TUG: Hector.
Hey man, wassup? HECTOR: Bitch thinks he's at the Oscars.
TUG: Yeah? Let him in, dickweed.
Problem with these new guys, they don't know who our friends are.
KOZ: What's the verdict from Miles? BULLET: Didn't get one yet.
(rock music playing) (rock music playing) (rock music playing) TUG: Let's see it.
HECTOR: You bring all the cash? HECTOR: That's it? I drive 40 minutes, you give me half what you already owe? TUG: Come on, Hector, I'll get you back the end of the week.
HECTOR: What are we, the pizza guys, huh? We look like we take Visa to you? MILES: What's up, boys? HECTOR: What's up? Your brother wants something he can't afford.
That's wassup.
- MILES: Didn't you pay him? - TUG: Yeah.
MILES: Then what's the problem? HECTOR: He wants new product but he still owes me six grand.
Oh, the boss don't know? Is it his cash? You fat fool, you are so busted.
MILES: Hector.
You laughin' at my brother? In front of me? Ah? (crashing) (yelling) (yelling) (yelling) (glass breaking) (yelling) (crashing) (yelling) HECTOR: Stay away from me! (inaudible) TUG: Dickweed! (glass breaking) FALCO: Just to confirm, we got nothing tomorrow morning, right? BULLET: Only thing left is a meeting at Miles' place tomorrow night.
FALCO: Alright.
Don't wake me up until afternoon, okay? (Bullet laughs) (phone ringing) FALCO: Hello? Hey.
Do you have any idea what time it is? SARAH JANE: 7:19.
What's that in hippie time? FALCO: That's like 19 minutes past 4.
SARAH JANE: (laughs) Ouch.
Surprised you're already up.
FALCO: Yeah, well, you know I just like to get a jump on the day.
SARAH JANE: You okay, Charlie? FALCO: Yeah I'm just lying here, wondering why I make my life so hard.
SARAH JANE: Is everything okay with your family? FALCO: My family? SARAH JANE: The reason you're there? FALCO: Yeah.
My brother was sick, and um, now he's on the mend.
SARAH JANE: Well, that's good to hear.
FALCO: Can I tell you something? SARAH JANE: You mean voluntarily? FALCO: I've made a real mess of my life.
And being back here, it's just all questions, and stories, and just questions about the past.
And all I want to do is look forward.
SARAH JANE: So look forward.
FALCO: I'm trying.
But I can't see anything.
SARAH JANE: Really? Nothing at all? FALCO: Well maybe one thing.
SARAH JANE: What's that? FALCO: There's this pretty little waitress I know.
SARAH JANE: That's some sweet talk for a guy I'm not actually dating.
FALCO: What if you actually were? SARAH JANE: I gotta go.
FALCO: Okay, party o'clock, let's do this.
BULLET: So it's actually more of a meeting than a party.
It's ranking officers only.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? So why are we going? BULLET: Miles is going to make it official.
FALCO: Really? (phone rings) FALCO: Cool.
BULLET: Hey, Miles.
Yep Yeah.
FALCO: What's wrong? BULLET: Miles wants us to pick up Tug.
TUG: Close that.
It's cold back here.
BULLET: They're gonna charge me extra for the smell.
TUG: Turn left up there.
BULLET: The freeway's right.
TUG: Turn left.
And close that window.
TUG: Pull in there.
BULLET: Something wrong? TUG: Yeah.
I'm hungry.
BULLET: I can drive while you eat.
TUG: Nah, you sit tight.
(Tug exhales) (phone rings) TUG: Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah Yeah.
Okay (clears throat) Let's go.
(engine starts) TUG: Go left.
BULLET: What about Miles' place? TUG: Change of plan.
BULLET: Tug, you wanna tell me where we're going? TUG: It's up ahead.
TUG: Park there.
BULLET: Okay, enough, why are we TUG: Out you get.
TUG: Keep going.
Go on.
TUG: Sit down.
TUG: You know why we're here? BULLET: If this is about your feud with Miles, it's got nothing to do with us.
MILES: Right now it's all about you.
BULLET: Miles? What is this? MILES: Me and Tug got our differences.
But he brought something to my attention that I just can't ignore.
BULLET: What's that? TUG: We have a few questions for Chef.
FALCO: What do you want to know? KOZ: You ever heard of the Vagos? FALCO: The biker club? Sure.
KOZ: You know any Vagos? FALCO: Nope.
KOZ: You sure about that? FALCO: Yeah.
KOZ: How about a Vago named Quick? Also known as Charles Falco.
BULLET: Are you accusing Chef with something? TUG: You lie down with dogs and you wake up with fleas, brother.
KOZ: What's your real name, Chef? FALCO: Conner.
KOZ: Conner? Is that a first name, last name? What is that? FALCO: Last name.
KOZ: What's your first name? FALCO: Charlie.
KOZ: Well, Charlie Tug here has found something that he wants you to have a look at.
TUG: Do you know the most important thing that I do for this club, Charlie? Homework.
See, strength is not always about size.
It's about knowing who your friends are, and your enemies.
See, when a club like the Vagos goes down in a raid, I read all about that.
You wanna know why? That's when brothers start looking for other clubs to join.
And sometimes those brothers turn out to be people that are just like you.
See anyone you know there, Charlie? FALCO: No.
Which one is supposed to be me? TUG: The one who looks just like you.
Charlie Falco.
The ATF snitch.
BULLET: Let me see.
Where'd you get this? TUG: The biker's rights newsletter.
They flag the snitches.
BULLET: Guy's a ringer on the cheeks and the nose, but can't tell for the eyes.
This guy's in shades.
I don't know.
Hair's different, body, chin, hard to say Lots of people look like someone else.
TUG: I'm telling you it's him.
BULLET: What about this one? He looks like you.
(Koz laughs) FALCO: You think I look as stupid as this guy in the picture? Look man, only a moron would snitch on the Vagos and then snitch on the Mongols.
TUG: You shut up, Falco.
FALCO: It's Conner.
Easy, if you wanna see a good picture of me, all you gotta do is take a look at my license.
TUG: Pssht Proves nothing.
BULLET: Look, I've known Charlie four years.
All this picture proves is that anybody can see what they want to see.
Are you guys really going to kill two brothers on the strength of this? MILES: Yeah, not tonight, Tug.
KOZ: Bike's outside.
Let's go.
(Falco exhales) TUG: This is bullshit, and I'm gonna prove it.
KOZ: What are you gonna do? Stop Miles from expanding the club? TUG: You want a club full of snitches? Then you follow Miles.
You want brothers you can trust? Then you follow me.
KOZ: I would, man, but you know what your problem is? You make too many enemies.
TUG: Yeah? Well, a real man can't have too many enemies.
MILES: When you boys fly out? BULLET: Red-eye, tomorrow night.
MILES: You're hoping for word on your chapter by then.
MILES: Whatever you think about Tug, he makes a point a lot of guys agree on about expansion.
Politics is all about timing.
BULLET: You're saying no? MILES: Until the time's right.
(Bullet sighs) MILES: Happy trails, Chef.
(gunshots) (crashing) KOZ: Tug! Tug, Tug! FALCO: You okay? KOZ: Stay sharp.
If anything happens it'll be between here and the cemetery.
(Falco exhales) MILES: Died a soldier, huh? Tell me again what you saw.
KOZ: It was dark.
Car came up from behind.
It happened pretty fast, but I'm pretty sure it was the Surenos.
MILES: But you can't be sure, right? Anyone else see it? KOZ: No, it was just us.
Why? MILES: Guys all have their theories.
Just wanna make sure they know who's really responsible.
See you at the cemetery.
Hey, Bullet? You got a sec? MILES: Hardest thing about being president of this club is this: when we send a brother on his final ride.
Tug wasn't the first to die in battle and he won't be the last.
But as his brothers, it's important that we honour him and remember him, and above all, make sure he didn't die in vain.
There's a rumour that Tug's killers were Surenos.
I got the truth from Ziggy.
Tug's killers were Maggots.
Tug believed our strength wasn't with the size of the club; it was knowing our enemies.
Well, we know our oldest enemy, and we know there's one thing we can do to win this war: get bigger, get stronger, and take this war to them.
You with me, brothers? BIKERS: Yeah.
MILES: Are you with me? BIKERS: Yeah! (bikers clapping) MILES: Have a drink on me, Tug.
(bikers clapping) (bikers clapping) BULLET: We got a plane to catch.
FALCO: See what he did there? BULLET: If we don't put him in prison soon, it's gonna be worse than it sounds.
KOZ: I did not see that coming.
We're gonna have our work cut out.
KOZ: You gonna stick with us, Charlie? FALCO: Depends.
You gonna interrogate me on blood plastic again? KOZ: I don't know.
That was some of your best work.
FALCO: You think? KOZ: Welcome to the club, brother.
KOZ: Hey, Charlie Be lucky.
FALCO: Remember when I asked you what's next if we get what we came for? BULLET: Sure.
FALCO: Well, we got what we came for What's next? (car engine starts) BULLET: We go home.

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