Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e04 Episode Script

Black Rain

1 - - CROWBAR: Just because you don't like him doesn't mean we can't do business.
He should be riding with us.
THE DEVIL: When I ask your support, you give it.
(Falco yelling) FALCO: How long do you expect this to run? MEREDITH: Another year or so.
BULLET: We're in this for the long haul, Charlie.
BIKERS: (chanting) Drink! Drink! Drink! KOZ: Darko cut a deal.
FALCO: You didn't warn me? KOZ: He is on the world's shortest leash, so you don't have to worry, you're completely safe.
(gunshots) FALCO: A lot can happen in a couple months.
SARAH JANE: Stop it BULLET: If we don't put him in prison soon it's gonna be worse than it sounds.
KOZ: Welcome to the club, brother.
(Koz whistling) - - - - - - FALCO: You know, for all the time I spent with Koz, I never felt like I really knew the guy.
I guess that's part in parcel of being an undercover.
No one really knows the real you because you can't afford to show them.
At least not if you plan to survive.
I've only just become a full-patch Mongol but while I'm back in Virginia, unknown to me Operation Black Rain ends suddenly with a series of raids on the Mongols.
MILES: You could have knocked.
(cell phone ringing) KOZ: Hey, Stinky, what's up? FALCO: In a matter of hours, they take down hundreds of club members across the West Coast.
KOZ: The ATF's at your house? You see them? Well, if I was you, I'd open the door and let them in.
FALCO: What's amazing is that the Mongols, for all their paranoia, they never see it coming.
MILES: Ziggy? KOZ: You can call me Koz.
TV ANCHOR: In what the ATF is calling the largest coordinated raids in its history, agents today arrested 110 members of the notorious Mongols FALCO: But you know what's even more amazing? Two thousand miles away, two fake Mongols don't see it coming either.
Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself But you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly SARAH JANE: Charlie? FALCO: Hey What are you doing? SARAH JANE: I was just looking for something warm, and I found these in your closet.
FALCO: Yeah, those are my old biker cuts.
FALCO: From when I rode with a club in California.
SARAH JANE: California? Well, now I'm confused.
So you were in a biker gang? - Or you are in a biker gang? - BULLET: They know we're in the middle of an operation here, right? MEREDITH: I'm just a messenger, okay? I don't make policy.
BULLET: It was supposed to run another year.
MEREDITH: Apparently the Mongols were onto some of our people.
So it was pull our guys, or make a move.
(Meredith sighs) (Bullet sighs) BULLET: So where's this leave us? Are we still good here? What? MEREDITH: A judge granted an injunction banning anyone wearing Mongol colours.
You can't ride as a Mongol anymore.
BULLET: So you're saying we're dead in the water here? SARAH JANE: An undercover? Wow this just keeps getting better.
So you're not a real biker.
You're a kind of cop? Except you're not a cop.
FALCO: Yeah, no, I'm not a cop.
SARAH JANE: So what are you exactly? FALCO: I'm kind of like an informant.
SARAH JANE: An informant.
For the police? FALCO: Yeah, kind of.
"Kind of" again.
So they kind of pay you for this? It's kind of a job? FALCO: No, it's not.
It's just a part-time thing.
It's not official.
So how do you even get a gig like this, Charlie? FALCO: It's a long story.
SARAH JANE: Well, there's another surprise.
So your trip to California, was that part of this? So it had nothing to do with your family? Okay.
Do you even have a brother? Wow.
Now I get it.
(sighs) So bullshitting me is also part of your job.
So that phone call, everything you said, that was all just bullshit.
FALCO: Come on, Sarah Jane, of course it wasn't.
SARAH JANE: Except for the bits that were.
(cell phone buzzing) SARAH JANE: This is so messed up.
FALCO: Come on, Sarah Jane, don't go.
SARAH JANE: I have to get to church.
FALCO: You go to church? SARAH JANE: Yeah, Charlie.
It helps keep me honest.
(cell phone buzzing) (Falco takes inhaler) (Bullet grunts) (engine approaching) FALCO: Hey, what's this about needing the bike back? BULLET: We're done, operation's over.
FALCO: What do you mean? I just patched in.
We almost got ourselves killed out West, and now you're saying we're done? BULLET: Black Rain came down this morning.
You don't watch the news? (Falco sighs) FALCO: Well, you talk to Koz about it? BULLET: Yeah, he was blindsided like everyone else.
Sorry, Charlie.
(engine approaching) CROWBAR: Seen the news? Oh, that's gotta hurt, waking up to find out you can't wear your patch no more.
BULLET: What, are you here to gloat? CROWBAR: Nah.
Here to bury the hatchet.
Although I got every right to gloat, seein' as how you pissed all over me last time for drawing some ATF heat.
BULLET: Why don't you ride on out of here before I bury this hatchet in your face? CROWBAR: Oh, I think you should hear my offer first.
BULLET: Yeah? What offer's that? CROWBAR: You got no patch, you got no club to watch your back.
Some of the shit that you pulled with us and the Outlaws, I mean, that makes you easy prey for the Maggots.
Now, the solution the solution is that you patch in with us.
FALCO: Huh You want us to be Pagans? CROWBAR: Well, I mean, let's not get ahead of ourselves.
You're gonna be probates.
Take you about a year to get your patch.
Hey, any port in the storm, that kind of thing, right? What do you say? Right, so this is where you say, "Thank you, Crowbar.
" "A friend in need is a friend indeed, Crowbar.
" So you in? BULLET: Let me think about it.
CROWBAR: Well, don't think too long.
I'm gonna give you to the end of the week.
And then if I don't hear back from you, you're gonna have to watch your backs.
And not just for Maggots.
(engine starts) CROWBAR: Woo-hoo! FALCO: So what do you think? BULLET: I think I'd rather drink his bath water.
FALCO: Okay.
Well It was fun while it lasted.
(Falco sighs) BULLET: Take it easy, Chef.
BULLET: Here to see The Devil.
He knows I'm coming.
(tattoo gun buzzing) (metal music playing on radio) (metal music playing on radio) BULLET: Nice job.
TATTOO ARTIST: Nice canvas.
SNIPER: Bullet? THE DEVIL: Most people come to see me because they need something, or 'cause they wanna sell me something.
Now, here we have Bullet.
No patch, no club.
Wandering in the wilderness.
THE DEVIL: So which is it? You beggin' or sellin'? BULLET: Offering.
(The Devil scoffs) THE DEVIL: What could you possibly have that I would want? BULLET: A chance to expand your territory.
SNIPER: You're out of line.
Where and when we choose to expand is Outlaws' business.
Ain't got nothing to do with you.
BULLET: Look, we all know the Maggots aren't gonna sit still after that little party at the Cock.
They're trying to sew up control of Petersburg and south Virginia.
It's a lot of valuable territory.
THE DEVIL: It's a nice preamble.
What's the pitch? BULLET: I want to patch in with the Outlaws.
(Sniper laughs) THE DEVIL: You know that might be the smartest thing I've ever heard you say.
Hear that, boys? Bullet wants to be an Outlaw.
SNIPER: Maybe we don't want people like you in our chapter.
BULLET: Maybe I don't want to join your chapter.
I want my own chapter.
In Petersburg.
THE DEVIL: You got some bowling balls, walking in here and calling that an offer.
Your own chapter? Why the hell would I do that? BULLET: Because you like me.
SNIPER: Time to go.
THE DEVIL: Leave him be.
Last I looked, there was you and a probate.
You need four guys minimum for a chapter.
For starters.
BULLET: You tell me what you need and I'll deliver the territory.
THE DEVIL: How 'bout I make you an offer? So, you want us to fund three more agents and a clubhouse to form a single chapter of a single biker club? BULLET: Right.
If we can meet The Outlaws' conditions, they'll bring us in as a probate chapter.
If that works out, we'll wind up with an entire chapter of agents right in the heart of the club.
SENIOR AGENT: Why would we put all of these resources in one basket? BULLET: You need to understand This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to infiltrate the second biggest club in America.
The big three biker clubs all operate across the region and they're all fighting for control of various rackets.
Now, The Outlaws, they don't have a chapter between the Richmond area and North Carolina here, and right now they think I can help them expand their footprint here in Petersburg.
A clubhouse here will draw Outlaws and support clubs from all over.
And while they're here discussing business we record them in high-quality audio and video.
In terms of gathering evidence, it'll be like shooting fish in a barrel.
(Sarah Jane gasps) (knock on door) SARAH JANE: Yep? MARTHA: Something came for you in the mail.
SARAH JANE: Hey, Martha.
Just put it on the on the dresser.
MARTHA: You all right? SARAH JANE: Yeah, think I'm just coming down with something.
MARTHA: Well, maybe this will make you feel better.
It's from Savannah.
(Sarah Jane exhales) MARTHA: Well? (slow rock music playing on radio) (slow rock music playing on radio) (slow rock music playing on radio) SARAH JANE: What are those? FALCO: These would be flowers.
SARAH JANE: Yes, I can see that.
What kind? FALCO: Blue ones? SARAH JANE: No, I mean, are they Guilt flowers? Sorry flowers? "Let's try again, but yes, I'm bi-Polar" flowers? FALCO: They're definitely not the last one.
Look, I just wanted to say sorry for not being straight with you.
SARAH JANE: Oh, you mean lying? You know that thing that liars do? FALCO: Yeah.
For that too.
Look, I don't know if this changes anything, but I quit doing that part-time thing I was doing.
(Sarah Jane scoffs) SARAH JANE: On my account? You didn't have to do that.
It's your thing.
Look, I have to FALCO: Yeah, I see you're busy.
I'll see you around.
SARAH JANE: Charlie Leave the flowers.
FALCO: I'm sorry.
FALCO: Can you pass me a five eight? Thanks.
MIKE: Name three 'Petty's' who've won at Richmond Raceway.
FALCO: Three what? Petty's? - MIKE: Yeah.
- FALCO: No idea.
MIKE: Richard, Kyle, and Lee.
Y'know, Charlie, you're gonna have to get your Nascar on if you're gonna work at this garage.
FALCO: It's kind of tough.
I don't even have a TV at the moment.
MIKE: You don't need one.
Toyota 400's on Sunday up in Richmond.
You know, we could make a day of it, you know, unless you're doing something with your biker buddies.
FALCO: Nah, I quit all that.
MIKE: Yeah? Good for you.
You know, we could start over at Frank's bar, head over to the speedway.
(cell phone buzzing) FALCO: Hey, can you pass me that? (Mike sighs) FALCO: Thanks.
MIKE: What's up? FALCO: Nothing.
(distant train whistle) FALCO: It's only been a few days, but I'm already thinking maybe it's a good thing the operation's finished.
Feels like I've got another shot at building a regular life.
Then again, I just rode across town to find out why Bullet says he wants to talk.
MEREDITH: Hey, Charlie.
Come on in.
FALCO: What is this place? BULLET: Right now, an empty warehouse.
Couple of weeks, biker clubhouse.
FALCO: You starting your own club now? BULLET: Not exactly.
MEREDITH: Come and take a seat.
MEREDITH: The ATF approved the idea of patching into a different club.
FALCO: Uh-huh Well, just tell me it's not the Pagans.
BULLET: Well, I got the idea from Crowbar, but we're infiltrating The Outlaws.
(Falco exhales) FALCO: Are you crazy? BULLET: Maybe.
I pitched The Devil an idea.
He gave me till the end of the month to find three guys and set up a clubhouse.
If he likes what he sees, he'll green-light us as a probationary chapter.
FALCO: So you're gonna run your own Outlaws chapter, what, stacked with agents? MEREDITH: The suits balked at the cost.
They'll only fund CI's.
FALCO: And that's why you called me? BULLET: You got it.
We need you, Charlie.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? To what? To be a part-time CI and put my life on the line for a little extra cash? Look, if all you want is a paid informant, the answer's no.
BULLET: So tell me what you do want, Charlie.
FALCO: I don't know.
I don't know what I want.
MEREDITH: I get it.
So please just come and sit down.
(Falco sighs) BULLET: You're working as a mechanic, right? FALCO: Uh-huh.
BULLET: It's a good job? You like it? FALCO: Yeah, it pays the bills.
BULLET: You know, we can double what you make in that garage.
MEREDITH: We can't make you an agent as such, but this will be different.
It'll be a full-time post with the ATF.
The details are all in here.
BULLET: So what do you say? You in or you out? FALCO: Hey.
SARAH JANE: And I thought my past was a mess.
FALCO: Now you know.
SARAH JANE: I don't get you, Charlie.
You've got a chance to put your past behind you and live a normal life.
Why are you gonna put yourself through it all again? FALCO: I don't know that I'm going to.
Guess that's why I wanted to talk to you.
I just I want to do the right thing, you know? SARAH JANE: The right thing for who? FALCO: Haven't you ever done anything because you feel like you have to? SARAH JANE: Sure.
But is this you being a good guy, or is this you just feeding an addiction? Listen, I've got some news too.
I got accepted to Savannah.
FALCO: Really? SARAH JANE: I'm supposed to start in a couple months.
FALCO: Congratulations.
That's great.
You excited? SARAH JANE: But kind of scared too.
FALCO: Oh, really? SARAH JANE: You know, finally having to walk the walk or something.
FALCO: But you're going, right? SARAH JANE: Of course I am.
You can't short-change life, can you? FALCO: I'm living proof you can.
SARAH JANE: I gotta go.
SARAH JANE: Take care of yourself, Charlie.
MIKE: Hey, Charlie, I got the Nascar tickets.
What's up? (Bullet grunting) FALCO: Hey.
BULLET: This is it? MEREDITH: You mean is this the only white petty criminal within a 20-mile radius who fits the profile and wants to make a deal? Yeah.
This is it.
BULLET: You speak to him yet? MEREDITH: No, he's just out on bail.
His rap sheet's mostly small-time but he's facing a felony charge, so he's motivated to make a deal.
You wanna check him out? BULLET: Sure.
But if he doesn't work out, he could talk.
I can't be the one that meets with him.
FALCO: What, me? BULLET: That's why we pay you the big bucks, Charlie.
FALCO: Chester? You Chester Peters? I'm Charlie Connor.
CHESTER: Charlie Connor? Charlie? Char Oh Yeah, yeah, they, um They they said that you were gonna come.
(laughs nervously) Kinda freaked me out there on the name.
Most people they, they just go ahead and call me Bug.
Stands for "Big Ugly Guy.
" It's a joke.
Right, you know, 'cause 'cause I'm not ugly.
So you're like, um you're like a government agent, right? FALCO: Yeah, something like that.
BUG: So they they said that you might be able to give me a deal, or? Could you get me a drink? FALCO: Another shot.
BUG: S-So who'd you say you work for again? FALCO: The ATF.
BUG: ATF, ATF That's like the FBI, right? FALCO: Something like that.
We're looking for someone to work with us as an informant, and your name came up.
BUG: Chester? FALCO: Yeah, Chester.
But first we need to see if you're right for it.
BUG: Well, that makes sense.
I mean, you don't want any screw-ups, right? Let me tell you this, okay? I got principles.
FALCO: I heard you got busted recently.
BUG: Oh yeah, yeah, but that whole thing, it wasn't my fault.
See, I I didn't realize I was gonna get caught.
I was just hanging out, you know, doing my own thing, trying to stay out of trouble.
Then I hear this noise, right? (people cheering) BUG: It was like the sound of opportunity.
And my mom always told me, you know, if a door opens in life, you gotta go right through it.
So I was just checking things out, right? Then I see, like, this giant fiddle.
FALCO: You mean, like a double bass? BUG: No, man, there was just one of them.
Anyway, it looked like a fiddle, only it was like it was, like, really, really big.
The thing was a bitch to carry.
(police siren) BUG: That's why I got these these felony charges on me.
FALCO: So you're facing felony charges for stealing a bass? BUG: The cops, they find a .
45 in the case.
Can you believe that? I mean, who keeps a piece in a fiddle case? So you see what I'm saying? Like, the whole thing, like This wasn't my fault, right? MEREDITH: Define "unreliable.
" FALCO: Uh, well, you know, like a car without brakes.
Or a steering wheel.
(Bullet laughs) FALCO: That's Bug.
BULLET: That's half the Outlaws I know.
Can you see him as a biker? FALCO: Ah, well, only if the bike has training wheels.
You guys seriously don't have anybody else? BULLET: If he wants a deal, bring him in.
You sure you got your back story straight? BUG: Yeah, I'm good.
I got it.
FALCO: 'Kay, this Bullet guy, the chapter boss he's a paranoid psycho.
He finds a hole in your story, he'll rip your nuts off and leave you singing in the front row of the choir.
So you're sure you got this? BUG: Yeah, yeah.
Let's go.
BULLET: So Chef here tells me you want to be a probate? BUG: A probate? Yeah, yeah sure.
I've I've always been, like, a like, a huge fan of probation.
BULLET: Oh, yeah? You got a record? BUG: Don't you? BULLET: How d'you know Chef here? BUG: This guy? Oh, we met last week in a bar.
You see, it turned out we both picked the Skins plus the points in a game BULLET: Tell me about your convictions.
BUG: I had some thefts.
Uh, uh Stole some stuff from a hockey store and, uh Selling half a kilo of dope, some crystal, and just, like, a little bit of coke, and that was, you know, mo mostly that's like the whole the whole deal, yeah.
BULLET: When was the last time you got arrested? BUG: Uh yeah, that was like That was, like, a couple of weeks ago.
Chef here, he knows that whole deal.
Like, it was, it was This thing was not my fault.
See, I saw a drum kit that was just, like, laying there.
My mom always told me, you know, finders keepers, right? (police siren) BUG: Anyway, it turns out the guy who left it there kept a .
45 in the case.
So I got charged with carrying an offensive weapon.
FALCO: You said it was a double bass.
BUG: No, man, it was a gun.
BULLET: So you were arrested BUG: Uh-huh.
BULLET: released, and now you're here? BUG: Yeah, that's right.
BULLET: You been flipped? Is that why you're here? To spy on me? BUG: How'd you guess, man? Educated way that I talk just gave it away, or what? (laughing) BULLET: What if I told you I'm the agent? BUG: What? You are the agent? BULLET: How'd you like to become a confidential informant in the Outlaws? FALCO: You sure about this? BUG: Does this mean I, um I don't have to sing in the choir? BULLET: We only get one chance to get this right.
A clubhouse needs, above all, a bar.
That'll go here.
With seating.
BUG: That's what all this is for? BULLET: We're gonna partition off the back to create bunk rooms and an office area over there.
BUG: Bunk rooms? We're supposed to live here? BULLET: No, but visiting Outlaws and their buddies are gonna need a place to crash if they're passing through or they come to party.
BUG: I get it.
It's like a It's like a timeshare deal? (Bullet chuckles) BULLET: If you like.
Unfortunately, this place will also be a target for Outlaws' enemies, so we'll need to reinforce the main door.
Once we're done, the ATF techs will install the surveillance gear so that everything that happens inside these walls can be recorded.
BUG: When do the contractors start? BULLET: Right now.
FALCO: Are you pushing at all? BUG: Ow, my foot, my foot! Hold on! FALCO: Easy, easy.
(drilling) BUG: Doesn't the FBI have people that do this? FALCO: It's the ATF.
- FALCO: Here, you hold it up.
- BUG: What? FALCO: Gotta line it up.
BUG: I I don't think this is right.
FALCO: Holes go in FALCO: That'll do.
You okay down there? (Falco sighs) BUG: You don't wanna high-five? FALCO: So Bullet figures with time running out we have no choice except to bring in Bug.
But if Bug screws up, we'll all pay the price.
Maybe it won't matter.
If we don't find a fourth guy soon, the operation's dead anyway.
(Bullet sighs) BULLET: Any progress? MEREDITH: I've even widened the search.
Other agencies, out of state BULLET: We're out of time.
You do get that, right? MEREDITH: I know.
(Bullet sighs) BULLET: I told you, that gum's bullshit.
(belt sander) BULLET: I said to swing it left! I still can't see the bar area.
BUG: Does this guy always got a cactus up his ass? FALCO: He's ex-military.
You'll get used to it.
BUG: It's never gonna come out.
FALCO: Hm? BUG: Drill Sergeant over here is too cheap to buy Varsol.
So I BULLET: Gasoline works fine! BUG: (whispers) What? BULLET: Come on back here! BUG: (whispers) Can he hear me? BULLET: The video feeds run 24/7, alright? All recorded onto these drives.
Everything gets backed up here.
FALCO: That records audio too? BULLET: Yep.
But whenever you can, if you're doing a gun deal or a drug deal or whatever, try to get it done in here.
The audio will be better.
Am I boring you? BUG: I'm here.
Right here with you.
BULLET: This switch turns on the lamp.
Alright? It also starts auto-recording in this office.
Do not forget.
This is the whole reason we're doing this, alright? And make sure you turn it off when you're done.
I gotta listen to every damn second at some point.
(cell phone ringing) BULLET: Yep? MEREDITH: You ready for some good news? I think I've found our guy.
BULLET: Okay, boys.
Get back to work.
BUG: It's creeping me out, man.
I mean, cameras are just watching everything we do.
FALCO: It's not about you, Bug.
If you're done over there, take those scraps to the dumpster.
(starts belt sander) BUG: Whoa! CROWBAR: Hey, buddy.
Hey, what's going on in there? BUG: Yeah, in there? Yeah, just some some sawing, some hammering and (dog growling) BUG: Hey, who who may I ask, uh Who wants to know? CROWBAR: Old friend of Bullet's.
Is he around? BUG: Why don't you guys wait here and then I'll I'll (dog barking) BUG: Whoa! (dog barking) CROWBAR: You wait here.
I'll go check.
BUG: Hey, I'd rather I went in first and I talked to him.
BULLET: No, it sounds like he can work.
But you realize the problem.
For Chef.
Oh, shit, I'll call you back.
BUG: Hey, wait! You can't just walk in here! Hello? Sorry, I tried to stop them.
They just jammed in the place.
BULLET: Crowbar.
What are you doin' here? CROWBAR: I could ask you the same thing.
BULLET: That's my business.
CROWBAR: Hey, I never heard back about my offer.
BULLET: I figured you'd take it as a no and move on.
CROWBAR: I figured that too, but, you know, then Dirtbag, he seen all these people comin' and goin' and I thought I'd come and I'd see for myself.
And, I mean, it's just that this looks like a clubhouse.
BULLET: Not much gets by you, does it? CROWBAR: I warned you, if you're goin' it alone, you bought a world of problems with the Pagans.
THE DEVIL: Good thing he's not going it alone.
Any reason we got Pagans in an Outlaws clubhouse? BULLET: They were just leaving.
CROWBAR: Oh, a an Outlaws clubhouse, huh? So you're gonna patch in with him? THE DEVIL: Depends.
If they make the grade.
What's this guy doing? FALCO: Uh, he's putting in a sound system.
Actually we're, um, putting a flat-screen above the bar over there too.
THE DEVIL: Saw a camera out front.
You wired for security? BULLET: Will be.
Obviously it's not wired yet.
THE DEVIL: Well, it ain't the Trump Casino but it ain't half-bad either.
(dog barking) THE DEVIL: Shut that thing up or I will.
(dog growls) CROWBAR: Baby don't like traitors.
I make you an offer, and this is how you roll? BULLET: You made me a threat.
He made me an offer.
CROWBAR: We had an agreement.
No Outlaws south of Richmond.
THE DEVIL: Sniper? SNIPER: Yeah, boss? THE DEVIL: I agree to that? SNIPER: Not that I recall.
THE DEVIL: Then there's nothing to argue about.
Seems to me we're all in this together.
Outlaws and Pagans.
Chef, go get us all a cold one.
CROWBAR: No, I don't drink with traitors.
THE DEVIL: The door is always open to you boys, all the same.
(dog barking) THE DEVIL: But no dogs! CROWBAR: Pagans don't forget.
THE DEVIL: Outlaws don't forgive.
THE DEVIL: Well, that was close.
You almost served our friends a warm beer.
Serve it cold, or not at all.
(bottle breaks) THE DEVIL: You a hang-around? BUG: Me? Yeah, I'm, uh I'm on probation.
BULLET: That's Bug.
THE DEVIL: I only count three.
Where's the fourth? BULLET: You'll meet him soon.
THE DEVIL: Let's hope so.
'Cause next week, your time is up.
BUG: Holy shitballs, this gig is intense.
BULLET: It is when you let the wrong people in and leave the damn door open.
Chef, you got a sec? FALCO: Actually, I gotta go.
I'll be back.
BUG: What do you think that's about? BULLET: Stop asking questions.
Start locking the door.
(door closes) SARAH JANE: Hey, Charlie.
FALCO: What is it? SARAH JANE: I've been feeling kind of sick lately, and I just found out why.
FALCO: Is it serious? SARAH JANE: Yeah.
FALCO: Oh SARAH JANE: We're having triplets, Charlie.
FALCO: So what do we do? SARAH JANE: I don't know.
What do you want to do? SARAH JANE: Why does everything I touch turn to shit? FALCO: No, don't say that.
SARAH JANE: I'm supposed to be going to college.
FALCO: You still can if you want to.
You want a drink or something? SARAH JANE: Yeah.
Just a half a bottle of Jack and a large spliff.
FALCO: Right, sorry.
(Falco's cell phone beeps) FALCO: Oh, you gotta be kidding me.
They found the last member of the chapter and they need me to go meet him.
SARAH JANE: You seriously have to go now? FALCO: Not now.
Uh I'm here for now.
SARAH JANE: Same here, I guess.
MEREDITH: How's he doing in there? BULLET: It's hard to say.
He's not much of a talker.
Thanks for coming through on this, though.
MEREDITH: Let's just hope Charlie goes for it.
He didn't sound too impressed on the phone.
BULLET: Here he comes.
MEREDITH: Let me talk to him first.
MEREDITH: You alright? FALCO: Whose idea was this? MEREDITH: We were out of options.
So we spoke with Koz.
That figures.
MEREDITH: Koz would never have suggested this if he didn't think it could work out.
There's a chance to see how you feel.
But if you don't want to go through with it, you don't have to.
FALCO: I'll meet him.
But I'm not promising anything.
(Falco takes inhaler) DARKO: Hey, Quick.
FALCO: It's Chef now.
DARKO: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm still Darko.
SNIPER: I'm here because you need to open your clubhouse.
BULLET: I thought we had til the end of the month.
FALCO: How'd you ever get a deal? DARKO: I made a deal, you made a deal.
Same, same.
BULLET: They're going to test us.
Keep you stories straight and remember that everything is being recorded for evidence.
DEVIL: If you want to be an Outlaw, you're gonna have to show me you can take care of the problem.
SARAH JANE: I'm eight weeks pregnant.
CASEY: You mean you did what you wanted.
But you hoped it wouldn't happen.
DEVIL: There's Maggots outside.
You boys wanna step up? Coz this would be a good time.

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