Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e05 Episode Script

Club Adios

1 - (gunshots) (tires squealing) - FALCO: What's this about needing the bike back? BULLET: We're done.
Operation's over.
BULLET: Here to see The Devil.
THE DEVIL: You begging or selling? BULLET: Offering.
THE DEVIL: How about I make you an offer? BULLET: They think I can help em expand their footprint here in Petersburg.
In terms of gathering evidence, it'd be like shooting fish in a barrel.
BULLET: The video feeds run 24/7.
All recorded onto these drives.
SARAH JANE: I've been feeling kind of sick lately.
THE DEVIL: I only count three.
Where's the fourth? BULLET: You'll meet him soon.
THE DEVIL: Let's hope so, 'cause next week your time is up.
DARKO: Hey, Quick.
- - - - - - CHARLES FALCO: Everyone wants to feel there's somewhere in the world they're safe.
For bikers that place is supposed to be their clubhouse.
Problem is, once you have a clubhouse your enemies know where to find you.
- - FALCO: On July 4th, 1979, one Outlaws chapter boss arrived to discover his club had been subjected to a brutal attack.
FALCO: The Independence Day massacre was one of the bloodiest acts of biker violence in American history.
FALCO: Ever since, every new Outlaws clubhouse has been a fortress.
But make no mistake, if you put on the Outlaws patch, there's nowhere you'll ever be safe.
Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself But you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly (tapping on door) (muffled water running) FALCO: You okay? SARAH JANE: I'm great, I just prefer not seeing my food again after I've eaten it.
FALCO: We can cancel later, and just get some pizza and chill.
SARAH JANE: No, we have to go.
I lived with Casey and Martha.
They're like family to me.
They've asked about you, like, a million times.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? And what have you told them? SARAH JANE: Just that you live locally and you do tree work.
FALCO: That's all? SARAH JANE: Yeah, that's all.
BULLET: Yes, sweety, I will try and make it.
(engine approaching) BULLET: Listen, I gotta go.
I love you.
(Bullet sighs) BULLET: Shit BULLET: What's goin' on? SNIPER: Clean lookin' set of tools.
You been working lately? BULLET: Oh, you here 'cause you're worried about my business? SNIPER: I'm here because you need to open your clubhouse.
BULLET: It's not finished.
Besides, I thought we had till the end of the month.
SNIPER: What you have is an hour to get everything ready, or else you can forget ever becoming an Outlaw.
(starts engine) (phone ringing) (phone ringing) FALCO: Hey.
What's up? Are you serious? Look, I got Okay.
Alright, alright.
I'll see you there.
SARAH JANE: Let me guess, something came up.
FALCO: Yeah, I gotta meet Bullet.
SARAH JANE: You're not going? Charlie, I told Martha we'd be there at 2.
FALCO: Look, I know.
It shouldn't take more than a couple hours.
SARAH JANE: It shouldn't, or it won't? FALCO: Look, I'm sorry.
I just gotta do this one thing.
SARAH JANE: Okay I need you for this one thing.
FALCO: I know, don't worry.
(Sarah Jane sighs) DARKO: You're not gonna open up? Boss doesn't trust you with the keys? FALCO: He doesn't trust anyone with anything.
DARKO: This town is a dump.
FALCO: Maybe you should've stayed in prison.
FALCO: You know what I don't get? How'd you ever get a deal? DARKO: I made a deal, you made a deal.
FALCO: No, it's not the same-same.
I never murdered anyone.
DARKO: It wasn't my finger that pulled that trigger.
FALCO: Pretty close.
DARKO: Tell me something, Chef.
Anybody ever die doing that crank you cooked? DARKO: You're no cleaner than me.
(engine approaching) (truck door slams) FALCO: Thought we had till next Friday.
BULLET: You and me both.
FALCO: So how long is this going to take? BULLET: Well, you tell me.
It's one of The Devil's tests.
But if we're gonna get patched into this club and move our mission down field, we're gonna have to get used to passing tests.
Listen, I got some beer in the back of the truck.
You boys mind grabbing it? Stash it at the bar.
FALCO: Sure, it's just I got this dinner thing.
BULLET: Listen, hopefully we'll make it outta here in a couple of hours.
In the meanwhile, we got an ATF clubhouse that is wired for sound, so let's start using it.
(shuffling sounds) DARKO: "I've got this dinner I gotta do.
" FALCO: Yeah, well, at least some of us have a life.
BUG: Hey.
What's with all the beer? DARKO: Only thing worse than a drunk Outlaw is a sober one.
FALCO: What the hell are you wearing? BUG: This? It's my new biker jacket.
Why, do you like it? Could get you one if you want.
FALCO: Just tell me you didn't steal it? BUG: I didn't steal it.
FALCO: Look, we got a lot of work to do, man.
Go get the rest of the beer from the truck.
BUG: What? You're not wearing that.
Not around real bikers.
BUG: Does the new guy really get to boss me around? Because seniority.
DARKO: Stupidity cancels seniority.
He wears this, we all look like mooks.
FALCO: Beer now.
DARKO: That guy? Not helping.
- FALCO: Yeah, he is.
- DARKO: How? FALCO: By being 'that guy.
' There's one of them in every club.
Makes us look real.
(beer bottles clinking) BULLET: Hey, Bug, you're late.
We got less than 20 minutes.
Okay, I need you to grab the tools and crap and stash them out back.
BUG: Okay.
Everything okay? (Falco takes inhaler) FALCO: We'll see.
(sledgehammer slams on table) FALCO: Come on.
DARKO: What? FALCO: I put a lot of work into this.
DARKO: Oh, you did? Is that right? (sledgehammer slamming on table) DARKO: It's a clubhouse.
It's not a nightclub.
Stash it behind the bar.
BULLET: Alright.
Come on.
BULLET: The Devil and his boys are not coming here to admire the decor.
They're gonna test us, especially you new boys.
So keep your stories straight, go easy on the beers, and remember that everything is being recorded for evidence.
That said, don't go asking leading questions.
They're paranoid enough without any help from us.
So with any luck, they'll like what they see and we'll pass this inspection.
BUG: What happens if we don't? BULLET: Then we don't get to become Outlaws.
BUG: Oh, so that's it, then? BULLET: Let's not try to find out, okay? BUG: Alright.
(engines approaching) BULLET: Chef.
Go let 'em in.
THE DEVIL: What you all lookin at? Let's get this party started! BIKERS: Yeah! (bikers talking loudly) (bikers talking loudly) (Falco sighs) BULLET: We can add more bunks if we need to, but right now we got space for eight.
THE DEVIL: Where's the sound you had that guy wire this place for? BULLET: Chef, you wanna throw some tunes on? THE DEVIL: How about a beer? Or are you gonna let me die of thirst? THE DEVIL: So, I see a clubhouse.
But I don't see a fourth guy.
FALCO: In the corner right there.
That's Darko.
THE DEVIL: Darko! Over here! THE DEVIL: Where you from, new guy? DARKO: West.
THE DEVIL: Another one of your Left Coast refugees? BULLET: Yeah, we rode together out in Bakersfield.
THE DEVIL: What brings you to Petersburg? DARKO: Work.
THE DEVIL: Oh, yeah? What are you doing? DARKO: Lookin' for it.
Why, you got anything? THE DEVIL: Matter of fact, I do.
You can go wash my bike.
What's the matter? Too complicated? You want me to write it down? Can it even read? DARKO: Which one is it? THE DEVIL: The one with three wheels.
THE DEVIL: You! The wannabe! BUG: Huh? THE DEVIL: You a California girl too? BUG: No, no.
Uh, yeah, but I do know how to surf.
(The Devil laughs) THE DEVIL: Now, where did you find him? BULLET: I caught him trying to steal my bike.
(The Devil laughs) THE DEVIL: Fair play, brother! Well, Mr.
Bug why don't you surf on outside and keep an eye on our bikes? BUG: Yeah.
THE DEVIL: You got somewhere private? BULLET: Back there.
THE DEVIL: Let's see it.
SPUTNIK: Beers for fears.
FALCO: What happened to the hair? SPUTNIK: Ah crabs or some shit.
SNIPER: So you rode with Darko.
How'd you meet him? BULLET: Through Chef.
We were both moving his product.
SNIPER: Crystal, right? BULLET: Mostly.
THE DEVIL: So you've got production and distribution skills? Good to know.
SNIPER: Remind me why you came here again.
BULLET: I moved with my Mongols chapter boss.
He got shipped out with the navy.
You know the rest.
Anything else? THE DEVIL: This old lady of yours, Meredith.
She move here with you? BULLET: Crowbar mention her in one of your Sunday talks? She's from around here.
SNIPER: How'd you meet her? BULLET: She was a client.
THE DEVIL: Yeah? You trim her topiary? (Bullet chuckles) THE DEVIL: Looking forward to meeting her.
So you want to be Outlaws, few things you need to understand.
This is us, up near Richmond.
This is you, Petersburg.
This is the I-95, running north-south.
This is the I-85 to Charlotte.
And this is the 4-60 to the coast.
If our fair state's a body, then these are the veins.
But here is the main line.
It's got white lines running all the way up from Florida.
(snorts a line) If you follow me.
But you know, if this artery gets blocked, then the whole body falls apart.
Our problem with the Maggots 'round here is makin' a lot of folks sick.
You want to make it as Outlaws, you're gonna have to show me you can take care of the problem.
(Bullet snorts a line) BULLET: Okay.
So, we pass the inspection? 'Cause if it's all the same to you, I got plans with my old lady.
SNIPER: Oh, we'll leave when we're good and ready, hang-around.
THE DEVIL: Grab us some beers, Chef! And some shots.
BULLET: Looks like we're gonna be here a while.
FALCO: Seriously, man? I have somewhere to go.
BULLET: Listen, okay? The Devil's in a talkative mood, alright? We're gonna have to stay here as long as they want to hang around.
(cell phone buzzing) MARTHA: What's up? SARAH JANE: Looks like Charlie's running late.
MARTHA: Well, not to worry.
You wanna keep drawing? SARAH JANE: Can't concentrate today.
MARTHA: Well, that's understandable.
It's not gonna be the same around here when you move.
SARAH JANE: Well, I don't know.
MARTHA: Don't know what? (Sarah Jane sighs) SARAH JANE: I don't know if I'm going.
MARTHA: What do you mean? SARAH JANE: Situation's changed.
CASEY: Big one.
Nearly got away, but I got him in the end.
What? BUG: You seen this? Got my hands on one of these new smart phones.
DARKO: Where'd you get that? BUG: I got it at the mall.
DARKO: Oh yeah, were you getting your nails done? BUG: I'm telling you, man.
Smart phones are changing the world.
BULLET: What are you doing? BUG: Ah, check it out, man.
This thing records video.
DARKO: Not if you keep recording me, it doesn't.
Did you film me washing this trike? BUG: Uh yeah? DARKO: Why don't you record this instead? (urine trickling) (rock music playing) FALCO: Hey Hey.
Really? Do you have to do that? SPUTNIK: Yes.
SNIPER: Chef, two beers.
(rock music playing) (rock music playing) SNIPER: Hey, sit down.
SNIPER: So how's the tree business, hang-around? FALCO: Oh, you know They grow and I cut 'em.
SNIPER: There's something I can't wrap my head around.
How do you go from making big bucks as a meth cook to yard work for nickels and dimes? FALCO: You know I got messed up, man.
I had to get out.
SNIPER: So tell me about your job.
Like yesterday You cut any trees? FALCO: Uh-huh.
SNIPER: Whereabouts? FALCO: Uh, farm just north of here.
SNIPER: Where? FALCO: Amelia County.
SNIPER: Where in Amelia? (Falco chuckles) FALCO: Are you serious? SNIPER: Very.
FALCO: Just north of Mannboro.
Took down a big elm.
SNIPER: Help me out with something.
What do they call that long two-man saw? FALCO: Um, I don't know.
I call it a long two-man saw.
SPUTNIK: It's 'crosscut.
' It's a crosscut saw.
SNIPER: See? The commie knows.
But you don't.
FALCO: I just do the job, man.
SNIPER: Don't see any calluses on those hands.
FALCO: I moisturize.
You should try it.
SNIPER: Why can't I get it out of my head that you're full of shit? FALCO: Maybe 'cause your head is full of shit.
MARTHA: I thought you were moving for art school, and now you're all about this boyfriend.
(Casey kisses Martha) CASEY: Did you pick up the plastic wrap? MARTHA: Just use foil.
CASEY: So fridge, not freezer? Looks like we're having rabbit tomorrow.
MARTHA: Or I save one for tomorrow.
I mean, if he's not coming.
CASEY: What? Your friend's not coming? SARAH JANE: He's running late.
MARTHA: I'm just saying, at these prices, if he doesn't make it CASEY: Hey, hey, hey! If Sarah Jane says he's coming, I'm all for showing some faith, hm? (bottles clinking) FALCO: Hey, we're nearly out of beer.
BULLET: We better get more.
What's up? FALCO: Listen, I don't know if I'm gonna be able to make it.
SARAH JANE: Seriously? (metal music playing) (metal music playing) (Sputnik snorts a line) BUG: Pretty sure you don't have to do that outside.
Can I catch a ride off that? If I could just take a drag (metal music playing) BUG: Party's inside.
What are you What are you doin' out here? SPUTNIK: I got business.
(starts engine) (engine stalls) (engine sputtering) SPUTNIK: You've gotta be kidding me.
FALCO: Hey, Bug? I need you to go buy beer.
Take Bullet's truck.
BUG: Me? FALCO: Yeah, yeah.
Just buy as much as that gets, okay, and be quick.
BUG: Hey, where's the nearest store? FALCO: I don't know.
SPUTNIK: I know a place.
BUG: Like, uh, for beer? (truck engine starts) BUG: Do you have to do that, man? It's Bullet's truck.
(phone ringing) SPUTNIK: (speaking Hungarian) (speaking Hungarian) BUG: Hey, man, can I ask you something? I heard you have to kill someone to get patched.
Is that, like, true? SPUTNIK: What's it to you, hm? BUG: Just making conversation, man.
Trying to start a dialogue, you and me, you know? (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) THE DEVIL: Bullet! Still undefeated! And again, bank takes all! (laughing) Chef! Get over here! You're next! FALCO: Eight hours in, and The Devil's decided he wants entertainment.
And we're it.
FALCO: What are you doing? SNIPER: Raising the stakes.
THE DEVIL: You two better mean it.
THE DEVIL: Three, two, one Wrestle! BIKER: Yeah, yeah! Come on, come on, come on! THE DEVIL: I said, like you mean it! (bikers cheering & yelling) THE DEVIL: Come on! (bikers cheering & yelling) THE DEVIL: Yeah! (Falco yells) (Falco breathing heavily) THE DEVIL: Still champion! Even if Chef did throw the fight.
BUG: Aren't you coming? SPUTNIK: You go get beer.
I wait here.
BUG: Okay.
(truck door closes) (rock music playing) (rock music playing) (rock music playing) (rock music playing) THE DEVIL: And one for yourself, Chef.
FALCO: Nah, I'm good.
THE DEVIL: Get yourself a beer.
FALCO: Actually, this is the last one until Bug gets back with more.
In the meantime, here.
Help yourself.
THE DEVIL: Turn that music off, now! Bullet, Darko! Over here! Maybe you two rode together with the Mongols, but that don't mean you're gonna cut it with the Outlaws.
And I ain't saying it just because you ran out of freakin' beer! I'm saying it because this club did not come to this town to party! We came here to do business.
And your business And your business And all our business is to step up and represent.
That means when called upon, you fight for this club, you kill for this club, and you die for this club.
And it also means, that when called upon, you take a little burn on the hand and you keep the clubhouse fridge full of beer.
Now We're gonna wait.
With the music off.
Nice and quiet.
And think about this until the beer gets here.
(slow rock music playing) CASEY: Should I set a fourth plate? Just in case? MARTHA: Are you sure it's the right thing to get involved? SARAH JANE: We've gotten involved.
That's just how it is.
MARTHA: That's a bit fatalistic, isn't it? I mean, after all the work you did to get into Savannah.
You don't have to give it all up for him.
CASEY: Ah, here.
Nothing stops you from seeing each other on your vacations.
Ah? SARAH JANE: Um, no thanks.
MARTHA: No thanks? Since when have you ever turned down a drink? MARTHA: Table.
Sarah Jane? SARAH JANE: I'm eight weeks pregnant.
SPUTNIK: Finally, man.
What is your problem? Come on, hurry up! BUG: I hope this is enough beer.
BUG: What's the problem? SPUTNIK: Don't be so obvious.
Come on, let's go.
BUG: What is it, what is it? SPUTNIK: Just finish up and let's go.
BUG: What's going on? SPUTNIK: Come on.
Go! (car engine starts) (rock music playing) BUG: Chef, Chef FALCO: What? BUG: We saw something out there.
FALCO: What was it? BUG: I'm pretty sure we were being followed.
FALCO: By who? BUG: I dunno, it was, like, a black car.
Sputnik saw it too.
THE DEVIL: You wanna be boss of a successful chapter, you gotta know how to get the best outta your boys.
It's like being a baseball manager.
You take a random bunch of guys, and it's your job to turn them into a team.
Take Foghorn here.
He ain't gonna win any awards for public speaking, but when I use him to send a message, it comes through loud and clear! You gotta deploy your guys according to their talents.
Just like baseball, you gotta have pitching and defense.
But you wanna be winners, you gotta have guys who can score you runs.
Solid hitters and sluggers.
Where's your guy Bug? Bug! Come here.
BUG: Yeah, I, I was just telling Chef THE DEVIL: Yeah, shh! Sit down.
BUG: Hey, what are you doing? THE DEVIL: Hold nice and still.
BUG: Yeah THE DEVIL: Like I was saying you need different kinds of hitters.
Take Ted Williams.
The Thumper was all about precision.
Hit his share of taters, but more often than not he'd step up to the plate, and he would lay one perfectly into a gap.
(The Devil laughing) THE DEVIL: Yeah! (laughing) Again, ashtray! (voices in other room) THE DEVIL: Like I was saying different types of hitters.
Precision guys like Williams, and your out-and-out sluggers like Babe Ruth.
Now, the Bambino didn't walk to the plate thinkin', "Heck, I'd love to hit me a single.
" He'd just close his eyes and swing for the fences.
CASEY: Oh, damn! I Look, it's a question of responsibility.
MARTHA: Casey, don't hand-talk with wine in front of you.
CASEY: I'm making a point.
Listen, I'm not one to judge, but what will your church friends say when they find out? SARAH JANE: Well maybe they won't judge either.
I didn't mean it to happen, Casey.
CASEY: No, what you mean is you did what you wanted, but you hoped it wouldn't happen.
SARAH JANE: You know what? I think I'm gonna have that glass of wine after all.
(sighs) Mmm That's good.
Saw a black car outside, right? - Yes? - BUG: Yes.
FALCO: Hold down the fort.
I'm gonna check it out.
(bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) BIKER: Yeah, let's see somethin'! (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) (car engine starts) (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) SNIPER: That hurt, old man? I tell you what, if you can't do your old lady, I'll take of her for ya! (bikers cheering & yelling) THE DEVIL: Looks like we've found a weakness! (bikers cheering & yelling) BIKER: Bullet, come on! Come on, man! THE DEVIL: Looks like you overstepped the mark, Bullet.
CROWD: Yeah! THE DEVIL: Or maybe you just stepped up to it.
BIKER: Yeah! THE DEVIL: That which don't kill us only makes us stronger.
Right, Bullet? CROWD: Yeah! BULLET: I'm too old for this shit.
THE DEVIL: I say it keeps a man young! CROWD: Yeah! FALCO: I saw a black car outside with tinted windows.
Is Meredith around? BULLET: (breathing heavily) I don't know.
I didn't call her.
THE DEVIL: I wanna see more fighting.
Darko Chef! You and Darko! (crowd exclaiming) THE DEVIL: You boys got something between you two, I can tell.
How 'bout you work it out in the ring? You wanna be Outlaws? Fight like you mean it.
(bikers cheering) BULLET: I need you on the door, okay? If you see anything at all, you come tell me.
THE DEVIL: As for rules, there ain't any, so don't hold back on our account.
You ready? Three, two (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) (crashing) (bikers cheering & yelling) (The Devil laughing) CASEY: Look, this is all just It's well, it's a surprise.
Especially given the way things ended with Donny.
Martha and I were there for you then.
And we're here for you now.
You know that, right? We just don't want to see you end up MARTHA: Who wants dessert? SARAH JANE: You know, I don't think I have room for any more.
But thanks.
MARTHA: Oh, okay.
You want some coffee? SARAH JANE: No, I'm gonna go to Charlie's.
CASEY: Sarah Jane, come on.
The man stands you up right when you need him SARAH JANE: Yeah, and I'm sure there's a good reason! I just want to make sure he's okay.
But thanks for all your support.
(bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) (bikers cheering & yelling) (motorcycles revving) (motorcycles revving) (bikers cheering & yelling) BUG: There's a bunch of guys out at the front.
BULLET: What? BULLET: That's enough! I said, that's enough! THE DEVIL: I'll say when it's enough! BULLET: There's Maggots outside! THE DEVIL: Lock n' load, boys! DARKO: Pick one.
THE DEVIL: What are you gonna do about this? You boys gonna step up? 'Cause this would be a good time.
You gonna do this? Or do you want me to settle it the old-fashioned way? BULLET: Let's go.
FALCO: Coming? RAZOR: So, the ex-Mongol's got a clubhouse.
You with The Devil now? BULLET: Depends.
We haven't decided if he deserves us.
RAZOR: Well, you better think hard about it.
'Cause if this turns into an Outlaws clubhouse, we'll burn it to the ground, with or without anyone home.
And if we see you riding around here in Outlaws colours you're as good as dead.
Let's go.
(engines starting) (engines fading away) THE DEVIL: What'd you say? BULLET: Asked 'em to leave.
It's time you guys left too.
Party's over.
THE DEVIL: Alright! Everyone, listen up! We just seen the problem we got with Maggots trying to move in on territory around here.
Seems to me, we ain't got no choice but to send a message straight back.
That's why I'm making you boys our new probate Chapter of Outlaws! (bikers cheering) THE DEVIL: Yeah! (laughing) (bikers cheering) THE DEVIL: Now, then! Let's all have us some beers! (bikers cheering & laughing) (engines starting) THE DEVIL: Remember this is just the start! You want all the way in, you got a lot left to prove, probate! (engines fading away) BUG: So who won? FALCO: Won what? BUG: Your fight.
(engines in distance) (engines in distance) FALCO: This is like putting a target on our backs, right? BULLET: It's the price of admission if we wanna work undercover.
FALCO: So what was The Devil shooting his mouth off about earlier? BULLET: We'll see.
He's definitely mixed up in something big.
BUG: Am I the only one here who feels like a drink? DARKO: Amen to that, brother.
BUG: Thank you.
BULLET: Lock up when you're done.
(Falco's engine starts) (Bullet sighs) FALCO: Vagos, Mongols, and now the Outlaws the further I travel from the real me, the harder it gets to find my way back.
(Falco sighs) FALCO: Hey, hey I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
SARAH JANE: It's okay.
Here What happened? SNIPER: Hey.
You have a tree taken down lately? Like an Elm? FARMER: No? SNIPER: Anyone else you know of? FARMER: No.
(Sniper starts engine) SNIPER: Have a good one.
THE DEVIL: Your old lady, Chef? FALCO: Yes, she is.
THE DEVIL: Then we're looking forward to seeing her at the wedding.
FALCO: What wedding? BULLET: This isn't just any wedding, it's hosted by a guy named Gator.
Outlaws international president.
SARAH JANE: What are you so worried about? FALCO: Just don't want you getting caught up in this.
THE DEVIL: Come with me.
COZT: You do ask a lot of questions.
BULLET: Gator's got his own trucking business? THE DEVIL: Among other things.
GATOR: Yeah well it was my truck that got jacked.
And it happened on your turf.
GATOR: There's a piece of business the club needs you to take care of.

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