Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e06 Episode Script

Inlaws and Outlaws

1 - - Anybody ever die doing that crank you cooked? You're no cleaner than me.
BIKERS: (cheering & laughing) THE DEVIL: This is the I-95.
It's got white lines running all the way up from Florida.
Our problem with the Maggots around here is making a lot of folks sick.
You wanna make it as Outlaws, take care of the problem.
SNIPER: How's the tree business, hang-around? FALCO: (chuckles) Are you serious? SNIPER: Very.
(fighting sounds) SARAH JANE: I'm eight weeks pregnant.
MARTHA: Oh BULLET: There's Maggots outside! THE DEVIL: What are you gonna do about this? - - - - - - CHARLES FALCO: His name was Spider.
Hers was Christine.
They were lovers.
In 1967, during the Summer of Love, their story shocked America.
FALCO: It started with a lie to the emergency doctor.
CHRISTINE: I landed on a board with two big nails sticking out FALCO: But the doctor didn't believe her, and he called in the law.
And that's when Christine broke down, and told the real story.
She'd recently become Spider's "old lady.
" But being new to the biker life, she didn't get that Spider saw her as nothing more than a piece of property someone he could treat however he wanted.
CHRISTINE: Him and his friend took me to the woods and nailed my hands to a tree FALCO: Thanks to her confession, Spider did time for his crime.
But in his mind, he hadn't done anything wrong.
BIKERS: (laughing) FALCO: Scary thing is, I know plenty of guys like Spider.
And the last thing I'd ever want is for one of them to meet someone I care about.
Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself But you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly MARTHA: So we're at the State Fair, we're on the rollercoaster, and just as we reach the top Casey proposes.
CASEY: I wanted to do it on the Ferris Wheel but the line was too long.
(chuckles) MARTHA: I barely knew him, but I dunno, somehow I knew I'd say yes.
CASEY: And besides, I told Martha if she said no, I'd throw her off the damn ride.
CASEY & MARTHA: (laughing) MARTHA: The point is, we didn't waste time weighing the complications.
We took the plunge, and it worked.
If we'd been blessed the way you two have, well Just sayin'.
CASEY: (clears throat) Uh, more wine, Charlie? FALCO: No, I'm good.
I got my bike here.
Thank you, it's been, uh, it's been really great.
THE DEVIL: Gator No, nothing concrete yet.
But me n' Snipe are over in V-Beach, checking on a rumor.
Any luck, we'll have answers for you when we come down for the shindig.
Trust me When we find out who did it, they're dead.
Sniper, go on in and find out if those rumors are true.
THE DEVIL: (video feed) Here's the mainline, I-95.
It's got white lines running up all the way from Florida.
MEREDITH: It doesn't prove trafficking.
BULLET: Oh, it sure as hell hints at it.
Would they rather I bust him for the coke on the table? MEREDITH: I'm just saying, having backed this operation, they're expecting a steady stream of evidence.
BULLET: (sighs) It takes awhile to build trust, alright? So you remind them: until we're full patch, they're just gonna have to be patient.
MARTHA: It was great to finally meet the mystery man.
FALCO: Yeah, look, I, I'm sorry about last week.
CASEY: Next time I'll show you my guns.
FALCO: Wow, okay.
Look forward to it.
MARTHA: Well, you'll be in our prayers.
(engine starting) FALCO: Sarah Jane and I have a decision to make.
It's obvious what Martha and Casey think.
But marriage and children I don't know if either of us are ready for that.
And while I'm undercover, it's impossible.
I've heard it said tomorrow's the first lie of the devil, but for now we're putting our heads in the sand and leaving the big decisions for another day.
SARAH JANE: I'll be right back.
(motorcycle approaching) THE DEVIL: On your bike and not in your cuts? What's up with that, Chef? FALCO: Yeah, I'm not ridin' for the club today.
SNIPER: No such thing, probate.
THE DEVIL: Get over here and fill 'er up.
What brings you to VB? FALCO: The beach.
How about you? THE DEVIL: Business.
Speakin' of, we got a run to Florida comin' up.
And you boys are gonna be the help.
FALCO: Hey, just gimme a second.
THE DEVIL: Well who might this be? SARAH JANE: I might be Sarah Jane.
And who might you be? THE DEVIL: Some people call me the space cowboy.
Yeah But most people call me The Devil.
SARAH JANE: Okay Well, you're not creepy at all.
THE DEVIL: Well, ain't I glad to hear that.
And you, my dear, are one fine piece of class.
Your old lady, Chef? FALCO: Yeah, she is.
THE DEVIL: Then we're looking forward to seeing her at the wedding.
FALCO: What wedding? SNIPER: The one he just told you about, probate.
Down in Florida.
FALCO: Yeah, I don't think she can make it.
THE DEVIL: Oh, I think you'll find she can, seeing as the bringing of old ladies is mandatory for Outlaw weddings.
SARAH JANE: Do I get a say in this? THE DEVIL: Damn, wouldn't you know it? Forgot my wallet.
Have to owe you, Chef.
(engines starting) THE DEVIL: See you there, darlin'! SARAH JANE: Did I just hallucinate that? FALCO: Bullet? Yeah, we need to talk, man.
SARAH JANE: Is this really that big a deal? MEREDITH: It depends.
How much does Sarah Jane know? FALCO: Most of it.
BULLET: You should have told me, Chef.
SARAH JANE: All I know is that you're working undercover investigating The Outlaws.
And now I also know that biker old ladies have to go to biker weddings.
FALCO: So how do we get out of this? MEREDITH: You're going, but Sarah Jane gets the flu and sends her regrets.
FALCO: Sounds reasonable.
BULLET: Yeah, the thing is, The Devil is not a reasonable man.
And this isn't just any wedding.
It's hosted by a guy named Gator, Outlaws international president.
Now, my guess is that him and The Devil are doing business.
But we can't prove that until we prove ourselves to them.
MEREDITH: Can't we do that without Sarah Jane? BULLET: Well, she begs off sick, The Devil's gonna know it's an excuse.
And he doesn't forget.
You know how these people think.
Everything's a test, Chef.
You know that.
SARAH JANE: So what's the danger if I do go? MEREDITH: You would have to be careful with everything you say.
But we will prepare you, and I'll be with you every second.
FALCO: You? MEREDITH: I'm a trained field agent.
And Bullet's undercover old lady.
BULLET: What's so funny? SARAH JANE: Meredith seems really cool.
Hey What are you so worried about? FALCO: I just don't want you getting caught up in this.
SARAH JANE: Why not, "Chef"? There some biker chick you don't want me to know about? FALCO: Why would I have one of those when I have such a hot old lady right here? SARAH JANE: Good answer.
So what do they call biker chicks who aren't old ladies? FALCO: Well, there's mamas.
And then below them are sheep.
And then there's pass-arounds.
SARAH JANE: Ew FALCO: Yeah, their world, their rules.
You sure you wanna do this? SARAH JANE: As long as I'm your "old lady" I'm safe, right? FALCO: Right.
SARAH JANE: You sure I shouldn't ride part way? FALCO: Oh, trust me, you're better off driving.
I'll see you there, Chef.
DARKO: What? BULLET: You all set? Any more questions? SARAH JANE: No, I'm good.
BULLET: Devil's got something for you.
THE DEVIL: You girls riding bitch seat with your boys? MEREDITH: The way my old man rides? I value my life too much.
THE DEVIL: Ha! I hear ya.
MEREDITH: We're driving.
THE DEVIL: My ol' lady's the same.
You'll meet her down there.
Now, before you go, I got presents for ya.
Alright! Now, I have smaller sizes if they're too loose.
MEREDITH: See you boys there.
Don't show fear.
They prey on that.
SARAH JANE: Why, do I look scared? MEREDITH: Do you need something? BUG: Only a ride.
MEREDITH: Not in this car.
BUG: Well, nobody bought me a bus ticket.
Oh, hey What's up? SARAH JANE: This has to be Bug.
BUG: Oh, and why does this 'have to' be Bug? Am I supposed to walk? MEREDITH: Get in the back seat.
BUG: Thank you.
SNIPER: You tell 'em about that other job? THE DEVIL: One test at a time, brother.
One test at a time.
FALCO: When I agreed to go undercover again, I figured I was just looking out for myself.
But now Sarah Jane's mixed up in this, and I don't have a good feeling about how things might end.
FALCO: So this is Gator's ranch.
Must be a couple hundred Outlaws here from all across the East Coast.
And by the looks of it, half of them are wired already.
One thing we can be sure of, if we're gonna make it to full patch, we're gonna have to pass all their usual tests.
But this is about more than that.
It's our first chance to get close to the international president and to find out what kind of business him and The Devil might be mixed up in.
BULLET: Gator's got his own trucking business? THE DEVIL: Among other things.
GATOR: Ha-ha-ha! Well, well, well, speak of The Devil! THE DEVIL: That never gets old! Come here, you ugly bastard! GATOR: (laughing) Whoa, you ol' goat, am I giving you a chub? (laughing) GATOR: (laughing) Well, hello, and welcome to you.
THE DEVIL: Ladies, this is our host, International President of the Outlaws, Gator.
The hot one here is Sarah Jane.
The hot one there is Meredith, and they're with our new probates.
GATOR: This is them? THE DEVIL: Yeah.
Bullet, Chef, Darko and the other one.
BUG: Bug.
It stands for "Big ugly" GATOR: Tell you what, probate, go set up at the bar.
There's lots of beer.
And lots of thirsty patches waiting for you to serve it up to them.
Sniper, you know my setup here.
Why don't you show the way? SNIPER: This way, dickweeds.
(laughing & talking in background) FALCO: Are you gonna be okay? SARAH JANE: Mm-hm.
FALCO: Okay.
SARAH JANE: See you later.
GATOR: Any word on my truck? THE DEVIL: Let me wash the road dust off and I'll tell you everything I know.
GATOR: Our guy's coming later.
You can tell him too.
THE DEVIL: Ladies How about you come with me? (rock music playing) (rock music playing) (rock music playing) DARKO: So we ride for eight hours straight, and now we work for eight more? SNIPER: Yeah, if you're lucky.
Pay attention.
Bumwad, Nutsack, Choker, Slowride, Jimmy Remember those names.
They ask you for anything, it's your job to get it.
All weekend.
Just keep the beer cold and the patches happy.
You guys make my guys look bad, those bottom rockers are comin' off.
(rowdy hollering in background) (rowdy hollering in background) BULLET: All right.
Let's get after it.
(hollering in background) (hollering in background) COZY: Hey, old man! You tryin' to prove you still got it goin' on? THE DEVIL: You know I do.
COZY: (laughing) Who are these little lambs? THE DEVIL: Sarah Jane, Meredith.
Came down with our probates.
This is my old lady, Cozy.
Mother, chief bottle washer, and ink maven to the stars.
I got some business to talk.
Thought maybe you'd take them under your wing, share the wisdom, scare off the wolves.
(laughing) COZY: Whatever.
SARAH JANE: We're not sheep either, if that's what you mean by lambs.
Pull up a chair.
BUG: Man, can these guys drink.
FALCO: Seen Sarah Jane? BUG: No, you don't look at eye level.
You make eye contact with these patches and they make you do stuff, man.
FALCO: Yeah, like what? BUG: Scary stuff.
I need two beers.
I'm gone.
DARKO: Think I saw her.
FALCO: Yeah, where? DARKO: She's up in the house with a local patch.
Had his hands all over her.
BULLET: Hey! Stay focused, eh, guys? Come on.
DARKO: (laughing) BULLET: Here just to serve beer.
(rowdy hollering) SARAH JANE: So, the wedding ceremony is tomorrow? Assuming anyone's still standing? COZY: Ah, this is just the warm up.
MEREDITH: So who's getting married here? COZY: Uh, you see over there? Chigger 'n Kat.
And that's their little yard ape, Kool-Aid.
MEREDITH: The kid's already got a road name? COZY: Ha-ha, it's on the birth certificate.
SARAH JANE: So they've been together awhile? COZY: Depends on what you mean by "together.
" Kat's daddy croaked and left her a chunk of cash.
Chigger wants a piece of it, so here we are.
SARAH JANE: Well, that's love.
COZY: (laughing) SARAH JANE: You got kids? COZY: You do ask a lot of questions.
Had two.
I still got one.
I'm COZY: I got a question for you two.
Who's thirsty? MEREDITH: (laughs) SARAH JANE: I'm parched.
COZY: Yes! Probate! Yeah, you! Bucket of beers here.
SARAH JANE: No, I'm good with just water, thanks.
COZY: That's not how we do it, girl.
SARAH JANE: Well, I'm kinda drinkin' for two.
COZY: (gasps) You're bakin' one? And a water! Choppity-chop, probate! Congratulations! SARAH JANE: Thanks.
COZY: How 'bout you? Got any kids? MEREDITH: No.
I, uh I can't.
COZY: Sorry to hear that.
I mean, if you wanted one.
If it's any consolation, they'll only break your heart.
MEREDITH: Hey, Cozy? Can I bum a smoke? COZY: Sure.
(cheering in the background) BUG: Beer and water for the girls.
FALCO: You seen them? Where? BULLET: Bug.
We need more ice, okay? It's in the kitchen.
BUG: No way, Sniper's in there.
Last time the guy made me punch myself, man.
BULLET: Darko, you go.
SNIPER: Whoa! Probate.
That guy What's his name? DARKO: I don't know.
SNIPER: Well, I told you to remember.
DARKO: Gooch? Ribeye? Itchy? Beer's getting warm.
SNIPER: See this probate? He's gonna punch himself in the balls.
BIKERS: (laughing) DARKO: That's funny, I, I I thought I heard you just say I was gonna punch myself in the balls.
SNIPER: I did.
Now punch yourself in the balls.
DARKO: You punch yourself in the balls.
GATOR: Do what you're told, probate.
SNIPER: Did you hear me? Or you have dirt in your ears? FALCO: Hey, we got a problem in there.
SNIPER: Now punch yourself in the balls.
FALCO: Darko BIKERS: (laughing) SNIPER: Yeah, that's what I'm talkin' about! BIKERS: (cheering) FALCO: I'll get the ice.
SNIPER: Hey, while you're at it, why don't you go find Sarah Jane? Bring her in here.
The boys would love to meet her.
GATOR: You know, I can't say that I like your attitude, probate.
Sniper gave you boys orders.
FALCO: There's a difference between taking orders and this.
GATOR: Well, let's see if you know the difference by the time you leave.
BIKERS: (cheering) BIKERS: (cheering) COZY: This one here, I got just before Devlin went in for the long bid.
SARAH JANE: Bid? COZY: Prison.
Nine years that time.
I got it so I wouldn't forget his ugly face.
MEREDITH & SARAH JANE: (laughing) MEREDITH: Must have been a hard time.
COZY: Well, it is what you make of it.
That's when I got into ink.
I apprenticed, I got my license.
Turned out to be a really good thing in the end.
SARAH JANE: You do well as a tattoo artist? COZY: When you can charge rock stars a grand an hour to pound ink onto their asses, you're doin' okay.
(laughing) SARAH JANE: Wow So you found a way to succeed, and your relationship survived too.
That's amazing.
COZY: Well, it's not like Dev wasted the whole nine years either.
He improved himself too.
MEREDITH: I thought he was already perfect? COZY: (laughing) Well He got a correspondence degree, and then he got another, and then he went for the black belt and got his Ph.
? In what? COZY: Political philosophy.
Wrote his thesis on Machiavelli.
But he's too Machiavellian to ever brag about it.
SARAH JANE: Never judge a book by its cover.
COZY: Nah, he's every bit the prick he seems to be.
MEREDITH: You know what? I need to use the ladies'.
You wanna come? SARAH JANE: No, I'm good.
You go ahead.
COZY: You wanna see some of my designs? SARAH JANE: For tattoo art? Yeah, you bet.
COZY: Come on.
Watch your step.
(hollering in background) BUG: Looks like they're all gathering around that fire out there.
FALCO: Look, I need a break, man.
I wanna go check on Sarah Jane.
BULLET: Five minutes.
FALCO: (sighs) (hollering in background) MALE VOICE: I trusted you.
Your business is delivery, and you failed to deliver.
Now you owe me.
GATOR: Yeah, well, it was my truck that got jacked.
You lost something, I lost something, and it happened on your turf.
THE DEVIL: We all lost something.
But we know the Maggots did it, and now we're taking steps to get it back.
SPUTNIK: So, you see you got the magic stuff in the foil.
Light the fire under the foil, and just have to make sure you ready when the smoke comes like (inhaling) FALCO: Hey, hey, hey What is wrong with you? Hey, little man, you okay? Where are your parents at? Wanna go find 'em? Come with me.
MEREDITH: Here, I'll take him.
Shouldn't you be at the bar? FALCO: Taking a break.
Where's Sarah Jane? MEREDITH: Safe.
She's doing fine.
FALCO: Okay, tell her to come find me.
MEREDITH: Come on, buddy.
Hey? FALCO: What's the matter with you, man? That was a kid.
SPUTNIK: What's it to you, probate, hm? Watch how you talk to a patch.
FALCO: Oh, yeah, is that all you are? A patch? SPUTNIK: Right, Chef.
Save the children.
You wanna be an Outlaw tough guy, hm? See this? See this, hm? This is the business you have to fight for.
Get it in there.
COZY: It's nice to meet a fellow artist, especially in this scene.
SARAH JANE: I don't know if I'm an artist yet.
(metal music playing) SARAH JANE: These are incredible.
COZY: Thanks.
You know, one thing on paper, but they really come to life on skin.
You have got amazing skin.
SARAH JANE: Thank you.
COZY: You're welcome.
You know, I've been having such a good time, I forgot to eat.
You hungry? SARAH JANE: Yeah Yeah, I guess I am.
COZY: Okay, well, why don't you wait here? I'll go get us some barbecue, and then we can pick up where we left off.
This party's way more fun than that one out there, right? SARAH JANE: Mm-hm.
COZY: Good.
(trailer door closes) (door unlatches) SARAH JANE: Cozy? SNIPER: Well, there you are.
Cozy comin' back soon? - KOOL-AID: Boo, boo! - (inaudible) GATOR: Hey, Kool-Aid, you gonna kill your daddy or what? KOOL-AID: Yeah.
GATOR: Alright, let's see it.
THE DEVIL: Meredith.
How about you mosey up to the bar, and get your old man and the others and bring 'em down to the fire? If you don't mind.
FALCO: Hey, you got a sec? I need to talk to you MEREDITH: Hey, guys, The Devil wants you over at the fire.
FALCO: Where's Sarah Jane? MEREDITH: She's fine.
She's with Cozy.
FALCO: Who's Cozy? MEREDITH: The Devil's old lady.
It's all good.
Come on, let's go.
COZY: Hey.
MEREDITH: Where's Sarah Jane? COZY: Oh, she's back at the trailer.
Dev wants me here for the speeches.
Toast to the newlyweds.
GATOR: Alright, everybody, gather 'round.
Let's remember why we're here Kat and Chigger's big day tomorrow! BIKERS: (cheering) GATOR: Chigger, you and I go back, what, 20 years? We've seen one helluva lot of road together, haven't we brother? And a helluva lot of women too.
KAT: Hey! GATOR & THE DEVIL: (laughing) GATOR: Then along came our little Pussy-Kat, and we all knew right away she was somethin' special.
Huh? Didn't we, boys? BIKERS: (cheering) GATOR: Now here they are, doublin' up, for better or worse.
It's my honor to host their wedding and to give y'all a chance to share in the specialness of Kat with our brother Chigger.
DARKO: I got a feeling that's been shared plenty already.
GATOR: So raise em up Outlaws, raise to Chigger n' Kat! BIKERS: (cheering) THE DEVIL: A fine toast from a fine host.
But I got something to add for the ladies and the newer members of our brotherhood.
Ladies, when you're with an Outlaw, you're with a man whose first priority is the club.
There's no use trying to change or domesticate him.
Because an Outlaw lives by the oldest and most primal of rules.
Men are wired to hunt and fight with their brothers.
Men belong in gangs, and women belong to men.
Problems only happen when we don't know our place.
A long time ago, right here in Florida, an Outlaw brother named Spider paid a steep price because his old lady didn't know her place.
She was young and pretty, but she had a lip on her, and coming from a place where men are soft, she was ignorant of the natural order.
So when Spider asked her for ten dollars and she responded by laughing in his face, she had a lesson coming.
And Spider was quick to deliver it.
CHRISTINE: (crying) THE DEVIL: When you love a hammer, don't go out of your way to be a nail! But did she learn her lesson? Sorry to say, no.
Because even after Spider had seen to her welfare, she ran her mouth to the law.
And ol' Spider, he gets six years.
Frailty, thy name is old lady.
The good news, after six years of tears, she and Spider finally reaped the harvest of her correction.
So Pussy-Kat, when yer Ole man asks you for ten bucks, what do you do? OLD MAN'S VOICE: Ya damn well give it to him! THE DEVIL: Damn right you do, Spider! You, sir, are the true meaning of Outlaw.
I salute you.
BIKERS: (cheering) BIKERS: (cheering) FALCO: Where is she? MEREDITH: She's in the trailer up there.
I was just going back.
FALCO: Hey! SARAH JANE: Charlie! What are you doing?! COZY: Is this your old man? SARAH JANE: Uh-huh.
COZY: Hey, hey! Handsome! Sniper got a touch-up, your girl's getting a virgin freebie.
Are we done with all the drama here? Because I need a steady hand.
SARAH JANE: (sighs) FALCO: I gotta go check in with Bullet.
Lock the doors, okay? SARAH JANE: 'Kay.
BULLET: Oh Guy said it was a twin.
MEREDITH: The place is booked out.
BULLET: You done punching out the patches? FALCO: Look, I told you I didn't want to bring her.
BULLET: What about Sputnik? FALCO: (sighs) MEREDITH: I told him about the kid.
BULLET: You can't push the patches, Chef.
It puts all of us at risk.
FALCO: Alright, well, he mentioned something about dope being their business.
Not exactly surprising news.
FALCO: Yeah, well, I think they might have a problem.
I overheard Gator, The Devil, and the guy in the suit talking about a truck getting hijacked by the Merciless Souls.
FALCO: Okay, then, just thought you might wanna know.
Sleep tight.
BULLET: I'm grabbing a shower.
(TV news in background) (shutter sound) BUG: What? DARKO: You take my picture again? BUG: No, man, I took a picture of this.
I found it at Gator's.
It's evidence, you know, so I'm gonna give it to Bullet.
DARKO: What are you gonna do that for? BUG: Well, 'cause this plus all the evidence I'm picking up on this little guy, equals a shortcut to early retirement, my friend.
(TV news in background) DARKO: Let me see it.
(TV news in background) BUG: And voila.
DARKO: Could be anything.
BUG: What? DARKO: I said, it could be anything.
I reckon we oughta test it.
BUG: You think so? (TV news in background) BUG: Whoa The whole deal? DARKO: We gonna test it, or we gonna test it? BUG: Okay.
BOTH: (inhaling) SARAH JANE: You know, Cozy's tattooed rock stars.
You should see her designs.
I wasn't sure what to expect, but she's actually really cool.
FALCO: Yeah, actually, she's very dangerous.
SARAH JANE: Don't judge her by her old man.
FALCO: You know, I'm sure she seems cool, and But her old man's killed people; she knows where the bodies were buried.
She's very dangerous, and not just to us.
You can't be her friend.
SARAH JANE: She wants to see some of my work.
FALCO: You gotta find a way out.
You can't do that.
SARAH JANE: Look, it felt safer hanging out with her.
Like, out of the fray.
FALCO: Yeah, I know.
But you can't get too close to these people.
SARAH JANE: Okay, I get it.
What about you? Picking a fight over me.
That can't help.
(giggling) FALCO: That's just me protecting my property, right? Their world, their rules.
BULLET: Ah! I forgot my toothbrush.
MEREDITH: Well, you're not borrowing mine.
BULLET: Okay, I'll just use a face cloth, then.
MEREDITH: You forgot your pajamas.
BULLET: Well, I forgot I was sharing a room with my undercover old lady.
BULLET: (sighs) MEREDITH: What do you think of the truck thing Charlie mentioned? BULLET: Well Gator runs a trucking company.
Could be a load of refrigerators for all we know.
MEREDITH: But what about the suit guy? BULLET: Ah, he could be one of the execs.
I'll make room.
BULLET: (sighs) MEREDITH: You really think refrigerators? BULLET: No, I think Chef is right.
MEREDITH: (sighs) You forgot to turn the bathroom light off.
Welcome, brother.
She's yours now.
CROWD: (cheering) (engines revving) CROWD: (cheering) FALCO: So after 36 hours of solid partying, Kat and Chigger finally tie the knot.
I'm still standing, but I got two Outlaws on my case, and I just want to get out of here before Sarah Jane gets dragged in any deeper.
COZY: Sarah Jane, come on, get in here! You too, handsome! Let's go, right there.
CROWD: (cheering) CROWD: (cheering) THE DEVIL: Seems my Cozy has a new best friend.
CROWD: (cheering) CROWD: (cheering) (shutter sounds) CROWD: (cheering) CROWD: (cheering) CROWD: (cheering) CROWD: (cheering) CROWD: (cheering) CROWD: (cheering) CROWD: (cheering) - FALCO: Hi.
SARAH JANE: You ever imagine doing this? FALCO: What, this this? With the, the ring and the cake and all that? SARAH JANE: Well, yeah.
FALCO: Depends.
You got ten bucks? SARAH JANE: What? What does that mean? FALCO: Oh, you had to be there.
What about you? Can you see it? SARAH JANE: Do you remember that fight that you had, in the diner? FALCO: Uh, yeah, with what's his name? SARAH JANE: Donny.
FALCO: Yeah, what about it? SNIPER: Chef.
GATOR: Okay, now that we're all here FALCO: What's going on? THE DEVIL: The probate's lot is not to ask questions.
It's to take orders and prove loyalty to brothers you hope to join.
Unfortunately, some of those brothers question whether you got what it takes.
So now's the time to prove you belong.
You boys tell me now, you sure you want to belong? BULLET: Yeah.
GATOR: Well, that being the case, there's a piece of business the club needs you to take care of.
BULLET: Okay What is it? THE DEVIL: We need you to cap a Maggot.
BUG: I knew it! BULLET: You want us to kill a Maggot? GATOR: You're gonna kill a Maggot.
THE DEVIL: You do this right, and you earn the trust and gratitude of your brothers.
GATOR: But if you don't, take a look out there and try to remember all you've got to lose.
(motorcycle sound) CASEY: You want to teach your own kids some survival skills given what's coming.
COZY: You got real promise Sarah Jane.
What's holding you back? FALCO: Cozy cannot be your friend and you know why.
How can you be that stupid? BULLET: Razor.
THE DEVIL: Local Maggot boss.
Set the fire at your clubhouse.
BULLET: Is that why you want him dead? MEREDITH: You don't have to do this.
BULLET: I guess I don't know any other way to be.
THE DEVIL: I want it done clean BULLET: Run! THE DEVIL: No trail back to us.

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