Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e07 Episode Script

End of the Road

1 You see this here, Tina? This shit is gonna put the Pagans on the map in this state.
THE DEVIL: (on video) Here's the main line, I-95.
It's got white lines running up all the way from Florida.
BULLET: Gator's got his own trucking business? THE DEVIL: Among other things.
GATOR: It was my truck that got jacked, and it happened on your turf.
CROWBAR: We had an agreement.
No Outlaws south of Richmond.
COZY: Sarah Jane, come on, get in here! THE DEVIL: Seems my Cozy has a new best friend.
GATOR: There's a piece of business the club needs you to take care of.
THE DEVIL: We need you to cap a Maggot.
- - - - - - CHARLES FALCO: It's called The Soldiers Dilemma.
You're given an order you know is wrong, so now you have a choice.
Do the right thing and risk your own life by refusing, or carry out the order and reap the rewards for your loyalty.
Both choices come at a cost.
FALCO: Just move.
FALCO: The thing is sometimes when you're undercover the right thing and the wrong thing get mixed up.
FALCO: Shut up.
I'm only gonna say this once.
(muffled protests) FALCO: Run, Maggot.
(gunshots) FALCO: In the end, the choice that comes back to bite you the hardest is the one that goes a step too far.
BULLET: Nicely done, Chef.
FALCO: A step that leaves you no way back.
BULLET: Fill it in.
Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself But you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly (gunshot) CASEY: Thought you said you don't hunt? FALCO: My dad used to take me target shooting.
I guess it's like riding a bike.
CASEY: That's a smart man, your dad.
You'll want to teach your own kid some survival skills.
Given what's coming.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? What's coming? CASEY: The world's a house of cards, Charlie, and we're about one bad day from total collapse.
If I were you, I'd start preparing now.
FALCO: You really believe that? CASEY: You can only run a country on snake oil for so long before it all comes down.
But I'll tell you one thing.
Anyone comes for what's mine (indistinct muttering) they're gonna regret it.
(chuckles) FALCO: Guess I'm more of an optimist.
CASEY: Maybe riding with a biker gang gives you a false sense of security.
FALCO: Who told you that? CASEY: We're not blind, Charlie.
Look, it's a free country.
You can do what you want.
All I'm saying is when it hits the fan, parasites like bikers will be the first in the crosshairs when good people are forced to protect their belongings.
FALCO: Casey, it's not what you think, man.
CASEY: Well, whatever it is, you have got to start putting family first.
Try it again, and double the distance.
See if it's still like riding a bike, huh? (chuckles) MARTHA: Does Charlie know? SARAH JANE: I've been meaning to tell him.
MARTHA: What if he proposes? SARAH JANE: He hasn't.
At least, not yet.
MARTHA: Well, why wouldn't he? He's the father.
(gunshot outside) SARAH JANE: We don't know what we're doing yet.
MARTHA: What is that supposed to mean? SARAH JANE: It means we want to be sure.
(phone buzzing) MARTHA: What is there to smile about here? Sarah Jane? SARAH JANE: Sorry, it's just a friend.
An artist, actually.
She wants to see some of my work.
MARTHA: So you're going to art school still? SARAH JANE: I already told you, I don't know.
(TV in the background) (door closes) - FALCO: Hey.
MARTHA: How was it out there? CASEY: Ah, you put a gun in a man's hand, you learn all you need to know about him.
How's it going in here? MARTHA: Oh, lots left to learn.
MARTHA: Hey! (motorcycles approaching) THE DEVIL: Bullet.
You know why we're here? BULLET: Yeah.
Let's talk inside.
THE DEVIL: Let's see you hit that again first.
You are a man of many talents.
SNIPER: What do you got against trees? - BULLET: Just a hobby.
- THE DEVIL: (laughs) THE DEVIL: My hobby's photography.
Not that digital crap neither.
I like me some real film.
Smell of chemicals, seeing the man I'm gonna kill appear like magic on a blank piece of paper.
SNIPER: The man you're gonna kill.
BULLET: Razor.
THE DEVIL: Local Maggot boss.
You've met.
Set the fire in front of your clubhouse.
BULLET: Is that why you want him dead? SNIPER It's not for you to ask, probate.
THE DEVIL: Man's gonna cap someone, he deserves to know why.
The Maggots stole something of ours, and this is payback.
I want it done clean.
No witnesses, no trace, no trail back to us.
You do that? Give you three days.
Bring me proof.
Not just pictures, I want video.
And I want his patch.
Bonus points if it's got his blood on it.
Like I said at Gator's: do this right, you earn your reward.
SNIPER: I don't have to tell you what happens if you do this wrong.
Right? BUG: I take it we're screwed? DARKO: Why? Razor's in town.
We find him, we cap him, no big deal.
BUG: Oh yeah, man, that's like That's, like, totally hilarious.
(laughs awkwardly) We're actually capping a guy? FALCO: How do we do this? BULLET: One step at a time.
First we gotta find him.
BUG: If we're full-on breaking the law here, I need a guarantee.
DARKO: Guarantee I won't be listening to the next three things you say.
BUG: No, really.
Charges-drop style guarantee and I'm gonna need, like a, you know, I'm gonna need, like, a like a cash bonus.
FALCO: So you're saying we need to buy your silence about this? BUG: What I'm saying is when I'm done with all this, I could take said cash bonus to Belize where there will be no one to tell.
FALCO: There he is.
(motorcycle starts) FALCO: Razor, what's up? RAZOR: I know you? FALCO: Sure.
You came by my clubhouse and lit a fire.
BULLET: Don't move.
FALCO: We're gonna go for a ride.
MEREDITH: You need to understand, you are in a world of trouble.
Carrying illegal firearms, narcotics.
With your record, that's three to five right here.
We get a warrant, search your place, what do you think we'll find? Enough for 10 more? BULLET: Add the RICO violations, we'll get it over 20, no problem.
So we got lots of options for charging you.
Or we let you go and you'll be dead within a week.
MEREDITH What you have to ask yourself is whether you prefer a life sentence, a death sentence, or the option we're going to offer.
FALCO: Uh, what's up with that? SARAH JANE: Thought I'd head out and do some drawing.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? Where are you going? SARAH JANE: Guess I'll find out when I get there.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? SARAH JANE: Mm-hm.
FALCO: Alright.
Have fun.
I'll be home when you get back to town.
What are you guys doing this time? FALCO: Pretending to be Outlaws.
But if you're talking with Martha and Casey, you tell them that we're SARAH JANE: It's just another tree job.
Yep, got it.
FALCO: Listen, Casey said something to me about being a biker.
SARAH JANE: I mentioned Florida.
Martha kept asking questions.
I'm sorry.
FALCO: How much did you tell her? SARAH JANE: Only that you're in a club.
I never mentioned Outlaws or your real job.
FALCO: Okay.
SARAH JANE: What did Casey say? FALCO: Doesn't matter.
Hey You be careful out there.
SARAH JANE: You too.
BUG: The Great Dismal Swamp.
I mean, who names these places? It's like one of those, one of those moron names, you know, like jumbo shrimp, Civil War Like, um, you know, like, um Like the living dead, right? DARKO: Hey, are you gonna talk like a moron the whole trip? BUG: Come on, I'm just trying to cheer up our little snitch here.
FALCO: Bug, give it a rest, man.
DARKO: Worse things than taking a deal.
RAZOR: Like what? DARKO: Like, hard time.
You ever done any? BUG: Egg-sactly.
I mean, who wants to pillow-bite their way through the next five years, right? Me, no way, not a chance, I'm taking the deal.
You made the right call, man.
Start over, clean slate.
When I'm done all this I'm going somewhere the US of Johnny Law - DARKO: Yeah, Belize.
- BUG: ain't never gonna find me.
DARKO: We all know.
No one cares.
BUG: No, man, I found some place even better.
Since you're begging to know, I'm going to the Congo.
DARKO: If you last long enough to get there.
(carving sound) CROWBAR: Alright, how long is he gonna make me wait? 'Cause you know what? I could be doin' a crossword.
THE DEVIL: Crowbar.
THE DEVIL: To what do I owe this interruption from a Petersburg Pagan? CROWBAR: Came for a sit down.
So are we gonna sit down, or I mean, if you want, I can stand for this.
THE DEVIL: Sit right there.
And you tell me what's on your little mind.
CROWBAR: First thing is that I do respect all the heavy lifting that you've been doing against the Maggots in Petersburg.
THE DEVIL: Uh-huh, but? CROWBAR: We had an agreement.
You were gonna leave Petersburg to the Pagans.
THE DEVIL: (sighs) I can sense an accusation coming on.
Hah! CROWBAR: You go and you open a probate club, and then all of a sudden all this blow just starts flowing into my bars, and my dope sales fall right off the cliff.
THE DEVIL: Cocaine? CROWBAR: Cocaine.
THE DEVIL: In your cracked and cranked dive? (laughs) Where from? CROWBAR: Well, see, that's what I was hoping you could help me with.
THE DEVIL: Well, I can tell you this People on beer budgets, they can only drink so much champagne.
So I don't see how the fad will last.
But see, this coke is crazy cheap.
So that makes me think that somebody's trying to run me out of my own market.
THE DEVIL: Well, that's what I would do if I was the one doing it.
CROWBAR: So are you telling me that it's not you? Because the word is is that it all comes from you.
THE DEVIL: Well, then, you just let me be the first one to tell you.
The real word is, Razor and his Maggots, they jacked a truck of someone else's product.
So it's easy to sell cheap something that you got for free in the first place.
So what you might wanna do, Crowbar, is call a sit-down with the Maggots, waste their valuable time.
Meanwhile you can be sure we're taking steps to fix the problem.
SARAH JANE: Wow, these are just so great.
COZY: Mm, you can sort of see the evolution.
Definitely gets better.
SARAH JANE: What's with the upside down biker patches? COZY: Oh, Dev's trophies.
From his enemies.
You're out bad and hardly a man if your patch gets taken.
Anyway, you want my opinion on your stuff? SARAH JANE: Yeah.
COZY: You got real promise, Sarah Jane.
SARAH JANE: You really think so? COZY: I do.
But you're too good not to know that.
So What's holding you back? SARAH JANE: I'm still figuring things out.
It's like, I could either be this one thing or this other thing, and meanwhile I don't know what I'm supposed to do.
COZY: You know, sometimes an artist needs help along the way.
I could use an assistant.
- SARAH JANE: Are you serious? - COZY: Mm-hm.
- COZY: Hey.
THE DEVIL: Hey, look who's here! SARAH JANE: Hey.
CROWBAR: Wow, look at this flaming piece.
Come here.
THE DEVIL: Whoa, Crowbar, you haven't even met her.
Have some respect for Chef's old lady.
CROWBAR: That's Chef's old lady? The probate in Petersburg? THE DEVIL: Yeah.
CROWBAR: Well, alright, Chef! THE DEVIL: (laughs) CROWBAR: (laughs) Wow.
THE DEVIL: Listen.
Bring your boys by the Petersburg Clubhouse this Friday.
We're planning on celebrating the solution to our mutual problem.
Take it from me, things are looking up, Crowbar.
CROWBAR: I will be there.
THE DEVIL: Oh THE DEVIL: Hey How's Chef doing, busy? SARAH JANE: Yeah, he's away on a job.
THE DEVIL: Oh, yeah? What kind of job? SARAH JANE: Tree business? I don't really know.
A man needs a woman who knows how to keep her trap shut about his business.
Did I tell you she will be a welcome addition to this family? COZY: You did.
THE DEVIL: And you will be.
If Chef makes the grade.
COZY: Don't take him personally.
He can't leave a room without making a threat.
SARAH JANE: I should get going anyway.
COZY: So I meant what I said.
Think about it.
See ya.
COZY: See ya.
MEREDITH: Gentlemen, this is Dave, one of the agency's top technical advisers.
Dave specializes in operations like this and has a very specific plan, so listen carefully.
DAVE: Okay, gentlemen.
Today I'm the man in charge.
That means you must all do what I say, when I say it, and how I say it.
Anything less than perfection will not be tolerated.
We're all clear on this, right? We all understand what the quote-unquote "stakes" are here? Okay, who's on camera? Alright.
Hang on to this.
I'll get back to you.
You're the dead man? Who are the killers? Okay.
BUG: Hey, what about me? DAVE: You're the grave digger.
And you are gonna help him.
Here you go, peaches.
Four feet deep minimum, over there.
Okay, any questions? Okay.
Let's go kill this man.
Done a lot of weird stuff in my life, man, but this takes the Twinkie.
I mean, how far we gonna go with this, huh? First Razor and then what? I mean, where does it end, man? Was it really that bad? DARKO: What? BUG: Prison.
You know, it's just you don't really seem like the kind of guy who takes a deal, you know, so This is better.
BUG: Unless you end up in one of these, right? DARKO: Still better.
(digging sounds) DAVE: Now, the back squibs will be convincing but this little baby will be definitive.
Pow! FALCO: I hear there are worse ways to die.
DAVE: Yeah, I've staged a few of them.
Tell you one thing, after they see this little motion picture, you guys are as good as patched.
RAZOR: And then what? FALCO: We get in deeper, and we take them down.
DAVE: Yeah, but not before soaking in a few more years of sex, drugs and rock n' roll, right? FALCO: What, you think this is a party? BULLET: We let criminals like the Devil carry on so we can rack up bigger charges.
FALCO: You think the risk is worth it? DAVE: Yeah, we got an algorithm for that.
FALCO: Oh, yeah? Well, I'm glad your world is so black and white.
Let me ask you something.
What'd you do to make The Devil want you dead? You know anything about a truck that got hijacked? RAZOR: No.
FALCO: So you never stole anything from him? MEREDITH: How much longer, Dave? DAVE: Meredith, you can have it fast, or you can have it flawless.
Go get your other guy; we're almost done here.
BULLET: Darko, over here.
Bug, another two feet.
BUG: Are you serious? BULLET: It's gotta be deeper.
DAVE: Okay, this one's for real.
Does everybody know what they're doing? Dead guy? Killers? Camera? Gag him.
Lock him up.
(muffled protests) FALCO: Just move.
Shut up.
(muffled protests) (muffled protests) FALCO: I'm only gonna say this once.
Run, Maggot.
Run! (muffled cries) (gunshots) DARKO: Head shot.
Was that you? FALCO: Yeah, you got him in the back.
FALCO: (on video) Run, Maggot.
(gunshots on video) BUG: Sweet.
MEREDITH: Bug? What are you doing? BUG: I just finished.
It's a nice, deep hole, huh? MEREDITH: Yeah, it's good.
Come out.
MEREDITH: (sighs) BULLET: Alright, fill it in.
DAVE: Alright, that's good.
Let me see it.
DAVE: Okay, good, I think we got it.
Pull him out.
FALCO: Okay, Lazarus.
We're all done here.
FALCO: (on video) Run, Maggot run! MEREDITH: I had my doubts, but I think this could work.
DAVE: Oh, it'll work.
As long as you guys keep your stories straight.
DARKO: Dickweed.
MEREDITH: All set? FALCO: Hey.
Good luck.
RAZOR: Take more than luck to keep this from biting us all in the ass.
(car doors closing) (engine starting) DARKO: (on video) Well, that's one dead Maggot.
BULLET: (on video) You guys finish digging a hole yet? DARKO: (on video) Yeah.
BULLET: (on video) Put him in.
FALCO: (on video) Let me grab his patch first.
BULLET: (on video) Nicely done, Chef.
Alright, fill it in.
(digging sounds on video) THE DEVIL: Where'd you do it? BULLET: Somewhere no one will ever find him.
THE DEVIL: Whaddya think, Snipe? 'Cause I think our Petersburg probates just took a big step forward.
One more time Oh, I like it, boys.
(gunshots on video) THE DEVIL: Nice job.
I'll tell Gator and we'll swing down and celebrate.
Thank you, gentlemen.
COZY: Chef? FALCO: Hey.
COZY: Sarah Jane forgot this.
FALCO: She was here? COZY: Yeah, she dropped by to show me her artwork.
Talented girl.
You might have a future tattoo artist there.
Tell her I said hi.
FALCO: Oh, I will.
FALCO: I know, man.
I know.
(engines starting) DARKO: Doghouse! (Falco's engine starts) MEREDITH: Razor's been moved by the marshals.
Looks like we're all clear, as long as everything holds up at your end.
BULLET: Here's hoping.
(beer can opening) MEREDITH: Listen In light of the tactics we resorted to, the office wants to meet and review your progress.
BULLET: Well, I might have an hour next month.
MEREDITH: Why d'you keep doing this, David? You could do anything you want in law enforcement.
BULLET: I like to finish what I started.
What about you? MEREDITH: Come on.
Asked you an honest question.
I mean, at your age.
You have a family, right? You don't have to do this.
BULLET: I guess I don't know any other way to be.
Having a role to play that isn't me it's like I dunno.
MEREDITH: Freedom? BULLET: Freedom? Nah, the opposite.
The role dictates every choice you make.
And you make the ones that keep you alive.
There a word for that? MEREDITH: Yeah.
Personally, I prefer to go home, and get a good night's sleep in my own bed.
BULLET: I envy you.
BULLET: Meredith? When you go into that office tomorrow, you make sure to tell them it's worth it.
- FALCO: Hey.
- MARTHA: Hi, Charlie.
- FALCO: Sarah Jane around? - MARTHA: Yeah.
CASEY: Hey, look, it's the marksman! See what you missed today? FALCO: Wow, you got one, huh? SARAH JANE: Hey, I didn't think you'd be back so soon.
FALCO: Yeah, I came to bring you this.
SARAH JANE: Could you just excuse us for a sec? (rock music playing in background) (rock music playing in background) SARAH JANE: She offered to look at my work, Charlie.
What was I supposed to say? FALCO: You say no, Sarah Jane.
SARAH JANE: Well, I'd already agreed, down in Florida.
I mean, it's not that big a deal.
FALCO: Cozy cannot be your friend and you know why.
SARAH JANE: No, what I know is that she actually takes an interest in what I want.
FALCO: Seriously? SARAH JANE: Seriously.
FALCO: Seriously, how can you be that stupid? SARAH JANE: I'm stupid? Yeah yeah.
I am stupid.
For playing along with this in the first place.
If I hadn't done that to bail you out, I wouldn't even know these people.
FALCO: Sarah okay, look, Sarah Jane.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean it.
Look You helped, and you were great, but I don't want you being any more involved in this.
SARAH JANE: You don't want us getting more involved.
FALCO: What?! SARAH JANE: Because then you'd have to decide if you even want what you've got.
FALCO: Whoa How did we get here? SARAH JANE: Ass-backwards, Charlie.
Same way we get everywhere in our stupid lives.
FALCO: Do you really want to do this now? SARAH JANE: No No, we don't have to do this now.
No, we can put it off until we're stuck with the only choice that we've got left.
But if it's not the one that you want, then why should I want it? SARAH JANE: (scoffs) SARAH JANE: Liking what you hear, Martha? THE DEVIL: (on video feed) To the future.
BULLET: (on video feed) The future.
So you talked to Gator? THE DEVIL: Uh-huh.
BULLET: And where do we stand? THE DEVIL: He's happy.
I'm happy.
BULLET: So we get our patches now? THE DEVIL: You have a way of getting ahead of yourself, Bullet.
Rubs some of my guys the wrong way.
BULLET: That's their problem.
My problem is, if I'm gonna be taking care of business, I should be part of the business.
THE DEVIL: Ain't up to just me.
You're gonna have to trust the process.
SNIPER: Hit the head, boys.
I said leave.
FALCO: Get you anything else? SNIPER: Yeah, a beer.
And Razor.
DARKO: Can't help you there.
SNIPER: You grab him that night, don't cap him till the next day.
Why the wait? FALCO: You wanted video, so we had to wait for daylight.
SNIPER: So where'd you keep him that night? FALCO: Trunk of the car.
SNIPER: Where? Here? Bullet's place? Where? FALCO: Bullet's.
SNIPER: You talk to him at all? DARKO: Mouth was taped.
He was doped up.
SNIPER: With what? DARKO: Downers.
SNIPER: What kind of downers? DARKO: What, are you serious? The kind that work.
What difference does it make? SNIPER: Maybe the difference between dead and alive.
Or probate and patch.
FALCO: Actually, he did say something before we capped him.
SNIPER: Yeah? FALCO: Said he never stole anything.
- SNIPER: He said that? - FALCO: Yeah.
SNIPER: You sure about that? So he just comes out with that, or you ask him and he answers? FALCO: He was saying a whole bunch of things, okay, man? He was begging for his life.
SNIPER: You ask him what he never took? FALCO: No, man, I did not.
Okay? Look, you got a PhD in paranoia, brother.
SNIPER: Yeah, that's why I set the tests.
And far as I'm concerned, you ain't passed shit.
BUG: The Congo, man.
Look it up.
The weather is, like, amazing and the real estate's, like, super cheap, right? Plus it's the kind of place where nobody else is gonna be able to find me, you know, when when I'm done with all this.
I mean, you know, when I'm, when I'm done doing whatever it is I'm doing, you know? Like, like not 'this', right? You know? (sniffing sounds) SPUTNIK: What? BUG: No, no its just No, it's just something I said.
It's like, it's like, not a big deal.
It was just I said something and then, and then he thought - (engines approaching) - BUG: Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Who invited those guys, huh? SPUTNIK: It's okay.
Pagans are our friends.
BUG: You sure? SPUTNIK: Well CROWBAR: Howdy, losers! CROWBAR: Hip-hip Hey! (laughing) THE DEVIL: Ah, look who's here.
CROWBAR: I'm here for the celebration you promised.
So what are we celebrating? THE DEVIL: Better days, my friend, better days.
Now, grab yourselves a drink, and then we can talk.
BULLET: You invite them? THE DEVIL: Shared celebration.
BULLET: They know what we did? THE DEVIL: Crowbar doesn't even know what he thinks he knows.
CROWBAR: Beers, shots And guess what, Chef? I, uh I bumped into your ol' lady last week at the Devil's.
Damn, how did you pull such a hot babe? FALCO: Well, you know, I'd say, 'Just be yourself.
' But in your case, you might wanna try being someone else.
CROWBAR: Huh Well, there was a certain Maggot who stopped bein' his self.
You hear about that? FALCO: Nope.
CROWBAR: Oh, yeah.
It was a local chapter boss, Razor.
He just disappeared, just vanished, just poof, puff of dust.
Huh, what do you think of that? Weird, right? FALCO: Yeah, maybe he just went for a ride and didn't tell anyone.
Yeah, I mean, that's one theory.
Or maybe Razor got erased.
You know, here's the thing If he doesn't come back soon, then you gotta figure that the Maggots are gonna form their own theories about who done it.
(metal music playing in background) SPUTNIK: Maybe it's time we got high, huh? BUG: Yeah, yeah, spark it if you got it.
SPUTNIK: No Not that.
BUG: Oh, yeah? What are you, um, what are you packing? SPUTNIK: Boy and girl.
Just in, hm? What do you say, chief? BUG: Uh, yeah, yeah, um Yeah, no, you see, I'm I'm supposed to, um, I'm supposed to stay SPUTNIK: Supposed to stay what? BUG: Um, I'm supposed to stay, like, like here, you know, like, like on guard.
You know, like, right here, watching the SPUTNIK: Is it about the money? BUG: Huh? Yeah, I'm like, I'm like totally broke, right, you know, so, so SPUTNIK: Look, don't worry about it.
BUG: Huh? SPUTNIK: It's on the house, okay? It's your first time.
Play nice, big guy.
(chatter in background) CROWBAR: Why do you get us a couple strong beers, yeah? (rock music playing in background) (rock music playing in background) What the hell? THE DEVIL: Hear you're spreading stories.
CROWBAR: You talking about Razor? THE DEVIL: No, but I hear you are.
CROWBAR: Oh yeah, I might have mentioned forward what I heard.
So what? THE DEVIL: Well, maybe for your own health you should uh, keep your theories 'bout Razor to yourself.
End of the day, the Maggots' loss is your gain.
CROWBAR: Right, but see, that's the point.
I haven't felt any gain 'cause the blow's still comin' in.
THE DEVIL: Sometimes there's a lag between a cause and an effect.
CROWBAR: Right, but somehow I don't feel like this is one of those times.
THE DEVIL: Y'know, Crowbar, you and I could still be friends if you spent a little less time wallowing about a half-empty glass.
CROWBAR: Friends? See, you and me aren't friends on account of you tried to kill me.
THE DEVIL: Listen to yourself.
The persecution, the negativity.
I mean, people find it toxic.
See my glass, it's empty.
But the thing is? I just go fill it right back up.
BUG: Some things are like ridin' a bike, man.
BUG: So where do you rock the scale, at like 340, 360? Cause you always match the dose to the dude.
That's what I used to say, you know, back in my back in my wayward days, right? Oh man, this is gonna be so nice.
SPUTNIK: What do you want? Same as last time? Outside the Black Lion, yeah? Half an hour? Yeah, sure.
(motorcycle starts) BUG: Okay, T minus five, four three, two, one liftoff.
Ah, Houston, we have liftoff Ah FOGHORN: Oh! BUG: Whoa! Dude, dude? Oh, no! (grunting) (choking and spluttering) CROWBAR: Black Lion? Our Black Lion, are you sure? Alright, I gotta hit the head.
Meet me outside.
CROWBAR: Ooh, hoo-hoo Oh Oh.
CROWBAR: Oh, ho-ho-ho CROWBAR: (exhaling) Hey! CROWBAR: Help! Somebody help! Bug and Foghorn, they're down in the bathroom.
Help! BULLET: Bug! Call 911! THE DEVIL: That would not be my choice.
Do not make that call, probate.
BULLET: Call it, now! FALCO: Yeah, hey, we got an emergency.
I don't know THE DEVIL: Our brother's had a rough night.
Let's get him home.
FALCO: What are you doing? THE DEVIL: You take care of yours, we'll take care of ours.
Let's go! FALCO: Just hurry up, okay? It's 1 Arsenal Road.
BULLET: Come on, Bug! THE DEVIL: See you at the funeral.
Let's go! BULLET: Meredith.
I need you here.
MEREDITH: We can keep the local police on board.
Assuming you want to go on.
You are going to go on, aren't you? David? (phone ringing) (phone ringing) - - CROWBAR: Don't feel good bein' lied to, does it, D? Never was the Maggots selling drugs on our turf.
DIRTBAG: What are we gonna do? CROWBAR: Somethin'.
We're gonna do somethin'.
Oh, yeah.
SNIPER: We need to talk.
THE DEVIL: You want to tell me why you're talking to Gator behind my back? SNIPER: Because you won't listen.
CASEY: I think it's time for a little honesty here.
FALCO: What's he talking about? BULLET: I say we can beat this.
MEREDITH: No, I'm sorry, this is where it ends.
DARKO: This isn't the time to get tripped up by your own bullshit FALCO: What do you think these holes are? THE DEVIL: You know why you're here Chef? FALCO: I got a pretty good idea.
THE DEVIL: Sniper thinks you got something to hide.
FALCO: Sniper's right.
I got a lot to hide.

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