Gangland Undercover (2015) s02e08 Episode Script

The Devils Patch

1 (gunshot) CASEY: You have got to start putting family first.
COZY: What's holding you back? SARAH JANE: I'm still figuring things out.
CROWBAR: We had an agreement.
You were going to leave Petersburg to the Pagans.
BUG: What are you packing? SPUTNIK: Boy and girl.
Just in, hmmm.
MEREDITH: You don't have to do this.
BULLET: I guess I don't know any other way to be.
CROWBAR: You go and you open a probate club and then all of the sudden all this blow just starts flowing into my bars and my dope sales fall right off the cliff.
THE DEVIL: Local Maggot boss, he set the fire at your clubhouse.
BULLET: Is that why you want him dead? FALCO: You know anything about a truck that got hijacked? THE DEVIL: Razor and his Maggots they jacked a truck with someone else's product.
We're taking steps to fix the problem.
(gunshots) SNIPER: You talk to him at all? DARKO: What difference does it make? SNIPER: Maybe the difference between probate and patch.
FALCO: I don't want you being anymore involved in this.
SARAH JANE: You don't want us to get anymore involved.
CROWBAR: It never was the Maggots selling drugs on out turf.
BUG: Oh Houston we have lift off.
(Bug convulsing) DIRTBAG: What are we gonna do? CROWBAR: We're gonna do something.
Oh, yeah.
- - - (heart monitor beeping) - - (heart monitor beeping) - DARKO: Looks like he had a visitor.
FALCO: Maybe they called his family.
FALCO: Really? DARKO: He's not eating 'em.
DARKO: Not bad.
CHARLES FALCO: It's always the unknown that hits you the hardest.
The thing you don't see coming, even though the signs are there.
- - FALCO: When it hits, it leaves you wondering if you're on the right road.
CROWBAR: Wa-bow! Wa-pow-wow! Wa-ah-ah-ah! Ohhh! FALCO: But if you survive, you can learn from it.
It leaves you wiser.
CROWBAR: Why don't you admit it, D? You only do this for the glue high.
(Dirtbag chuckles) CROWBAR: Why don't you make yourself useful, figure out how to wipe the memory on this so that we can sell it? DIRTBAG: Where'd you get this? CROWBAR: From someone who don't need it no more.
(To dog) Oh, hello, you.
FALCO: Then there's the unknown unknowns.
You can't see these coming, 'cause you don't even know they exist.
And when they hit, you can forget everything you think you know, because all bets are off.
Bite down You gotta blow it up You gotta give it hell You gotta pull the plug You can run away You can kill the beast You can try to kill yourself But you can never kill me Hey, if this is how the world will end You can burn it again 'Cause we will not go quietly Not go quietly (waves crashing) SARAH JANE: How bad is he? FALCO: Still unconscious.
They don't know if he's gonna make it.
SARAH JANE: You okay? FALCO: You know, someone brought him a box of chocolates.
(chuckles) Who would do that? SARAH JANE: His mother? FALCO: Yeah, that's what I thought.
I was looking at him and all I could think was, Bug was somebody's kid once.
Now this happens.
Made me realize you're right.
SARAH JANE: About what? FALCO: We should be together, the three of us.
What's the matter? Is that not what you want? SARAH JANE: If I'm going to have a child with you, Charlie, I need something solid.
Something permanent.
You just went through this crazy thing, and now suddenly you say you know what you want.
FALCO: Look, I know it's right.
SARAH JANE: You know right now.
But when you're changing diapers, are you still gonna feel the same way? (waves crashing) THE DEVIL: Every day, while we're busy living, the world stops to let someone off.
Last week was Foghorn's stop.
He was our brother.
He wore our patch with pride.
Never said a word of complaint.
Now, we could point fingers about the cause of his death, but Foghorn had his pleasures, and he left us ridin' high.
So let's say goodbye to our brother for the last time and get some ice on his fat corpse before he stinks the joint out.
Foghorn! OUTLAWS: Foghorn! (rock music playing) (indistinct conversation) (ice pouring) (indistinct conversation) FALCO: You guys were tight, huh? What went wrong? SPUTNIK: What's that, hm? FALCO: Foghorn and Bug.
That dope was off the charts pure, right? SPUTNIK: What is your problem, hm? FALCO: I got no problem, man.
I'm just looking to score some.
THE DEVIL: Sputnik! Come over here! Come look at what you did.
(indistinct conversation) (indistinct conversation) SNIPER: What was that with Sputnik? FALCO: Give it a rest, man.
He just lost his buddy, right? (indistinct conversation) (indistinct conversation) SNIPER: You and me need to talk.
THE DEVIL: What are you doing here? CROWBAR: Sorry for your loss, Diablo.
Came to pay my respects.
THE DEVIL: Appreciate the sentiment.
CROWBAR: Man, Karma's a bitch, huh? THE DEVIL: Only bitch I see is the one I warned you about.
You got somethin' to say? CROWBAR: Nah.
Oh, yeah, only that your buddy Cosmonaut was closing a sale out back of a Pagan bar last night.
I saw him.
So after all your talk of Maggots, it turns out that it's you who was selling drugs in my bars all this time.
THE DEVIL: You, my ratty friend, are delusional.
(dog barking) CROWBAR: Nah, I'm living in the real world.
That's why, Devil, I am willing to take a cut of your sales on my turf.
THE DEVIL: Or? CROWBAR: Why does there always have to be an 'or'? (dog barking) THE DEVIL: What did I say about that damn dog! CROWBAR: No, no! (thudding sounds) CROWBAR: Stop it! THE DEVIL: I warned you! When you gonna learn to listen? CROWBAR: (to dog) I got ya.
(breathing heavily) We are so done.
THE DEVIL: See your patch on my trophy wall.
Yours too.
Bullet! Open the office.
(rock music starts playing in other room) THE DEVIL: Wait out there.
What's your problem now? SNIPER: Been talking to Gator.
SNIPER: (on video) He shares my concerns about this probate chapter.
THE DEVIL: Does he? SNIPER: Yeah, he does.
THE DEVIL: You wanna tell me why you're talking to Gator behind my back? SNIPER: Because you won't listen.
THE DEVIL: Maybe I'm tired of listening to your endless suspicions.
SNIPER: Maybe you're not seeing what I see because you're too set on getting control of Petersburg.
Who are these guys? Barely probates four months, you wanna patch 'em in.
THE DEVIL: Last I talked to Gator, so did he.
Because they earned it.
SNIPER: Maybe they did.
Maybe they didn't.
Wouldn't be the first time somebody faked a murder.
THE DEVIL: Let me get this straight.
So you've been sharing your 'concerns' with Gator and now you've got him convinced that they're snitches.
SNIPER: I'm not saying Gator's convinced of anything yet.
THE DEVIL: Well, since you're the one who's been doing all the talking, why don't you tell me what Gator wants to do about it? (rock music playing) DARKO: You drop one? FALCO: No, look, man, we gotta get him out of here.
BULLET: Well, wait for The Devil.
FALCO: What d'you think they're talking about? BULLET: Find out when we watch the video.
THE DEVIL: Good news.
The boss wants to see you.
We're going back to Florida.
BULLET: To Gator's? THE DEVIL: I told you your patience would be rewarded.
What the hell, boys? Our brother here stinks.
Bang the lid on, put him in the ground.
(rock music playing) SNIPER: (on video) I'm not saying Gator's convinced of anything yet.
THE DEVIL: (on video) Well, since you're the one who's been doing all the talking, why don't you tell me what Gator wants to do about it? SNIPER: (on video) Get the truth.
THE DEVIL: (on video) How's he gonna do that? SNIPER: (on video) He's got a guy who does polygraphs.
THE DEVIL: (on video) Lie detector tests? SNIPER: (on video) We test 'em one by one.
THE DEVIL: (on video) They pass, Gator patches 'em in? SNIPER: (on video) Right.
If they don't, they don't make it home.
THE DEVIL: (on video) (chuckling) So be it.
There ain't no fightin' the truth.
(birds chirping) (knocking) (footsteps) MARTHA: Oh! Hi, Charlie.
FALCO: Hey, Martha.
Is, uh Sarah Jane around? MARTHA: Now's probably not a good time.
CASEY: I say it is.
Come on in, Charlie.
FALCO: Okay Is she in her room? CASEY: No, through here.
SARAH JANE: Charlie! What are you doing here? FALCO: Came to ask you something.
What's going on? DONNY: He doesn't know.
- FALCO: Know what? - DONNY: Ask my wife.
FALCO: He means you, right? DONNY: I'll be in touch.
Stay away from me.
SARAH JANE: I've been trying to get him to sign and he won't.
FALCO: Why'd you hide this from me? SARAH JANE: I don't know.
(crying) (crying) FALCO: Hey.
(Sarah Jane exhales) FALCO: It's okay.
Okay, you're with me now.
SARAH JANE: It's It's not that simple.
FALCO: Is this a church thing, or? (cell phone ringing) SARAH JANE: No, I told you.
Everything I touch turns to shit.
FALCO: Sarah Jane! Hey, just (cell phone ringing) FALCO: Bullet, look, I can't talk right What? (knocking gently) FALCO: Sarah Jane? I came to ask you something important.
I'm gonna be home later if you wanna come by.
SNIPER: (on video) He's got a guy who does polygraphs.
THE DEVIL: (on video) Lie detector tests? SNIPER: (on video) We test 'em one by one.
DEVIL: (on video) They pass, Gator patches 'em in? SNIPER: (on video) Right.
If they don't BULLET: I say we can beat this.
We got a head start because they don't know that we found out their plan.
I'm sorry, this is where it stops.
BULLET: Oh, come on, Meredith.
I've done this before.
FALCO: When? BULLET: In the Mongols, with Koz.
We trained for it, and we beat it.
MEREDITH: You and Koz are trained agents.
We're talking about risking CI's here.
FALCO: Actually, I'm not just a CI.
MEREDITH: All due respect, Charlie, but you're not a trained agent, either.
If this goes wrong, you know how it ends, right? BULLET: Meredith There's a reason no one's ever brought down a club this size: because it's hard.
This is what it takes to get in.
If you two want out, now's the time to say so.
FALCO: We bust them for nickels and dimes now, nothing changes down the road, right? So I say we go for it.
DARKO: I'm not going backwards.
BULLET: You want to set it up, or should I? (Meredith sighs) MEREDITH: Well, you're not doing it alone.
DAVE: So The polygraph test, and how to beat it.
These sensors capture physiological stress responses and reveal them on this readout here.
Basically, a narrow band of spikes indicates the lower stress of telling the truth, while a wider band of spikes indicates the greater stress of telling lies.
Got that? Okay, the first questions they're gonna ask you are gonna be control questions.
Their sole purpose is to establish a baseline of response so when they eventually ask you, "Did you blow Razor's brains out and bury him in the woods," they'll have a point of reference.
So the real trick FALCO: Is to hack the control questions.
How do we do that? DAVE: Pain.
The idea is to shrink the telltale gap between the true and the false responses.
So when you answer a control question honestly, you use pain to lengthen the spikes.
FALCO: Okay.
DAVE: So, I'm gonna ask you a simple question.
I want you to think of the most painful thing that ever happened to you, something really traumatic.
Are you ready? Is your name Charlie Conner? FALCO: Yeah.
Kind of.
It is, and it isn't.
DAVE: What's that supposed to mean? MEREDITH: It means you picked a bad example.
DAVE: Yeah.
Well, that's a problem.
They ask him a simple control question and get a response like that, they're gonna know something's up.
You gotta to know who you are, right? FALCO: Right.
So when we're lying, how do we shorten the spikes? DAVE: Oh That's a whole other Jedi mind trick.
Most people can't go there.
So I'm going to give you beta blockers to dull your responses, put a special coating on your fingertips.
That'll stop the sensors from picking up your nervous sweat.
FALCO: Great.
But for the record, what's the trick? BULLET: Oh, Meredith knows the answer to that.
Or haven't you quit smoking yet? MEREDITH: It's just a question of what you can make yourself actually believe.
BULLET: Think of it this way.
When you walk into that room, you gotta know in your bones you want that Outlaw patch so bad that you killed for it.
FALCO: Something to practice.
You think you got this? DARKO: I'm more worried about you.
Thought you were supposed to be a good liar, Falco.
FALCO: It's Chef.
DARKO: Falco, Quick, Conner, Chef Whatever.
This isn't the time to get tripped up by your own bullshit.
FALCO: I'm good.
I got it.
DARKO: Well, I hope so.
'Cause if you start getting problems up here, we're all going down.
(Darko starts engine) DAVE (on audio): Is your real name Charlie Conner? FALCO: Yes.
DAVE (on audio): Were you ordered to cap a Maggot named Razor? FALCO: Yes.
DAVE (on audio): Did you kill Razor as ordered? FALCO: Yes.
DAVE (on audio): Did you fake Razor's murder? RAZOR (flashback): Take more than luck to keep this from biting us all in the ass.
(Falco hits table) FALCO: Oh, man Just get it together.
DAVE (on audio): Is your real name Charlie Conner? FALCO: Yes.
(front door closes) DAVE (on audio): Were you ordered to cap a SARAH JANE: What are you doing? FALCO: Uh, it's just some training for work.
Wasn't sure you'd come.
SARAH JANE: I wasn't sure you wanted me to come.
Is that a lie detector? FALCO: Yeah.
It's just part of the job.
SARAH JANE: Since when? Charlie, what's going on? FALCO: Told you, it's just work.
So you feeling better? SARAH JANE: Yeah.
I'm sorry that I didn't tell you about Donny.
It's just a really complicated situation.
FALCO: Okay.
But you do want it to end with him, right? SARAH JANE: Of course I do.
FALCO: Then we'll work it out, okay? SARAH JANE: Okay.
So, um when you came over, what was it you were gonna ask me? FALCO: Ah It can wait 'til I get back.
SARAH JANE: Back from where? FALCO: Gotta go back to Florida.
SARAH JANE: What? Why, what's going on? FALCO: Just another move on the board.
SARAH JANE: With a lie detector? Charlie! FALCO: I'll be okay.
(Sarah Jane sighs) FALCO: Do you wanna stay here while I'm gone? FALCO: And when I get back, we can look for a place big enough for three.
If you want.
SARAH JANE: I want us to have a future.
FALCO: Me too.
FALCO: Last time we rode to Gator's was for a wedding.
This time, who knows.
We thought The Devil was sold on our fake video.
But with these guys, paranoia is never far from the surface.
Our operation's barely begun, and we've already almost lost Bug.
But if we don't make it to full patch, we'll never take these guys down.
Trouble is, if they find out who we really are, we won't be riding home.
So it all comes down to this.
One last test.
FALCO: Look, I get it for stretches, but all the way down here doing over 100? BULLET: I like to get where I'm going.
FALCO: Yeah, well, a lot of good that does you if it kills you, right? DARKO: Before these guys do.
BULLET: You worry too much.
Let's do this.
DARKO: Looks pretty quiet.
Think we're early? BULLET: Or the only ones coming.
Are you reading me on the radio? MEREDITH: Yeah, I read you.
And they're right.
You ride like you got a death wish.
BULLET: We're going in now.
MEREDITH: (on phone) Okay.
But first sign of trouble, I'm calling for backup.
(sighs) SNIPER: This way.
FALCO: What's with the excavation? SNIPER: Gator's doing some landscaping.
Take a seat.
BULLET: Where is everybody? SNIPER: You, come with me.
BULLET: Hey, you wanna tell us what's going on? SNIPER: Wait 'til we call you in.
Let's go.
(Bullet sighs) (door closes) DARKO: What's all this? THE DEVIL: A chance to prove you belong.
GATOR: Take your coat off and have a seat, probate.
(inaudible) THE DEVIL: You know why you're first? You keep secrets.
Knew that the first time I saw you.
But now you're gonna be an open book.
DARKO: Not one anyone would wanna read.
FALCO: Easy, I'm just gonna stretch my legs, okay? It's been a long ride.
(Falco takes inhaler) FALCO: What do you think these holes are? BULLET: Don't think about it.
Just think about your answers.
FALCO: I'm gonna go with flower beds.
BULLET: I mean it.
You got this, Chef? FALCO: Yeah, I got it.
BULLET: You took your meds, treated your fingers? FALCO: Yeah.
You know, I been thinking about that truck that got hijacked.
I asked Razor if he stole it, and he said that he didn't.
I mean, why would he lie at that point? BULLET: Loyalty to his brothers.
FALCO: Yeah, maybe, but What if the Maggots didn't jack that truck? What if it was The Devil? (Bullet exhales) Chef, we don't find out anything if we don't pass this test.
Forget the truck.
Get your head on straight.
GATOR: You ever been to prison? DARKO: Yeah.
GATOR: You ever been flipped by the feds or any other police force? DARKO: No.
GATOR: Did you cap a Maggot named Razor? DARKO: Yeah.
GATOR: Are you telling the truth? DARKO: Yes.
(door opens) SNIPER: Bullet.
You're up.
BULLET: Where's Darko? SNIPER: Let's go.
(cell phone ringing) (Falco clears throat) (cell phone ringing) - (cell phone ringing) - (cell phone ringing) GATOR: So you were a member of the Mongols before you came to the Outlaws? BULLET: Yes.
GATOR: And were you arrested in the Mongol raids? BULLET: No.
GATOR: (on radio) Are you an agent or a snitch? BULLET: (on radio) No.
GATOR: And were you ordered to kill a Maggot named Razor? MAN'S VOICE (flashback): Is your name Charlie Conner? FALCO (flashback): It's me, Charlie.
MAN'S VOICE (flashback): Is your name Charlie Conner? SCHIZO (flashback): Falco? MAN'S VOICE (flashback): Is your name Charlie Conner? Is your name Charlie Conner? DAVE (flashback): I want you to think of the most painful thing that ever happened to you MAN'S VOICE (flashback): Is your name Charlie Conner? Is your name Charlie Conner? Is your name Charlie Conner? FALCO: Uh, I gotta take a leak.
You're up.
Let's go.
(door opens) THE DEVIL: You know why you're here, Chef? FALCO: I got a pretty good idea.
THE DEVIL: Sniper thinks you got something to hide.
FALCO: Sniper's right, I got a lot to hide.
Like killing a Maggot.
(The Devil & Gator laugh) THE DEVIL: Take a load off, Chef.
(chuckles) GATOR: So, Chef You were you once a meth cook, correct? (sniffing sounds) FALCO: Yeah.
GATOR: And now you work cutting down trees? FALCO: Yes.
GATOR: And you work with Bullet, right? FALCO: Yeah.
GATOR: So, what's your real name, Chef? FALCO: Charlie.
GATOR: Charlie? FALCO: Charlie Conner.
GATOR: You sure about that? FALCO: Yes.
GATOR: You ever been to prison, Conner? FALCO: Yeah.
GATOR: You ever been flipped, Conner? FALCO: No.
GATOR: You sure? FALCO: Yeah, I'm sure.
SNIPER: Stick to 'yes' or 'no,' probate.
GATOR: Did you kill a Maggot named Razor? FALCO: Yes.
GATOR: Did you shoot him in the back? FALCO: No.
I shot him in the head.
(The Devil laughs) GATOR: Yes or no Did you help bury Razor's body? FALCO: Yes.
GATOR: Did you make a video of the killing? FALCO: Yes.
GATOR: Did you fake the murder of Razor on that video? CROWBAR: What is it now? DIRTBAG: Check this out.
There's a movie.
(Dirtbag laughs) (gunshots on video) CROWBAR: Whoa Is this for real? Okay, hold on.
You gotta you gotta start that again.
Play that for me again.
DIRTBAG: There's more, in the memory.
CROWBAR: Oh, man.
(gunshots on video) CROWBAR: So Chef and Darko capped Razor! DIRTBAG: (laughing) Funny, huh? CROWBAR: Aah! DIRTBAG: Here, lemme finish wiping it.
CROWBAR: No, no, no! DIRTBAG: What, we ain't sellin' it no more? CROWBAR: Oh no, we are not gonna sell this.
No, hold on.
Yes, yes, we are gonna sell this.
Ohh, we are gonna sell this to the highest bidder! DIRTBAG: So you do want me to wipe it.
CROWBAR: No! No, man, this is so much more valuable with this on it.
(Dirtbag laughs) CROWBAR: DB, who's the man? DIRTBAG: I don't know.
CROWBAR: Who's the man? DIRTBAG: Me.
CROWBAR: Yeah, DB, I love you! Aah! You're the best.
(Dirtbag laughs) GATOR: Tell me again, Conner.
Did you fake the murder of Razor in that video? FALCO: No.
GATOR: And you're still sure that you're not an agent or an informant for a law enforcement agency? FALCO: No.
I mean, yes, I'm still sure.
Come on, I told you a hundred times.
Come on, man, I'm not an agent.
- (cell phone beeps) - MEREDITH: I don't smoke.
I don't smoke.
Why don't I smoke? Because I'm a non-smoker.
(cell phone buzzes) - - (Meredith sighs) THE DEVIL: I don't know what that machine is saying, but I got one for you.
But I want to see your eyes.
GATOR: Do you want to be an Outlaw? FALCO: Yes.
THE DEVIL: I've seen enough.
GATOR: Okay, we're done.
Wait outside, Chef.
SNIPER: Enjoy the air while you can.
(crow calling) BULLET: You good? FALCO: I dunno.
Hope so.
DARKO: You don't know? DARKO: (on radio) What's that mean? DARKO: Ah, shit.
(cell phone buzzing) BULLET: Nobody knows anything yet, so everybody just sit tight.
DARKO: Well, I figure if this is it then we might as well go out on a high.
(exhales) THE DEVIL: What am I looking at? THE EXAMINER: All three test results overlaid.
Now, crosschecked against each other, the results are pretty consistent.
THE DEVIL: That means what? THE EXAMINER: That means we have a result.
FALCO: Bug would have some theory about these holes if he was here.
DARKO: If Bug were here, we'd be in 'em already.
Think he's gonna make it? FALCO: Why, you miss him? BULLET: So what's the deal? SNIPER: Always the details that give us away, right, Chef? FALCO: What's that supposed to mean? (Sniper chuckles) SNIPER: Remember the story you told me about that elm? You know, the one you supposedly took down just north of Mannboro? FALCO: Yeah, what about it? SNIPER: Just so happens my mom's got an elm that got sick.
So after talking to you, I got to thinking maybe it was Dutch Elm disease.
So thought I'd go and talk to someone who lost one.
See if I could save it.
So I took a ride out there.
Checked every farm.
You know, no one knew anything about a tree being taken down.
FALCO: (on radio) Maybe you were on the wrong roads.
SNIPER: (on radio) I checked every road.
SNIPER: Same answer.
So left that one a little too late, huh? DARKO: Someone should chop him down.
MEREDITH: It's Meredith Wilson, ATF operations.
Move standby to backup, please.
BULLET: Chef? What are you doing? (cell phone ringing) SARAH JANE: Charlie? FALCO: Hey.
Look I just I just realized something.
Um, I'm an idiot.
SARAH JANE: Am I supposed to argue with that? FALCO: There's something I I wanted to do before I left, and, uh somehow I, um I didn't do it.
SARAH JANE: Charlie, are you okay? FALCO: (on phone) Yeah.
FALCO: I just I need you to find something, okay? FALCO: (on phone) It's in the top drawer of my dresser.
FALCO: (on phone) It's something important.
FALCO: Do you see it? SARAH JANE: Hold on.
What am I looking for, exactly? FALCO: It's just this little box.
FALCO: (on phone) You don't see it? SARAH JANE: Are you sure you left it here? FALCO: (on phone) I dunno, I dunno, I thought I did.
Look Listen SARAH JANE: (on phone) What? What is it, Charlie? FALCO: I must have left it in my saddlebag.
(motorcycles approaching) SARAH JANE: Oh What's in this box that's so important? FALCO: Something I wanted you to have, okay? (motorcycles approaching) FALCO: (on phone) So you know.
SARAH JANE: Charlie? Are you alright? - FALCO: Sarah Jane - SNIPER: Chef.
FALCO: I love you.
SNIPER: Put the phone away.
Follow me.
SARAH JANE: Charlie? BULLET: 30, 40 guys? What's the occasion? SNIPER: Shut up! THE DEVIL: Brothers! These probates claim they want to be Outlaws.
They've been tasked They've been tested.
But now we know the truth.
Take their cuts! (crowd yelling) (crowd yelling) MEREDITH: Send backup, now! THE DEVIL: You think you want to belong in this brotherhood? You can't fake it! You can't buy your way in! You have to earn it! (fighting sounds) MEREDITH: Come on, backup! Come on! THE DEVIL: Enough! THE DEVIL: Get up.
THE DEVIL: Remember when we first met? It was a wild night.
We got cornered by some Maggots.
Remember that? We were looking right in the face of death and I asked you a question.
FALCO: You asked me if I wanted to be a real one percenter.
THE DEVIL: Well, now you are.
(Outlaws cheering) THE DEVIL: Welcome to the family, Chef.
Outlaws Forever! OUTLAWS: Forever Outlaws! THE DEVIL: Outlaws forever! OUTLAWS: Forever Outlaws! THE DEVIL: Outlaws forever! OUTLAWS: Forever Outlaws! (Outlaws yelling) (Outlaws yelling) THE DEVIL: Bring it in, brother.
I got big plans for you.
Darko! MEREDITH: Stand down.
Everything's okay.
CROWBAR: Evening, gentleman.
BUG: Oh, hey.
Thanks for the chocolates.
You seen my phone anywhere? CROWBAR: Whoa.
(chuckling) I mean, I'm not exactly gonna shoot you with this.
Am I, ladies? Trust me.
You will not be disappointed.
FALCO: So that's it.
We're finally full patch Outlaws.
but you know what? I have a feeling things are about to get dangerous.
BULLET: You boys good to ride? DARKO: Been doing this my whole life.
Let's go.
Long road ahead.
I know.
(starts engine)
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