Gangs of Galicia (2024) s01e01 Episode Script

Episode 1

-Hey, Dad.
-So? Did you win or lose?
What a question. I won.
Of course, because you're a shark.
Well, thank you
for the compliment if it was meant as one.
-What are you doing?
-What do you think?
Cleaning like an animal.
I still don't understand
how people can be so gross.
Have you ever thought that
maybe it's their way of taking revenge
for how much you charge them
for a ride on your sailboat?
There you go. That must be it.
Hey, when are you coming?
I don't know. I have a lot of work,
more and more every day.
I keep getting more cases.
Do I have to hire
those idiots from your firm
to be able to see my own daughter
or what do I do?
No. At Easter,
-I'll get away somehow.
-Okay, do you promise?
Let's negotiate.
I'll make you a promise
if you make me a promise,
that you'll take me
to see that cove, the secret one.
Ah, the one I don't take the tourists to.
Yeah, okay, um, we'll see, we'll see.
Hey, I have to go right now,
they've just arrived.
Okay, good.
And you say I'm the workaholic?
It's for a couple. They pay
a lot more if they want a private tour.
Alright, okay. Kisses, sweetie.
Love you Dad, kisses.
Okay. Bye, sweetie.
I love you so much.
You too.
Let it be known,
I, Jorge González,
with the ID number 708997361E
with address in Fuerteventura,
would like to bequeath
all of my assets equally.
Therefore, the house located
on 42nd Naranjo Street,
and the sailboat that has
the license plate number E74874,
I bequeath to my partner Teresa Soriano
and my daughter Ana González Soriano.
And a codicil was added here.
As for the balance
of the account number AF347488397
What account is that?
I don't know.
-The one for boat expenses?
-No. Uh
it's a personal one. It's in his name.
The total balance of the account
should be given with no delay,
and distributed equally
between Berta Figaredo and Laura Silva,
residents in Cambados,
province of Pontevedra.
It's also my will that my identity
is never shared with these people,
so that it appears
to all effects and purposes
as though it were a donation
that was given anonymously.
It was signed on 14th May, 2018.
Mr. Jorge González.
Who are they?
I don't know, honey. I have no idea.
It can't be true.
I searched their names
and this came up, look.
It's him, Mom. Come on, look at him.
Your father was under witness protection?
Yeah, I mean it's the only explanation.
I've been thinking about this for months.
A new name. A new life.
Ana, come on, he told me everything.
About his trips around the world,
his time with the merchant navy
Mom, he was making everything up.
He was lying to you.
It was a story.
It's right in front of your eyes
and you refuse to see.
He was trafficking.
He betrayed his partners,
abandoned his family,
he came here and he hid.
That's the truth.
And everything else
Everything else is a lie.
Have you heard
the saying, "Lazy devil"?
They should have said
that you're a "Civil guard."
-Don't bust my balls, Padín.
-Then don't bust mine, Muñiz.
I've given you a gift for doing nothing.
Don't give me a hard time.
You've been moving a lot.
And now the police are on your case.
You don't say. I already know, man.
Daniel! We're not gonna make it.
Look, you're making me late.
Should I find someone else?
A lot of your colleagues
are trying to get in on this.
And you know that.
Okay, count me in.
Yes. That's how I like it,
with enthusiasm. Love you too.
Push it.
Come on, Marcial!
-Hey, Daniel. I see two.
-Yeah, I saw them too.
Those fucking cops.
It's impossible to get rid of them.
Don't worry, it's good
that they see us here.
You got this.
-Yes, sir.
-Come on.
Let's go! Hit it, Nilo.
So, how's it going?
No word.
It's strange they weren't found out yet.
I know, listen,
don't bust my balls alright?
That's it No!
No, no, no, no!
-Fuck, man.
-Are you okay?
-What the fuck?
Hey! Hey! There he is. Right there.
Are you okay?
Hey! You okay?
Yeah, yeah. That was close.
-Oh my God.
-Shit. Hey, give me a hand.
Like I always tell you, huh?
You're too heavy for the car,
you need to go on a diet.
-The wheels are crap.
-Don't bust my balls.
And I lost a lot of money.
Ah. Yeah, sure. What money?
You didn't even pull out your wallet.
You never give him any money.
-Hey, hey! You're gonna get hurt.
-You're clearly brothers.
You're worse than the Deportivo.
I was doing good going up.
Didn't you see that?
You did good going down too.
Do you want us to wreck all our cars?
You're so clumsy. You see?
Yeah, help him.
No I'm fine. I'm fine, I'm fine.
-What? Ah, one sec.
-I'm fine, I'm fine.
Well, maybe not so fine,
hold me. Hug me gently.
Maybe I'll feel better.
-Look, we're screwed, boss.
What is it?
We had to go round and round
and so now we're out of gas.
We won't make it without more.
Wait a minute. Don't move, okay? Stay put.
Manolo, turn off the engines.
Fucking hell, man. He told us to wait.
Now? Wait here with all this snow?
Hey, what the hell do you want me to do?
Here he comes. Hey!
-What's up?
-You okay?
-Hey, relax.
-No, I'll go.
Stop talking. Say you feel dizzy.
Go in the ambulance
while I get rid of the cops.
-Oh, okay.
-Copy that.
Hey! He's passing out, He's fainting.
Where the hell'd they go?
No fucking clue.
What? They're not there?
Nilo was taken in the ambulance
and, Daniel and the others disappeared.
We're on our way to the hospital
to see if they're there with him.
No, no. No, no,
they're not at the hospital.
Something's happened.
They've been tipped off.
They'll go out to sea, I'm sure.
They must have a boat hidden
in the estuary and you have to find it.
Copy that.
Okay, go ahead then.
Do you have Machado's dossier?
Um, yes. Susana's in the middle
of photocopying it right now.
What do you think?
I Hm It's tough, but we can handle it.
Good. You're the best.
It's that I feel betrayed.
He was so different
than other people's parents. You know?
Yeah, that's true.
And I felt we had this pact.
-You had a pact?
-Yeah, that
Like he knew everything
about me, you know?
And, and I would tell him things
that I didn't even tell you
and I just don't understand why
why he never confided in me. Never.
Or why he didn't confide in you either.
I don't know, Ana
But there's one thing I do know.
That I just can't live
with this resentment, honey.
And none of this will change what I felt
for your father
and the life we both lived.
-Hey, Mom? I'm sorry.
-life we lived.
-Can I call you later?
-Is something wrong?
-No. Don't worry, I'm fine.
-Call me later.
Okay. We'll talk soon.
Your destination
is Cambados, Galicia.
Estimated time of arrival: 2:45 p.m.
Hi, Mom.
Hi, honey. How's life?
How are you doing?
Fine, fine.
Where are you?
Sure is noisy there.
Uh yeah, it's just
just there's a party nearby.
Oh, are you in Madrid?
No, I'm not in Madrid. It's just that I
Um well, it's that I couldn't stop
thinking about everything
and I was going a bit crazy.
Well, I've taken a vacation.
Oh. That's great.
When will you be back in town?
When will I be back? I really don't know.
I think for once
in my life, I'll improvise.
Alright, that's great, honey.
-Mom, I'll call you back.
-Okay, bye.
Okay, bye.
Open it!
Let's go.
Come on, let's get going!
You're almost there.
Keep going, keep going.
Keep going, almost there. Good. Stop.
-That's enough.
-Load the drums there!
-For fuck's sake.
Come on, let's go. Hey Nilo,
are you still under anesthesia or what?
-Come on.
-Alright, let's go.
Come on, come on, come on, hurry man.
-Oh, are you in a rush or something?
-Come on, Indiana Jones.
Help me, Manolo, grab a line here.
I'm coming, Daniel.
Now I'll make you wait, for fuck's sake.
Sir, customs have been informed.
Torres, why aren't they flying yet?
You have to take more. Hold on, hold on.
-They're calling. I got it.
-What now?
What's up?
They just took off.
-They're coming?
-Yeah, they're coming to you.
Shit, fuck. Pepe, move east.
When you're two miles away,
anchor the cargo.
-What about the bird?
-We're going to take care of the bird.
-Hey, come on, go, go!
Approaching the Arousa estuary.
Target localized.
They are heading south.
Sending coordinates.
Customs surveillance deployed.
Wanna make a little bet?
-On what?
-What do you think, man?
That they'll catch us if you're steering.
One thousand euros!
I'll bet ten thousand
that we won't even reach land.
I feel sorry for you.
We'll have to keep them entertained
for a while!
Samuel and Pepe won't finish anytime soon!
They're deep
in the troughs, careful.
Custom authorities are there.
Go to the coordinates.
Hey! To the right. Go right!
This is the police.
Shut down your engines.
Let's piss them off a little bit.
Shut down your engines.
Shut down your engines immediately.
Where'd that other patrol boat come from?
Step on it, goddammit!
They're right on our tail!
They come in twos.
Come on, we gotta lose them!
Step on it!
Come on, boys!
This is the police.
Shut down your engines.
How are we doing?
We're fucked! They stuck to us like glue!
Shut down your engines.
Amphibious two,
heading to the target.
Look, we're going way too slow!
If I was steering,
we'd be eating dinner by now.
To the hideout! To the hideout!
Approaching target.
Faster, faster!
What are they up to?
The cruise is over!
Come on, the last one, big turn!
That's what I'm talking about champ,
there you go!
Alright, here we go. Hold on, don't fall.
Go, go, go! To the woods, to the woods!
Fucking hell! Who taught you
how to park, for fuck's sake?
Well, let's do it.
Manolo, did you get the coordinates yet?
Yeah, I got them. I wrote them down.
Ah. There they are.
No phone calls, no bullshit.
Bring them straight to the cell.
I don't want them talking at all.
Hey. Like my parking job?
-Pretty rough day for you, huh?
-Yeah, that's the truth. Let's see
What the fuck, Muñiz?
You really scared us.
Get in the fucking car.
-You owe me ten thousand.
Sure, man, yeah.
-You do.
-We escaped thanks to me.
Long live Muñiz,
long live the king of law and order.
What's up, Mom?
Hi. I haven't heard from you,
how are you?
Well, I've been working a lot, and
since I got back, I
I'm drowning in cases.
I mean, Ferrán is exploiting me,
files are coming out of my ears
-And I know that
you've called me a couple
of times and I haven't answered,
but I haven't even had time to do laundry.
Ana. Stop, stop, please.
Will you please tell me what's going on?
Wait, what are you talking about?
I was worried because I hadn't heard
from you, so I called the office.
You did what?
Yes, I know that you don't work
there anymore. Why didn't you tell me?
Dammit. Hm
Well, because I didn't want
to worry you, Mom.
Hmm. Is it better to lie?
-I'm in Cambados.
Mom, um, okay, just listen.
I I needed to know and the answers
I need are right here.
No. Ana,
Listen to me. This is really crazy.
That's why I didn't want
to tell you anything.
But honestly, Mom,
I have it under control, trust me.
-I'll call you back.
-It would be with Lucía
-Okay, and when?
-What's wrong? Do you need me in the bar?
-No. I told you no, María.
-Don't upset me, not today.
There we go.
You'd have to pay one month,
the deposit, and the realtor's fee.
Yeah, that's not an issue.
The furniture would stay?
Yeah, everything that's here
would stay as it is.
Okay, perfect.
It's a great area, everything's nearby.
You don't know the town, do you?
No, I've never been here before.
-So, you're not from Galicia?
-No, no. I'm from pretty far away.
Well, that's good
because it's always the same people here
and we need new faces.
What did you say
you needed the office for?
I didn't say.
I'm a lawyer.
Don't screw me,
Nazario, don't say that. Okay?
I'll tell you what's going on.
Things are not looking good.
To be honest, we've been fucking unlucky.
The judge we got is very tough.
Hey, who's that?
Oh. She's a new one. She's a lawyer.
A financial lawyer
according to the Internet,
but anyway, the first thing she did here
was to sign up as a public defender.
Look at that,
maybe we got lucky after all.
What's her name?
Excuse me, Ana?
Yes, here.
Daniel. Daniel Padín. Nice to meet you.
Sorry. I'm gonna steal her for a second.
-Excuse me.
-Can we talk?
Yeah, sure.
I need you to represent me.
Is that a problem?
Ah, no. Sure.
I can give you a card
and you can come to my office tomorrow
No, no, no.
The trial is now.
-Right now?
-Right now.
-Shall we?
This way.
This is case file 2840. Daniel Padín.
It's a traffic violation.
Reported for reckless driving.
-Is the defendant present?
-Yes, sir.
If I may, Your Honor.
I would like to report
a change in his defense.
-Are you the new attorney?
-That's right.
And do you agree?
Perfect. Let's proceed, please.
Well. It wasn't that bad, right?
"It wasn't that bad,"
you say? It's a miracle.
I thought they'd take away my license.
You only have two points left.
It's not much.
For me it is. You know how important it
Excuse me, Counsel. First name okay?
Yeah, sure.
Do you know how important it is
for me to be able to drive,
to not have to depend
on anyone to get around?
For my business, I mean.
Hmm. And, what is your occupation?
Sorry, your business?
Oh, you don't know?
No No, if I knew,
I wouldn't be asking you.
I don't believe you.
This is a small town, no secrets.
Hmm. Yeah, maybe, but I've just arrived.
Well, I've been here for a month.
Well, let's say that I'm
in the import business.
Um, no, it's just that
someone told me your lawyer,
the one who was with you
-And that he has a lot of experience.
But you wanted me
to represent you instead.
Well, sure. You saw Nazario, right?
I like him a lot
and he handles my issues and stuff, but
just by looking at him you can see that
That he's, um that he's a bully
who's always in here defending criminals.
-But you, you're
-But I'm what?
You're a woman who's honest,
and idealistic, and unprejudiced.
Yeah, well. It all worked out
for you, right?
No, no, no, no, no. It didn't just work.
It was a miracle.
Miracles must be celebrated.
I'll take you out, dinner in Cambados.
An amazing place,
Michelin star and everything.
-Owner's a friend.
-It's just
-I'm sorry, but I have another commitment.
Well, tomorrow then.
You gotta eat sometime.
Tomorrow won't work for me either.
-No. I apologize.
Huh. Whole bunch
of commitments for a newcomer.
Okay, yeah, well, don't worry too much.
I'm sure we'll be in touch.
Of course. I mean,
I still have to send you the bill.
-What's this?
-What do you think?
Oh my God, Ana, I know
that it's none of my business but
Rosa, that's enough.
He's a grateful client, that's all it is.
I mean, he's not just a grateful client,
he's Daniel Padín. Jose Padín's son.
Mm, okay, sure. Yeah, I know that.
But you know who they are, right?
Their case made national news.
I mean, the name rings a bell, yeah.
Operation Rat Trap.
-He was the first drug lord
-to be taken down here.
-Is the father still in jail?
Yeah, he's just about
to be released.
There were more convictions
for other cases, one followed another
and he's still locked up.
The thing is, he's on probation now.
And he works during the day
at a garage in Algeciras.
I'll drive you to Madrid.
Stay close to him because
they'll step on it at any moment now.
God dammit, man.
Three cars taking turns, huh?
Yeah, and that's the first car
that started following us in Cambados.
They must think we're stupid,
for fuck's sake.
Well, in your case, they're not wrong.
Yeah, and you can drive yourself
to hell, dickweed.
Relax, man. They can do their thing
and we'll do ours. Yeah?
Come on.
Come on. Speed up, we're losing them.
Shit. They're on the second floor.
Come on.
Try the third floor,
they could be anywhere.
The stairs.
We had a small setback, Macario.
So it seems.
But the cargo's been marked.
Now we just have to wait for things
to calm down and we'll recover it.
It's not good enough.
No offense, brother, but we actually
made a deal with your father.
We put our trust in him.
We thought he'd be able to manage
and control the situation even from jail.
But it turns out he can't.
It turns out
that the police can't be controlled.
At least not always.
So tell me then, how can I be sure
that they won't show up
when you go back to get the goods?
Because I say so, that's why.
We have our doubts.
Doubts are not good in this business.
I dunno.
Seems like the Padíns
aren't what they used to be.
You know, maybe it's just time
we start knocking on some other doors.
Trust me, ours is the only door
that interests you.
Follow me.
-Check parking. I'll go upstairs.
-If I see anything, I'll let you know.
You know you owe me dinner for this.
Whenever you want.
Seafood and everything. You know that.
Yeah, come on. Thank you, José.
We don't have much time.
In six hours, I have to be
in the fucking jail in Algeciras.
-So it's true?
Somebody told me you ran here every day.
Oh, they told you.
-I warned you.
There's no secrets here.
And apparently I'm the news of the month.
-News of the week, at least.
-Do you mind if we walk a bit?
Sure. It's good for me.
What's a girl like you
doing in a place like this?
Well, I mean,
just trying to earn a living.
That's why I'm here.
I need to hire your services again.
What's wrong, did you get
another traffic ticket or what?
Could be, but it's not for me.
It's to represent some people
who were arrested a few days ago.
"Some people"?
You know what? If
You know, if you're trying
to use the little trick of yours,
using the honest,
idealistic lawyer to soften up the judge,
then you can count me out. Sorry.
No, you got it wrong. It was honest,
idealistic and unprejudiced.
-Oh, sorry.
-But not anymore?
You heard some things and decided
I'm to blame for the bad things here.
Aren't you, though?
Oh, man.
I'm a bad singer but it isn't my fault
it rains so much in town.
But that's alright.
Suggesting this was a mistake.
I'll keep this in mind for next time.
Anyway, I have a rain check for dinner.
Don't get cold.
Okay, so have you thought about it yet?
I told you to call my lawyer,
otherwise I won't say anything.
You know what? I think
it's in your best interest
that he's not here yet.
-Oh, yeah?
You should know
that I'll report all of this.
And that you took off my clothes too.
-Are these your clothes?
-Yes, goddammit!
You guys forced me
to wear this shitty T-shirt.
So please, I'd like my shit back.
You've been very unlucky,
Samuel. You're in deep shit.
Because aside from the stench of gasoline,
it also tested positive for cocaine.
What I imagine is that it just happened
from too much rubbing against that shit
Did he say positive?
and cocaine got on your T-shirt.
-He's bluffing.
-Well, shit. That's quite a bluff,
but what happens when his lawyer
asks for the evidence then?
your colleagues
-We'll see.
-go free.
If it works out, he won't call the lawyer.
I imagine.
-I'm sure coke sticks to T-shirts.
-It's unlucky for you
because your friends
have already left and you're the one
who'll be stuck
serving a several-year prison sentence.
Okay, so let's make a deal.
If you help me,
I'll get rid of the T-shirt
and all that shit
and you can go home
and chill with your friends too,
and nobody, nobody will ever know
what you and I talked about.
I'll be fucking damned.
But really hm
we can't really do that, right?
But if you prefer
what I can also do
is call your lawyer right now,
write the report,
and, well
that's for you to decide, Samuel.
What do I have to do?
I'd like for you to carry
a tracking device on you
when you go on your next job.
It's easy, Samuel.
You just carry the tracking device,
tell us where you are, when and how
it's going to happen and with who
and we'll keep track of you.
Nobody will know anything.
And you can leave right now.
-May I have a black coffee, please?
-Yes, of course.
What's going on with that omelet?
I'll get it.
She's my mother. She just judged you.
Yeah, I did notice that.
Yeah, well. She does that
to every newcomer.
But I've already seen you around here,
you were in front of the bar, weren't you?
Um yeah. Because I have some clients
right here in the port.
-I'm a lawyer.
-Huh. Are you any good?
Well, nobody's complained so far.
Well, the ones who've been here
for a long time are scavengers.
They really only want
to make money from drug dealers
and so the more hassle
they seem to be, the better for them.
Well, I guess that's not true
for everyone, right?
If you say so.
You defended "The Blond," right?
"The Blond"? Yes, as a public defender.
Ah, yeah. You don't choose.
You get what you get.
Both the good and the bad.
Everyone deserves a defense, right?
What do I owe you?
-It's on the house.
-Thank you.
What? What happened?
I got no idea,
he had a stroke, stayed on the tractor.
I don't know anything else.
Let's see. The doctor says
that you're really fucked up.
But that, well
You'll get out of this one for sure. Huh?
Um there is one thing
I wanted to ask you, Dad. Um
About that one thing you know about.
You know that money you have tucked away
just in case things really go south.
-What the hell are you talking about?
-Sh. Don't worry, I got this.
You never did tell me
where it was located.
This may end up badly,
you know? God forbid, huh?
But it would be good if your sons
knew where the money was, wouldn't it?
Don't you agree?
He's fucked.
He's not gonna make it.
It's true, he won't last. Motherfucker.
Oh, and how did you know
about the money? I didn't have a clue.
I found out from Roberto.
-Roberto, the baker?
-Yeah, yeah.
He told me that Dad told him
that with so many scumbags out there,
he didn't trust banks.
And that, you know,
a judge could come and ask the bank
how much money you had
and then they'd tell the judges
so he buried it.
What if the old man can't speak again?
What are we gonna do?
I'll tell you what we'll do.
We'll have to search the land
until the six million appears.
Six million? Wait,
he has six million euros buried there?
I know, it's so stupid, right?
It'll be moist moolah, that's for sure.
Shouldn't we leave?
Nothing yet. We have to wait.
-What can I get you?
-Liqueur coffee.
-So, why here?
-What's wrong? What's the problem?
Well, Daniel doesn't like us coming here.
Dammit, I don't like how he runs
the business either, but what do you want?
The liqueur coffee's the best.
And that snitch's daughter? She's hot.
What's up with you?
I just like looking at you.
If you're going to smile so much,
you should really fix those teeth.
She's into me.
Those bastards are up
to something, I know it.
Did you think about what I told you?
About talking to the new lawyer
about the bidding process.
She's just arrived here.
What could she know about it?
Yeah, precisely. They still
don't have her in their pocket yet.
The old ones live off those people, Mom.
We can't trust those lowlives
when our livelihood is at stake.
Okay, listen to me.
If the Padíns are determined
to take the bar away from us,
their bid will be so high
that we won't be able to do anything.
Okay? No matter how good our lawyer is.
We have to go. They're coming.
-How much do I owe you?
I'm sorry.
Thanks. Thanks.
-Bless you.
-Thank you.
-My condolences.
-Thanks a lot.
Nilo, Nilo. I'm so sorry
about your father.
-Thanks, man.
-Come here a sec.
-They've been released from jail.
-Shit, that's great.
No, the prosecutor wants seven years.
What did you say?
They didn't find anything.
I told them all that. It's not a problem
and I'm sure they'll drop the charges.
One more thing. So, do we count on them
or should we look
for other people or what?
Don't worry about them right now.
They're probably being followed.
-This can be very useful.
-It'll happen tonight.
-You gotta be fucking kidding me.
Calm down. It's all under control.
-You sure?
Okay. Thanks.
-Bye. Take heart, okay?
-Hey man, my favorite godson.
-I'm so sorry.
-What a bummer.
-It's tough.
Listen, I I wanted to say, count me in.
-Count you in? For what?
-What do you think, Daniel?
I mean, if there's anything I can do
And I could use the money, as well.
-Do you need money?
-I'll give it to you, how much?
-No. Not that.
You know what I mean.
Cut the bullshit and study,
that's what you have to do, okay?
One thing doesn't rule out the other.
Come on, give me a hand.
I am giving you a hand.
Stay out of this now while you can, okay?
Well, you haven't done so bad.
There's something tonight, right?
Is there? And where'd you hear that?
-Ugh, I'm not stupid, Daniel.
-No, you're way too smart.
Your parents are very good,
and if they find out
Well, they won't find out
if you don't tell them.
-Take it.
-No, I
It's 400 euros.
Or else I'll give it to the priest.
Come on. Hang in there.
Come on.
-What's up, Naranjo?
-So, any movement?
They're all going
to the cemetery right now.
-Good. What about Daniel?
-He's still here.
Okay, good. Thank you.
Hold up a minute.
Give me your phones.
So that your girlfriend
doesn't call, she's very annoying.
Let's fucking go.
Is this your first day? Come on. Move it.
-So why does it have to be us?
-Why are we the ones going?
-I don't know, man. Why are you asking?
Always the same.
Nobody knows shit around here.
I think the boat has to be right here.
The cell phone signal isn't moving.
But this one works,
doesn't it? It's over here.
The locator we gave him is still giving
a signal. They're heading out now.
Yeah. Looks like we have
quite a few hours ahead of us.
It looks like
there's gonna be action tonight.
Yeah, they never warn
the Civil Guards of anything.
It's such a shame that
that they don't even say
what they are up to.
It makes no sense.
Aren't we the good guys?
Aren't we Aren't we like them?
No, we're not like them, man.
They're really special.
Fucking GRECO's, huh? I don't get it.
It is with great hope
that we bid farewell to our brother Amado.
His time among us serves as a reminder
that we have no permanent abode
in this world.
As long as we live,
we're exiled, far from the Lord.
Let's pray in silence
for the eternal rest of our brother.
During this difficult time,
we gaze to Christ
-Did you find the seafood?
who died for our sins
and rose for our justification.
What do you want? To get caught calling
and push back your release?
Ah, what do you know?
Do you have all the spider crabs,
yes or no?
-Christ, have mercy.
-They're on it.
Daniel. This time,
the party needs to be fucking perfect.
You know there's a lot at stake, right?
Don't worry, this party
will be fucking amazing.
I have the best musicians in Galicia.
-Yeah, yeah.
as it is in Heaven.
Now, let us pray to the Father of Mercy,
to welcome his servant Amado,
and let him partake
in the eternal joy of the just.
-In Jesus Christ's name, our Lord.
May the blessings of Almighty God,
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit,
descend upon you and always be with you.
Thank you for coming.
-Hey, Roberto.
-Nilo. Fuck, I'm really sorry.
Really sorry, yeah.
I loved your father so much.
He loved you too.
He loved you too. And us as well.
Listen, there's that thing about the
about the money he buried
in one of our estates.
-Do you know where it could be?
-I don't know.
-He went to the estates but I don't know.
-But you don't?
-I don't know anything. I don't know.
-No, no Okay.
Well, take care, okay?
-If you remember anything, let me know.
Thank you, Roberto.
Did he say anything?
Did Dad tell him where it is?
He says it's in one the properties,
but has no fucking idea.
No fucking way.
There must be 70 properties.
Damned old fucker.
If Natalia gets it in the will,
you can forget about it, huh?
Carmelo will keep the
money and not a word.
-Tell me about it. He's so honest.
-Yeah, honest, my ass.
-Man, you do not like your brother-in-law.
-He's a fucking coward. No, I do not.
-Let it ring.
Answer, you bastard.
Dammit, son of a bitch.
We're following the target,
a north-northwest direction.
Awaiting instructions.
Very good. As soon as you see the target,
start the operation. Understand?
-Should we wait for the chopper?
-No. Don't wait for anyone.
Copy that.
-Mom, I'm leaving, okay?
-Aren't you coming home with us?
Well, we have to see people off,
Marco. We need to be there.
I'm meeting people, I can't.
What do you mean?
On the day they bury your grandpa?
-Who are you meeting?
-Some friends.
They want to give me
their condolences too.
-Okay? Bye.
-Don't talk to me like that.
Hey! Did he just? Say something.
-You didn't say anything.
Leave him alone,
he's not wrong. This is so boring.
-I'm going to watch soccer.
Moncho, Moncho. Wait up, listen.
What's up, Marco?
-I'm coming with you tonight, okay?
-What do you mean?
I talked to Daniel,
he said to talk to you.
Daniel? Sure
We can go over
and ask him if that's what you want.
No Chill, huh? There's no need.
Here, write down this number
and wait for me to call you.
Eight, nine Okay cool, man.
-It might be late, okay?
-Whenever, I'll go wherever you tell me.
-Later, man.
What the fuck is a cop doing here?
What the fuck?
What the hell are you doing here?
-Where the fuck is Daniel?
-What do you think you're doing here?
Tell me where the hell Daniel is!
Sh, sh, sh, sh, sh Hey. Hey.
Chill, chill, chill. Yeah.
Listen to me.
-What's up?
-You need to stop that thing tonight.
-What thing tonight?
-Hey, don't bust my balls.
Stop what you're doing tonight, okay?
Why's that?
Why's that?
You've got the GRECO
on your tail. That's why.
They're waiting for you
and you don't answer your phone.
Don't get mad, okay?
We'll see who waits for who.
I can't believe this.
This look familiar to you?
How could it look familiar?
Do you think I have a sonar up my ass?
We wrote down the wrong coordinates
when we anchored the cargo.
That was fucking Manolo.
Yeah, Manolo should be here
right now, diving.
-No fucking way
-For fuck's sake
Prepare to be boarded.
-Put your hands in the air.
-What do we do?
Do as they fucking say. Put your hands up.
What? They got caught?
You're a fucking beast.
You're a beast. You know that, right?
All clear in the back.
Nothing here.
Come on.
Six, two, three.
Nothing, all clear.
No trace of the merchandise.
Nothing, they didn't find anything.
Thank you very much for your efforts.
Come on, go back down,
damn it, get the rest.
Let's go, dammit,
we don't have all fucking day.
Very good.
Listen, no one goes anywhere
until I say so, got it?
-Let's check the boat.
-We did, there's nothing.
We'll check it again then.
Finally. Fuck, I've been up all night,
man. Where are you?
Here, on the promenade.
Okay. Okay, perfect. Perfect.
Come on. Come on! Go, go, go, go.
Come on, move it guys. Let's go.
Go, go, go, go.
For fuck's sake, come on!
Move it, come on. Move, hurry, hurry!
-Hey you! What are you doing here?
-Take this.
Come on.
Hurry up. Go, go, go, go, go!
What's up?
Okay. We have the octopus
for the party.
Ah, did you check it?
Does it have all its legs?
Everything. Legs, head, and all.
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