Gangs of Galicia (2024) s01e02 Episode Script

Episode 2

-Do you recognize them?
-How? I can't see their faces.
Well, that's the end of it.
Is that all you have? Do you have
the names on the reservation?
The whole file is fake.
Names, the hotel they stayed at
They made it all up.
So far, that's all we got.
That's all.
Yeah, but you'll never be able
to find them then.
Well we're working on it.
Rosa, I'll be there shortly.
They're here. Waiting for you, Ana.
Who's waiting?
The Snitches.
-You already know the bar.
The trouble is,
we are not the owners of that place.
-It belongs to the City Council.
-It's a municipal concession.
And I suppose
that the concession is about to expire.
Yes, in a few days.
A few weeks, at most. Uh
But, right now,
some people are saying that the
The Padíns are willing to acquire it.
-People are saying
-What I just said.
No, what they are saying, Mom,
is that the Padíns are going
to make an offer that's quite high
and the bar won't make them any money.
I know it won't, to be honest.
Why would they? Well, I just
-Come on. Does she know who we are or not?
Mom May I finish, please?
I've heard a little
about the story, but I'm not sure
If you've heard it, you should know.
Get it? Let's get out of here.
No, come on. Don't. Please, Mom
No, no, no. Hold on. I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
Uh I'm sorry. I'm sorry.
Clearly, I must have said something badly,
which wasn't my goal at all.
Ah! Okay. Well, explain yourself.
My doubt um, was because, um
from what I know, which isn't much,
that story happened a long time ago,
more than ten years ago,
so I'm not sure why
you're bringing it up now.
Because the father
is about to be released.
He's been incarcerated for a while
and now he's going
to be released in a few days.
And the issue,
I don't know how to put this
He wants everyone to know
that he never forgives.
Manolo takes position.
He moves to the sideline,
Fabián, Fabián, to Simón.
He's about to clinch it
Good evening.
-How are you doing today, Padín?
-Fine, even if I'm screwed.
And is everything tiled?
-Ceramic tiles. Up to the ceiling.
Hold on, I'll get a sample.
Thank you.
I love the idea
of having a walk-in closet.
What's wrong? What's the matter?
What if I'm relocated?
Relocated? Where would you
be relocated to?
Yeah, I don't know, anywhere.
You know these kind of jobs
Focus. We need to make a decision.
We have to make a down payment today.
I don't know, Marta. I don't know,
It's best not to get too comfortable
in this job, you know that.
Will there be no place for us
to call home for the rest of our lives?
Marta, I'm sorry, but I have to get going.
-Don't go, please.
-It's important, I gotta go.
This is also important.
Well, wait for me then.
-Come on!
-There it is, finally!
We were so thirsty!
-You saw them, right?
-Did I see them?
They look like they're at a funeral.
It's no surprise,
given how little they earn.
They can't afford a Coke.
Hey, Daniel. When the other guy gets here,
do you need me to join?
No. Just stay here.
There he is.
How are you?
-What's up, dude?
-How are you doing, man?
Hey! Who's he? Do we know that guy?
I don't think so, no.
Where are they going?
-I can go, if you want.
-Yeah, get going.
Marta? No, hold on.
I can't hear you, Marta. Hold on.
Hold on a second.
What did you say?
What do you mean you fainted?
I got up to go
to the bathroom and
I don't remember what happened.
When I opened my eyes, I was on the floor.
I was on my back and
When are you coming?
No, no. I I can't,
I'm really sorry. I'm in Madrid.
What do you mean in Madrid?
I can't tell you anything now.
I'll tell you about it when I get back.
Anyway, Marta. How are you now?
Are you feeling any better?
No, no. I'm definitely not.
I'm in the E.R. What do you think?
I'll call you later.
-Come here. Let me introduce you.
-How you doing, bro?
-What's up? This is my friend, Paola.
-How are you?
-I'm fine.
So? How did it go?
Well, he's still inside,
talking to someone.
-I didn't see him.
Like it?
It's great,
but I need a bigger one, dude.
-Bigger, really?
Are you sure?
You know, it'll be difficult
to transport, huh?
Don't worry about that,
we'll handle it for you.
-Got it.
Check out that Italian girl. Shit
Wait, wait, wait, look over there.
No, no, no, no.
-The package has arrived.
-Hey. Check it out.
Hey, we didn't order anything.
-It's on those guys over there.
-Which guys?
-I need one! I need one!
-One what?
What happened?
Come on, give me a break. All right?
-Loosen up, loosen up.
-Oh please, you don't need one. Come on.
Learn how to dance and stop talking.
Hey guys, did you see their fucking faces?
That was funny.
They thought someone
was flirting with them.
-Like they'd hook up.
-What's wrong with you, Toño?
-Do we know who it was?
Whoa, are you serious?
Do you have any idea
who ratted us out or not?
I'm pretty sure I do.
Well, you know
what you have to do then, right?
Sure, try to avoid
drawing too much attention.
It came in handy in the end.
-Oh, did it?
-Totally. It was awesome.
It felt like a magic trick.
They were looking one way,
we did our part without getting caught.
So, what's wrong?
What's wrong is that if people
think it's okay to mess with us,
they'll end up messing with us, Daniel.
-All right.
-I trust you.
Do you know what I did?
-I signed up for the Zamora half-marathon.
-Oh, wow!
-It's in a month.
-You're starting to enjoy this?
-I quit smoking.
-Good for you.
-It feels good.
-Waking up early,
putting on your sneakers
And your company, of course.
Why don't you join me? Huh?
You could be my rabbit.
-You're going to pass out.
-Stop for a bit then, okay?
You shouldn't run when you're hungover.
Hungover? What's that?
Who knows?
You're right, I'm wiped out.
I've never experienced this.
Maybe because I didn't run.
Hey, listen. I have a question.
Is it true you want
to take over the port bar?
-Who told you that?
-Berta and Laura.
They asked me
to represent their case a few days ago.
So, you're doing well, aren't you?
That case will be lucrative.
Look. I'm being serious.
Are you going to bid at a loss
just to kick them out?
Are you asking me as a lawyer?
Or to gossip a little?
Come on, hurry up, wake up!
Marco, it's very late!
-You know they won't let you into class
if you're five minutes late. Let's go.
-Hmm. Coming.
-Come on!
They think we're idiots.
Listen to me, I'm telling you.
Maybe you are.
Who do they think they are?
Do they think we don't know
they're digging all over the estate
looking for the money your father buried?
Say something, Natalia,
honey! Say something!
What will happen
to the estates when we divide them up?
They'll give us the ones
they've checked, for fuck's sake!
-What makes you say that, Carmelo?
It's the truth!
You don't know what my brothers would do.
But I've already told you.
We talked about this.
I told you it doesn't matter who gets
that land, because when that land appears,
we can divide it up
and then be done with it.
Give me a break. I don't believe that.
You should believe it.
You should because that's the way it is.
Because I trust my brothers,
I know them. Unlike you.
And you never liked Nilo, by the way.
Don't give me that with Nilo!
Nilo can't stand me either! Enough of it!
That's the reason
I'm doing what I'm doing!
To protect what's ours
so no one comes here trying to fool us.
No one is trying to fool us.
And there's no need to protect anything,
that's how things are.
"What's ours"? Want me to tell you
where we got it?
Oh, very nice!
Very elegant,
rubbing it in my face like that.
-I'm not rubbing anything in.
-Good job! Well, you do!
I'm reminding you because you have
a bad memory my brother never let us down.
-Hand me the sugar.
-The sugar?
Why not let Nilo hand you
the fucking sugar? Dammit.
That's enough, Carmelo.
I don't want Marco to hear you
talking about his uncles. Stop.
I mean, I don't have
anything against them.
They have some scores to settle.
-With whom?
-With other people.
Okay, but that was ages ago. Wasn't it?
Sure, if it were up to me.
But some people
in town don't think the same.
But don't you think
they've suffered enough
by carrying these scars for so long?
Let alone how hard it is
losing a husband and a father.
-You're well-informed about the story.
-Well, it's my job. I have to.
I've been asking around too.
You know?
Degree Extraordinary Award,
working at one of the most important firms
in Madrid before graduating
-Did you look into me?
-I was curious.
-Now I'm even more curious.
I don't know,
you were working in an amazing place
with very important people
And, overnight, you pack up
and end up in Cambados.
How weird is that?
I don't have to explain myself to anyone.
Neither do I.
I had a problem with a client.
He developed an unhealthy fixation.
He hurt you?
No it was just harassment,
but there were no witnesses
and it kept getting worse, so
You didn't report it?
No, because he was very
powerful and influential so
that would have been the end of my career.
So, instead, you basically escaped.
Yeah, I made the decision,
I took my car,
started driving and ended up here.
Let's do this.
I'll make you a deal.
I'm going to cancel
my bid for the port bar.
Okay, and in exchange for?
In exchange you sign me as a client
and do for me what you did
for those important people in Madrid.
You help me evade taxes,
legally, of course.
-Fine. But you have to
Did you ask the people in Madrid
questions? And they were bastards.
Why would you ask me?
'Cause I'm a good boy?
But what
what exactly is wrong then?
They don't know yet.
In this section here,
it says that they detected a solid mass
Yes, it's a lump the size of a chickpea.
They don't know
if that's the cause of the fainting.
-They need to run some more tests.
What if we go to Madrid?
I know someone at the Marañón Hospital.
I can ask them to do the tests there.
Why not?
-What for? There are doctors here.
-But they're better there.
-I said no, I trust the doctors here.
-Fine, but
You don't need to call anyone.
-Marta, I already explained what happened.
-No, you didn't explain anything.
But it's fine, really. It's fine.
I know you can't tell me
what you do, who you work with,
or where you go. It's all right.
That's why it's better if I take care
of my business, if you don't mind.
Having considered the three bids received
for the concession for the waste
collection service of the Council,
the bid chosen by the commission
is that of Limpiezas Bayón,
renewing the concession.
That company is also theirs.
Let's move on
to the next item on the agenda.
Concession for the operation
and maintenance of the port bar.
The City Council only received
one bid for the said concession,
that of Berta Figaredo García,
the current concessionaire.
And after checking
that the conditions offered by Mrs. Berta
comply with the stipulated minimum,
the concession is renewed for ten years.
Thank you. Thank you so much.
I don't know how you did it but thank you.
I'm sorry to bother you this late,
but my mom insisted I bring this to you.
The best in Cambados.
Some would say.
Thank you so much.
Do you want to come in?
-Are you sure?
-Yes. I need your help to eat it.
Otherwise, it'll last the whole week.
I've been reading a bit more about, um
everything that happened.
The case about your father's
sudden disappearance.
Oh, yeah.
And I don't know, I mean
It's hard to imagine what it must
have been like for you to go through that.
Well, I was a kid
when it happened.
-Nobody told me anything, and um,
I became the the oddball you know.
I was made fun of.
Looked down with contempt,
sometimes with pity.
Then the years passed,
but the rumors continued.
What kind of rumors?
They said that my dad would come
to see us in the evenings sometimes.
-And were they true?
-No. Not at all. No, no.
He never came back.
Even though they thought he did.
Well, maybe he couldn't.
I don't know. I don't know if you
ever thought that maybe they found him.
No. Not at all.
Well, I mean
Now I know he's dead, though.
Why is that?
Because a notary from the Canary Islands
called to give us money.
That was a few months ago.
And he said
it was from an anonymous donor.
And you think it was your father?
-Yes. Of course, who else could it be?
Maybe in the end
he regretted being such a bastard.
"I'll burn it down. I swear if they
take it from us, I'll burn it all."
-She said that, for real.
-Holy shit, Grandma.
She's unbelievable.
In the morning,
before going to the City Hall,
well, she was sure
they were going to kick us out.
-And your mom?
-She told her she was crazy.
That we would all end up
in jail because of her.
Just picture the moment
they told us it was renewed.
I don't think
I've ever seen them so happy.
You see? I told you.
Padín is in jail and Daniel
doesn't care about those things.
-He's a good guy, deep down.
-I always forget.
That he's your godfather.
He's always smiling,
buying drinks for everyone,
but Daniel is just like the rest of them.
-He's knee-deep in that same shit.
-Well, just like your grandad was.
Until he got caught and switched sides.
No. No. Don't give me that look.
-It's where we live, it is what it is.
-Is it really?
Come on, María, no one's forced
to get involved in anything.
People do it 'cause they want to.
Besides, what did they say
in economics class?
As long as there's demand,
there'll be Come on.
Always the same fucking shit.
Tonight, at the Snitches' bar.
Are you sure?
Tell your boss I want to see her.
Okay, but hold on, I need to
Sir! Hey, there!
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
What's this?
These are all the files that,
following my client's orders,
I need to give you right away.
From this point forward,
it's your problem.
Well, thank you very much
for coming and bringing those.
You shouldn't have bothered.
I could have requested Rosa to go
to your office to pick them up.
No, it's no bother at all,
on the contrary.
It's a pleasure coming here
and being able to see all this.
Thank you very much.
You're doing very well, am I right?
Hmm, yeah. Yes.
But you can't fool me.
Fool you?
I don't believe a thing about
your spontaneous arrival here in Cambados.
And why is that? Do you not believe
that it's a nice place to live?
It's a fucking great place to live.
But the weather isn't why you moved here.
And the barnacles aren't either.
I think this is all part
of a meticulously crafted plan
to earn the trust of good old Daniel.
Your former client.
Poor guy,
he can't help pursuing attractive legs
whenever they're in front of him.
Rosa. Would you mind
escorting the attorney to the door please?
You may have Daniel
in your pocket, counselor,
but I must warn you
that not even God can fool Padín senior.
Thank you for coming.
Come on, baby,
hurry up with those potatoes.
Yes, Grandma.
Your liqueur coffee. Anything else?
Not for now,
but don't go too far.
Sammy, a drink?
I'm not drinking anything,
I feel sick to my stomach.
Hey, can you get him a glass of nothing?
Do you want me to carry it?
You look fucking awful to be honest.
I know.
-What's wrong? Why did you call us, dude?
-Shut up, for fuck's sake.
Did something you eat make you sick?
Yeah, I don't know.
I think it was probably the pork I ate.
Oh, okay. You can easily fix that.
Just grab a drink, you'll be good to go.
Laura, can you get Sammy a drink?
-Wait. No, no. Maybe a chamomile tea?
I need to use the restroom.
Go ahead. If something comes up,
I'll let you know.
Hey, boss. Can I get the check please?
What? Not gonna say anything?
-You called me, didn't you?
-Dammit, when you want to be mean
Ugh, and now you call me mean
María, it was just
a stupid comment, that's all.
-It's not such a big deal, is it?
-Well, that's your opinion.
What I said wasn't that bad.
Some people have just arrived.
Okay? Uh, wait what people? Maria?
People with ski masks.
-María, what's going on?
-They have
Fuck. I don't know what's going on.
I'll call you later.
María? María?
Holy shit.
Marco, you're leaving?
Aren't you having dinner?
What the fuck are you doing in here?
-Relax, Laura, it's okay.
Get out of here or I'll call the police!
Laura, c'mon, it's none of your business!
Hey! Leave her alone! Don't touch her!
-Calm down.
-Leave her alone then.
-Where is he?
-In the restroom. What's this about?
Laura, what's going on?
Go back to the kitchen, fucking Snitch!
-Leave me alone!
-Mom, do as they say!
-Do as they say!
-Leave me alone! Stop!
Hello? Police?
Police, yes. Please, I need help.
I'm at the port bar in Cambados.
-Come on, dammit! Hurry up!
-Stop, I don't feel well.
-Let him go!
-Stop, stop, stop.
-Hey, what are you doing?
-You saw nothing, understood?
-I'm gonna
-You've got to be kidding, Samuel!
-Don't let him vomit inside.
María! What happened?
What happened? What happened?
They took him.
Calm down. Took who?
Calm down.
-Is that her?
Hello, Felisa.
You're so lucky, huh?
A very pretty girl has come to see you.
-Thanks a lot.
-Do I know you?
No, Felisa. You don't know me.
But I'd like to ask a few questions.
If you don't mind, of course.
Questions? For me?
I don't remember anything.
But I think you'll remember this.
Let's see, my notes say
that your name is Felisa Porto.
Yes. Absolutely. That's my name.
And it also says that you're the owner
of a canning factory,
as well as three luxury cars
and a house in El Grove.
I'm guessing he sent you here.
-Who do you think? My little Daniel.
Does he need me to sign anything else?
No, Felisa.
I've got all I need, thanks.
There's nothing weird about it.
Felisa has been with us
our whole life, since I was a kid.
She's like family.
That's why I pay for her home.
Yeah And, in exchange,
she's listed as the owner of assets
worth over four million euros,
-including this house.
So what? I had to do something,
right? A cousin or relative won't work.
They keep making it harder.
Felisa is perfect.
Because she's not a relative, I know
She's not,
but it's as if she were.
I trust her and she loves me a lot.
-Yeah, I know.
So? What's with
that worried look on your face?
Well All it takes is one person
to visit her at the retirement home
for verification, like I did earlier,
and then they'll realize this woman
can't manage all those assets.
Or justify that income.
I mean, if there was an inspection,
they'd definitely figure it out by then.
That's why you're here, right?
To do a fucking great job
and resolve my issues.
-You know?
Perfect. Thanks.
Talk to me.
We just found Samuel's locator.
Comb the area
and see if we find something else.
Clothes, whatever.
Ask the shellfish catchers.
I know they'll say
they didn't see anything. Ask them anyway.
-We need to find Samuel
before it's too late. Understood?
-Yes, sir.
-Get going, come on.
How's your schedule tomorrow?
-Um, why?
-To check out a business.
-An investment I wanna make.
-To avoid surprises.
Better to be safe than sorry, right?
Very good.
Naranjo, nothing new to report here.
Apart from the lawyer,
no-one else has gotten near him all day.
Sounds good.
Stay there and keep me posted.
-Castro is already watching the scrapyard.
-Will do.
Are you going out with that kid?
Ugh, I knew you'd come.
Are you going out with him or not?
-His name's Marco.
-I know his name.
-Toño and Nilo are his uncles.
-That's my business.
Come on, stop it María!
Who do you think came to the bar
the other night and took that bastard?
Toño, I know. I heard him when they left.
And why do you think
they took him from the bar? Huh?
To show they can do whatever they want
because it's their place.
It's theirs,
like everything else in this town.
And yet, you ignore all of this!
Marco's not like his uncles.
-It's the same blood.
-"The same blood." Does that even matter?
Marco and his parents have nothing
to do with his family's business.
-That's what he told you?
And you believed him?
Good morning.
Wow, so punctual.
Always. Work comes first.
Come on.
What's going on?
Your mother isn't happy
about us being together?
-I guess she gave you the talk, right?
-What will they do to Samuel?
-How would I know?
-Marco, I heard your uncle Toño.
-What are you saying, María?
-I don't know.
Do you think they kidnap people now?
How can you say that?
-Hey, are we maybe being followed?
They always follow me.
Oh And now me too? Lovely.
It's okay, don't worry.
You won't get any speeding tickets.
Well, that's why
I still have my license, unlike others.
By the way, you haven't
told me where we're going.
No, you're right.
-And you're not going to.
-I have the right to remain silent, right?
You'll see. Go straight ahead.
The reason why we're being followed
has something to do
with that sailor's disappearance or?
No idea.
Besides, as I told you, contrary
to what a lot of people think, we're not
You are not responsible for everything
that happens here. Okay, sure.
-Ah, very good.
That's it. They'll get bored.
Hey, Uncle! What's up?
-Hey, look who's here!
My favorite nephew.
What are you doing here?
You sent me a text
telling me to come, right?
Ah, right. Sure. I mean, you always listen
to what your uncle tells you, am I right?
-Uncle, If you called to tell me off
-No, no, no, no.
I don't want a repeat
of what went down the other day. Okay?
No more unloading.
-But everyone wants
-But what? No buts, no coconuts.
I don't wanna hear it. You have to study.
Study and get a career. So you don't
end up being a fool like us. Get it?
Well, I just wanted to help out
What did you want? What?
To earn four euros
for unloading cargo? Is that it?
When I was your age,
I was also a deadbeat.
That's just dumb, nephew.
And what about the missing sailor?
What will they do to him?
-And why would I know anything about that?
-I don't know.
Who told you this, huh?
Was it that scumbag father of yours?
-He loves to stir shit up.
-Was it him?
-Come on.
-I can go?
-And no more unloading.
What's up?
He's hungry?
Give him some food then, dammit,
don't let him die of starvation.
What do you want me to do?
Get him some McDonald's or something?
Jesus, look for something,
there must be cans everywhere.
It closed a month ago,
but they had to leave everything there.
Take a good look.
-Marco. Help me.
-What are you doing here?
Park here.
Let's go.
So? What do you think?
What, are we buying a light plane?
No, of course not.
The plane will take us there.
-You're kidding, right?
-Please put your phone on airplane mode.
-Daniel, are you serious?
-Of course!
Come on.
-You're wearing heels
You could have told me
before we were gonna
That wouldn't be very fun, would it?
-I I'm not sure about this.
Are you ready?
If you look to the left, you'll see
some passengers who missed their flight.
Morons. They're like cows
watching a train.
What do you mean,
"they've flown away"?
Literally, on a plane.
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