Gangs of Galicia (2024) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

What's going on?
Don't bust my balls, man.
Are you fucking kidding me?
Do you like it?
-Was this the business?
-Should we buy it?
-We'll have to check the books.
-So you're going to read now?
Nazario says it's great.
We'll talk numbers later.
If you don't mind,
I'd prefer to check the accounts myself.
Sure. But first,
we should see how they work, right?
Right this way.
-Hello, there.
Cool, huh?
Um. Are you leaving? You're dressed.
This makes me sleepy,
to tell you the truth.
I have some errands I need to run.
Do you want me to go with you?
No. Just relax and enjoy.
Not everything's work.
We haven't even done any work yet.
That you know of. We'll talk later.
-What's up, Maca?
-How's it going, man? You, good?
Open the door, man!
Son of a bitch.
Ugh, really? Why was he even there?
He says it was a coincidence.
He said he comes here to smoke joints
-but he didn't have any joints.
Did he see him?
-I think so.
-What the fuck? You "think" he did?
-Did he or didn't he?
-Yes, he saw him, goddammit.
And couldn't you put a blindfold on him
or something so he wouldn't recognize you?
No need, it's just Samuel.
He's gagged, there's no need
to cover his eyes too.
Okay, it's fine.
Uh, talk to them.
And make it clear that they
didn't see shit, neither one of them.
You know we have to tell Daniel.
Yeah, I'll take care of all that.
You just do your thing
and as soon as you tell the kid off,
drop him off at his school, okay?
Fuck. Fine, I will.
Go on then.
May I?
Yeah, of course.
You know, I was eager to meet you.
From what I've heard,
since you came to town,
everyone's a bit shaken up.
Especially Nazario, your lawyer.
He's a son of a bitch.
-But faithful.
Sure. As long as there's money to be made.
Yeah, like everyone.
Never met anyone who doesn't like money.
Don't you like money, Ana?
Yes, but I value other things as well.
Hmm. For example?
Like freedom.
But can you be free without money?
They're the same thing, right?
Nazario is convinced
that you're dangerous.
-For him?
-No, for the business.
He believes that my son would be willing
to do anything in order to sleep with you.
My relationship with your son
is strictly professional.
Ooh, a whore could say that too, right?
why did you save the Snitches' asses?
Because they hired my services.
That's what I do
with my clients instead of fucking them.
Anything else?
I don't like people
who take advantage of other people
just to prove to everyone that they can.
I think that if you have a score to settle
with the partner who betrayed you,
you should settle it
with him, not with others.
And who says that I didn't?
Because you would've let
everyone know about it, wouldn't you?
Well, Ana.
Nice to meet you.
What's wrong?
I'm fine. But you made it clear
you don't care about me.
Where did you get that from?
-Damn, María.
-Okay, obviously what you said
pissed me off, it's true.
I never said I didn't care.
Oh, I guess I misunderstood you then.
Fine. But it isn't just me.
You're acting weird with everyone.
It's like you're distracted.
María, I just need to be alone,
okay? I need time to think.
Yeah, I've been thinking too, you know?
What you said about my grandpa.
-Here we go again with the same old shit.
-Listen to me.
All these years
Listen, you know my family. Hm?
They hate him for disappearing like that.
And maybe I did the opposite.
I wanted to see him as
As a hero?
That's why I got
so pissed off the other day.
Because deep down, I know you're right.
Yeah, he was in deep shit,
just like the others.
He just stepped forward to save himself.
C'mon, let's go.
-Here's your latte.
And a little omelette for you.
No, please No,
your mom is fattening me up like a cow.
Yeah, well
With all that running,
you'll burn it off quickly.
Do you mind?
No, no. Please do.
Can I steal one from you?
-Do you really smoke?
-Yeah, I know it doesn't look like it.
-No, no.
-I do sometimes.
Laura, do you mind
if I ask you a question?
No problem.
What was your dad like?
-Sorry, you don't need to answer.
-No, no, no. It's okay.
I don't really know.
I don't remember very much.
I was very young, so I don't
I do remember his big hands.
At least they seemed that way at the time.
And how much it hurt
when he had to comb my messy hair
before I'd go to school.
Same. My dad used to go crazy
untangling my hair too.
And my mom says
that he really liked a good party,
that he sang very well.
But, I never heard him sing.
Neither did I.
My father, I mean.
How old is he?
He died.
Several months ago.
Shit, I'm sorry.
Well, it was
It was very quick, from cancer.
At least you were lucky enough
to have known him well, right?
Listen carefully.
Did you see anyone yesterday?
Look, do you think I'm an idiot?
Why did you hit me, Toño?
Fuck, bro, we're going
to end up shooting you twice.
You don't need to be here for that.
Do you know that or not?
You could be chilling
at home or at the bar,
but if we find out
that you've been going around
saying that you heard or saw something,
you won't last another day.
Am I clear?
I see we understand each other.
-Talk to them, tell them to let me go.
-Yeah, yeah. Sure.
They listen to you. They listen to you!
Just calm down. Eat something, man.
Eat slowly and just relax,
for fuck's sake.
Are you sure about that?
Look, I already told you.
They were wearing ski masks.
I didn't recognize anyone.
Why don't I believe you?
I don't know.
You know everyone here.
Even if they had masks,
you would've heard something.
Come on, just one familiar voice
to help us find that poor man
before it's too late for him.
They said nothing.
I don't get it, Laura.
-I thought you, of all people
What's that supposed to mean?
You don't owe them anything.
On the contrary.
You really shouldn't protect them.
I protect myself and my daughter.
That's it.
Good as new!
Took a lot of work.
Fuck, it was really fucked up.
-You're too hard on it.
So, I was talking to our friends.
They must be happy, right?
Very happy, the next job
will be a big one.
What do you mean? Like, how big?
-As big as your car at least.
-Fuck, that's awesome, man.
A fully loaded merchant ship.
We have to go all the way
to the Azores to unload it.
So, we'll have to call the Italians
and have them deliver the boat right away,
otherwise we won't make it. When is this?
I'll let you know.
We need to get everything ready.
-Lot of money at stake.
-Don't worry about it.
Yeah, they're going to fucking
love us man, we'll do a great job.
But first, we have to, um, fix that
other issue we have, know what I'm saying?
Let him go.
-Wait. You sure?
He's so scared that he won't say anything.
What? What's up with him?
It's not just him.
-With Marco, there's a problem.
He showed up at the cannery, god dammit.
He saw Samuel, and Samuel saw him too.
You're kidding.
Why'd he come?
No clue. To jerk himself off,
I don't know.
-But now we have to
-So, what now?
You want to kill Samuel over this?
Not kill him, but we have to do something.
Taking him was a mistake.
We shouldn't have listened to my dad.
We can't fuck this up.
-Well, if he decides to sing
-He won't sing.
-I'm telling you, he's going to screw us.
-He knows what's good for him.
We should be careful with Marco,
don't let him go around talking.
Don't worry, it's taken care of.
Toño's already spoken to him.
He knows not to say anything.
-Good morning.
-Good morning.
-Come in.
-Thank you.
-Oh my god. Ooh
-All good?
Feeling divine, man.
You saw them coming
out of the parking lot.
Yeah, yeah. I saw.
In the blue car, right?
-You sure you weren't followed?
-Look man, don't worry.
I took a million detours
and I didn't see anything suspicious.
-I don't know how, but they must know.
-How could they know?
I haven't been followed in months
and now I can't get rid of them.
There's no such thing as coincidence.
I mean, you know
we could have postponed this thing
for another time.
I gave my word to this firm
that I was coming in today.
You know, we didn't need to sign it today.
Ah So, I have to ask permission
of those police bastards
to see when I can close a deal now?
Well, I guess you will
as long as you're in jail.
Look, Nazario.
Whether I'm in
or out of prison, I run my own life, okay?
Come on.
-Hello, good morning.
-Hello, good morning.
We have an appointment with Ana González.
Good morning. Come in.
-Thank you.
-Okay. Take a seat.
Well, well.
-It's really nice. I wonder if
-It is.
-How are you?
-Nice to meet you.
-I'm Ana.
-Carmelo, a pleasure.
The pleasure's mine.
Well, let's get started.
So, how can I help you?
Well, actually I'd like
to ask you a question.
Is it true that you helped
the Snitches with the with the bar?
Um, well
as a matter of fact, Mrs. Berta Figaredo
hired my services, so yes, I guess so.
Okay, well that's fucking great to hear
because we need someone
with a pair of balls to help us.
Ah. Very good.
-Be polite.
-What did I say now?
-You're embarrassing me.
-It's all right.
-I'm sorry.
Honestly, it's completely fine.
Don't worry.
Okay, it's um
about an inheritance.
It was left to me by my late father.
Well, her brothers
are always wheeling and dealing,
and want to keep the best for themselves.
-You know what I'm saying, right?
-Um yeah.
-She doesn't care about that part.
-I had to say something.
I'm really sorry
for your recent loss, but yeah. Continue.
So, what should we do about your son?
About the lawyer?
It's better to leave it alone for now.
I'm telling you, that girl's no good.
She wants to take over.
Huh. And you don't?
Are you being serious?
How can you say that after all these years
of us working together?
Nazario. How much money
have you earned with us?
A lot, sure.
But you've earned way more
thanks to the work I've done. Right?
She seems to be good at what she does.
Probably better than you.
You need to wake up, Nazario.
Yeah, well, in the end,
we'll see who who's who and what's what.
The seafood's fucking tasteless.
And looks like plastic.
-Hello. Um I'm looking for Naranjo.
Yeah. He's one of the bosses,
right? He's a commander or something.
Inspector Naranjo, from GRECO.
But he's not here.
They're based in Pontevedra.
In Pontevedra
Hmm. You sure?
Of course I'm sure.
But if you want to talk to someone here
-No. Thanks. I'll go to Pontevedra.
-Hey. Wait a sec.
I'll write down their phone number.
If you schedule an appointment,
it will be so much easier.
Thank you.
The Italian police
identified him. He's a hustler.
In Rome, he works as PR at several clubs.
He's friends
with a couple of dealers there.
He's looking for girls and other things,
but he doesn't seem to be in the business.
But why was he talking to them then?
They both went in together,
into the bathroom.
Ask Madrid for help.
We need to know who he is, okay?
And check all the cameras
on that street. He went in at some point.
-Go ahead.
Gentlemen, everybody out!
-Get out! Come on, move it!
-Scram, god dammit!
What the hell is this? What is this?
Not again, okay? Get the hell out of here!
-Calm down and nothing will happen to you.
-Get out of here!
Do as you're told and it'll all be fine.
-Hello, Berta. It's been a while.
-What do you want?
-It's all so clean, huh?
-So, what do you want?
Did you paint recently?
Right about now, your granddaughter's
on a bus headed to Pontevedra
to speak to that GRECO cop
that comes around here on occasion.
If I hear that she visits the station
when she gets there,
I'll burn your bar.
With you inside.
So, if I were you, I'd call
so she doesn't make a mistake.
-Alright. My phone's back here.
-Okay, I'll go with you.
-María, leave now.
-Get out! Get out of there now!
She just came out.
She didn't talk.
She was there two minutes.
All right, one more thing.
Make her change schools if you have to.
She's done with Marco.
I don't ever want
to see them together, got it?
Okay. It's always nice to see you, huh?
-Come on, get in.
I already have plans.
Get in.
Take my bike back to my place.
-What'd you tell María?
"Nothing," my ass.
You tell her what you saw?
-Did you tell her something?
-I didn't say anything!
If you said nothing,
then why did she go to the police?
The police? I don't know.
-Look, I told you not to open your mouth.
-I didn't say anything, I swear.
That better be the truth.
-What'll you do to Samuel?
-What do you care? Don't change subject.
I do care, that's why I'm asking.
Are you stupid?
What's wrong with you, huh?
-Stop the car, I want to get out.
Stop the fucking car, I want to get out!
You'll get out when I say so.
What the hell? Marco! Hey Marco!
I can't believe this fucking kid.
Where are you going, little rat?
Huh? You're in a hurry, aren't you?
-Did you just get off?
-Yeah. Get in.
-Get some sleep.
-Please, get in.
-Your tests are in half an hour, right?
-Yeah, but I told you it wasn't necessary.
Well, I don't have to
but I want to go with you.
I want you to know
you are the only thing that matters to me.
Marta, excuse me.
I need to take this.
-Yes, hello?
-So, the street cameras worked.
We know who was
in the bathroom, Andrea Pilloni.
Who the hell is he?
He has a shipyard in Sardinia.
Apparently, he works with Rocco.
They party all over the island
during the summer season.
They're trying to buy a boat right now.
Hmm. It must be something special,
something that's not made around here.
Yeah. What is clear is that the Padín's
are after something very big.
For sure.
Yeah, thank you.
Sure, yeah.
-Is the paperwork ready?
-It's all there.
-The notary will be here in a minute.
-Perfect, thank you so much.
Thank you.
Holy shit.
Do I have to sign all that?
It seems like a lot,
but it's actually really simple.
Let's see, what we're doing
is putting several of your properties
under the name
of the company in the Cayman Islands.
-And everything else?
-Display companies.
So they lose track
before seeing that the properties
are under the name of the main company.
-You mean the one in the Caymans?
You're sure that they won't
find anything out by digging into it?
Let's see, doing this here,
in Portugal, will hinder any investigation
because they need an international warrant
and, even if they get one,
they would only discover you have sold off
several of your properties
to your very own corporations,
but in a way
where your name is nowhere to be found.
-You're still seeing Marco?
-You heard what I said, answer me.
-None of your business.
-What'd he say?
-About what?
-About his uncles' businesses.
-Nothing, Mom.
What did you want
to talk to the police about?
What I saw.
What we both saw
when they took away Samuel.
And that I heard Toño's voice.
-Are you crazy? What's wrong with you?
For telling them the truth?
For not keeping quiet like you?
When you spoke
to that cop, I couldn't believe it.
He's right Mom, why do we have
to keep protecting these people?
They were about to set
your grandmother and the bar on fire.
Do you understand, or not?
That notary. What a character.
With that jacket and his gray hair
all slicked back like that.
-Yes. He looked like an old actor, right?
-Yeah. Sure.
And what about recommending this place?
What's wrong with this place? I love it.
I do too. But he thought we were involved.
-What do you mean? Why is that?
-Don't you realize?
Can't you see that they're all couples?
Well, I mean,
there are all sorts of people.
You wanna make a bet?
This dinner?
Careful, it's expensive.
Not compared
to the bill I'm gonna give you.
Really? Okay.
Over there. The man
with the woman in purple.
Well, what about them?
They could be a married couple.
Don't you see she laughs at all his jokes?
-So, they aren't married yet.
-Oh, shit.
-I'm ordering the most expensive things.
-Careful, okay?
Look at them. These people are boring.
Congratulations, eh?
-Aren't you cold?
-No, I'm fine.
-I won't offer my jacket again.
-Besides, we're almost at the hotel.
Hey, listen. With all
the joking around during dinner
-In the end, I couldn't
-Well, I came here
with the idea of making you a proposal.
Don't give me that look.
Trust me, it's not what you're thinking.
Well, what is it?
Who do you take me for?
I'm a businessman, a serious kind of guy.
Yeah uh, no, I am too.
A woman.
I want to buy two boats,
two fishing boats in Portugal.
You want me to take care of them?
Yeah, like you did today.
So they're untraceable.
So that your name
doesn't appear anywhere, right?
You'd do the paperwork and get paid,
so you can take me to more dinners.
So? Are you in?
-Yeah, yeah, I can do it.
Well, that's great.
Okay, time for bed.
Well, this is me.
Very good.
-I'm going to mine.
-Good night, then.
Thanks again for dinner.
Damn, what a bumpy road.
-We're here.
-Come on.
Be careful, man.
Don't break your neck now,
it's almost over.
-Come on.
-Come on, bring him over here.
What's going on?
-Right there, Fifo.
Remove the hood. Bring him there.
-Hey, hey, hey.
Okay. I'm not going to say anything.
-Yeah, that's for sure.
-Just let me go, Nilo, please.
You should have thought
about that before working with the GRECO.
-Let me go. Please.
-Shut the fuck up.
-Come on.
-Are you crazy?
No, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no! Ah!
-Hey! You okay?
Did you hurt yourself?
Come on. Let's go. Bring it over here.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
I didn't say anything, dammit, Nilo.
-I haven't said anything.
-Open it!
They don't know nothing!
We don't have all fucking night. Come on.
I didn't say anything.
Yeah, man, sure.
-Get that shit out of here!
-Get me out of here!
-Let's go.
Hey, stop it man!
-Keep going!
-Stop! Stop it! Let me go!
Dammit! What's going on? Are you going
to keep ordering me around now or what?
-Nilo, please!
-Come on, didn't your mother
-teach you how to ask for things nicely?
-For your father's memory, Nilo!
-Holy shit.
-Come on, turn it off!
Well, I'll be damned. Are you going
to remind me of that bastard? Seriously?
Fuck you, go to hell!
Shoot me, god dammit!
-Not a word of this.
I swear! I swear
I won't say anything else.
I promise, I swear on my fucking mother.
Get me the fuck out of here.
Let's go.
Hey! Don't just leave
me here, you bastards!
Don't leave me here! Holy shit!
Don't fucking leave me here! Come back!
I'm going to fuck you up,
you fucking assholes!
Hey, Rober! Take care of this,
we need to start working, okay?
Hey, stop, stop, stop, stop!
There's a guy here.
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