Gangs of Galicia (2024) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

-Come on!
-Everyone, move out!
-Police! Stop, police! Police!
Move, move, move!
Daniel. Go help your father now.
Hurry, come on! Hurry! Go!
Dani. Here, this bag.
Take the motorbike and get it out of here.
Down the hatch, hide it there.
Move, kid! Come on!
This is the police!
Stop! Police!
-This is the police!
-Police, open up!
-Don't move, police!
-Hands up. Freeze!
Freeze, Padín!
-Padín, don't move.
-Turn around.
You bastards!
You should all hang your heads in shame!
You bastards!
You don't even respect sick people!
We've done so much for this town
and nobody has the balls
to lend us a hand now.
They'll have no choice
but to release him.
As of now, they've got nothing.
What about everything they took today?
Do they have the right
to use that against us?
-No, no. I'm sure they don't.
-What do you mean?
They had an ace up their sleeve.
Do you think we were betrayed?
The moment they went in, they went
straight for everything we had at home.
How's that possible? Huh?
If no one spoke? Tell me!
-How are you?
I heard your mom isn't doing so well.
Is that true?
Shit, I'm sorry.
Hey, I was thinking that
If your dad is locked up
and your mom doesn't
Well, you know what I mean.
What're you gonna do?
I don't know.
Samuel. Hi. How are you doing?
See for yourself.
I feel bad for him.
He has open wounds all over.
Uh, I'm sorry, Samuel.
I don't know how it happened.
-You don't know how it happened?
One of your people ratted him out.
That's impossible.
They were bribed. More than half
of them are bribed by those thugs.
No. Not my people.
If you're so sure, who's to blame then?
Samuel, I know how you feel,
but I think it's time
to have a conversation
No. You have no fucking idea how he feels.
You weren't there!
He was the one there going through hell!
Just waiting for them
to turn around and shoot him.
Samuel. Give me the names
and I'll arrest them all today.
I didn't see anyone.
They want to scare
everyone who is willing to talk.
Are you going
to let them do that to you too?
Because they haven't
tried that already, huh?
Come on please, Clara. Give me the names.
Get out.
Get out now!
-Did you hear?
He reappeared.
He's not doing well.
His legs are horrible.
They're raw.
At least they didn't kill him.
I saw where they had him.
Then my uncle caught me and chewed me out
for not minding my own business.
My mom thought I knew about it.
That you had told me.
Same with my uncle.
What now?
You're not supposed to see me, right?
Yet here I am.
Yeah, I don't know.
What? Do you want to do
as they say and stop seeing each other?
No, of course not,
but it's all very complicated.
I've had enough.
I can't fucking stand it.
I'm tired of dealing
with these people. My mom, your uncles
Let's go then.
Let's go.
Let's go.
What? Do you think I like
what they did to him?
Hell no, of course not.
And yeah, it's true,
they are my family after all, but, I mean,
all this mess is just what you said.
But I didn't want to see it.
-Leave, huh?
-Yes. Yes.
How, Marco?
I have no money at all.
And you
Me neither.
But my granddad did.
The one who died?
He stashed some money
and didn't tell anyone where it was.
It's always a fight
between my dad and uncles.
And you know where it is?
-It's this one?
This is one, the other is over there.
Everything in order?
Yes, yes. You know, as usual.
Four different limited companies
that buy them, sell them,
and the trail is lost.
-No connection to the Padíns, of course.
Let's see the other one.
So, are you going to tell me
what you wanted the boats for?
Yeah, sure. Because of the licenses.
Do they both have permits
to fish in Morocco?
Did you make sure all that was okay?
Yeah, yeah, it's uh Everything's okay.
-"Perfect," sure.
What's so funny?
It's just that I thought we'd moved on
to a higher level, but clearly not.
What do you mean, "higher level"?
I mean the level where I already
have all the documentation, Daniel.
The licenses, the quotas,
information on catches
of the last few years
Congrats, you're catching on. So what?
They don't justify the amount
you've spent on these two boats.
-It's not good business.
You know better than I do.
But we can do better,
right? Have some fun with them.
They're for your father.
No? Because he's still in charge
of the operations despite being in prison,
-If I answered that, I'd have to kill you.
That's what they say in the movies.
Shall we?
It must have been very hard
to see your father being arrested.
Seeing my mom sick was worse.
But, yeah, it's a bad memory.
And how come none of you knew that
that Silva would testify
against him until the hearing?
-Are you still looking us up online?
-No, somebody I know told me about it.
And they also told me that
Well, that you and Silva were very close.
That bastard fooled us all.
Especially me.
Uh Hello, I believe
Daniel Padín is in there.
And are you family?
-No, but
-Sorry, you can't come in.
Family only.
Well, I'm not family,
but as if I were family.
That's why the boy
had them call me instead of his mother,
to not worry her.
You understand, don't you?
Holy shit, Daniel. You look awful.
It isn't as bad as it seems.
Why would you fool around
with the motorcycle, man?
I know, I messed up.
You need to be more careful, okay?
-Your dad's trial is pending and now this.
-It came out of nowhere.
"It came out of nowhere."
You were the one
who came outta nowhere. Okay? You.
What's going to happen then?
The car is definitely wrecked,
yeah, but, well, I think the guy's fine.
But am I in trouble?
Because of the dude
at the door? No. Besides, you're a minor.
He's here so you don't leave
before speaking to the judge,
who will come later.
But everything will be all right.
I'll take care of everything, okay?
What if they take me
to one of those schools?
Fuck no,
they won't take you anywhere.
All we have to do is hand over
enough cash for him to fix the car.
So that he doesn't feel
like making any fuss.
-But, don't ask my mother for it.
-I won't ask your mom.
Better not to tell your mom
about this. Much better.
I'll pay to fix it up. Okay?
No, you don't have to do that.
-What do you mean?
-There's a bag in the house.
There are some papers and jewelry inside.
There are also some watches.
Good ones.
I think two or three will do
Damn, check this kid out.
Your father is proud of you.
And it's no wonder.
Hit them harder,
they're kicking your ass damn it!
Cut it out.
I told you. Come on, my turn.
Wait. Just one more.
You're gonna make me watch
for an hour again?
You know the new moon? It's tomorrow.
It's easy to get spotted today.
Isn't it better to wait?
To do our thing, you know?
What do you mean, "to do our thing"?
What exactly do you know about that? Huh?
How old were you
when you started?
Much older than you,
if that's what you're asking.
But I wanna
Look kid, you have a family, all right?
They'll make sure you're never short
on anything. Understand?
So that you don't have to worry
about the sun or the moon rising.
-For now you observe, listen, and
-And keep quiet.
Hm. See? You lost. You got distracted.
-My turn.
-Go for it.
-Padín, any statements?
-Any statements?
Do you think it'll be a fair trial?
Is that possible, Padín?
-Padín, here. Over here.
-Any statements?
Do you agree with the sentence?
Padín, please!
Padín, do you have
any comments or thoughts to share?
Padín! Padín!
The prosecutor may proceed.
If I may, Your Honor.
We kindly ask for the statement
of our upcoming witness to be presented
in a manner that ensures
their identity remains undisclosed.
Your Honor, this is irregular.
How can we, as the defense,
do our job if we've been denied access
to the statements
of this protected witness from the start?
Silence now! Silence!
The decision on that, counsel,
will be decided by this court.
My dad says
they can't be from Cambados.
He says he would put his life
on the line for the locals.
Well, my mom thought that it
-Who's she suspicious of?
-No one.
Does she think my father is the?
No. He was there with us,
so it couldn't be your dad.
But she thought so.
Yeah. It's fucked, man.
Where is that fucking rat hiding?
Don't make any noise.
Get down, Daniel.
What do you see?
Listen, when we decided
to move here, we knew what it was for.
Only you knew.
No. No, you too.
-You also knew, of course you did.
A promotion that meant moving to Galicia.
-It sounded good?
-Of course.
-We were both sold on the idea, Marta.
So, this is not an office job
where you leave at five in the evening.
-There's no schedule.
I have to go
after these bad guys when they get moving.
There's no other way to do it.
You're obsessed though.
With that family, with these people
-How am I obsessed?
-You always take it personally.
It's nothing personal but I won't let
the Padíns get away with it
and make fools of us while getting richer
at the expense of others' misery.
I won't allow it, Marta.
If it's not them, it's something else.
You'll always be the same.
-Okay, less than five minutes.
-What should we do for now?
Well, if my boyfriend did that
to me, I'd dump him, y'know?
-Get a new boyfriend.
-Don't you guys agree?
-No. You don't understand.
-Totally. Yeah.
-You're always arguing.
-No, I debate.
That makes no sense, sorry.
-Everyone deserves a second chance.
-It's how you propose.
-That's what I was telling you.
-Do you agree, María?
-I have to go.
But we just arrived.
-Yeah, Let her. Come on.
-Bye, guys.
If you wanna pop the question
to your girl the right way
Dinner, finally.
You ordered mine without yogurt, right?
Just wait a minute.
Let's see where she goes first.
-That brunette right over there.
-But isn't that Silva's granddaughter?
She keeps looking back all the time.
Muñiz, they're not involved
in anything, man.
The mother and the grandmother aren't,
but I'm not so sure about her.
I'm starving. Can we get going here?
Jesus fucking Christ.
Wait. You'll eat later.
Let's see.
Ah, with Nilo's nephew.
Look at that.
All the mystery
was about a fucking boyfriend?
-Yeah, false alarm.
-False alarm.
But take your phone out, come on.
Take a picture of them, for fuck's sake.
-Stop now, for fuck's sake. Move.
What's up, bro?
Your nephew's half-witted,
that's what's up.
He's your nephew too.
Yeah, but you were the one
supposed to keep an eye on him, right?
-And I did.
-Oh, did you?
You've got to be joking. Damn, this kid.
He clearly listened to you, huh?
I can't spend the whole fucking day
after the kid, you understand?
Why is that? Because you're busy
bumming around scratching your balls.
You're always giving me
a fucking hard time. Fuck outta here.
Hey! Where you going?
We're having a conversation.
From now on, you talk to him.
Let's see if you can scare him straight.
Okay, buddy?
Hey. Is what you said
about your grandpa true?
-Of course.
-Okay, I don't get it though.
If no one knows, how did you find out?
By chance.
Hey, Granddad!
You scared me. I thought
you were half dead for a second.
Yeah, I'm half dead.
Because I'm old.
Don't worry, kid. Come on. Let's go.
Just help me get back to to the car.
What about you? What are you doing here?
Well, sometimes I come here
to train on the dirt bike.
I should come up here
with your uncles sometime.
And mark some of these trees for pruning.
If you want to, I can come
with you one day and get it done.
Nah. I don't want
to distract you from your studies.
There's time for everything.
You? You kids have time
for everything. Unlike me, that is.
So you think the money is there?
I don't know.
Maybe what he said was true.
But I have a gut feeling.
I'll check it out tomorrow.
-I'm going with you.
-Are you now?
-But promise me something.
-If we discover the money, we'll move.
-That's the plan.
I mean right away. Without telling anyone
or having second thoughts.
Are you serious?
If we wait, even just a day,
something will happen
and we'll never leave.
-What could happen?
-I don't know, but
Someone will find out, or
Look, that's how it is. Are you in or not?
Tomorrow at nine sharp.
Oh, and one more thing.
Don't pack any bags, alright?
Your family can't find out
what you're doing, okay?
Are you scared?
This was your idea, right?
See you tomorrow.
-At nine o'clock.
-See you tomorrow at nine. I love you!
-The phone?
-I'll keep it. Come on in.
What the hell?
-Another game?
-There's that lawyer again.
She was in charge of buying the boats.
-In a company's name?
-We're investigating but it's complicated.
We lost traceability.
-Sure, she made sure of that.
She's getting more
and more involved, don't you think?
Do you know if there's more?
-More of what?
-If there's anything between them.
If they're dating
or if she's just doing it for the money.
Well, it's really hard to know.
They both stayed in separate hotel rooms.
Then we'll need to ensure
that those ships are properly identified
and keep them monitored at all times.
-Hm. Yeah, but those ships
-But what?
Well, I mean, they're in Portugal.
We can't just walk in that easily.
It's true, we can't, you're right.
And if we ask for cooperation
By the time we arrive, they'll have
already gotten there, correct?
So what we have to do is find another way.
Okay, how though?
Another way,
Torres, another way.
You're leaving with just a coffee?
Eat something, honey, you'll be
in there for hours. You'll pass out.
I won't, Grandma. Don't worry.
I'll get a pastry at recess, okay?
-Why's that?
-What's wrong?
-What's with you?
-Can't I kiss my grandma?
I don't remember the last time.
-Well, you know I love you so much, right?
-Yeah, till the ends of the earth.
Mom too, even
if I don't show it sometimes.
You're so cute.
You're more beautiful than the sun.
Who do you take after
in this house of sourpusses?
You're late, like every day.
Speaking of sourpusses
I was just leaving.
So what happened to her?
Other than she's 17 years old?
-What's with the car?
-It's my Mom's.
She hardly ever uses it,
so until she realizes
Are you okay?
-What happened, María?
Nothing happened.
-Look, we can quit if you want
I don't want that. No, come on, let's go.
Come on.
Okay, hold on. What about this estate?
Which one?
The one next to the Umia river.
Why did you give it to Natalia?
-I guess that's what we agreed on.
-No, we didn't at all.
Our lawyer can tell you.
I mean, it's true.
It's not within what was agreed on.
Yeah, but I don't see the problem
because that's a fucking amazing estate.
So you already checked that one out
and didn't find anything?
-Fucking bigmouth.
Let's try to focus
on what's important here,
which is that Nilo and Toño
have finally agreed to make a list
and to negotiate an amicable distribution.
Yeah, that's what worries me.
-You're a pain, Carmelo.
-And you're foolish.
Why do you think they've come here?
-This guy
-Let him talk, it's alright.
How am I supposed to listen
to this idiot when he's driving me crazy?
Hey, Toño.
-He came here to fuck with both of us.
-Shut up.
You thought we'd leave you
out of the distribution?
-We're your brothers, for fuck's sake.
-Stop laughing, asshole.
-You're a fucking clown. Seriously!
If you hadn't gotten pregnant,
there's no way in hell
Dad would have let
this nobody in our house.
-Shut the fuck up!
-Who are you?
-I'll beat the shit out of you.
-Stop, Toño!
-You're such a loser!
-Enough, enough.
-Try me, shithead!
-Don't touch me, Nilo!
-Come on.
-You're worse than those two.
Chill out, I'm fine.
I'm sorry. Let's move on.
-I'll break his jaw.
-Calm down. Not now.
-Excuse me, I'll be right back.
-You talk a lot.
We can go outside if you want.
Mom, is it urgent?
I'm quite busy right now.
I'm in a cab,
on my way from the airport.
What do you mean,
"on your way"? Where are you?
Here, in Cambados.
What do you mean, "in Cambados," Mom?
-Hey, Mom.
-Come here.
Sorry about the hotel,
but it's just that um
I'd rather you weren't
that you weren't seen in my house.
Why? Are you being watched?
No, no, but you know,
I mean, this is a small town.
And people hear about
everything, you know, and
If they saw you with me,
I'd have to introduce you
-to certain people and I don't
-Your stepsister?
Yeah, well, but she wouldn't exactly
be uh a problem because she's
-I think you'd actually like her.
So you're talking about them?
The ones who killed your dad?
Mom. You don't understand
what I'm doing, okay?
Explain it to me then.
I mean, you said that you needed answers,
to learn all the truth about your father.
Now you know it.
What else do you need
to get out of being here?
-Are you serious?
I need Padín to pay
for what they did to us.
Do you think that's wrong?
That's what I really need.
But to do that, I need proof. All right?
And I'm about to get the proof I need.
But if you show up now
and someone finds out everything
Shh. Listen. If anything happens to you,
I would have nothing left.
Do you understand?
Listen, Mom.
The safest thing for everyone is for you
to catch the first flight back, okay?
Holy fucking shit.
Holy shit.
What the hell is he doing?
-Talk to me.
-We're already out.
Okay, good job.
Alright, I'll talk to you later.
Excuse me. Can we speak for a moment?
That was a close call.
You almost got caught
on that boat. You're aware of that, right?
To be fair, I didn't get caught.
And what would've happened if you did?
You know we're outside our jurisdiction.
If we get results,
that's the only thing that matters.
Yeah, sure.
Like fabricating evidence to coerce Samuel
into betraying his people.
Is that what matters?
I don't get why we haven't said anything.
He goes harder than ever,
he doesn't hold back.
And who suffers the consequences?
Fuck man, they almost killed
that poor guy.
Don't you think
it's too late to be regretful now?
Are you sure it was here?
Well, it's not that easy.
Hey, look! That looks familiar.
Yeah. Because I think we've
already passed it three times at least.
Yeah, goddammit.
What I don't get is how your
grandpa planned to find the money.
-I'm sure he had a map.
-Ooh, a treasure map.
We should find it.
I'm telling you
that my parents looked everywhere.
Down to the last slip of paper.
But the old man took every precaution
to keep his secret hidden.
-He was pretty stubborn.
-Like his grandson.
No. His grandson is stubborn
for bringing you over here, and for what?
A stupid hunch?
True, but it's nice out here.
I had a hard time leaving the house today.
Me too.
I was so sad about my family
not knowing where we were going.
But, anyway, I think about going back and
I don't want to do that either.
Yeah, I really don't wanna go home again.
But there's no plan B.
No, but we could still stay here.
Yeah. You would go hunting
Me, hunting? María,
I've never hunted a rabbit in my life.
Well, I'll learn then.
I can build traps
and there should be wild boars here.
And roe deer.
We were out there one day
It's there.
-Are you sure?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah.
He was right there,
looking like he was half dead. Come on!
Rosa, you know full well
who your boss is involved with.
-With whoever hires her.
-With the Padíns.
She's been managing
their issues for a while now.
I mean, yeah, but just legal issues.
What they do after
That's in the past now,
and you're fully aware
that it's only a matter of time
until we substantiate it.
Well, until then
Have you considered the possibility
of getting caught up in all of this, Rosa?
But I didn't do anything.
I know you didn't do anything, of course,
but you didn't report it either.
I mean, that's true, but I can't do that.
Listen, all of that constitutes a crime.
It'll depend on what the judge
and the prosecutor say
and how the accusation
is presented. That's for sure.
Wasn't your father
an elementary school teacher,
as I recall? Right?
Sure, but, what does he
have to do with all this?
If I remember correctly,
he joined the mothers in their protest
against the kingpins. Didn't he?
Can you imagine
how this accusation would affect him?
-What is this, a threat?
-No. Of course not, Rosa. No, no.
No. I'm giving you the chance to decide
which side you want to be on
when all this blows up.
The side of those who appear
in photos in the newspaper, or the others.
Rosa, this will blow up
and you know it perfectly well.
-But, it's just that Ana's a good person.
-I know, yeah.
And I know you're a good person too.
Think about it.
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Look at this!
Look at this, look at this,
look at this, look at this, look at this.
I can't believe it! I can't believe it!
Look what the old bastard had hidden.
You're so hardworking.
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