Gangs of Galicia (2024) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

-What? What's up?
-Hey, hey. José Padín?
Who's asking?
We're journalists.
And we're actually going
to do a news report
on the complete history
of drug trafficking.
And we heard that you
Yeah. Well, you heard wrong.
Tell your friend to turn off the camera.
-Aren't you José Padín?
-We can record.
On the street. But not here.
That's actually something
we'd really like to ask you about.
Uh, tell us, is it true
that you owned the parking garage
you worked at, while still in jail?
That's a lie.
Okay, a company owned by your lawyer.
What do you care? I work here, period.
Tell your friend to turn off the camera
or I'll call the cops.
-That'd be really funny.
-What would be funny? Calling the police?
Can't we all call them, though?
Are they just there to screw me over?
Turn the camera off, you might drop it.
Turn it off.
Hey, uh, José.
Really, I just need a minute.
I'm very interested
in the subject, and besides
To be honest, I really admire you.
And so, if you don't mind, I mean,
the camera's off, and, it won't take long.
Yeah, but I'm working here, man.
Just a minute, please.
-God dammit. Mario.
-Cover me a sec.
Come on, let's go.
Don't worry, everything'll be fine, okay?
-Enough with the little secrets.
-So, what are you gonna do?
The question is,
what were you going to do?
Were you going to run off with the money
without saying a word?
Was that it? Was that the plan?
Well, I think that plan's screwed.
That plan's screwed good and hard.
And when your father hears
Yeah, you'll see just how happy
your asshole of a father is
when he finds out
what his boy has been up to
with his, uh, daughter-in-law.
Can I give you a ride home?
Clara, please.
Why did you have to come here?
To humiliate us in front of everyone?
What do you want, to get him killed?
He said he didn't see anyone,
that he doesn't know anything.
And you know after that,
he didn't speak all day.
Not a peep, not to anyone.
Is that good enough for you?
Now, both of you, get in.
Come on. And no games, okay?
Don't make me
more pissed off than I already am.
Where are we going?
Too many questions. You'll see.
The cops are real bastards.
I regretted what I did.
On the other hand,
what they're doing to me is just cruel.
Would you say
that your conviction is unfair?
Well, if I were someone else,
I would've been out years ago.
Not to mention if I were a politician.
I could have been swimming
in a pool of money
What the hell was that?
Did he have a stroke or what?
-Must have been the heat of the moment.
-Heat of the moment?
Just tell them to fuck off, that's it.
Does he think
it's a good time to give interviews?
Well, this could take him
out of the spotlight for a few days
And this puts us
right in the spotlight, for fuck's sake.
How long before the news comes
and sticks a camera up our asses,
asking their questions?
Not the best time
to ask us questions.
Just relax, okay?
You have a very short fuse.
Okay, I know how to deal
with those people, don't worry about me.
-Yeah, but Toño, you have to be polite.
-Yeah, I got it. Fuck.
Fucking unbelievable.
They say I don't think things through.
Can you talk to him?
Yeah, I'll talk to him
but we have to tell Nilo as well.
Yeah, I called him earlier.
He's not picking up.
-Where's your brother?
-How should I know?
-He's been very mysterious lately.
He must be with a girl.
They don't care
what's right or wrong
-Hey, what's up?
Hey man. So,
do we have a date for the party or what?
-No, not yet. Listen.
-God dammit.
Yeah, we have to wait a bit.
-Uh, look, we need to talk.
-Is it urgent?
Because I'm a bit busy at the moment.
Can you guess who I'm with right now?
No clue, Nilo. I'm not in the mood. Who?
It's your godson. Your godson.
Yeah, he tried to play me
like a sucker, you know that?
-I'm telling you he's shameless.
The kid's a fucking wild card, I mean it.
-Can you believe he tried to rob me?
-What do you mean?
Yes, sir.
Rob me, and his mother, and everyone.
Wait for me to tell his father,
you'll see what happens.
Nilo. Don't go
to Carmelo's so hotheaded, okay?
This kid's on my shit list.
It's not a good day to make a fuss.
Okay? Let's see,
was he with Laura's daughter?
Yeah. That genius
is here as well. Oh, yeah.
Let me talk to both of them
to see if we make things more clear.
-Everything's crystal clear.
Nilo! Don't make me
fucking lose it right now.
Yeah, yeah, okay, man, yeah.
-Go home, I'll go now. Bye.
So, what happened?
Fucking kid.
-Should I come?
-No, no. You two stay here.
I want to buy two boats.
Two fishing boats in Portugal.
You want me to take care of them?
Yeah, like you did today.
So they're untraceable.
They're for your father, no?
Because he's still in charge
of the operations despite being in prison?
If I answered that,
I'd have to kill you.
Ana, you have an appointment.
Where are you?
Um Uh, give me a half hour.
-These people have been waiting
-I know, Rosa.
But, anyway, I don't know,
do what you can.
Get some muffins,
coffee, or whatever, okay?
-See you soon.
-Did they leave?
-The husband said he had to go to work.
Ugh, dammit.
It's just that,
I lost track of time.
Your son is worried,
and for good reason.
Yeah, well, tell him
to stop worrying so much.
-I'm the one who's in the hole.
While he's strutting around
with that lawyer,
I have to stay here
handing out tickets in a booth.
Until they feel like
fucking letting me out of here.
And I would be free by now
if you weren't so useless, Nazario.
You don't lift a fucking finger.
Oh yeah, tomorrow we also have Rosendo.
-Yeah, you know, the fish market.
-It was in the email you sent.
-Oh, the fish market.
Okay. By tomorrow,
I'll have that email, ready to sign.
I promise you.
-Shall we sit here?
Okay, listen. Here's the thing.
Well, you've been recorded illegally.
Okay? It was without your consent.
-So what?
-What do you mean, "So what"?
We can report it.
Yeah. And get more hype
and publicity? Gotta be joking.
Okay, Rosa, that's enough.
What's wrong?
-Seriously, what's wrong?
-Three beers.
Ana, it's just
I just can't do it.
You gotta be kidding.
The cement guy's here.
I was threatened.
Yes, they told me
that my father, that he
that he would die
if I was accused of anything.
No, I don't get it. Wait.
What happened? Who threatened you?
He made me bug your office.
I'm sorry.
God dammit, no fucking way,
not right now man.
What the hell? What's he doing?
Oh my God. No, no, no, no!
What the hell
is he doing? What are you doing?
Oh my god, oh my god.
I need someone right away.
Yes, yes. We're in we're in Cambados.
We're in the bar on the promenade.
Someone's just started shooting everyone.
He just fired again.
-He's coming out, he's coming out.
-He's coming out.
He's coming out.
He's coming out, and he
he still has the gun with him.
Okay, thank you.
Let's go.
Oh God.
Toño. Toño!
Oh, God.
Hey, hey. The TV guy.
Listen. I finally talked
to the cousins.
Oh, yeah?
What'd they say?
-He's going to find Nilo.
-Don't worry, relax.
Let Daniel know. He's there.
Hurry, call Daniel.
Rosa. Call an ambulance.
Pick up, come on.
I need an ambulance. Quickly.
-As quickly as you can.
Several people are wounded
and one is losing a lot of blood.
Please hurry!
-The baptism's been scheduled.
-So, should I shop for a gift?
Yes. When you come here,
we'll buy it together.
For such a big gift
I think it's better if we go together.
Okay, later.
-Come on, look.
-Let's see.
Take a look
at what these smart asses found.
No way.
-Your father's money?
-Yes, sir.
Where did they find this?
How did you find it? How are you gonna?
-Shit. Son of a bitch.
Oh fuck, holy shit. This bastard
What are you doing, asshole?
-Holy fucking shit.
No, no! Marco, no!
No, María
María, María, María, María.
-Stay with me.
-What are you doing, you bastard?
-I'll kill you, son of a bitch!
-No. María.
-Bastard! Are you okay?
-Stay with us, María.
Son of a bitch.
-Run, call an ambulance, god dammit!
-Yeah, yeah.
-Listen, María.
Someone help us!
-Send an ambulance!
-Daniel, look at me.
-People are injured.
-It's gonna be okay.
-That's it.
-No, look at me, look at me.
Help us!
I don't know anything about any money.
Look, the only thing I know
is that the kid found it, I'm pretty sure.
And what happened after that, well
It was a misfortune, nothing more.
Yeah, sure.
A misfortune.
So, you wanted to teach Samuel a lesson
but then it got out of hand, right?
Then he lost it and took it out
on an innocent 17-year-old girl.
That's what happened, huh?
Samuel will spend the rest
of his life in jail. But you
You might walk out that door as if
nothing happened.
But we both know
you're responsible for María's death.
And that will haunt you
for the rest of your life.
Hi, Marco.
Daniel sent me.
The police need to clarify what happened,
with the origin
of the money, among other things.
That's why you're here.
So we need to find an explanation
Tell Daniel I don't want his help, okay?
Marco. He saved your life today.
But not María's.
He didn't save her.
And if she's dead, then it's his fault.
It's everyone's fault.
And mine too.
No. No, Marco.
What happened has nothing to
She said the money was cursed.
That it was dirty.
And she was right.
And I dragged her with me.
So, what now?
You must think
that I'm responsible too. Don't you?
That if I hadn't pressured Samuel so much,
none of this would have happened.
Well, fabricating evidence
is a completely different thing.
So, what now?
Are you reporting me?
Has anyone ever told you,
in our line of work, that sometimes,
you gotta take shortcuts,
so that these guys don't make asses of us?
No. I haven't said anything.
Mostly because I've had a part
to play in all of this as well.
Thank you.
Naranjo, I give you my word
that I won't do it.
If all this ends well
and we arrest the Padíns,
I'll quit, I'll leave.
And I hope
that you stay in charge of all this.
At least, that'll be my recommendation.
And we all know
it's not for us to judge anyone.
Because only God
really knows people's hearts.
And only He knows
what's enclosed in the human heart.
That's why His justice
is always guided by mercy and compassion.
And during this difficult time,
we turn our gaze to Christ,
who died for our sins
and rose again for our justification.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Lord, have mercy.
Christ, have mercy.
Our Father, who art in heaven.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven
Can I come in?
They said you wanted to see me.
How are you?
Will you come closer?
Yeah, sure.
Do you remember
when the ambulance came? That moment?
Yes. I do remember.
I just can't get your face out of
my mind.
You were bleeding to death, Daniel, and I
I don't know, maybe I'm wrong,
but I had the feeling
there was something more than just
You know I had nothing
to do with the Samuel thing, right?
It was all my dad.
He wanted to send a message.
-He wanted to send a message?
And that's the reason
a 17-year-old girl is dead?
He was wrong.
He's been doing things wrong
for a long time, Daniel.
Do you think I don't know that?
But that will change.
When I'm free of him.
I can't right now.
The ones in charge
of the business trust him.
But not you?
Well, maybe if what
I'm thinking works out,
then they will.
make sure you get it right then.
That's why I need to ask you a favor.
I'm gonna need your help.
So, what do you need?
You have to go on a trip for me.
Give me your cell phone.
Kill the engine and get out of the car.
We'll take this one. You can drive.
Do I keep going?
It's up there.
Stop there.
Why are we here?
Undress, please.
I need to know if you're hiding anything.
But Daniel's the one who sent me.
Yeah, it looks like
Daniel trusts you, but I'm not Daniel.
And now that I'm almost free,
I'm not risking anything.
A girl is dead.
And your son was close to dying as well.
And all because you wanted
to send some bullshit message.
It was his own fault.
He wouldn't listen, and look at him now.
He's in the hospital.
And now everything's a mess.
Turn around.
-You can get dressed.
If it were up to me,
I'd stop everything now,
-but until we
-Yeah. But you can't.
Because the ship
with the cargo is on the way.
And it will reach the meeting point
on a date that can't be changed.
That's why your son sent me here.
Memorize these coordinates.
Don't write them down anywhere.
Memorize them.
Your ticket.
London, Rotterdam, Dakar.
-I could get there sooner from Paris.
-Yeah, but this is better.
Someone will be waiting for you.
Give them the coordinates and return.
Easy, right?
-Times Square Terrace. Six o'clock.
Hey man, grab this.
-Shouldn't you actually use that thing?
-Hey, don't give me shit.
They made me take it.
I'll burn it at home.
-The car?
-Over there. Should I go get it?
-No. How's your brother?
-He's a fucking mess.
Have you heard from Marco?
No, he wants nothing to do with any of us.
God dammit, I told him to stop seeing her.
-I'll talk to him.
-Yeah, good luck with that.
He won't pick up the phone
and my sister doesn't want us near him.
-Hey, let's stop at the port.
-You don't want to go home?
I want to go there.
-Should I come?
I'll go in alone.
It all happened in a second.
When I realized,
María was already on the floor.
You know you could've left
when your mother died.
And you were very good to her.
You cared for her when she was sick.
And you stayed by her side until the end.
But after that?
And they all said
you were good at studying.
You had the money, you could've done
whatever you wanted with your life.
And you choose this.
No. I didn't choose.
Yeah, that's right.
You didn't choose, clearly.
Your father chose for you.
He needed someone
to run his business for him, didn't he?
Someone who who would obey him.
Who's trustworthy, who wouldn't steal.
And so he told you,
"Psst. There, don't move."
And you stayed put.
That's what he turned you into.
His dog.
I'm sorry.
Taxi, ma'am?
Thank you.
Times Square Terrace. Thank you, sir.
Yes, ma'am.
Okay, okay. You can stop here, please.
-Are you sure you want to get out here?
-Yeah. Thank you.
-Madame. Madame, madame, madame.
-No, thanks.
To the airport right away.
-Turn around.
-But I'm being followed.
-No. They're waiting for you.
Go to the appointment.
But I don't want to compromise anyone.
-Don't worry, everything's fine.
-How can it be fine?
Did you send them?
Yes, they're protecting you.
Protecting or guarding?
-Well, it's all the same.
-No, for me, it's not.
Well, I told you
that I don't trust anyone.
Everything's going as planned. That's it.
Son of a bitch.
Nice to meet you.
The ship's been docked at shore
for three weeks, do you understand?
As soon as you get back,
you tell him from me,
I'm not going to run the risk
of calling anyone, but this has to end.
Something isn't right.
Yeah, but if you don't explain
to me exactly what's going on,
and refuse to talk to them directly,
then I can't convince them
to stop anything.
Listen, I don't know if you're even aware
Padín sent me here personally.
So here I am.
And either take it or leave it.
Um. Okay. Yeah.
I didn't realize it was Padín.
Look, um Strange things going on.
I keep seeing
too many strange faces everywhere.
Do you know what I'm saying?
And I really think they're waiting for us
to set sail to catch us with everything.
They're not from the DEA.
Yeah, and how do you know that?
Because it happened to me too.
And It was Padín's people.
Okay, so now that you know
what's going on
Do you want to know the coordinates now?
You know, María sent me
a letter before she left.
She loved you so much.
I loved her too.
-I'm sorry.
-Come here.
-I'm so sorry.
I know. That's it.
Listen, you were right, honey.
We should have left a long, long time ago.
-It was all my fault.
-No honey, it wasn't.
It was us, we stayed because we're
We're way too proud, and
We just didn't want
to be kicked out of here.
But why didn't you leave?
Because of that and
And out of fear, I guess.
Yes. We didn't know
any other place to go, so we stayed.
We stayed here with all the anger and
and all that resentment
trapped inside.
María shouldn't have had
to live like that.
We wanted to leave.
She can't anymore, but you can.
-Listen to me.
You still have a chance.
For what?
What will you do then? Huh?
-Stay here as if nothing happened?
Not like that, no.
She wanted to tell you what she heard.
What we What we heard them saying
when they kidnapped Samuel.
But I stopped her.
Well, it's better
not to think about that anymore. Right?
I wish I could.
In any case, it's too late now.
I'm happy to come and talk to you anytime
but what you tell us
about Samuel's kidnapping is no longer
No. That's not why
I asked you to meet me here.
I know they're working on something.
I want them arrested.
I want you to put them all
in jail so that they'll never get out.
Do you have the evidence?
No, I don't.
So, how then? Huh?
But I know someone
on the inside who can help us out.
I believe I'll be taking my revenge ♪
Sweet revenge ♪
I thought you were
Some perfect readout ♪
Some digital delay ♪
Had obscured and phased my view ♪
Of the wicked hand you played ♪
All the sands and hands of time
Have run out, run out ♪
Oh, you better face it ♪
♪Ah, this thing's run amok, this luck ♪
I do know how to replace it with ♪
Revenge ♪
Oh, sweet revenge ♪
I gave you a wristwatch, baby ♪
You didn't even give me
The time of day ♪
Ah, you wanna know what makes me tick ♪
Now it's me
That's got precious little to say ♪
For the ghosts of our love
Have dried, have died ♪
There's no use faking it ♪
All the spirits gonna close in
On you tonight ♪
High time I was taking my revenge ♪
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