Gangs of Galicia (2024) s01e06 Episode Script

Episode 6

Holy shit.
Check that out, it's fucking huge.
She'll win us
the Champions League for sure.
We're gonna have a blast with it.
Let's get down to business.
Come on! Everyone back to work!
-What do you mean?
-Should we prepare our little girl?
-Didn't I already tell you?
How much time do we have?
As if we were to sail off tonight.
Get a move on, Fifo, for fuck's sake.
Pass that to Moncho, come on.
-Let's go! Let's go!
-Wait, let me do it.
Hand me a washer.
No. That one.
-Move aside, come on.
-Get the wrench ready.
Hand it to me.
-That's a screw.
-Pass it over here, please.
Are you Ana González?
-Butwhat's going on?
-There's a car waiting for you, counsel.
-After you.
-Thank you.
I mean, I didn't expect to see you here.
What did the doctor say?
They say I'm strong like bull.
They think I'm in bed resting.
But I'm fine. I needed
to get out of town and drive,
breathe, you know?
-Are you okay?
I'll tell you later.
Are you okay? Should I carry the suitcase?
I'm perfectly fine
and it's good for me. We're almost there.
Is it this one?
-But it's new.
I'm still taming it to be honest.
-Should I be worried?
-Why? Do you want to drive it?
Are you sure?
Why do you ask
if you don't want me to drive it?
-Are you serious?
So, imagine how scared I was
when I realized that a car
was following me all over town.
And your father
didn't say it was his doing
until I was on my way to the airport
and I hadn't seen anyone yet.
Sounds like him.
He's a real stickler for control.
-He always has been.
I could tell you thousands of stories.
I still remember when my mother died.
I had a very hard time.
I didn't want to eat or do anything.
Anyway, they had a psychologist
in my fucking fancy school.
And the guy started talking to me
to help me and stuff.
I regret telling my father
I was talking to him.
Why? Did they hurt him?
They searched the guy's house
and bugged his phone.
He was convinced
it was part of the police investigation.
But, what could you tell the psychologist
about your father's work? I mean
And he did the same
to a girlfriend I had. Paula was her name.
I really liked her, you know?
After three months,
she got paranoid about being followed.
-It turns out that was the case.
-So you guys ended things?
Dating me started to scare her in case
they hurt her family, I don't know.
I mean, no wonder.
Why do you keep working for your father?
I don't work for him, I work for myself.
And I've been doing
pretty good, don't you think?
Well Okay.
Plus, I wouldn't know
how to do anything else.
-I don't believe that.
-You don't?
You could do
whatever you set your mind to, Daniel.
Well, I was thinking that
if this operation goes well,
I could leave all this behind.
-Are you serious?
After what happened to María
Every day, I see things more clearly.
But would your father approve?
I don't care if he approves or not.
However, he can't know
until it's all done.
But actually, I've arranged
for everything to disappear.
-Hold on a second, I think that
-Yep, those are cops.
How can you be certain?
Because those poor bastards
always drive the same jalopies.
-What should I do now?
-We'll take them for a ride.
Doesn't it piss you off
having them tailing you?
Yeah, it does a little bit.
Then step on it.
Step on it.
Are you sure she was the driver?
I'm sure. 100%.
She drove from the airport.
Okay. And what flight was she on?
The one from Amsterdam. But we don't know
for sure if she was in Dakar.
Yeah. That would make sense.
She got there, gave them the information,
and the ship sailed off.
-Everything fits.
-Yeah. But we can't prove it.
No, no. Not yet.
But she's getting more and more involved.
If I toss it all
down the river, will you come with me?
-Where to?
-Wherever you want.
Or Brazil if you prefer.
Wherever you want.
There are multiple options.
But, like what? I don't
What do you mean?
-Did I scare you, Ana?
-No, I mean, I
But I didn't I didn't expect, you know?
-I can't believe it.
-What can't you believe?
I mean, well maybe you
I dunno You don't like me, right?
Is that it? I don't know, I thought
I told you in the hospital
and I thought you also
Ah, fuck.
-I fucked up.
-You didn't, absolutely not.
Don't say that. It's just
Yeah, I did. I just messed up big time.
No, but is this for real?
Are you being serious?
-Forget it. Let it go.
-No, come on.
I'm not sure if you're being genuine
or you just wanna get laid.
You know what I'm saying?
You're making fun of me.
I'm not making fun
of you. I need to know.
Know what?
-If I'm being serious?
Fuck. Of course.
Christ, my palms are sweating.
I've never been this serious.
Oh, God.
Take the next exit.
Why, do you need to stop again?
Do you know the Parador nearby?
But suddenly I feel
very excited to see it.
Sorry. Are you okay?
-I'm okay.
-Are you sure?
-Daniel. I wanted to tell you
-Ana, before you say anything, what
What I suggested yesterday,
you can think about it.
You don't have to answer now.
In the meantime,
we have to stop seeing each other.
I didn't last long?
Seeing each other outside.
We shouldn't be seen together, so nobody
thinks I'm still working for you.
You do work for me,
but everything's legal.
As long as they don't know
what you did in Africa,
it will be fine, right? Huh?
The thing is
They put a microphone
-in the office.
-How long have you known?
Recently. I just found out.
I haven't even been there yet.
And how do you know?
But don't worry
because I haven't even been there yet, so
That's why I'm telling you.
You promised
I wouldn't have to do anything else.
If she hasn't said anything
that compromises her,
-maybe there's nothing.
But we know there is.
Well, there's nothing I can do.
Did you tell her?
-Did you tell her?
-No, I didn't tell her.
-To be careful with what she says?
No, I didn't say anything.
-You aren't lying to me, Rosa?
-I don't lie and you're hurting me, sir.
Have you noticed anything
since her last trip?
Does she look different?
Is she acting nervous?
She broke up with Daniel.
Oh, really?
-I mean, they haven't spoken in 15 days.
But you know that
better than me, don't you?
Did she tell you anything?
No, but I see her
and she looks a bit down lately.
Nothing. We were working
on something with him.
A business he was going to buy.
But he told us
he didn't want us to handle it
and he would come get the file.
Can I go now?
Yeah, of course.
How did it go? Did he buy it?
I don't know. I think so.
For fuck's sake, Marta.
Can you explain what's going on?
Say something, please. You're leaving me
and you just send me a text?
Yeah, it's best not to talk right now.
-I have to go.
-Where? This is your home.
This place never really felt
like home to me.
Damn it. What we should be doing
right now is celebrating
we've been spared
this nightmare of cancer.
You know, this just isn't working out.
I don't think we'll be able to resolve it.
Just give me two months, okay?
If this goes well, if I arrest the Padíns,
I'll quit the police, I'll quit everything
and we'll leave this place together.
I don't believe you.
Jeez. You're just like your uncles, huh?
You take a lot of risks.
I saw you almost fall.
-I understand
-You don't fucking know anything.
Careful, now.
You're not the only one
who lost someone. You know that, right?
But not like that.
Now that my Maria's gone,
I don't care if I'm here or not.
You're saying this
'cause you feel like shit.
I want to join.
I wanna be a part
of whatever you're doing now.
I just wanna work
with you, do you hear me?
Not carrying bundles on the beach.
We've been trying
to protect you all your life
so you and your parents
don't have to do this.
It didn't help at all.
Enjoy the life you've got.
Do you want to go to prison?
I happen to know
what it's like to be in prison.
If I don't do something,
I'll go crazy, Daniel.
Those bastards stole the money,
from me and María.
And that is why she's dead.
-I need something to start over.
-What do you want? Money?
You're my godson.
You'll never run out of money. Okay?
But I want to work for it.
You go with Nilo on the boat, okay?
Don't hold too tight, it still hurts.
Where the fuck are they, man?
What is going on?
We have to wait.
What? We have to wait?
We've been here for six hours.
Ugh, for fuck's sake!
That's not bad.
Something's fucking wrong. Jesus Christ.
"Not bad"
The marker is working properly.
There's no doubt they're right there.
-How long have they been there?
The DEA could fly over that area
if we let them know. There's still time.
-But we can't do it.
-So, what then?
If we alert the DEA,
we'll get the merchandise
but we'll lose the Padíns,
so we're just gonna have to wait.
Yeah, but we won't be able to find
the Padíns once the drugs are moved.
We'll lose them at sea,
but we'll still be able
to monitor the operation from land.
Sure, but we have no clue
of their whereabouts
on land at the moment.
Exactly, for the moment.
-Hey, is there something I'm unaware of?
-Only what's necessary, Torres.
Where are you going?
The market, like I do every day.
Sure. You must think
I'm stupid, don't you?
-Mom, please don't. Come on.
Forget whatever you're getting into.
Whatever it is,
it's not going to bring her back.
And it's very dangerous.
I'd rather get shot in the head
than keep on living like this.
What a party.
At least you could've answered the phone,
I've been calling you all fucking day.
Son of a bitch.
Yeah, sure,
whatever, but tell me something.
Do you have anything going on now?
-That's what you came here for?
-Do you or not?
Who do you think you are?
You think just
because I'm drunk I'm stupid?
We won't tell you anything
until you need to know.
We'll see.
What do you mean, "we'll see?"
What the hell do you want?
Listen to me, all right?
Naranjo and his people
are usually discreet, very discreet.
But right now, they're going full steam.
That means they've been told
that something big is going to happen.
And they're getting ready
to take extreme measures.
Yeah, there's definitely
more movement than usual.
But it was about time
they got to work, huh?
Do you think it's to do with us?
We know Muñiz is a bastard,
but he's not an idiot.
He's sure this raid
won't be like the usual ones.
Does he really know what's going on
or does he just want money
for saying there's movement?
I don't know.
The problem here
would be having another Samuel.
Another snitch? Maybe one of your people?
No, no. Definitely not one of my people.
Really? Would you risk your life for them?
Of course.
Then what the hell are you talking about?
No, no. Go ahead, speak up.
Right now? We don't really know much
about that lawyer
of yours, that's for sure.
-"That lawyer of yours"?
Her name is Ana and it's not her.
-So, you're sure about that?
-Even my father said she was okay.
Alrighty then.
So, your father, you, me,
and her are the only ones
who know what's actually
going to happen. Hm?
And everyone working on the boats, right?
Yeah, we have a bunch
of people working on them.
It's natural for them
to be exposed to rumors.
But they have no fucking clue
what's really gonna go down.
One million.
If Muñiz gives me a name and proof,
I'll give him a million. Come on.
I hope you're not making me waste my time.
Don't get too close, he'll notice us.
Fucking hell. I don't know why the hell
I listen to you, for fuck's sake.
Are you sure about this?
Listen. He goes there
every single week, okay?
I know because of
A friend of mine who works there.
Okay. You have
some interesting friends, man.
Let's see.
Let's see.
-Let's see
I caught you, sucker.
-You're welcome.
-Well done, man.
Well done.
There he is.
Come on.
Room 115.
What the fuck?
Now that's what I'm talking about.
Weak choice you made, dude.
Can't you see this girl is underage?
You, let's go. Get outta here.
What's this about, huh?
Wow, you really made
a huge mistake, buddy.
Shame on you, man, shame on you. Yeah
A GRECO officer fucking an innocent girl
who probably doesn't even have papers.
What do you want, Muñiz?
I want you to tell me some things.
Things about what? Huh?
I wanna know what you guys are up to.
Do you realize
that you're actually admitting to my face
that you work for the Padíns?
Dude, the only thing I'm admitting to you
is that if you don't tell me
what I want to know,
you'll end up
as a security guard at a grocery store.
Do you understand what this is about?
I need a name
and you know exactly which one.
-I don't have a fucking clue of any names.
-Don't fuck with me.
I have no clue of any names.
Not even Naranjo knows, man.
I don't believe you.
We have a source.
But he's afraid of scumbags like you.
And he doesn't communicate
with us directly.
Sure, then with who?
Come on, man, spill the beans.
He only communicates through Laura.
Silva's daughter?
You're a motherfucker, Muñiz.
Come on, get dressed. And take a shower.
-You're a real piece of shit.
See you around. You hear me, Muñiz?
Hey, Daniel. Listen, there's no one here.
That girl who came, y'know
She screwed up the coordinates.
It must be that.
You're gonna have to wait.
Wait for what?
We've been here for fucking ages.
There's something on the radar.
-There's a boat there.
-Gimme a minute, gimme a minute, okay?
-There's a boat there.
-Hold on.
-What? The boat?
Yeah, those fucking cunts from the DEA.
-Hold on.
Say something, for fuck's sake!
Listen, it's them. Okay? Yeah, it's them.
Everything's fine. It's them.
That's great. Then go
do your fucking job. Okay?
-Thank you. Later.
The references I've received
about you are absolutely outstanding.
But there's something that
that I would like to know.
I've heard very good things
about a young lawyer
who works with you and who,
apparently is, I mean, one of a kind.
-Ana González Soriano.
-Yeah, Ana. She's an excellent lawyer.
Unfortunately, Ana no longer
works with us.
But I can assure you that the team
we put at your disposal will be the best.
Well sir, I have
I have no doubt about that.
But, I don't know, if
if she was so good, I
I don't really understand.
Did you have any problems?
-Did something happen?
-No. No, not at all.
Actually, it was a great loss
for our firm.
It was a personal matter.
Her father passed away
and it affected her deeply.
Two weeks after the funeral,
which took place in the Canary Islands,
-she left without any explanation.
Now, I can assure you
that you won't find Ana
in any other firm here in Madrid.
The truth is, nobody knows where she is.
Ana, is everything okay?
Mom, um
-I don't know.
-You're scaring me.
-What's wrong?
-I don't know, Mom.
If they know who you are, you need
to get out of there right this minute.
Call the police.
Mom, no. It has nothing
to do with that, don't worry.
Well, then what?
Well, I, um
I have a
I I've been seeing someone.
And what's
the problem then? Huh?
Is that it? You really scared me. Okay.
Well, who is he?
Is he a colleague of yours, a lawyer too?
Mm-hmm. Yes, but it's complicated,
you know? Because I don't
Because, well, he's from here and
I'll end up going back to Madrid and
And I dunno
I don't know if it makes any sense
to keep on dating someone
who, in the end,
is from a different world than me.
We belong to different worlds.
And I'm just I'm a little
Eh well, you know
what I'm going to say, don't you?
You know what I would do.
Yeah, yeah I do.
Okay. Anyway, Mom, I have to go
because I'm driving. I'll call you later.
Okay. Talk to you later, sweetie.
Okay. Talk later.
What are you doing here?
If Naranjo followed you,
the whole plan may be uncovered.
-Yeah, it's just that
I really needed to see you.
Did anything happen?
Does this mean we're leaving together?
Convince me.
Are you smoking again?
Just for a few days.
After that, I'll quit for good.
I'll quit tomorrow as well.
So what then? Will you come with me?
If you leave, um
I don't know. What
What would people say? Um
Or think of him?
-Have you thought about that?
-My father?
What will he do? Kill me?
No. Not you.
-Come on, no fucking way.
You know, um some kind of accident
to get me out
of the picture. He could do that.
But why would he do that?
Don't you think? Come on, Daniel.
If he believes
that it would make you stay.
I mean, you told me, that he, uh
never forgives, never forgets, and
I mean, look at Silva.
It took him a while, but in the end,
he took him out of the picture.
Oh, really?
How do you know that?
I heard it from, uh Laura.
That there was a sum of money
that she and her mother were given
from an anonymous donor
but she was absolutely sure
that it was from her father.
I have no idea.
Maybe he died of old age
or got cancer 'cause he was a bastard,
Yeah, yeah.
Maybe, maybe, but, um, anyway
What I mean is
I think you and I need some kind of
of security clause or something.
Something to guarantee
that if he comes after me,
he'll go down as well.
How, though?
Well, doesn't Nazario
still handle his issues?
I mean, he's got access to documents,
accounting details, frontmen,
all sorts of stuff.
Yeah. So, what do you want to do then?
Steal my father's papers from Nazario?
So, if we make sure
to keep them in a secure location,
he can't touch us.
Fucking hell.
You're the lawyer and I'm the offender.
-Give me a minute, I'll be right back.
-What's up?
-Did you talk to Daniel?
He told me you wanted
to be part of this whole thing,
but it's too soon.
You're not ready for it yet.
Well, he thinks I am.
Yeah, but I'm in charge
of what happens in the water.
Will you let me in or not?
You'll go on the second boat.
Priming the engines
with your uncle Toño. Okay?
-Check this out.
Do you know this address?
-You know where it is?
-Tonight, tomorrow, or whenever.
You'll get notified.
And one more thing.
Don't say a word to your mother, okay?
-Don't say a single word
to your mother or to anyone.
-Do you understand?
I need to know
the details of the operation now.
Will it be tonight?
I don't know yet, Naranjo.
They're very secretive.
And, I don't know, after today's struggle
to come here
Maybe next time
I won't be able to lose him.
We need to find a way
to communicate directly with the source.
He won't, I told you.
He won't want to talk to you directly.
He's really risking it all.
Maybe there's a way.
Maybe there's a way to do it
without anyone discovering his identity.
Hey, Daniel. How are you doing?
Long time, no hear.
What's up, Nazario?
Been too long. Listen, we need to meet.
Yeah, of course. When?
I don't know.
As soon as possible. What about today?
Fuck. Is it that urgent?
It's just you caught me on a trip.
I'll be back on Friday,
would that work for you?
Yeah. Friday's fucking great.
Okay. Well, have a good time.
If only, I'm actually working.
Well, enjoy work then.
-Very well, Daniel. See you.
It's even better. He's out.
Are you sure about what we're gonna do?
I fucking am, trust me.
This is screwing Nazario big time, eh?
Screwing how? It's not his house.
He just brings his whores there.
Yeah, sure. Like that changes anything.
There's no turning back.
-Yeah, I know what I'm doing.
-Shall we?
-Let's go.
-Give me a minute.
-Yeah, come on.
Let's go.
Hand it over. You open the door.
Hey! Leave those fish alone
and go upstairs.
I'm going.
-Come check this out. It's fucking good.
Fuck, Nazario has a ton of resources, huh?
-That's fantastic.
-Don't be a pig, for fuck's sake.
-Wait. What's that? Look.
-What? What's what?
-Do you see that?
-Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
-Grab the suitcase.
-I'm coming.
-Wait, wait. C'mon.
Holy fuck.
But this will take ages to open, huh?
We'll take the whole damn thing.
What can I get you?
Hm A tortilla sandwich, please. To go.
Hey, get me a beer.
As soon as I finish.
Whenever you want, boss.
You're in charge around here.
How are you doing, kid?
That's it, man.
Slowly, but surely.
It's a matter of time, you'll see.
-Here you go.
-How much is it?
-Thank you.
-You're welcome.
See you tomorrow, Laura.
You wanna get out of here alive?
Do you?
Tell me who Naranjo is talking to.
Come on.
Tell me who Naranjo is talking to.
Who are you trying to call? Huh?
Tell me fucking now!
Who are you trying to call? Huh?
Who the fuck are you trying
to call? Tell me the fucking name!
Come on! Now!
You fucking bitch!
Hi, ma'am. May I have
a moment of your time? Five minutes?
Yeah, sure.
How can I help you?
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