Gangsta (2015) s01e03 Episode Script


1 Dad There's that dream again, down memory lane.
Paradise, huh? He has a tribal tattoo Going out, Nicolas? Maybe he couldn't read my lips.
Oh? You're early, Nic.
You're just late.
It's 8:00.
You keep getting up so early all the time, and you'll be an old man.
Were the god-uncle's deliveries supposed to be today? It's okay.
I'll go.
Besides, today's Friday, right? Oh, yeah, it's Friday.
Ally, I hate to trouble you, but could you give Nic a hand? We've got to do some deliveries for Dr.
Theo today.
Sure, but shouldn't I cover the phone? Nope, I've got a job today that would spell trouble if a woman answered.
Huh? You have another job today? Mm, yeah.
If I had to say, this is my main job, see? Say, where's the shirt that was here? Hey, now, not again.
Come on, man, don't make off with my clothes without asking.
You're one to talk.
Huh? I'm one to talk? Oh, yeah.
You're absolutely right.
I borrowed all of that from Dr.
Nic without asking.
Such a dumbass.
Well, I'm off.
I'll join up with you after noon.
Oh, m-me, too.
Ah, while you're out, buy me some smokes.
Please? Huh? Wait Eh? Ah, geez So um, Nicolas, can I ask you something? Worick has another job, besides being a handyman? Sign language If I sign it, maybe he'll answer.
Eh? Yes, thank you for your call.
It's been a while, Madam.
How's the husband? So then, how much are you going to pay for me today? What's this, Handyman? Walking around with a prostitute? You pay for her? I told you, I don't know sign language.
I do know that you can talk at least a little.
Use your words.
She's my woman.
So don't be so hard on her, Granny.
Oh, so that's it.
Huh? W-wait a minute Must be rough for you, too, being forced to indulge him like this.
U-Uh, what do you mean by? W-Wait! He wants me to wait here, right? I didn't ask what brand he smokes.
You're here on an errand, right? Here.
Now give me what you're giving me.
That eyepatched boy has never smoked anything but this cheap stuff.
Um, about what he just said He can't do his sort of business if there's a woman hanging around.
You see, going way back, any woman that eyepatched boy has been into, and had to keep close by, he'd say was the Tag's woman.
In other words, that's what's happened to you.
Is that? Oh, this? Time sure flies.
Has it been that long already? Here.
This boy Still unsolved, the Arcangelo family massacre and kidnapping took place 22 years old ago After killing family head Domenico, his wife Clarissa, and their oldest son, the then-13-year-old second son was taken hostage, and the culprit fled.
The crime is suspected to have been carried out by a young mercenary employed by the family.
Everyone is vaguely conscious of it.
That's because it's a place where men of a certain type tend to gather, here in this city.
It's not all that suprising that those boys would settle down here.
But, you'd best not stay there too long with that Tag.
Does your left eye hurt? It seems to be a bit out of sorts today.
I have some painkillers.
Mm-mm, no, I'm fine.
Maybe it's because of that business this morning.
They say that old wounds can be influenced by the weather.
On rainy days, I get Well? All better? Mm-hmm.
Whoa! W-What? Hm-hm, there was a picture of a boy in the paper this morning who had nice hair like yours.
Something about him just seemed to remind me of you.
The boy from that case 22 years ago? Wow, amazing! How'd you know? I get that a lot.
But then, even now, I'm kinda cute, right? You goof.
N-Nicolas, are you okay? Listen, next time, bring him along, too.
You know, the one who can't hear.
We'll have ourselves a three-way.
No way.
He's busy doing Handyman work.
Geez, you're such a Scrooge.
My partner ain't a gigolo, you dumb woman.
Um, what's next? Worick-- Worick, when I can see you again? Who knows? Depends on this, I guess.
You always use back alleyways, huh? Why is that? Using main roads would be a lot quicker.
Good question.
I'll bet you find out soon enough.
Worick? That was a real disaster last time, wasn't it, Marco? Tell me, how are your men's injuries doing? Hmm? Ah, you mean that incident at Theo's clinic.
Thankfully, they're all back on their feet.
What happened after it was all over? To that Rank B/2? Beats me.
I don't know.
Ah, also, collection's next week.
Same as always, if you please.
Oh, right, my boss invites you to next week's soiree.
Ha-ha, again? Mr.
Cristiano sure does love parties, huh? I'm always grateful.
Sure, we'll go.
No reason to turn it down.
We'd like to keep up good relations with all of you, too.
As do we.
An execution? Youngsters will double-cross you for money quite easily these days.
It's a real shame, too.
--His face.
His face So, got our package? Yeah.
These are your drugs.
It's a good thing for us you're in a back alley, Mr.
I heard about you, Worick.
You and your Tag pal went a little nuts again, didn't you? I-I had nothing to do with it.
My man Nic went off on his own.
You're the boss, aren't you? You've got keep a tight rein on your boy.
Tch, you always take his side over mine.
Nicolas, can I have a moment? Something I need to ask you about.
What do you say? Isn't it about time you came back to the family? Everyone values the expertise of your skill.
The capos will be thirlled to find out you're coming back.
Of course, you can bring Worick, too.
We don't mind having a gigolo along.
I don't want to force you, but you'll consider it with a positive attitude, yeah? Mr.
Monroe, I would be honored to work for you.
but I'm more comfortable in this job than I was before, and I like it better, so I'm sorry.
I see.
That's too bad.
Well, if it isn't Worick.
Long time no see.
Haven't been around much lately.
Yeah, yeah.
I'd love to stay and play, but I'm here on business today.
--Eh? --Aw -- You're no fun Is Big Mama in? Yeah, she's in.
Just a minute, okay? Thanks, hon.
Aren't you the popular one? Huh? Ah, I used to work here, so we're well acquainted.
Even nowadays, I come here a lot, in a professional capacity.
You don't seem to pleased about it.
Yeah, well It's a long story.
A long story.
Nicolas? Aren't you coming? Hold on! Are you still running around with that Tag, Worick? Hurry and get rid of him.
If you two are together, you can't walk the main roads, can you? H-Hey! Well, whether you hurry or not, he'll probably die like the others-- Open that filthy mouth of yours again in front of me, and I'll add another gaping hole between your thighs.
Unless, you want that, you keep your mouth shut, you dirty whore.
That idiot.
He's always saying to avoid making any trouble.
It looks like one of my girls was a discourteous to you, Handyman.
Big Mama The usual delivery? Come on in.
My, what a cute girl.
Is she a new recruit? Come, Nicolas, you, too.
Let me see that face of yours.
Forgive me.
This place is a Corsican shop, and they have a distaste for Twilights.
It's a given that those types would gather around here.
I mean, Twilights are just sufferers of drug-induced ailments.
People only ever look out for number one, all the time.
Drug-induced? Big Mama Um please apologize to that girl for me.
I went a little too hard.
Never you mind about that.
Forget about her, give me my package.
I'm a busy woman.
Well then, here you are.
Safe and sound, right from Dr.
Doses of the Twilight drug Celebrer.
Three cases of uppers, and seven seven cases of downers.
Is she really that badly off? She's so weak.
she can't even get up on her own anymore.
She takes one meal a day on a good day.
It looks like she's losing most of her sense of pain.
So I'd say she doesn't have much longer.
Well then, I have to get back to my real job.
Ally, you head on back with Nicolas.
Huh, Uh Worick, you dummy.
There are so many questions I want to ask.
Where's Nicolas? Worick, You're back? His eyelashes are so long.
Once he's quiet and not goofing around, he's a real leading man.
Everyone is vaguely conscious of it.
You'd best not stay there too long.
She left, huh? That woman It's a far cry from paradise.
Huh? If you stay in this too long, you'll end up not being able to go anywhere.
Kind of like us.
I think you should get out before you get caught up here and can't move.
How long have you been a gigolo? Huh? Ah How long has it been? It was when I came here with Nic, so I would have been 13.
I must have been a year older when Big mama took me in to work there.
With the looks that I have, even now, I fetch quite a few customers.
I'm popular.
Have you ever thought about the "why"? Why would you ask something like that? Yeah Good question.
boku wa wasurareta hai tsumoru machi de nakushimono o sagashiteta akai me o shita kimi ga chiisa na koe de inottemo mimi o fusaideta te o nobasu yori kakurete shimaou wareta sora o yubisashi kodomo no me de waraiau yoru no sukima kara nozoku hikari o abite koko de nemurou kimi to futari de
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