Gangsta (2015) s01e04 Episode Script


1 sagesumasaerta ressei kakusu yue koko ni tatsu imi o motsu kesshita yuen nigezu ima sagasu riyuu kawarazu saibou samasu hikari yo I wanna renegade down Zekken Presents Zekken Presents meitei shisou na hodo no miminari ga shita yukkuri to me o akenakerba ushinau mono erabenai hodo nanika ni sugaru ishitachi yo Take away and do for me kotae no nai sekai demo Carry on and burn it down Get away every bug Take away and do for me nijinda kono koe o Carry on and burn it down You've got to be the one you want Breath in breath out fill out your voice Calling find out your name This is your life You never lose yourself Why don't you come Peace out Now, more news Early this morning, in an abandoned factory in District 6, multiple male and female decomposed bodies were discovered.
Police reports show that some of the remains had been dismembered by sharp blades, and that there is little headway in their investigation.
The identities, as well as any other information on the victims, are still unknown.
Up next Yes, Central Police Station.
Hey, did you hear? Chad hauled in the Handymen again.
Huh? Hey,man, for real? We don't need them breaking anything in here again, like last time.
That guy's an odd one.
How can he deal with those hell-raisers? Um, I'll explain it to you again.
On this body-dumping case in District 6, --the cuts made on the vics would be --What's this guy's name again? Um, Nicolas, are you listen-- seeing what I'm saying? Please, take this seriously.
Nicolas! Please don't ignore me! Chad, I'm hurt, here.
You know I don't listen to anyone but you.
That's why I'm asking.
I'm 56 now.
Eh? What, you're playing the "old man" card now? Cram it! You two are both in your thirties, you know.
You're old fogeys now.
Old fogeys.
Old fogeys? I guess we have kept unsavory ties with you a while, huh? Whoa! You idiot! When are these wanted posters from?! Huh? When we were 17? What the hell? You haven't changed at all, have you? The way you Asians age is all screwed up.
It's not fair.
Ain't that the truth? They haven't changed at all.
Chad I-I don't know what to do anymore Hey, get rid of those.
Huh, have they changed? I guess they have.
how come we have to wear these things, anyway, Chad? This morning, this was found in an abandoned factory in District 6.
Don't glare at me like that.
I don't suspect you, but if I don't bring you in, the people above me start nagging.
There aren't many who can handle a weapon as well as this, are there? Some of the cuts were made by a sharp blade.
The damage to the bodies is extensive, and identification of the victims is going nowhere.
I'm glad we're on the same page for some "storage" This is why I don't trust the cops.
The way you do things is dirty.
If I leave it to the crime lab, it'll take too long.
Cody, switch.
Also, show worick all the files we've got.
Huh? W-Why? That sounded like it was urgent.
I wonder if that man is all right.
You'd best not stay there too long with that Tag.
The girl who they had crash there before very nearly got killed.
Once I return this, I have to leave.
Offer some proper thanks, and find new a job and place to live Alex are you seriously still thinking of going back to that? You've realized the truth, right? You're going to stay the way you are until you croak.
--I know! How about you spread your legs for those two, too? --Stop Do that, and you may get to stay here a little while longer, huh? Stop it, Barry! It's okay It's okay This time it's different.
Those men aren't like that There's the hard worker.
Do you think that Nicolas just hates me? Nope.
He just like giving the business to newbies.
Not you, too, Worick This is all of it.
But, what are you? It's a simple trade.
I identify the victims, and he lets us go home.
Huh? Even the crime lab is at a loss.
Their faces have been mashed in, and not much was left at the scene.
There's no way you can do anything.
The thing is, I can.
Number 2, the Caucasian arm-- the tattoo artist was Edmond.
Go on, start writing.
Number 7 was one of the Dr.
Theo's patients.
The burn marks on his back are old scars.
Number 9, the redhead, is a hooker at Harold's.
She didn't attract too much attention.
I saw her with Numbers 11 and 23 at Constance's shop.
Number 26 How's the woman doing? You still have her? Hurry and send her on her way, before she ends up like Veronica.
That's it.
That's about all I know about them.
Um, Worick How did you know? It's nothing.
I'm just really good at memorizing things.
Let's continue.
During the East-West of Unification, the west developed developed the bio-enchancement drug Celebrer and soldiers whose physical abilities were maximally drawn out were deployed into combat, but due to reports of its powerful dependencies and a string of cases of memory loss and even the death from its toxicity, its use was prohibited at the close of the war.
I've already learned it.
You don't have to come tomorrow.
We cannot have that.
I have been tasked by Master Domenico to give you a proper education, so that no disrepute falls upon the Angelico family name.
Master Wallace, this way, please.
Starting today, for the next six months, we have been entrusted with providing security for the mansion.
--Head of the Westgate Mercenaries, Captain Gaston Brown.
--I am head of the Westgate Up until last week, you were in charge of quashing the anti-Twilight faction.
It's an honor.
Who is that? Hello? What's that sound?! Have you started a war or something, Danny?! Again? He should start considering his age.
I called over to the Handymen, and that new girl of theirs said they were with you.
I need some backup.
Tell the two of them to come immediately.
Sounds like a full-blown battle.
Are you sure you don't want us to join in? That's a fair idea, too, but the Handymen would be more expendable, in case anything happens.
You've got some nerve, after doting on them like your own sons! Have them hurry as fast as they can.
Ah, hey! Son of a It's no use.
Get going! Chad! Doesn't matter.
Never mind them bring those records with you.
My, his bodyguards has changed again? Such a problem child.
Not at all like the missus, huh? You didn't know? The master keeps a cheap prostitute on the side.
The descendants of Celebrer users exhibited pronounced genetic aftereffects; on the hand, their physical abilities were unusually developed, but were otherwise deficient, both mentally and physically, and in most cases, required daily doses of Celebrer.
While there were individual differences, on the whole, their lifespans are shorter, and as a result, they are called by the name "tasogare," meaning "Twilight.
" So tell me, what's your name? Hey, I'm talking to you.
W-Why won't you talk to me?! I am your master! When I ask you something, you answer! Unless Dad--did my father tell you not to speak to me?! Is that it? Gone I can't hear.
Partner! Come on! Partner! You're too fast! Let's take it a little slower! "If you don't like it, go home.
" It ain't that I don't like it Call it loyalty, call it a sense of concern, but to be sure, Mr.
Monroe can be a bit of a loose cannon.
We need to settle things here before they really blow up.
Why, Handymen! Where are you going in such a hurry? Just a little job! My goodness, they're always into something, huh? Nicely done.
When you're around things are so dull, Delico.
S-Spare me This is work, Ivan.
Let's join up with the boss.
What about the bodies? There are so many of them.
We should reach out to Inspector Adkins.
I'll call A child? Hey, kid, are you okay? Get back! He's with them! He's a twilight! Heh, you're good.
But you're still out of my league.
He's not child! Daniel Monroe! I thought you'd keep someone better at your side! Not good.
Rendezvous with the other unit.
I'll go after him.
They're all monsters.
They've stopped.
I guess we didn't need the Handymen's help after all.
Excuse me.
A kid? -- Hey, what are you doing here? Delico? What is it? Yang! One of them got away from us! A man-- no, a child! Watch out for any children! Don't let him get near the boss! He's a twilight! Hmm, agile little fellow.
You got careless, Yang I'm sorry.
This will spoil dinner.
I want to return with as few dead as possible.
You can take him, right? Yes, sir! Hmm? Partner, what is it? Hey, Nic! Ugh, it reeks of blood! Oh, that's one of Mr.
So what's up with that super-clean cut? It looks like something your blade would-- Nah, it couldn't be Um, Chad, about what Worick did This smells fishy.
Huh? This feels a lot like the precursor to the twilight hunts of 15 years ago.
Aww I liked this one, too.
That's "Gunslinger Danny" for you.
He may be an old man, but his aim is still sure.
That voice.
It's him.
Your praise honors me.
Ha-ha, I'm absolutely astonished.
Imagine, here in this city, where the "Three Laws" have been in force for over 20 years, there are still dumbasses like you-- Oh, pardon me--daredevil lawbreaking kids such as yourself around.
I don't like your tone.
If I hadn't promised to bring you back cleanly, I'd slice off that head of yours and shove it up your ass.
Ooh, scary.
Don't cry to me later on, you damned normal! All right, he's definitely slicing them up.
We really should have just hired a Twilight from the start.
But are you sure about going to someone like him without asking? --If no one tells him, he won't.
--If the boss finds out-- Besides, once we have Monroe, the Cristiano Family will be a piece of a cake-- Hi, darling.
I wonder if I could ask you some questions.
Young master? Young master Wallace? Geez, that boy is out of control.
He's defective.
Defective? He's the one who's defective.
He can't hear? Then he's no help at all, is he? Why? I mean, Michel and Mom have real real Don't come in here without permission! Get out! Um I, uh Sorry I can't read it.
I'm returning it.
I never asked you your name.
I'm Wallace.
Wallace Arcangelo.
And you are? Hold on, Nic! Nicolas! That pile of bodies in District 6 could be his work, as well.
If so, then he's a headcase bastard who's ignoring the three laws.
You got that? Don't go doing anything crazy, you death-dodger! It's starting to get chaotic.
No! Boss! Gotcha! Early, aren't you? Still, I got you, too.
I knew there was something strange about earlier.
You wear the Tags, but got nothing posted, and you're weak.
You don't mean that the only Twilight the Monroe Family retains is a good-for-nothing like you, do you? Hey, even this low has been surprisingly useful.
He makes for a shield, too, just like this.
Hmm, but when did I ever say that? That we only have one Twilight on the payroll? Brother Nico! Handyman! Why, that! This is the first time I've seen two of them at this high category.
This should be good.
B-Boss Well now, you guys Who's your money on? boku wa wasurareta hai tsumoru machi de nakushimono o sagashiteta akai me o shita kimi ga chiisa na koe de inottemo mimi o fusaideta te o nobasu yori kakurete shimaou wareta sora o yubisashi kodomo no me de waraiau yoru no sukima kara nozoku hikari o abite koko de nemurou kimi to futari de
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