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1 sagesumasaerta ressei kakusu yue koko ni tatsu imi o motsu kesshita yuen nigezu ima sagasu riyuu kawarazu saibou samasu hikari yo I wanna renegade down Zekken Presents Zekken Presents meitei shisou na hodo no miminari ga shita yukkuri to me o akenakerba ushinau mono erabenai hodo nanika ni sugaru ishitachi yo Take away and do for me kotae no nai sekai demo Carry on and burn it down Get away every bug Take away and do for me nijinda kono koe o Carry on and burn it down You've got to be the one you want Breath in breath out fill out your voice Calling find out your name This is your life You never lose yourself Why don't you come Peace out this afternoon, in response to a spate of Twilight slayings as well as revelations coming to light of the daily suppression of their human rights, a nation that views this physical abuse and sexual exploitation as problematic has abolished slavery, and imposed a new set of Three Laws --See you around, Wallace.
--which will serve to protect Twilights from Hire me again sometime, ma'am.
linked to a deterrent against criminal activity, these Three Laws.
Nic! Let's go get something to eat! At that good restaurant on the main street! My customer told me they serve Twilights, too Twilights are those who were born with the residual genetic effects of the bio-enhancement drug Celebrer, which was used in the East-West War of Unification They're going to start enforcing those Three Laws today.
Go and pay your respects to Danny later.
Now you guys won't have to feel quite so ashamed for Huh? What was that? It's no use.
Any of it.
Oh, you have business with Sir, Ginger? Yes.
Hello, you've reached the Paulklee Guild.
Sir Paulklee What is it, Ginger? W-Well, umm Doug appears to have taken a job without the guild's permission, and apparently, he ran into the Handymen while working it.
The Handymen? So, what job, did he take on? Um the things is h-he's out for Boss Monroe's head.
Huh? You just have to tell me a few little things, that's all.
Who is it that you're with? What are you trying to pull on the Monroe Family and Cristiano Family? Damn it!, screw you! You expect me to squeal to you? D-Don't think you're gonna get away with-- B-Bet? What are you talking about, Boss?! That Tag is in a high category, just like Nico! We have to help him! Cover fire only gets in the way of those guys, Yang.
B-But Miles, which one? I'll take the Handyman.
Diego, what about you? Uh I'll take the kid.
Hey, you guys hurry and place your bets, too! Delico, say something, would you-- Delico? Ha-ha! Yeah! This is it! This is what I've been waiting for! A Rank A/0 that's not in the guild-- It was worth going ahead and taking the job for Monroe's head! Awesome How many years ago was it? There was this one dimwit Twilight that tried to bring down the family, all on his own.
He was still 14.
He had "C/3" stamped on his scorched tags.
Of course, it wasn't the first Twilight attack we'd had.
Even normals like us could handle some degree of trouble.
Also, at the time, the family employed a Rank B/2 and a Rank B/0 from the guild.
That feeling of security would come back to haunt us.
We managed to bring him down somehow, though.
The mansion was half-ruined.
It gave me quite a scare.
Is that even possible for a single Rank C/3? We didn't know.
Well, sure.
This was back when you two were still wetting the bed.
Ah, yes, the reason he lashed out at us was pretty funny.
It wasn't to bump me off, or to make any money He'd gone to get revenge on one of Mr.
Monroe's idiot subordinates, who had beaten the guy's pal black and blue to get back at him for nailing his woman.
You're here.
Thank you for your business.
The Handymen are here.
Ricky! You took your time, didn't you? Sorry.
Had to make a stop first.
So, how about it? You may have already realized, but they're with the Corsicans.
There's no way Corsica would use a Twilight.
Apparently, the younger bunch wanted to set themselves apart, and acted on their own.
What foolishness.
They weren't thinking ahead.
That's for sure.
However, there is one little catch.
Handyman, what's wrong? That Tag up there Whoa I-I really am gonna go help Nico! Keep them.
Consider it a thank-you for breaking my knife.
We'll continue this later.
First, I have to go claim that bastard's head! Damn it, not again! Oh, no! Mr.
Monroe! Still on task, even when facing down one of his own brothers? Such a commendable fellow.
Hey, you, the oversize garbage! Don't just lie there, get up! The kid is coming! And hey, that's my shirt, isn't it? You idiot! That shirt was expensive! Oww.
You bastard, you could be a little more gentle Hey, Nic! No, you wouldn't have He didn't reach the nerve.
That's what the kid was aiming for.
If I don't end this soon, the celebrer will wear off.
Nic! Hold it! Hey That idiot.
Theo is always telling him to stop, since it wrecks his sense of pain.
Damn, that hurt.
Who grabs another guy's weapon barehanded? I'll have to come back for Monroe later.
Finishing this bastard off comes first.
Hey, should he be doing this? No, this ain't good.
Nic has gone and overdosed on Celebrer again.
That is bad.
So that's why he's acting unfazed, even after he got injured.
Miles, contact the Paulkklee Guild.
The Guild? You don't mean That Tag is one affiliated with the Guild, named Doug.
If, by any chance, he gets killed, there'll be a spot for trouble.
That would be bad, all right.
Go on, now.
There's a shortcut up the stairs just ahead.
Got it.
Stop in once this is taken care of.
Monroe, I'll see you later.
This is no fun.
Things were just starting to get interesting, too.
Stop talking nonsense and let's go, Boss.
Oh, one more thing, Worick About what you said earlier, you're mistaken about one thing.
He came to me not as the guy's friend, but to retaliate on behalf of his contract holder.
If no one else, I, at least, think that they were good friends.
Then, the Rank C/3 the boss was talking about is It looks like rain.
He came to me not as your friend, but to retaliate against his contract holder.
Man, that is so aggravating.
I know that much.
I know.
But how do I stop this? I have to do something before she shows up.
For now, I can take out the kid's legs.
All right.
Got it.
Chad-san, what did the Monroe Family want? They said someone hired by The Guild was in with the attackers.
Huh? B-But Mr.
Monroe is under protection, isn't he? Doesn't that completely go against the Three Laws? This is Danny and Gina we're talking about.
They'll take care of it themselves.
Never mind them, picking out vics comes first.
Give me a hand, Cody.
Okay Oh, and also don't ever mention the Three Laws in front of me again.
I don't like them, and I never have.
It's weird.
Why am I the only one winded? He's an eerie one.
After everything I've put him through, he hasn't even batted an eye.
An overdose? What are you thinking? Don't tell me you do this every time-- H-Hold on a second! Ginger?! P-Please stop fighting immediately.
The woman in the glasses is with the Guild.
Nicolas, she's here.
Tch,that's an order! Heh-heh, sorry.
He doesn't listen very well.
I-I think that's a wise decision.
Do not take action against normals.
Obey your master.
Defend yourself.
G-Gina! The Three Laws were secured by the Four Fathers to release us Twilights, with our vulnerable position, from slavery.
It is because of them that our minimal rights are guaranteed.
If you don't obey them, it puts all of us out.
This was pounded into you as a child but you don't know when to quit.
Daniel Monroe is under the protection of the Three Laws.
He is one of the men whose death would mean the loss of balance in Ergastulum.
You have been told this before, you miserable buffoon! M-Ms.
Paulklee, that's way too much! Hey, you! Do not interfere with Sir, normal.
I'm not going to do anything to you, Worick.
It's your man here that I have business with.
I'll be finished soon.
Wait there.
It hurts It hurts but why? There should still be a little time before the Celebrer wears off.
Hey, come on.
This is a downer Please wait! I'm so glad to see you're still in pain It's a great drug for any moron who can't defend themselves.
She's as huge as ever.
I hate any woman who's taller than me.
I thought I told you to stop overdosing on Celebrer.
Especially on uppers.
Do you want Do you want to end up the same way as Veronica? I thought you were a little bit smarter than this.
Doing for yourself is fine and all, but I can't have you upsetting your contract holder so much, Nicolas.
Whoops, I fell asleep.
Alex! Come on, man! Stand up straight! Nic, you're too heavy! Damn that old biddy! She knows that when you use downers they get this plastered! Ugh, this is fantastic.
My partner gets my shirt ruined, then we get rained on.
Huh? Your jacket? I left it behind.
Fine, you buy me the same shirt.
I'm telling you now, mine costs a lot more than your cheap jacket! Bring your wallet-- Aw, man! It's raining like crazy.
I hope those two found someplace dry.
No, there's no way.
I mean, I saw him die.
I shot him.
I shot his dead boy.
I shot him, right? It's so silly.
After everything, I still Take care~ I-I'm sorry! Are you okay? Ow I-I hate to bother you, but Nina, can you help them? Also, can I use your phone? boku wa wasurareta hai tsumoru machi de nakushimono o sagashiteta akai me o shita kimi ga chiisa na koe de inottemo mimi o fusaideta te o nobasu yori kakurete shimaou wareta sora o yubisashi kodomo no me de waraiau yoru no sukima kara nozoku hikari o abite koko de nemurou kimi to futari de
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