Gangsta (2015) s01e06 Episode Script


1 sagesumasaerta ressei kakusu I hide the recessiveness I'm made sneer at yue koko ni tatsu imi o motsu It's why It's significant that I'm standing here kesshita yuen nigezu ima sagasu riyuu The reason why I search now, not backing down from established fact kawarazu saibou samasu hikari yo remains the same the light that stirs my cells I wanna renegade down meitei shisou na hodo no There's a ringing in my ears miminari ga shita so loud it's wasting me yukkuri to me o akenakerba Have to open my eyes slowly ushinau mono erabenai hodo Wills that cling to something so hard nanika ni sugaru ishitachi yo they can't decide what to forfeit Take away and do for me kotae no nai sekai demo Even if the world holds no answer Carry on and burn it down Get away every bug Take away and do for me nijinda kono koe o This breaking voice of mine Carry on and burn it down You've got to be the one you want Breath in breath out fill out your voice Calling find out your name This is your life You never lose yourself Why don't you come Peace out W-What Uranos wants isn't Monroe's head; it's the Cristiano the bastard keeps.
Cristiano? They specialize in drugs, right? Why would the Corsicans, with their own routes, do this now? I-I don't know the reasons! I just overheard what the capos were talking about.
How can you be affiliated with Uranos Corsica, and haul that little runt in all on your own? Poor guy.
It wouldn't do any good to send you back there alive.
Not a useless pawn like you.
I reached out to Chad, and had all of their remains returned to us.
The funeral will be tomorrow.
I am terribly sorry.
did you patch Delico again? I thought I told you to take him to Dr.
U-Um, well you see The wound wasn't as deep as I thought, so I asked him to sew me up.
It wasn't serious enough to trouble the doctor-- Don't get the wrong idea, Delico.
Bad blood from the slavery era may still exist, but you are people.
You're just a bit tougher than others.
Of course, being my shield is most welcome.
If it were possible, I'd like to grow old and die a lowly death.
However if that were the case, you'd have to be a permanent, indestructible shield.
You don't want to get rid of the gear you're attached to until the very end, right? Please go easy on the doting, Boss.
We can't have the other youngsters getting jealous, and disaffected.
Where did the "Gunslinger Danny" who struck fear into the hearts of others go? How rude.
I still strike fear, don't I? That you'll pat them on the head.
If, as the Handyman said, Corsica really is going after Cristiano, it's going to be an all-out war, isn't? Good question.
Consider where we are.
That's the only way things can go in Ergastulum.
Playing family with even the foot soldier scum, huh? It's giving me heartburn.
You think so, too, right? Monroe still isn't dead yet.
I had no idea they had hired a twilight , so I panicked.
I very nearly get killed, myself.
As far as that goes, it's on me.
I'll deal with it.
I'd heard that his only pawn was a Rank D/0.
Looks like they hired some extra help.
If you have to, search him out and eliminate him.
Yes, sir, understood.
Also, about those bodies in the factory-- Having the old detective finding me out would spell trouble.
It's all right.
That investigation is sure to go nowhere.
Thanks to a friend I've got on take in the same office as him.
It's expensive medicine.
Don't waste it.
Obedient, isn't he? The amount he gets is typically just enough to not trigger an attack.
It's all he can do just to walk around, let alone run away.
If he were going to rebel, he'd never get past the Celebrer.
He knows he'll live longer, as long he does what the humans say.
But then, by "live longer," we're talking about into his thirties, at best.
Why do we have that Twilight in our unit? The hooker I got pregnant was a rogue, so if he lives to an age where he's in high demand, I was thinking of cashing him in here in Ergastulum.
What happened to his mother? Killed her.
Ally's not answering.
Hmm? Worick! You can't smoke when there are patients here! Please? Just this one! No! Here, make do with this.
Well? How is Handyman Nic, there? There's no permanent nerve damage.
and no broken bones where he was shot.
Once his wounds heal up, he'll be fit to go back to work.
Oh He's a tough one, all right.
But I doubt he'll be able to walk right away.
The downers in here were triple the strength of the normal kind.
T-Triple?! I-I thought the legal limit was 1.
5 times.
Gina's are specially made.
And she blasted four shots of that into his child-sized body? That's because he has a high tolerance toward downers.
Sometimes there are those who have such harsh side effects, they get knocked out after just one dose, like Nico.
but that Tag is the opposite.
You have to administer a lot, or it doesn't take effect.
But luckily, it was downers he was shot with.
These just bore into the skin, so even I can treat them.
Only Dr.
Theo would be able to extract regular bullets.
Worick? Oh, I was just thinking how awesome you are.
Devoted to your studies, and both feet on the ground.
You'll be a fine doctor someday, Nina Right.
Oh, I'm sorry! I'll make something hot for you right now! Well? Did you learn it? It's simple, right? Now, talking will be When you're with me, you can act normally.
When you're with me, sit in the chair.
Understand? It's like talking to an animal, or a machine.
Not quite a person, somehow.
Is it that Twilights aren't No, of course not.
What happened to your arm? You didn't have that bruise yesterday.
I-I fell down Me, too.
I fall down a lot, too.
What is all of that noise?! It seems there is a disturbance nearby.
Those anti-Twilight movement people, again? Get Michel and my wife to a safe room.
Yes, sir.
Um, what about Master Wallace? Leave him.
You idiot! We're on the third floor! Not only did you allow an intruder onto the Arcangelo estate, but then you stained the grass! I am terribly sorry.
I will give him a stern scolding.
What were you thinking?! That you'd ingratiate yourself to me? No, you thought you could tame the boy, and then sic him on me , huh? Was that a practice run?! That's it, isn't it? No! Dad, I didn't do anything.
Dad! Don't grovel like your slut of a mother did, you miserable jinx! Come to think of it, how did you know we were coming? You had your sewing kit all ready to go.
Oh, um I heard you talking.
In all that rain? Oh, m-my ears are sharp.
Ow! Are you okay? W-Worick, I can tell your voice.
Just yours.
Am I really that loud when I talk? I'll have to be more careful.
Oh? Yo! How are you feeling? I mean, I know it's not good.
I'm gonna pop back over to the office.
Hmm? Ah a change of clothes? Okay, I'll bring it by later Hey Don't make me keep saying it, okay? "Order.
" To a Twilight.
Nicolas, Corsica is on the move.
He's planning to disrupt Cristiano, amd upset the balance.
The vics in that body-dumping case we saw at Chad's this morning-- they were all Tags.
One of them was the Rank B/2 that you beat.
I don't know what his connection to Corsica is, but he is definitely involved somehow.
However things shake out, the linchpin is Mr.
Monroe, savior to you Twilights, who has Cristiano under his umbrella.
I owe him too much.
I can't let anything happen to the Monroe Family.
You'll stick with me, right, partner? Are you sure about this? I don't care.
I wouldn't be happy with him alive.
This keeps him from ever having anything more to do with those despicable Twilights in Corsica's name.
I'm tired.
Sign language? Get the injector from the kit! Hurry! Don't let him pass out.
It's more trouble afterward.
Hey! Hey, wake up! We have to starighten this out before he's seen.
Hurry and stand him up! Oh, that's unusual-- a black car passing by here.
Like I said, it's no use.
It was plain to see that it would end up like this.
No matter how hard you guys try, we're not going to survive.
Nicolas Doesn't it bother you? Why don't you run away? How can you look so calm? Don't you ever wonder "Why"? Pretty sloppy! Riots by anti-Twilight factions at the four gates that surround Ergastulum have escalated, and the Twilight hunts that accompany them are on the rise.
The government has called in mercenary forces from all over to bring the situation under control.
Damn it, there are so many of them, we're getting nowhere! Move back! Fall back for now! Whew, it is so cold! Maybe she has a customer? Hey, I'm home! Ally-- I helped myself.
She bites me, she scratches me-- as gentle as her face may look she's a pretty violent woman.
If you're going to keep her, how about teaching her some manners? Doc? I thought that if you were right, it was about time I should come check on her.
The symptoms you told me about -- zoning out, as though there were cobwebs over her consciousness, and fuzzy memories.
Getting extremely little sleep, too.
They're all textbook symptoms of the pills used by pimps to keep their woman submissive.
Commonly known as TBs.
I thought you might know about them, but not that well, I guess.
Luckily, while they are long-acting, there's hardly any toxicity, and they're not very habit-forming.
However, a lot of users commit suicide.
As the effect wears off, there are intense momentary hallucinations that drive them to it.
Wanting only to get away from them, they start clinging excessively to environments and things provided to them by others.
Even if they have absolutely no meaning.
I got careless.
I thought she was doing a little better lately.
Where is she? Ally! You found another customer? Let's get back to the office.
You're liable to catch a cold like that-- Whoa! Hold on! Stop! Stop! Ally, it's me! Ally! me Barry don't hit me I'll do it I will Please Alex! Worick B-Barry's been here this whole time H-He's dead I know he's dead N-No, I have to go Otherwise, he's going to Worick! I'm sorry! Um, I have a hard head, so! Now, look! When it's just the two of us, would you mind not calling out other men's names? Who do you think killed him? Ah, I am tuckered out! Listen to me, Ally.
Nothing went right at work.
I got rained on, I got handcuffed first thing in the morning, and the shirt I really liked got ruined It really was one hell of miserable day.
Ah, but I did get to touch your delicate behind again, Ally, so I'm good now.
You dummy.
Master Wallace I'm awfully sorry.
I messed it up.
Now what do I do? I only have the one volume.
You dummy.
How did you hurt your face? I fell down.
boku wa wasurareta In a forgotten town hai tsumoru machi de settled over with ash, nakushimono o sagashiteta I was searching for what I had lost akai me o shita kimi ga Though you prayed with chiisa na koe de inottemo reddened eyes and hushed voice, mimi o fusaideta I was plugging my ears te o nobasu yori Rather than reach out, kakurete shimaou let's hide instead wareta sora o yubisashi We'll point at the fractured skies kodomo no me de waraiau and laugh with childlike eyes yoru no sukima I'll sleep here, kara nozoku hikari o bathed in the light that peeks abite koko de nemurou through the gaps of the night kimi to futari de together with you
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