Gangsta (2015) s01e07 Episode Script


1 sagesumasaerta ressei kakusu I hide the recessiveness I'm made sneer at yue koko ni tatsu imi o motsu It's why It's significant that I'm standing here kesshita yuen nigezu ima sagasu riyuu The reason why I search now, not backing down from established fact kawarazu saibou samasu hikari yo remains the same the light that stirs my cells I wanna renegade down meitei shisou na hodo no There's a ringing in my ears miminari ga shita so loud it's wasting me yukkuri to me o akenakerba Have to open my eyes slowly ushinau mono erabenai hodo Wills that cling to something so hard nanika ni sugaru ishitachi yo they can't decide what to forfeit Take away and do for me kotae no nai sekai demo Even if the world holds no answer Carry on and burn it down Get away every bug Take away and do for me nijinda kono koe o This breaking voice of mine Carry on and burn it down You've got to be the one you want Breath in breath out fill out your voice Calling find out your name This is your life You never lose yourself Why don't you come Peace out What do you mean, you can't save him? His injuries aren't that severe.
No, he just has an infection.
For the moment, his life isn't in danger.
For now.
? More importantly, Wallace, have you seen your father yet-- Don't change the subject, Doctor! They don't live for very long.
It happens a lot.
Mercenary groups or mafia families take in Twilights, and use them as slaves.
Twilights? You're wrong You're wrong! It's not true! You're wrong! I mean I mean, I've read a lot about them in books! Twilights are monsters, with huge bodies and amazing strength! Wallace They easily kill people Nicolas isn't like that! He's not that kind of monster Let him go.
Come to terms with it and let him go.
Of course, you can obtain Celebrer if you have money.
But as smart as you are, you must already know, Wallace He can't be allowed to hope to live.
Put him out of his misery.
Um Good morning It sounded like you were having a nightmare, so I let myself in.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm okay now.
Whenever I had a bad dream my mother used to do this for me.
But maybe it doesn't work when you're grown up.
This is the first time you've spoken about that, Ally.
Ally, you asked me, remember? If I'd ever thought about the "Why"? I remembered when I asked the same thing when I was just a kid.
But the answer never seems to come back.
What about you, Worick? Have you answered, Worick? Nico, now go that way! Huh?! You're deaf?! You mean, I was talking to myself that whole time?! What the hell? No wonder I didn't seem to be getting through.
And hey! if your hearing is your compensation, say so! This guy's fascinating.
You didn't say a word, so I thought it was your voice! You know, you.
"Speak slower" Oh, sign language, huh? Does it look like I've had enough learning to understand that? What are you up to, Doug? Nicolas You know him? A message from the mercenary guild.
It says that as soon as you return to base, you're grounded.
You're going back today, right? I can give you a lift that way.
this sucks.
I finally got permission to act on my own last year, too.
You dumbass, think about who you went after! It was the Monroe Family! The Monroe Family! One more false step, and the Guild would have imposed their own punishment.
(Chad, how old is he?) Huh? How old is Doug? Nico, listen, Doug's compensation is I've met my requirements.
The Guild gives permission to act alone when you're 20.
I turn 21 this year, such that it is.
Really, so they're all the remains of Twilights? Thanks, Theo, for doing these autospies when you're so busy.
Were you able to pin down the identities of the victims? With Worick's help, more or less.
But, since they all had their critical tags stolen from them, it's taking a lot more work than it should.
That guy who interfered with my pratice the other day was tossed in with the other victims Huh? Ah, does that mean anything? Besides him, I didn't find a single body that showed signs or injuries indicating that they had been restrained before they died.
Nothing as far as I could see, at least.
Meaning that way they were all in the prime of life, for a Twilight.
If they'd been drugged or something, that'd one thing.
but if that were true, there wouldn't be any defensive wounds.
Judging by these cuts, it's safe to say that dismemberment occurred while they were still alive.
You think the Corsicans, who use no one but normals, could kill like this? Aww, I was sure that it was you-- the one behind that pile of bodies in District 6.
(Why did you take that job without the Guild's permission?) Um, he wants to know why you took that job without the Guild's permission.
Oh, no reason.
It's because the target was Gunslinger Danny.
I thought if I started something with him, I'd able to go up against some high-category brothers Finding out he keep one Low under his command was a bit unexpected.
Man, don't talk to me about the Three Laws at a time like this.
It's not like I'm in the Guild because I wanna be.
The truth is, I never did get the unwritten rules of Ergastulum.
Um, Doug, are you, by any chance I'm from South Gate.
I got committed to this town when I was 16, and went to the Guild.
What, are rogues that unusual? West gate? You, too? You're awfully quiet, aren't you, Doug? What's the matter? Pops, any work you've got coming my way make sure I don't run into him, okay? What's this? This is unusual.
You don't want to tangle with your rogue friend? I've never met a West Gate survivor before.
Pining for the outside world, are you? Nah, it's not that.
Resistance from anti-Twilight factions still continue today, and the government has once again called in mercenary units.
Curfews have been ordered for neighboring regions-- Cap-- Captain! I don't need good-for-nothings in my unit.
If your symptoms have gotten that bad, then it's not worth it to take you to Ergastulum.
Fa-- Father Stop pretending you're human, you monsters! Nic! Nic! Nic, it's all right.
Everything's okay now.
There's no need for you to serve him.
When I showed him the money, he jumped at the chance.
Here, look.
I can buy Celebrer from the doctor.
And so.
las? Nicolas I, um, brought you a change of clothes.
Are your injuries all better now? This time, it's 12 people.
The autospies haven't been done yet, but it's safe to say that they're all Twilights, right? Music to my ears.
Saves me the trouble of dealing with you directly.
Listen, Mr.
Corsica, we can all pretty well imagine that it was your kind who did this! Ma'am.
Are you trying to destroy the balance that my father and uncle finally managed to establish by hiring Twilights only when it suits you, all over your personal feelings? You've got to be kidding! Enough, already! Me and Twilights, you say? Me, conspiring with Twilights? The thought turns my stomach! I'd rather have my head chopped off right here, and have sewage splattered on it than do something like that! Who do you take me for?! Stop talking out of your ass, little girl! Hey, you filthy old coot! How dare you take that attitude with our late father's daughter? Galadhad, calm down.
Eh?! Come on! Now, now, bickering with each other here won't solve our problem.
It's true, this is a feat that nobody but a Twilight could do.
Even so, it doesn't positively mean that any of us are involved in it.
An outsider? Are you suggesting the government is involved? I'm just offering possibilities.
The town is teeming with miscreants.
You never know what might happen.
isn't that right? So, how about it? Has your memory been skipping around and hazy.
or have you lost your sense of time these last few days? No.
Have you seen this Barry fellow since then? Uh, n-no.
No, not even once.
Then you're making good progress.
Keep taking those for a bit, just to be on the safe side.
Also, you're a prostitute, right? I don't care about your sexual relations, but being exposed to excessive stress can make you more suspectible to relapses of hallucinations and obsessiveness.
Don't get in over your head.
That's all.
My exam is done.
I'll put my exam fee on the Handymen's tab.
D-Doctor U-Um about those cuts on your arm, I Can you make candy? Well, something simple, I suppose.
If you want to apologize, come make something sometime.
Nina will be delighted.
I'll be happy to.
Thank you for waiting for me.
Listen, can I can I stay with you for a little while longer? I still haven't found a place for me to go to.
But, I'll get out of your way as soon as I can.
Please? You dummy.
Ni-- Your sign language is all screwed up.
I don't understand you.
Start over in that book.
And don't be so rough with it.
I only have the one volume.
He found out about the cigarettes.
Next time he catches me, he might kill me.
Are you starting to fit in with the new mercenary squad? North Gate, were they? Right.
What a joke.
Nothing has changed, has it? Seriously, I'm tired of this.
ther Father, no! It wasn't me! Believe me, Father! What is this? Hey, Nic No you don't! Not yet! There's no way I'm going to let you do that! I-I'm not going to let you die! I'm not going to let you die that easily! Not like you did my dad! You're going to go through a lot more pain before you die! You'll die after you suffer a lot more! That's an order! An order, you understand?! Don't need that anymore.
Have to pull it out Wallace.
Yang-Yang's not with you? Four Fathers meeting.
Permission for Twilight attendance only extends as far as the capos.
That explains it.
You were shut out, huh? What about you? Shouldn't you be there? You've been escorting the boss, right? Where's Nicolas? It's nice of you to say, but right now, we're outsiders.
Besides, even if I brought Nic, he's in the same boat as you, Delly.
Aren't you being a bit too unguarded? Even a string of high-category Tags have succumbed to this Twilight hunt.
Nicolas would be no exception.
But then, he's a single Tag, and you're also a one-man contract-holder.
In your situation, if anything were to happen It's okay.
Huh? It's okay.
I'm sure my father will be thrilled.
Really, it's okay if that's how he ends up buying the farm.
One less thing tying me down.
In fact, I'd be happier that way.
But not yet.
It's still not enough yet.
Not until all the other guys die first.
Worick? I mean, after all, I hate Tags.
And I hate normals, too.
I'm just kidding, Don't get mad, Delly.
Would you mind not calling me "Delly" anymore? Nicolas Why? Why don't you wonder "Why"? Have you answered, Worick? There's no way I can answer, is there? If I were to answer, it'd be all over.
Right? Erica, I want this.
No, Mikhail.
All we can take are the tags.
Forgive me please Mister, it's your own fault.
That's why you were abandoned by them.
We're going back.
Okaay~ W-What? What's the matter Nic-- Nicolas.
? boku wa wasurareta In a forgotten town hai tsumoru machi de settled over with ash, nakushimono o sagashiteta I was searching for what I had lost akai me o shita kimi ga Though you prayed with chiisa na koe de inottemo reddened eyes and hushed voice, mimi o fusaideta I was plugging my ears te o nobasu yori Rather than reach out, kakurete shimaou let's hide instead wareta sora o yubisashi We'll point at the fractured skies kodomo no me de waraiau and laugh with childlike eyes yoru no sukima I'll sleep here, kara nozoku hikari o bathed in the light that peeks abite koko de nemurou through the gaps of the night kimi to futari de together with you
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