Gangsta (2015) s01e11 Episode Script


1 sagesumasaerta ressei kakusu I hide the recessiveness I'm made sneer at yue koko ni tatsu imi o motsu It's why It's significant that I'm standing here kesshita yuen nigezu ima sagasu riyuu The reason why I search now, not backing down from established fact kawarazu saibou samasu hikari yo remains the same the light that stirs my cells I wanna renegade down meitei shisou na hodo no There's a ringing in my ears miminari ga shita so loud it's wasting me yukkuri to me o akenakerba Have to open my eyes slowly ushinau mono erabenai hodo Wills that cling to something so hard nanika ni sugaru ishitachi yo they can't decide what to forfeit Take away and do for me kotae no nai sekai demo Even if the world holds no answer Carry on and burn it down Get away every bug Take away and do for me nijinda kono koe o This breaking voice of mine Carry on and burn it down You've got to be the one you want Breath in breath out fill out your voice Calling find out your name This is your life You never lose yourself Why don't you come Peace out You're going to go look for Erica? Taking action without permission is I know.
Not even you can get away with this.
Not with the boss or Miles.
I'll take my licks when I get back.
You can report whatever you want to.
shall we get going? N-No, you can't! This is my problem.
Yang, this doesn't concern- Yeah.
it doesn't concern me.
Of course not.
I'm not your dad, or your brother, or a Twilight, after all.
Even so, we're family.
Don't go thinking that you're the only one who regrets not being able to protect Erica.
Hmph! Besides, Delico, you're too big a wimp.
If you go alone, you won't be able to handle anything, and you're bound to end up whimpering your way back here.
Sorry, Yang.
I'll be sure to pay you back for this.
All right, let's say that for the next year, you'll give me half of your wages, as my reward.
Huh? I'm kidding.
Diego Miles Um, I.
We were.
We'll be expecting a souvenir.
Something nice and pretty.
Right! Yes, that's right.
Really? Thanks! Alex! I just got a call from the director! They've agreed to take the baby in.
R-Really? I heard that they had too many kids and not enough room, but he said that yesterday, they found some foster parents.
That's terrific.
Everything's okay now.
You won't be lonely anymore, huh, Emili--o What are you talking about? That baby's name is Louis Hey.
Alex! What's wrong? I.
I remembered Emilio.
Now they've done it.
Smoke bombs mask any sign or scent of normals.
They know us.
They're hunters real ones.
I have to go tell old man Chad.
If this keeps up, we're all Aww I heard you were a guild of mercenaries, so I was hoping for folks who had a little more backbone to them.
But you're all a load of crap.
All right, the rest will go as usual.
My pleasure.
So, when I can expect the rest of my payment, Mr.
Adriano? How's your injury? It's fine now.
Don't do anything crazy, okay? Mm-hmm.
Connie, you be careful heading back, too.
The back streets are.
I know.
I won't use them.
Tell Joel that I said hi.
Hey, Marco.
I love you Did the Handymen put her up to that? How is it going, Beretta? Sig and Colt should have reached the Guild by now.
The new kid is with them.
Are you sure we can count on him? Old Man Uranos brought him in.
I couldn't say.
Listen, Striker, is there a tobacco shop around there? I'm all out, and I've been looking, but haven't seen any.
Nah, I haven't seen any.
Oh, have I caught you at a bad time? Oh no.
Just killing some time.
If you have time to spare, you should have gone with Sig and the others.
My clothes get too dirty when Sig is around.
She makes a mess of her work.
She'd be angry to hear you say that.
Besides, it's too early to meet up.
There's one more bit of time I'd like to kill first.
I see.
All right.
Alex, do you hear me? I have to go back now.
Say, I'd like to hear you sing again.
Sorry,but I've never seen her.
I see.
Thank you very much.
That was Miss Crisitano, right? Those cars just now.
I thought she was just hiding out at the Handymen's, just in case.
It looks like something really is going on at the Guild.
I hope it's nothing to trouble the boss.
No worries.
The boss has Miles and the others with him.
Including Ricky and Nico.
If we leave Erica and the othes alone, and something happens to put even the boss in danger, that will be a real problem, right? This way! Hurry! Sir? What's the situation? There are three intruders.
The smoke is blinding our eyes and noses.
Judging by their finesse.
there's no doubt that they're hunters.
The men below are keeping them in check, but it's only a matter of time before they make it here.
Sir! No, I ain't ever seen the girl around here.
But you know, you look a lot like her.
Are you twins? No, she's my two-years-younger sister.
Do we really look like twins? That's because you're so little, big brother.
Even now.
I'm still bigger than Nicolas.
Yeah, you're right.
You've got about 3 cm to him.
You've got about 3 cm to him.
Oh, shut up.
So, what do we do? It was night.
We can guess that there were few witnesses.
We are this far away.
Detective Adkins saw her leap from the District 9 side.
I don't think there's any question she went north.
If she went north from District 2, it's safe to say District 3.
District 3 is our turf.
District 9 has the main road, and a lots of watching eyes.
Joel! Gal! Are you all right? Did you get hurt? I'm fine.
But never mind me.
We did all could for them, but their condition was too grave.
What the hell is this? First Loretta's place, now your colony! It's almost as though.
Joel, get back to District 7, right now! Find Constance, and take her to the Handymen's! Attention, normals! It's too dangerous to stay here! Get as far away as you can! Also, if you see any injured Tags, don't get involved! You could get dragged into this! Well go on, go on! H-Hold on, boy! Old lady, it's too dangerous! Hurry, this way! Come on! You finally show yourself.
Nice to meet you, you filthy old hag.
What do you know? There is someone here better than these others.
It's been a long time since I've seen anyone avoid Colt's first strike.
You sure have gone and made a royal mess, haven't you? I think you might be a bit more grateful to me.
I helped clean up this huge pile of crap for you.
Tris, report.
About half of the guardsmen have been killed.
They are quite skilled.
I'll have repair estimates for the residential district tomorrow.
My head hurts.
What do we do? I'm going to sleep a little longer.
You can handle it from here.
Huh? You're just going to skip out and watch from a distance? Sure enough, the head crapper is also full of crap! Be quiet! This is a cesspool.
So what? Picking off 50 or 100 guys stuck the side of a cesspool doesn't stir the least bit of sentiment.
I'm done talking.
Take care of them.
I only meant to pay my respects, but I've changed my mind.
Come on down! Let's fight! Right here! Starting with you.
Hey, Emilio, what were you aiming for, you.
Sig, you were told.
It's too soon.
Back off.
Might as well ask.
Who or what are you? Esminets.
Tretiy Esminets.
Agents of Uranos Corsica.
Assistant Manager, there really is fighting going on at the Paulklee Guild! They said there were two of them, and they appear to be hunters! The manager left here, headed for the Guild.
Describe the hunters.
Was there a woman.
no, a man? Tall, with silver hair and a tribal tattoo on his left arm? N-No, they said it was a young man and a young woman.
However, there's a chance that others are with them.
Assistant Manager! I'll be right back.
I hope I'm just imagining things.
At last, the time to come has arrived.
Let me go! Let me go! A child? She killed Abby.
my sister, damn her! Your name is Heather, right? Have you been looking for her? by yourself this whole time? Erica.
I mean, the woman who attacked Bastard? With your leg like that? I followed her as far as District 9.
But then my leg stopped working right.
By the time I got back, my sister's body.
w-was already cold.
She was six years old.
I was supposed to protect her.
Heather, the woman who took Abby from you is my sister.
If she keeps going, she's likely to do to someone else the same things she did to you and Abby.
She's gotten to a place where there's no coming back.
Even so, I want to stop her.
To do that, I need your help.
All right.
I'll show you the way.
The sounds are distant.
The enemy has already been through here.
Damn, my nose hurts.
This is no ordinary smoke.
Doug! Doug, is that you?! Yo! It's me, it's me! What the hell happened here? Where did the other guys go Doug! Hey, what happened? This is going too far.
Hey, I'll get you a downer, right now.
Yeah, I'm as fit as you see.
Home base is safe.
Though, it may be a bit scorched.
Don't be an idiot.
Where do you think you are? Hausen has long since driven those hunters away.
Yeah, I'll hang onto them.
We'll probably be right behind you anyway.
Nice working with you.
Aw, man.
That sound earlier really was an explosion, all right.
I wonder if a gas line blew, or something.
I hope the people in the Colony are all right.
Now what do I do? From what I've heard, this is the only tobacco shop in the whole city.
Sorry! The storekeeper is out making deliveries right now.
What is it you want? Wait here, and I'll go get it for you.
Oh, are you sure? It's fine, it's fine.
I'm her granddaughter.
I've never seen that pretty lady before.
It looks like something awful happened at the Colony.
Have they said anything on the news yet? I don't know.
I haven't heard.
I know a lot of people over there, because of my profession.
As a rule, the Guild doesn't accept help from normals, do they? I'm a bit worried.
So, what's your brand? Do you have any Triumphs? Triumph.
Thanks for waiting.
No charge, so.
You smell quite wonderful.
You smell like an old, familiar man.
Striker! boku wa wasurareta In a forgotten town hai tsumoru machi de settled over with ash, nakushimono o sagashiteta I was searching for what I had lost akai me o shita kimi ga Though you prayed with chiisa na koe de inottemo reddened eyes and hushed voice, mimi o fusaideta I was plugging my ears te o nobasu yori Rather than reach out, kakurete shimaou let's hide instead We'll point at the fractured skies wareta sora o yubisashi kodomo no me de waraiau and laugh with childlike eyes yoru no sukima I'll sleep here, kara nozoku hikari o bathed in the light that peeks abite koko de nemurou through the gaps of the night kimi to futari de together with you
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