Gangsta (2015) s01e12 Episode Script

Odds and Ends

1 sagesumasaerta ressei kakusu I hide the recessiveness I'm made sneer at yue koko ni tatsu imi o motsu It's why It's significant that I'm standing here kesshita yuen nigezu ima sagasu riyuu The reason why I search now, not backing down from established fact kawarazu saibou samasu hikari yo remains the same the light that stirs my cells I wanna renegade down meitei shisou na hodo no There's a ringing in my ears miminari ga shita so loud it's wasting me yukkuri to me o akenakerba Have to open my eyes slowly ushinau mono erabenai hodo Wills that cling to something so hard nanika ni sugaru ishitachi yo they can't decide what to forfeit Take away and do for me kotae no nai sekai demo Even if the world holds no answer Carry on and burn it down Get away every bug Take away and do for me nijinda kono koe o This breaking voice of mine Carry on and burn it down You've got to be the one you want Breath in breath out fill out your voice Calling find out your name This is your life You never lose yourself Why don't you come Peace out Come with me to Ergastulum, Alex.
You need money, right? Money to support your brother and old man? You need money, right? Money to support your brother and old man? The guy that killed your old lady is there, too.
If you're lucky Sister, don't go! I don't want you to go! Don't leave me, Sister! If it.
If it weren't for them, my wife should be.
I wish all of those Tags would just die! No! Stop.
No! Don't touch me, you monster! Why did you save me? Why? The truth is, you realized, didn't you? Alex.
Where are the baby and Miss Cristiano? They left.
Then it wasn't a dream.
Have I met you once before, too? Nicolas? Oh, h-hi there.
You were at Bastard.
Um, the Miss has a request for you.
Our manager hasn't come back from the Paulklee Colony yet, so Nicolas, would you mind serving as acting bodyguard? Also, we can't determine Constance's whereabouts.
Because of her relationship with the assistant manager.
with Marco, she's probably.
There's a car waiting downstairs.
Please come at once.
M-Me, too! Stay here.
It's cold.
Esminets? No way.
Why now? I thought they broke up years ago.
Marco! Joel! Are you planning to take her.
to take my granddaughter away from me this time? I gave you my son and his wife, and that still wasn't enough? Won't you be satisfied until you've taken everything from me? You guys in Esminets? How much resolve do you think Constance had to have be with you? Ma'am.
You! You told me back then, didn't you?! That you would never put me through that again?! And yet.
And yet, look at what you're into! Marco.
When it was my son and his wife, there weren't even any bodies.
I don't ask for a lot, but still.
I don't care if there's something nothing but a head.
I don't care if there's just an ear, or an eyeball.
Not for her, at least.
Please, Handyman, let me.
let me see that fool one more time When it rains like this, nothing good happens.
It never has.
District 0 was no accidental explosion, was it? About that-- it looks like Esminets is making a move.
Also, Connie is missing.
I just received word from Miss Cristiano.
That's probably their doing, too.
I thought Esminets broke up 15 years ago.
Are you sure this isn't the work of Anti-Twilights hiring hunters? You know about Marco, right? He's a former hunter who was with Vtoroy Esminets.
I doubt his compatriots are going to stand by idly.
while he's gone to the other side, guarding the Cristianos, protectors of the Twilights, of all things.
Kidnapping Connie is retaliation against Marco.
You can't too choosy when trying to corner your prey.
It's so aggravating.
Have you told Mr.
Monroe? I was just about to.
He's in his room with Ivan.
Who's Ivan? Hmm? Oh, a new guy.
You've met him before, remember? The guy with the scar over his right eyebrow? Is there something the matter? Miles, who was it that delivered the money to Bastard that night? If he was there, he could have done something before I sent up tha signal flare.
Same thing when that guy Doug from the Guild attacked.
He was there then, too, right? Up until then, that street was a safe route, which had never come under attack.
What's more, that route is pretty complicated, and not very suited for an ambush.
If they were amateurs, they'd have been given the slip in no time, and that would be the end of it.
So then, how did they manage to give such a tenacious pursuit? Boss! Diego? Sorry, but I've got an emergency.
Call me back.
Miles, look out the window.
We've got an emergency, too.
I've seen that face before.
Yo, is Old Man Monroe home? I've come for a visit.
You know that since the war, there have been a scant few normals with and sometimes greater physical abilities than those of Twilights, without the toxicity or dependency brought on by Celebrer, don't you? And that most of them have been raised to be hunters.
There's a man named Striker who, even for those like us, is brutal.
It has been 15 years since I came to be at your father's.
the previous family head's side.
I have been soaking in the lukewarm waters here entirely too long.
I don't have the strength to protect my master, while going up against this guy, like I did then.
Let alone take back the girl.
Not anymore, I don't.
Bring that stuff in here.
Oh, Miss! What are you? You mustn't do that, Miss! What are you so flustered about? I'm sure you're accustomed to seeing ladies undressed! C-Cover yourself! Please cover yourself! Come on, hurry and bring it! Somebody, bring her clothes in here! Use my father's phone book and contact every last one of his connections If you get even one piece of useful information, call me immediately.
The rest of you split up into four teams and start searching.
Back alleys,markets abandoned houses and warehouse anywhere there is to look! M-Miss.
Move in small numbers, so the Corsicans don't catch on.
Understood? Miss, please wait! There's no reason to involve yourself with the personal feelings of one of your men! You are one of the Four Fathers, and a vital part of this city.
If you go around blindly at a time like this, and something happens, it won't just affect the Family's survival, but the lives of the Twilights who.
Marco Adriano.
You have given all that you have for the Cristiano Family.
Now it's our turn to pay you back.
If you can't because the master is fettered, then it's up to the master to act.
The Cristiano Family abandons nobody, not to the bitter end! Sir.
Would you mind guarding me? We can't kill him without Nic and the others.
Miles, you have to get out of here, now.
I'll cover you, so please follow after Mr.
Miles? Don't come looking for me.
I'm planning to settle things with them before something happens to this city.
No, the boss is still here.
He's playing chess with me here, like always.
You're an outsider.
There's no need for you to stay.
Hurry and get going.
He's broken through the 1st-floor west-end stairway! Diego.
Don't panic.
We're going to isolate him.
Close the door.
Call the men in the east staircase back.
Quickly! He's coming! Hurry! Hey, you're making me unwelcome.
Pay me some more attention.
Aww, that was a steel door.
I guess we can at least buy a little time.
Well, as long as the boss and Miles are safe, that's fine.
What are you doing? Hurry and get out! Mine is the same stuff as his, as far as this goes.
Hunters are about the same as Tags, just without the compensation.
Do this, and it'll stop his nose.
That throw him off a bit.
I won't ask you why.
but we're going to slow him down here and buy some time for Mr.
Monroe, right? I have misgivings about leaving you here alone, Miles.
You're an old man, with one foot in the grave already.
Hmph, you're a fine one to talk, after just barely becoming an adult.
If you're scared, feel free to tuck tail and run.
I'll tell everyone.
You don't have to invite me.
I'm so scared, I'm nearly pissing myself.
I don't have any diapers for you.
And whatever you do, don't go laying any whoppers.
Right back at you.
I don't do elder care.
He's wearing that same putrid stuff as always.
Is his head still on straight? Hey, at least show your face, already.
Your weak, non-Twilight men are out here getting worked over.
Is this what you want, "Boss"?! Huh? Mi Huh? Ah.
Sorry for bumping you earlier.
You're a normal, are you? You sure do have the stink of Twilight on you, considering.
I'm not interested in normals.
The one I need to see is Old Man Monroe.
Elimnates place for Tags to go, and bring them into the open.
I was sure he was here to kill Mr.
Monroe with that end in mind, but Where is he? Did he forsake all his men and run away? Damn, that is cold-blooded.
And here I came to have a look at his mug after all this time.
This guy knows Mr.
What's going on here? You think that I'd tell you if you asked? The boss doesn't have time to waste on someone like you.
Make yourself at home here.
you mix.
What are you.
STOP! Worick! Nina.
Worick is.
Mikhail, it's time.
We're going? Wash your hands.
Okay! It was around here that you lost sight of her? Mm-hm.
District 6? No, It couldn't be.
That's where the Twilights bodies first showed up.
If anything it's here.
or even farther north.
That is, if the Corsica Family is involved.
It looks like Granny Joel has gone out.
Heather, do you know this area well? I know a few places where there are some vacant houses.
This way.
What's the matter, Mr.
Monroe? Let's go.
The big guy gets annoying when he has to wait.
Let's hurry along.
It's no use.
Any of it.
Stand down.
This is not your fight.
You are not like they are.
You're just a fragile, powerless normal.
Poking your nose into this mess doesn't make you equal to them.
No matter how far they come, Twilights will remain beasts, who can only survive by submitting to normals, and dying for normals.
Wallace, you will never be like they are.
It's not as though I want to be like them, either.
boku wa wasurareta In a forgotten town hai tsumoru machi de settled over with ash, nakushimono o sagashiteta I was searching for what I had lost akai me o shita kimi ga Though you prayed with chiisa na koe de inottemo reddened eyes and hushed voice, mimi o fusaideta I was plugging my ears te o nobasu yori Rather than reach out, kakurete shimaou let's hide instead We'll point at the fractured skies wareta sora o yubisashi kodomo no me de waraiau and laugh with childlike eyes yoru no sukima I'll sleep here, kara nozoku hikari o bathed in the light that peeks abite koko de nemurou through the gaps of the night kimi to futari de together with you
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