Gap Dong (2014) s01e18 Episode Script

Episode 18

1 I have a question.
If I bite Cha will you set me free? No, huh? Cha Do Hyeok was right.
You're a victim above all.
Ryu Tae Oh.
I'll help you, of course.
If you're willing to pay for your crime.
What's your plan? Resolution is necessary.
To catch Gap Dong.
To protect Kim Jae Hee.
[Episode 18.]
The one who loses less compromises.
You remember what you said when I told you to quit catching Gap Dong? I said I wouldn't lose anything or anyone.
You can possibly keep your word.
You found out the exit he prepared.
- Just block that hole… - Or I can bury him there.
He's a cornered monster, so he'll take big risks.
Let's focus on that timing.
Can you really give me freedom? Of course.
You seem like a con.
Why would I con someone who worships me? What should I do? I'm thinking of siding with Mr.
It's just useless to tell you now.
I'll tell you when you're desperate.
So wait.
[Choi Mi Ja ID Records.]
I think men can't forget their first love and psychopaths their first murder.
The 1st, 2nd cases are both related to Choi.
Investigate her and Cha's relationship.
Find every tiny piece of evidence you can till the trial.
Yes, sir! If you don't want to be inspected as Gap Dong's assistant …go find anything you can.
Ok? Geez.
There's such a big misunderstanding about you.
Of course, I believe you.
Shall we meet up? Sometimes what you see is not the truth.
Thanks for believing me.
[Mu Yeom.]
- Come on out.
- Let's drop it, Mu Yeom.
I'm tired too now.
You better come out.
Because 2 Gap Dongs are meeting.
What are you two up to with Dr.
Oh? What? You were in a battle… …to see who'd complete the 9th case first? I'm saying this in case you're mistaken.
The prisoner's dilemma does not apply to you guys.
It's not a win-win game where you win by keeping your mouth shut.
Your case is more like Monopoly.
Monopoly? If one of you gets a bigger sentence… …the other's will decrease.
I wanted to ask both of you.
I'm sorry, I want to live.
Indeed, psychopaths betray each other… The trial is coming up soon.
There's no evidence on you… …but the death penalty is confirmed for me due to evidence.
Come on.
Tell me who can help me now.
You've got some nerve.
Ryu Tae Oh.
I don’t know why you think you can control me.
I'd rather choose a hunting dog over death.
Good thinking.
So maybe you can… …give me the freedom you promised now.
Hey! How could he? He has no freedom himself.
Just tell him to screw himself.
Then help me escape the death penalty.
Whose side should I take? You ought to take mine.
Why? Because I'll make Cha unveil his other crimes with his own hands.
Be smart.
Even if your sentence is decreased… …you're in for life.
The death penalty and life imprisonment are the same in Korea.
Even if you're sentenced to death they don't execute it.
What a brutal way of persuading him.
I discussed it with my legal team.
That's not necessarily true.
If you confess everything at Dr.
Han's trial and receive the death penalty… …people could have mercy on me.
Of course, I prefer freedom.
I thought we were on the same path.
From now on… …we can't make it together.
Gap Dong and Kim Jae Hee… I'm ending it all.
I don't understand it… …but do what you need to.
I'll do what I need to.
I found a missing person who looks like Choi.
Want to take a look? [Missing.]
Scary Tiger is determined… …to make you Gap Dong.
I do understand.
Since he resents Gap Dong.
He keeps digging into the 1st victim.
I think he's onto something.
He's asking you to come to trial.
He must be confident.
If you're here to feel me out, go tell him.
I'm not doing this because I'm Gap Dong.
I just don't have strength left to fight anymore.
I forgot to tell you something.
The 1st victim was an acquaintance and the signature was used to hide that.
Keep that in mind.
That's what the signature was for? No wonder.
He started celebrating from the 3rd case …judging from the Eiffel Tower pics.
He became Gap Dong since the 3rd case? Yeah, they came up with the name Gap Dong after… …the 2nd case because of my dad.
Gap Dong's racking his brain these days.
Don’t lag behind.
Be on your toes.
Excuse me? It's commonly called multiple personality.
You've never heard of it? No… But why are you bringing it up? Someone suggested you might have that disorder.
We need to check before you testify.
I see.
Do you ever hear other people's voices? Other people's voices? As if someone is next to you when you're alone When I'm at the police station alone… …it seems like kids are talking outside and I'd go out… …only to find no one there.
It's happened before.
Have you ever lost your memory during conversation? When I drink… What about in daily life? I don’t know… Recently… …it's a bit sensitive but… …I went to see a witness who thinks I'm Gap Dong.
I lost control and… Shut up, bitch.
I I'm so sorry, Dr.
There are a few strange symptoms.
Strange symptoms? Nothing's confirmed yet.
Don’t worry.
We could give you a shot for an accurate examination.
Of course, we need your consent.
I didn't know I'd get angry this much.
And how much I wanted to kill.
What should I do now? These are… …scars you left on other people's hearts.
Those you killed, those you threatened… …those you hated.
This class is tough.
Are you ashamed? Humans are different from animals in that they have a sense of shame.
- Are you… - Shall we stop? See? He's reading the paper up close.
Eyesight changes with the personality.
What does he say? Does he say he has multiple personality disorder? No way.
He doesn't even know the concept of MPD.
Are you… …having weird thoughts? Weird thoughts? Like what? For example, hurting… Perjury is enough to sentence him.
- So… - I'm her mom.
I'm her mom and we know what he's done.
What should I do? What should I do? I'm her mom.
What should I do? Breaking news.
You're about to witness… …the first live trial in broadcasting history.
It's because Cha suspected to be Gap Dong… …of the Iltan Serial Murder case, will stand witness.
Will Cha… ['Iltan Serial Murder Case Victims' Families.]
[Reveal the Truth.]
[Ban Expiration of Statute of Limitations.]
[Please Confess, Gap Dong.]
[I Want to Forgive You, Gap Dong.]
Forgive? [Defendant.]
All rise.
Cha was claimed to be the accomplice of the 4th case by Han.
Please take the witness stand.
You may begin.
What? He was Gap Dong? - What the…? - Gap Dong? [Witness Cha Do Hyeok (Ex-Iltan Police Sta.
Investigations Chief).]
The witness can be charged for perjury after taking the oath.
Would you still like to take the oath? Yes.
Please lift your hand.
I do solemnly state that the testimony I may give in the cause now …pending before this court shall be the truth, the whole truth… …and nothing but the truth, under pains and penalties of perjury.
Cha Do Hyeok.
Where were you on the 4th case day, Feb.
21, 1994? I was working in Susung.
Can you prove you weren't at the scene of the crime? You can check the work log.
It says he was on patrol here.
Susung and Iltan are located closeby.
You could've gone over with no problem.
Well Yes… but… I rest my case.
What? He's such a loser.
After a thorough railroad investigation… …Susung Police Station has sent us… …a well-written report.
You wrote this report, didn't you? Yes.
You wrote that taxi is the possible means of transportation for Gap Dong.
Was it to disturb investigation? Why would that be… Did you use the railroad? - Excuse me? - There should be a railroad in front of your house.
Yes But… [Defendant Han Sang Hun (Ex-Iltan Police Station Profiler).]
Have you taught about MO's in your classes? - Yes.
- Was witness… …Cha Do Hyeok… …one of your students? Yes.
I remember… …he was the only one to get an A+.
Oh, it's Aunt Maria! Oh, it's Aunt Maria! [Witness Oh Maria (Jail Clinic Psychiatric Doctor).]
You're the one and only witness and survivor …of the Iltan Serial Murder case.
Is that correct? - Yes.
- Is the criminal who killed your friend, Song at the 9th case …here in this courtroom? I'll ask you again.
Is the criminal you saw then here? Yes.
Can you please point him out? May I request Cha Do Hyeok, spotted as a suspect now as a witness once more? Maybe he'll get the death penalty before me.
Any objections to the witness's statement? Witness! Do you admit you are Gap Dong? Yeah.
I'm the… …real… …Gap Dong! Do you admit… …you are Gap Dong? Yeah.
I'm the… …real… …Gap Dong! Be seated.
Did you just confess that you are Gap Dong? Are you deaf, you fool? Where are you, Kim Jae Hee? I'll strangle that bitch to death.
There you are.
Why you Glad to see you, Gap Dong.
And who's this? Don’t you know me? We were friends.
I'm Ha Mu Yeom.
The idiot who'd follow Cha around? Thanks.
For revealing Gap Dong's face.
I was worried… …you'd feign ignorance to the end.
What will you do about it? You have evidence? No evidence, no conviction? Of course.
How can you catch me? You're an underling! You can never catch me.
Why? Because that fool, Cha is my puppet.
He'll destroy evidence if I tell him to.
And disturb investigation if I want.
He's an easy fool! But that fool said he's scared… …and ran away.
Where is he? Where's Cha? Where's Cha Do Hyeok? Take off your mask now.
Don’t be such a coward.
First you use your badge.
Now a mask? Mom.
What were you going to do with this? What were you going to do? I was… I was… …going to kill him.
Mom… Jae Hee… What's with Cha Do Hyeok? Does he really have MPD or is he acting? Didn't it look real? I agree.
Oh man.
What happened? He was dragged away for court nuisance.
Doctors will psychoanalyze him.
An article of his MPD is out already.
If it's all an act he's amazing.
If I didn't know him, he would've fooled me.
What did Dr.
Oh say? She wants to believe he has MPD.
That way she can get away from this case.
She wants to believe him to forgive him.
I understand how she feels.
But if he's proved to have MPD the issue will become bigger.
The travel ban will be lifted.
And we can't call him as a witness again.
You don't remember? I can't believe… …I did something like that.
The Gap Dong suspect Cha is assumed to have MPD.
Negotiations are underway.
Test results will come out a month later.
No wonder he didn't seem like Gap Dong.
He had a disorder.
I can't believe this.
3… 2… Ok, you can talk now.
What's your name? Gap Dong.
Do you know Cha Do Hyeok? What's your relationship? He's really annoying.
If I hadn't made him do it… …he wouldn't have had the guts to even talk to a girl.
Then shall we talk about the 2nd victim? Do you remember who it was? She had on a red coat.
She was standing at the bus stop.
Crazy bitch.
She didn't know the last bus had left.
Go on.
I asked her… …what she'd do… …if Gap Dong gets her.
She said she wasn't afraid since a cop was with her.
She asked me to take her home.
I guess her blind date wasn't so hot.
She didn't know… …who I was.
She was flirting with me.
I told her clearly… …when I killed her.
That I'm… …Gap Dong.
I'm the real Gap Dong! Be seated.
Did you just confess you are Gap Dong? Are you deaf, you fool? The host, Gap Dong is controlling the alter ego, Cha.
There's an abused 4-year-old and a boxing elder too.
We observed 6 personalities.
I think the hidden personalities were revealed… due to the stressful live news situation.
Let's hear Dr.
Oh's opinion before the final decision.
As a victim and psychiatric doctor Gap Dong's MPD could be… …the most ideal explanation.
I have no objection.
If it's tough because a victim is here please excuse me.
[Hankuk University Hospital.]
What happened? The diagnosis came out as MPD.
Now you can release Gap Dong… …eh? Yeah.
I guess her blind date wasn't so hot.
She didn't know who I was.
She was flirting with me.
I told her clearly when I killed her.
That I'm… …Gap Dong.
Gap Dong? That I'm Gap Dong.
Gap Dong? Gap Dong? Hello, Dr.
Sorry for the sudden call.
When was the name Gap Dong created? Name? When did people start calling the criminal Gap Dong? There's a ghost in the mountain behind my house.
Gap Dong ghost that eats virgins.
After the 2nd case occured.
Since Mr.
Ha's father created it.
What's wrong? If Cha Do Hyeok called himself Gap Dong even before the name was created… …that means calling himself Gap Dong… …to the 2nd victim is a lie, right? [Gap Dong's.]
[I'm the real Gap Dong.]
Why that monster! He's no human being! He called himself Gap Dong even before the name was created.
Cha made such a mistake.
I was just informed by the Ministry of Justice.
The travel ban was lifted.
Then let's change… …to plan B.
Before he bolts.
Shut up! So does Cha get the death penalty or not? They were enraged by Gap Dong's face.
The desire to punish him is dying out.
Now the arrow will… …point towards you.
We almost missed it.
What do you mean? Even before the name was created… "I am Gap Dong?" Dr.
It's over now.
Come on.
I'm leaving Korea in a few hours.
Please… …accept it.
Did you enjoy winning? I wanted to ask you too.
Did you enjoy winning? Geez.
Stop it.
20 years is a long time.
- Aren't you tired of this? - Yeah.
I'm so tired, I want punishment.
Punishment? You are… You are… …a creep who takes advantage of the weak human heart …that wants to forgive those who should never be forgiven.
I don't like cheap forgiveness either.
Before you go, we should decide who will die first.
You go first.
Cha Do Hyeok.
When you get stabbed on the back on the street …you don’t need to turn back.
I'll be… …standing there.
Gap Dong is indeed my god.
He conned the whole nation.
I'm too busy to play with a lazy hunting dog.
I want to be a hunting dog again.
Do you know what psychopaths fear the most? You did want to live, eh? You turned the wheel.
You saw it at the chicken race.
That's the only way to catch him.
Your own life is precious.
That's the only way? The travel ban wasn't lifted? I got a diagnosis from the court.
Please call the Iltan Police Station.
I think they blocked it again.
Thank you for your cooperation.
I have an urgent question.
Why is there still a travel ban? I don't know.
Can you find out what happened? - I'll find out.
- Ok.
But how should I let you know? Your phone will be tapped.
What's up, Mr.
Busy? Are you seeing Tae Oh today? Mm-hmm.
Why? Jealous? Why did you call me? You won't regret asking for the chance? It's not too late to take it back.
Take it back? I don't want to.
It's ok.
We'll be able to leave soon.
[Fishing Blog.]
[Mu Yeom.]
I heard from Young Ae.
You asked for the travel ban to be lifted again? Shouldn't you wrap things up with me before you go? Congratulations on your new-found freedom.
You know tomorrow's my trial, don't you? I'm sorry I'll miss it.
Then tell me what you promised.
Or I'll spill the beans.
There's no such thing as the Eiffel Tower secret.
It's just a joke like the Zodiac Killer's signs.
I mean the freedom to stop, living how I want.
Will you tell me when I'm on death row? It was easy for you behind your badge.
But I'm different.
There's evidence.
If you delay it any longer, I won't cooperate anymore.
Are you there? When you get stabbed on the back on the street …you don’t need to turn back.
I'll be… …standing there.
Shouldn't you wrap things up with me before you go? I'm the one in need, so I'll cooperate.
Ha will try to wrap things up today.
You won't be able to leave as you know.
Shall I tell you how to become free? You have MPD.
You won't be blamed for killing anyone behind the name of Gap Dong.
You'll be viewed as "mentally defective.
" If you don't cooperate, I'll go to Mr.
The end.
Is there anything you want to do before you're executed? Before I'm executed? Completion.
You should ask to do rock, scissors, paper.
Did I tell you about rock, scissors, paper? It was to set the order to die? What about the cops? If the guy caught on the plane for committing the 7th crime …kills someone again in front of everyone… What about the cops? If the guy caught on the plane for committing the 7th crime …kills someone again in front of everyone… The 9th case could happen today like you said.
If you give me permission today will be our last chance.
To catch 2 Gap Dongs at once.
Cha will be thinking the same thing.
It's a chance to get both me and Dr.
Ha Mu Yeom.
This will be my last operation… …as Scary Tiger.
This is the freedom you mentioned…? You are indeed my god.
My hero.
Go! I don't like cheap forgiveness either.
Where are you right now? Mr.
Ha wants to use the MPD diagnosis.
Then…? He will trap Gap Dong.
But regarding you and Ji Ul… …he asked me to protect you two.
Since it could become dangerous.
What about Ji Ul? Where is she right now? You have MPD.
You won't be blamed for killing anyone behind the name of Gap Dong.
If the guy kills someone again in front of everyone… So when you get negative thoughts blow a balloon like this.
Then you'll feel better and calm.
How is it? Shall we go out? Are you following her? - Yes.
- Where's Ryu Tae Oh? They're together.
Where's he taking her? Can't you give him… …one more chance? I think I already gave Ryu a chance.
Not Ryu, me.
If… …I mean …he commits the 9th crime with me… I won't let that happen.
I mean if that happens.
So I can check if he can really change or not.
- What do you mean? - Give me some time to find out if he really is a monster.
Hey, it's impossible.
It's too dangerous.
If I don't check myself I might be dragged around all my life.
I can promise you.
Nice picture.
Take responsibility for your decision.
Alright? Cute.
But why'd you cut your hair? It's an important day.
Important day? What day is it? Let's go for practice.
Practice? You said giving flowers makes both parties happy.
You think it's possible… …for me to stop? I don’t know.
- Maybe.
- Yeah… Maybe.
Angel Sports Center.
Wangneung Arboretum.
Those two places.
Today I'll get rid of Jack and Jill.
Ha Mu Yeom and Kim Jae Hee.
Today we'll catch… …the two monsters… …the original Gap Dong and the copycat.
The real Gap Dong will get Ha.
The fake Gap Dong will get Kim.
I'll end things for you.
[Ryu Tae Oh.]
[Cha Do Hyeok.]
So? Excited, eh? Ha's in charge of Team 1.
I'm in charge of Team 2.
I thought you'd be with Ha.
Indeed… …you graduated top from your class.
He's telling me to complete the 9th case before dying.
He threw poison to an insane man.
What should I do? Won't you come to see Ji Ul? I'm with her now… You want me to commit the 8th crime to Young Ae or what? You set a trap? You came with that calculation? Use your smart brain and re-calculate.
It's a great opportunity.
Didn't Ryu tell you? That you can shoot me with the Gap Dong personality? Cha Do Hyeok.
I mean… …Gap Dong.
Show me… …the coward you are.
You… …monster! I've been a psychopath since I was born and I still am.
We could all be crazy.
Don't you understand? You guys have red blood.
I'm a blue-blooded monster.
What? She took Cha herself? Show me again… …the coward you are.
[Gap Dong.]

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