Gap Dong (2014) s01e19 Episode Script

Episode 19

Let's drop it, Mu Yeom.
Let's end it Gap Dong.
[Episode 19.]
My life will expire soon.
So I have nothing to lose.
I don't care about dying either aside from the poor girls.
It's cool to die in my boss's hands too.
I want to see that face before I die.
I mean the face from court.
The evil Gap Dong's face.
Cha Do Hyeok.
I mean Gap Dong.
Show me the coward you are.
You monster! He's a cornered monster, so he'll take big risks.
You have MPD.
You won't be blamed for killing anyone behind the name of Gap Dong.
Ha! What happened? Mr.
Ha! Mr.
Ha! When you have negative thoughts, blow a balloon like this.
Then you'll feel better and calm.
Where are you going? Monk Jinjo told me don't try to be a hero.
Psychopaths and heroes are practically the same.
You need to trample on people's lives and emotions.
I must want to be a hero.
A hero who caught Gap Dong.
I have one last question for Do Hyeok.
Why'd you do it? Was there an inevitable reason? If not, I'll have to look for something.
Your other crimes.
Fighting against time can make you go insane.
No? What? He took Cha Do Hyeok? In his condition? He wants to investigate his other crimes.
I couldn't dissuade him.
I'm sorry.
But Team 1 and I I might not be making the right choice.
But dying without catching Gap Dong would be so sad.
Come on.
I don't have other crimes.
Even if I did, why would I tell you? There was a US serial killer named Bianchi.
He'd kidnap and kill girls pretending to be a cop.
He's just like you.
He insisted there's a Steve inside him.
He nearly made it but eventually got caught.
I guess it's tough in reality.
His nickname was the Hillside Strangler.
He'd discard the bodies on hills near LA.
Hyeong 12.
This is Hyeong 14.
Please call as soon as you see Mr.
Ha's vehicle.
Jong 1.
I haven't found it yet.
Jong 1.
I'm a patient.
You should transport me even if I'm a criminal.
But give me a break.
My emergency is even more urgent.
I don't mind dying.
But I need to know how many you killed.
I can't die without finding out.
Where's your hillside? Behind Gwaneum Temple only Lee Jeong Suk was found.
Where'd you bury the other girls you killed? You clearly have schizophrenia.
I can't tell you about crimes I didn't commit! Yeah? Mu Yeom! We could both die from excessive bleeding! Time is not on your side anymore.
If you drag on, you'll die! Mu Yeom is making me feel so guilty.
If he'll go that far I should do something too.
I guess Dr.
Maria isn't going to come.
Geez Is this what you had in mind all along? I don't know.
You asked me to teach you about emotions.
Was that a trap? Answer me.
The cops will come.
So let me go.
Mad Monk already knew you'd do this.
You followed me knowing that? Why? I wanted to check if you could change.
Should I blow one more until Dr.
Maria comes? Mu Yeom, the 1st-9th cases are it.
There are no other crimes.
We could both die.
You're risking your life here! I'm good at risking my life.
I have something valuable.
A life that's almost over.
I could die anytime.
Couldn't you live with surgery? Don't patronize me.
Just tell me your other crimes! I said there aren't any! Someone said people like you value your own life.
So I should take advantage of that.
4-leaf clover.
Where is that? 4-leaf clover? Eiffel's room.
Wasn't it a significant location? Actually I don't know where I'm going.
To me, the signs say rock scissors paper.
Oh gosh Who won - rock, scissors, paper? - Mu Yeom! Mu Yeom! No! No! You won't be dying lonely.
I'll be taking you with me.
At the end of the hillside forest.
What will you do with that knife? I didn't think you'd come.
I'm here so can you let her go? I'll have to.
To make you do rock, scissors, paper.
Wife You'll have to come and dig.
How many did that creep kill? [3 years ago.]
Ha Mu Yeom! You should keep your promise.
You said you'd let me go if I tell you! Come on, call the ambulance! You won't die.
Don't worry! There's something you should tell me first.
You both put out rocks in the old 9th case.
And you suddenly changed to paper, right? FYI.
What? That's what you need to win.
I'm so curious how it'll turn out this time.
Ok, start.
Rock, scissors, paper.
Rock, scissors, paper.
Rock, scissors, paper.
Rock, scissors, paper! I put up an unmanned cam just in case.
What's going on? Is Ha ok? I heard he's ok.
Cha confessed another crime and they found some remains.
Me first! You won't treat me because I'm a criminal? How could you? - It's not that - Look! Mr.
Ha is more hurt! He'll die anyway.
His swollen brain is killing him now! Please I'll sue you all! You can't ignore a patient like this! Give me blood now! Blood! Man, he's showing his true colors.
- Won't die - Exactly.
Creeps like him live for a thousand years.
I won't die.
Why should I die so young? Yeah, there's no need to die early like your boss.
Yeah wife your hubby won't die so take care of that monster first.
Huh? Rock, scissors, paper.
Rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper! This is no fun.
This isn't right, doc.
Neither are you, Ji Ul.
I tipped you off on how to live.
Shall we change the rules then? They decided the order to die then.
This time only one can live.
Ryu Tae Oh.
- You - Please.
Stop it.
It's too fun to stop.
Ok let's start again.
Will you keep doing this when only one can live? Who will change? Rock scissors paper.
Rock scissors paper.
You lost.
Why on earth did you change to scissors? You wanted to lose on purpose? I just don't understand.
She's not your sister or anything.
Why'd you throw her a life jacket? Because of your friend, Hye Jin? "Rock, scissors, paper!" When Gap Dong almost killed you when he killed her were you like this too? I'm sorry.
It wasn't intentional.
I didn't realize it.
I know, Ji Ul.
You do? Yeah.
I was like that too.
I didn't want to beat Hye Jin.
I felt like I had to change it.
He said he'd kill me if I didn't.
You're full of love.
Why is your conscience that important in the face of death? Why is changing so important now? It's important.
Because no one will die this time.
Ryu Tae Oh.
I have a favor to ask you.
Let's just say I lost.
No, Maria! Don't you have to hurry? You'll have to complete the 9th case before the cops come.
- So just - I'll think about what to do.
Is his shoulder ok? The ICU took care of that.
But his prefrontal lobe hematoma is the issue.
It got worse from overworking.
If he undergoes surgery now it could damage his linguistic functions.
How about giving him mannitol to treat the hematoma? Good.
I needed to go somewhere.
Cha Do Hyeok! We need a guardian's signature.
I don't have one.
You need one.
Mu Yeom Sign it for me.
My wife left the country.
Give it to me.
[Ha Mu Yeom.]
I'll see you in the interrogation room after you get better.
You know Ryu Tae Oh fooled me? You're proud of that? He gave me a tip.
To shoot you as Gap Dong's personality.
Though I failed because of you.
And what tip did you give him? The way to gain freedom.
All this give-and-take bull.
If you're still making plans kill the kid ASAP.
Kill Gap Dong's copycat? - Are you instigating me now? - Wait and see.
If you don't kill him he'll make a clean escape again.
You were caught committing the 7th crime on the plane.
If you kill someone else in front of everyone that'd be awesome.
Anyway Ji Ul when is your hero coming? I lost.
- So I - Be quiet.
Remember when I called you Rakol.
You know how empty all this is.
Is this really fun? Yeah.
- It's fun.
- But how come you don't seem to be having fun to me? It's not too late.
You can be saved if you stop.
You think so too? Why aren't you answering me? I can't be saved, eh? Hi.
I was ordered to leave just now.
- I see.
- Where's Cha Do Hyeok? He confessed his other crimes.
Mu Yeom did it after all.
But Cha didn't stop after the 9th case.
Although we believed he did.
There were neither any more signatures nor displays.
What if Ryu is trying to make us believe he stopped too? I think I know why you lost.
You wanted to kill me.
What are you talking about? I knew it the moment you got here.
Oh, she must have a cop with her.
I could die with a bullet in my back today.
But how come you never believe me? How come you only use me? You never felt sympathy for me? Like foolish Ji Ul? I can't forget the first time I saw you.
You were washing the prisoners' feet.
I don't think you're the same person now.
Which is the real you? Which? I'll visit you after I'm discharged.
With your favorite coffee.
You can visit anytime.
You promised.
Are you Gap Dong? The loser will be the hunting dog to catch Gap Dong.
Your freedom is over, Ryu Tae Oh.
Maria, stay a bit longer.
Anything else to say? You'll tell me about other crimes? Shall I tell you how to avoid the death penalty? Bite your hero's neck.
I'm sorry, Ryu Tae Oh.
You're Gap Dong's copycat.
If I feel sympathy towards you what about the people you killed? Not only did you kill the victims you ruined the lives of their families and loved ones.
For each person you kill, hundreds of people suffer.
Then what do you think I should do? Besides the death penalty or rotting in jail till I die.
I don't want that.
Where is the warm person I saw in you? The girl at the 9th crime scene Kim Jae Hee wanted to die after beating her friend.
Where is she now? Kim Jae Hee died too 17 years ago in the reed field.
The moment Gap Dong killed Hye Jin the pure 12-year-old soul died too.
You couldn't stay normal after all that.
That's called damage.
That's called hurt.
Next time don't bring up anything like affective disorder.
I won't ever let you go.
I won't ever forgive you killing another soul.
Can I ask you a favor? When it's time for me to die It's not like he's on a picnic.
What's with him? What's he trying to show us? Oh! Hey.
The patient should get rest.
We can take care of things here.
I couldn't miss the legendary 9th case.
I thought I should be here to get credit later.
What happened to the remains? They're analyzing the identity now.
Where's Ryu Tae Oh? He suddenly quit.
Quit? He reenacted rock, scissors, paper perfectly.
But after that, they're having lunch on the grass.
Geez Lunch on the grass? What are you talking about? Wait and see.
If you don't kill him he'll make a clean escape again.
Uh Cha said something weird.
He told me to kill Ryu.
Cha was going to kill Oh through Ryu.
But I think Ryu changed his plans.
He reenacted the 9th case And he's proving his mental illness? Can I go end the situation? Those two must be having a hard time.
You don't have to do me the favor.
After all, you two are the victims and I'm the perpetrator.
That must be Mr.
You know why Gap Dong let you go at the 9th crime scene? Because of young Mad Monk's nunchucks sound? That can't be it.
Then I can't tell you now.
Did Cha tell you something? You'll find out soon.
I was worried you might not show up.
We got Gap Dong thanks to you.
He told me to kill you.
But you need to do something for me to kill you.
Only a monster would kill a monster who's not doing anything.
I nearly died, eh? I'm grateful these two are safe.
But what's with you? Why'd you stop? Rock, scissors, paper was meaningful.
We had some good conversation too.
You're Dr.
Phil now? You talked about humans and psychopaths? Yup.
I confirmed humans are full of love.
Above all today's practice was extremely useful.
Let's go, Ji Ul.
Hey! If you keep going I'll put a hole to your mug.
What should we do with that crazy kid? Take him away.
The face after reconstruction is identical.
Check the family's DNA again.
Who won rock, scissors, paper? Why'd you instigate him to kill Dr.
Oh? When someone stabs your back on the street you don't need to turn back.
I'll be standing there.
I was going to take care of someone scarier than the Interpol.
You were going to kill a witness through the copycat's hands? But I was fooled.
My copycat bit my neck.
You guys won.
You enjoy winning? Huh? Do you have something called a conscience? Cha Do Hyeok tells me to try to live as a human being.
Gap Dong tells me that living as a monster is more fun.
The reason you stopped in the middle of the 9th crime Shall I guess? To prove your mental illness.
If you weren't the hunting dog I would've killed you today.
He's here! He's here.
Ryu Tae Oh! How do you feel, Mr.
Ryu? Look over here! Known as the main offender behind the Iltan Serial Murder cases Cha was caught before leaving the country.
And Ryu was arrested trying to act as the 9th case copycat [Taehyeon Industry.]
The trial was postponed but Why'd he do that with the trial coming up? Is he giving up? He clearly had the will to live.
I'll have to ask him why he's doing that.
How'd the citizenship issue go? Why'd you touch your citizenship? Don't you know the revised enforcement ordinance? If you don't exercise your foreign citizenship dual citizenship is allowed.
I hadn't given up because of Taehyeon stocks.
Now I have no choice.
If I'm about to go to jail as a foreigner I'll flee abroad.
I'll take advantage of it.
One uses the statute of limitations One uses the citizenship enforcement ordinance.
Why didn't they shoot me? They could've easily done so.
It's not like detectives only feel joy when they catch the criminal.
No? Creeps like you can't understand.
Just like I can't understand your complicated mind.
Uh Mu Yeom just called.
They're both safe.
He said don't worry.
Poor thing.
I let her go through this twice.
I can't believe this.
I'm so sorry.
My Ji Ul should've stopped contacting him.
She just makes friends so easily.
I'm so, so sorry.
Let's not say that.
"She must've been an easy target.
" "The girl must've enticed him.
" Stuff like that.
That's right.
You're killing the victim twice.
It's like asking an innocent victim why he wore blue in the Bloods' hood.
Get some rest.
Rock, scissors, paper.
I always wondered why they only targeted me.
Now I realize that I was the problem.
After the 9th case you know what was hardest for me? People would talk.
"Why'd she run away? She deserved it.
" Maria.
Just like they ignore hurt animals they don't want to see wounds.
They want to find a reason to ignore you.
Promise me that you won't hate such people.
Above all don't blame yourself for trusting someone.
I became a psychiatrist because everything was too much for me.
But I still can't help myself from hating others or blaming myself.
If a wound heals without leaving a scar would it be a wound? Would it be a knife? That would just be a passing wind.
It was tough, wasn't it? Going through such cruelty twice.
What will happen to Ryu? What? You're so worried about him? I'm not worried Yeah, I might be worried.
Tae Oh asked me why I used him.
The dude is good at hurting others.
You must've felt guilty.
What I did is hurting me.
Could there be something I can do for him? Well People want to feed animals that are dying too.
How do you do it? What? How can you heal your hurt? Yeon Hee.
What's auntie about to say this time? I'm most worried that I'll miss you all so much.
After this is all over it was so heart-warming together Yeon Hee.
You must be hungry.
Shall we eat something yummy? I'll tell you since you've lived passed your expiration.
After your father died and you were flustered the doctor said you wouldn't live long.
He said you'd only live 15 years.
Now you see your expiration was extended? So don't be greedy and live hard thanking the heavens.
[Who is the Legendary Serial Killer Gap Dong?.]
[Gap Dong is Finally Arrested! Other Crimes.]
[Gap Dong Kept Committing Crimes After the 9th Case.]
What an honor.
You want scissors to make a scrapbook? You do the interrogation.
Why don't you do it? You risked your life to catch him.
If he says anything you'll be promoted.
You must've wanted to ask him something.
Gap Dong is interrogating Gap Dong.
Isn't that funny? Yeah, I used to be Gap Dong too.
I became Gap Dong trying to catch Gap Dong.
I risked my whole life on Gap Dong.
Now that you're sitting here Weird I feel sad.
We might all be crazy.
I was crazy about Gap Dong.
That poor dude standing out there.
He suspected his father and burned his bloody jacket.
He blames himself for making him die.
You must have something too.
What's your bloody jacket? I didn't do it.
I really didn't do it.
Why do you want the details? I was a psychopath the moment I was born.
Even now.
So let's meet in court.
Don't you get it? You guys are warm-blooded humans.
I'm a cold-blooded monster.
Let's just keep it simple like that.
Ha found out something.
Your signature.
Your fake insanity.
That's an interesting hypothesis.
"The truth is not always what you see.
" That's your motto.
So I traced back further.
Choi Mi Ja's father went missing.
There's a behind story to that case.
"The truth is not always what you see.
" That's your motto.
So I traced back further.
Choi Mi Ja's father went missing.
There's a behind story to that case.
No, there isn't.
Your bloody jacket - Let's talk about that - Stop it.
I was a detective too.
A reduced sentence for serial murder? I know it's impossible.
Detectives just have to find proof.
The evidence has come out.
Let's wrap things up.
The victim Kim Sun Jeong went missing from Cha's neighborhood 3 years ago.
We're searching near the hills to find evidence for other crimes.
We're looking for contact points between Cha and the victims This is the fishing blog where Cha communicated with Ryu.
Cha deleted most of the posts.
But this is what we've retrieved.
I really didn't think he was Gap Dong.
I didn't ask you.
I'm cold.
Cold It's summer, but I'm so cold.
Rock, scissors, paper! Rock, scissors, paper! Whatever you guys say I want to live.
No matter what I want to live.
No matter what I want to live.
This is the reason I should go free.
I was clearly instigated by the original Gap Dong.
After Cha Do Hyeok pushed me to an inevitable choice he made me commit the 9th case.
I was cornered so I did it though I knew it would harm me.
There's a reason you get a high legal fee.
If you can't get me out despite all these circumstances you're idiots.
Witnesses? Overseas deportation is the goal.
Affluenza is the means.
I think we should give the impression that he has many collaborators here.
"Just send him overseas.
" I want to use the public's psychology.
[Ryu Tae Oh's witnesses to the 3rd Floor.]
Let's go.
Please listen, witnesses.
You can testify in court just as you did before.
Understand? Yes.
130, are you Kim Dae Chi?" Yes.
You used the same jail clinic room? Yes.
How was his mental state? He was totally insane.
He gave me $10,000 the first day and We can't acknowledge affluenza.
He can be released from the jail clinic soon.
Aside from affluenza you should acknowledge Cha's instigation.
Anyway Tae Oh clearly has a mental illness.
Wouldn't that be better than a tedious legal battle? Let's talk again after Cha's trial results are in.
Find out the public opinion too.
Oh is sorry about trying to use you.
She wants to apologize in person Tell her I don't like sympathy.
Anyway why do you take pity on me? What? - When did I - Always.
You always treat me that way.
You think you could've ended up like me, eh? No? I knew it since the Russian roulette day.
Luckily you were left on the other side as a human.
Some cold medication and eyedrops, please.
Cold medication and eyedrops.
[Punch, punch, punch.]
[Is this how I raised you?.]
[You arrogant jerk!.]
Will we be forgiven? For what? Why do we need forgiveness? [Will we be forgiven?.]
[For what?.]
[Why should we be forgiven?.]
You must have something too.
What's your bloody jacket? [Dec.
24, 1993, 1st crime day.]
[Crime and Punishment.]
I won't tell you guys my true story.
You know today's your trial? What's for breakfast? [Court.]
How do you like that seat? Uncomfortable.
I'm glad.
At least it feels uncomfortable.
The spring is sticking out.
Final argument, please.
Defendant? There's only one thing I'd like to say.
You guys just sat by for 20 years.
You have the right to judge me now? If I can live If only I can live As the criminal behind the Iltan Serial Murder cases and for the murder of Kim Sun Jeong in 2011 Cha Do Hyeok is to be given the ultimate legal punishment Your Honor! I was wrong.
Please forgive me! Please forgive me! I want to live.
Please! Please! Let me live! Please forgive me! I want to live.
Let me live! Please! Please! Please forgive me! I want to live! It's a gift from Ha Mu Yeom.
It feels great to kill like this.
The death penalty is useless.
No one's been hung since 1997.
Why doesn't Korea have life imprisonments? People already forgot Gap Dong.
Because there's only one Gap Dong.
What message should I leave? There's a start, but no end.
[Gap Dong.]

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