Gap Dong (2014) s01e20 Episode Script

Episode 20

1 As the criminal behind the Iltan Serial Murder cases …and for the murder of Kim Sun Jeong in 2011… …Cha Do Hyeok is to be given… …the ultimate legal punishment… [Final Episode.]
Your Honor! I was wrong.
Please forgive me! Please forgive me! I want to live.
Please! Please! Let me live! Please forgive me! I want to live.
Let me live! Please! Please! Please forgive me! I want to live! I was wrong.
I was wrong.
Please! Please forgive me! Please! Please! Please forgive me! It's your favorite chicken porridge.
Eat up.
Did you see me? Your son caught Gap Dong.
Father… I'm sorry… and …I love you.
What's with you? If it weren't for you… …who knows what would've happened to me? The death penalty is useless.
No one's been hung since 1997.
All the serial killers are well and alive.
Life imprisonment is better.
Why doesn't Korea have it? Gosh.
Defendant Ryu Tae Oh of the Iltan Serial Murder Case #2… …is sentenced to 10 years of jail clinic imprisonment.
Following Gap Dong's death penalty sentence… …copycat Ryu's trial was held today.
The judge panel has sentenced him… …to 10 years' imprisonment… citing his mental instability.
Tae Oh gave up his Korean citizenship… …according to the revised citizenship enforcement.
Please process him as a foreigner.
Since when was he a foreigner? In order not to acknowledge his loss of nationality… …there must be a military service issue.
But that's already been taken care of.
What's the public opinion? Between regular prison and jail clinic… …they preferred the regular one.
But according to today's survey… …they want overseas deportation.
They're saying Korea shouldn't have to pay for his treatment.
How about this? Ryu Tae Oh… …can never… …enter Korea again.
Overseas deportation with no reentry? Mr.
Ryu Tae Oh.
So… …you met her before X-mas in 1993? Yes.
Choi Mi Ja came for confession and left without saying anything.
She wanted to ask a question before asking for forgiveness.
Ji Ul has something to say about Cha.
If only… …he hadn't aggravated you… Shut up.
Don't talk about it.
What would happen if we confess? We simply took care of trash.
No one was willing to take it out.
We did it ourselves.
[We just took care of trash!.]
Cha told you himself? You think it was about himself? When was this? Before Gap Dong was revealed.
When he was my neighbor.
What's that? I haven't gotten much sleep.
Dry eyes… Why couldn't you get sleep? The detective in the webtoon… I need to find a story behind how he became a killer.
It's tough.
Any stories from your criminals? How about this? What? It's about a guy I caught.
Never mind.
I don't want to say.
It's too much.
That was it.
Cha's bloody jacket.
Bloody jacket? A trauma you don't want to show others.
You were once chief of the team.
Now you want to be a correctional officer? - Really? - Please.
It troubles me that he hasn't confessed his other crimes.
Isn't his tenacity… …noble? If you insist… Are you sorry you can't see Gap Dong's face? What did you want to tell me? You found a missing person? 1st case victim Choi Mi Ja's father, Man Shik… Did you know he was convicted for molesting a minor? After negotiations, Ryu lost his citizenship… …he accepted his overseas deportation order.
The public is against this.
Are you ok? Are you ok? Scary Tiger is here.
What brings you here? I came to care for you.
Call me whenever you want.
If you want to confess your other crimes.
When I close my eyes, I see a scaffold.
When I open my eyes, I see the devil.
Just put a rope around here.
Just kill me now! I wish I can do that too.
This is Ryu Tae Oh.
Regarding rock, scissors, paper… I'm sorry.
I got a call from Cha.
He wanted to see you before you left.
I think you should refuse… Don't meet him.
I want to show him the winner's smile.
Even if he's in prison, he's Gap Dong.
Just scram.
I'm already here.
Thank you.
If it weren't for your instigation… …the trial would've been difficult.
You're really going to stop? Maybe.
You're mistaken.
Folks like us can never stop… …before we die.
I know.
You hadn't stopped either.
You let go Kim Jae Hee at the 9th crime scene.
Your captive.
You wanted them to believe you had stopped.
"There's a witness, so Gap Dong will stop.
" You had them off their guard.
Then comes all the hidden crime.
That's the freedom I was talking about.
The freedom to stop… You made the world think you stopped.
- If that… - I have a favor.
I want you… …to stop me.
Did I hear wrong? There must be a way to send me off quietly… …fit for Gap Dong's reputation.
When you started to be my copycat… When I asked you to choose freedom or death… Our end was already… …decided.
How? I'd finish you off… …or you'd… …finish me off.
I'm sorry… …but I learned how to become free by myself.
Not from you but I… …used my brain… …to get freedom.
If you choose death again… …you'll regret it.
How will you kill me? You're locked up.
How could you like that? You were amazing when you visited me at the jail clinic.
Original Gap Dong and Chief of Iltan Police Station.
But now you're… Criminal No.
9413… …Cha Do Hyeok.
I barely got freedom.
I don't even have this much intention… …to lose it because of you.
Oh yeah.
There was something I've always wanted to tell you.
My ex-hero my ex-god… …Cha Do Hyeok.
I've… …surpassed you.
Surpassed… …me? Yeah.
I'll grab your neck… So 9413… …you're just a loser.
Now I… …am the real Gap Dong.
You think he really wants to die? He suffers from nightmares every night.
Leave Cha to me.
You set a date for surgery.
After I finish this.
Who knows… …how the surgery will go? Korea should have 2697 years' imprisonment like Italy too.
Talk about criminal law to someone else.
I want to finish this.
I don't like unfinished stories.
Why should I? You wrap up your investigation.
Let's talk after you see… …the last page.
[Living Together.]
[If only he hadn't aggravated you….]
The whole reality of the Gap Dong case has been revealed.
[If only he hadn't aggravated you….]
The whole reality of the Gap Dong case has been revealed.
I'm sick and tired of Gap Dong stuff too.
I'm leaving.
Good idea.
Before that… …draw in detail… The crime map after the 9th case.
Draw it in detail.
I wasn't shot or anything.
Why should I confess that? Your… …bloody jacket… What's my bloody jacket? Choi Man Sik father of Choi Mi Ja, the 1st victim and the girl next door.
What the jerk did to the 14-year old Cha.
You have a great imagination.
Don't you think you're overdoing it? Am I? Then shall I write the article first? Article first, then the truth.
Will that be ok? You've thought of yourself as a hero since the 3rd case.
My father named you Gap Dong.
That name …woke you up.
"I was nothing, before I was called bymy name.
Only after someone called my name… …I became a hero.
" You want Choi's name attach itself… to your precious name? I heard you check all the big papers… …to see what people say about you.
First murder motive… …you want to reveal the bloody jacket… "Please have mercy.
I'm a pitiful guy.
" If you want to whine like that it's not too late.
We can call Reporter Hong now… Ha Mu Yeom.
You made the right decision.
After I find all the girls… …I'm going to send all your data to the profilers.
If I keep digging into that… …I could feel sorry for you.
- You're afraid of that? - Yes.
I'm more scared… …of taking pity on Cha Do Hyeok the monster… …than dying.
Sometimes …pity can be …stronger than… …love.
Then… …I'll ask… …as an old friend.
If I draw the map… …can you let me go… …with the power of pity? Let you go? Put a rope… …around my neck.
I could've let you live for this.
What? Help him commit suicide? That crazy fool.
He wants to trade his life with the victims' bodies? You'll do the favor? I'm going nuts.
Should I just kill him? Let's kill him! Can we kill him? He deserves to die.
Let's do it.
Let's kill him! Let's do it! Hey wife What do you think your hubby will do? I really don't know.
I read this somewhere.
The enemy took over your village during war.
The order is to kill all of you as soon as they see you.
You're hiding with the villagers in the basement.
Now… …you hear the soldiers invading your house.
At that moment, your baby starts to cry.
You covered his mouth right away.
If you let go, the enemy will kill everyone.
If you keep covering it… What would you do? It's a high dillema.
That sure is a dillema.
That's tough.
You remember… …my favor? How come you never believed me? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
No, eh? You want… …me to keep the promise? Yeah but it won't be easy.
Aren't you worried that I won't know either when and where… …I'd be strangling you? I might… …stop working at the jail clinic.
Nice! You should've quit earlier.
There's a start but no end.
I guess I can't get away from Gap Dong.
Why do you think so? I feel so shamed and bad… …about how I treated Tae Oh.
I used someone else too… …to catch Gap Dong.
You're really worried about him, eh? He's such a troublemaker.
It hurts so much.
I can't just ignore it.
The evenings are still chilly.
The survivor's sorrow is… …a choice for you now not an obligation.
Whether you break free or not.
You do what you think you should.
What about you? I caught Gap Dong.
Now I can live it up.
How's your treatment going? It was overtreament.
What's with those docs… Mu Yeom! Want to practice nunchucks? The nunchuck practice days… - …were the best - Best days for me as well.
Maybe that's why… …I feel sadder.
We found it! It's a gift from Ha Mu Yeom.
I completed his investigation.
But I'll give it over.
Give it over? I thought you'd aim for chief of police station… …after catching Gap Dong.
But look at you now.
You lost your daughter and wife… I feel so sorry for you.
People have already forgotten Gap Dong.
Why are you still obsessed? Huh? It's so exciting to kill you like this.
It's probably a vitamin.
It's to make fun of you in the cell.
You didn't want to die? I trust Ha.
You think he'd let you die so easily? So far 3 female bodies have been found abandoned 5 years ago.
Behind the school field… Oh dear.
She must be upset.
I guess I can't get away from Gap Dong.
It hurts so much.
I can't just ignore it.
The survivor's sorrow is… …a choice for you now not an obligation.
Whether you break free or not.
[Mental instability.]
Since you renounced your citizenship, give up the stocks too? [Stock Transfer.]
I might regret it… I might laugh at myself later… You'll leave after Mu Yeom's haircut, eh? What do you mean? Why didn't you tell me? What? I just went to the market.
Don't go there today.
Why not? Maria is a good storyreader.
Just don't go.
I didn't want to copy this one.
But Bruce Lee died of cerebral hemorrhage too.
Whatever you can see is an illusion.
The real enemy is hidden behind that.
I totally feel the words now.
Oh! He was in bed with this girlfriend on his last day too.
Anyway the surgery is so complicated.
So many no-no's.
Right, you're a doc.
I know curiosity will kill the cat.
But I absolutely need to fast? Right.
How about making love? I can make love, right? How does it feel to like someone? It's friggin' tough.
It makes you miserable to death.
It feels like it's the end of the world.
It's not that bad to like someone.
Yeah? I had a hard time because of Mad Monk.
But I became mature.
I thought this might help.
I finished what we had started.
This is about sorrow.
This is pity.
It's weird.
You're younger than me.
But you're like a mom.
I came to give this to you.
I'll get going.
Why are you doing this for me? You feel sorry for me? Actually Mad Monk will have a surgery.
He might die.
But there's nothing I can do for him.
If I do something nice maybe God will bless him instead.
Your CAT scan shows great progress.
I think I could do anything now.
I could stop.
I could end it.
I'm at a flow status.
I got to go now.
Actually I'm in front of the hospital.
How come? I miss Mad Monk.
If he knows I'm leaving with you, he'd be shocked, eh? Mr.
Ha will survive, right? What do you mean? Maybe I was too cheeky with Gap Dong.
You need to sign this.
Tae Min will get 70% of the stocks.
You will get 30%.
When is he coming? Our end was already decided.
I'd finish you off or you'd finish me off.
Suction now! Suction! Suction! You surpassed me? What message should I leave? K.
K for killer.
Tag him.
Yes, sir.
There's only one Gap Dong.
How did the surgery go? You're not going because you feel guilty? I was really curious.
When we played Russian roulette did you target Mu Yeom? You didn't intend for a fragment to hit his head? You I was so sorry I lost my opportunity.
It was my chance to shoot him with a bang.
[Surgery Room: Ha Mu Yeom.]
Mu Yeom will get through this.
Stubborn kid.
He risked his life to catch Gap Dong.
Indeed couldn't stop before dying.
Ryu Tae Oh! Tae Oh! Tae Oh! Tae Oh! I'm in front of the hospital.
It's a deep cut.
Hurry up! Blood too! Funny I can I can leave like this.
Stop talking! It's like a dream.
This freedom It's really tough I am out aren't I? Seeing an angel is here .
this must not be hell.
Thanks so much for being with me till the end.
Not behind me but beside me Can I ask you a favor? If I must die I wish you could be there till the end.
If you pay for your crimes I'll be with you till the end.
Not behind you but beside you.
I'll repent too.
For using you as a hunting dog, not a human.
So start all over.
To redeem yourself.
I'm sorry.
I did too many crimes for that.
Beside me Tae Oh! Wake up Wake up! Wake up How about the funeral? Make it a quiet one.
In Gap Dong's name? Whose name? Gap Dong's name.
Who do you think you are? Mr.
Ha? Ryu? He's alive, right? Did he die? You're rich with sympathy.
Can I ask you to cry a drop of tear for me if I die? Why should I? Why should I? That won'tever happen.
That's mine.
You murderer! Hey! Call 911 now! Yes, sir! Sergeant Ha Mu Yeom.
Come forward.
Letter of Appointment.
Sergeant Ha Mu Yeom.
This is given for great contribution to the Iltan Serial Murder case.
Appointed to lieutenant.
June 20, 2014.
Gyeonggi Distrist Police Dept.
Chief Noh Jae Ik.
Lieutenant Ha Mu Yeom.
Cheol Gon.
[I'm sending Ep 03 of Living Together.
[Your letter has been sent.
Now forget your bad memories.
Just keep the good ones.
It used to be so clear.
Humans and non-humans.
It was black and white to me.
Studies say psychopaths have above average level of charm.
In that regard aren't I She called me on my day off.
Where is she? Man What's with you? You look mature.
You always asked my ID before.
What do you want to tell me? Don't get mad whatever I say.
I found out where Ryu is.
What do you mean? [Ryu Tae Oh.]
We must be the first people to visit.
It became clearer through this.
It's not when detectives arrest the criminal that they feel joy.
Then when? When you find out the true reality of the case.
Why are Gap Dong's born like that? [Ryu Tae Oh.]
If I can meet Ryu again I want to ask him.
What? If he really wanted to stop.
Some people are like that.
Like a drop of pitch blank ink on a snow white sheet of paper.
There must be a case to stimulate the potential monster in you.
I searched for Gap Dong for decades.
Now we're just sitting here talking about humans and monsters.
Here, let's start again.
Only one can live.
Will you continue? Or will someone change? Rock, scissors, paper.
I have a question for Ryu.
Did he have to be so evil? What about you? I don't know What was the hardest decision for you two in life? Die.
Just die.
That's my choice.
I just want to kill him.
I want to kill him.
If I die I'll ask as an old friend.
If I draw the map can you let me go with the power of pity? I wish people would make hard decisions for me.
Life is full of decisions.
And ironically choices aren't a choice, but a must.
No one has the freedom to not choose anything.
Yeah, we have to make choices that's the cross we must bear.
But the easier it is to make a hard decision the less human you are.
There are no clear answers in life.
It'd be weird to make choices without struggles.
Depending on your choice you can be on a smooth freeway or a tiring but nice road like this.
What about mine? What about my choices? They were beautiful because they were like human.
Human? Yeah.
Because you're human.
[Thank you for watching Gap Dong.]

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