Garfield and Friends (1988) s05e06 Episode Script

The Kitty Council/The Bo Show/Bad Neighbor Policy

- (Announcer) Ladies and gentlemen, Garfield and Friends! (upbeat music)
We're ready to party we're ready ♪
I hope you bring lots of spaghetti ♪
I'm scared
Come on in come to the place where fun never ends ♪
Come on in it's time to party with Garfield and Friends ♪
Dancing Fiesta
Romancing Siesta
Samba La Bamba
Ay caramba
And pies of
And pies of all sizes
Come on in come to the place where fun never ends ♪
You bet
Come on in it's time to party with Garfield and Friends ♪
Come on in it's time to party with Garfield and Friends ♪
Garfield and Friends
- Where else can you get this much
comedy for your viewing dollar?
(energetic music)
(marching music)
- When an airplane travels faster than the speed of sound
a shockwave is created that is
commonly known as a sonic boom.
That's amazing!
That an airplane can go so fast it would create a sonic boom.
Huh, I wonder what they sound like.
Garfield, dinner!
I guess that's what they sound like.
(Odie panting)
- Late for dinner again?
- Huh?
- You guys enjoy. I'm skipping dinner.
I need to lose a few pounds!
- If you're gonna take a whole eight seconds
to get to the table, you may miss dinner!
What are you having?
(Odie babbling)
Dr. Doggy's chopped kidney and heart delight.
No wonder you take your time!
- Boy, I'm hungry but I need to go on a diet!
- (TV) Do you need to go on a diet?
- How come my TV always knows what I'm thinking?
- Just be glad someone does.
- (TV) Then stay tuned for this very special program!
The following show is a half-hour commercial
that we've disguised as a real program because we figure
you're all too stupid to tell the difference.
- At least they're honest!
- Welcome to Incredible Findings!
And here to tell you all about her super guaranteed,
doctor discussed Vita-Yummy Slender Tender diet
is the queen of cuisine, Sylvia Svelte!
- I love these half-hour commercials,
you never have the annoyance
of being interrupted by entertainment.
- Friends, I've developed a new line of delicious food!
(audience cheering)
And it's low in calories!
(audience cheering)
And it's convenient!
(audience cheering)
- And it probably tastes like corrugated cardboard.
- (Sylvia) Just look at these tasty foods!
(audience oohing)
On my diet, you can eat as much of this food as you like!
(audience cheering)
- Sylvia, how can people get this wonderful diet food?
- Just come down you Silvia Svelte's Vita-Yummy Diet Center!
(Odie babbling) - Oh, excuse me, pardon!
Let me through, I'm hungry! - I'm first!
(gentle music)
- Well, have you decided what you would like?
- Yes, I'll have the turkey, my dog will have the beef.
- And I'll have the rest!
- Why don't you just take our seven-day sampler pack?
A whole week of the healthiest,
low-calorie food in the world!
- Good idea, how much is it?
- Well, here's our special introductory price.
- (gasping) That, that much?
But that, that's, that's, that's a lotta money!
- Well, we want to be healthy, now don't we?
The best food cost money.
- I believe in sparing no expense when it comes
to my stomach, especially when Jon's paying.
- All right, I guess.
- Just warm it in the microwave and enjoy
healthy, nutritious, good for you food!
Go out and get a jumbo cheeseburger with everything
and a side of chili fries, I'm starving!
- We want food!
We want food!
- Dinner is ready, guys!
You get the beef, Odie.
Garfield has the lasagna and I have the turkey!
Isn't it wonderful that they've developed low calorie foods
that come in huge, tasty portions?
(somber music)
- Huh? - You said it, Odie!
- Well, maybe it tastes real good?
(squeaking and crunching)
How's yours, Garfield?
- Hold on, wait a minute, I think I found some cheese!
No, it's a stain on the lens.
Yuck City!
Who in the world could be stupid enough to like this food?
(Odie slurping)
You'd think with a tongue like that
he'd have some taste buds!
- We've had guys!
We're taking this food back and getting a refund!
(marching music)
- How did you find our turkey?
- I moved a cranberry and there it was!
Miss Svelte, your food is terrible.
You wanna know how terrible it is?
- How terrible is it?
- He won't eat it!
- And that's pretty terrible.
- I demand my money back!
- Sorry, no refunds!
- I said I want my money back.
- I don't have time to argue,
I have to go do another commercial, uh, a TV show!
Bruno, Igor!
- I am not leaving without a refund1!
- You are leaving without a refund.
Those guys have not been living on the food here.
- Garfield, what are we going to do?
- Leave it to the cat.
I have, as usual, an idea.
(Odie panting)
- And here to tell you all about her super guaranteed,
doctor discussed Vita-Yummy Slender Tender diet
is the queen of cuisine, Sylvia Svelte!
(audience cheering)
- I hope I'm in time, that last restaurant was sure slow.
- Has anything strange happened yet, Odie?
(Odie babbling)
I don't know what he's going to do
but I have the feeling it won't be pretty!
- Uh-oh!
- My meal food is really delicious!
(audience cheering)
- One pizza, some Chinese food,
a couple layer cakes, prime rib.
Now we set the air conditioning to full blast!
- And it's very important to only eat healthy food.
(audience cheering)
(Sylvia sniffing)
My deluxe menu, uh, gives you all the (sniffing)
essential vitamins! (audience cheering)
Uh, uh, as I was saying, you must (sniffing) try my foods!
- Bet I catch a big one with this!
- My food is so convenient to (sniffing),
oh, I gotta have one, is so convenient and expensive
oh, now I smell Chinese food and roast beef!
Oh, I can't stand it any longer,
I gotta have something to eat!
- Well Sylvia, why not dine on
some of your own by the Vita-Yummy diet food?
- Who could eat that junk?
I want some real food!
- Well, it looks like Sylvia Svelte
is giving up her diet menu! - Get me a cheeseburger!
And someone send out for some Chinese food!
Oh Garfield, I'm gonna refund
your friend's money and everyone else's!
- I don't know how he does it.
Do you know how he does it?
I don't know how he does it.
- Oh, how can I thank you?
- Pass the potato salad.
Hey, it's okay to eat healthy,
just so long as you eat something!
This stuff's good! (chomping)
(zany music)
(upbeat music)
- Let's plan the day, boys!
I have a list of chores to do but I think I need
to make a careful study before I attempt them.
- Translation: I'm putting off work for another day.
- Let's go to a museum or do something
intellectually stimulating, right after lunch.
- Translation: let's eat too much
and fall asleep on the couch watching television.
(Jon snoring)
- I admire a man of decision.
(playful music)
- We have an important,
serious mission involving possible danger.
You have a question, Wade?
- Yes, could I begin running around
in a panic and screaming now?
- Wade, at least wait until he tells us what the mission is!
- We have a wolf in the neighborhood.
Here is his picture and description.
Notice the evil smile, the beady criminal-like eyes,
the ugly nose, the
- Orson, that's a picture of you!
(Orson chuckling)
- Well, I was just trying to see
if you were paying attention!
All right now.
Here is the wolf.
Now, as I was saying, notice the evil smile,
the beady criminal-like eyes,
the ugly nose, the ferocious teeth!
We have to protect our chickens.
If you see the wolf, ring this bell
and everyone will come running to help.
(bell ringing)
(Roy chuckling)
- Ooh, lightbulb, oh what an idea! (laughing)
- Okay everybody, back to your chores!
(sneaky music)
Come on in come to the place where fun never ends ♪
Come on in it's time to party with Garfield and ♪
Oh I love that song!
(saw grinding)
(water bubbling)
(Roy laughing)
- Oh, this is gonna be good! (laughing)
(bell ringing)
Wolf, wolf!
There's a wolf! (laughing)
Oh, this is good!
(bell ringing) Wolf, wolf!
- I'm coming!
(bell ringing) - Wolf, wolf!
- I'm comin'!
- I'm coming!
- (Both) We're coming!
- (Roy) Wolf, wolf!
- I'm going!
Wool-uf, wool-uf!
- Wolf, wolf!
- We're all here, Roy, where's the wolf?
There is no wolf!
I made you all come running! (laughing)
- That's not funny, Roy.
- For you, probably not, but for me it's a scream!
- Like, don't do that again, Roy!
- Or we'll make sure that the farmer's wife
gets a new feather duster, you!
(marching music)
- Hmm, I got a feeling this
is gonna be easier than I thought!
- Is the wool-uf gone?
- Wade, there was no wool-uf, uh, wolf.
- Roy was playing a joke!
- Well, some things we just do not joke about!
- (laughing) That was too, too funny! (laughing)
Oh, I think I'll do it again.
No, no, that would be cruel, childish, and pointless.
Three excellent reasons to do anything!
(bell ringing)
Wolf, wolf!
- There's the bell, let's go!
- (Both) There's the bell, let's go!
- (Both) There's the bell, let's go!
- There's the bell, I gotta go!
Wool-uf, help, wool-uf!
(Roy laughing)
- Roy!
- Roy, we don't find this very funny!
- You're not supposed to find this very funny,
I'm supposed to find it very funny! (laughing)
- (sighing) This is like the Wolf Who Cried Boy!
- Uh, don't you mean the Boy Who Cried Wolf?
- No, the Wolf Who Cried Boy!
You can come out now, Wade, no wolf!
I can tell you the story if you'd like.
- (Booker) Sure!
- No wool-uf?
What a relief!
It was damp in there.
- (laughing) Oh, the look on their faces!
Too funny for words! (laughing)
You should've seen 'em, they were so mad! (laughing)
I thought Orson was gonna, and Lanolin, she was so
and, Bo, he was so and the chicks and,
and they, and they were, and you are
And you, you have the chickens
and you're the wolf and me
You're the wolf!
- Nothing gets by you.
I gotta get help!
The wolf, help, the wolf!
(bell ringing)
Wolf, wolf! - It's Roy again!
- Bummer!
- We're not fallin' for it again!
- I am! Help!
Possible wool-uf!
Possible but not probable!
Help, wool-uf!
- Wolf, wolf!
Somebody, wolf!
(Roy trumpeting)
Help, wolf!
(drum beating) Wolf, wolf, wolf!
- You're wasting your lungs, fella.
- Attention everyone, there is a wolf in the barnyard!
Repeat, a wolf in the barnyard!
- Why doesn't he give up?
- Tell us the story of the Wolf Who Cried Boy, Orson.
- Okay, well, once upon a time there was a family of wolves.
They lived in peace in their little valley.
In fact, the only thing they feared
was the occasional appearance of a hunter.
Every night one of them would
stand guard while the others slept.
For some reason, he thought it would
be fun to play a trick on the others.
He yelled, "Boy, boy, there's a boy coming!"
And then he laughed as they all ran in terror!
It was so much fun that the next night, he did it again!
"Boy coming!" he cried, "There's a boy coming!"
And once again he scared all his friends
and once again he laughed and laughed!
But this time, they all determined
never to fall for his lies again!
Now the next night when he was on guard,
he happened to look over in the bushes
and there he saw a young boy out hunting.
"Boy!" he yelled, "There's a boy coming!"
But none of the other wolves believed him!
They'd learned not to trust a word he said!
And so there was no one to help him when, when
- What's wrong Orson?
- What's wrong is that even a liar
sometimes tells the truth!
Come on we better go check!
(action music)
- Bo, Lanolin, Roy might be telling the truth!
- Roy?
Telling the truth?
- Whoa, that's, like, pretty low man, even for him!
- Wolf!
- Oh, give it up, pal!
Nobody's comin' and I got all the chickens!
- Wolf, wolf!
- Hey!
- Good throw, Orson!
- I've tied it to the tractor!
- I'll drop him off in the next county, man!
(tires squealing)
- Hey, stop!
You can't do this to me!
- All clear, Ducko!
- It's okay, I already put a stamp on myself,
I might as well stay in here (chuckling).
(Roy panting)
- Wolf!
- Well, we hope you learned your lesson, Roy.
- Yeah, when you lie,
folks stop believing you about everything!
- I've reformed, I'll never lie again!
- Can we believe you about that?
- Probably not.
(energetic music)
(tense music)
- (Narrator) The sun peeked up over the rooftop that morning
dawning on a day quite like no other.
Well, not exactly dawning.
It was quarter past 11 when the cat awoke.
(Garfield yawning)
Awoke to a bone-chilling possibility.
- Maybe it's Monday!
Monday, don't let it be Monday!
Wait, this could be dangerous!
- (Narrator) Slowly his trembling paw reached to uncover
the newest page of the calendar.
And then he saw it!
Yes, it was Monday.
Monday, the most horrible, awful,
nightmare of a day in the whole week!
- What am I gonna do, what am I gonna do?
- Today, Garfield, we're going to eat nothing but raisins!
- Raisins?
(Garfield screaming)
(action music)
It's Monday in there, is it Monday out here, too?
Yep, it's Monday out here, too.
- (Narrator) There was no way out.
It was Monday and it would probably be Monday all day.
- 11 hours and 17 minutes of Monday left! (shuddering)
- Come on, Garfield, we're going for a walk in the park!
- I'm staying right here until Monday's over,
no force on this planet is strong enough
to get me to go for a walk in the park!
- Actually, just Odie and I are going to the park.
Nermal is going to stay here!
(Garfield screaming)
- Okay, let's go through walk in the park!
- (Narrator) As he wandered through the park,
the cat can only think of one thing.
- Wonder if it's still Monday.
Yep, still Monday.
- Hey look, guys, there's a wishing well!
Funny, I never noticed a wishing well here before.
- (Narrator) And when his master gave him a coin
and invited him to make a wish,
the cat could only think of one thing.
- I wish
it would never be Monday again.
- (Narrator) Impossible?
But the thing you must always remember about wishes is this:
sometimes, sometimes when you
least expect it, they come true.
(tense music)
Monday passed, as Mondays eventually do,
then Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday,
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.
Soon it was the day after Sunday again.
(Garfield yawning)
Which meant, of course, that weekly chilling thought.
- (gasping) Oh no, it's probably Monday again!
Watch, it'll say Monday again!
- (Narrator) It didn't.
- Tuesday?
- (TV) And here are the headlines
for this Tuesday morning!
- Tuesday?
Yesterday was Sunday, today is Tuesday.
I did it!
I made Monday go away!
No more Mondays!
No more Mondays la la
No more Mondays yes sir
- Scientists can offer no explanation as to why Tuesday
now follows Sunday on all calendars.
- I did it!
Me and the wishing well!
- (Narrator) For a while,
Garfield was proud of what he'd done.
But as weeks went by with no Mondays,
he slowly began to realize how things had changed.
- No Marge, I can't send the kids back to school
because the kids go back to school on Monday
and it isn't Monday yet!
- (Narrator) Things have changed a lot.
- That's the same movie they've been
playing here for weeks now, I've seen this
six times!
- I know what you're thinking cat,
we change the movies on Mondays
and since there's no more Mondays.
- (Narrator) But it was more than
just the same movie playing forever.
Health clubs featuring seven-day
reducing plans went out of business.
Monday morning quarterbacks had nowhere to go.
- I'll tell you what I would've done
- (Narrator) In Garfield's neighborhood,
Monday was when they picked up the trash.
Monday was always when John cut the front lawn.
And then there was the worst problem of all.
- (Garfield) Where's the food?
- There isn't any food!
I can't buy food until I get paid and I get paid on Mondays.
- Hey, I don't wanna hear this,
just make lasagna and lots of it!
- I can't cook until I get paid, Garfield
and besides, I usually make you lasagna on Mondays!
- No Mondays.
No lasagna!
I gotta get Mondays back!
- (Narrator) Desperate, the cat stumbled through the park
at night frantically searching for the wishing well.
- It's around here someplace.
Over here!
No, it's over here!
There it is, there!
Here, here's dimes, lots of dimes!
I wish Mondays were back!
- I thought you didn't want Mondays?
- I changed my mind, make it be Monday, please?
Here's more dimes, do you take credit cards?
Just bring Mondays back!
- No!
- What do you mean no?
I put a coin in, you can't say no to me!
- I'm a wishing well, I can do anything I want!
Watch this!
(thunder crashing)
- What did you do?
- (laughing) I just got rid of Thursdays,
the entire month of August, chocolate candy,
the state of Wisconsin
and everyone on the planet named Bob!
Not chocolate candy!
- And now to demonstrate the full extent of my power ,
I will eliminate all television!
- No, no, not that, not TV!
- (Narrator) The well summoned up it's full power
and it was just about to eliminate all the cable channels
when the spacecraft appeared overhead.
- Andrew, who gave you permission to come down here?
- Oh ma, I was just havin' some fun!
Besides, I made eleven dollars and 70 cents in dimes!
- (Mother) You just get right back in that ship!
Your father's going to give you a good talking to young man!
- Oh ma!
- I'm sorry, my son likes to take advantage of our shape
resembling your Earth wishing wells.
- Hey, no problem!
But before you go, could you put back Mondays and Thursdays
and August and Wisconsin and chocolate candy?
- Oh, certainly!
(thunder crashing)
- Any chance of getting my dimes back?
- I brought them back, too.
Now, everything is the way it was before my son landed.
- Bye!
(Garfield yawning)
It's Monday!
- I just got my paycheck, Garfield.
I'm going shopping and I'll make lasagna tonight!
- (Narrator) And so, Garfield could face the world,
forever more unafraid of Mondays.
Everything had changed.
Well, maybe not everything.
- Next wishing well I find them getting rid of narrators.
(upbeat music)
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