Genius (2017) s03e01 Episode Script


Chain, chain, chain
Chain, chain, chain ♪
Chain, chain, chain ♪
Chain, chain, chain ♪
Chain, chain, chain ♪
Chain, chain, chain ♪
Chain of fools ♪
REPORTER: You've just been
crowned Queen of Soul;
how does it feel?
ARETHA: Like I'm in a fairytale.
REPORTER 2: Are your children
in the audience tonight?
ARETHA: It is way past their bedtime.
REPORTER 2: But they're young kids,
weren't you a mother at their age?
ARETHA: That is why
they're at home in bed.
I'm just a link in your chain ♪
Oh ♪
You got me where you want me ♪
I ain't nothing but your fool ♪
REPORTER 2: Your father,
Reverend Franklin,
is he okay with you singing pop?
ARETHA: Well, he loves me.
He loves my voice and
will always support me.
Oh-oh-oh you treated me cruel ♪
Chain, chain, chain ♪
Chain, chain, chain ♪
REPORTER 2: Doesn't pop music
mean you're turning your back
on the church?
ARETHA: Well, my voice
is a gift from God,
so how could I possibly do that?
Every chain ♪
Has got a weak link ♪
Ah, I might be weak, child ♪
REPORTER: Queen, your
sisters sing backup for you,
do you plan on ever
singing backup for them?
ARETHA: We are family and we will always
support each other.
They told me to leave you alone ♪
My father said, "Come on home." ♪
My doctor said, "Take it easy." ♪
Oh, but your loving
is much too strong ♪
where's your king tonight?
What do you think about what
Dr. King is trying to achieve
for the negro?
REPORTER 2: With your father
and your husband by your side,
I mean who's calling the shots.
ARETHA: I think you all have
been reading a few too many
gossip columns.

I know what you're doing and I'll ♪
save you the trouble. ♪
ARETHA: Six years at Columbia
and for all that Mr. Hamlin did,
he couldn't get me on
the charts because, well,
he didn't get me.
Jerry Wexler, he gets me.
He's getting me to come
all the way down here.
TED: Well, he said
Fame Studios got the vibe.
ARETHA: It's going to be good, right?
TED: Yes, ma'am. Good as gold.
And I'll protect you.
ARETHA: Daddy used to say that.
TED: I'll be he did.
ARETHA: I'm going to
make a hit for myself.
TED: You gotta get there first.
ARETHA: We'll get there.
I will trust in the Lord ♪
I will trust in the Lord ♪
How I got over ♪
How I got over ♪
How I got over ♪
Oh, my soul looks back in wonder
How I got over ♪
Mmm, how I got over ♪
How I got over ♪
How I got over ♪
How I got over ♪
Yeah, my soul looks back in wonder ♪
How I got over ♪
Well, just as soon
as I can meet Jesus ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
The man that made me free ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
The man that bled and suffered ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
And died for you and me ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
I want to thank him because he walks ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
I want to thank him because he talks ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
CL: That's right,
that's right, that's right.
Damn it to hell.
ARETHA: Anything I can do to help?
CL: Handkerchief, thank you.
Thank you.
Ah, thank you.

CL: Get in the car, Re.
MAN: Not from around here, huh?
CL: No, we from Detroit, Michigan.
MAN: She's about my woman's size.
Your wife?
CL: That's my daughter.
CL: Stop, get back. Get back.
I will trust ♪
MAN: Okay.
I will trust in the Lord till I ♪
CL: Re?
Ya'll like my car?
MAN: Yeah.
CL: You can have it.
Come on, Re.
Come on, baby.
ARETHA: That was scary, Daddy.
CL: Yeah, it sure was.
ARETHA: Why did you give them your car?
CL: Just to see the look on his face.
I'm always going to protect
you, you remember that.
CL: Woo, look at that one now.
Now, that's pretty, that one is pretty.
Oh, look at it.
Eh, look at the pearl
handle thing there.
Woo, now that's a beauty.
SALESMAN: Yeah, well we got
some used models in the back.
CL: Yeah.
SALESMAN: But hey, hey,
hey, hey, hey, hey.
CL: Nice, nice, nice.
ARETHA: The cars for sale, isn't it?
SALESMAN: Where'd you
get this kind of money?
CL: I'm a Preacher.
And I think we both can
agree that God is good.
I will trust in the Lord ♪
I will trust in the Lord
Mmm-hmm ♪
Mmm-hmm ♪
JERRY: Mrs. Franklin, Ted, good trip?
ARETHA: Mr. Wexler.
Itty bitty town, you sure
they know what they're doing?
JERRY: Oh, we are in
very good hands here.
Your motel is down the street,
it's integrated so you'll be okay.
Rick Hall pulled some strings.
Fame Studios is big fish.
ARETHA: I am ready to sing.
JERRY: Great, let me get the door.
And your flight was okay?
ARETHA: It was fine.
Drive was safe enough.
JERRY: Good to hear.
You know, Rick Hall built
this place from the ground up.
He's a real salt of the earth guy.
ARETHA: Well, it was nice
for him to show Ted around.
Who's on my session?
JERRY: Oh, the best.
You're going to love them.
ARETHA: Well, I got this
great new take on "Respect".
JERRY: The Otis Redding song?
ARETHA: Mmhmm, it's going
to be a whole new vibe,
you know what I mean?
JERRY: Sure, sure.
You know, whatever we record,
if it sounds good today, great,
if it sounds good tomorrow, well,
that's when we really got something.
And Mrs. Franklin,
I do appreciate your trust.
ARETHA: Well, shit, if you
can't trust Jerry Wexler.
RICK: I love your work,
especially with the
Ray Bryant Combo.
Your "Over the Rainbow"
was something else.
ARETHA: Well, I'm looking
for a funkier sound now.
RICK: Mm, yes ma'am,
just had the piano tuned.
ARETHA: Sounds great.
RICK: And the control room's
got state of the art equipment.
Welcome to Muscle Shoals.
ARETHA: You've got a lot of engineers.
SPOONER: We're the
rhythm section, ma'am.
LAXTON: And we're the horns.
ROGER: You're surprised.
ARETHA: Yeah, and you're white.
JERRY: Um, Ms. Franklin,
can I see you in the
control room a moment?
You said you wanted the guys who
played behind Wilson Pickett.
ARETHA: How was I supposed
to know they were white?
TED: My wife's not just anybody.
JERRY: I signed her, Ted, I know that.
TED: She is deep soul,
and blues, and church.
Like you've got a dime in your
pocket and you hit the number,
she's the jackpot.
Who the hell are they?
TED: They, they're the best just
like you are, Ms. Franklin.
ARETHA: Give me your word?
JERRY: You've got my word.
TED: You going to be all right in there?
ARETHA: Yeah, sure.
Okay, guys, let's get ready to do one.
Ted, what do you want to start off with?
TED: Let's do "Never Loved a Man".
She's got a good take on this one.
ARETHA: Thanks, baby.
JERRY (OVER SPEAKER): We're rolling.

You're a no-good ♪
Heartbreaker ♪
You're ♪

What do you think, guys,
more like a blues shuffle?
ROGER: This what you're
thinking, Mrs. Franklin?

ARETHA: Sounds good.

DAVID: Maybe we could speed it up?
JIMMY: Yeah, kind of like a dance tune.
You're a no-good ♪
Heartbreaker ♪
ARETHA: No, uh-uh.
JERRY: We got the song,
we got the talent,
we just gotta find the groove.
TED: You said these guys
played with Pickett.
JERRY: They'll get there.
Before they find it, they
just got to get a little lost.
That's all.
MAN: We're rolling.

JERRY: Can you go back
to the piano, please?
Let's keep you there.
She's a completely
different performer when she
plays and sings.
I think that's going to be the key.
MAN: We're rolling.



JERRY: Okay, let's,
let's, let's try this maybe.
Let Aretha be Aretha.
ARETHA: I will trust in the Lord.
CL (OVER PA): Spiritual God will
call your wayward husband back
and teach him to treat the
family right, the spiritual God
I wish I had some praying
people in here today.
CL (OVER PA): You're
not hearing me tonight;
you're not hearing me.
Some people only want
to trust in they selves.
Some people put all they
trust in they bank account.
WOMAN: Oh, no, no, no.
CL (OVER PA): Some folks
trust in the government.
But ultimately, I said ultimately,
I said ultimately all
those things will fail.
CONGREGATION: That's right.
That's right. That's right.
You know you're right.
CL (OVER PA): But I'm going
to put my trust, my trust,
our trust in the Lord.
WOMAN: Amen.
I will trust in the Lord ♪
CL (OVER PA): Come on, sing it.
I will ♪
I will trust ♪
I will trust in the Lord ♪
I will trust, yes, I will ♪
In the lord ♪
Oh, till I die ♪
Until I die ♪
I will trust ♪
I'm willing to trust in the Lord ♪
I promise the Lord ♪
Thank you, Momma, thank you so much.
WOMAN: Reverend Franklin,
you and your family make
every Sunday a blessing.
CL: I'm serving the Lord.
WOMAN: And Mother Franklin,
all of your grandchildren are
wonderful singers just
like dear Barbra was.
MOTHER: Oh, we miss her every day,
but we stand on our faith
knowing she's with the Lord.
MAN: And when are you going
to solo in church, child?
WOMAN: You've got a remarkable voice.
ARETHA: Thank you.
WOMAN: Just adorable, she is.
ARETHA: Mrs. Melba,
are you and daddy going
to get married soon?
MRS. MELBA: I hope so.
Your father is a wonderful man.
CL (OVER PA): Just
looking at you and say
I am going to treat everybody right ♪
I'm going to treat everybody right ♪
I'm going to treat ♪
Treat everybody, everybody right ♪
Baby, hold everything ♪
Hold that thing ♪
Stop ♪
Try to make your doorbells ring ♪
Getting low, like I used to be ♪
Do you remember? ♪
When I was in my prime? ♪
Almost every time ♪
But now I'm not like I used to be ♪
CL: If I stumble on Saturday night,
the world by Sunday morning.
You know what I'm talking about.

Hey baby, turn the record player off.
Thank you.
The king of the piano and
the queen of the blues,
Mr. Art Tatum and Ms. Dinah Washington.
What a difference a day made ♪
24 little hours ♪
Brought the sun and the flowers ♪
Where there used to be rain ♪
My yesterday was blue dear ♪
CL: Come on down here
and join the party.
Come on.
That's my girl.
My lonely nights are through dear ♪
Since you said you were mine ♪
Lord, what a difference a day makes ♪
There's a rainbow before me ♪
Sky's above can't be stormy ♪
TED: And which one of
CL's daughter's is here?
ARETHA: I'm Aretha Louise.
TED: Well, nice to meet you Aretha.
I'm Ted White.
It's heaven when you ♪
Find romance on your menu ♪
What a difference a day made ♪
And the difference is you ♪
CL: Hey!
DINAH: Thank you.
I'm going to record that one.
TED: Yeah, you better.
CL: My daughter, Aretha.
MRS. MELBA: Oh, C. L.,
don't make Re sing if
she doesn't want to.
CL: Re listens to the radio.
She can hear any song and
sing it back note for note.
And tonight, we've got
a Bonafide radio star
in our house.
CL: So, so how would
you all like to hear a
little sing along,
a little call and response?
TED: What is it like
a little parlor trick,
something like that?
MRS. MELBA: No, no Re's good.
Did you say I've got a lot to learn? ♪
Did you say I've got a lot to learn? ♪
Since this is the
perfect spot to learn ♪
Teach me tonight ♪
TED: Ha-ha, did you see that?
TED: You've got something there.
CL: That's it.
DINAH: Re's going to
be the next great one.
CL: Yes, she is, yes, she is.

DINAH: What do you want
to do when you grow up?
ARETHA: I want to be a singer.
Now just because you're pretty ♪
DINAH: Do you want it or
does your daddy want it?
ARETHA: Both, I guess.
DINAH: Well, you've got
what it takes but you've got
to promise Dinah Washington
you be a good girl.
Don't grow up too fast and
don't go having babies until
you find yourself a nice, sweet husband.
Don't roll those
bloodshot eyes at me ♪
DINAH: And watch out for them
son of a bitches, you hear?
ARETHA: Yes, ma'am.
You've been out on a spree ♪
It's plain that you're lyin' ♪
When you say that you've been cryin' ♪
Don't roll those
bloodshot eyes at me ♪
TED: Settle down.
See you later, CL.
- DINAH: Bye, Pastor.
- CL: Ya'll be careful now.
ART: You have any idea how good you are?
ARETHA: My momma played piano, too.
ART: Ah, so you're a
wonder kin, a wonder child.
ARETHA: Thank you, Mr. Tatum.
ART: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
That's it, that's it. That's it.

TED: Mmm-hmm.

SPOONER: That, Mrs. Franklin,
is an unknown cord.
It's a B flat 7, sharp 11?
ARETHA: Uh, no, that would be more like.
JIMMY: It sounds like a C7,
sharp 9, C7 sharp 9 over G.
That would be more like this.
DAVID: Whatever it is, it's funky.
EDDIE: It's celestial.
ARETHA: It's both at the same time.
How, how about this here?
JERRY: Just keep it open, keep it going.

JIMMY: That's it, that's it.
You're a no-good heart breaker ♪
You're a liar and you're a cheat ♪
I don't know why I let
you do those things to me ♪
My friends keep telling
me that you ain't no good ♪
Oh-oh-oh-oh ♪
They don't know and I
would leave you if I could ♪
Guess I'm uptight ♪
That I'm stuck like glue ♪
Cause I ain't never ♪
I ain't never ♪
I ain't never, no, no ♪
Loved a man the way that I, ♪
I love you ♪
So, there was this chicken
and he only had one leg.
SPOONER: We already heard that one.
ARETHA: But you haven't heard
it the way I'm telling it.
SPOONER: All right, all right.
So, here you go, one legged yard bird.
TED: Let's keep it on track, Re.
No need to play the clown.
ARETHA: Come on, baby,
this'll make you laugh.
Why is this chicken trying
to get across the road?
To find his other leg.
I said, quit playing a fool.
ARETHA: You know, he
needs to lay off the bottle.
TED (OVER SPEAKER): What'd you say?
What'd you say?
JERRY: Okay. Enough, okay.
Why don't we
do another take, Ms. Franklin,
just your vocals on the bridge.

I can't sleep at night ♪
No I can't eat a bite ♪
I guess I'll never be free ♪
Since you got your hooks in me ♪
Oh-oh-oh, yeah ♪
Yeah ♪
And this is what
I'm gonna do about it ♪
I never loved a man that hurt me so ♪
Yeah ♪
This is what I'm gonna do about it ♪
Hold on ♪
GROUP: Whoah.
SPOONER: Did they didn't hit it
like that at Columbia Records?
ARETHA: No, they did not.
ROGER: Well, us swampers we
can play just as good as them
New York City cats.
JERRY: So, you two
grew up together, huh?
TED: Met her at a party
at her daddy's house.
RICK: I thought he was a preacher?
TED: Well, he loved Sunday
morning and Saturday night.
MAN: We got it. Uh, uh, uh
ARETHA: So, I should
just trust my voice?
JERRY: Everybody's
floored by your voice.
I want to know what's underneath.
And then when we get the right material,
you'll carry the day.
ARETHA: My singings always
been my guardian angel,
keeps me safe.
JERRY: Safe from what?
ARETHA: I'm not telling
you all my secrets.
JERRY: You haven't even told me one.
Give me one, make it juicy!
KEN: I ain't never been to New York.
How about taking me back with you,
I could curl up in your suitcase.
TED: Hey, what the hell
did you say to my wife?
ARETHA: It wasn't nothing, honey.
TED: Oh, you defending him now?
That's my wife you're talking to.
SPOONER: Hey, he didn't
mean any disrespect.
TED: You in this conversation?
KEN: I didn't mean
nothing by it, brother.
TED: I ain't your brother.
"Never Loved a Man" sounded great.
Let's stay on track.
TED: Fire him, trumpet player.
JERRY: Fire him, Rick.
RICK: You're kidding.
Trumpet, you can leave.
Go now.
KEN: I wasn't saying nothing to her.
- ARETHA: I'm sorry, man.
- KEN: Man, this some bullshit.
ARETHA: Want to take it from the top?

TED: Don't tolerate no disrespect.
RICK: I don't like to
be disrespected either.
- TED: Who you jumping up on?
- JERRY: Okay, enough.
All right, why don't we
call it a day, Ms. Franklin?
Everybody can go home, get some rest.
We'll meet here in the morning.
ARETHA: Mr. Wexler, I
think we should keep going.
I think we found something,
let's just keep going.
SPOONER: Let's let things cool down.
ARETHA: What happened
to as "Good as gold," Ted?
TED: You tell me.
TED: Wexler better find
another horn player as good
as that other guy.
ARETHA: Who knows who the
hell we're going to get stuck
with tomorrow all
because you had to act out.
TED: What, You want
me to just stand there while
some white man disrespects you?
ARETHA: We were just talking, Ted.
TED: Oh, you were doing
more than talking.
ARETHA: Oh, so now you
can't tell the difference
between talking
and screwing because I can.
TED: Okay, you know what?
You shouldn't have been
staring at me while you were
singing that song.
ARETHA: I was singing
the Goddamn song, Ted.
TED: You got, you like them white boys,
don't you, huh, huh?
ARETHA: Okay, okay. You know what?
Tomorrow I won't talk to
them, I won't look at him.
I'll just shut up and sing.
RICK: Who the hell do you think
you are firing my musicians?
TED: Touch me again.
- RICK: Evening, Mrs. Franklin.
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
TED: Oh, okay.
So, I'm just a nigger to you, huh?
RICK: I didn't call you that.
TED: Oh, but you were thinking it.
ARETHA: Come on, cut it out.
RICK: So, what if I did?
She's the talent, not you.
ARETHA: Oh my God, this is bullshit.
TED: Go on, nigger, say the shit.
I want to hear you say it.
RICK: I will not. Get off me.
You think you're some big tough man?
TED: You think you some big tough man,
you a big strong man?
ARETHA: Mrs. Melba?
MRS. MELBA: Yes, baby.
ARETHA: What's a sombitch?
Mrs. Washington told me
to watch out for them.
What are they?
MRS. MELBA: They're men, the kind that
would do a girl wrong.
ARETHA: What do they look like?
MRS. MELBA: Now, you are
way too young to be worrying
yourself about any of that.
You understand me?
ARETHA: Yes, Mrs. Melba.
MRS. MELBA: And if I
hear that word come out of
your mouth again,
I'll wash it out with soap.
GROUP: Amen.
MRS. MELBA: Joe Bombattle called,
when are you heading
back into the studio?
ARETHA: Can I go with
you to Mr. Bombattle's?
ERMA: No, you can't.
CL: Actually, Re, yes, you can.
CECIL: I always ask
but you never let me.
ERMA: And I'm the oldest.
CECIL: I'm the youngest.
GRANDMOTHER: Erma, Cecil, Carolyn.
MRS. MELBA: Now, you
will all get your chance.
CL: But Re will get her chance first.
ARETHA: Thank you, Daddy.
CL: Mm-hmm, now let's eat.
I want to get my pie and
my vegetables, mmhmm.
Brothers and sisters,
black power is an answer,
a reply, a rejoinder,
a response if you will, to white power.
It has sprung up, emerged,
materialized, arisen,
and will rise and
rise again from the failure
of white power.
Yeah, and I hope you people
out there will want to pray
with me again tonight.
God bless you, God bless you,
Gold bless you.
MAN: I, I pressed that new
one for you right away.
CL: All right, all right.
MAN: How many you want to
take on the role with you?
WOMAN: Oh, honey, you're
like thunder, lightning,
and dynamite all rolled into one.
CL: Oh, I try to appeal
to people's minds as well
as they emotions.
ARETHA: I'm going to make a record, too.
WOMAN: Can you sing?
CL: Oh, little Re can sing.
MAN: But she ain't
soloed in church yet and
ain't no hurry, Re.
CL: I'll tell you what.
We go back out on the road;
I'm going to take you with me.
We'll go out this, this summer.
MAN: Well, she ain't
old enough to travel on
the Gospel circuit.
WOMAN: But she's cute,
she'd be a hit and she'd make
a joyful noise.
CL: She's a real talent.
MAN: Now, that road's a wild place now.
ARETHA: I'll be with Daddy
and the other singers.
WOMAN: Let your light shine
before men so that they can
see your good works,
Matthew 5:16.
CL: Oh, you said it now.
MRS. MELBA: In the grocery store,
some hussy tells me
she's your hide piece.
CL: Oh, who the hell would say that?
MRS. MELBA: She had
yellow hair all piled up.
CL: Oh, now I don't
know nobody like that.
MRS. MELBA: Quit lying.
You run around on me like a
dog and now your hussies cut
me in the street.
ARETHA: Stop, stop it.
CL: Melba, honey, you
upsetting the children.
GRANDMOTHER: Let's go, come on.
MRS. MELBA: It was just
like this with your wife.
Poor Barbara, bless her soul.
CL: Keep my wife out your mouth.
MRS. MELBA: She left you and
the children because she got
tired of your girlfriends.
CL: You ain't clean enough to
be airing my dirty laundry.
MRS. MELBA: What was I
thinking being with you?
CL: You got tired of being
trash thinking it'd be nice to
be more respectable.
MRS. MELBA: Respectable, respectable.
CL: Oh, now.
MRS. MELBA: Years ago.
CL: Now hold up, my, my past
ain't got nothing to do with you.
- MRS. MELBA: You had relations
- CL: Shut, shut your mouth.
- MRS. MELBA: With a You got with
- CL: Shut your mouth, I'm saying.
ARETHA: Don't go. Don't go.
MRS. MELBA: Take care, Re.
You'll be all right, baby.
ARETHA: I'll tell daddy
to be nice to you.
MRS. MELBA: You be a good girl.
Honey, don't get into trouble.
Be sweet, you hear?
ARETHA: I'll tell daddy
to be nice to you,
I'll tell him not to hit you.
I'll tell him to treat you right.
MRS. MELBA: Oh, I love you so much, Re.
ARETHA: I love you too.
MRS. MELBA: But I have to go.
ARETHA: Please don't.
MRS. MELBA: I have to go.
I love you, baby.
ARETHA: I love you, too.

CL: Now, you sing just
like you do at home.
Okay? All right.
WOMAN: Come on, come on.
CONGREGANT: It's all right now.
CONGREGANT 2: Let him use
you baby, let him use you.
CONGREGANT 3: You can do it.
CONGREGANT 4: The Lord guides you.
CONGREGANT 5: God is good, God is good.
Jesus ♪
Be a fence all around me ♪
Everyday ♪
Jesus, I need you to protect me ♪
As I travel along the way ♪
I know you can and I
know that you will ♪
You'll fight my battles
if I stay on will ♪
Oh, Lord be a fence all around me ♪
Everyday ♪
CONGREGANT: Sing it baby, sing it.
Jesus be a fence all around me ♪
CONGREGANT: Sing it baby, sing it.
Jesus, I want you to protect me ♪
As I travel on the way ♪
I know you can, I know you will ♪
You'll fight my battles
if you keep still ♪
CONGREGANT: Praise him, girl.
Praise him!
Amen. ♪
Yeah. ♪
CL: Thank you.
Yes, Lord.
Thank you, choir.
Yes, yes, yes.
Yes, Lord.
ARETHA: You wrecked the room.
TED: He started it. I settled the bill.
ARETHA: With my money.
Where the hell were you last night?
I can smell it on you.
Booze and bitches.
I was going to make a hit.
This was supposed to be my
last chance, my last chance,
and you ruined it.
TED: Stop it.
ARETHA: You said that you loved me.
You were supposed to be good as gold.
TED: You sound crazy, now stop it.
We are going back to New York,
we're going to get back in that studio,
and we're going to start fresh.
ARETHA: I'm going home to Detroit.
TED: So much for finding your sound.

How's my grand-baby?
Welcome home.
SON: Mommy, smile for the picture, mom.
ARETHA: Tell me, Big Momma,
that my precious babies have
been behaving themselves.
BIG MOMMA: Oh, they're no trouble, Re.
SON: We've been very good.
SON 2: Did you bring us anything?
ARETHA: Yeah, I brought myself.
Yes, yes, I brought presents.
You can open them in the living room,
and I'll be in there directly.
Don't open them until I get there.
BOTH: Okay, okay.
CECIL: Welcome home, Re. Come here.
ARETHA: Cecil, hey.
ERMA: You spoil them.
CECIL: Let me grab your coat.
ARETHA: Lay off me, Erma.
ERMA: Where's little Teddy?
ARETHA: He's in Chicago
with Ted's folks.
ERMA: You and Ted calling it quits?
ARETHA: I only said we had a
fight, Erma, don't make it worse.
Hey, Carolyn.
CAROLYN: Hey, sis.
I'm just telling it is like it is ♪
which reminds me you
are not the only talented
one in this family.
GRANDMOTHER: I'm just as excited as you.
Oh, oh, a black GI Joe.
CL: Re, get in here.
You've got company.
CAROLYN: Oh, Daddy's
got a new lady friend.
CL: Hey, hey, hey.
- ARETHA: You look good, Daddy.
- CL: How's my girl?
Look here, this here is Marcia.
ARETHA: I'm so happy to meet you.
MARCIA: Pleasure.
CL: So, I hear you had
another fight with Ted, did you?
ARETHA: I'm here to relax, Daddy.
CECIL: Look, if you need
someone to take care of Ted,
just say the word, sis.
ARETHA: That's okay, Cecil.
Don't you worry about it.
Now, I thought you were
supposed to open these
when I got here.
Ruth Bowen, what a surprise.
RUTH: Girl, I know Ted from
back when I managed Dinah.
She wouldn't marry him because he was a
bull in a china shop,
Godzilla when he drank.
ARETHA: Are you here to
give me marriage advice?
RUTH: No. But I do want to sign you.
CL: Time you had a real
manager instead of that pimp
of a husband.
MARCIA: Ted sounds downright unsavory.
ARETHA: Thank you, Ms. Marcia.
RUTH: I can get you better
bookings and help you build
on each success.
ARETHA: And Dinah did
say that you were the best.
RUTH: I still am.
CL: At the rate you're going,
Muscle Shoals could
be the end of the line.
RUTH: I've contained
bigger disasters than that.
ARETHA: All keep talking about my thing
ain't going to happen,
but it has to happen.
Shit just has to.
Oh my God.
Save me! ♪
Somebody's got to save me ♪
Save me ♪
Somebody's got to save me ♪
CAROLYN: Go ahead, it's almost
sounding like something, Ya'll.
Save me ♪
Somebody's got to save me ♪
Save me ♪
Somebody's got to save me ♪
CAROLYN: And verse
Promise myself after
your first dalliance ♪
That I wouldn't give you
no kind of second chance ♪
ARETHA: Dalliance?
ARETHA: Don't mean we
couldn't find a better word.
ERMA: I mean, yeah, cause
you don't, you know,
you don't want it to go over Ted's head.
ARETHA: Now, see that's not fair.
That's not.
CAROLYN: You know, that phrase
the kids are saying in the street?
- ERMA: What? What?
- CAROLYN: "Sock it to me".
CAROLYN: Sock it to me,
sock it to me, sock it to me.
Sock it to me, hey,
sock it to me, sock it to me ♪
Sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me ♪
Sock it to me, sock it to me,
sock it to me ♪
CL: You know it's good that
you ain't inviting Ted into the
studio next time around.
CECIL: Cause he always hanging
on somebody's coat-tail.
First Dinah Washington, now you.
ARETHA: It isn't like that.
CECIL: Okay, I stand corrected.
CL: He's a no count,
just derailing the career
that you and me worked so hard to build.
You think he's a better
manager than me but he ain't
doing nothing but dragging you down.
ARETHA: Ted wants me to be more than
Reverend Franklin's daughter.
CL: Well, I want you to be more than
Ted White's meal ticket.
ARETHA: Ted is my husband,
and I am the only person
in this house that gets to
have a say in my marriage.
CAROLYN: You need help with him?
ARETHA: Ted or Daddy?
ERMA: Okay, save her.
Save me ♪
CECIL: Come on, come on,
get your brother,
get your brother.
Get your brother, come on, come on.
Say, hey, Mom, hey, hey, Mom.
Get Mrs. Ruth, get Mrs. Ruth.
All right, boys, come on, come on.
Come on, come on, come on.
RUTH: Been here almost a week,
starting to feel like home.
ARETHA: Welcome to the family,
you sure you want to stay?
RUTH: Look, I'm going to come clean.
I did not know you had
children, such lovely boys.
Is Ted their father?
We do have a son, little Teddy.
RUTH: And the father of the older boy?
ARETHA: Every family's
got their secrets.
We don't air our dirty laundry.
RUTH: Understood.
As your booking agent and publicist,
I'll make sure the world
only sees the Aretha Franklin
you want them to.
Look, you have all the
talent in the world.
No need for you to chase the charts,
they should be chasing you.
ARETHA: For the record,
Ted and I have a wonderful marriage.
We are raising three lovely boys.
I come from a remarkable family.
I am a princess in a fairytale.
RUTH: I can take that to the bank.
ERMA: Well, some people would
think twice about going to work
and leaving their kids.
ARETHA: If it's Ted,
tell him I ain't home.
CAROLYN: It's Mr. Wexler.
ARETHA: Hello, Mr. Wexler.
JERRY: Let's get you back in the studio.
ARETHA: I, I need to be home right now.
JERRY: Okay, all right.
Oh, and I did something, hear me out,
with "Never Loved a Man".
I had a dozen sides pressed;
what do you think we
should use for the B side?
ARETHA: We don't need one,
just send it out.
JERRY: I already did.
Yeah, DJs love it and now we
need "Mountain" to go with it.
ARETHA: Uh, I want to
record in New York.
JERRY: Great, how soon
can you and Ted get here?
ARETHA: I'm not inviting Ted.
Just get the rhythm
section guys up and I'll be
down in a week.
JERRY: Better hurry because
you've got a monster hit.
ARETHA: I got a hit.
We got a hit.
ARETHA: I need ya'll to
follow me otherwise we're
going to get lost, okay.
Can you give me something?
KING CURTIS: Well, what you got in mind?
ARETHA: In the break I want
you to hit it like I'm beating
someone's chest or
slapping someone's face.
Like a,
You said that you loved me ♪
You-said-that you-loved-me ♪
- KING CURTIS: That's the rhythm?
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
KING CURTIS: I got just the thing.
ARETHA: Uh-huh.
And Jimmy, can you, can
you give me a blues like a,
like a groove like I was out all night.
That'll be the intro.
- JIMMY: Can do.
- ARETHA: All right.
KING CURTIS: We'll have a
tasty pocket for you.
ARETHA: King Curtis,
you are my kind of man.
joining with everybody else.
you've only got three chords?
make them sound like a million bucks.
JERRY: All right.
ARETHA: All right.
Now, Mr. Oldham, I need you
to punch it for real because
our grove is urgent.
ODEM: Yes, ma'am.
ARETHA: And Mr. Hawkins, this
is not a shave and a haircut,
this is more like a four on the floor.
- HAWKINS: You got it.
- ARETHA: All right.
TED: It's Valentine's Day, right?
You thought I forgot?
Excuse me, brother.
JERRY: Oh, you've got
to be kidding me, yeah.
RUTH: Thank you.
ARETHA: With love from your husband.
JERRY: Okay, let's go.
All right.
Give me that soul, Ms. Franklin.
DAVID: She writes our parts,
and she can't even write music.
KING CURTIS: Just like Charles Mingus.
JERRY: Ted, Ted.
RUTH: Nice touch.
TED: You think you can
manger her better than me?
RUTH: We can both manager her, Ted.
She's going places.
CAROLYN: The song is
a cry for help, right,
so you're calling
all the superheroes like
Batman, Superman,
Black Panther, Green Hornet.
ARETHA: I'm going
to call on all of them and
they sidekicks too.
You know why?
I need help, ya'll.

Save me ♪
Somebody save me ♪
Save me ♪
Somebody save me ♪
Save me, save me ♪
Promised myself after
the first romance ♪
I wouldn't give ya no second chance ♪
Say if you seek,
you're sure to find, ♪
But the closer I get to you, baby, ♪
You drive me stone outta my mind ♪
Save me ♪
Oh, yeah ♪
Save me ♪
Save me, save me ♪
Yeah ♪
Those who love always give the most ♪
We're cryin' together
from coast to coast ♪
Love leaves us cold and hurt inside ♪
These tears of ours, unjustified ♪
Beggin' you to save me! ♪
Yeah, need somebody here ♪
Save me, yeah ♪
JERRY: Here come the horns.
Yeah ♪
Woo ♪
Yeah ♪
Mmm-hmm ♪
You lied and said you needed me! ♪
You abused my love, set me free ♪
You didn't need, you didn't want me ♪
Somebody help me, this
man wants to taunt me! ♪
I'm beggin' you to, oh, save me ♪
Need somebody to save me ♪
Save me, save me ♪
Callin' the Cape Crusader,
Green Hornet, Kado too ♪
I'm in so much trouble,
I don't know what to do ♪
If you think anything
about me, save me! ♪
Oh yeah ♪
Save me, save me
Understand! ♪
Save me!
Anybody! ♪
Save me!
Save me ♪
Whoo! Oh, oh, oh, save me!
TED: The first set was great.
ARETHA: Second sets going to be better.
TED: My parents are here,
front row seats,
and there's standing
room only out there.
Our hard work is finally paying off.
ARETHA: Our hard work?
I don't want to be
married to you anymore, Ted.
TED: What you get
yourself a couple hits,
you think you're through with me?
You're getting a little
big for your britches.
ARETHA: You couldn't' even
keep up with me if you tried.
TED: How's your story book
life going to look with out
your happy husband?
ARETHA: I'm getting a divorce, Ted.
TED: Why?
Because CL Franklin told you to do it?
Cause the Franklin family
thinks they're too good for
a regular man, a pimp like myself.
You're going to look at
me when I'm talking to you.
want you to know that it is
hard to get respect.
TED: I said look at me
when I'm talking to you.
But if you don't get it,
well I got my pocketbook
right here on stage with me.
I make sure I get paid before I sing.
That's respect.
Well, I have had a wonderful
time and I hope you all have
enjoyed yourselves tonight.
I thank you for coming.
Goodnight, thank you so much.
now, with a surprise for Mrs. Franklin.
Introducing your
favorite local disc jockey,
Rocket Jones.
ROCKET (OVER PA): Wait one second.
In recognition of all you've done.
all kinds of music and for
all kinds of people.
ROCKET (OVER PA): But especially
for soul music and soul people.
The people of Chicago and the
people of the world, hereby
crown you "Queen of Soul".
WOMAN: I love you, Queen!
MAN: I love you, Aretha!
REPORTER 2: Re, Re, Re
TED: Hold, hold, hold.
Just hold on a second. Thank you.
Re, do you want to
talk to me for a second?
Baby, look, it seems
like you're not listening
to me right now.
I need you to listen to me
for just a second right now.
I'm trying to talk to you, it
don't look like you're trying.
TED: Re.
Re, open the door baby.
Open up the door.
Re, let me in.
There's a lot of press folks
out here who want to talk to you.
You going to do me like this?
Baby, I just want to talk to you, okay?
We'll just sit and talk,
just you and me, okay?
Come on, baby.
Baby, just open the door, okay?
Open the door, we're going to talk,
I ain't going to do you wrong.
Okay, I'm going to do
you just right, okay,
I'm going to be good as gold, baby.
Just let me in the door.
I'm so sorry, baby.
Baby, I'm so sorry.
I, I don't know what got into me.
Let me in the goddamn door, Re!
Open the damn door!
You can't do this without me.
I made you.
Who's going to be there for
you when them peckerwoods come
talking to you, when they
try to tell you who you are,
who's going to be there for you?
Who's going to help you out?
Who the hell do you think you are?
I may get weary ♪
Women do get weary ♪
Wearing the same shabby dress ♪
But to one who's weary ♪
Try a little ♪
Try a little tenderness ♪
Oh-ho-ho ♪
I may be waiting ♪
Just anticipating ♪
All of the things I
may never possess ♪
Mmm, but while I'm waiting ♪
Try a little ♪
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