Genius (2017) s03e02 Episode Script

Until the Real Thing Comes Along

ANNOUNCER: Previously on Genius.
ARETHA: My singings always
been my guardian angel.
JERRY: Everybody's
floored by your voice.
I want to know what's underneath.
TED: Which one of CL's daughters is?
ARETHA: I'm Aretha Louise.
TED: Met her at a
party at her daddy's house.
RICK: I thought he was a preacher?
TED: Well, he loved Sunday
morning and Saturday night.
- JERRY: Ms. Franklin!
- RICK: Welcome to Muscle Shoals.
TED: Fire him, trumpet player.
KEN: I wasn't saying nothing to her.
ARETHA: This was supposed
to be my last chance,
my last chance and you ruined it.
TED: Stop it!
ARETHA: For the record, Ted
and I have a wonderful marriage.
I am a princess in a fairytale.
ART: Do you have any
idea how good you are?
You're a wonderkind, a wonder child.
CL: When we go back out on the road,
I'm going to take you with me.
MAN: She ain't old enough to
travel on the Gospel Circuit.
The road's a wild place now.
CL: I'm always going to protect you,
you remember that.
A million baby kisses ♪
I said, said I'm gonna deliver ♪
The minute that you
sing that oh Swanee River ♪
Rock a bye, your rock a bye baby ♪
With a Dixie melody ♪
One more time yea ♪
A million baby kisses ♪
I'm gonna deliver ♪
The minute that you sing
that oh Swanee River ♪
Rock a bye, your rock a bye baby ♪
With a Dixie melody ♪
Ooh-oh-oh ♪
TED: Yeah, that's my girl!
you so much Village Beacon.
Thank you for coming.
ARETHA: Was I good?
TED: Woo, are you kidding me?
You were on fire up there.
ARETHA: Well, they
weren't clapping much.
TED: Well, that's cause they don't know
how to show they love.
But you know who does.
Why don't you take a load off,
I'm going to hit up the club manager,
talk about getting us paid.
ARETHA: I'm going to
freshen up first, baby.
TED: Okay. You did your thing, girl.
ARETHA: Mm-hmm.

ARETHA: You going to rub
my feet when we get home.
TED: Well, whatever my baby needs.
CROWD: Surprise!
ARETHA: What in the world?
TED: Happy birthday.
ARETHA: You got me.
TED: Champagne for the lady?
ARETHA: Are you sure we should
be spending all this cash?
TED: Oh, nothing is
too good for my best girl.
ERMA: Happy birthday, sister.
ARETHA: You missed my set.
ERMA: You know I sing
at the Tropical tonight.
I almost sold out the house.
21, that's a big one.
ARETHA: I think things are going
to change for me this year.
ERMA: Well, you know, Daddy
always said good things come
to those who wait.
ARETHA: And I've waited long enough.
TED: Yeah, you have.
ERMA: Happy birthday, sister.
TED: Make a wish, girl.
ARETHA: I want to be on TV again.
Primetime this time.
I want to be on The Steve Allen Show
with six million watching.
TED: Your wish is my command.

Roll Jordan roll ♪
Roll Jordan roll
I want to go to heaven when I die
To hear old Jordan roll ♪
ladies and gentlemen.
Ladies and gentlemen.
The one, the only Reverend CL Franklin!
CL (OVER PA): Yes, ha-ha.
Hallelujah. Thank you.
We're so grateful to be here.
It's a very special moment
for myself and my family.
I'm here with my daughter Aretha Louise.
She will come up on this stage and
sing for the very first
time on this Gospel Circuit.
Yes, sir.
You going to remember her name.
You'll remember he name.
Aretha, will you join me?
WOMAN: Alright Aretha.
WOMAN 2: Amen, amen.
MAN: Oh, that's sweet.
- MAN 2: Sing it, little girl.
- MAN 3: Sing to the Lord baby.
WOMAN: Come on now. You can do it.
MAN: Sing baby.
Amazing ♪
- MAN: What?
- WOMAN: All right.
Grace ♪
MAN: Yes. Come on, come on.
That's right.
How sweet ♪
- MAN: Excellent, excellent.
- WOMAN: Yes.
The sound ♪
- WOMAN: We know it is.
- MAN: Come on, come on.
That saved ♪
MAN 2: Straighten up your back baby.
Head up.
A wretch ♪
- MAN: Elbow down, elbow.
- WOMAN: That's alright.
Like me ♪
WOMAN: Mm-mm-mm.
CL: She just a little
nervous because she's singing
in front of the people, you know.
She's just a little nervous,
she'll be all right.
I once ♪
MAN: Sing strong now baby, sing.
Was lost ♪
- MAN 2: Yes alright.
- WOMAN: Thank you.
But now I'm found ♪
WOMAN: There you go, yes
and gentlemen. Ladies and gentlemen.
Yeah-yeah, yeah-yeah.
MAN: Sing that song now!
give it up for Ms. Clara Ward.
How I got over How I got over ♪
How I got over ♪
Oh my soul looks back and wonders ♪
How I got over ♪
Oh just as soon as I can see Jesus ♪
Oh yes ♪
The man that made me free ♪
Oh yes ♪
The man that bled and suffered ♪
And died for you and for me ♪
Oh yes ♪
I want to thank him
because he brought me ♪
Oh yes ♪
I want to thank him
because he taught me ♪
Oh yes ♪
Thank him because he cared for us ♪
Oh yes ♪
I'm gonna thank him
because he never left me ♪
Well I'm gonna sing ♪
Hallelujah ♪
Oh I'm gonna shout ♪
Oh I'm gonna thank Jesus
for all he's done for me ♪
Yea, I'm gonna wear a diamond dear, ♪
In the new Jerusalem ♪
Oh yes ♪
Gonna walk the streets of gold ♪
In the homeland of the soul ♪
Oh I'm gonna sing ♪
Hallelujah ♪
And shout ♪
Taught us all about ♪
Oh I'm gonna thank Jesus ♪
MAN: Thank you Jesus.
For all he's done for me ♪
MAN: Yes Lord, yes Lord.
Hallelujah ♪
How I got over How I got over ♪
How I got over ♪
My soul looks back and
wonders how I got over ♪
Yea how I got over ♪
How I got over How I got over ♪
My soul looks back and
wonders how I got over ♪
How I got over ♪
MAN: Oh praise you God, Lord Jesus.
Singers, round of applause, let's go.
ARETHA: You were wonderful, Ms. Ward.
CLARA: Oh, thank you, baby.
You sing beautifully, too.
ARETHA: Thank you.
CL: All right, look
at here, look at here.
Thank you, ma'am.
Thank you, bless you, thank you so much.
MAN: Reverend, Reverend, Reverend,
it's always good to meet you.
Your radio program is a blessing.
We listen to it every week.
WOMAN: And now to see you in person,
please accept this as an
expression of our gratitude.
CL: Yes, I've got a sweet tooth
and it's going to be satisfied,
thank you so much.
RONNY: Hey, Little Re. I'm Ronny.
How you feel about your first time?
ARETHA: It wasn't very good.
RONNY: Nah, you have a beautiful
voice and it's just going to get better.
- ARETHA: Think so?
- RONNY: I know so.
ARETHA: Thank you.
RONNY: You're welcome.
Keep your head up.
CL: I'm going to call
it the Freedom March.
As Gandhi marches people to the sea,
this summer I'm marching our people
through the streets of Detroit.
Folks onboard, businesses contribute,
we going to make change happen
because we going to demand it.
ARETHA: Nobody brings
people together like you do.
CL: It'll be the biggest
freedom march in history.
TED: You mean in the state of Michigan.
CL: No, I mean in this country
because enough is enough.
Everybody's coming onboard,
not just in Detroit.
That's why I'm traveling
around to churches like
the one I'm preaching out at tonight.
ARETHA: Daddy, I don't want to say
CL: To spread the work.
Reverend King's helping
me drum up support coming to
my march and you know all the things
that I've done, done for that boy.
- TED: Yeah.
- CL: Uh-huh, you know that boy.
He owe me.
TED: Though a man like Dr. King
really should have his own march.
I mean that would really get a turnout.
Sit down, baby.
ARETHA: Daddy, I know you wanted me
to open up before your sermon tonight
- CL: Mmm-hmm.
- ARETHA: But I can't.
TED: I got her an important
audition at the Village Beacon.
CL: You canceling on me?
You gave me your word, baby.
ARETHA: It's for a producer,
The Steve Allen Show.
TED: He's only in town for one night.
ARETHA: I'm moving things
forward for myself, you know.
Ted got me booked so the
producers could see me live in action.
You can come meet us for a drink after.
CL: You should be playing at
bigger clubs than that hole-in-the-wall.
You sang at the Newport Jazz Festival.
ARETHA: It's a nice
place to be singing, Daddy.
CL: Baby, if I didn't send
money every month you wouldn't
be able to afford to be singing.
I pay for your rent, I
pay for your electric bill,
I pay for the meal that's on this plate.
TED: We don't need your money.
CL: Oh. Are you going
to be in his stable now, huh?
ARETHA: You don't have to come
if you don't want to, Daddy.
We'd understand if you were
too tired after your flight.
TED: My girl can sing, right?
What'd I tell you,
my baby's out of sight.
NORM: You're a
wonderful singer, Ms. Franklin.
ARETHA: Thank you.
It means a lot coming from you.
TED: These are for you to keep.
It's her four records on Columbia.
She had two top ten
hits on the R&B charts.
NORM: Your song choice
tonight was interesting,
why the Al Jolson tune?
ARETHA: Well, back in the day
my father and I used to love it.
NORM: Kind of hokey.
TED: Let's get you another drink.
CL: Glad to meet you.
NORM: Reverend Franklin.
ARETHA: You missed my song, Daddy.
CL: I'm sure you brought the house down.
- ARETHA: How was your sermon?
- CL: Oh, it was all right.
ARETHA: I'm sure they're
all excited for your march.
CL: Yes, yes, they are.
TED: So, what do you think?
She's got quite a voice, huh?
My baby girl is on the rise.
NORM: You know, your records
just don't capture the energy
you bring in your live performance.
ARETHA: Maybe I'm just better in person.
CL: Aretha's been soloing in
church since she was 12 years old,
not to mention all the
years on the Gospel Circuit.
TED: Let's get down to the nitty gritty.
When can she be on the show?
She's got a couple open
dates the next few weeks.
NORM: I remember John Hammond
telling me about you after your
first record came out.
Very talented.
ARETHA: Thank you.
NORM: Let's keep in touch, Ms. Franklin.
TED: Now what did he
mention Hammond for?
That man ain't lift a finger
to help you get on the show.
ARETHA: That was his
nice way of saying no.
CL: There's a way to
talk to these people.
You, you can't be too pushy.
TED: Okay, you know what.
I don't know why you two are
acting like it didn't go over.
He loved you and he
wants you on the show.
We're going straight
to the top, that's it.
Drinks on me, drinks on me.
CL: You wonder why things ain't hitting?
You're getting bad advice.
ARETHA: He's hustling for, for us.
He's hustling for me.
CL: But it's the wrong
kind of hustle, baby.
He runs women.
Don't act like you don't know.
You gotta step away from him, baby,
he's dragging you down.
TED: Where's he off to?
ARETHA: Sit down, baby.
TED: Let me get you another.

MR. HAMMOND: You should have
been at the radio station this morning.
WKMG, remember?
ARETHA: Mr. Hammond,
it won't happen again.
We screwed up.
Ted and I we're still like
newlyweds, waking up late,
you know, staying out all night.
TED: Actually, as her manager, it
was my job to make sure she was there.
She had a late show last night.
A producer from
Steve Allen wanted to see her.
MR. HAMMOND: Our plan
was to wait on that.
ARETHA: But why wait?
TED: He said they'd be in touch.
SALLY (OVER SPEAKER): Yes, Mr. Hammond?
MR. HAMMOND: Can you get
me Norm Chaseman over at ABC,
head of booking for Steve Allen?
MR. HAMMOND: It wasn't a
question of if we could book
you for Steve Allen.
ARETHA: It was a question of when?
MR. HAMMOND: Exactly.
Now, I know we haven't
had the kind of hit that
an artist of your caliber deserves.
ARETHA: Which is why
Ted and I are here today.
We, we're so excited to find out what
your plans are for this next record.
MR. HAMMOND: Good. Because
we're building a career here.
It's a daily grind.
Whatever we book you for,
you've gotta show up.
Your sister, Erma, she
never misses a promo date.
ARETHA: Mr. Hammond, I assure you.
I'm not afraid of hard work,
I hope that's clear.
Norm Chaseman on the line.
MR. HAMMOND: Norm. How's the swing?
Yeah? So, listen.
We talked about a slot for
Aretha Franklin, you remember?
She's more than ready,
what have you got open?
Yes, that'll work.
No, let's book it.
Oh, she's going to be
a great draw for you guys.
Thanks. Yeah, you too.
Your next television appearance, booked.
ARETHA: Thank you, Mr. Hammond.
MR. HAMMOND: Now, about your next album.
ARETHA: It sounds a lot
like my last record.
All jazz.
MR. HAMMOND: You have an
orchestra inside of you and
we want to compliment that
to surround you with sound.
ARETHA: I want more than that.
TED: Look at Elvis.
He's got gospel hits
and rockabilly hits.
I mean Aretha's as good as Elvis.
Hell, she's better.
ARETHA: I can't be a
throwback, times are changing.
MR. HAMMOND: Sounds like you want to
keep trying a little bit of everything.
I mean the last time it
was tender, moving, swinging.
TED: Why can't she try different
things to see what sticks?
MR. HAMMOND: Because
nothing seems to stick.
ARETHA: It didn't
chart the way we hoped.
MR. HAMMOND: Because
you're all over the place.
You gotta let me establish
you in a particular vein.
You are a jazz singer.
ARETHA: Mr. Hammond, there's got to be
more for me than just
another jazz record.
What about Sam Cooke?
He brings down the house.
His music is for the
lovers and the fighters.
He can sing anything.
I can do that; I know I can.
How about I give you
my version of Foggy Day?
MR. HAMMOND: It sounds to me
like you want to be Judy Garland.
ARETHA: No. But why not?
Come on, Mr. Hammond.
You and I both know that I'm
going places and so I deserve
to be compared to the best.
I want gold records
and I need songs that I,
I can make a killing with.
MR. HAMMOND: You want a hit
record and I know a thing or
two about what works.
ARETHA: I want to be on that wall.
MR. HAMMOND: Okay. Okay. Fine.
If you want to be Judy
Garland, let's try it.
And if we can't sell records,
you can always go
back to recording gospel.
- MAN: Ya'll look good, alright.
- MAN 2: Now look who's here.
MAN 3: Good to see ya'll.
What's goin' on man, how you doin'?
Good to see you, good to see you.
Alright, sister come over this way man.
You were good last night now,
where's the next show, Tuscaloosa?
Hey, what's goin' on man, how you doin'?
Alright, alright.
ARETHA: I want to be
just like you, Ms. Clara.
Can you teach me how?
CLARA: Well, first
you've got to study all the
singers that you like.
If you borrow from them and then
you mix in what you already got.
CL: Re, leave Ms. Clara alone.
Go wait with the young people.
Ms. Clara and I've got some
church business to attend to.
- ARETHA: Yes, Daddy.
- CL: Mmm-hmm.
Tell you what, on the
second leg of the trip
I have my car and you and I
can ride from place to place.
- ARETHA: Sounds like fun.
- CL: Oh, good.
CLARA: You want to
hold onto this for me?
I'm gonna be colored all my life ♪
I am gonna be mmm
colored all my life ♪
Yes I am gonna be ♪
Colored all my life
and I ain't got time to ♪
Take no mess from you ♪
RONNY: You want to sing with me?
ARETHA: Maybe later.
MAN: Not every time we
sing will be in a tent.
ARETHA: Sure, was pretty.
RONNY: You playing dress-up?
ARETHA: Ms. Clara gave it to me.
RONNY: Well, it looks good.
ARETHA: I really shouldn't
be wearing it, I'm only 12.
RONNY: They're like royalty, ain't they?
Think they'll get married?
ARETHA: I hope so.
RONNY: You blushing for real now?
Come on, girl, let's get on the bus.
What a friend we have in Jesus ♪
All ♪
CL: Sing it girl.
Our sins and griefs to bear ♪
Our griefs to bear ♪
All because we do not carry ♪
Everything to God in prayer ♪
CL: That's right.
Everything to God in prayer ♪
CL: That's right.
RONNY: She's great.
CL: We going have to all start
calling you the baby singer for long.
CLARA: Mm-hmm, you letting
your light shine, little Re.
CL: That's why I brought
you so you can watch,
listen, and learn.
ARETHA: I just pretended
I was Ms. Clara Ward.
CLARA: Oh, you following
in my singing footsteps
and you're doing me proud.
ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen,
Mrs. Lena Horne.
I've wined and
dined on Mulligan stew ♪
And never asked for turkey
as I hitched and hiked ♪
ARETHA: I like how she moves.
She's graceful, feminine.
BARTENDER: Ladies, drinks.
ARETHA: She's got the gown;
she's got the glamour.
ERMA: Which makes up for the
fact that she cannot sing.
ARETHA: She's got a beautiful voice.
I was never at a party where
they honored Noel Ca-ad ♪
But social circles
spin too fast for me ♪
ERMA: Now girl, you know
I should just shut right up.
Look at us trying to break
into the music business and
not getting nowhere.
I get to hungry for dinner at eight ♪
ERMA: You know I
have six singles on epic
and not one has charted.
Lena's got dozens and a room
full of rich people paying to see her.
ARETHA: She's a star.
I never bother with people I hate ♪
ARETHA: She speaks her mind,
got something special.
ERMA: And we don't?
I don't like crap games
with barons and earls ♪
Won't go to Harlem
in ermine and pearls ♪
ERMA: Don't tell me he's pimping again.
ARETHA: Okay, I won't tell you.
ERMA: I thought he quit.
ARETHA: Well, my music
isn't doing much either.
My records barely
getting on the R&B charts
and that doesn't pay the rent.
ERMA: Well, Daddy's
still sending you money.
ARETHA: Less and less.
- ERMA: What about your advance?
- ARETHA: I spent it.
TED: Give us a minute?
I'm all alone when I lower my lamp ♪
That's why the lady ♪
TED: You know this
producer I talked to earlier,
he is a huge fan of yours.
You are this close to breaking out,
just keep your eye on the prize, right.
Let me see that smile, come on.
You know I love that smile.
ARETHA: I want gowns.
TED: Okay.
ARETHA: And I want dance lessons.
TED: Okay.
ARETHA: And I want elocution,
I want to be more like Lena.
TED: Well, it's going to cost you.
ARETHA: Can we take a loan from a bank?
TED: Look, I got the money figured out.
You know I always take care of business.
ARETHA: I don't like your side business.
TED: I do what I gotta do so you
get to do what you want to do.
I don't like it either,
but I do it because I care about you.
I'm going to get you those gowns.
Until the real thing ♪
Comes along ♪
UNCLE TERRY: And that was
Until the Real Thing Comes Along
the seductive new single from
jazz vocalist Miss Aretha Franklin
who is live with us in the studio.
ARETHA: Well, thank
you so much, Uncle Terry.
It's a pleasure to be here.
UNCLE TERRY: Ms. Franklin,
why don't you help our listeners
get to know you a bit.
What was life like before
you came to the Big Apple?
ARETHA: Well, I grew up
singing on the Gospel Circuit
all over the south.
My daddy was a
preacher and my biggest hero.
UNCLE TERRY: That's a lot
of traveling for a little girl.
ARETHA: Well, I think it was a blessing.
I got the chance to sing to a
lot of different folk and I got
the opportunity to practice
being on stage which is a lot
harder than it looks.
It was a great way to cut my teeth.
have you got coming up?
ARETHA: Next Friday, I, I'm
going to be doing the midnight
gig at the Hudson Gate.
UNCLE TERRY: Following
in the footsteps of Lena Horne
and Billie Holiday.
ARETHA: It does feel very
special to be singing on the
stage where they started out.
I'm really excited about it.
heard a secret about you.
You've booked your next TV gig.
ARETHA: Well, yes, that's right.
I'm going to be on The Steve Allen Show.
UNCLE TERRY: And a little
birdy told me your new album
is going to be a
little bit of everything,
some show tunes, some jazz.
Have you decided which version
of Aretha gets to sing on TV?
ARETHA: Well, there's
only one Aretha and
she gets to sing what she wants.
INSTRUCTOR: Now, the waltz is
the first step that's going to
get you where you want to go.
Let's take it from the top.
Keep your head up, one, oh.
Three, one.
It's okay, stay with me.
That's right. Look at me.
One, slowly, there you go.
ARETHA: Okay, I'm getting it.
INSTRUCTOR: That's right,
that's beautiful, yeah.
ARETHA: This dress that
we shot this in, I, I love.
I thought I would need to
get something off the rack but
then I decided I had to
have something custom made.
CAROLYN: Mmm-hmm, I mean,
if you're going to go out there,
you've got to get out there right.
ARETHA: That's right.
CAROLYN: All the money I've
spent, hair, nails, makeup, clothes.
ARETHA: It cost money to look good.
CAROLYN: Yes, it does.
Although, all the money I've
spent it ain't really paid off yet.
ARETHA: Oh, same here.
But it will, yeah.
CAROLYN: God willing.
ARETHA: Careers not where it
needs to be and until then we
going to look good,
we going to feel good.
CAROLYN: Yes, we are.
CAROLYN: Oh, Re, you know,
sometimes I look at you, girl,
you are recording for Columbia.
And it's like do I even have a chance?
ARETHA: Sometimes I look at
you and you're recording at Epic
and I think the same thing.
CAROLYN: All right, Re, you've
got that TV gig coming up, right?
So, how about you
come home to prepare and
then you could help
Daddy with the march.
ARETHA: I'm not coming to the march.
CAROLYN: Are you mad at Daddy?
I, I got to work and I'm
trying to set myself up here.
And I haven't had the
support that I need so far and
I'm trying, trying to do it on my own.
CAROLYN: Yeah. It's hard
trying to find your way.
SISTER MAY: Thank you, Jesus.
I'm going to get exactly
what I want, when I want.
WOMAN: Oh girl, yes.
ARETHA: Excuse me, Sister May.
Have you seen my daddy?
SISTER MAY: Oh, the last
time we saw him was at 14-F.
She ain't got no clue.
Well you the cutest
thing that I ever seen ♪
I really love your peaches gonna ♪
Shake your tree ♪
Love, me love ♪

ARETHA: Ms. Ward.
CLARA: Sweetie, what are you
doing out here at this hour?
You need to get back to your
room before your daddy sees you.
ARETHA: Where are you going?
CLARA: I just left a party.
But you, young lady,
are going to bed, go on.
Keep going, straight to your room.
To have a good time ♪
Wild boyfriends like
to lose their minds ♪
Wild men dig me
but I love a cool one ♪
Wild men dig me
but I love a cool one ♪
MAN: Hey, hey, look.
Ya'll look who's here.
Girl you can sing.
WOMAN: And you cute as
all get out, too, girl.
MAN 2: Baby, they say you're
going to be a real star.
WOMAN: A real star.
Get me another drink, baby.
- MAN: I got you.
- WOMAN: Thank you, baby.
Oh-wee ♪
They can scream and break down ♪
But they don't kill me ♪
Well they can romp and stomp ♪
Well they can rock and roll ♪
MAN: You empty handed.
ARETHA: I'm not thirsty.
MAN: Try this. It's sweet.
It's like a Shirley Temple
with a touch of Saturday night.
Fun, right?
RONNY: Heard you singing
today, you sang beautiful.
ARETHA: Thank you, you sing good, too.
MAN: I think you
like your drink, mm-hmm.
RONNY: Want to dance?
MAN: Now, now man what
you over there doing?

MAN 3: Yea, come on now,
ya'll look good. Alright.
CL: Mmm-mmm-mmm.
ARETHA: Daddy, I don't feel so good.
CL: Yeah?
ARETHA: My tummy hurts.
CL: Well, I bet you wish
you had stayed in the room
last night like I told you, huh?
Here. Drink that.
You'll feel better after a while.
Go on.
Mmhmm, let's get ready.
We got to show up and show
out for God no matter what.
You understand?
ARETHA: Yes, Daddy.
CL: All right.
CL (OVER PA): God is good.
And all the time.
CROWD: God is good!
CL (OVER PA): Some people
say how can I, Reverend,
how can I identify with
Jesus, he's the son of God.
I say you relate to him
because of His humanness.
God made Jesus in such a
way that he got hungry.
He was tired.
He got lonely.
And when the darkness
was falling in on Him,
when He was up on that cross,
He thought of His mother.
He thought of His father.
When the sins of the
entire world past, present,
and future was up on His shoulders,
he thought of others.
That's the God I'm going to trust.
That's the God I'm going to trust.
Will you trust Him?
Will you trust Him?
I will trust in the Lord ♪
Will you trust him?
Trust in the Lord ♪
REPORTER (OVER TV): Preparation
are underway for tomorrow's
Walk to Freedom
REPORTER: Reverend CL Franklin
CAROLYN: Girl, you still
got rollers in your hair?
Daddy's got 1,000 people at the
house getting ready for the march.
Get dressed.
Cecil's going to pick
us up from the airport.
ARETHA: I told you I'm not going.
There's going to be
plenty of people at the march.
Daddy won't even notice I'm gone.
CAROLYN: Oh, of course he will.
And he'll miss his favorite daughter.
ARETHA: Daddy stopped sending
money so I'm twisting in the wind.
CAROLYN: Oh, girl, you
ain't twisting in the wind.
You got Ted.
ARETHA: Daddy can have
his march without me.
CAROLYN: Don't cut him off.
This is an important event not
just for him but for all of us.
And he's your father.
ARETHA: Daddy cut me off because
I didn't want him to run my life.
CAROLYN: Girl, come on and get dressed.
- ARETHA: I'm not going!
- CAROLYN: Re, get dressed!
ARETHA: All right, okay.
You know what you need to leave
before you miss your flight.
Go on now. I'm staying right here.
Reverend Franklin hopes the
march will bring
about much needed change.
ANNOUNCER: From Hollywood,
it's The Steven Allen Show.
From the Hollywood Playhouse,
we bring you 90 minutes of madness
and music with guest stars, singer.
ARETHA: It's cold in here.
TED: I told the stage manager
he need to turn down the AC.
I know you don't like
it too cold when you sing.
You nervous?
ARETHA: I'm good. Is my daddy out there?
TED: Yeah, I saw him.
You know who else is out there?
Jerry Wexler from Atlantic Records.
You're drawing the big shots, girl.
ANNOUNCER: Five-minute
intermission for set change.
Set change, five minutes, everyone.
Dancers stage left,
get ready for your entrance.
ARETHA: My daddy showing up even
though I didn't go to his march,
you think he's still mad at me?
TED: Look, you are going to be great.
That's all that counts.
looking well, Reverend.
CL: And you.
MR. HAMMOND: It's been a while
since we've seen each other.
CL: Several years.
treating your daughter well.
I hope there are no hard feelings.
CL: Water under the bridge.
I appreciate she's still
under contract at Columbia.
Congratulations on your march.
CL: We did a great
service for the movement.
- MR. HAMMOND: Very admirable.
ANNOUNCER (OVER PA): This young lady has
been singing chiefly
for Columbia Records.
One of the most exciting,
young singers in the business today.
Let's make her feel right at home,
here is Miss Aretha Franklin.
Skylark ♪
Have you anything to say to me? ♪
Won't you tell me
where my love can be? ♪
Is there a meadow in the mist ♪
Skylark ♪
- ARETHA: Big Momma?
ARETHA: I think
something's wrong with me.
I haven't been feeling so good.
BIG MOMMA: Oh, what's the matter baby?
ARETHA: Well, my tummy's been
feeling sick and my monthly
hasn't come, not for a while.
BIG MOMMA: Well, how long has it been?
- ARETHA: Four months.
- BIG MOMMA: Get up, come here.
Do you feel different inside
like everything's moving faster?
ARETHA: I don't know.
Erma says when you don't get
your monthly you have a baby.
BIG MOMMA: Do you know
how you get a baby?
Who did this to you?
A boy at school?
Someone on the road?
Who did this to you, little Re?
CL: What's that?
BIG MOMMA: Little Re isn't feeling well.
CL: Oh yea?
ARETHA: I might have a baby inside me.
CL: How you know?
BIG MOMMA: She hasn't had
her monthly and I feel a bump.
What in God's name happened?
CL: The road is a wild place, Momma.
BIG MOMMA: I wanted her to stay home.
You insisted.
She's too young to be out there.
All these children are
living without a mother
and the first time that I
let that precious child out of
my sight this happens?
You weren't watching her.
You let her fall pray to God knows what.
CL: I did keep my eye on
her, Momma, as best I could.
BIG MOMMA: The boy, the boy
who did this must be held accountable.
CL: We could waste time and
chase after worldly justice or
we could simply accept that
this is a part of the mission
that God, God has for her.
Skylark ♪
I don't know if you can
find all of these things ♪
But my heart is riding on your wings ♪
You see them ♪
Anywhere? ♪
ANNOUNCER (OVER PA): We'll be right
back after a word from our sponsors.
CL: I don't know why she decided
to sing that particular song.
she sings what she wants.
One minute insisting on showtunes
and here she is doing a jazz number.
I can't reason with her.
CL: Nor can I.
How you feeling, baby?
ARETHA: All right, I guess.
BIG MOMMA: We're going
to take you to Dr. Steward.
ARETHA: Okay. Are you mad?
CL: No, baby.
And this is not going
to stop you from singing
or from going to school.
Isn't that right, Momma?
BIG MOMMA: We're all going to pitch in,
and this baby will be the family's baby.
CL: That's right.
This is not going to stop you
from what you were meant to do.
Meant to do.
MR. HAMMOND: That was
a wonderful performance.
I wish I could stay.
ARETHA: I think I sang really well.
MR. HAMMOND: You always sing well.
But we haven't found it yet, have we?
ARETHA: Not from lack of trying.
MR. HAMMOND: So, let's
get you back into the studio
and put our heads together.
- TED: Hammond.
Listen, I, I wish I could
linger but I have another event.
ARETHA: Glad you could make it.
TED: On your birthday last year,
you remember what you wished for?
ARETHA: Have you seen my father?
TED: You said you wanted
to be on The Steve Allen Show
and what did I say to you?
I said I was going to
make your dreams come true.
And now look at where we are.
ARETHA: He made it all this
way, stayed for the show,
and didn't stay for the party
which means he was either still
mad at me or he thought
my performance was bad.
Was it?
TED: No, baby, baby,
baby, baby, no, come on.
ARETHA: Mr. Wexler?
JERRY: I'm a big fan, Aretha.
ARETHA: Ms. Franklin.
JERRY: Excuse me, Ms. Franklin.
You know I've launched a few careers,
Atlantic Records and me.
We roll up our sleeves and we dig deep.
TED: This contract
with Columbia is almost up.
What she does after
that, that's her call.
JERRY: Columbia's had a good run.
But music is changing,
you've got to stay ahead of it
or you're going to get left behind.
Can I be honest?
ARETHA: Yeah, please.
JERRY: Tonight, I wanted
to be wowed but I wasn't.
And I don't think
the audience was either.
TED: Well, now you're just plain wrong.
Skylark is going to be a classic.
ARETHA: I'm trying everything I can.
TED: You know I work with Ray Charles.
ARETHA: He's a genius.
JERRY: I could do for
you what I did for Ray.
I could help you find your sound.
That's what I do.
Now, let me ask you, what
kind of music do you really
want to make, Ms. Franklin?
ARETHA: I want to make hits, Mr. Wexler.
JERRY: You'll get there
when you realize you're
Aretha Franklin and nobody else.
TED: Let me freshen your drink.
MAN: It's all yours.

How I got over How I got over ♪
You know my soul looks back
in wonder how I got over ♪
How I got over how I got over ♪
You know my soul looks back
in wonder how I got over ♪
Just as soon as I see Jesus
the man who made me free ♪
Who know the man who
bled and suffered ♪
You know he died for you and me. ♪
I want to thank Him
because He brought me ♪
I want to thank you Jesus
because you taught me ♪
I want to thank you
because you care for me ♪
I want to thank you
because you never left me ♪
I wanna sing ♪
I want to just shout this
evenin' my soul looks back ♪
In wonder how I got over ♪
How I got over how I got over ♪
You know my soul looks back
in wonder how I got over ♪
How I got over how I got over ♪
You know my soul looks back
in wonder how I got over ♪

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