Genius (2017) s03e07 Episode Script

Chain of Fools

ANNOUNCER: Previously on Genius.
CECIL: Well, Re, you wanted to
meet the man who made my medallion?
Ken Cunningham meet my
sister Aretha Franklin.
ARETHA: Pleasure to meet you.
KEN: It's an honor.
I love you.
KEN: This isn't going to work
if you keep shutting me out.
RICK: I thought he was a preacher?
TED: Well, he loves Sunday
morning and Saturday night.
CL: This is ridiculous.
Oh, see, now you done planted that.
REPORTER: Queen your
sisters sing backup for you,
do you plan on ever
singing back up for them?
ARETHA: We are family and we
will always support each other.
CAROLYN: Any chance
you'd write the liner notes?
CL: Carolyn asked you to
write the liner notes in her
new record but you ain't
got the time to empower her.
When you heard Erma was
recording "Preacher Man",
you went and released your own
version to undercut her chances.
ARETHA: How much help
do ya'll need from me?
Jerry Wexler, he gets me.
JERRY: Let Aretha be Aretha.
And Ms. Franklin, I
do appreciate your trust.
ARETHA: Well, shit, if you
can't trust Jerry Wexler.
Sometimes you love me ♪
Like a good man ought to ♪
Sometimes you hurt me so bad ♪
My tears run like water ♪
MAN: Come on now girl.
You get me out ♪
Right before your friends ♪
And then you disown me baby ♪
Until we're alone again ♪
Your love is like a see saw ♪
Your love is like a see saw baby ♪
Your love is like a see saw ♪
Going up and down ♪
All around like a see saw ♪
Sometimes you tell me ♪
Your gonna be my sweet candy man ♪
And sometimes baby ♪
I don't know where I stand ♪
You lift me up ♪
When I'm on the ground ♪
CL: That's right, sing it.
That's right, that's my daughter.
Oh, look here I done
drank too much already.
That's my daughter.
I taught the Queen of
Soul everything she knows,
especially them dance moves.
WOMAN: Oh, let me see.
CL: Oh, you don't
believe I'm going to do it.
WOMAN: Oh, all right.
CL: Look at that,
come on, come on, come on.
You can't get that, you can't
get that, you can't get that.
Oh, yes you can.
CL: We going deep onto the floor.
Oh. Look at you.
What you working with?
Oh, yeah. Oh my.
Look at you.
Yeah, right girl.
Mm. Mm. Mm.
You all continue, I'll see ya'll later.
- WOMAN: Uh huh.
- WOMAN 2: Bye now.
CL: Later.
Allow me to introduce myself.
FREDIA: My name is Fredia
and everybody in Detroit knows
the famous CL Franklin
and his Million Dollar Voice.
CL: Haven't I seen you at New Bethel?
Last June, my pastor's
anniversary, front row, red dress.
FREDIA: I can't believe you remember me.
CL: You's a little she-devil.
What do you say we continue
this conversation at my house?
FREDIA: Well, I hear
you have a lovely home.
CL: And I'd love to
show you every inch of it.
FREDIA: Well, what I was
really hoping was that you'd
pass my songs along to your daughter.
She could use some new
material and maybe one of the
songs that I've written
could be a big hit for her.
CL: How about I get to know
you better and then I can pass
on your music and give your
songs my personal recommendation.
You know, Aretha don't
do nothing without my say so.
FREDIA: Well, all right then.
CL: Is that all right for you?
Come on, lovely, because
your love is like a seesaw.
Up, down, all around.
See saw.
- CL: Ah!
FREDIA: I knew you
was too drunk to drive!
Acting like you all that.
It is a completely different story.
Did you even call?
Don't (INAUDIBLE) from no punk!
CL: I just got out of control.
Nobody got hurt.
Nobody hurt.
CL: Oh, no.

ARETHA: Cecil, how's Daddy?
Love and happiness ♪
CECIL: Daddy's going to be fine,
okay, so stop worrying.
Sure, maybe him wrecking a
car get him to quit his foolishness.
ARETHA: He's out on bail now but
he could have killed himself
and somebody else.
CECIL: I hear you.
Come on, let's tackle these bills, okay?
ARETHA: I hired someone to do all this.
I ought to go over there
and slap them upside the head
for all that money I paid them.
CECIL: I'm here to help, for free.
ARETHA: Thank you.
CECIL: Mm-hmm. Okay, first notice.
Oh, jeez, final notice.
Lots of bills, you helping everybody.
First notice, first notice,
first notice.
All right, we got things
for Daddy, me, Carolyn, Erma,
things for Ken and the kids.
ARETHA: You think I should
do more commercial stuff?
CECIL: Not at all.
Only ever sing what you want.
Baby, love and happiness ♪
ARETHA: Now, I think we should call Jet.
Tell 'em we have a story for 'em.
You want to hear it?
- CECIL: Mm-hmm.
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
Cecil Franklin, the
"Queen of Soul's Hidden Asset."
Most valuable, hidden asset.
CECIL: Let's, let's, let's
just get Jet on the phone.
ARETHA: You like that one?
CECIL: Oh, I think the
number in the kitchen.
ARETHA: You got a number?
CECIL: Let me, I got it,
stay right there.
We'll get Jet to pay for
the article, Jet pays bills.
Yea, yea, you, you, you, you ♪
ARETHA: This one is a yes.
JERRY: Okay, a single maybe, huh?
ARETHA: Could be the title cut.
JERRY: Yeah, sure.
ARETHA: Let's try this.
ARETHA: Nope, no way.
JERRY: You, you only
heard like four notes.
Come on. None of these?
ARETHA: I love you, Jerry,
but I do not love disco.
JERRY: Oh, look at the charts.
There's no denying
that's where the music is.
I mean if you want hits.
Okay, doesn't have to be a disco song,
it's going to be an Aretha song.
ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
JERRY: I'm just saying there's a
lot of people out there coming up,
nipping at your heels,
and they're all singing disco.
ARETHA: I have worked very
hard to get where I am and
I've opened a lot of
doors for a lot of singers.
And I get it, if I want to be on top,
I've got to think outside the box.
But I, I cannot sing what I don't feel.
JERRY: Okay, not for nothing
but Ruth can get you a
very nice Las Vegas booking.
ARETHA: That's not for me, Jerry.
JERRY: Las Vegas.
ARETHA: Not for me
and you know it, so stop.
JERRY: Okay, okay.
ARETHA: So, we're going
to start recording in a month
and it'll come out in the fall, right?
JERRY: Uh, yeah, yeah.
ARETHA: Tell you what,
I'll take this little thing right here
and give it a listen again
and see if I like it or not.
- JERRY: Okay.
- ARETHA: What's wrong?
JERRY: Well, I've been looking
for a way to tell you this.
ARETHA: You okay?
JERRY: Yeah, no, I'm fine.
I, uh,
I am leaving Atlantic.
ARETHA: Nah, you kidding.
JERRY: No! No, they're not treating
me like a partner anymore, you know,
it's more about the
money than the artist.
So, I'm out.
ARETHA: Ain't that some shit.
JERRY: Now, you know I'll always
have your best interest at heart.
ARETHA: Well, I know, I know.
But when I first signed
with Hammond at Columbia I,
I thought I was going
straight to the moon.
I was singing beautiful songs,
but I couldn't chart to save my
life and then you, you came and showed
me something I couldn't see for myself.
JERRY: Well.
ARETHA: And what we did with "Respect".
JERRY: And "Natural Woman"
and "Chain of Fools".
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
- JERRY: And "Think".
ARETHA: All right.
JERRY: You changed music.
ARETHA: Well now, we changed music.
It's not going to be the
same without you over here.
JERRY: All right, all right.
I'm, I'm leaving the
company, not the planet.
And unofficially I'll
always be on your team.
And I'm only a phone call away.
ARETHA: Well, maybe my things done too.
JERRY: Please.
ARETHA: Who am I without you?
JERRY: You're the Queen of Soul.
ARETHA: How about we make
one last record together?
JERRY: We'll call it "You" and
it'll be your biggest hit ever.

Gotta find me an angel ♪
To fly away with me ♪
Gotta find me an angel ♪
Oooo and set me free ♪
My heart's without a home ♪
And I don't want to be alone ♪
Gotta find me an angel ♪
In my life ♪
In my life ♪
CL (OVER PHONE): Hey, Aretha.
ARETHA: Hey, Daddy.
CL (OVER PHONE): You got a minute?
ARETHA: Daddy, you missed a great party.
CL: I, I, I'll make the next one.
I, I, I want to know you
going to be able to make my,
my court date, yes or no.
Well, well when is it?
CL: It's next month, Aretha.
ARETHA: Well, I'll try.
Everyone was here.
Quincy, Stevie, Smokey.
ARETHA (OVER PHONE): Jerry brought
some of those rock and roll people,
and Pops Staples was asking for you.
CL (OVER PHONE): Yeah, I called you.
I want to know why you ain't selling.
And, and don't try to pretend.
I know the critics
don't like it and the folks
ain't buying it.
worried about you, Aretha.
ARETHA: I'm, I'm going
to talk to you later, okay?
CL: Oh, you don't
want to talk to me now.
ARETHA: Daddy, I got to go.
CL: Make my court date, now, in a month.
Love you.
So I'll just go on ♪
Hoping that I find me someone ♪
Gotta find me an angel ♪
In my life ♪
In my life ♪
ARETHA: You all sound great
singing; you should record it.
ERMA: Thank you, we might just do that.
CAROLYN: Your albums going
to see a nice bump next month
after the Grammy nominations come out.
ARETHA: Let's hope.
CECIL: So, what'd Daddy want?
ARETHA: For me to
come to his court date.
- KEN: You jiving?
- ARETHA: I am not.
- CECIL: You going?
- ARETHA: I don't know.
CAROLYN: Sis, you threw a great party.
ERMA: Mm-hmm, them music
folks showed up and film too.
Gordon Parks.
KEN: Mm-hmm, Shaft and
the Learning Tree now.
That brother got it going on.
CECIL: I hear his next picture
going to be about Bessie Smith.
ARETHA: Sounds like a role for me.
ERMA: Except you don't
have the acting experience.
ARETHA: Well, I'll
take some acting lessons.
- ERMA: Mm-hmm.
- KEN: You tell them, baby.
This will be an everlasting love ♪
This will be the one.. ♪
ARETHA: Now, see, I know
what Natalie's trying to do but
she doesn't have the ability
or the equipment to do it.

She got a pretty voice though.
Can you change the station?
I want to listen to something else.
KEN: Listen, sugar. Don't worry.
Everybody loves you.
ARETHA: I should be back in L.A.
getting ready for that audition.
They know they have a singer,
but I want them to
know that I can act, too.
KEN: You were born to play Bessie Smith.
I'll even run lines
with you if you want to.
ARETHA: Maybe.
Ruth is getting together a list of
some acting classes I could take.
Baby ♪
You're all I need ♪
- ARETHA: Oh, Daddy.
- KEN: Come on.
CL: You've been here before.
We've done this before.
REPORTER: Reverend Franklin,
we have some questions.
CL: I don't know why so many of you.
REPORTERS: Aretha, Aretha Franklin.
Ms. Franklin.
ARETHA: Remind me
why I'm doing this again.
KEN: Because Aretha Franklin
loves her father, sugar.
Come on.
REPORTERS: Ms. Franklin. Ms. Franklin.
CL: There's my baby. Hey, baby.
REPORTER: Reverend Franklin,
your recent car accident,
will you give us your side of the story?
CL: Well, anybody who's ever been behind
a wheel knows that accidents happen.
REPORTER: You were charged with
drinking and driving, Reverend Franklin.
What kind of example are you setting?
CL: Oh, I expect to be
cleared from those charges.
REPORTER: But Reverend Franklin,
the young woman that was in the
car with you, was she your girlfriend?
CL: I would hope that you all
would join me at my pastor's
anniversary celebration
this coming summer.
I've carried New Bethel
and Detroit a long, long way.
And I've said all I'm
going to say on the subject.
REPORTER: Reverend? Ms. Franklin.
REPORTER 2: Are you going to
attend the Grammy's seeing as
how you did not receive
a nomination this year?
ARETHA: I'm not here to talk
about the Grammy's but I'll let
you in on a little secret,
I have recently accepted a
starring role in a major feature film.
KEN: What was that about, sugar?
ARETHA: Let's hope we get that movie.
- GLYNN: Have a good day.
- WOMAN: Bye.
GLYNN: You're late.
ARETHA: Better to be late at heaven's
gate than to arrive in hell on time.
GLYNN: Did you come up
with that by yourself?
ARETHA: Maybe.
GLYNN: Are you ready to dive right in?
- ARETHA: Yes.
- GLYNN: Yeah?
- ARETHA: Yeah.
- GLYNN: So, tell me this.
Have you ever tried the trust exercise?
ARETHA: Maybe.
I mean it depends on who I'm with.
GLYNN: Oh, well, look. It's really easy.
All you have to do is turn away from me,
fall back into my arms.
But you have to
trust that I'll catch you.
ARETHA: With all due
respect, Mr. Glynn Turman,
I don't think so.
GLYNN: Come on, I got you. I promise.
You see as actors and artists
we have to keep ourselves open
and vulnerable because trust is
the most important thing we have.
ARETHA: You are going to have a lot of
lawyers on your case if you let me fall.
GLYNN: Well, you know
what, I trust you on that.
So, I won't let you fall.
Let's try it.
- ARETHA: Okay.
- GLYNN: Yeah?
- ARETHA: All right.
- GLYNN: You ready?
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
- GLYNN: One.
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
- GLYNN: Two.
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
- GLYNN: Three.
- GLYNN: Okay.
Let's try it one more time.
It's okay.
I'm right here, partner in crime.
- GLYNN: You ready?
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
GLYNN: One, two, three.
GLYNN: It's okay.
ARETHA: I wasn't ready, it's my fault.
GLYNN: No, no, it's okay. Listen
It's okay to be afraid, okay?
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
- GLYNN: All right.
- ARETHA: Okay.
- GLYNN: Let's try it again.
Let's count together.
ARETHA: Okay, all right.
- GLYNN: And a one.
- ARETHA: One.
- GLYNN: Two.
- ARETHA: Two.
- GLYNN: Three.
- ARETHA: Three.
- GLYNN: How was that?
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
GLYNN: Of course.
ARETHA: Bessie was a
woman who's surrounded
by men who are calling the shots.
I can relate to that.
GLYNN: You'd be perfect for the part.
ARETHA: Thank you
for helping me prepare.
GLYNN: It's my pleasure, really.
Let's give it another go.
"I'm not looking for
a husband, you heard me.
I'm still young and
I ain't done running around."
GLYNN: It's good.
But remember when Bessie
is talking to those folks she
is fierce but she's also fragile, right.
ARETHA: But she's hiding
it because she's tough.
GLYNN: True. But things
didn't always go her way.
And sometimes she even made mistakes.
You see, you've got to
play all of her angles,
keep your heart open
like you do when you sing.
ARETHA: You think they're
going to pick me for this part?
GLYNN: They better or they're
going to be hearing from me.
GLYNN: The camera's
going to love you, really.
I was sittin' at home ♪
CAROLYN: You got a
crush on your acting teacher.
ARETHA: I do not, I promise.
Glynn is a, a good coach.
He is a movie star who
loves to share the craft.
And if I'm going to be a real
actress, I need a real mentor.
CAROLYN: The man you
already got is a good man, okay?
ARETHA: I, I'm not falling for
my acting teacher, I promise.
CAROLYN: You audition yet?
ARETHA: Yeah, I'm waiting to hear back.
In the meantime, I'm going to
take a few more acting lessons
and I wanted to lose a little weight.
CAROLYN: You look good, sis.
ARETHA: I mean we gotta look
good, sound good, smile, dress good.
Can't go out with no makeup on.
It's some bullshit.
CAROLYN: I know. Can I get a witness.
ARETHA: What are you up to?
CAROLYN: I've been
invited back in the studio.
ARETHA: On some background work?
CAROLYN: The lead vocals on a
re-record for Curtis Mayfield.
ARETHA: Oh, the Gentle Giant
asked you to come in?
CAROLYN: Yeah, can you believe it?
Feels good to be singing leads
for somebody at the top of his game.
He, he wrote the songs for
that movie, that's what this is for.
ARETHA: For "Sparkle"?
ARETHA: I thought it was done already.
CAROLYN: He's not happy with the sound,
thinks I can sing it better.
Oh, man, I think my solo career
might finally be getting some traction.
ARETHA: Well, I'm happy for you, sis.
- CAROLYN: Thanks.
- ARETHA: Good for you.
Well, come on, it's Hollywood and
every season is swimsuit season.
Hang on in there ♪
Ya'll and let it roll ♪
Oh, hang on in there now ♪
Hang on in there ♪
You got to do it together ♪
MAYFIELD (OVER PHONE): I'm glad we're
figuring out a way to make this happen.
You, uh, finally gonna say yes?
I wasn't playing hard to get.
I, I was actually busy.
You making a new album?
ARETHA: Oh, well, I was hoping to have
a few film projects in the works but
I saw you were auditioning.
ARETHA: Let's just say that
nothings quite come together yet.
MAYFIELD: Well, this project
there's no doubt that the
Queen of Soul would make
for a very welcome addition.
ARETHA: And I'm looking
for a new producer so this
might give me an
opportunity to try you out.
Two birds, one stone.
You talked it over with Carolyn?
ARETHA: Not yet but she'll understand.
Well, right on. Let's go.
ARETHA: All right. Bye, bye.
KEN: You didn't waste no time, did you?
I guess you want more
money and fame, huh?
I saw you work really hard and
you didn't get the Bessie Smith role.
ARETHA: Curtis says that
"Sparkle" needs some real sparkle.
KEN: But he wanted
Carolyn for the project.
ARETHA: Well, he asked me first and
I was busy working on my new album.
KEN: That's your sister,
how could you do that to her?
ARETHA: This is not about
Carolyn but, yes, I know.
It could hurt her.
KEN: Okay, look
You're the best woman I've ever known,
and I love you more than
I've loved anything in my life.
But the way you're going about things,
I don't understand.
What are you willing
to lose to gain the world?
You know, just it, it just feels
It's like we're moving in two
separate directions, honey.
ARETHA: Maybe it's for the best.
KEN: Well, may
People out there can understand ♪
I'm givin' him somethin'
that he can feel ♪
That, that sounded really beautiful.
Let's do it again and this
time we're going to do it with,
without the riffs
over the vamp at the end.
ARETHA: That's just how I'm feeling it.
to me like you just giving some flash
instead of going deeper.
It's like you're holding back.
ARETHA: Curtis, I'm
just hearing it different.
Let's just do another take
where you just let loose and
go all out.
ARETHA: What we got is great already,
one more go isn't
going to improve on it.
MAYFIELD: You know,
folks say these days that
Ms. Franklin only does two takes.
I can't believe that to be true.
You move people.
You, you go places they can't.
You take the heaviness of
life and you make it beautiful.
We need that.
ARETHA: Let's try it again.
MAYFIELD: All right.
MAN: All right, standby for playback.

Shoo doo ♪
Shooo dooo ♪
Shoo doo ♪
Shoo doo ooo ooo ♪
Shoo doo ♪
Ah, shoo doo doo ♪
Oh ♪
Many say that I'm too young ♪
To let you know just where ♪
To let you know just
where I'm coming from ♪
Oh ♪
But you will see that
it's just a matter ♪
My love will surely ♪
My love will surely make you mine ♪
Oh ♪
Living in a world of ghetto life ♪
Everybody around seems so uptight ♪
But nothing's wrong ♪
It's alright ♪
My man, my man ♪
I like the kinds of
ways we have our fun ♪
His loving way sends me on and on ♪
Yea hey with my man ♪
People out there can understand ♪
I'm givin' him something he can feel ♪
Ah, ah, oh ♪
To let you know my love is real ♪
Hey, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah, ah ♪
I'm givin' him something he can feel ♪
Yes I am baby ♪
To let you know ♪
My love is real ♪
Ooo-oo-oo ♪
I'm givin' him somethin' he can feel ♪
MAN: Momma keep trying to make me do it,
I don't want to.
CECIL: Glad you could make it home.
ARETHA: It's nice to
spend some time with family.
CECIL: How are you and Carolyn?
ARETHA: I tried to call
but she didn't answer.
I guess she's not speaking to me.
CECIL: With good reason, seems like.
CL: Come on.
- MAN: Happy birthday.
- MAN 2: Happy birthday!
MAN: I'm graduating this year.
CL: Yes, sir, yes sir,
thank you so much.
Yes, sir.
Isn't that nice?
Oh, look at this.
Look at that.
This is the house
that Jack built, ya'll ♪
Remember this house ♪
This was the land
that he worked by hand ♪
It was the dream of an upright man ♪
There was the room that
was filled with love ♪
It was a love that I was proud of ♪
This was a life of
a love that he planned ♪
On the love, the same old love ♪
In the house that Jack built ♪
The house that Jack built ♪
Remember this house ♪
Please forgive me ♪
There was the fence
that held our love ♪
Yes it was ♪
That was the gate
that he walked out of ♪
This is the heart that
is turned to stone ♪
Yes it was ♪
This was the house,
but it ain't no home ♪
This is the love that I once had ♪
In a dream that I thought was love ♪
In the house that Jack built ♪
The house that Jack built ♪
I'm gon' remember this house ♪
Oh, what's the use in crying? ♪
You know I brought it on myself ♪
There's no denying ♪
But it seems awful funny ♪
That I didn't understand ♪
BIG MOMMA: Come on, Carolyn,
don't be a wallflower.
CAROLYN: No thanks, Big Mamma.
I'm fine where I'm at.
ERMA: Carolyn ain't been happy
since Re stole her "Sparkle".
CL: Oh, come on. Stop all that nonsense.
Come on, baby.
CAROLYN: No, Daddy. It's true.
Re went and took the last chance I
had at making something of myself.
BIG MOMMA: Oh, come on now.
It's my birthday and I don't want
this nonsense on my special day.
Aretha, go over there
an apologize to your sister.
ARETHA: For what?
Curtis asked me to sing it first and I
just did it when my schedule cleared up.
ERMA: You mean when you didn't
get the part in the movie?
CAROLYN: You went and stole my songs!
Oh, but you got yourself a hit
and another Grammy nomination.
I hope you're happy.
BIG MOMMA: Okay, girls,
that's water under the bridge.
CAROLYN: I had a
chance to revive my career.
ARETHA: He wanted the best singer.
EVERYONE: Carolyn, Carolyn!
CAROLYN: I should run
this down your throat.
ARETHA: Go on and try.
CAROLYN: How could you
do a thing like that to me?
BIG MOMMA: Come on, quit it.
Both of you.
CL: Listen to your grandmother, now.
CECIL: Carolyn, let it go.
CAROLYN: It was my shot
and you stole it from me!
- CL: Carolyn!
- ERMA: Daddy!
You just going to keep on
taking her side like that?
CAROLYN: Oh, you and Daddy,
you're two of a kind.
You think you're so
blessed to be Daddy's favorite.
But you better watch how you step;
cause you're going to
end up just like him.
ERMA: Oh, come on, stop it.
annual Grammy awards welcomes the
Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin.
Ms. Franklin, how does
it feel to be here tonight?
feels absolutely wonderful.
I'm so glad to be here with
my brother Cecil and my son.
And there's Glynn Turman,
recent start of the
hit film, Cooley High.
Ms. Franklin, could we get a
picture with you and Mr. Turman?
ARETHA (OVER TV): Well, sure.

REPORTER: Ms. Franklin,
before we let you go a big
congratulations for Sparkle.
Is your family watching
tonight from Detroit?
ARETHA: They sure are.
I love you, Daddy.
ERMA: Hey!
CL: Hey, hey, hey, come on in.
ERMA: Did I miss it?
CL: No, you just made it, come on.
BIG MOMMA: Now, how come she
didn't go down the red carpet
with that Glynn Turman fellow?
ERMA: Big Ma, they taking it slow.
They don't need
everybody in they business.
Hey, Daddy. Do you want her to win?
CAROLYN: On the fence.
BIG MOMMA: Oh, now, none of that.
CL: Quiet down, now. Here it is.
ERMA: Just joking, Big Momma.
I think you'll understand ♪
I'm givin' him something he can feel ♪
ANNOUNCER (OVER TV): Aretha might
win it, you know, she's got ten of them
Wow! "Something He Can Feel".
BIG MOMMA: Oh, look
how pretty she looks.
Doesn't she look pretty?
CL: Hush now, quiet.
And the winner is
- CL: Aretha Franklin!
- CAROLYN: Daddy.
Natalie Cole, "Sophisticated Lady".
- CL: Oh.
- ERMA: Now, that's some shit.
CAROLYN: Oh, my God.
CL: You got robbed,
baby girl, you got robbed.
CAROLYN: Hers was the best song.
BIG MOMMA: And it was sung the best.
She should have won.
CAROLYN: How come I'm
mad that she didn't win?
BIG MOMMA: Because she's your
sister and I know she can be
difficult at sometimes
but she still loves you
and you still love her.

GLYNN: There you are.
Where's your family?
ARETHA: I told them
they didn't have to stay.
GLYNN: Well, you know,
I'm proud to be with you,
even if I'm just your
official shoulder to cry on.
ARETHA: Everything I did to get this,
I lost to some folks who can't
even sing nearly as good as me.
I mean they look good; I give them that.
But they don't have anything else.
My label doesn't support
me because if they did I,
I would have won.
GLYNN: What?
ARETHA: All that work.
I worked like a dog and for what?
All they do is take me for granted.
GLYNN: Listen, you're beautiful.
You know that?
Your songs are beautiful.
Yeah, some shit went down tonight but
don't let that make you doubt yourself.
ARETHA: Jerry left Atlantic
and I still have two years left.
I don't think I have
anything else to give.
I'm done.
GLYNN: I hear you.
And, you know, I can't count
how many times this showbiz
thing has knocked me
down and counted me out.
But then I get up, I go
for another round, and I win.
You know, I heard someone say
that Aretha Franklin is a has been.
GLYNN: No, no, no they didn't.
You tell me who said that and
I'm going to go talk to them.
No, I'm just going to have some
words with them, talk to them.
ARETHA: Come on, stop it, come on.
GLYNN: You see, there's your smile.
You see, the world is full of naysayers.
I've got to remind them that the Queen,
in addition to her beauty,
possesses talent,
tenacity, and longevity.
I've got to remind them that
though they can't sing their way
out of a paper bag, Ms. Franklin can
sing circles around them in her sleep.
ARETHA: Well, she can.
GLYNN: Without even trying, okay.
Now, what do you say you and I we go
up there and we say hey to some folks?
ARETHA: Sounds like a plan.
GLYNN: Mm-hmm. Madame.
CLIVE: Enjoy yourself tonight.
MAN: I will, thank you.
GLYNN: Clive Davis.
How you doing, man?
CLIVE: Oh, good to see you, Glynn.
It's always great to
see you, Ms. Franklin.
GLYNN: I'll be back in a bit.
CLIVE: Take care.
ARETHA: Fun night, huh?
Oh, and congratulations on your
new launch of Arista Records.
CLIVE: We have had
a good first few years.
You are a legend;
one Grammy more or
less won't change that.
You and your music are going
to live forever, I promise you.
ARETHA: I've heard how
much you love the artists.
CLIVE: They are the reason
I get out of bed every day.
Ms. Franklin, I hope
our paths cross again.
Enjoy yourself.
BIG MOMMA: Glynn is at the altar
and he looks very handsome.
CAROLYN: Ooh, and gathered to
witness you walk down the aisle,
you've got everybody who's anybody.
ERMA: Re, they're saying this is the
most exciting wedding of the year, girl.
ARETHA: But now I'm nervous.
BIG MOMMA: Oh, you should be
because marriage is a serious business.
CAROLYN: Well, and lucky you
got a deal on the pastor marrying you.
ARETHA: Daddy says the deacon wanted to
charge us double for using the church.
BIG MOMMA: Oh Lord, your
first marriage was in Ohio
with the Justice of the Peace.
ERMA: Oh, Daddy had a fit.
CAROLYN: Come on, ya'll.
Keep it on the good foot, else Re's
going to change her mind and jet.
ERMA: Re ain't going nowhere
because Glynn Turman is fine.
ARETHA: He is a
beautiful man and I love him.
I might not be the
easiest person to be with,
but he lets me lean on
him and I let him lean on me.
BIG MOMMA: And that love you
have for him will carry you through.
ARETHA: I'm sorry.
I was wrong for what I did to you.
CAROLYN: It's nothing.
It's like Big Ma said,
it's water under the bridge.
ARETHA: No, no.
You deserve an apology
and I need to give it.
I'm sorry, really, I am.
CAROLYN: I hated you for it,
but not anymore.
ARETHA: Now, go on, we not
supposed to cry until after the wedding.
- CAROLYN: Right, right.
- ERMA: That's our music.
BIG MOMMA: Oh, okay. Congratulations.
I love you.
ARETHA: I love you.
BIG MOMMA: You look beautiful.
CL: Ooh, ooh.
You are sure you don't want
me to walk you down the aisle?
You're okay with Cecil.
ARETHA: Daddy, you can't do everything.
How you going to walk me
down the aisle and marry us?
You all right?
CL: It's a blessed, blessed day.
Isn't she precious? ♪
Less than one minute old ♪
I never thought
through love would be ♪
- CECIL: You look beautiful, sis.
- ARETHA: Thank you.
But isn't she lovely made from love? ♪
CL: Ahh.
DOCTOR: Yeah, your father
has polyps on his vocal cords.
Typically, they're caused
by overuse of the voice.
CL: Too much preaching, doc.
ARETHA: What's the
proper course of treatment?
DOCTOR: Vocal rest is
critical to the healing process.
ARETHA: Well, for how long?
DOCTOR: Couple of months.
CL: I've got my pastor's
anniversary coming up in June,
that's two months from now.
DOCTOR: Well, you might
want to get a substitute.
CL: I have celebrated and
been celebrated every year at
New Bethel since 1946, rain or shine.
Now, obviously you don't
know what you're talking about
because it's absolutely
ridiculous to think that
I'm going to sit it out.
ARETHA: The congregation
is expecting him to preach.
DOCTOR: You need rest.
And real healing will
require lifestyle changes,
you need to stop smoking and drinking.
CL: Ya'll making more
of this than it really is.
DOCTOR: And the way things look,
you've been drinking way too much.
CL: Whiskey warms my vocal cords.
DOCTOR: Mm-hmm.
Reverend Franklin,
you could potentially lose your voice,
I hope you'll take my advice.
CL: This'll clear up in no time, doc.
ARETHA: Daddy, the doctor
knows what he's talking about.
CL: I'm on top of my game, baby.
They don't call me the
Million Dollar Voice for nothing.
ARETHA: Just promise me that
you are going to get a little rest.
Promise me.
CL: Doc told me not to talk.
JERRY: Oh, thank you so much.
ARETHA: Thanks for coming.
JERRY: Absolutely.
ARETHA: Checking up on me?
JERRY: No, no.
I was in town, in town on business.
And, you know, had a
venue I had to look at, so.
ARETHA: Checking up on me.
JERRY: All right.
So, how's, how's your dad doing?
ARETHA: Headstrong as always.
JERRY: And how's Glynn doing?
Good? He's good?
ARETHA: I finally found my Mr. Right.
JERRY: Well deserved.
ARETHA: I auditioned for that
Blues Brother's film and got the part.
JERRY: I heard. Dreams come true, huh?
ARETHA: I mean it's a small
cameo part but it, yeah, it's exciting.
JERRY: Is everything okay?
ARETHA: Well, my contract with
Atlantic is up in about a year.
JERRY: Do you got
anybody in your corner?
ARETHA: Not like you.
You remember when we would
listen to a recording and you
would say feels good today but
let's see how it feels in the morning?
JERRY: Yeah, sure.
ARETHA: Nothing I'm
recording is passing that test.
JERRY: So, what are you going to do?
ARETHA: Think I'm
gonna do something new.
JERRY: You going to
let me in on your secret?
ARETHA: It's not a secret.
Ruth is booking me a gig
head lining in Las Vegas.
JERRY: Interesting.
ARETHA: And I will be singing
a show full of disco songs.
Don't you say it.
Do not say I told you so.
JERRY: I'm not.
ARETHA: Are you laughing at me?
JERRY: I'm not laughing at you, I.
ARETHA: You're laughing at me.
You think I sold out?
JERRY: No, absolutely not.
No, no, no, you're an artist.
Okay, you're experimenting.
You're, you're pushing
yourself like you always do.
You know, if you weren't
afraid to try new things,
you'd still be singing
gospel music in a church.
You know, you change with the times,
but you always find a way
to remain true to yourself.
That's part of your brilliance.
You know, I guess I'm going to
have to find a new nickname for
you because Our Lady
of Mysterious Sorrows
doesn't really apply
anymore because you're happy.
- ARETHA: Yeah.
- JERRY: Yeah.
ARETHA: I'll do it then.
JERRY: Yeah, do it. Good, yes.
Just, just keep going. Okay?
JERRY: Is that a deal, Ms. Franklin?
ARETHA: That is a deal, Mr. Wexler.
JERRY: All right, let's celebrate
with some of this world-famous cake.
ARETHA: Well, I hope you like it.
It's my, my grandmamma's recipe.
JERRY: Mmm, woah, that's really good.
What store did this come from?
ARETHA: Now, you know that
it was not a store bought.
JERRY: What store did
your grandmother get it at?
I'm kidding.

and gentlemen, put your hands together.
The Queen of Soul.
GLYNN: That was really good, so good
CECIL: Ooh. you've got
a crowd out there who loves you.
- GLYNN: And you look good.
- CECIL: Mm-hmm.
GLYNN: You look like you're having fun.
ARETHA: I am. I feel good.
CECIL: Nice.
GLYNN: Right on.



you all ready for some more?
I can't hear you.
Are you ready for some more?
Well, then give it up
for your Queen of Soul,
Aretha Franklin.
CL: Hm.


Yea ♪
Oh ♪
Bum, bum, bum, boy ♪
Why don't I shake it ♪
Don't get mad and get flaky ♪
'Cause this dance you don't know ♪
Let Aretha show you how it goes ♪
So just spread your feet out ♪
Move your hands all about ♪
Bend over, big rover ♪
We're gonna tear the joint up ♪
And we're gonna jump ♪
We're gonna shake a little fun ♪
You're doin' fine ♪
Hey baby you're right on time ♪
There's a bump ♪
And I hope your mama don't call ♪
Jump ♪
GLYNN: Man, you've
got to give it to her.
She doesn't give up.
CECIL: Amen, brother, right here.
'Cause your movement
just sets me free ♪

CL: Who's there?
Love the way you party hard now ♪
I don't want nothin'
to tear us apart ♪
Yea you're doin' fine, yea ♪
Oh, my baby 'bout to shake a leg ♪
And there's one thing I need to know ♪
If you love me baby tell me so ♪
Hey and then we're gonna jump ♪
We're gonna shake a little fun ♪
You're doin' fine ♪
Baby you're right on time ♪
There's a bump ♪
And I hope my daddy don't call ♪
Ooo, ooo, ooo ♪
We're gonna keep it in the groove ♪
Yea ♪
Do it baby, do it baby ♪
Ooo ♪
Bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, bum, boy ♪
Hey, ey, ey ♪
Jump up, jump up, jumpin',
jump, jump, jumpin' ♪
Jumpin', jumpin' ♪
CROWD: Aretha! Aretha! Aretha! Aretha!
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