Genius (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

No One Sleeps

ANNOUNCER: Previously on Genius.
DINAH: Re's going to
be the next great one.
CL: Yes, she is. Yes, she is.
Ha-ha! That's my daughter.
I taught the Queen of
Soul everything she knows,
especially them dance numbers.
What do you say we continue at my house?
FREEDIA: What I was really
hoping was that you'd pass
my songs along to your daughter.
She could use some new material.
JERRY: I am leaving Atlantic.
ARETHA: Ain't that some shit?
Jerry left Atlantic and
I still have two years left.
I don't think I have
anything else to give.
I'm done.
REPORTER: And there's Glynn Turman,
recent star of the hit film Cooley High.
GLYNN: Clive Davis.
ARETHA: Congratulations on your
new launch of Arista Records.
CLIVE: You are a legend.
You and your music are going
to live forever, I promise you.
I hope our paths cross again.
GLYNN: Man, you've
got to give it to her.
She doesn't give up.
I will go where you lead. ♪
I'll be right there in time of need. ♪
And when I lose my will. ♪
You'll be there to
push me up the hill. ♪
There's no. ♪
No looking back for us. ♪
No look baby. ♪
We've got a love sure 'nough,
that's enough. ♪
GLYNN: Go 'head.
You're all. ♪
You're all I need. ♪
You're all. ♪
You're all I need. ♪
You're all. ♪
You're all I need
baby, baby to get by. ♪
Yea. ♪
To get by. ♪
PARAMEDIC: Almost there, Mr. Franklin.
You're doing fine, hang on, okay.
Like an eagle protects his nest, ♪
For you I'll do my best. ♪
Stand by you like a tree. ♪
And dare anybody
who try and move me. ♪
Darling in you I found. ♪
Strength when I was torn down. ♪
Don't know what's in store ♪
But together we can open any door. ♪
Just to do what's good for you. ♪
PARAMEDIC: He's losing a lot of blood.
NURSE: Stay with us, sir, stay with us.
Out of a soul that
didn't have a goal. ♪
Cause we, yea. ♪
We got the right foundation ♪
Yeah ♪
And with love and determination. ♪
Yes we do. ♪
Oh. ♪
You're all I need. ♪
You're all. ♪
Baby, baby. ♪
You're all I need. ♪
You're all. ♪
You're all I need to get by. ♪
DOCTOR: OR 2, prepped, scrubbing in
As long as I got you then
baby you know that you got me.
You're. ♪
DOCTOR: Blood bank, now please.
Get plasma in here.
NURSE: Plasma's on its way.
'Cause we've got a love
it's an R-E-S-P-E-C-T. ♪
PARAMEDIC: He's coding, code blue.
No pulse.
Starting compressions.
Give me that crash cart stat.
As long as I got you then
baby you know that you got me.
Oh! ♪
DOCTOR: Paddles ready. Step back. Clear.
ARETHA (OVER PA): I love you.
I love you so much.
MAN: Aretha, I love you.
WOMAN: Aretha, I love you!
GLYNN: Oh my God, that crowd.
I mean they loved you.
Are you serious?
Are you serious?
Oh my God, come here.
Come here.


Doctor Stuart, please call 6212
Doctor Stuart, please call 6212.
Doctor Martinez, please call OR 8.
Doctor Martinez, please call OR 8.
CECIL: Big Ma is home
resting and Sister Lucy
is staying with her.
GLYNN: Baby, it's a blessing
your father made it through surgery.
Doctor says he's stable.
ARETHA: They shot him in the groin?
ERMA: And in the knee.
ARETHA: They know who did it?
CAROLYN: We'll hear
more from the detective.
GLYNN: Look, baby, your
father lost a lot of blood.
ARETHA: But he's stable,
you said he was stable.
GLYNN: He is.
He's stable but the doctor's
just not sure when he'll wake up.
ARETHA: He'll wake up. He will. He will.
ERMA: They're calling it a light coma.
CECIL: What does that even mean?
CAROLYN: He could be
unconscious for some time.
GLYNN: What do you need?
What can I do for you?
ARETHA: Daddy's in there hurting.
Nothing else matters.
O mio babbino caro. ♪
Mi piace, e bello bello. ♪
Vo'andare. ♪
ARETHA: Now, see, that's a voice.
CAROLYN: Mm-hmm.
- ERMA: You could out sing her.
- CECIL: Mm-hmm.
ARETHA: No. Now, come on, opera?
ERMA: Uh, yeah, come on, girl,
now you know you got skills.
CAROLYN: It would be like when
we got those roller skates.
At first, you were
falling down more than anybody.
ERMA: Then after one day
she was skating around all of
us doing circles and tricks
and everything all around us.
ARETHA: Do remember when we
was trying to go out, sneaking?
CAROLYN: Oh, Daddy
hollered from his office.
ARETHA: Now you, you will
not be going roller skating
with those boys at,
at this time of night.
ERMA: Only it was 5:00 in the afternoon.
CECIL: But it was on a Sunday.
ARETHA: Our Daddy was a piece of work.
CAROLYN: Yes. Oh, remember
that red Cadillac he had?
- ERMA: Which one?
- CECIL: Oh, all of them.
You know he stayed
looking sharp all the time,
cleaner than the Board of Health.
- ERMA: Yes.
ARETHA: That reminds me,
we have to get his car washed
twice a week because you
know that once he wakes up,
he's going to walk down those stairs,
open up the windows,
take a look outside and
say, now, how often are, are,
are you washing my cars?
CECIL: That's your sister, mm-hmm, nope.
ERMA: Cecil.
ARETHA: You know I'm telling the truth.
ERMA: Well, I ain't washing no cars.
Re, you know we love you.
CECIL: But you know we can handle this.
ARETHA: We were right
to bring him home instead of
putting him in one of those facilities.
We're just saying you
don't have to be rushing back
and forth between here and LA.
You know you don't have
to be making sacrifices.
ARETHA: Now, I'm not
making no sacrifices.
CAROLYN: All right.
You're not avoiding going home, are you?
ARETHA: Why would I
be avoiding going home?
CAROLYN: Well, your new album
didn't do as good as you hoped.
ERMA: And we know you got one
foot out the door at Atlantic.
ARETHA: That's because
they want me to be
opening act for one of their rock bands.
EVERYONE: Opening act?
ARETHA: Said it would
be a good exposure.
ERMA: See, the record
business is some bullshit.
ARETHA: Sometimes, yes.
ERMA: All the time.
ARETHA: I need, I need a Daddy pep talk.
ERMA: Oh, we got you.
Come on, come on, Carolyn.
CAROLYN: Re, you got to go back
home and get back on that horse.
ERMA: Yeah, cause no child of CL
Franklin going to take no mess now.
CECIL: Oh, oh, I got
you, I got you, look.
Take some of this liquid courage, okay.
ERMA: Oh boy.
CAROLYN: Watch out now, Re, watch out.
Or you could, you know,
you could just go back home
and lean on that
handsome husband of yours.
Come on.
And let him take
all your troubles away ♪
ARETHA: Get on out of here.
That would be nice, but
Daddy seems to be healing
'cause I'm by his side, so.
ARETHA: How you doing, baby?
GLYNN (OVER PHONE): I'm all right.
Boys are happy to be back in school.
ARETHA: Boys doing their homework?
GLYNN: With my help.
GLYNN (OVER PHONE): Even with algebra.
ARETHA: Well, you the best.
GLYNN (OVER PHONE): Trying to be.
Hey, you book your ticket back home yet?
ARETHA: I was just home.
GLYNN: Three weeks ago.
The doctors say that we,
we should sit with
Daddy and talk with him.
They say that he can hear us.
And yesterday when I squeezed
his hand, he, he smiled.
GLYNN (OVER PHONE): That's good news.
So, you coming home for Thanksgiving?
ARETHA: Maybe you all could come here
And for Christmas too?
GLYNN: Cold Detroit for Christmas.
It'll be a celebration.
GLYNN: Well, speaking
of celebrations there,
there's some events going
on out here I don't think
you want to miss,
GLYNN (OVER PHONE): Some industry stuff.
I was thinking we'd get all
dressed up and we show our faces.
ARETHA: Because otherwise
people will forget me?
GLYNN: Baby, I just want you
to have some fun, that's all.
ARETHA: I can't just
leave everything with Erma
and Carolyn, that wouldn't be fair.
GLYNN: Baby, you have a nurse
GLYNN (OVER PHONE): Around the clock.
I love you.
ARETHA: I love you too.
But it's important for
me to be home right now.
GLYNN: Then come home
then baby, I miss you.
ARETHA: I mean with Daddy.
ARETHA (OVER PHONE): It's important
for me to be home right now because
there are certain things
that only I can do.
GLYNN (OVER PHONE): Baby, what I mean is
me and the boys, we're your family too.
ARETHA: I want to be with
you and the boys more than
you know but it's, I, I
have to be home right now.
I'm sorry, baby. I really am.
GLYNN: Okay, baby,

CL: Come on down here
and join the party.
Come on. That's my girl.
ARETHA: I pray every
day that you'll wake up,
show me who I'm supposed to be.
You're always there cheering me on,
showing me the way.
CL: I'm always going to protect you.
You remember that.
ARETHA: Made me feel special.
- WOMAN: Amen, Amen.
- MAN: Aw, that's sweet.
MAN 2: Sing it little girl.
ARETHA: This doesn't work without you.
So, if you wake up, I'll figure
out what I'm supposed to do.
CECIL: Lord, thank you for this food.
Let this food give us the strength
we need to continue on our day.
Bless everyone who
helped us prepare this food.
In the son Jesus' name, amen.
BIG MOMMA: Well, your father is
proud of each and every one of you.
ARETHA: You know, I would have
never soloed in New Bethel Church
in front of all those people if
it hadn't have been for Daddy.
ERMA: That's true, he pushed you.
CAROLYN: I was scared for you.
ARETHA: You were scared? I was scared.
ERMA: I was jealous, just a little bit.
BIG MOMMA: Yeah, well, I was proud.
ARETHA: Well, who's
going to push me now?
Daddy's sick, music
business is changing,
and I feel a little
bit like I'm on my own.
ERMA: You still have us to lean on.
CAROLYN: That's right.
ARETHA: Thank you.
And I will but I think, I
think I'm going to push myself.
ARETHA: And I think I know how.
CAROLYN: All right.
- ERMA: What you cooking up, sis?
- BIG MOMMA: What you got in mind?
ARETHA: Clive, you want
some hot sauce with that?
CLIVE: It's delicious,
plenty spicy, thank you.
I heard you were mostly
in Detroit these days,
so I was excited to get your call.
ARETHA: Well, I'm helping family.
CLIVE: I heard. How's your dad?
ARETHA: We pray he's on the mend,
but holidays are hard.
We're all together but
it wasn't like old times.
CLIVE: I appreciate
you taking the time here.
Are you sure you're not going
to tell me your secret recipe?
ARETHA: Clive, you're going
to learn that my momma's recipes
are not the only thing
I like to keep to myself.
CLIVE: Okay. Shop talk only then.
I can tell you that Arista
is prepared to offer you
considerably more money than Atlantic.
ARETHA: That's good but money
is not the only thing that's
going to get me to sign with you.
Music keeps changing and I
want to keep changing with it.
CLIVE: Well, don't worry.
We are going to
capitalize on what you do well.
I can provide you with the
best material, the best producer.
ARETHA: I want somebody
who doesn't put me in a box.
Someone who I can trust.
CLIVE: It was such a
failure of Columbia that they
couldn't help you like Wexler did.
But I see you're continuing to
develop the kind of music you're making.
And your tenacity
is your greatest asset.
You are shaping
viewpoints and perspectives.
You are right up there
with The Beatles and Bob Dylan
as one of the giants
in contemporary culture.
ARETHA: Clive, I'm almost 40.
I've been making records
since I was 14 years old.
At this point in my career,
I just want to have fun.
I want to try something new.
I want to sing whatever I want to sing,
with whoever I want to sing it with,
and I want someone who
doesn't use the years I have
on my back to push me
to the back of the line.
I have earned and I
deserve control of my career.
CLIVE: You are Aretha Franklin.
If you never recorded
another note you'd live forever.
I'm sitting here
because you're timeless.
I just want to be
a part of your history.
ARETHA: Well now that sounds all right.
Jump, jump, jump to it. ♪
Yea, yea, yea. ♪
Girl I got to go. ♪
Yea, yea, yea. ♪
Come on now, really. ♪
Chin up please.
Yea, I'm kinda in a hurry. ♪
Yea yea, yea, yea ♪
Uh-huh. ♪
Here's the reason why. ♪
Jump, jump, jump to it. ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. ♪
Jump, jump, jump to it. ♪
Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. ♪
Jump, jump, jump to it. ♪
Do, do, dwee, do,
do, do, dwee, do do. ♪
Hey, hey, ya. ♪
Jump, jump, jump to it. ♪
REPORTER: Aretha, you're R&B number one.
How does it feel?
REPORTER 2: Aretha! You're back on top.
REPORTER 3: Aretha, tell us what's next.
CECIL: And in the name
of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Ghost we say amen.
- ARETHA: Amen.
- ERMA: Amen.
You and Clive Davis are on a roll.
There's nothing you
can't sing the hell out of.
Re, I cannot believe
you're moving back to Detroit.
ARETHA: It's not like I'm
going back to Daddy's house.
CAROLYN: Where you going to live?
ERMA: Okay, with all the
success you've been having lately,
can we celebrate?
CAROLYN: Back on top of the charts.
ARETHA: Mm-hmm. Let's
hope it stays like that.
CAROLYN: What are you afraid of, sis?
ARETHA: Nothing.
ERMA: Re, we've all got
to make peace with the fact
that Daddy isn't going
to be getting any better.
CAROLYN: He's just not
going to be able to be there
for us the way he used to be.
It's been four years.
ARETHA: And I've got to face that.
ARETHA: Everybody keeps
telling me to let you go but
I don't know who I am without you.
I am who I am because of you.
My gifts and my griefs.
I I'm not ready to let you leave yet.
You'll leave behind a, a
wound that will never heal.
I don't want to walk
around being an open wound.
And I know that if you were
here you would say trust in
God's will and read your Bible.
But that ain't going to do it.
I don't want to do that.
If you leave, I'm afraid
I won't be special anymore.
I won't know who I am.
I don't know how to
be the Queen of Soul;
I just want to be your daughter.
Please wake up Daddy.
Please wake up. Please wake up.
Why don't you, why don't you. ♪
Let it be. ♪
Still water run deep. ♪
Yes it do. ♪
Yes it do. ♪
For yea. ♪
If you only believe. ♪
When you're down. ♪
When you're on the street. ♪
When evening falls so hard. ♪
I will comfort you. ♪
I'll take your part. ♪
Oh when darkness comes. ♪
And pain is all. ♪
Is all around. ♪
Just like a bridge. ♪
Over troubled water. ♪
I will lay me down. ♪
Just like a bridge. ♪
Over troubled water. ♪
I will lay me down. ♪
City traffic movin' way too slow. ♪
Drop the pedal and go, go. ♪
Come on baby. ♪
Go. ♪
Do it for me now. ♪
We're goin' ridin' on the freeway. ♪
Of love. ♪
Wind's against my back. ♪
- CLIVE: To you.
- ARETHA: To you.
Of love in a pink Cadillac ♪
ARETHA: MTV, I love it.
CLIVE: Video gives people
a new way to enjoy the song.
ARETHA: I'm reaching folks from coast
to coast without even leaving my home.
CLIVE: Now, new songs.
ARETHA: Any winners?
CLIVE: Well, it's up to you.
Let me know if any of
the lyrics resonate with you.
We had hundreds of submissions;
these are the best of the bunch.
ARETHA: How do you do it?
You've got golden ears.
CLIVE: They are both at your service.
Annie Lennox.
ARETHA: From the Eurythmics?
CLIVE: Yeah, yeah.
Sisters are doing it for themselves.
The whole thing is
about female empowerment.
ARETHA: Well, I can get behind that.
CLIVE: George Michael,
he wants to do a duet with you.
CLIVE: We're getting offers to
do more of those big interviews.
ARETHA: Well, as long
as they don't want to get
into my business, you know
how I hate that.
CLIVE: I just want to make
sure you have all the chances
you can to tell the
world how great you are.
ARETHA: Because there will
never be another one like me.
CLIVE: Mm-hmm.
The Olympia Theater wants you back.
Come on, it's Paris!
ARETHA: Can't do it. You weren't there.
That little two engine plane
just dipsey-doodling in the air,
I'm still not over it.
I, what can I tell you?
No planes.
CLIVE: You have
conquered the R&B charts.
Now, I want you back at number
one on the Billboard's Hot 100.
With MTV your exposure is
great, let's make the most of it.
ARETHA: Clive, I promise you
I'll find another way to fly again.
Sisters are doin' it for themselves. ♪
There was a time. ♪
There was a time. ♪
Oh, when they used to say. ♪
When they used to say. ♪
That behind every great man. ♪
There had to be a great woman. ♪
In these times of change. ♪
You know that's no longer true. ♪
So we're comin' out of the kitchen. ♪
'Cause there's somethin'
we forgot to say to you. ♪
We say. ♪
Sisters are doin' it for themselves. ♪
Equal pay, hear what we say. ♪
Standin' on their own two feet, yea. ♪
And ringin' on their own bells. ♪
Here we come now. ♪
CLIVE: If you liked singing with Annie,
you're going to love
singing with George.

Like a warrior that fights. ♪
And wins the battle. ♪
I know the taste of victory. ♪
And I went through some nights. ♪
Consumed by shadows. ♪
I was crippled emotionally. ♪
ARETHA: Yes, I work hard but all of
you have helped me reach this milestone.
And some of you have known
me for a lifetime, Carolyn.
ARETHA: You are as brave as they come.
You can write and sing
the heck out of a song.
- CAROLYN: Come on, thank you.
- CECIL: Oh, amen.
ARETHA: Brother Cecil, you
have always been able to keep
me grounded and you have
always been able to get me
out of some crazy messes.
- CECIL: It ain't easy.
- ARETHA: No, it's not.
But I love you and I thank you.
CECIL: I love you.
ARETHA: Miss Erma, you
have always had my back
and I'll never forget it.
I learned how to shine because of you.
- ERMA: And you shine.
- ARETHA: I love you.
ERMA: And I love you too.
ARETHA: Thank you.
ERMA: Mm-hmm.
When the river was deep. ♪
I didn't falter. ♪
When the mountain was high. ♪
I still believed. ♪
When the valley was low. ♪
It didn't stop me. ♪
I knew you were waiting. ♪
I knew you were waiting for me. ♪
ARETHA: Now, Mr. Clive Davis.
CLIVE: Mm-hm.
ARETHA: You are not only one of
the greatest music men of all time,
you are my friend, my confidant.
And you keep me moving forward
and you've always had my back.
Thank you.
Here's to us;
friends, family, sweethearts.
Past, present, and future.
ARETHA: Thank you all so
much for being here today.
Thank you for being my support system.
And thank you for
putting respect on my name.

Oh, oh, oh. ♪
I knew you were waiting. ♪
I knew you were waiting. ♪
I knew you were waiting. ♪
I knew you were waiting for me. ♪
I didn't falter. ♪
The mountain was high. ♪
I still believed. ♪
When the valley was low. ♪
It didn't stop me. ♪
I knew you were waiting. ♪
I knew how. ♪
I knew you were waiting for me. ♪
I didn't falter. ♪
When the mountain was high. ♪
CLIVE: Let's all raise a glass.
"I Knew You Were Waiting"
your first Billboard Number
One since "Respect"!
WOMAN: Congratulations.
KATE: Welcome back.
We're here with Mrs. Aretha Franklin.
Do you mind?
- ARETHA: Yes.
- KATE: Thank you so much.
ARETHA: Wow. Look at that. 1967.
I didn't realize how
skinny I was back then.
KATE: Well, you still look incredible.
ARETHA: Well, what they say?
"Black don't crack,"
is that what they say?
KATE: And your black
is definitely not cracking.
ARETHA: All right.
Well, now you take care of that one.
I think it's going to be
a collector's item one day.
KATE: Thank you so much.
It really means the world to me.
ARETHA: Mm-hmm, mm-hmm.
KATE: It's been 30 years
since your first Grammy for
"Respect" and since then
you've been making chart topping,
award winning music.
Even though your life has
been full of many milestones
and iconic moments, it
hasn't been free of controversy.
ARETHA: Name one.
KATE: Well, like when you
made the transition from Gospel
music to secular music.
ARETHA: I didn't transition at all.
I just wanted to
spread my wings a little bit.
And for the record, everything
I do is rooted in the church.
It's who I am, it's what I sing.
I could sing "Mary had a Little Lamb"
and it would still sound like church.
In a way, everything I do
is Gospel, even the love song.
KATE: You're a very private
person, is that on purpose?
ARETHA: I think so.
But if you listen to the music,
everything you need to know is in there.
KATE: Has it been difficult for
you living your life so publicly?
ARETHA: I think of it
more as a gift than a curse.
KATE: Somehow you take the
difficult stuff of your life and
you turn it into songs that people
love and will listen to forever.
It's like you take lead
and turn it into gold.
ARETHA: Well, I think that
everybody has a story to tell.
Mine just happens to be
through song because that's
where you'll find me,
right in the music.
My spirit will always be around you.
Not a lot of people can say
that but I'm grateful that I can.
KATE: You never give up, do you?
ARETHA: No, that's why
there will never be another me.
It brings. ♪
Big tears. ♪
Into my eyes. ♪
When I began. ♪
ERMA: You're not coming?
When I began to realize. ♪
ERMA: Come on.
That I've cried so much. ♪
Oh, since you've been gone. ♪
I guess I'm drownin'. ♪
Drownin' in my own tears. ♪
ARETHA: Happy birthday, Daddy.
ERMA: He would have
been 83 years old today.
ARETHA: I love you, Big Momma.
Just like a child. ♪
These tears of mine. ♪
These tears are runnin' wild. ♪
ERMA: We love you Cecil.
We love you Carolyn.
And if you don't think. ♪
If you don't think
that you'll be home soon. ♪
Baby, I'm gonna drown. ♪
In mine. ♪
ERMA: We're the last two left.
ARETHA: You think I'm
going to go before you?
ERMA: You make it sound
like it's a competition.
ARETHA: I got a lot of life left.
How about you?
ERMA: All these years
trying to keep up with you,
feeling down when I couldn't.
ARETHA: I could never have
gotten as far as I did without
you and Carolyn singing
with me and cheering me on.
ERMA: Thanks.
I'm going to enjoy my retirement now.
ARETHA: I think you should
get back in the studio.
ERMA: No, I'm thinking about traveling.
Lord, we're getting old.
ARETHA: Oh, shit, speak for yourself.
ERMA: What you got coming up?
ARETHA: Grammy's.
I'm going to sing one of the hits.
ERMA: Oh, that ought to be fun, right?
ARETHA: I'm thinking about doing
something for MusiCares and Pavarotti.
- ERMA: The maestro?
- ARETHA: Mm-hmm.
ERMA: Mm-hmm, you are so brave, girl.
Always finding new ways to fly.
ARETHA: Well, thanks, sis.
ANNOUNCER (OVER PA): Let's give another
round of respect for Aretha Franklin.
MAN: You were wonderful, Ms. Franklin.
ARETHA: I think it
went all right, thank you.
ERMA: The parties are going to be fun,
which one you want to wear?
- ARETHA: That one.
- ERMA: You sang great.
You don't feel good about it?
ARETHA: I'm all right.
ERMA: Girl, you had that Grammy
audience eating out of your hand.
ERMA: Who is it?
MR. EHRLICH: I'm sorry to
bother you, Mrs. Franklin.
But I just got a call.
ARETHA: Who died?
died but Mr. Pavarotti,
he's come down with a cold, he's sick.
Tonight, he was supposed
to sing "Nessun Dorma".
ERMA: Oh, we're so
sorry he's not feeling well.
MR. EHRLICH: His doctor
says he shouldn't perform.
ARETHA: Well, what does
that have to do with me?
MR. EHRLICH: Well, we have the
musicians and the choir ready to go.
Now, I know you sang
the song two nights ago.
ERMA: I'm sorry, Mr. Ehrlich.
MusiCares was a small charity event.
ARETHA: When was he supposed to go on?
MR. EHRLICH: In about 15 minutes.
ARETHA: You bring me the lyrics and I
need to hear a
recording of his rehearsal.
Thank you, Ms. Franklin.
ERMA: Sis, you singing
opera at the Grammys.
It's a live broadcast.
ARETHA: I know.
ERMA: Re, there are at least
25 million people out there.
ARETHA: Maybe it's time for
me to show them that I still got it.
I haven't said yes yet but
I want to review the material.
ERMA: Okay.
Nessun dorma! ♪
Nessun dorma! ♪
Tu pure. ♪
ERMA: What are they singing about?
ARETHA: He's saying he's got a secret.
ERMA: Just like you.
ARETHA: I've got a lot of secrets.
The people won't sleep until
they've discovered the singer's secret.
"Nessun Dorma" means no one sleeps.
ERMA: And what happens
when they find out?
ARETHA: If the people discovers
the singer's secret, she'll die.
If the singer can keep
her secret, she'll live.
ERMA: Deep.
ARETHA: And then victory.
ERMA: Amen.
MR. EHRLICH: I love your take.
ARETHA: I always
have to make it personal.
Only problem is, this is not in my key.
ERMA: Oh, well then
that settles it, right.
We appreciate you considering
Ms. Franklin for this very
daring idea but she'll
sing one of her hits or
you'll have to get someone else.
MR. EHRLICH: Sorry I wasted your time.
ARETHA: I can do it.
ERMA: My sister is going
to need a moment alone.
at places, Mrs. Franklin,
places please.
ERMA: Ready?
MR. ERLICH: Ready, Ms. Franklin?
ERMA: You continue to amaze me.
ARETHA: Thanks, sis.
represented by another voice
who is truly deserving of
the term legend, my friend,
Luciano Pavarotti.
Unfortunately, tonight,
his doctors have advised him to
give that sore throat a rest.
The selection he was going
to perform was "Nessun Dorma".
Two nights ago, at MusiCares,
another legendary voice
performed that same song,
one you might not expect.
She has agreed to step
in for her friend, Luciano,
literally at a moment's notice.
Ladies and gentlemen, Aretha Franklin!
Nessun dorma. ♪
Nessun dorma. ♪
Tu pure. ♪
Tu pure, o Principessa. ♪
Nella tua fredda stanza. ♪
Guardi le stelle. ♪
Che tremano d'amore. ♪
E di Speranza. ♪
Within my heart. ♪
My secret lies. ♪
And what his name is. ♪
None shall know, none, none. ♪
Till on thy heart. ♪
I confess it. ♪
Soon as morning lights. ♪
Shall dawn. ♪
ARETHA: I'm going to make a hit.
Oh Prince, than shall. ♪
My kisses break the silence.
That made thee mine. ♪
Il Nome suo nessun saprà. ♪
E noi dovrem, ahimé, morir, morir. ♪
Dilegua, o note! ♪
Tramontate. ♪
Stelle! ♪
Tramontate. ♪
All'alba. ♪
Vincerò! ♪
Vincerò! ♪
Vincerò! ♪
Oh, oh, oh. ♪
Cerò! ♪
Cerò! ♪
Cerò! ♪
Erò! ♪
Though you don't call anymore. ♪
I sit and wait. ♪
In vain. ♪
I guess I'll rap on your door. ♪
Your door. ♪
Tap on your window. ♪
Pane. ♪
Tap on your window pane. ♪
I want to tell you baby. ♪
The changes I've been going through. ♪
Missing you, listen you. ♪
'Till you come back to me. ♪
That's what I'm gonna do. ♪
Living for you my dear. ♪
Is like living in a world. ♪
Of constant fear. ♪
Hear my plea. ♪
Hear my plea. ♪
I've got to make you see. ♪
Make you see. ♪
That our love is dying. ♪
Our love is dying. ♪
Although your phone you ignore. ♪
Somehow I must. ♪
Somehow I must. ♪
How I must explain. ♪
I'm gonna rap on your door. ♪
Your door. ♪
Tap on your window. ♪
Pane. ♪
Open up baby. ♪
I'm gonna rap on your door. ♪
Rap on your door. ♪
Tap on your, tap on your,
tap on your. ♪
Tap on your window pane. ♪
Tap on your window pane. ♪
I'm gonna rap on your door. ♪
Tap on your window. ♪
Pane. ♪
Open up baby. ♪
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