Gentefied (2020) s01e04 Episode Script

Unemployed AF

1 ["Free" by Whatuprg playing.]
I'm not afraid to be free I'm not afraid to be me I'm not afraid to be free I'm not afraid to be I'm not afraid to be No, I'm not afraid to be I'm not afraid to be free Give me the lock, I got the key I had to learn to be me 'stead of what they wanted RG to be Chris Morales.
Aren't you the guy that punched out Chef Austin? Yeah.
I'mma tell you something, man.
It's about time somebody punched that son of a bitch in the face! - You - What? - You.
Bring it in, baby.
- I did it.
- We're gonna do it.
- Really? Oh! We gonna bump chest hairs.
Bring it in.
[both chuckles.]
Oh! This feels right.
It does.
It does.
Oh! [inhales sharply.]
Oh! Wow.
- Feel good, don't it? - It feels good to be appreciated! - Oh yeah.
- And I mean, I'm so happy that I can work for you now.
Woah, woah, woah, woah.
No, that's not gonna happen, baby.
Yeah, truth be told, dog, you you blacklisted.
But but you said I was your hero.
Yeah, but you know, heroes go unemployed too.
Look at Kaepernick.
And ya'll almost the same shade.
They damn sure ain't gonna let you in.
Your time is up.
[theme song playing.]
[blender whirring.]
[blender stops.]
You don't have to do this, man.
- [Casimiro, in Spanish.]
No, son.
- This is food.
[in Spanish.]
Enough already.
We have to do something, mijo.
You wore me out last night.
- [Ana.]
Because I wanted to show you - Mm.
how much [smooches.]
you mean to me.
You know, after the whole Ernesto Yerena thing.
[cell phone dings.]
Oh! You can't be serious.
Oh, my God.
I have to go.
What's wrong? I don't know.
Pop needs me.
It's an emergency.
- [grunts.]
Oh, God.
- What happened? I don't know.
Welcome to the Morales family, everyone.
- [door opens.]
- OK, I got here as fast as I could.
What's the emergency? [in Spanish.]
We're worried about Chris.
What? [Chris, sobbing.]
Hey, something's going on with him.
The other day he bought generic peanut butter.
And get this, last night, I brought home non-organic nopales.
He looked me straight in the eyes and didn't say nothing.
Are you kidding me? I don't have time for this bullshit! [in Spanish.]
But he looks really sad.
Ok, Pop, look, I get it.
Chris is going to be fine.
OK, he's a big boy with a big, fat bank account.
He can afford help like therapy or Whole Foods.
- [in Spanish.]
Did you say Whole Foods? - [loud muffled boom.]
Even the toaster doesn't think I'm Mexican.
I told you he needs our help and you're not helping! I'm going to have to fix this my way.
[in Spanish.]
He's gonna give him a spanking! No, he needs herbs.
- I'm going to the Botanica.
- [Ana laughs.]
[in Spanish.]
A witch doctor? [in English.]
What're you gonna do? - Hit the white devil out of him? - [laughs.]
Hey, you let us know when the exorcism is, viejito.
Go screw yourself.
Not you, mijita.
Not you.
[door opens and closes.]
Yo, fool.
What's going on with the shop's eviction notice? Chill, primita.
Pops cashed Chris' check.
It'll cover the back rent, give us some time.
Besides, Rob can't just kick us out like that.
We got rights.
- I think.
- Oh, OK, so uh so you follow up with Yessika on that? 'Cause she did offer to help so you don't walk around with your fist in the air saying shit like, "We got rights, I think.
" Call Yessika, Gordo.
Ana, I'm a man, OK? I'm a grown-ass man with a plan.
- OK.
- I don't need your little-ass, girlfriend.
I got this.
Yessika! [scoffs.]
I need your help.
So you need my help now? It's for a friend.
Ana already told me about the shop's money problems.
OK, we're not having money problems, all right? I know what [shouting.]
Hey! - [loud music from car radio.]
- Tell Pops Salma's doing fine! I love Salma! OK, fine.
We're having money problems.
Listen, we can't lose the shop.
It's Pop's life.
It's all that viejito knows.
[indistinct chatter.]
There's a pro bono lawyer in our office that'll run circles around Rob.
Call her.
You're in for a long ride with this shit.
I suggest you read up on it.
Check out these books.
Thank you for looking out for my family.
To love Ana, you gotta love her family.
["When I Hear Music" by Debbie Deb playing.]
When I hear music, it makes me dance You got the music, here's my chance I want Elsa.
Oh, wouldn't you rather look like a real princesa? A Mayan princess! [yelling.]
I want Elsa! I want Elsa! Elsa! Mommy! What's up with that kid? Internalized racism.
[clear throats.]
My turn.
Oh, OK.
- Do you want Superman, Batman, Elsa? - [Tim.]
Well, I'm kinda curious what else you can do.
I have been watching you all day and I am a big fan.
Her girlfriend's a big fan too.
Ooh! Got your own little bodyguard.
Well, see that guy over there? My boyfriend? I think he'd be a big fan of her work as well.
- [Nayeli.]
- So? Disney princesses, that's your bread and butter or what else you got? Uh No.
I'm a real artist.
- I only do kid parties to pay rent.
- Oh.
Holy shit! Oh, wow.
Seriously, this is really good.
Your pattern designs are insane.
Oh, you must get a lot of work.
I'm Tim.
- Thanks.
Yeah, I'm hella busy.
- [Tim.]
Well, listen.
I'm sure you book up fast, but I would love to hire you for a party this weekend.
It's for grown-ups and it is much more at your level.
Now, make me into a Mayan princess.
[exoteric music playing.]
Ay, Casimiro.
[in Spanish.]
You finally came to visit! I have been telling you to come see my renovations forever.
[in Spanish.]
Damn Lupita, I didn't know renovations meant getting rid of pretty much - all your inventory.
- [laughs.]
Oh! This is just the display.
Look, the less product there is, the more you can charge rich white folks.
Lupe, sorry.
I'm late for my reading.
Traffic is a nightmare.
When are you gonna open up a shop in Venice? Ay, trust me.
I'm trying, beautiful.
Why don't you wait for me in the back, yes? Another shop? Wow! [chuckles.]
Business must be booming.
[in English.]
If the goddess wants it.
So, what will you have, papi chulo? Herbs for Chris.
Here you go.
Muchas gracias.
Oh, damn.
You tripled the price, Lupe.
[in Spanish.]
Don't be silly, Casimiro.
For you, it's on the house.
Muchas gracias, Lupe.
How are you keeping up with all these changes? [in English.]
Nobody likes changes, Casimiro.
But if you align with it, the change can be good though.
Chris is always talking about change.
Is it worth the headache? Casimiro, [in Spanish.]
it's okay to desire more for yourself.
Life isn't just about survival.
[in English.]
If you work smart, you can thrive.
Stop! [giggles.]
Hey, Yolanda! I'mma head out.
I just wanted to get my payment.
Of course! My artist.
So it's 50 dollars with some leftovers, right? - [kids shrieking.]
- I think it was actually um, a hundred.
We agreed to a hundred.
I know, OK.
Times are tough.
We just had to cancel our Costco membership.
My Cadillac! Thanks, Mommy.
You get it, right? [dog barking.]
[indistinct chatter from TV.]
Hey, Ma.
Hope you're hungry.
- Hola, mijita.
- [Nayeli.]
Hi, Mom.
What's this? [in Spanish.]
Since you didn't come home last night like a dignified, well-mannered young lady I imagined you must have moved out.
Maybe to Hawaii? What do I know? God almighty, you're so dramatic.
I'm going to my room now.
I packed up all of your junk.
Very neatly packed, too.
What would I ever do without my 50 rosaries? To scare the devil out of you, cabrona! OK, fine, look, I'm sorry.
But I brought your favorito, tres leches.
Sí? Is it like a Rosca de Reyes? If I take a bite, - will the rent money magically appear? - No.
No, but these are amazing leftovers! - Look, there's tamales, arroz.
- Just a second.
Ana, do I look like a fool to you? Ma, these leftovers will feed us for a week! They just made us a deal.
That little job you found pays you in leftovers.
- [sighs.]
It's not like that, Mom.
- Hold on.
Who are you calling? Hello? Mr.
We're gonna pay the light bill with payments of beans.
OK, you can tell Mr.
Edison I get it.
Oh! You want it all in one big sack? Of course! Not a problem.
OK, fine! More tres leches for me! You better save me some! - [door slams shut.]
- Babosa.
- [hisses.]
- [groans.]
- [Casimiro.]
OK! That's enough! - [grunts.]
This isn't a hotel.
Get up and put some pants on.
I don't do pants anymore.
[in English.]
I don't do pants anymore.
[in Spanish.]
Drink this.
What is it? - Witchcraft.
- [spits.]
- [Casimiro.]
Hey! - [groans.]
Listen, you and I had an agreement.
Sí? You're living in this house rent-free because you have a dream, lazy-ass.
But right now you're acting like Cheechy Chong.
Cheech and Chong, Pop.
It's two people.
That's not important.
They're both lazy asses.
I need you to help out at the taco shop.
You know we tried that, Pop.
Erik doesn't want me in the shop, and nobody gets my superior taste palate.
Stop making excuses.
Just stop Don Zacazonapan.
Are you a chef? Then get back to it! Or who do you think you are? The prince of Idaho? I don't know what I am anymore.
I'm not asking you.
Alright, listen to Norma.
She's the boss.
And try to have fun, cabrón.
Remember, this is what you're good at.
Just stay away from the blender.
Where are you going? What's it to you, Cheechy? Geez, I should have brought your pacifier.
Well, don't just stand there, baboso, go and make yourself useful.
Do some inventory.
There's some carne asada and some masa that goes bad today.
We have to throw it away to make room for the next delivery.
You're throwing away product? How long has the shop been throwing away unused food? Pues, for a while now? Since business has been slow.
Can I try something? ["Tres Tiros" by Sr Ortegon Feat Fabo Tello playing.]
That's what I'm saying, fool.
What the hell are Pop's Pies? [sniffing.]
Yo, these are fire.
Let me get on this Pop Pie love.
I'll do all the marketing.
Pops could be like the next Patti LaBelle.
Whussup, mija.
Let me get a little sample.
A little sample.
Hey, what the hell's going on out there? Hey, listen, man.
I don't want any trouble, OK? - Pop begged me to come help.
- Oh, he begged you, huh? And you, something wrong with the food I cook or what? Hey, no.
Este güey just made carne asada pot pie with the masa that was gonna go bad.
He called it a "Pop Pie.
" You get it? Pop Pie?! Ahh! [laughs.]
So what? The güero's cool now and I'm axed out because I didn't go to the Pop Pie convention? [in Spanish.]
Calm down now, loudmouth.
I was just trying to get him out of the house and look how well it's going.
What the fuck? He fucked with the menu and shit, and then rearranged the kitchen.
And what part of Mexico are pies from anyway? He's saved us a ton of money.
What have you done for the shop today? I got ideas too, Pop.
Yeah, I'm handing shit.
Why can't you just work with your cousin, mijo? Oh, looks like he's got it covered.
Besides, I'm not good at putting beets in tacos.
[clicks tongue, sighs.]
I'm so sorry.
- There's nothing I can do.
- [Joaquin's Mom.]
You need three proof of residence? What's The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Lovers about? Oh uh it's a sophisticated text.
Nietzsche for people without a dental plan.
What books you got there, little man? Diary of a Wimpy Kid.
Oh, I remember reading that.
[Joaquin's Mom.]
- [chuckles.]
- [Clerk.]
Next, please.
It's just she's asking too many questions and I don't have my papers.
I'm sorry, mijo.
It's too risky.
- [Clerk.]
- Excuse me, I'll check out the Wimpy Kid books with my card.
Here you go.
All right.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Next in line.
- Here you go, little man.
And when you're done with these, you bring 'em by Mama Fina's over on South Reyes and I'll hook you up with free tacos.
- Deal? - Deal.
Thank you.
- De nada.
- Muchas gracias.
["Ya Llego por Quien Lloraban" by Los Famosos Del Norte playing.]
[in Spanish.]
Calm down! You'll lose a finger! - Yeah? - Yeah.
[in English.]
Oh, calm down, they showed you some stuff, man! - A ver.
- [cell phone ringing.]
- [Norma.]
Man! - [chuckles.]
- Yeah? - [Chris' Dad.]
Oh, so you're alive.
I've been calling for weeks with no response.
- I've been busy.
- Busy? That's funny because Pop called and said you were fired.
I didn't get fired.
I quit.
And I got a new job.
- I work at Pop's.
- That's what you're doing with your business education? Making tacos? After all the sacrifices I made, you end up back in the ghetto.
That's a nice guilt trip.
Look, if you want me to leave Boyle Heights so bad, why don't you just pay for me to go to culinary school? I'll get on the first flight out of LAX - [phone beeps.]
- Hello? Hello? Hey, hey, hey.
Master chef, come here.
Check this out.
I'm sorry, Norma.
I can't even right now.
I just need to take a coffee break.
Hey, we don't get coffee breaks here! So much for the pinche help.
Bring me a latte! He finally got a job over at the docks.
Come on, bro.
Talk about your family later, please.
Come on.
Chill out, dude.
[indistinct chatter, laughs.]
Hey, Lidia.
What's up? Hey Chris, last time I saw you you were getting dragged out of Mangia.
Hey, who's your friend? You guys hangin' out? Is this coffee? You guys Is this a date? - No.
This is - Alex.
I work with Lidia at ELAC.
Hi, Alex.
Nice to meet you.
So, Lidia, how's everything going with having my cousin's baby? - Hm.
- [chuckles.]
I'm gonna use the restroom.
I don't like him.
- I don't like him.
- Chris, tone down the aggro.
I'm sorry.
What's up with this Alex cat, huh? You know he's taking a massive dump right now.
That's just That's a dick move.
He's helping me with a job application to Stanford.
What? Stanford? You're moving to Palo Alto? That's not even a real city.
And what about Erik? I have someone else's future to think about, not just mine.
I know you're pissed about the other night at Mangia, but it wasn't his fault, I fucked up.
It's not just that.
Erik has a lot of growing up to do, - and you know that.
- Yeah.
Look, does he have quirks? Yeah, but he's trying.
I mean, he's cut down to smoking two blunts a day.
- [scoffs.]
- He filed his taxes this year.
He even bought floss the other day.
Yeah, he hasn't used it yet, but it is only a matter of time.
That is really cute, but floss won't raise a baby.
Look, Lidia, I don't get a lot about him, but there's one thing I have never doubted: You're it for him.
I know that much for sure.
Anyway, just think about it.
OK? What? [laughs.]
Hey, what's up, freeloader? Carb loading for the zombie apocalypse? No, fool.
Shut up.
It's my lunch.
[woman, in Spanish.]
What are you looking at? Rough day? Oh.
Long lines.
And my dad.
Yeah, why don't you come with me to this party tomorrow? There'll be hella white chicks! Oh great.
My people.
At last.
[Rap music playing.]
I know it's being hard we be going through I've got a few scars and they show too You don't even need to act hard when would you come thru I'll put a smile at your face, no fun We'll be trying for the journey belong [exhales.]
[cell phone dings.]
Good? That's all you got, pendejo? - [exhales.]
- [door opens and closes.]
[in Spanish.]
You got a second? Uh I want to talk to you about something serious.
What's up, Pops? I want your cousin to officially join the shop.
Like a partner.
Uh that sounds great, Pop.
Wait, hold on.
No, wait, what? No way! Mijo, listen to me.
This is serious.
[cell phone whoops.]
OK, lay it on me, Pop.
What's up? [sighs.]
We have to think about our future.
Especially you who has a baby on the way.
You don't think I know that? If we don't do something, we'll lose everything! And over what? Pride? Chris has a business degree, and he was trained by a damn good chef.
And right now he needs us.
We'd be stupid not to ask him to join us.
OK, I get what you're sayin', Pop.
But he's not gonna save the shop.
He's gonna change it.
- We don't need to change for nobody.
- OK.
They raised the rent and we have to accept reality.
And you know what? Life isn't just about survival.
We can thrive.
[door closes.]
- [cell phone whoops.]
- [sighs.]
["Tanto Amor" by Sr Ortegon Feat Fabo Tello playing.]
[in Spanish.]
Where are my tacos? Who you texting, pinche huevón? I was actually texting back your daughter.
Take your time, Romeo.
I'm not even hungry.
I have a torta at the house.
Did she send him a chili serrano emoji? [laughs.]
Don't be nasty, cabrón! - Hey, what's up, little man? - Hey! You couldn't have finished those books already.
You said free tacos.
- I read them.
- Is that right? Well, if you read them, I bet you could pass a pop quiz.
- I could pass any quiz, mofo.
- Relax.
What's Greg's big brother Rod say to him on the first day of school? He teases him because his mom bought him his school supplies.
That's the first chapter.
Next question: - What does Rod - Ay dios mío! You ask more questions than ICE! Forget him, mijo.
Enjoy the tacos.
Yes! Gracias! Do you have any other books I can borrow? Seriously? Yeah! Hold on.
Let's see what we got.
We have The Autobiography of Malcolm X.
Never too soon to read that.
Ah Ooh! Plato's The Republic.
This is a trippy book, man.
Spoiler alert: Everything's an illusion.
You should know that now.
And last but not least: The Count of Monte Cristo.
This is the most gangster book you'll ever read, man.
It's got betrayal, it's got revenge, it's got secrets.
It's got it all.
- Enjoy your tacos.
- Cool.
See you in a week.
[cell phone dings.]
[cell hone whoops.]
Ow! Son! Ha ha! Enjoy your food.
["Fire" by Cazztek & ASDEK playing.]
Yo, I feel 100 percent used.
Oh, my God.
Just be happy you got invited to a party and you're not at home watching Cake Boss in your chonies.
That actually sounds really good right now.
- [indistinct chatter out loud.]
- Oh, wow! - [shrieks.]
- [Ana chuckles.]
Oh, this is weird.
It's gonna be so much fun! [woman speaks out loud, whoops.]
OK, I'm gonna try and find someone to make out with.
- OK, dream big, bro.
- Cool.
Ana! Welcome to the Burn! OK, you really doubled down on the whole Mayan prince thing.
Right? Isn't it glorious? Oh, listen, Ana, I'm gonna Venmo you now.
I just dropped a lot of acid and I'm sure I'm probably - not gonna remember it later.
- OK.
So listen, I'm sure you're used to getting tips at other gigs, but Burners, we don't believe in commodification, OK? So, I hope that that was enough.
- [giggling.]
That works.
- Good.
Because we are all about gifting here, and you are my gift to this community.
That sounds a little problematic.
["Come Close" by Pegasus Warning playing.]
Sorry, we're closed.
Even for me? I thought it was a customer.
Just me.
[music continues.]
What I am saying is that life isn't about doing, life is about being.
Well, that's a relief.
Because I'm being unemployed.
[music evolves to a mix in native Indian and techno.]
I'm being unemployed! I'm being unemployed! No! The chef is coming! [woman.]
Yeah! Do it! [screams.]
The chef is coming! [crowd cheering.]
I love you! [Chris.]
The chef is coming! The chef is coming! [music stops.]
[Lidia giggles.]
Forgot how much I missed your toffee brown skin.
The nape of your neck.
And your soft curves, goddamn! [laughs.]
Oh, just shut up and do me again.
- You don't gotta ask me twice.
- Yeah, I don't.
[Ana, giggles.]
It was so dope! There were lasers and banana hammocks.
And Chris got naked! Mm-mm.
- [giggles.]
- That sounds like a bad dream.
Come here.
[cell phone dings.]
Oh, God.
[cell phone whoops.]
Holy shit.
Ah Stop fixing your family's problems.
Fun night? You? Mmm.
I was thinking, um you should join the shop.
Like officially.
Yeah, sure.
Sounds cool.
[Cha cha cha music playing.]
It's like old times.
What the fuck? Does this feel weird? Oh You can't even notice.
What? You can't even notice.
Feels like a draft, you know? Feels like a draft.
I'm just Let me see.

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