Gentefied (2020) s01e06 Episode Script

The Grapevine

1 [mariachi band plays live.]
[scattered conversation, laughs.]
[excited chatter.]
[music stops.]
[one person claps.]
[record scratch.]
[hip-hop music plays loudly.]
[theme music plays.]
[in Spanish.]
See you later, guys.
[in Spanish.]
Twenty-seven dollars? See? I told you.
We should never accept half-pay, half-tip.
Drunks never tip.
They didn't tip us, because they weren't listening, man.
No way.
Kids these days don't respect classic mariachi music.
Are you blind? They don't want to hear what we're playing.
Okay? Why else would they tune us out? - Apa says it's cause you're off key.
- [in Spanish.]
Shut up, Daniel.
- What? That's what you said! - [Vincente scoffs.]
[in Spanish.]
Go on! Go get the leftovers.
Now! [in Spanish.]
What I'm trying to say is we need to play popular music, what people want to hear.
Music like Cardi B, Beyonce.
- Who? - They sing love songs.
They're basically mariachi without sombreros.
Get the fuck out of here! What is that? Every artist has to mix it up, okay? Look, on Fridays, I play in a flamenco band.
On Saturdays, I play Beatles covers.
Let's give the crowd what they want.
Maybe we're playing to the wrong crowd.
Have you ever thought of that? [Vincente.]
No way! Our crowd doesn't have money.
They're just trying to survive.
No, I'm not interested.
You're stubborn as a mule.
Hey, tell your father you can't eat pride for dinner, okay? Mule! [Javier.]
Your grandma's a mule, asshole! Vicente said you can't eat pride for dinner.
[in Spanish.]
You'll eat whatever I give you, punk.
Come on! [Danny.]
Mama, I miss you! When you come home? - [on the phone, in Spanish.]
Oh, sweetie.
- Dad only makes scrambled eggs.
[in Spanish.]
I miss you a lot, son.
I'll be home soon.
We just have to make a few sacrifices while we save some money.
Dad made $27.
Is that enough? [in Spanish.]
Give the phone to your father.
- Dad says he's not here.
- Really? [in Spanish.]
Tell him to get his ass on the phone right now! [groans, in Spanish.]
Oh, dummy.
- Hello, my love.
- $27, Javier? Please, don't tell me These fucking hipsters don't appreciate classic mariachi music.
They have so much money it's burning holes in their pockets.
Oh, God.
You know what? They spend it all on orange juice.
Fuck that.
Javier, I'm tired of living with my brother in Mexico.
I need to return to Los Angeles.
Don't you miss me? Of course I miss you, my love.
I miss having you in my arms.
And those delicious lips.
- Those cheeks, all four - Call your brother.
Ask about the job in Bakersfield.
I'm not calling that idiot.
Javier, please.
Don't be stubborn.
He just wants to help.
I don't know.
I'll think about it.
I just don't want to give up.
This is my passion, Mari.
What's the point of pursuing your dream if it doesn't include us, hm? You're right.
- [sighs.]
- Yes, well [sighs.]
Okay I'll call him tomorrow.
Just for you, my queen.
Look, before you leave, tell me.
What are you wearing? [phone hangs up, dial tone.]
Hello? Hello.
Hello! Nah, give me that.
You think I didn't see? Traitor.
- [Erik.]
Who is Edmond's teacher in prison? - [Danny.]
Ab-Abé Faria.
- Sword fighting or no sword fighting? - No sword fighting.
I read the book.
All right.
Al pastor or asada? Asada.
Real men eat beef.
Just ask Dumas.
[laughs, in Spanish.]
And you, Javier? What would you like? [in Spanish.]
Just coffee.
Have a seat.
I'll be right back.
- [chuckles.]
- [small laugh.]
[exhales, in Spanish.]
Nice touch with the "Dumas" line.
Oh, Danny.
Danny, I need to talk to you, man-to-man.
Our father-son time together has been really awesome.
- But you miss your mom? - [in Spanish.]
- I'm really tired of your cooking.
- Hey, watch it.
You said man-to-man.
Men don't lie.
[in Spanish.]
Well I finally found a permanent place for us to live as a family.
Which means your mom can come live with us.
But it's in Bakersfield, and Friday will be your last day of school in LA.
What? No! I don't wanna live there! Didn't you say it's full of meth heads? [in Spanish.]
I promise you'll have a big pool.
You'll see your cousins every day.
There's nothing I can do about the meth heads.
We'll just have to be on the lookout and lock the doors at night real good.
I don't want to go.
Why can't we stay here? [in Spanish.]
Son, I promise I've tried everything I could to make things work here.
No you haven't! You haven't tried! What about the new song - Vincente wants to sing? - Shh.
[in Spanish.]
Hey, don't yell at me.
I'm your father.
I don't sing that trash.
I only sing mariachi! I'm just asking you man-to-man.
[in Spanish.]
Fair enough, son.
I'll try.
But I can't make any promises.
We leave Friday.
Unless something comes up.
I got cafecito for you Javier.
And for you, little man one taco de asada.
I’m sorry.
Chris made me downsize.
["Retro Jordans" plays.]
Yeah, you can come and go swimming.
- How far is it? - Two hours.
I ain't driving no two hours for you or this imaginary pool.
Yo, that means you only have a few more days to ask out Nayeli.
Go ask right now! You gotta! [romantic ranchera music fades in.]
[in Spanish.]
Wake up Sweet love of my life Wake up If you are sound asleep In this song I come to gve you my soul [dreamy.]
Danny? Hello! Are you okay? Uhh [girl.]
Got it.
Finding you a place to stay by the end of the week ain't that easy, Javier.
Have you tried looking? [in Spanish.]
I've been looking for months.
We got paid to move out a couple of months ago.
We thought the money would be enough, but rents are too damn high.
You don't gotta tell me twice.
[in Spanish.]
I understand.
Where are you staying now? With any friends or family? [in Spanish.]
We would, but so many of them have moved to Riverside.
Some moved to Palmdale.
Others moved to Fresno.
Can you imagine living in Fresno? At least it's a home, right? So is it just you, or Danny and Mari too? [in Spanish.]
No, just Danny.
Mari is staying with her family in Tijuana.
There's not enough space here for all of us.
So then you do have a place to stay.
[in Spanish.]
Yes, of course.
[typing on keyboard.]
[in Spanish.]
So are you gonna help me find a place or what? [sighs.]
If you can find an apartment, there are subsidies we can help you with.
- Just gotta fill out the paperwork.
- [in Spanish.]
That's what I like to hear.
The process can take a few months.
[in Spanish.]
But your motto is "meeting people's housing needs.
" - Javier - [in Spanish.]
No! I need a house.
Find me one! This is what we're able to offer you.
I know this can be frustrating, but it's all we're able to do right now.
[in Spanish.]
Find a way.
[Rene on phone in Spanish.]
This is perfect timing.
A worker just lost his hand.
Can you start on Monday? That's great, but I want to keep my hand.
Thank you.
Don't be stupid.
The worker got cocky and was careless.
It's really not that dangerous.
Javiercito, this is a good job.
Eighteen dollars an hour plus benefits.
The work's a bitch, though.
They say the fumes - can give you lung cancer or something - [sighs.]
- but that's what the insurance is for.
- [laughs.]
No, well lung cancer, lose my hands.
Sign me up! This is the jackpot, Javier.
You'd be stupid not to move out here.
Oh, well, it feels kinda silly to say yes.
Ha ha ha.
Very funny.
I'm serious.
You and your family can stay with us as long as you need.
We can play soccer on Sundays, so you remember who's the boss.
I just don't know if I can leave the Mariachi band on such short notice.
What? Don't you hang out all day with musicians looking for work? It's like the fucking Home Depot - for mariachis.
- Stop! Don't be a jerk.
You have to do this for Daniel.
If you're not interested, tell me.
I gotta tell my boss - as soon as possible.
- [exhales.]
Don't be an idiot.
I'll call you later.
[hangs up phone.]
Damn it.
[band rehearsal, off-key notes played.]
[in Spanish.]
Let's sing your stupid musketeer song.
[band members perform the melody.]
What's it saying? "Guys in disguise"? "Stars in the sky.
" "Stars in the sky"? What the hell? Is it Star Wars? Stars in the sky.
- [in Spanish.]
In the sky.
- Stars in the sky.
[in Spanish.]
Man, what the heck! [the mariachi band performs.]
[indistinct chatter.]
[in Spanish.]
Let's do it.
[guitar intro.]
I swear By the moon and the stars and the sky And I swear Like the shadow that's by your side [trumpet joins in.]
I see the questions in your eyes I know what's weighing on your mind You can be sure I know my heart 'Cause I'll stand beside you Through the years You'll only cry those happy tears [Javier.]
And though I make mistakes I'll never break your heart And I swear By the moon and the stars and the sky I'll be there I swear Like the shadow that's by your side I'll be there For better or worse Till death do us part I'll love you With every beat of my heart And I swear [diners cheering and applauding.]
[in Spanish.]
Cheers to the drunk hipsters and their money! [the band laughs.]
That's funny.
I can't believe how crazy these kids get over these modern songs.
We should learn something new.
Maybe Cardi B? - [member imitates Cardi B.]
- [laughs.]
Tupac? - Yes, Tupac.
- Or Metallica.
Twenty-five hundred? Uhh My last apartment was only $800, and that was a two-bedroom.
Even with these new gigs I have, I can't afford that.
Do you have something more affordable, like for a family that isn't made of money? [man on phone.]
This is the cheapest you're gonna find.
Maybe you should try Azusa.
Azusa? I I can't go to Azusa.
It's just too far for my work.
Do you have something smaller, like a studio or Well I have a studio for $1,400 a month.
That's the best I can do.
Fourteen hundred for a studio? I'm sorry.
It Hello? Hello? [dial tone.]
[Javier, in Spanish.]
Everything is changing the food, - the people.
- Cut! Cut it.
[speaking Spanish.]
You're going rogue, man.
I know you're not happy [in Spanish.]
with the changes.
But Mama Fina's heart and spirit are still here! Smell it! [big inhale.]
Smell it, okay? So let's try it again.
All right.
So can you please just try, "I love the tacos"? The tacos are fine.
[muttering in Spanish.]
[in Spanish.]
No, come on! Smile! At least try to make it seem like you're happy, man.
Just say Mama Fina's food is delicious! - [in Spanish.]
So you want me to lie? - Do you wanna get paid or not? [Erik.]
Going to work later? Want to bring something to eat? - Mm-hmm.
- Yeah? You wanna bite? Dang, homie.
I said a bite.
I'm eating for two.
Well [small laugh.]
All right.
- [Chris.]
OK, it looks like you're in pain.
- [Javier.]
- [Chris.]
Javier, we're paying you - What happened? Aye, Javier, just smile.
This video might make you famous.
[small chuckle.]
Hey, Erik.
Can I ask you something? Yeah.
Uh How do you tell a girl you like her? [blows air.]
That's a big question, little man.
[small laugh.]
It's your first crush? You're in trouble, man.
That's the one you never forget.
All girls like gifts.
You see that girl over there? She loves gifts.
- I don't wanna get her pregnant.
- [stammering.]
Well, yeah.
That's good.
Keep it that way.
He said the words "like" and "taco.
" I think I can edit that together.
- You know what I mean? - [in Spanish.]
Let's go, kid.
Hold up.
You know what? Today's your lucky day.
The smoothest, ultimate love language.
Throws Shakespeare out the water.
Give this to her.
She'll love it.
- Thanks.
- Anytime.
What's up, dork? What's with you? You've been acting hella weird lately.
I just found out I'm moving.
What? No! When? Friday.
I have a gift for you.
Rumi? Thanks.
It's like Shakespeare but better.
[in Spanish.]
Come on.
Whoa, hold on.
Hey! Hey, wait! Forget everything I said! Stay pure! [bell rings.]
Freedom! [cheering.]
Nayeli, quit cheating.
You have to learn this stuff too, burra.
This is just a tax Danny has to pay for letting him stay with us.
Well, I'm babysitting, though, fool.
But you're right.
Maybe I should have him help me do the laundry.
[in Spanish.]
Seriously? You're the one who should be working.
Ama, but the murals pay more than enough.
That doesn't mean you have to quit.
Why can't you have two jobs, huh? [scoffs.]
You really want to make your living off your art, huh? And end up like Javier, - huh? - [door slams shut.]
I'm sorry they're fighting.
It's okay.
They do this all the time.
Can't they just print more money? That would fix everything.
I wish.
You're so dumb.
[slow mariachi music plays.]
[in Spanish.]
You know what? Order whatever you want.
What are you gonna get? [in Spanish.]
A burrito! The biggest one they have! Two.
Huh? Wow! Can I get eight carnita tacos? Uh [laughs.]
[in Spanish.]
Sure you can.
What did you want to tell me? [in Spanish.]
Nothing, son.
Let's just enjoy tonight.
- [distant siren.]
- ["Ojos Del Sol" plays.]
[in Spanish.]
Wake up.
This is camping, son.
[bell rings.]
- I'm only taking high-fives today.
- I'm excited that you're leaving.
Last chance, man.
Do [stammering.]
Will Will you be my girlfriend? [poster, in Spanish.]
LOVE, TRUTH, RESPEC But you're moving.
Sorry about that.
I forgot.
I would have said yes if you were staying.
- Bye.
- Bye.

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