Gentefied (2020) s01e07 Episode Script

Brown Love

1 What else do you miss? Going to the bodega to get a pastelito and a chimi.
I don't get why you think all the best things are in New York.
I just miss it is all.
Papi says if I'm still not feeling it by next year, I can go stay with my tía in the Heights.
Lord knows, I've been needing a good Dominican blowout.
And I can't get that out here.
I like your hair.
Hey, no.
Give it.
Ana! Oh, girls, stop fooling around! I just washed those! Oh, my love.
Let them play.
And that's when we knew.
We've been together ever since.
On and off.
Mostly on.
What is this for again? CCD.
We're studying love.
Different types like phileo, agape.
We gotta choose one and show an example of it.
So you chose the two of us? Two weird brown mujeres? Love is love.
Plus, if I freak out Sister Bernadette, maybe I won't get confirmed.
- Oh.
- Bring it here.
Does the red light not flashing mean it's on or off? Ay.
It means it's off, genius.
My bad.
Little badass.
Brown Love.
Take two.
All right, guys.
Thank you for coming.
Have a great day.
Busy morning, huh? I didn't even recognize half the customers.
I guess the video that I put up must be working really good.
Good job, son.
Wow! Seventy-four views! Try not to break your arm patting yourself on the back.
All right.
Well, let's see what our new friends have to say on Yelp.
- What is it? - It's mixed.
Food, five stars.
Ambiance, one.
Tell those sons of bitches that I got their ambiance right here.
You can't take Yelp reviews serious, Pop.
It's just a bunch of fools with too much time on their hands rating shit.
"Tacos are all right, but the rest of this shithole sucks.
" Tell that fool to say it to my face.
Who's that? - "I've had better guac at Whole Foods.
" - What the "The carnitas are great, but the tables almost tipped over.
" And this guy just goes, "Ew!" Tell them to never come back! Go on.
Tell them! All right, I'm gonna say, "We are delighted that you like our tacos.
" Man, give me this shit.
Quit being nice to these assholes.
I'm gonna say, - Eat shit, fucking - Assholes.
- Assholes.
Thanks, Pop.
- And never come back.
Okay, no.
We can't do that.
These guys are paying customers.
All right? Look, the chair has duct tape trim, all right? And people don't know if the flakes on the tacos are cotija or the spackle that's chipping off the ceiling.
We need to have better food, higher prices, and nicer decor.
Better food? No, Pop.
I don't mean better, I mean different.
Pop, we just need a new approach.
We already raised the prices.
Our regulars won't pay more.
Chuey didn't even buy rice and beans.
You see? You're losing us business.
We need new clientele.
LA Weekly does a food tour that goes through Boyle Heights.
We spruce this place up, we can get in on it.
- That might be a good idea.
- Oh, yeah, you think so? Until Rob-the-Rent-Hiker comes in here and sees this place all nice and shit, filled with hipsters, and he wants to squeeze more money out of us.
No! Well, we gotta figure something out.
Because I am not going back to Andy with a bag of burritos asking for legal help.
If you think it's a good idea, let's try it.
I can find new ingredients for new recipes.
Yes! Thank you! All right, I'll give you a brand-new list of ingredients that we can try out.
And it's gonna be great, okay? People love discovering new things.
New? We've been here, fool.
I'll give you a discount because it's my first sale of the day.
Throw this in as a bonus.
- There you go.
A bonus.
- Hey! Hi, Lupe Are you betraying Jorge from the market? He must be very sad.
Does this mean you're on the market, handsome? Oh, Lupe If you promise not to tell Jorge, I'll treat you to lunch.
What do you say? - Maybe.
- Wait.
- Thanks.
- Have a good day.
We're gonna do a food tour.
It was Chris's idea.
To bring in new customers, you know? We’re gonna try new recipes.
A new menu.
What do you think? Well, dang.
That's a lot of new things.
- Maybe too much, right? - No! Change is good.
I just thought you'd start gradually.
Like with a new shirt.
I'm just trying to follow your lead, Lupe.
I feel like I'm playing hooky, Lupe.
It's only lunch, handsome.
What you need is a real vacation.
I can't afford it.
I barely have enough money for tacos.
Now after the food tour and all your new customers, you'll be traveling with me and my sisters.
You'll see.
And Chris? And Erik? Leave them alone? No way! I worry most about Erik.
And with Erik's baby on the way, he needs to man up and get his act together! If only Delfina were here she'd know what to say to him and what to do.
Delfina left a little piece of herself in everyone she loved.
So the answer is in you.
Thanks to her.
When the time comes for you to help Erik you'll know what to do.
This is yours.
We all need something sweet in our life.
This is remarkable, Lupe.
What am I supposed to do with all this? A little pop of color can brighten up the whole room.
Show the swatches to Chris and Erik.
Pick the colors you like, and make a design with them.
Ana can paint the walls.
Hang some pictures.
Then, you can put out the tablecloths.
I'll try anything to save the shop.
Hey, how about I do tarot card readings at the shop on Fridays? You're very busy, Lupe.
For you, I'll do anything.
Huh? - Thank you! - Careful.
- Hello, maestro.
- Play something cheerful.
Thanks for the date, Casimiro.
What date, Lupe? We just ran into each other at the market.
We shopped together.
We ate pie together.
And we walked home together.
It was a date, Casimiro.
Okay, a little to the left.
- This left? - No, the other left, fool.
Stop it! - The left.
- There! Finally.
- Oooh.
Okay! - Ah.
Gotta admit, cuz.
This was a good idea.
It looks not pretty not bad.
I don't know what makes me happier: the menu, or the fact that Erik almost kind of sort of complimented me.
- Hey.
- Hey! Hey.
What do you think, Pop? We got our new Chipster chalkboard.
I told Ana to go for a Pinterest/urban vibe.
What have you done? The old one was vintage, but it was, like, too vintage, right? It had splotches of whiteout covering the misspelled words and the stains.
Where's the old one? Where's the old one? It's out in the back dumpster.
In the dumpster.
- I told you it was a bad idea! - You literally just told me I knew this whole Pinterest vibe was too bougie.
You guys took Delfina's menu down? Ah.
Mama Fina made that menu? Yeah, pendeja.
Who you think wrote it? Mexi-Kinkos? She wrote it by hand.
I gotta find him.
I gotta explain to him.
Hey, relax.
I got this.
She was the love of my life.
I think about her every day.
I feel her in the air.
How did you know? When did you know? You just know.
I know.
I have that with Lidia.
If you know, what are you waiting for? I'm afraid.
I'm afraid I can't be the man she deserves.
Your hand.
This is Mama Fina's? It makes me feel close to her, but now you need it more than I do.
Go get the love of your life, son.
Life is too short.
Go live it.
When you know, you know.
Not everybody knew.
Hey, get closer to your friend.
Friend? She's my girlfriend.
About damn time.
Now, we can finally stop pretending like we didn't know.
Y'all hadn't come out yet? Hell, yeah, we were out.
It's just The homies didn't know Ana was my hyna yet.
Secret love.
I get it.
Me and Danny are keeping things on the low too.
Okay, so that's why you keep stealing my phone to play Candy Crush? Technically, it's not a lie.
He's a crush who happens to be very sweet.
Girl, I'm gonna start charging you.
We're not on that unlimited data line.
Oh, come on.
We were kids when we fell in love, remember? And look at us now.
Okay! Enough with the PDA.
Y'all been together for, like, ever.
So this is for keeps.
Am I gonna be a tía soon? You got this.
All right.
You got this, champ.
You got this.
Give her that three-piece.
Wa-ah-ah! Just I love you! Will you marry me? Be smooth.
Just try to come from the heart.
Lidia, you know I like you You know I love you.
I love you, and you love me too, right? So, like, I was thinking maybe we just put our love together.
Will you marry Nope.
You're gonna see her, and you're gonna tell her what? I get so weak in the knees I can hardly speak I lose all control And something takes over me Yes! Hey What are you doing standing outside, fool? Oh you I was just about to knock.
Oh, I thought you were Postmates.
Are you hungry? I could go to the shop and get you something to eat? Mama Fina's start selling miso soup, curried broccoli, rainbow sherbet? No.
Yeah, my cravings are weird.
So what? What else are you craving, girl, huh? Chicken nuggets.
Look, what are you doing here? I didn't text you.
I know you didn't text me, but jeez, what Is that how you see me now? I'm just a piece of meat? What, a booty call? No, of course not.
I just Eugh.
I've been nauseous all day.
And hungry.
And that's a bad combo.
I still have all these papers I need to grade and figure out where to put all that stuff and build the crib.
I'm just like You had a baby shower without me? My coworkers threw it as a surprise.
Look, take one of those cupcakes for the road if you want.
Anyway, like I said, I'm gonna start building this crib, so I could do that.
I can do that.
- I can do it too.
- Yeah, look.
Look, I don't need a man to help me build things.
Lidia, I'm not a man I'm a man.
I am I'm a man, all right? I'm a man.
I'm not just any man.
- I'm the father.
- Ah.
Look, we should be doing this stuff together.
That's not necessary.
Look, it says right here on the first page.
You need two people.
I am two people.
Great! Another surprise visitor.
- Didn't you say you ordered Postmates? - Oh, yes.
Shit! Are you all right? - Watch out.
You okay? - Ow.
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Is the baby okay? All good.
False alarm.
That's good.
Thank God.
Hey, have you asked her to marry you yet? Well, we just got back, and I'm actually pushing her in the wheelchair right now.
But the doctor said not to worry.
She's fine.
The baby's fine.
That's great, son.
Don't worry, Pop.
The baby's just throwing a tantrum 'cause she hasn't had a carnitas burrito in three days.
He! He hasn't had a carnitas burrito in three days.
- It's not a he.
- It's a boy.
Pop, listen.
I'm gonna stay here and make sure she's taken care of, all right? Okay.
And so you can ask her to marry you, right? Of course, Pop.
- Okay, see you soon.
- I love you.
Don't you think the wheelchair's a bit much? The doctor said For you to stay off your feet for the next 24 hours.
- And that's exactly what you're gonna do.
- Look, you don't have to do this.
And she said, "No arguing with your baby daddy," all right? So just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
- Mm.
- I got this.
Oh, my God! Ta-da! Phew! I feel like Ryan Gosling in The Notebook.
- Okay.
- I'll build you a house now, girl.
You're a mess.
No peeking.
Okay, open.
Oh, my God! Erik.
- It's beautiful.
- Yeah.
- You did all of this while I was napping? - You were knocked out for a long time.
You had babas running down your chin and everything.
- Shut up.
- You did.
Come and sit down.
There's one more thing.
Look up.
I read online that it's good for babies to look up at wide open vistas like the beaches and the sky.
So I figured why not a solar system, you know? Help our kid dream big dreams.
You did good.
Yeah? Yeah.
I want the best for our baby, Lidia.
We've been through so much together.
You know, gotta say.
Today you leveled up.
- Kinda surprised me.
- Well, I'm full of surprises, girl.
I just don't know why you don't ask for help more often.
I mean Look, I would, but sometimes it's just easier for me to do it myself, so that if you flake, I don't get pissed or disappointed that you didn't come through.
So we can preserve whatever it is we're doing for the sake of the baby.
And what are we doing? Same thing we always do.
With the baby on the way, everything's about to change.
I'm not trying to be just some baby daddy.
I want more.
I want I'll go get it.
Doc, I'm glad you called.
Lidia's good.
I'm taking care of her.
She had about 40 oz of water, give or take, which is pretty tricky.
She's supposed to be off her feet, but she pees all the time.
Whoa! Not that kind of doc.
- But I hope Lidia's okay.
- Yeah, she's fine.
Who's this? Oh, this is her friend Alex.
Yeah, doctor as in PhD, from ELAC.
Just calling to congratulate her on the Stanford gig.
I'll I'll call back.
What Stanford gig? Why not USC or UCLA? Or you see about another job? I applied.
But they haven't come through with an offer.
It could be lost in the mail, you don't know.
They call when they have an offer.
Jobs like this don't come around that often.
Especially for women of color.
I'm gonna be the frickin’ assistant dean of student life.
It's not even a diversity job, which I'd take in a hot sec, but My God, this is so much better.
I'm gonna be the frickin' assistant dean of student life.
What? Didn't you just hear what you just said? You're going to be the assistant dean of student life.
It sounds like you've already made up your mind.
I haven't.
But I'd be lying if I didn't say that I wasn't thinking about it.
Look, I still want USC and UCLA to come through with an offer.
Mostly USC.
So then our baby will be a Trojan.
And we could go to the games suited and booted in our cardinal and gold.
And there are other things that keep me here.
Like family.
Now, go to sleep.
Where do see yourself in five years? Five years? I'll still be working in the community.
I want to see Hermanas Poderosas working with Centro for Latinx Igualidad and the Alliance for Pan-Latino Development to build a framework that we can all plug into.
The fight to keep Boyle Heights for ourselves is real, and we need to come strong.
That, and, on the personal front doubling down with my boo.
And where do you see yourself in five years? Oh, man.
I mean, it's a day-to-day battle just to do my art and get paid for it, but um uh Oof, I gotta take this.
Oh, look at him.
Hey, Tim.
Holy shit! Wha Holy shit! Wait, this is major! Are you serious? Ah, okay.
Okay, I'll call you back in a bit.
- [laughing Yes, babe! - What? My art is going to be showcased in a huge gallery show.
- Shut up.
- Like, I'm gonna be the featured artist.
- Me! It's happening! - Babe, that's fuckin' great! - It's fucking happening! - I'm so excited for you! Oh, my God.
Tim is so excited.
Oh, it's his show? - Yes, whose else would it be? - Right.
Congrats, Banksy, but hello! You see this little red light blinking? Okay, sorry.
In five years, oh, God, I see so much.
I see I see murals, like, my murals on the walls of, like, the Bay, East Harlem, maybe even Tokyo one day.
I see Oh, my God, I see stickers of luchadores making out just plastered all over the city.
I see I see my own gallery here, here in Boyle Heights.
Um I see commissioned art pieces, like Becky G and JLo.
I see, um, I see T-shirts and, like, bookbags and hoodies, I mean I I see so much.
Hey, help me.
- Five more hours and I shed these wheels.
- Are you trying to get rid of me? - You all right? - Wow! Oh.
There you go.
- You're spoiling me.
- What? Yeah.
What's up? I just felt like celebrating.
Hey, is this, um Is this cilantro? Watercress.
Like it? - Yeah, it's good.
- Yeah, me too.
So last night you talked about staying.
- For family? - Yeah, you know um my dad, he always wanted to be a grandpa, and Well, my tías are here.
My mom's the only one that's out in the Bay.
Oh, and you're here too.
It'd be good for the baby to see you on the regular.
You know, when you left off to Stanford for undergrad, that shit was hard.
We broke up so many times, you remember? So many times.
Look, Erik I know you don't want me to take it, okay? But It's the best thing for you and the baby.
My dream has always been you.
But I'm not trying to hold you back.
You You gotta dream big enough for the both of you.
- Right? - Mm-hm.
You should go.
You should go.
Hey, Pop.
How'd it go, son? When's the wedding? Uh Nah.
Don't worry.
- Don't worry.
- I'm okay, Pop.
Don't worry.
It's okay.

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